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Romance / Name One Thing Better Than Sex? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 11:36pm On Feb 06
When it comes to things that are better than sex, you might be asking yourself, “Are there such things?” Could there be something greater than one of life’s most primal pleasures?
But, let’s be frank. Sex is pretty good. Sometimes, even great. Everyone is this life is a product of sex and quite frankly, many people would choose it over all other pleasures of life.

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Romance / Do You Think Doggy Style Is A Godly Act? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 5:22pm On Oct 24, 2023
Mehn, I won’t be please if I find myself inside Hell fire because of Doggy style ooo. I don’t smoke. I don’t Drink Alcohol I don’t steal or involve myself in anything shady. I don’t backbite or do anything to hurt others.. .. but you see that Doggy style? That’s my favorite thing in life and I sincerely don’t know if it is a good act or a bad one in the eyes of God. I even spoke to men of God over this issue I have spoken to countless numbers of Pastors & I even met some Alfas over this issue to know if Doggy style is acceptable by God (though I am a Christian) but I don’t want to take any chances at all – I don’t want to jeopardize with my Heaven. All Christians & Muslim brothers in the house, we have a question for you all, and I want you to weigh in on this issue.
Romance / Re: How To Woo A Girl And Have S*x With Her Same Day by IamKizzbrown10(m): 4:45pm On Oct 24, 2023
Lol i see you all comment but i won't say anything

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Romance / How To Woo A Girl And Have S*x With Her Same Day by IamKizzbrown10(m): 5:34pm On Oct 23, 2023
Personally, I don’t take women’s numbers very often; in fact, I can’t recall the last time I did. I’m not the type of guy that has a lot of patience. I want to experience the rush, excitement, and joy of doing something unexpected with a woman on the very first day we met. Almost every guy wants to sleep with a girl on their first date, but the majority of them don’t know how to ask. This can be challenging, especially for those who aren’t used to dating women. When it comes to asking a girl to have sex with you on the first date, you will definitely need to exercise caution, but there is a process that should be followed. You don’t want to simply jump into asking her if she wants to have sex, because chances are that isn’t going to go over very well at all. Instead you will need to keep touching her in a soft and subtle way throughout the night while maintaining complete confidence. Girls just don’t want to sleep with a guy who isn’t very confident in himself, so this is absolutely essential. If you want to get her into bed on the first date, you will need to make sure that you are a good kisser. Men who are good at kissing have a much easier time getting laid on the first date, so you will need to remember that as well. Engage her with bedroom talk: This can be a somewhat subtle and effective way to go about getting the two of you into her bedroom. You can start out having a nice conversation on the bed, but it will quickly turn into something hot and heavy if you play your cards right. Don’t hesitate to touch her leg gently as you are talking or while she is talking to you. Make sure that you aren’t nervous at all beforehand, because the girl you are on a date with will most likely be able to tell. Acting obviously nervous means that she knows you aren’t that self-confident, which is a huge turn off. Be Polite If you really want to increase your chances of getting a girl to sleep with you on the first date, you will absolutely need to make sure that you are polite about it. Don’t simply say “So, are we going to Bleep?” or “do you want to have sex?” Most women are not going to respond to this kind of blunt and direct approach, so you will have to be polite and tactful. Getting a girl to sleep with you on the first date is more about what you do than what you say. By this I mean that you should touch her in a subtle yet sexy way throughout the date, building up the sexual tension until she craves release. Above are sure ways on,


Romance / Can You Marry A Lady Who Is Much Richer Than You? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 2:38pm On Oct 23, 2023
It is a known fact that men are the bread winners of the family. So naturally it’s expected that Men should be more richer than the women. However as technology and civilization sets in, the status quo is beginning to change. More and more women are becoming richer than the men folks. Though when looked into from the family perspective, this of course means more money for the family. But will a husband with a super rich wife still be respected and seen as the head of the family? It can be intimidating. Imagine driving an old fashioned Toyota Tundra and your rich wife is cruising on her Mercedes Benz. So as women now smile to the bank everyday, getting richer than some men, it leaves the question: Can You Marry A Lady Who Is Much Richer Than You? (Yes or No)

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Celebrities / Re: I May Move Back In With Will – Jada Smith Expresses Concern For Aging Actor by IamKizzbrown10(m): 4:15am On Oct 16, 2023
Romance / Have You Ever Disvirgined A Girl? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:08am On Oct 14, 2023
My experience in knacking girls with already open route will never make me be interested in doing virgins. Once a girl open up to me about being a virgin, I’d rather keep such a girl as friend and if we must do anything, it always ends at pre-intimacy. This is because, I have heard many of my friends narrate their experiences with virgins and I don’t think I have the mind to pass through same. There is this girl I just met, very beautiful and brilliant. We became friends and more than a friend. We fight, we settle, we touch, kiss and do some nasty things together asides sex. One day, she called me up to tell me how uneasy it has been to be a virgin for 25 years and she felt it’s hightime to have a feel of real sexual relationship with a guy. I couldn’t believe it when she opened her mouth to say “come and do it”. WTF!! I had to refuse and run out because of the stories of pains and blood I have heard about having sex with virgins. To all matured minds on Naijaloaded, the question is How Is It Really Like Having Sex With A Virgin? Feel free to share your experience

