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Politics / Re: Bandit Plays With Lebanese Worker: "Foreign Firms Pay Bandits For Protection" by JaskanFactor: 10:22am On Apr 16
they are a private army employed by the oyinbo owners of Nigeria , for the new era where Nigerians are genocide to be replaced by oyinbo.

This is a video showing you the late stages of black Chinese who founded china being wiped out so that by 1917 only few of them were left


As you can see from the video only few of the black Chinese left by 1917, before that the British went to war with the black Chinese when they refused to buy opuim drugs from the British cause the drugs were destroying the nation , same thing they did to black in USA with crack epidemic, under George bush.

Same process that started in CHina centuries ago is now in progress in Nigeria.

The usual method is to replace the local population by learning all thier cultures and traditions so that it can be a seamless replacement.

When you hear of ZEN or KungFu or Samorai in Japan it never occurs to you that those were really created by the black people in those places.

So that now Chinese are becoming tribal chiefs in northern Nigeria and generally all over black Africa, cause same issues in Kenya, where the chinses had a meeting at top Kenyan university where no Kenyan was allowed to attend.

The bandits are thier to do the dirty jobs they dont want to do with Nigerian army yet, but both serve the same oyinbo who run Nigeria.

So that now you see a boy who turns his gun against fellow Nigerians , hugging and almost kissing oyinbo man.

the black Chinese too must have been doing the same centuries ago, now there is almost non of them left except in Tibet , and Chinese government is still wiping them out, as they have now arrived in Nigeria for the same job.

A gothic nightmare for the Nubian nation . Cause when Europe was Nubian meaning black, those who call themselves European now were Goths in north Africa. Then they took Nubian Rome, then the rest of Europe and shipped all Europeans to Africa , West Indies , And All over the Americas, where the black French founded New Orleans.

LAter they decided they not want to ship niggers to America anymore so they started bringing them to Africa and created Liberia and Serialone

They went to India and genocided the black people there till they became Half Cast, tuned the middle east half cast too now nearly all yellow.

IN places like Argentina they did not want to be brown like Mexico or India , so they went for a full wipeout of the black population there , no surprise thats where Nazis made thier home after ww2.

They went all over the world to places where black people lived that had rich history and replaced them , transporting them to new nations with no history giving them names like NiggerArea, short form Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Police Escort On Duty Dies In Kaduna-Abuja Train by JaskanFactor: 9:52pm On Apr 05
covid jab
Politics / Re: Electricity Tarriff Hike: "AEDC Want To Send Me Back To The Village" by JaskanFactor: 11:14am On Apr 04
you think they were joking when they rolled out poison jab. They will keep raising the cost of living till depopulation is complete.
You have been at war at least since covid. If you did not know that, then you aint seen nothing yet.

It will be a perfect time to start preparing a place in your village, but the plan of the devil is to make all the remote area unsafe, and the safe cities too expensive. That is why the devil has put all kinds terrorists civil servants in all remote areas.

We are in the days of biblical tribulation, expect electric tariff to be least of your problems anytime this days

So Help Us God against the depopulation devils. Who want to wipe out the population and replace with robots, that is why the devil is funding all AI projects so that they can replace people.

You people dont seem to have properly understood the meaning of what happen during covid, that was the time the world ended.

And like musical chairs whom ever is still living normal civilian life now will endup with no chair when the music stops anytime.

You no longer have the right to be alive, and if you think otherwise you will have to pay through the nose or dodge civil servant terrorists or both

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Celebrities / Re: EFCC Arrests Bobrisky For Naira Abuse by JaskanFactor: 9:40am On Apr 04
they are making this colonial ruler European created creature popular cause they want to make IT governor or president.
So that all your male children too can turn to girls.
The people who own naira land allowing posts about this demon are your eternal enemy
Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Government Raises Electricity Tariff From N66 To N225 Per KPH by JaskanFactor: 7:30am On Apr 04

With hunger ba?

