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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 7:41pm On Aug 14
thank you so much big bro.it is the issue of lump sum that is making me to name him as my sponsor cos the VO may want to know my Domiciliary account history if I purchased a GIC using funds from there and that is where the lump sum comes in. that's y I want to name him as a co sponsor or supporting sponsor.as for the 9.5m .I have a wife and son that I am leaving behind and my wife's account is so poor ,I cant even submit it.though I am planning to submit an employment letter for her and probably work ID but since I am not submitting her statement of account, it's better I have a healthy balance. what do u think bro?

Hello Enjay316,

The onus is on you to demonstrate with substantial proof how your family will financially cope in your absence. It is on you also to help the officer understand that the study will not be at the expense of your family's well-being.

Demonstrate the economic level of establishment of your spouse and include proof of source of income.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 7:32pm On Aug 14
Hello Everyone,

Please I would like to clarify the lump sums issue. If for instance the lump sums has been in the account seven months before application must you still justify it after explaining in LOE.

Hello Pale232,

It is still advised to explain the lumps, with adequate justification.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 7:28pm On Aug 14

Take your time & go through all contents in the two links below, and ask questions here on the group



Hello bro,

Glad you had safe travels.


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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:55pm On Aug 14
Hello, please while answering the questions at the beginning of creating a GC key account, is it advisable to state you have a family member in cad, even though i didn't mention something like that in my SOP?

And mind you, this is someone i will likely to stay with over there.
Should i just say No

Hello Emmalextemtop,

If the family member is an extended family, then the question is not for you for as long as you did not mention the family member in your application or no sponsorship support is being rendered by the family member.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:48pm On Aug 14

Congratulations. May you be favoured in the maple land.

Hello Metrecube,

How is it going?

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:47pm On Aug 14
May 5th, I got NSE request which I ignored.

July 28th, I wrote a short LOE on why I couldn't provide the documents requested and uploaded them in their respective boxes.

August 10th, I got a mail on an update, logged into GCKEY, and saw “We are reviewing the additional documents you provided”

Does this mean they are working on my file or they are just using me to catch cruise?

Hello Toopee,

When IRCC receives a requested document, the column tends to display the review of the document. In some cases, the eligibility review will change back to processing.

They are working on your application, consider it as an active review.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:42pm On Aug 14
Hi Ppr hopefuls!
I will reapply as soon as my gcms notes for my refused app comes out.
In my first app, my uncle was d main sponsor; my mum was the co-sponsor.
Now, though my gcms notes is not yet out, I dont want to use my uncle again, coz I know his acct statement must have faulted in one way or the other, considering the fact that I didn't show his source of income, proof of relationship in my first app, and he is also a third party.
Would it be a red flag of I use my mum only in my second app?
Secondly, my mum doesn't have the required money to show proof of fund, but she wants to sell a land for 12m.
Should she go ahead and sell d land so as to use it as a proof of fund?
Should someone we know, a bank manager, help fund her account with 15m, and backdate it? This one dey come wth commission ooo...up to 600k commission.
Pls, would it also be a red flag if she does d second one, considering that she didn't have up to 3m in her account in my first app?
I just don't want my uncle as my sponsor again; although he has enough money...I do not feel like using him.
Finally, in this my second app, should I write SOP or LOE? Which one?
Tnx a bunch 4 ur answers.
Pls, @shupy @Lekiboboe @justmellow @frankrobbn @anon...and others, I need your help.
Tnx again.

Hello Jioke1994,

There is certain information you don't post publicly. I will only be able to share my contribution on some excerpts.

Going by the provided information, your financial situation is weak whether or not the landed property was sold to raise funds. A strict officer might use other financial and economic establishment grounds to critically assess your or your family's level of establishment.

However, a friendly officer will not want to see beyond the readily available funds raised from the sales as long as credible and verifiable evidence is included, with some good explanations to help the officer understand that the money is not borrowed or arranged.

In my opinion, keep your Uncle as your principal sponsor and your mom as a supporting sponsor. If the property can be sold for NGN 12m (quoting you), during payment, give the buyer two account payment details.

The sum should be split into two payment halves. One part goes into your account to be used for the application process with a payment description as landed property sales "payment" whilst the other goes to a second that has no connection to your application.

