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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:07pm On Sep 06

PPR has landed 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
God is indeed faithful

I appreciate all the help I got from this platform as I used the information gathered here to make my application myself.
First time applicant!

Online application submitted 21/08/2023
Biometrics done 25th Aug
Medical Request 29th Aug
Medical done 31st Aug
Medical updated to passed 3rd Sep
BVL and PPR 6th Sep

Whole application was less than 3weeks.

Hello Nora064,

Fast. Big congratulations.

Best Wishes!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:05pm On Sep 06
Please i need help. My wife got admission and we want to go together. But leave the kids back for a while, i need help with the right documentation to stand for proof of tie. Who can assist with the right information so our visa doesn't get rejected.

Help a brother please

Hello Raphealolami,

Leaving your kids behind to accompany your spouse MAY not be the best or wise decision for her application. I am of the OPINION that either put in a family application if you and your spouse's economic, social, and financial establishments are well-sufficient and balanced or let your spouse put in a sole application.

Best Wishes!

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:01pm On Sep 06
Hello house. I’m asking for my friend who wants to apply for study permit. Does he need to still get a bank reference letter after getting MyBankStatement? Or MBS comes with bank reference letter. Thanks in anticipation.

Hello Larryjam,

It takes nothing to include a bank reference for an account. Including one or not is a discretional consideration for the officers to assess based on the financial and economic submissions provided.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 6:55pm On Sep 06
Hello good day guys
God bless everyone reading
I’m currently setting a goal to leave the country by this time (fall) next year To Canada on a masters degree pursuit/ relocation
I studied mass comm but I’m currently looking for IT related courses to increase my chances in getting a good paying Job
Please I would be very grateful if anyone can recommend such courses for me and where to apply
Also I’m trying to target the Toronto area because I have a lot of friends there already
God help me
God help us all 🙏

Hello Toladayo8630,

You can consider courses like:

• IT Business Data Analytics
• Strategic Marketing Communication
• Strategic Relationship Management
• Digital Marketing
• Business Analysis
• Business Development Sales and Management

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 6:49pm On Sep 06
Hi, guys. I am currently working on my Canadian application using the study permit route and do currently have some questions. I saved most of my money in dollars using a crypto exchange to edge against the naira inflation. I got these funds via freelancing as a software engineer for years. Now I am bringing the funds back to my naira account so that I can apply for my Canadian visa in a week's time, I have gotten most of my documents ready except the SOP part that explains my proof of funds. Kindly advise on how best I can go about it. Thanks.

Hello Isioefe,

It will be best to stick to freelancing as a software engineer paid with crypto as a primary income source, which prompts you to become a part-time crypto trader in exchange for circular currency. Then provide proof. Ensure that you provide enough documentation to justify your employment as a freelancer to be reliable and stable.

Also, extensively explain how getting paid in crypto, which is the official payment currency of the tech company you freelance for, has impacted your inflows to accumulate to a historical sitting bank balance. Whatever you do, show the provenance of the funds after conversion into your bank account.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:17pm On Sep 04
Hello guys its been two weeks since i did my medicals and I didn’t get my medical results from iom neither have ircc updated my medicals.

Note i got a medical request the second day i did my upfront medicals.

Hello Tarmmey,

Since you've given the medical since 2 weeks ago, then IRCC has the result. IRCC could be very slow in updating medicals recently. If you were given the e-Medical slip, send it via the webform. Everything is fine relax.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:10pm On Sep 04
Am 39 i want to go for one year certificate course in a college in Canada someone said because of my age my visa chance is slim. House us that correct make i no come begin waste money.

Hello Don10ky,

You have nothing to worry about, your age is okay to study in a program that demonstrates progression from your previous academic study or a course that shows a correlation with your current work experience.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 8:06pm On Sep 01

Hello Chief.

Good to hear from you. Been a long time.

All good. We bless Jah

How are you, trust you're doing great aswell?

My bro,

I have been well too, thanks. Continue to prosper.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 8:00pm On Sep 01
Guys please my brother is going for a four years course and my father is the sponsor is a business man, but he initially does not have a business account but sudden he created a business account which is not even up to two month but funds of 15 million naira is in the business account and formaly has a savings account worth 25 million naira six months statement , but we intended using the personal saving account for the application, the issue is that based on these high dollar rate we intend transfering the money form the business account to saving account as lump sum and also pay the first semester tutution fee from the lump sum when. The money is already in the savings account to show that is not for demonstration purpose, please guys any suggestion to these

Hello Iceboyblog,

This is only a suggestion for your consideration. If evidence can be provided regarding the N15m deposited once in the account, maybe from a contract award or investment proceeds, it shouldn't be a problem. All that is required is a justifiable reason for using a newly created account to receive the funds.