Depopulation by cost of living and stress
Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Government Raises Electricity Tariff From N66 To N225 Per KPH by JaskanFactor: 1:35am On Apr 04
The goal is that Nigerians citizen must suffer first before they enjoy.
the goal is depopulation
Politics / Re: Are You Willing To Pay N178,000 Monthly For A 24-hour Electricity Supply? by JaskanFactor: 1:21am On Apr 04
Some people have destroyed this country for personal gain and their children won't benefit from it. Generating electricity for the whole country will create thousands of jobs. An ordinary monkey can figure that out. Sambo is one of the saboteur of electric generation. Jonathan lost me when he allowed his power minister to resign because Sambo told him to sack him.Sambo had and interest somewhere that we didn't know as usual. Whatever is working I will let somethings slide until I get my result then take action. Jonathan wanted to please Sambo.

you dont get it bro the oyinbo people who are actually running Nigeria from European/US embassies dont care about creating jobs for Nigerians , what they care about is depopulation.

Its the same people killing all farmers so food price will go up that are raising the price of electricity and essentials so that people can go and die quickly , am very certain they are the same oyinbo that made the concoction for sniper available .

They dont give a used toilet roll about jobs, they want all the middle class and poor people all over the world to die off quickly especially Africans , THAT IS WHY THEY ROLLED OUT THE C19 POISON JAB and you talking about jobs

They dont give a biscuit about economy or jobs , they want everybody to vacate the planet, do you get it now.

Do you think its just a coincidence that all the terrorists are civil servants and they are mainly killing farmers as food prices goes up too.

you people have no idea how much the oyinbo running Nigeria hate black people.

The year before covid, they were busy increasing the number of burial ground all over the country , so that people were complaining about location of some of the proposed burial ground, and you think they care about economy or jobs.

Better know thy enemy, so that you not dreaming whilst in grave danger
Politics / Re: DCP Gbolahan Oyedemi Found Hanging Dead In His House After Easter by JaskanFactor: 3:38pm On Apr 02
never work for the beast ,not at google and not in police, the same thing that happen to him, happen to google employees who know too much. the time for pretending your job is not a public betrayal is over.
Romance / Re: Bobrisky Celebrates "Best Dressed Female" Win With Gospel Dance And Money Spray by JaskanFactor: 2:09am On Mar 26
When a man wins best dressed female , you know the world is about to end.
The Naira Land Mods that allow news of this evil creature to reach top page are you enemy in this life and hereafter
they are the same people allowing posts calling civil servant terrorists herds men.

I pray to God to help Nigerian people win over all the enemies sent by thier colonial rulers who want finish then in this life and send them to hell in j the hereafter

Cause i mam sure whom ever is behind the push of this evil creature bob risky onto Nigerians has to be a Goth, a Gothic barbarian , somebody who is mad enough to climb mountains for fun and jump out of moving planes for kicks.


Business / Re: Nigeria Asks Binance To Disclose Top 100 Users, Executives Remain Detained by JaskanFactor: 11:54pm On Mar 12
they dont want Nigerians to have access to a currency that can gain in value, cause if you do your population will increase
Politics / Re: Olumide Akpata Music (Video) by JaskanFactor: 1:05am On Mar 11
i feel sorry for Nigerian people, all of them from all the parties and all the tribes are working for the same people sponsoring the terrorists and killing the farmers. You cant join politics without agreeing to do harm to Nigerian people , in this European colonial tribulation we are facing.

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Family / Re: 'Fear Woman: The Adulterous Wife' - Obituary Poster In Delta State (photo) by JaskanFactor: 11:07pm On Mar 09
People need to grow up , and accept the fact that the only way to even come close to keeping a fresh beauty to yourself is to be stinking rich, and even then it means she would do your staff.

if am stinking rich i prefer for her to do outsider than get romantic with my staff, so i would give her enough room to do it far from home, but i will never share share same bedroom with any woman long term, but different apartments in same building is my target.

Unless by some miracle , you can never stop flesh being flesh. You can compromise, but you cant hold water with your hand.

Let the smell of your shit, and the rotten decay of flesh remind you what flesh really is , in case you forget.

Give the woman room to explore and set boundaries, if she cant make a reasonable deal , its over.
But its about making deals, there are no angels in flesh. Cause every time young toto goes out other men will let her know what her price is in local market just in case you selling her short at home, which happens almost always after honey moon is over.

How can you feel shame cause your woman is fing another man, thats what women do , thats what men do. but it can be done with respect!!!


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Health / Re: Housewife Commits Suicide In Front Of Enugu Police Station, Leaves Behind 3 Kids by JaskanFactor: 4:18am On Mar 06
Too bad, it's not funny because this inflation is biting every part of the nation.