From the second payment, pay your first-year tuition and have the balance in a fixed deposit. Submit the fees payment receipt, the fxd., and the primary account the other half went into. Use a letter to give a constructive explanation of the origin of the funds in the account stating that it will be to cover your first and second year living expenses (if the program is 2 years). Provide justifiable evidence for the funds' origin.

Then your uncle can give you a sponsorship letter couple with his financial and economic documents and any relevant documents to meet the IRCC study permit requirement. So doing, your mom can just give you a Letter of Support stating she will offset your itinerary and flight cost couple with other relevant economic documents aside from her financial record.


After selling the landed property, have it paid into your account with a land sales payment description. Ensure you get evidence from the buyer even if it means asking a lawyer to draft and authenticate an Attestation of Property Purchase between the seller and the buyer to support other sales documents available.

The tone of the letter should be the buyer acknowledging the purchase. Then the Attestation of Property Sales should be for the seller. Both copies can be included coupled with other available, and supporting evidence.

From the lump sum, pay for your first tuition fees and include a constructive letter to explain the lump sum and origin of the funds. If your program is for 2-years, point to the attention of the officer that the available money is sufficient to offset the complete length of study in Canada.

Your mom can furnish you with a Letter of Support demonstrating the commitment to offset your itinerary and flight cost. This way, you can be a self-sponsored applicant. However, the burden is for you to demonstrate that you have a reliable source of income and are economically established in your country.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 5:57pm On Aug 14
I have a valid Canadian visa and a US visitor visa, I have applied for student visa since May with no update to my application, please what is the chance of getting feedback from VO before start of class September 2021. should I cancel this application then travel to us to apply from there?

Hello Unbin,

Do not cancel. The delay is not restricted to one geographical region only but general. The least you could do now why you stay patient is requesting your notes.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:53pm On Aug 12
What is hard for God to do out doesn't exist o, it can never ever exist o.

Full post later. First time applicant.

Hello 19CannyMum,

Big congratulations.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:45pm On Aug 12

I read that I can stamp here in US but will be emailing all the visa offices

Hello Shams040,

Big congratulations. This situation you find yourself in is the kind of complexity many wish upon themselves.

In the case you chose Canada, you can submit your passport to the nearest VFS office in the US.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:21pm On Aug 12
my Elder brother hu is a PR and my CO sponsor removed all his money from his account for down payment for a house.that was y he had to send 10,000 CAD for me to open a GIC account as proof of his willingness to support my education. he says he cannot send his statement of account cos it is reading minus cos of his heavy investment in the property he bought.however ,he will b sending his pay stub for 7 months,his employment and confirmation letter,evidence that he paid in my living expenses to my account, etc.note that I am the main sponsor and I have paid my first year tuition fee myself using form A. and I still have 9.5m sitting balance after all payment in my Naira account.He wrote in his letter of support that he is taking care of my living expenses in Canada and that I will be responsible for my school fees. hope am good to go? or should he still send his very weak account statement ? note my 2nd year school fees is 17,550 CAD

Hello Enjay316,

If you have a sitting balance of NGN 9.5m, C$10,000 GIC, and a full year's fees receipt payment, you don't need to include a co-sponsor if you don't want to. However, any lump sum should be explained and justified. This has been the undoing for most applicants refused for "Personal Assets & Financial Status" despite meeting the necessary financial requirement.

In answering your question, if he is a sponsor or co-sponsor, the need to include his financial record is important. If he is acting only as a support to offset part of your study expenses, including his bank record becomes optional. A letter of support stating his commitment and how it will or has been offset can be highlighted in it.

Best of Luck


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 11:28am On Aug 08


Please kindly elaborate more on this. I really want to get what you mean. As my verification is showing 0 while eligibility is showing blank meaning nothing is being done on my application or what?

Hello Ketima,

I can't recall vividly if it was Lawfree638 or Spectro that made a post in this regard. It was adequately addressed. Go back some pages or hit their signature to surf through some of their earliest posts.

In the nutshell, most applications have been finalized without their GcKey dashboard timeline changing, or the IRCC GCMS system being updated to reflect some crucial activities.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 11:18am On Aug 08
Wonderful of you JustMellow.

