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Romance / Re: A Man Who Loves You Will Never Watch You Use Android Phone” – Lady Says by Kiaso(m): 11:23am On Feb 21
Aunty, I won't support you on this, Infact I totally disagree with you.

Work for your money and learn to be independent. I'm currently using iPhone XS max, and NO MAN gave me a dime. I bought it all by myself.

Ladies wake up, we can do better. Whether the man loves you or not, don't make it a priority or his responsibility to buy you a phone. You're relegating and degrading yourself.

EXCEPT he's gifting you a phone willingly, from the depth of his heart.

Point of correction: Some Android phones are lovely and worth using. Android Phones like Samsung and Huawei.

You are smart and intelligent. I would love to meet someone like you in person.

Permit me to ask, do you trade forex?
Politics / Re: IPOB Sit-At-Home: BBC Shares Pictures From South-East by Kiaso(m): 12:46pm On Jan 19
We must sit at home till we get independence. Buhari will not eat if we all sit at home.

America got independence by sitting at home.

IPOB member 1: See mosquito that perched on your hand, let me kill it.

IPOB member 2: What are you trying to do with the hammer?

IPOB member 1: I want to kill the mosquito with it.

IPOB member 2: Are you mad? How can you kill mosquito with a hammer? You will damage my hands.

IPOB member 1: I won't damage it. Our supreme leader said that if you kill a mosquito that is perching on you with a hammer, no mosquito will suck your blood again.

IPOB member 2: OK. Anything that our leader says is the truth. Hit the hammer on me.

I am Ibo (Delta State)

But wat u have just types is nothing but the truth

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Health / Re: Please Help Me: How Do I Treat My Pile? by Kiaso(m): 11:05am On Oct 20, 2021
Good evening dear Nairalanders.

I've been having swelling on my anus since 2014. I saw a pharmacist and he prescribed Anusol for me to buy. After taking the Anusol, I felt better for some days and the swelling reduced but it came back few day later.

Now being almost 8 years ago. January 2022 will make it 8 years that I've been having this pile.

I've gone to University hospital in my State here in Jos and the woman also suggested Anusol for me. I've taken the Anusol but I'm still stock where I am. No difference at all.

Please has anybody ever experienced pile?
How did you get rid of yours?

The worst part now is that the pile comes with pain now. It almost feels like there's pepper in my anus.

Somebody please help me. Please don't just read and ignore me. Please see me as your brother or your son. Please help me fam.

Do warm bath (put salt in warm water and sit in it)

Don't eat bread and potato

Eat enough vegetables and fruits/foods rich in fiber
Science/Technology / Re: Anaconda Wraps Itself Round A Deadly Caiman In Brutal Fight For Survival(Pics) by Kiaso(m): 10:12am On Oct 13, 2021
grin na the croc fvck up sha. Bite abi crush something you dey dull

U no dey watch NAT GEO Wild, like say you dey watch, u for no type this kind of thing

The Caiman get luck say na baby Anaco him dey fifth. Likes say na full sized Anaconda, the Caiman for don turn to breakfast


Politics / Re: Umahi Orders The Arrest Of Godfrey Chikwere Over Facebook Post He Made by Kiaso(m): 9:34am On Oct 11, 2021
Guy, this issue is simple to resolve.
This is what we should do, each and everyone of us should copy this very thing, and post it on our timelines.

We need to support this guy. If we don't do this, we are simply sending out the message of fear. It's time to stand up to these idiots
Phones / Re: Which Other Chat App Can Conveniently Replace Whatsapp by Kiaso(m): 9:39am On Oct 05, 2021

Thanks for sharing.
Please how do you get free music on telegram?

Chat me up on Telegram
Search for me with this username @ikem1

I will give you a bot dat can enable you download music

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Phones / Re: Which Other Chat App Can Conveniently Replace Whatsapp by Kiaso(m): 9:36am On Oct 05, 2021
Use signal.... Telegram is nice but overhyped... Very boring interface....

