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Literature / Re: Join Our English Studies Whatsapp Group by kikilove(f): 12:50am On Apr 19

All James Patterson books available but at a ridiculously cheap price, if you are interested, you call or chat me via the number in my signature
pls what's the price for each book?
Literature / Re: Join Our English Studies Whatsapp Group by kikilove(f): 12:58pm On Apr 16

What we do is sharing of English ebooks and daily grammar and vocab lessons.
ok nd does james patterson books qualify as English ebooks?
Literature / Re: Join Our English Studies Whatsapp Group by kikilove(f): 3:18pm On Apr 03
Pls is there anyone that can help me with james pattersons series
Literature / Re: The Complete James Hardly Chase Novels In Epub, Pdf And Mobi Formats by kikilove(f): 3:17pm On Apr 03
Everyone that requested, so sorry for the delays. I lost the cloud account where my files where but good news. You can now download 36 different James Hardly Chase Novels in PDF format.

If you want to read them as epub, you can easily convert them online or use Aldiko reader on your android devices.

Here goes... https://www.4shared.com/zip/ZcM3eHMdda/james_hadley_chase_ebooks_coll.html?

sorry for the delay again..
Happy reading, more coming soon...

The complete James Hardly Chase novels in epub, pdf and mobi formats all for your reading pleasure.

Titles in the collection are:

No Orchids for Miss Blandish
The Dead Stay Dumb
Twelve Chinks and a Woman
also Twelve Chinamen and a Woman
also The Doll's Bad News
Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief
Get a Load of This (short story collection)
Miss Shumway Waves a Wand
I'll Get You for This
Last Page (play)
The Flesh of the Orchid
You Never Know with Women
You're Lonely When You're Dead
Figure It Out for Yourself
Lay Her Among the Lillies
Strictly for Cash
The Fast Buck
Double Shuffle
I'll Bury My Dead
This Way for a Shroud
Tiger By the Tail
Safer Dead
You've Got It Coming
There's Always A Price Tag
The Guilty Are Afraid
Not Safe to Be Free
also The Case of the Strangled Starlet
Shock Treatment
The World in My Pocket
What's Better Than Money
Come Easy – Go Easy
A Lotus for Miss Quon
Just Another Sucker
I Would Rather Stay Poor
A Coffin from Hong Kong
One Bright Summer Morning
Tell It to the Birds
The Soft Centre
This Is for Real
The Way the Cookie Crumbles
You Have Yourself a Deal
Have This One on Me
Well Now – My Pretty
An Ear to the Ground
Believed Violent
The Whiff of Money
The Vulture Is a Patient Bird
Like a Hole in the Head
There's a Hippie on the Highway
Want to Stay Alive?
An Ace Up My Sleeve
Just a Matter of Time
You're Dead Without Money
Have a Change of Scene
Knock, Knock! Who's There?
So What Happens To Me?
Goldfish Have No Hiding Place
Believe This – You'll Believe Anything
The Joker in the Pack
Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead
My Laugh Comes Last
I Hold the Four Aces
Consider Yourself Dead
You Must Be Kidding
A Can of Worms
You Can Say That Again
Try This One for Size
Hand Me a Fig Leaf
Have a Nice Night
We'll Share a Double Funeral
Not My Thing
Hit Them Where It Hurts

You can choose a format of your choice compatible with your device e.g: epub for aldiko in android, pdf for PC and mobi for kindle

Send me an email at ebookreadershub@gmail.com to get the complete collection..or visit http://ebooksloft.blogspot.com/
pls do u have series books by james patterson
TV/Movies / Re: Safari's Movie Reviews by kikilove(f): 4:07pm On Jan 17
As promised.....


Movie Title: Chief Daddy

Year: 2018

Cast: Joke Silva, Funke Akindele, Kate Henshaw, Ini Edo, Patience Ozokwor, Nkem Owoh, Folarin 'Falz' Falana, Rachel Oniga, Mawuli Gavor, Linda Ejiofor, Shaffy Bello, Zainab Balogun, RMD.....chai! Dem plenty

Genre: Comedy

Industry: Nollywood

Run Time: 1hr 40mins

Producer: Mo Abudu, Temi Abudu

Director: Niyi Akinmolayan

A multi-billionaire businessman and philantropist, dies suddenly. His death brings to fore the existence of his multiple wives, concubines and children, who are all expected to live under the same roof and tolerate each other, for a week in order to access his will.


The story sounds quite familiar, right? Imagine my surprise when the credits listed Mo Abudu as being the original creator of the story grin grin ( she can take that up with Yvonne Nelson and whichever Indian movie Yvonne Nelson copied House of Gold from originally).