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Romance / How Long Did Your Shortest Relationship Last? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 10:23pm On Oct 13, 2023
The durability of a relationship is determined by the lovers or sometimes by fate. Not every relationship lasts for a long period of time. Some are short and better while some are long. However, the duration of a relationship doesn’t determine the betterment of it. A short one could be better than a long one in some cases and vice versa. Personally, my shortest relationship lasted for just two weeks. So guys, tell us how long yours lasted.
Romance / Never Rush F0rēplay During Sex (see Why) by IamKizzbrown10(m): 9:50pm On Oct 12, 2023

Guys...It is very important for you to do more pre-intimacy to make sure that the woman is very aroused and well-lubricated before penetration. Once the woman is very lubricated naturally, penetration is easier no matter how big the man is and it makes sex pleasurable for both partners. Which of the pre-intimacy acts is your favorite? How long do you think a pre-intimacy should last?


Romance / My Boss Slapped My Wife Because Of This by IamKizzbrown10(m): 9:06pm On Oct 11, 2023
My boss slapped my wife because she was doing her best to prevent me from cheating on her with my boss.

I got a new job where there's a rule that if you arrive late to work, you must have an s3x with our boss.

When I informed my wife about this development, she requested that I accept it since we had no money to survive on.

Nancy (my wife) from then did her possible best to ensure that I got to work early every day to make sure my boss couldn't have her way with me.

Two months after I started working, my boss began begging me to come to work late so she could have her way with me. I refused, even though my wife wouldn't let me.

So the next day, my boss asked to visit and congratulate my wife for being a hardworking woman due to the fact that I always praise for for ensuring my punctuality in the office.

When we arrived at my house, my wife opened the door for us, and without hesitation, my boss delivered a very hot slap to my wife's cheek.

"You think you can keep me from having your husband; don't worry, I will deal with you," my boss said and left.

I began begging Nancy not to kill me, but my wife was forgiving. I even suggested quitting my job, but she encouraged me to keep working.

Two weeks later, a new guy was hired. This guy always arrived late for work and was on good terms with my boss( they always make out).

So today, when I got to the office, my secretary broke the news to me that my boss had contacted HIV from the new guy.

When I returned home, my door was open, and as I entered, I saw my wife giving some cash to the same new guy. That's when I realized my wife had set up my boss, and I screamed:

"Nancy, you almost killed me!"

Once again, fear women.
Romance / Re: Should I End The Relationship Or What Is The Best Approach. by IamKizzbrown10(m): 7:40pm On Oct 11, 2023
She is a slay queen
you beta run oo
Career / Re: Woman Loses Her Corporate Job After Revealing How Many People She's Slept With by IamKizzbrown10(m): 10:26pm On Oct 10, 2023
I dey find bea to start this onlyfan and xvideo chanel stuff
Romance / Re: Can You Cuddle Naked Without Knacking? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 5:55am On Oct 09, 2023
Depends on the girl..most girls love cuddling after nacking but u see hookup girls once dey remove their undies join u on top bed which kind cuddling they stroke d dic wear the rubber on the J T and spread legs no time to check time so u can do wetin u wan do and allow them sleep. Those ones don't love cuddling..cos it's a job

yeah it a job strictly no kissing and cuddle but if you talk to them and agree to pay them well they,they will agree

like me personal i can't knack girl without cuddle or kissing

so before i pick any olosho i go first tell her waiting i want or i move on to the next person

most time i only go for those expensive type of olosho but they will charge me higher and i don't mind as long as am okay with her

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Romance / Can You Cuddle Naked Without Knacking? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:44pm On Oct 08, 2023
Cuddling is the process of being held close in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection. Many people’s love language is cuddling, while to others it’s money, words or even sex. Whether it’s your love language or not, I think a large number of people love cuddling. Tell us, Can you actually cuddly naked with your lover without knacking? Most people get aroused by just seeing the bare bodies of their partner, do you think you can be able to control it at that point? For me, I cuddle naked after several rounds of knacking! lol!. Maybe when I am exhausted, but if we haven’t done “the do” at that time, we must do oh. LOL. What aout you? Can You Cuddle Naked Without Knacking? – Let’s talk Let’s hear from you all as regards this.