A new Jon Snow who knows nothing spotted

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Religion / Re: Pastor Shaibu Butchered To Death By Muslim Youths In Masu, Kano (Graphic Photos) by Kiaso(m): 3:39pm On Sep 25, 2021
Dear Christians,

Our mumu never do?

These bastards have been killing our brothers, but we fold our hands waiting for God to take vengeance for us.

Is it not time we start treating these useless animals in a language that they would understand?

Getting a good licenced riffle or pistol is the first crucial step to salvation.

See how your brother is being butchered like cow by those head slamming bastards.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal
Celebrities / Re: Buy iPhone 13 If It Makes You Happy – Anita Joseph (video) by Kiaso(m): 6:20am On Sep 20, 2021
I stand with Anita on this. Do what makes you happy. Don't let anyone tells you otherwise.

You and Anita are both protitutes
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Brutally Flog & Abduct Civilians In Afghanistan (Pix, Vid) by Kiaso(m): 10:06am On Sep 15, 2021
Na this kind nonsense ipob want.

Ipob and Northerners to be exact.

I am Ibo, but let it be known, IPOB is trash

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Education / Re: How Is FG Policy Affecting Your Children's School Choice? by Kiaso(m): 8:48am On Sep 13, 2021
Schools have resume here since early August and I've not paid my child's school fee. The school and the management has to understand.

There is nothing to understand. Stop being selfish and pay the fees of your children/wards

Teachers would have to be paid
Stationaries and other school equipments aren't sold on credit

How would you feel if your wife was a teacher and she came home on pay day with an empty purse to and tells you the school management told her to understand?

Cut ur coat according to ur size, take ur child/ward to a school whose fees u can afford

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: "I'm Sad And Don't Know What To Do" - Tega's Husband Breaks Silence by Kiaso(m): 8:35am On Sep 07, 2021
Politics / Re: Sheik Gumi: Onslaught Against Bandits Can Turn Nigeria Into Afghanistan by Kiaso(m): 8:24am On Sep 07, 2021
Romance / Re: She Called Off Our Relationship Few Months To Our Wedding by Kiaso(m): 6:02pm On Sep 06, 2021
So I met this lady in 2019 through a mutual friend, after few weeks of getting to meet her we started dating. She is 29 and I’m 31. She’s based in Benin where she works and I am in Lagos.

The agreement was that after our wedding she will join me in Lagos which she agreed. Our relationship has been going on smoothly which made me do the introduction January this year and I’ve told her the wedding will be by January next year, which she knows I am making adequate preparation to that effect. I even had to get involved in a monthly contribution of 30k which is done in her workplace, I told her she should collect 2 slots so we can save enough for the wedding. She has never made any financial request that i did not grant.

Just two months ago she started acting all weird, I have asked her what the problem was and she would say nothing. She stopped picking my calls and told her parents I offended her, I called her to know what my offense was and she said I should forget. God knows I have never deliberately done anything to upset her. Just yesterday morning she called to tell me she is done with the relationship which left me so confused and devastated. I have already paid for cow and all the wines we will use for the wedding and now she has called it off.

Please nairalanders what could possibly be my offense? I have thoroughly searched my heart and I can’t seem to remember when I offended her.

Guy, as I read this thing finish, na vex I just dey vex.

Move on oh!
No kill ur self

Some men dey mumu sha
Romance / Re: Issues With My Boyfriend And I Got Blocked. by Kiaso(m): 9:27pm On Aug 27, 2021
had issues with my guy. I was literally at fault as I sent him a hurtful message over an assumption without clarifying from him.

He blocked me on both WhatsApp and Facebook. I changed a number and chatted him on WhatsApp, he still blocked it. I finally got through him with my friend's WhatsApp number. After several attempts, he finally picked my calls. He talked so calmly to me, and asked why I reacted that way, I said nothing, but was only apologizing. He said he will talk to me later. He expressed how hurt he was, and reminded me that it wasn't the first time I was doing that. I kept apologizing, promising him that it won't happen again.
I waited for his call,, to no avail. I texted again, he still blocked me, and left the message. " I need space for now, I am sorry. Is that a good bye message?