So, having seen this particular plot play out in House of Gold quite brilliantly some years back, I was hoping that Chief Daddy would do better.... However, the star studded cast dimmed my hope greatly, because as seen with Wedding Party 2 (which I should find time to review), too many cooks spoil a broth, still, I gave it a shot because I'm nice like that smiley

Was I disappointed? No

I expected the train wreck, thankfully, it was fast and almost painless grin

Let me start with the positives, the cinematography, as is with every EbonyLife production was top notch, so was the eye-catching wardrobe, and I can't deny, there were some pretty beautiful people in the movie, so, it made it less excruciating than watching Banana Island Ghost.... I also got a few laughs from it, so it wasn't all that bad. I particularly liked how EbonyLife were able to merge their legal series, Castle and Castle into the movie, by making the firm, run by Tega and Remi Castle (RMD and Dakore Egbuson-Akande) the legal representatives of Chief Daddy, I believe that is the first time a Nollywood movie has been able to intertwine a series or some other movie even, into their storyline and I applaud that and encourage more of it

But you see, when there is already a similar product in the market, it is hard to not compare and contrast quality, especially with the storyline and execution, and let me be brutally honest, for all of the razzmatazz that came with Chief Daddy, it couldn't hold a candle to House of Gold where story development is concerned especially. The entire movie looked like a hit and run incident; everything happened in a flash and they gave us no time to make sense of the events. The only thing we established was that poor Chief Daddy was surrounded by some of the greediest people the country can offer...... Save for the surprise eldest son,Damilare (Mawuli Gavor) and Shaffy Bello's daughter, Ireti (Zainab Balogun) the other people cared more for what they could get from Chief Daddy than for Chief Daddy himself.

The scenes went too fast and none of the stories got to fully develop. We saw a hint of a love story of sorts between Damilare (Gavor)and the daughter of the Chief housemaid, Adaora (Beverly Naya), they made such a beautiful couple, but we never got to see them enough to "Awwww" at their beauty, but what I would have given for more of that chemistry.... *sigh*......because I can't help it, I have to juxtapose it with the relationship between Majid Michel and Mercy Chinwo's characters on House of Gold and how we saw them flourish. They went from him watching her perform Omawumi's love nwantiti in front of his mirror, to denying her in the presence of his family, and then regretting his actions enough to apologise and claim her to the same people. We saw them full circle, even as there were other stories to tell in between. I mean, Damilare (Gavor) was the narrator at the beginning and end of the story, but someone didn't think his character deserved more flesh than he was given, or that his love story mattered. The entire circle happened in a flash, and let me not even get into the cheesiness in one scene where he and Adaora (Naya) were staring at some non-existent stars. It didn't hold a candle to the love story in House of Gold, because the audience didn't get to connect with the characters on an emotional level. Damilare and Adara were just a really hot couple, c'est fini.

Another relationship in Chief Daddy was that of Teni (Kate Henshaw) and Tinu (Funke Akindele), Chief Daddy's eldest children. I liked their relationship to some extent, they are thick as thieves and they have some alliance with their aunt and Chief Daddy's sister, Joke (Rachel Oniga). They had some enjoyable scenes together, especially the first scene where they cajole a customer to buy an expensive lace from them.The rest of their interactions, despite Funke's admirable performance, particularly with her injections of Yoruba, are quite bland to be honest. And the cat and mouse duo of Yvonne Nelson and Omawumi in HoG had a far more preferable and comedic dynamic to their relationship.

Next, A-Famzy (Falz). This character sha, it genuinely felt like Falz had watched far too many Big Shaq videos and his character was modeled after the Man's Not Hot crooner. Both in mannerism and even with his rap flows, A-Famzy was quite the Big Shaq protege. Falz played his role decently, his best scene was at the funeral, where he gave a very forgettable rap performance that was only enjoyed by his girlfriend (Beverly Osu), aside that, he had a few other decent scenes, but once again, the comedy wasn't hitting the right spot. I would compare his role to that of Peter aka Peepee, the gay son in HoG, and honestly, PeePee was comedy GOLD.... Can't say same for A-Famzy.

Nkem Owoh, as usual, made the most of an otherwise drab comedy movie and had a few quips of his that would at least raise a smile, but once again, it's hard to perform in the midst of all the drab.... A+ for effort though.

To be honest, the only thing that really stood out in Chief Daddy was Ini Edo's extra large butt. It was hard to ignore, she obviously got a surgery, but damn, she didn't need more ass. We couldn't even watch her scenes properly because all one could see was a humongous ass. Sheesh!