You've just tossed the coin with precision. I've just managed to get the registrar's official email and his sec's contact number. I've sent them a Request Letter to forward my Official Transcript to the U of M as necessary. Looking forward to hearing from them with the week, hopefully.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Hello Again,

It is a step forward, you can have some focus now.

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 10:59am On Aug 08
What about changing course in the same DLI ?

Hello RoyalDukeDon,

If you are changing course within the same DLI, you don't need to notify IRCC, and will not affect your PGWP prospect application. Do it from within Canada.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 10:56am On Aug 08

Please at what point do they ask for confirmation from the school/DLI? Is it early on in the eligibility or when they are rounding up I just want to know cos thats the level where my application is right now. Pls let me know if u can tell based on ur experience.

Hello JayEjabz,

After the R10 check, and prior to opening by an officer, the application can go fast or slow. If it goes fast, the verification of the LOA, IELTS, and MBS can be requested on the same day but the verification responses may not be received by IRCC at the same time. The verification process can be triggered one-month prior to submission and maybe more if there is a delay.

The verification can be done almost the same time as when the background check starts, immediately an eligibility review is about to start or in the process, or almost at the end of the background check.

Most times, the background and eligibility check runs concurrently and if this becomes the case; the verification, criminality, info sharing, etc. will begin almost the same time.

Note that, despite being rare, a secondary verification can still be done for the LOA or MBS (excluding IELTS) at almost the end of the eligibility review assessment or when about to finalize the application. This can be experienced only with the MBS.

Best of Luck


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 9:39am On Aug 08
Hello Lawfree638, BackCheck and all other NL Gurus.

Please I'm on my Credit Transfer with the U of M. They've just updated my portal demanding the official Transcript from my former institution in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia be sent directly to them as attached here with, after I had uploaded the copy issued to me on completion of the program. Now I've been trying to contact the institution but they're temporarily closed due to the lockdown still in place.

Please, what do I do differently? Is there any one whom had similar constraint? If yes, how was it resolved? Gurus please help.

Thanks I advance, as I await a candid advice.

Hello Johnmark247,

Without the transcript, U of M may not finalize the processing of your admission without an official transcript, or a tangible reason why it should be processed on the ground of issuing a "conditional admission" letter that needs fulfilling before course registration and/or class start.

Since the inability to get your official transcript is due to Covid-19 related obstructions, send screenshot evidence of the reach-out email sent to your graduate school coupled with an explanatory reason of school closure as the challenging factor hindering the accessibility of your official transcript.

It will be deliberated on by the graduate committee and may most likely be granted and considered for a conditional offer letter. Share the correspondence of the plea for a temporary "transcript" waiver with the international admissions office, your program coordinator, and department administrative secretary.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 8:53am On Aug 08
Good morning all...Hubby's GcMS notes landed this.
Eligibility - Blank
Criminality- Passed
Medical - Passed
Info sharing- In progress
Pre -assessment notes says - No CAQ
Meanwhile hubby sent CAQ approval letter through mail and webform...please what do we do now...should we resend the CAQ again, primary office is Nairobi while secondary office is in Shanghai... Thinking of him sending it to Shanghai this time around

Hello Chisolove3,

Still send to Lagos too, and Nairobi again.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:36pm On Aug 06

Good evening Bro

Pls I have two questions;

1) This yellow card parole. The stuff no compulsory abi??

2) For Proof of Funds, can I show the Border guys my sponsor's statement of account? Or must the funds be in my account?? I plan to tell them that the reason why the funds is still in my Sponsor's account is that my sponsor is waiting for me to open a Canadian account so he could transfer the funds into it.


Please anyone that has the answer(s) to the question(s) can reply abeg

Hello Toluchenko,

Both yellow card and presenting the financial record at the POE is not mandatory. You can verbally have a constructive discussion in this regard "if" asked. Not all CBSA officers will ask for the financial record or fees receipt payment.

However, if they are available, go with it either in printed or digital copies.

Best of Luck


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:18pm On Aug 06
Oh , how I love landing gists with pictures .. Your head is there jare grin May Canada favor you.

Abeg for those of us that paid only tuition deposit , I hope we will be allowed in ? And please who is your sponsor if you dont mind?.

Hello Oreoluwamipo,

You will be allowed in.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:14pm On Aug 06
Hello my blessed gurus in the house .
Pls does differ of admission to May next year stoped the present application submitted already that was supposed to resume next month ??