I broke up with girl about a month ago. I just wanted to give her are space

I felt broken for doing dat , but now I feel so free

No time to think if she is cheating on me or not

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NYSC / Re: My Girl Friend Is About Going For NYSC Service by Kiaso(m): 9:23pm On Aug 27, 2021
Hey guy's I'll just go straight to point..

I started dating her some months back about 4 and now she's about going for NYSC service is there any chance of continue this relationship but I'd love her so much??

I hate being/sounding like a pessimist or a bad adviser. Just take my advise, if she begins to act funny, my bro, move to the next available lady and make sure she is a graduate who has finished NYSC. Preferably, get married and REST

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Science/Technology / Re: This Four-legged Whale Discovered In Egypt Is Named After The God Of Death (Pix) by Kiaso(m): 5:04pm On Aug 27, 2021
I laughed looking at the mockup. That thing is probably something else but because it doesn't fit into their paradigm, they changed it. Archeology is another strictly controlled scam. 43 mirrion years?

If you think scientists will discover something that invalidates the paradigm they have been following all these years and tell you the truth, You're on a long thing. Ask the Smithsonian institute about the thousands of discovered giant human skeletons they vanished.

Tell us about it pls
Create a post for it?
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Buys Hair With Money Given To Her By Boyfriend To Start A Business by Kiaso(m): 3:38pm On Aug 07, 2021

Bro if u tink am joking, come to Island tomorrow and I will give u 10k cash...juss like that.
Bro i roll like a baller..big time
u dont belif, try me!!! angry

Yahoo boy/thief/arm robber spotted
Romance / Re: What Was The Crazy Thing You Did After Breakup? by Kiaso(m): 5:52pm On Aug 05, 2021
Cried and cried and wanted to drink sniper but remembered dem no born me join anyone and there are still fishes in the sea jarey

I am glad you didn't
Broke up with me girl on Tuesday

Time to MOVE
Romance / Re: Wow, Am In Love Again.. I No Do Redpill Again by Kiaso(m): 10:13am On Aug 04, 2021
Omo, forget all these redpill shit, go and fall in love it's the most beautiful thing in the world,....

But love with ur head oooo

I just broke up we me girl

But I won't stop there. I will move on.
Love is really BEAUTIFUL
Sports / Re: How Sport Bet Ruined And Destroyed Me For 7 Years by Kiaso(m): 2:52pm On Jul 05, 2021



Pictures please
Romance / Re: A Man must Either Drink, Smoke Or Womanise. by Kiaso(m): 5:36am On Jun 06, 2021
I've heard that before but na nonsense yarns..

I have a friend that doesn't do any. He's not driven to sex, neither does he smoke or drink. What he loves to do though is play video games. He can play PES from morning till night! grin

Are you talking about me?

This describes me
Foreign Affairs / Re: Man Plays Dead After A Bear Tore His Skull Open, Then Drives Himself To Hospital by Kiaso(m): 5:34am On Jun 06, 2021
I watched The Revenant where Leonardo DiCaprio was attacked by a bear and even though it was a movie it was scary. Bears are really savage beasts. I don't know whose idea it was to make teddy bear a sleeping companion. There's nothing cute or gentle about a bear I tell you.

Panda (a Bear) is kind and gentle
Nairaland / General / Re: Help Needed On Getting Rid Of Snakes by Kiaso(m): 7:35pm On May 31, 2021
Thank God you killed the one trying to swallow that lizard,it is bad omen for a snake to swallow lizard in the presence of a person, it means death was about to take someone you know but your quick intervention have saved that person.
Some people will call this superstitious belief,but it's real. Especially if you have a sick or pregnant relation.

Stop typing rubbish pls

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: People Are Reporting Killings As If It Had Never Happened Before by Kiaso(m): 3:29pm On Apr 24, 2021
6 killed in Ekiti on April 20th.

40 kidnapped at Greenfield University, Kaduna on April 21st.

18 kidnapped in Oyo on April 22nd.

45 killed in Zamfara on April 22nd.

83 killed in Zamfara on April 23rd.