Just dont face the problem like its just inflation when you do your planning, you do best to face it like tribulation and the inflation is just one of the many tools the devil is trying to use to kill off a very large percentage of people on the planet.

In this days of tribulation people better think twice before deciding to start family , cause those who think they own the world dont want anybody who is not a billionaire around anymore.

So dont you go carrying on with normal life in times of tribulation pretending you did not get the message.

With my kind of finances i dare not get married and have kids especially not at a time like this, when those who think they own the world are acting like they cant wait for people to die.

Marriage and having kids for middle class and below is no longer allowed, you dare try it, they will make sure you aint seen nothing yet. That is where all the inflation , bandits kidnapping terrorists civil servants etc is coming from.

As far as am concerned if you middle class and under, its a good time to ensure to cut off financial ties to anybody in your family who is still spending money on any kind of party or celebration of any kind.

This is not the time to pretend you cant see the writing on the wall, stop settling down to have family when you cant afford it, its no longer allowed for middle class and below.

To settle down and have kids on planet earth used to be your birth right, and over many generation of parents spoiling their children the very worst of human greed has made it to the top and decided he does not want poor people alive anymore.

Stop pretending you dont get the message, by the grace of God if people ever make it through this tribulation , hope they can see the danger of spoiling children, cause spoilt children end worlds, they are so spoilt by now, they want all poor people dead.

At this rate, Youll be lucky to be allowed to make it to old age, never mind having kids to add to your numbers.
Lets just hope and pray that the God of people intervenes by this time when people have spoilt thier children till it brought about the end of the world.

Spoilt children are nuclear weapon that grow up to destroy worlds, so that now you no longer have the right to be alive,

They want to replace all the poor people with robots, and they cant wait for you to pack out and the planet , especially if you african. So do your self a favour and not call what you see inflation, its tribulation and this is just the start.

LIke a script out of some horror movie they not even allowing food trade between African nations, if that doesn't have all your alarm bells exploding then you aint seen nothing yet .

You will do your self good to be building underground shelter at this time than getting married and making babies , cause you no longer have that right, lest you end up like this story.
Business / Re: Enugu Government Shuts ShopRite, SPAR, Other Malls Over Failure To Remit Taxes by JaskanFactor: 3:50pm On Mar 05
given that inflation is a form of tax its not profitable for any foriegn company to do business in Nigeria high inflation if they are going to be taxed also. Companies who need to change thier money to forex will be lucky to make profit in Nigeria.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Haiti: 300000 flee capital As Armed Gangs Storm Prison, Free Hundreds Of Inmates by JaskanFactor: 12:19am On Mar 04
they want to use the prisoners they free, like the prisoners freed in Nigeria were used for terrorism , its an inside job.
No place on earth with copper coloured people is worth making a home out of curtesy of those who hold us hostage on this planet.

Before this, the police in Haiti had been on strike after they wised up and found out the same government that employs them is same one arming the gangs that are killing them, a strike sparked by murder of 16 Hattian police.

Sounds like Nigeria right...... No infact its everywhere with large numbers of copper coloured people, even the south side of Chicago inside the USA, all the way to Congo .
Romance / Re: Why Do Cheaters Keep On Cheating Even After Getting Caught? by JaskanFactor: 3:16pm On Feb 29
Why do dreamers keep dreaming even after they are old enough to know its human nature.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Rogozin, Former Russian Deputy PM Posts Racist Photo About Lloyd Austin by JaskanFactor: 9:57am On Feb 26
It’s all talk at the end of the day. Let him commit a hate crime first.

what do you mean by its all just talk, its the same racists that are running Nigeria from Europe.
The only reason Nigeria is in the state its always been is cause its run by racists, all those in ASU rock are just actors, Nigeria is run from US/ UK embassy, those are the people that make sure we have terrorists, kidnappers, 50% inflation , no electricity.

They keep the country in state where it can hardly sustain life, and you say its ALL just talk, they are the cause of 99.9% of problems Africans FACE EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY .for the last 300 years atleast.

If you think africa is dump cause people who look like you are stupid then i pray for you, the only reason africa is a dump is cause its really run by people who call you nigger, monkey, shit skin, who are working very hard to wipe your race off the face of the earth

that is the reason 1 pound i now 2500 naira, they dont want you to survive, no its not just talk, its a horror show, but the wicked always live on borrowed time.