In the case that proof cannot be presented, go with only the savings account whilst including sufficient documentation to support the existence and activities of the business. You don't have to move the funds from the current account to the savings account to be used for your application.

If for a reason your father's bank cannot charge the corporate account to pay the tuition, move the funds to another savings account then pay the fees from there. Unlike Ireland, Canada doesn't require international students to use the same account for the application purpose to pay for the tuition fees as a demonstration of the legitimacy of the funds. Considering your program is 4 years, try your best to offset the 1st year tuition.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:45pm On Sep 01
Hello gurus in the house I need help.

A friend of mine wanted to apply to a university in canada buy the name on his WAEC is different from the one on his Passport
Pls what can we do or it does not matter.
Abeg quick response o.


It will be best for your friend to use the name on the passport. An affidavit of name correction can be sworn to support the wrong name entry on the WAEC certificate.

Best Wishes!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:42pm On Sep 01
Good morning house,
Please I will be travelling on the 10th September and am yet to receive my letter of introduction from IRCC. I have collected my stamped passport since on Monday this week.
Pls what can I do?

Hello Chummygirl,

Most times, the correspondence letter is not asked at the point of entry but if it should in your case, you can present the PPR letter, if by the time of your travel, the COR letter doesn't drop in your online account. Just explain to the CBSA officer when asked that the letter wasn't received.

Best Wishes!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:37pm On Sep 01
Please, is it true that DHL doesn't pick up the passport again from VFS after stamping? Again, can VFS move someone's passport from the Abuja VFS office to the Lagos VFS on their own?

Hello Amicableoga,

Use UPS.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:36pm On Sep 01
Please, I studied Estate Management and I want to apply for Health care Administration and service management in Conestoga university Canada . What are the Subjects required of me since I did not have Chemistry and Physics in my WAEC result.

Will it be possible for me to switch course like that?

Please I need a clear explanation on this

Hello Tevecino,

Best to opt for a study related to your current experience line. If it is related to Estate Management, a Project Management course should be ideal.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 7:31pm On Sep 01

Hmmmm thank you so much for this!
So the best route is to forfeit this admission?
What if I don’t declare my ongoing study?
I didn’t mention it while applying to the schools I sent applications to.

Hello Queenlyt,

Most likely if it does not demonstrate a study progression or correlation.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 10:45am On Aug 31
guys good morning, quick questions does using GIC avoid being asked about source of funds, just heard about GIC tryin to understand its Pros & Cons

Hello Samefiok,

GIC helps to show the availability and accessibility of funds. It's not a ground for possible approval consideration or demonstrating reliable income source(s), which needs to be proven.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 10:36am On Aug 31
A friend is about to make a family application(student+spouse+child). The spouse has a good job in Nigeria with an Intl company, is SOWP advisable or he just apply as a Visitor and flagpole in Canada.

They are concerned if the VO wont question why he is leaving his good job for uncertainty with SOWP.

How does he defend his SOWP if they decide on that route?
Please your inputs. Many thanks

Hello Kweje,

If he can prove his employability in his country and have sufficient funds to swallow any incurred expenses for the duration of their stay and for future use, and can demonstrate the travel intent won't throw the family into indebtedness; applying for the SOWP route won't be an issue. The modern world has been structured to put family beyond financial gains, even if it is required to care for the family's well-being.

Best Wishes!

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 10:27am On Aug 31
Hello everyone.
I recently got accepted to Conestoga college for the Personal Support Worker program for January 2024.
I have a BSc in Biochemistry (2020) and I have basically been hustling since then, no concrete job or steady income flow on my bank statement. Intend to use my paternal uncle as sponsor. He is based in Lagos but his wife and kids are in Canada.
How do I explain this while applying for my Study permit please? Why I am going for a certificate course as a BSc holder and things I should do to prove strong home ties, I am not married.
I don’t know if the fact that I am currently doing a Certified Nursing assistant program here in Nigeria would help as well.
Please I really need any and all the information I can get so I don’t make any mistakes whatsoever. I want to begin the process ASAP
Thank you I’m advance.

Hello Queenlyt,

Having so many loopholes for the officer to take advantage of will make justifying your genuine study intent tedious. If you intend to declare your ongoing study, do so as a training certification and pick a study in a PGD/C course. It will be easy to tell the officer of your career intention and why it is important to build on your practical training academically. Also, it will be best if your third-thirty sponsor liquidates your first-year study fees.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 10:16am On Aug 31
Hello guys

I just got refused for this reason.

This is the second time

I’m really tired for real 😞

How best can someone respond to this ?