Religion / Who Can Tell Us Why Jesus Never Had Female Disciples? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 5:07pm On Oct 08, 2023
Have you ever wondered if Jesus had female disciples? Of course he doesn’t. Someone said because he’s a Gay. But I don’t think so. A friend said because Jesus wanted to make it known that man is the head of the family and not a lady. Lol sounds funny. The reason why Jesus had no female disciples still remain a mystery. Perhaps he doesn’t want what happened to Adam to repeat itself on him? CHRISTIANS!! Who Can Tell Us Why Jesus Never Had Female Disciples? Let’s hear from you all.
Sports / Re: I Don't Like When Women 'toast' Me —Victor Osimhen by IamKizzbrown10(m): 12:04pm On Oct 08, 2023
if they say table, if you're not bringing anything to the table, I'm not doing anything. I cannot buy a Birkin bag for a girl now; Birkin bag of how much, 100k, and reach my turn, you are telling me a king is born.”

pure truth i can't marry a woman who has nothing to put to the table rather than sex

women should hustle


Family / Re: Wife Gifts Her Husband Her Entire Savings (pics/video) by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:52am On Oct 08, 2023
I believe every woman was made for somebody o pray i found my wife on time
Politics / Re: Kaduna, Abia, Rivers… 28 States Attracted Zero Foreign Investments In Six Months by IamKizzbrown10(m): 3:28pm On Oct 07, 2023
Wow my state akwa ibom to the world
Romance / Re: How To Easily Have Sex With A Girl On Her First Visit by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:20am On Oct 07, 2023

Iamkissbrown10, all these your mumu post are giving your types here sexual fantasies and you all are potential rapists!

i don rape your mama before?

please ignore my post if you don't have what to say
Romance / Re: Come Drop Your Best Killer Pick Up Lines To A Woman by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:16am On Oct 07, 2023
As am looking at you, your lines are broke as your account. Abeg shift!

really i don't blame you if e sure for you drop your own
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 32 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Enugu by IamKizzbrown10(m): 11:26pm On Oct 06, 2023
Elon Musk boys
chai na why i dey fear to go hk
thank God say my state (akwa ibom state) person no they there
Family / Re: A Lady Ran Away With My Pregnancy. by IamKizzbrown10(m): 11:22pm On Oct 06, 2023
Chai same thing Regina Daniel did when she got pregnant for me, she ran away
sorry o
Romance / Re: Two Poor And Uneducated People Are Not Supposed To Be Married (see Why) by IamKizzbrown10(m): 8:30pm On Oct 06, 2023
10yrs fbk for how much?
10k nothing less
Romance / Two Poor And Uneducated People Are Not Supposed To Be Married (see Why) by IamKizzbrown10(m): 8:21pm On Oct 06, 2023
Two poor and uneducated people are not supposed to be married, hoping when their kids grow, things will get better. Your kids might end up poor as you were, even worse. It might take several generations to eradicate poverty in your linage. When I see some relationships, I laugh waka pass. An ODE dating OLODO. You both are not just compatible ni. Keep love out of this. Think about the possible future suffering, insults and intimidation from people. Personally, I know what I lack. I cannot date or marry someone that lack same thing. No matter how beautiful, caring and god-fearing the person is, I will not. E get wetin I dey avoid. Nigerians the world don leave behind o. Lol DO YOU AGREE?
Romance / Re: How To Easily Have Sex With A Girl On Her First Visit by IamKizzbrown10(m): 7:55pm On Oct 06, 2023
So y'all are still having sex with the way the country is going

lol so make i no knack base on what

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Travel / Re: How Many States Have You Visited in Nigeria And Which State Did You Enjoy Most? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:58pm On Oct 06, 2023

I served in Ikono local government ( Nkot nseyen )... The where I tasted periwinkle first


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Romance / Come Drop Your Best Killer Pick Up Lines To A Woman by IamKizzbrown10(m): 6:56pm On Oct 06, 2023
Hello Guys, Come and showcase your talent Everything is not about money. Can you toast a girl without using money? Who said a girl will not feel your vibe if you are broke? Don’t worry a girl that likes you will like you for you. Money is just secondary. But please o we must try to make the bag so we can take care of our family
mine: Your eyes have told me a lot of things. The only thing they haven’t told me is your name.
Lets hear from you too Drop your comment
Travel / Re: How Many States Have You Visited in Nigeria And Which State Did You Enjoy Most? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 5:05pm On Oct 06, 2023
But the state I love most apart from my state is Akwa Ibom.

I served in Akwa Ibom and I can tell you that Akwa Ibom is the best state in southern part of Nigeria.

Thank you for recommending my state actually have travel to more than 11 state in nigeria but my state is the best akwa ibom state


Romance / Re: Why Do I Feel Like Having Sex Everyday? by IamKizzbrown10(m): 4:59pm On Oct 06, 2023
Maybe your libido is high. If you have high libido, I don't think u will be able to control yourself because it's natural. D simple solution is getting married. Just get an apartment, enter fb and try to invite girls over to your house, as far as your room is okay, there is 90% chance u will see serious relationship within 1 month.

bro i need a good job in case you have one

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