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Politics / Re: Three Fulani Herdsmen Arrested In Ogun With Bloodstained Cutlass (Photo) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 8:38am On Feb 22

You are a fool.

So as Fulani herders are beating war drums lately, your imbecility tells you they will ask you if you are Ibo or Yoruba? Your imbecility irks not just me, it irks everyone.

I pray this war comes quickly and consume you, so you'd die once and for all. Animal in human form and skin.

Religion / Re: Don't Wait To Buy Land, Buy Land And Wait. by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 6:50am On Feb 22
Buy cryp to currency instead.
Bitty was around 28k Naira 10 years ago, it's now around 28 million Naira.
Celebrities / Re: Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West $2bn Divorce, From Property To Supercars (Pix by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 9:14pm On Feb 21

Millionaires and billionaires in dollars are getting divorced and na U-27 Npower candidates in a third world country carry am for head. People wey dey off data connection before going to bed.

Wahala for who no face im own problem. grin

Lol. KimYe are getting divorced and about to share their wealth, but somehow a young man in Nigeria, an undergraduate, corps member or at best a hustling guy with 03 Corolla, a DSTV dish and Elepaq gen says he won’t marry because of that.

As in, he doesn’t want to share his almost 2 decades old Corolla?

I have never even seen where a Naija man
(married under the Nigerian law) shared properties with his ex-wife. So why are some people trying to be more Catholic than the pope? Nawa!

Just shut up with your nonsense.
You're criticizing the same aproko that seems to be your hobby here.
I just hate hag hypocrites.

Or deh.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Boasts Of Speaking 7 Languages Fluently (Video) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 8:59pm On Feb 21
One of the Nollywood best behaved ladies, reason her husband is enjoying her since they got married, not all those married today and divorce tomorrow ladies.
The only sensible retired olosho

Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsman Attacks Father & Son In Bayelsa Over Missing Cow (Photo) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 8:49pm On Feb 21

I guess you don't understand what's really going on in the country because if you do, you won't type this.

We need to stand up and fight our own battle.

As far as Buhari is on the throne, I don't think anyone can overcome the Fulani Herdmen expect with the intervention of God.

We still need to fight for ourselves.
We need to really.

But OSU pigs should stop being stupîd.
If they cooperate, we'll cooperate with them too.

I hate chest beaters.
Romance / Re: Man Caught His Girlfriend With Another Man In An Eatery Then This Happens -video by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 8:45pm On Feb 21
I swear. Whether business lunch or not, a real man doesn't act this way. This looks like what a NL boy would do.
Or deh
What is the meaning of NL boys?
So what do you NL girls do?
Don't be stupîd!

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Crime / Re: Tanker Driver Shot Dead By Soldier At Army Checkpoint In Port Harcourt (Photos) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 12:22pm On Feb 21

oh sorry ! I can feel your anger and how frustrated you are. sorry hen ! I pray you get well very soon.
Some who failed to do what is right will still blame the president or government for their failure. No doubt that Buhari and his administration has failed us all. No amount of curse raise on him here will stop him from ending his tenure in office. Wake up and do the right thing. Let us Stand up for our right and stop wasting your curse on him. If you collect money during the last presidential election and voted him in and now cursing him for his failure then am afraid you might be cursing yourself.
Keep fooling yourself in yourself.
You're the failure and the frustrated one.
You keep fooling yourself thinking things will get better for you but FORTUNATELY, the reverse is the case grin
It will never be well with buharǐ and all his dumb followers.
Crime / Re: Tanker Driver Shot Dead By Soldier At Army Checkpoint In Port Harcourt (Photos) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 8:20pm On Feb 20

Mr. Nightmare i don't see this as good idea about our president. The president of our great nation still deserves some little regards and respect. Saying this to the president is an insult to yourself. Only if you know. Am not in support of his administration but not to insult his personalty. Someone who is older enough to be my father. Lets call a spade a spade. How many time you see Americans curse their president like this even if they are not doing their wishes.
Mr. Man keep quiet with your nonsense.
Buharǐ is a cow
Buharǐ is senseless
Buharǐ is useless
Buharǐ is a big old fool.

Fûck respect!

Nobody will disrespect you if you're responsible and you lead well.

To hell with buharǐ the old fool.
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Not Responsible For Aborode’s Killing – Makinde by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 1:59pm On Feb 20

Senseless man

Who is now responsible?

We are tired of this unholy alliance with savage killers!

Share this nonsense and let everyone go there separate ways in peace.

We don't need their cow meat, we can make our own.

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Crime / Re: Tanker Driver Shot Dead By Soldier At Army Checkpoint In Port Harcourt (Photos) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 1:58pm On Feb 20

i would have say you lack respect for elder and constituted authority but i figure it out that we have lot of Buhari's accross the world. So i can't say which Buhari you are referring to. Perhaps,it may be one around you sha. Get well soon bro.