Its not just talk, its the reason for all the tears in africa. Those who call you monkey run your country


Travel / Re: Sami Court: ₦115K Per Night Hotel At Abuja Airport by JaskanFactor: 3:25am On Feb 22
if all the bandits and kidnappers were not working for government, they will be going after places like this
Business / Re: Tell Us One Business That Has A Lot Of Profits That People Don't Know? by JaskanFactor: 9:34pm On Feb 21
what ever you decide to do to survive this tribulation from the European owners of Nigeria, just make sure the terrorist government of Nigeria does not know, cause they will stop it. They will stop any means of survival that you find.

That is what all the NGO;s are for to spy on the population so they know what the people use to survive and so put an end to it.
That is why farming is now a very dangerous business in European oyinbo run Nigeria.

Even crypto too they are working to ban it, anything you find to survive make sure the enemy terrorise government of Nigeria does not know, they will stop it.

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Business / Re: FX Crisis: Ban Crypto In Nigeria. EFCC, CBN Should Move Against Them - Onanuga by JaskanFactor: 9:06pm On Feb 21
if Nigerians are not completely foolish, at this point will be time for everybody to stop accepting the terrorist spooring European controlled government of Nigerian naira as legal tender.

If you keep accepting naira as legal tender, you and your loved ones will still be there suffering at 1 billion naira to 1 dollar.

What the oyinbo that run Nigeria like zoo are doing to Nigerians is called a black comedy, the type of wickedness that turns the victim into a clown. A clown that is still accepting toilet paper as currency and trying to live a normal life in a country where the army police etc are all terrorists working for Europe.
Business / Re: Forex Crisis: FG Plans Clampdown On Binance, other Crypto Firms - Premium Times by JaskanFactor: 9:09am On Feb 21
in case what Nigerian leadership is doing about the economy is confusing you, this should clear it up.
All Nigerian leadership-are puppets, Nigeria is run form US UK embassy , and the objective of the Europeans is to impoverish and depopulate the country if not to out rights destroy it , that is why they are attacking every means Nigerians have to survive in this world.

All thier policies come from people who call Africans Nigerians and shit skin.

That is why they banned bitcoin , that is why they attacking binance, they dont want you to have access to anything but that toilet paper called naira which is purposely destroyed by the oyinbo that run Nigeria to keep the nation poor.

Its the biggest joke in the world that a country with such impossible rate of inflation would even tax people, cause the exorbitant inflation is a form of tax too.

African people you really better start loving each other in a hurry, cause your enemies are working overtime to destroy you.

We came from national corruption and coups in the 90's to a nation now overrun by civil servant terrorist, bandits kidnappers and barbaric economic situation today, its clear it never gona get better.

The objective of the oyinbo running nigertia is to destroy everything you need to survive
Politics / Re: Niger Retailers, Residents To Bago: Move Against Kano, Lagos, Ibadan Traders by JaskanFactor: 1:49pm On Feb 15
Hunger Games Script , they already stopped food trade across African nations, now they are attacking food trade between states in same nation. After that they will ban food trade between parts of same state, from there prohibit food trade all together, mean while killing all the farmers at same time.

Anybody who is still doing wedding party, and birthday party and any kind of celebration while all this is loading is certifiably mentally insane.
Although you could say its been the case since they put the whole world under house arrest for the poison shot.

Its a really challenging time to be financially connected to people who cant see the danger, those who still want to party while all the foundations of the house is being removed one by one to deliberately collapse it.

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Food / Re: Reps Move To Ban Styrofoam, Others In Nigeria by JaskanFactor: 11:57pm On Feb 14
one would have thought Nigeria has far bigger problems than single use plastic issues, so the reps mentioned here must be working for colonial interest.

Ban plastic, legalise starvation, banditry, depopulation, kidnapping, terrorism , poverty ...............

Reps talking banning single use plastic in Nigeria is like someone in burning house complaining about lack of air freshener

May the God of all those facing starvation and committing suicide due to hardship punish all of you reps and those you really represent in life and beyond your grave Amen

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Foreign Affairs / Re: At Least One Dead In Shooting At Superbowl Victory Parade In Kansas by JaskanFactor: 11:40pm On Feb 14
or maybe its another psyop, cause they want those guns back. How many people stupid enough to shoot in such a crowded place unless you looking for media attention and a future change in gun laws.
Dont give them those guns back yanks, lest they do to you what they do to Nigerians where the army changes to terrorist kidnapper and bandit uniform by night to terrorise the nation that have no weapons for self defence.