Hello KellyKk,

Deferring your admission won't harm your application.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 6:10pm On Aug 06

Thanks for your detailed response.
it is only showing compliance verification required under DLI

In addition: you can also reach out to your DLI with a screenshot of the notes and explain to them to check for IRCC email for confirmation. If this has been done, you may be told or not.

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 5:17pm On Aug 06
that is why i don’t want to include it in my profile. Since I am working in an healthcare facility and probably by the time I am gonna apply for Visa my work experience should have been 2years plus. So I want to link current job with my intended study.

All applications would be made from Uk
Do you think there is any advantage attached to applying outside of Nigeria ?

Hello Oluwacolded,

If a Ph.D. program is not in sight, go for a second master in a closely related subfield of the initial Master. If your first-Master was thesis-based, leverage on the fact that you intend to become more industry-oriented. If it was course-based, tell them of your new research discovery & evolving globalized observation that the prospect study is a critical attribute to secure a professional or career purpose/benefit in the offings.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 4:31pm On Aug 06
Hi guys,

I have attached my refusal notes below, please help on how to respond.

I applied for PGD in Advanced Business Management, and I work in a bank, previous degree in Finance. Wrote a detailed study plan to explain how the degree will help with career.

Have siblings in the US and Canada.

Don't understand the employment part cos I have a good job here and showed documents to prove this.


Hello Tarama

Yes, the officer pointed out your "strong" family ties in the US & Canada (how many are they in numbers outside your CoR?!), but this is not the picture of view here, it is your "employment situation" and "economic level of establishment" in your CoR.

You don't need to also opt for a JR except you buoyantly have the funds, but in my honest opinion, you don't need a JR. Take the following into consideration and rectify what went south.

• Are there lump sums that came into your account within the last 6 months? If so, explain it and provide justifiable evidence.

• Occupying such a lucrative position as claimed, is your inflows and outflows scanty without tangible money movement? Begin building the account.

• Of course, you won't be ignorant enough not to have included all your sensitive and relevant employment proof and as well showing some economic investment as a mature & experience applicant? If not, supply the needed in your re-application.

• Did you use a sponsor and was any commitment made if no, and a self-sponsored, work on improving your economic situation by maybe having some investment in fixed deposit, bond, mutual funds, etc. and ensure to pay your tuition if in full if you have earlier paid half. I am a huge advocate of GIC opening if the money is available to lock away for some time, set up one.

• Be direct as possible when explaining your study intent, the purpose of the study, future prospect or plan of the study, etc., and in responding to the officer's concerns. Avoid long stories and explanations as possible as you can, and constructively argue politely why the presence of your family member in North American countries does not count as reasons why you cannot come to study in any of the North American countries...

• Provide good evidence to support your employment and economic situation. Don't just rely on just social ties in this situation, economic or socioeconomic ties are better placed in demonstrating ties based on my observation and investigation.

• Lastly, show a sufficient bank balance.

n.b. In summary, the officer through the notes is telling you to work on your study plan, employment & economic situation level, and your POF. You should focus critically on these areas and hope for the best.

Best of Luck


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:59pm On Aug 06

Thanks for your detailed response.
it is only showing compliance verification required under DLI

Then maybe a verification response from your financial institution has not been acknowldged. It is up to you to approach your financial institution to request an updated copy be forward to the guys in Nairobi to help it move faster.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:55pm On Aug 06

Hello justMellow,
Please Is there a difference between PGD and Diploma?
And you said you dnt advise an HND holder to go for Diploma. Why and how when it cnt take one for masters.

Isnt it Diploma most colleges like Humber, conestoga etc run Or is it Post Graduate diploma?
Make me understand since its confusing please.

And which school offers PGD?

Hello GodsGabby,

This subject area is easily accessed on the thread. In summary, a PGD is a post-graduate study while Diploma is a post-secondary study. Note that post-secondary study can as well be used to describe a PGD study.

Almost all Canadian college offers both Diploma and Graduate Diploma though most colleges in some territories in the Atlantic province mostly offers Diploma courses with a few study option for Graduate Diploma study.

Best of Luck

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:46pm On Aug 06
Hello the gurus, @lekibobo, @shupy, @frankborn, @justmellow and everyone else.