Of course,

Buharǐ is such a cow.

He is fantastically corrupt and senseless


Crime / Re: Tanker Driver Shot Dead By Soldier At Army Checkpoint In Port Harcourt (Photos) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 1:51pm On Feb 20

Buharǐ is a big fool

Very USELESS man.

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Politics / Re: Ogun Residents Flee To Benin Republic Over Herdsmen Crisis by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 1:51pm On Feb 20
Just look at what Tinubu brought to his people!!Gosh!!
Shut up!

Did Tinubu also bring them to imo, Enugu, Anambra, ebonyi and delta?
Education / Re: Cows Disrupt School Activities In Benin City (Photos) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 1:45pm On Feb 20
This is nothing new even though it's not proper, why bring it here to cause tribal disaffection?! angry
Don't be stupîd!
What are cows doing in a school.
If I were there and possible to kill some of the cows, I won't even hesitate.

To teach those savage fools a lesson.

Abokî na BASTĄRD!
Sports / Re: Adamawa United Players, Officials Robbed At Gun Point, Driver Kidnapped by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 11:08am On Feb 20
Sports / Re: Adamawa United Players, Officials Robbed At Gun Point, Driver Kidnapped by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 11:07am On Feb 20





Family / Re: I've Never Seen A Girl As Dirty As My Cousin Sister by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 9:13am On Feb 20
I thought I knew what dirtiness was until my cousin's sister started living with us. We gave her a room, a roof over her head until she finds her bearing.

She's an orphan, almost going to 28 years, and sells food on Sundays for cash.

But, looking at her, she's the replica of the word 'unappealing.'

Her hair is always shabby, dirty, and she never attempt to even braid it to keep it in order. Black is beautiful, but hers comes in brown patches and acne.

She doesn't even care.

We have a water closet, and she's ready to keep popping without an attempt to flush. The last time I traveled and left the home for a week, the toilet was beyond what I could comprehend.

To the point I had to do renovation, repainted the wall, and had to hire a cleaner to help wash the toilet thoroughly.

I couldn't risk catching a disease doing it myself. That was how bad it was.

After doing all these, she stopped using the toilet, but would prefer to pop in the compound with a black nylon at night.

Sometimes, she even forget to throw them away. I had woke up very early in the morning. Saw her bucket and wanted to use it, what I saw changed my day.

I saw her feces, and since then I vowed never to touched a bucket that is isn't mine.

Aside from her protruding stomach which she does little to hide, the wrapper she wears every evening have never seen water in months.

Women are supposed to be conscious of their unclothedness, but not this cousin of mine.

She can avoid all the bathrooms, and choose to bathe outside in the open at night.

Like, around 8 to 9 pm when everyone is still very much awake.

Sometimes children will bump in on her unintentionally, and the kid will run away traumatized by what he or she have seen.

I dare not go into details to recount how she prepares the food she sales, and how dirty her coolers and kitchen utensils can swim with maggots for 6 days before she finally washes them on Saturday and prepares food on Sunday for her esteemed customers.

She's not beautiful facially, nor wear makeup or earrings since it's against her belief.

Doesn't wear clothes that suit her. If she dresses like an mbeke, that wouldn't be a problem. I just don't understand her dressing at all, coupled with her dirty look.

When it comes to religion, hers is the worse, jumping from one church to the other. And worse, we hardly sleepy at midnight.

She is always in battle with demons, with her speaking of tongues that don't just sound ridiculous, but deafening and irritating.

She's just 28, and I doubt if any man has ever stopped her on the road, and I still suspect she have never laid with a man before.

She's not mentally unstable if that is what most of you might think.

She's lively, knows how to joke and hold conversations like we all do. But when it comes to her body, grooming, overall cleaningness, she's zero.

There are grades of dirtiness, but when it comes to a stage where someone now dines and wines with feces, then there is a problem somewhere.

She's shapeless and doesn't want to do anything about it despite my numerous advise. She eats junk, like...

She runs to the backyard, gets some vegetables and fry it up with some concoctions and food is ready.

I know all their foods, and the things she cooks is nothing less than a concoction. I've eat her food once and my stomach testified.

A thoroughly analysis of her personality fascinates me to some extent. Is this her personality? Something that is genetically engineered into her that she has no control over?

Can she change?

Do you think I can help her, how?
Women sha...

...She stopped using the toilet or YOU STOPPED HER FROM USING IT?