The law changing gun man fires his best shot at mass media events.
If you give them those guns back, they will say all civil servants cant return to work unless they take the poison jab like they did in Nigeria.

The worst atrocities in history of the world always happened to a disarmed populous .
Le those suckers from the dark side have what they been waiting for thousand years.
Celebrities / Re: Davido's Aide Slaps A Fan For Getting Too Close (Video) by JaskanFactor: 9:10pm On Feb 13
That's not even the problem at hand
Why is cost of living trying to kill the living?

the oyinbo people who own the world, no longer want dark skin people around on the planet, thats why the cost of living is highest in africa relative to income. We are under siege. thats why cost of living is death for the dark skin people
Career / Re: UK Signs Deal To Allow British Lawyers Practise In Nigeria by JaskanFactor: 9:01pm On Feb 13
Britain wants to recolonize us again. sad
dont be mumu, they never left, the only reason they gave Independence and continue to rule through puppets is so Africans can blame each other for the state of the content, rather than the real people behind all the ills of Africa.

They never left, they are behind all the coups, all the inflation , all the wars, all the bandits, all the inflation, all the insecurity.

there is hardly any bad thing on national level going on in Africa that its not the oyinbo who run africa behind it

the people who call africans shit skin now want to be your lawyer, good luck with that
Travel / Re: Video Of How Road Users In The Netherlands Give Way To An Ambulance(pix,vid) by JaskanFactor: 3:44pm On Jan 29
people with constant electricity, good roads, no bandits, no kidnappers, currency that is not toilet paper, cheap internet, have a very good record of being very orderly.

Its very well known fact in research of human nature, that if you want orderly descent people to start acting like animals, all you have to do is put them under inhuman stress for several generations or even just a few hours. And the people will start acting like animals

Just dont forget that its same people that run Netherlands , Dubai , new York London that also run Nigeria ............. right down to price of bread healthcare security and which street lamps get repaired when.

People who are under siege for 500 years so far, dont have a good record for being orderly.

But if you really want to know who is human and who is barbarian, look at what they do in the bedroom when the curtains are closed.

For example in the recent story below, head of WWE resting paid a woman a million dollars so that he can have sex with her and shit poopoo on her head during sex. But she took him took court cause he originally promised her 3 million dollars.

Adolph Hitler too was known to be into coprophilia , the act of deriving sexual pleasure from shitting on people.
Travel / Re: Solomon Lar Amusement Park In jos(pix) by JaskanFactor: 1:45am On Jan 27
maybe this place is built for those that are replacing Nigerians being massacred in Jos by civil servant terrorists working for the European Nigerian govt.

Cause under normal circumstances such a grand project as this and rampant terrorism dont belong in same place, unless this project is for those replacing the people being wiped out
Crime / Re: Abasifreke John Jeremiah Death: Drowned Or Murdered? - Family Suspects Foul Play by JaskanFactor: 12:15pm On Jan 25
Dont send your children to anything to do with government. Unless your child is willing to go all the way, lest the child return in body bag.
Dont send your child anywhere people seek fame and fortune

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Family / Re: Nigerian Man Living Abroad Caught Wife In Hotel After She Claimed Going To Work by JaskanFactor: 11:19am On Jan 24



As they say in book of proverbs, you will sooner be able to hold water with your bare hands, than stop women or men from looking beyond their partner for sexual pleasure. Man kind is both Saint and beast rolled into one, there are no absolutes but to go with the flow like water
Family / Re: Nigerian Man Living Abroad Caught Wife In Hotel After She Claimed Going To Work by JaskanFactor: 10:57am On Jan 24




how old are you?

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Family / Re: Nigerian Man Living Abroad Caught Wife In Hotel After She Claimed Going To Work by JaskanFactor: 10:50am On Jan 24
dont be naïve mr father of 4, let the woman do what's she wants, you cant stop the flesh, the only time you have a problem is if she does it in the house or uses her extra marital affairs to cause you problem.

When did God tell you, he puts angels or saints in flesh.

There are many men who would count themselves lucky if the only thing their wife is doing is cheating on them in bed.

Flesh is raw, many or most not able to rise above it, so help us God.

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