Total Tuition Fee= 9k excluding scholarship
I paid half of the tuition and I also printed a proof of funds of 20m for a 2yrs course

Any advice guys

Hello DejiiiiB,

Stay focused and determined. Having a huge closing bank balance most times does not guarantee the success of an application. Irrespective of the sitting balance, irregular inflows, lump sum deposits, not including PA's personal bank statement as well as sufficient proof of income means and inability to show tangible proof of relationship, if a third-party sponsor was used, can cause an application to be refused based on financial grounds. You can consider requesting your notes as the first step to reapply.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 10:04am On Aug 31
My people please study permit application was made ,2 days after we applied for withdrawal of application ,application was latter approved.please hope an approved application cannot be withdrawn again o....kindly assist.

Hello Subzheero,

The reason your application was not successfully withdrawn, after the request was submitted, is because a decision has been reached. Applications that have been finalized or have an eligibility review already started cannot be withdrawn.

If an application was approved based on induced error (oversight from the officer or discovered misrepresentation), the approval can be rescinded if after reopening for a secondary review eligibility is failed.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:57am On Aug 31
Good afternoon/evening guys

I’ve been inactive on this platform for a while now which it wasn’t my fault, and I want to say I apologize for coming back this way, this group I’ve really been helpful and gave me what I have today.

Thank you guys and appreciate it all

Please I’ve a red flag in my application back then but didn’t know it will come back at me now,

While filing the IMM form I mean the form for the family(names) I declare myself to be single but those period I have a partner but we not married yet, so now I’m here Canada for a year+ now and I’m planning to go back home to make arrangements for wedding but at the look of things(the cost of the flight and my job) I decided to stay back in Canada meanwhile I got into Canada through study route but I’m planning to bring in my partner through the Common law spouse we’ve been together and lived together for 3years+ and but the red flag right now is I declared myself single and now I’m making plan to utilize the cash with me for the POF instead of throwing it on flight and living my job behind.. though I know I could call Ircc to update it for me and also refill the form and send it through web form but my concern is if I do that, won’t Ircc see that as a red flag as to why didn’t I declare her at first but now..

Please I need advice on this I would appreciate any input from you guys please na beg I beg no mind my English🙏🙏

Hello Treasure134,

Fill in the correct information in the IMM form and give satisfying reasons as to why the initial information was declared so. You can likewise apply for her through the Spouse or Common-law Partner Open Work Permit.

You will have to provide sufficient documentation like old pictures of each other, and with each other's family maybe for social events. Proof of joint investment, bank account, business, apartment lease, etc. are also critical documentation to prove you have cohabited together for at least 1- year.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:42am On Aug 31

Check out the programs below

PG.Cert,Exercise Science For Health And Performance
Niagara College, Welland, ONTARIO

PG.Cert, Exercise Science And Lifestyle Management
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Toronto, ONTARIO

Sheridan College
- Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Kinesiology

Centennial College

Conestoga College
- Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology
University of Manitoba, Manitoba

Await further program suggestions from others

Hello Lekiboboe,

Good to read your post again, and how is your study going?

One Love

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:40am On Aug 31
It's been a while I've been here. The reality in Canada was not as I envisaged but we give God the glory for the last 8 months I've been here.

There have been times I questioned if I did the right thing and times I was confident I did the right thing. Canada is designed to reward the SMART ones and not just the average HARDWORKER. Don't get me wrong, if you work hard you will surely be rewarded, however, you might continue in that endless loop whle the smart ones are soaring.

Our social media content creators unfortunately paint a perfect picture of life in Canada and prevent people from preparing adequately before arrival. The housing crisis, the lack of student jobs, the cost of living (especially if you depend on the Naira cos of no jobs) etc, is not a joke.

In all, it's a beautiful place especially in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. Basic amenities are present so you don't worry about basic things really.

Comparing life over here with life back home, it's way better once you're settled and finacially equipped so don't be discouraged in pursuing your dreams.

Feel free to shoot me questions and I'll gladly answer. Please don't send me emails cos chances are that I wouldn't see them.

Hello Johnstan

Good to know you are making progress in your new reality and how have studies been?!

One Love


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:35am On Aug 31
Hi guys...wishing everyone ppr soon!!
I wanna ask sth pls.
My cousin and her husband in the UK want to relocate to Canada.
The husband has finished school and wants to go for his masters in Canada while the wife is still a student and will finish by this time next year. Also, the husband has work permit in the UK.
Please, how are they gonna apply to come to Canada from the UK? They want to start the visa application now.
Thank you so much for your suggestions and advice🙌🏾

Hello Kuty1992,

The spouse can consider immigrating through the Federal Skill Work Program or Provincial Nominee Program. Also, the Live-in Caregiving temporary work route can be leveraged if his work line is in health-related areas and can secure a job offer letter from private (homes with a vulnerable family member who requires a care service) or public organizations responsible for the care of people classified as vulnerable groups.

In the case that the eligibility for the dittoed programs is not met, and since he already has a Master's, a Ph.D. program should be considered for easy convincing of the officer about his genuine study intent.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:22am On Aug 31
Gurus in the house..
For thoes that have collected their Stamped Passport. Please did they send the letter of intro to your portal directly or it was given to you as you are collecting your passport..