Politics / Re: Hope Uzodimma: ESN Operatives Are Hoodlums And We'll Treat Them As Murderers by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 10:41pm On Feb 19
I will say again the last time I checked, Nigeria is still one on Google, Wikipedia and also on paper... If u won divide Nigeria carry knife and do ur worse... Togetherness is still one of the reason why there is still something good about this country... If Nigeria divides today I see all the regions struggling for years b4 making progress. In my own opinion, one Nigeria is better than 3 oo.. I comment my reserve
Shut up with your rubbish.
Not everyone is interested in parasitic union.
Europe that's not up to x3 Nigeria in population alone has almost 50 countries.

Don't be stupîd!


Politics / Re: Oluwo Akanbi: Yorubas Will Lose More In War Against Fulanis by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 10:33pm On Feb 19
Royalty won't allow me type shit

But kabiesi, e ponu sir,oponu ni yin sir.
Efo nu etun Efo ra sir
Or deh niẹ
Politics / Re: Bukola Saraki Meets With PDP Board Of Trustees (Photo) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 1:58pm On Feb 18
This ldiot is just wasting his time and the leftover of our stolen wealth. grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Continue jumping from APC to PDP

USELESS OLD FOOLS grin grin grin grin

Don't mind him.


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Celebrities / Re: Rihanna's Topless Photo Gets Backlash From Hindu Community (Photos) by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 9:46am On Feb 18
After the backlash they should try to unsee the pishure...

Abi dem need Hisbah to help dem arrest her....
Don't be stupîd and always try to respect others people's religion and stance.

If na Jesus crucifix or Bible she take masturbate now you for don dey foam for mouth.
Politics / Re: Power Grid Collapses, Plunges Lagos, Others Into Darkness by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 9:10am On Feb 18

Stupîd USELESS country with senseless useless old fool leaders.

Power grid is ALWAYS collapsing!
It will never be well with


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Business / Re: Jeff Bezos Overtakes Elon Musk As World Richest Man by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 10:39pm On Feb 17

You can as well start your own not not collect any percentage sir...!
Is that your father?
He's old o grin
Business / Re: Jeff Bezos Overtakes Elon Musk As World Richest Man by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 4:46pm On Feb 17
Business / Re: Jeff Bezos Overtakes Elon Musk As World Richest Man by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 4:46pm On Feb 17
Bezos na greedy man.

Selling things very expensively on Amazon.
He'll take at least 15% on every item you post on his website.

Yẹyẹ billionaire.

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Religion / Re: Leke Adeboye Calls For Prayers For Kanye West As He Becomes Bornagain Christian by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 2:35pm On Nov 27, 2019
Leke Adeboye, the son of Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has called for prayers for rapper Kanye West.

This is in reaction to the news of the rapper becoming a Christian and now a gospel musician after years of living as a worldly musician.

Adeboye who shared on Instagram stated that Kanye West needs prayers because is conversion to Christianity has seen an increase in the rate at which people search for the name Jesus on Google.

See the screenshot below.





ALL NA SHOWBIZ grin grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Cee-c Meets Kanayo O Kanayo At 4th Pan Africa Business Leadership Summit by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 2:30pm On Nov 27, 2019
ugly rude girl
Education / Re: Oyo Moves For The Sole Ownership Of Lautech by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 11:29am On Nov 27, 2019
You and your brother both put money together to buy a car. You both shared the cost of purchase and maintenance.

Later, your brother bought another car but still continue to contribute his quota to the car you jointly owed. But you say how can your brother buy another car. That action means you have become the only owner of the old car. You therefore asked your brother never to get near the old car but face the new one.

You are nothing but a thief.

Your brother still has every right to the old car. If you don't want him to use it again, you can only persuade him to sell his shares to you. You can't take it by force.

Don't be a shameless greedy brother.

Senseless and stupid posts never seize from ignoramus...
Celebrities / Re: Pasuma Celebrates His 52nd Birthday With Cute Photo by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 9:52am On Nov 27, 2019

Video has surfaced online showing two Babcock students having S*ex in their school clinic without protection on. The video has since caused a stir online and is now trending as many have since began to share their thoughts on the video.


The bad guy ate all the cum


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Health / Re: Share Your Experience(s) With Nigerian Doctors by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 9:35am On Nov 27, 2019
Ibuprofen is a very strong pain killer. Not to be administered unless in a severe cases
Shut up!

Are you the doctor that diagnosed him? How did u know it wasn't a strong pain??
Health / Re: Share Your Experience(s) With Nigerian Doctors by IgbosNIGHTMARE: 2:25am On Nov 27, 2019
mumu Ibruprofen for small headache plus other crazy drugs like say Something else dey inside?
If you must quote please quote with sense ..thanks
You had a fuckìng headache and you were given an analgesic which is appropriate. Stop disgracing your generation online.
Go school u nor gree

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