My younger brother's application was refused on the first week of June based on purpose of visit and personalasset and financial status, second application.

I got the notes and I need everyone's help on it because I want to get it right this time around.

Brief info about his profile:
Had OND in Architecture.

Had a diploma certificate in desktop publishing from a training centre

Working as a Customer Care Officer at Globacom.

24 years of age, going for BSC in computer science.

NB: CAC certificate was submitted as proof of source of income.

Hello Qudusbalogun89,

The best way to relate a study or career progression is by pursuing a program closely related to his experience line. He can leverage the fact that he has a non-academic exposure in his now preferred career path may be due to the future economic prospect in his country for the new career and the deficiency of the previous study to sustain his envisioned prospect economic ambition...

He can go for courses like:

• Leadership & Organization Management (check it Royal Roads University has the study)

• Operations Management

• Management in Finance and Informtion Data study

• Management in Business Analysis & Information Data study

• Human Resource Management

However, if the major aim of the study is to vie for a position in any of the IT/ICT departments, then he can go for a related study area in a field relating to the direct operations in the telecommunications industry leveraging on carve a niche in the telecom industry.

Best of Luck (to your brother)

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 1:22pm On Aug 06
@lekibobo, @shupy, @frankborn, @justmellow and everyone else

Please all, I applied for student visa with my family Accompanying me (spouse and 2 kids, ages 4 and 2) in Feb (which was my first mistake) and got refusal letter in June, my sister is the sponsor who promised to give us 35k USD + 5k USD bank draft and she also paid half of my tuition fee, I also presented 400k in my statement of account

We were refused based on personal assets and financial status. Though my gcms note is yet to arrive and I want to differ the admission and reapply for January resumption. How can I go about this.

Hello sfApase,

It does not seem reasonable that your sister will be bearing the huge financial cost of a foreign study, especially to finance a family to achieve the aim. Even if it is possible, but to the officer, the funds will be considered as not "available and accessible." Meaning even if the money is presently available in your sister's account, it will still be considered as not readily available and accessible to you.

If your sister's sponsorship is to appear merited, tou have to demonstrate financial self-dependence and a good level of economic establishment. Using a financial record that has good transaction inflows without lump sums to a good sitting balance will be helpful.

Considering the strength of your financial situation, file a sole application and (get your sister to) pay your full first-year tuition and if possible, open a GIC. Then be able to show linear financial inflows holding up to N6m or N7m in your account. The source of income documents of your spouse should be included coupled with a letter of support from him stating to cover your itinerary.

About the GIC, despite not being a mandatory requirement to demonstrate funds for the visa purpose, it is highly recommended by me if you can get one. Yes, an application with a GIC can be refused too on financial and/or employment grounds.

The GIC may not necessarily be sufficient to demonstrate "POF" but it is surely good to demonstrate the "availability and accessibility of fund." It is more credible than showing your LE in the bank account, especially one with a lump sums deposit (that entered 1 or 2 months to the visa filing date). Reiterating, it is not a POF itself but can be classified as part of what complements the POF.

In getting to understand what went wrong and addressing the officer's concerns, your notes will help in this regard.

This is my honest contribution.

Best of Luck
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 12:50pm On Aug 06
@Justmellow is it still up sir

Being following on Twitter for long
Would appreciate it if you can help me with my sop thanks sir

Hello Rani001,

The 10 spots are filled.

This is only applicable to those whose resumption is for Winter 2022 and intends to submit "only" in 1 month upward will be eligible.

For transparency, the house will shortlist "10 members" that are eligible for GCMSWriters next lucky "2 SOPs" first-time applicants and "1 LOE" for a reapplying applicant taking it to 3 letters to be freely written. I will pick the 3 lucky members openly here on Nairaland by acknowledging their moniker.

Eligible Criteria: Must be following on IG, Twitter, and/or Telegram. Also, the lucky 3 members will be required to refer a set number of people to follow either of the social media accounts.



Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 19 by JustMellow: 12:30pm On Aug 06

Webform isn’t going for me. I’ve tried using multiple browsers. What do you advise I do

Hello Achi911,

I apologize for the delayed response. If you have still not able to access the CSE, use the email option alternative.

Best of Luck

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