3 killed from Greenfield University, Kaduna on April 24th.

20 women attending naming ceremony in gaidam, Katsina kidnapped 23th

All in a week!

When Patience Jonathan SHOUTED and i quote 'There is God oh'

We all made fun of it
The Chibok issue is now a mare child's play compared to what is going on

Romance / Re: Help!! I can't get over my Ex. I think of her everyday by Kiaso(m): 8:56am On Apr 24, 2021
When i travelled to Russia to study medicine I was 23 years when I meet a very beautiful Russian girl named Yulia
She was 17 turning to 18.

I loved this girl with all my heart and she was so in love with me. Infact she loved me too much.
I was her first black boyfriend
We dated for 2 years
Then we broke up because I needed some space.
We still became very close friends after the break up.
Until she got a new boyfriend.
She called me crying and telling me that she has not loved any guy in this life more than me. But she doesn't know what to do about this rich guy who wants her.
I told her to go ahead, that if he can give her the life she always dreamed of living.

She clearly want this guy because of his money. Her new boyfriend is very rich and me I wasn't financially strong then.
Her boyfriend knows I'm her ex, so he forced her to block me everywhere.
We haven't talked since 3 years

I moved on like nothing happened
Now I'm back in Nigeria
It's been 3 years now
But here is the problem
No matter how hard I try to forget her
It doesn't work
I still get flashbacks of our love, romance and all the good times we had.
No matter how hard I try, I just can't forget her.

I got into a new relationship which ended shortly because the girl I was dating said I was still in love with my ex. That I talk about my ex more than I talk about her.
And it's true, I unknowingly bring up my ex in our discussion.
How do I get over my ex of 3 years.
I sometimes cry at night thinking about her
It's so weird, I have never had this kind of bond with a girl.

How can I remove her from my mind
It's like I'm spiritually tied to this girl

Get a good job that will keep you busy

Interact with people (especially females)
Romance / Re: Should I Continue To Convince Her by Kiaso(m): 10:06pm On Apr 23, 2021
Good evening nairalanders, please me and my gf had a misunderstanding (I pushed for sex early) she broke up with me. But since then I have been calling/texting her to plead. Today miraculously she picked my call.
This is how it went
Me: Good evening, how are you doing?
Her: can I help you
Me: (I brought something important sensing she may end the call)I wanted to ask about our senate list for NYSC
Her: Contact the school and ask, I don’t know.
Me: okay. I wanted to say Hi
Her: okay, please stop disturbing my life with calls, it’s annoying and I don’t like it.
Me. Okay. Goodnight

I really like her
How can I convince her I am sorry

MUMU man spotted

� �
Romance / Re: Check Out The Reason An Engagement Got Called Off. by Kiaso(m): 9:59pm On Apr 23, 2021
respect has got nothing to do with choices. What the guy's family demanded isn't too much to do.

Why didn't she respect their choice too

What rubbish are you typing?

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Romance / Re: Check Out The Reason An Engagement Got Called Off. by Kiaso(m): 9:58pm On Apr 23, 2021
but that is what is already happening. For someone to say take anti biotic and the family say no. That is a supremacy fight.

Anti biotic isn't too much to ask,is it contrary to scriptures or what?

The guy should thank his head,by the time he takes her to Europe ,she will deal with that guy with rebellion.I hate unnecessary chestout,let her people keep her. If another suitor comes and make a demand they should also resist. They can sleep around to get a job or contract,but can't take antibiotic just to make marriage proceed. That is foolishness.

Another jaga jaga talk

Test result is fine
Why take antibiotics?

That man is a boy, sense him no get

I don tell my pple, any woman I show den, na dat 1 I go marry.
No useless interference


Romance / Re: Check Out The Reason An Engagement Got Called Off. by Kiaso(m): 9:56pm On Apr 23, 2021

Control or not.... A typical man anywhere on Planet Earth will always place his Family above anyother And I know you know this Fact .... It's very good to tell ourselves the truth always... It helps.

You are talking rubbish

He is being controlled by his sis finish

Nothing else to say


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