Hello Ehisg,

Check your IRCC Portal account. It is supposed to drop after the stamping of your passport. No need to worry if you don't find it there or drop before your departure. At the POE, just tender the PPR letter coupled with a straightforward explanation, if the CBSA agent should ask any questions regarding it. "You didn't receive the correspondence letter."

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:42am On Aug 30
Hello, I’m new here and wanted to get some insight. I am thinking of wanting to sponsor my younger sister for a 1 year program in Canada (we are looking at Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). However my sister is 21 and is finishing a diploma program. She does not have a job because she is a full time student. No marriage or properties or business and no substantial money.

What are the chances of approval if all proof of funds are from the sponsor? There will be nothing in my sisters name. I’m planning on doing everything.

Is it helpful if her sponsor is US based?

Hello Ghanagyal93,

It will be very important for her to demonstrate a strong economic prospect in her country. A 1-year-old baby has been refused for Personal Assets & Financial Status. Her parent's/family economic establishment can be used to tie her. See below.

• A property on lease gifted to her by her either parent;

• Opening a fixed deposit in her name;

• Being a shareholder or board member in her parent or family business;

• Parent's show of investment(s) in her name;

• Business partnership with a sibling(s), parent, and/or family member;

• et cetera.

n.b. Consider paying her first-year tuition fees.

Best Wishes!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:25am On Aug 30
Good morning house please who can help me with an outstanding SOP for my study permit visa

Hello Ifeeluxe,

Check with GCMSWriters on IG.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:24am On Aug 30
Good morning everyone,
What’s the best approach to tackle this ?

Hello Xixteen11,

First, my empathy is shared. The officer was kind enough to specifically mentioned the primary areas of concern. If you or your sponsor declared to be employed aside from owning a business, provide the employment letter, payslips (4 or 6 months), salary account, and other necessary proof of employment like the staff directory page on the employer's website, etc.

Ensure that any lump sum deposits are adequately justified and explained. This reason can also come if the transaction inflows in the presented bank statement(s) do not historically accumulate to the sitting bank balance. If this is caused by a particular reason, convincingly provide an explanation(s) for it.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:12am On Aug 30
Hello house if one is being sponsored and sponsor has dedicated every funds needed into ones account,the tuition fee and living expenses, under the IMM form the fund available for study option..does one need to add the sponsors account closing statement amount to it or it wud just be the applicant closing amount since needed fund has been sent to it

Hello Republic001,

The undoing of your application will be not to include your sponsor's bank statement, whether it is a parent or third-party sponsorship, especially when (a series of) lump sum deposits are involved. Though few applicants have been able to 'escape' for those who love taking chances.

Best Wishes!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 9:04am On Aug 30
Hello house my notes just came in buh reason was i did not add my sponsor tax clearance to it.pls can i seek for reconsideration though I have already seek for withdrawal from school..can I add a new LOA with the reconsideration

Hello Republic001,

If this was my situation, I would not consider a Reconsideration instead reapply. Many SP applications being refused based on "Personal Assets and Insufficient Funds/Financial Situation" has common concern of the applicant not submitting a tax clearance in the GCMS notes.

You have two options to attend to this:

1) Get a tax clearance for the past 3 years done by the appropriate authority. Also, include any govt-paid utility and/or revenue as well as the business TIN.


2) Provide the business transactional proof i.e. sales receipt, purchase invoice, contract supply, etc. and inventory record i.e. audit book (for the past 3 years), sales ledger, book-keeping entries, etc.

Add business complementary card (optional).

Best Wishes!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by JustMellow: 8:35am On Aug 30
Please who has a sample of a bank reference letter. Thank you

Hello Kinggame1,

Each bank has its reference letter template for embassies use. Visit your bank.

Best Wishes!


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by JustMellow: 5:31pm On Oct 24, 2022
Please house I need your help,I am thinking of reapplying and my agent has told me that since it was stated that I have a registered business,I need to submit my own personal account statement and I am not the one to sponsor myself,is this really compulsory?

Hello Onyekachee,

As a mature applicant, it will be wise to include your personal proof of funds, especially if it is not a parent or spouse sponsorship. If it is claimed in your application to have an active business in your country, it will go a long way to help your application if you include one. Though few mature applicants have been successful without providing one, however, personal and family circumstances differ.

Success is all I Wish You!
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 22 by JustMellow: 5:16pm On Oct 24, 2022

Exactly why I didn’t go for it. There’s a deadline.

Also, I have been trying to register on tradesystem portal but I have not received any OTP after inputting my BVN. Do you know how I can address this?

Hello Socially4fun,

You can always request an extension from your DLI, with a cogent reason(s) and substantiated proof.

Success is all I Wish You!

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