There were so many forgettable performances, but top on the list were Zainab Balogun, whose character, was terribly robbed of screen time, Chigurl and Nedu Wazobia, whose characters played some shady coffin sellers who skimmed the funeral planner and caterer of half their pay (we never got to see these persons cause the kind of drama they should have caused. They might have as well not existed at all) and the most useless character, had to be that of Bisola of BBNaija. She had one scene! They could have gotten some random girl off the streets to play that one scene, why they just had to force Bisola in it, must be the same reason we had to see Wofai in The Wedding Party 2, contributing zilch to story development.

Chief Daddy is a movie that would best be tagged a 'home video', there was no panache to it, despite all the money pumped in. It lacked a natural aura, there were too many forced scenes, too many attempts at comedy that fell flat like bread without yeast and EbonyLife need to do better with their story development because their last two movies have been poorly developed.

Mad props to them for their publicity though, it is top notch and unrivalled, as the movie was still a hit in the box office.

Rating: 5.5/10

Play/Trowey: Play if you collect it through Xender or as a free download

PS: Sorry for th lengthy post
honestly after watching the movie these were my exact thoughts it feels like I wrote this review. Ini edo's ass was everywhere. There was a scene that seemed like she blackmailed falz before allowing him sing at the funeral but that was also cut short. The movie was everywhere and a total waste


Celebrities / Re: Sola Ogudu: Wizkid’s First Baby Mama Bonds With Son, Boluwatife Balogun by kikilove(f): 9:47pm On Oct 14, 2018
[quote author=NwaAmaikpe post=72089796] shocked

I pity this boy walahi,
First of all, he is the child from the hated babymama,

Then he is gay in a country where everyone is homophobic.
I just hope he doesn't turn out a psycho.

Actually I pity ur life wahali . U are a very stupid person honestly. At ur age u look at a child and call him gay, a child DAT doesn't even know what sex is. It makes u a very stupid adult to make judgmental calls Like this. I'm very sure u are the psycho


Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 9:05am On Oct 04, 2018

What do you mean by your Bobo is from Benin?
Sorry I grew up abroad so I don’t know what some of the slang words means
boo is from benin
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 12:36am On Oct 04, 2018

oshere take am easy na, your bobo fit come from Bini oh, you neva can tell
my bobo Na benin. But e knw say dem dey creep for pidgin English
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 12:35am On Oct 04, 2018
who nor knw you nr knw e papa oh
my bother na me hail pass oh ur teeth complete.... After u na u again
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 12:32am On Oct 04, 2018

dem call oghwekoko for iroko trees (warri), pawpaw (benin, bayelsa and ph) cari join say them fit represent. lion no get time to follow dog drag bone, dodo sef geh liva pas the levos wey many of una dey yarn say na pidgin. las las na slangs and Jesus favorite figure of speech we go use pass info. Wo nyori nor?
oniovo me weh kobi ro.

1 Like

Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 12:30am On Oct 04, 2018

oshere take am easy na, your bobo fit come from Bini oh, you neva can tell
. My bobo na benin sef lol. But dem dey learn for pidgin
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 12:28am On Oct 04, 2018
abeg wetin be okporkpise
lol it means witchcraft
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 4:03pm On Oct 01, 2018
wich kind dirty muyen talk be dah one
dah one na talk
no level
na wafi pidgin deep pass
edo dey learn
thank u my brother. Benin when be legbere for pigin dem come out come voke dey wan follow warri drag. Benin done baff?. Na okporkpise matter nie Benin take dey win. If na for pidgin ehnn make dem bench


Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 3:55pm On Oct 01, 2018
Nobody run slang reach Warri. End of mata. Na we dey run am.
normally na. Because if e red for here dem go tulele
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 3:50pm On Oct 01, 2018

I Sight you! Your face de Show Boloko I de feel Your yans scatter for this Obodo Bayelsa weh I tanda so. but make I try decode that Yan wen you yan for there sha.

Sapele is the real home of Pidgin. How are you people here? Its not that I rep Warriors city. Happy indepence day to Nigeria. As we are partying let's use Ankaras and do everything Softly. The police don't have a say because if they do it's to they own detriment.
Driver I need to come down let me go into Hausa quarters and change a 100 Dollars to Naira. I salute every knowing person in this Thread.
u didn't interpret ankaras
Culture / Re: Oyaaa! Waffi Men, Benin Men, Port Harcourt Niggies, Yenagoa Men. Pidgin Contest by kikilove(f): 3:49pm On Oct 01, 2018
See all dis ofurukpe wey never taste street dey drag oil with Warri...
For warri to dey dat list naa under rating
na d same thing I talk oh. We (warri) nie be pidgin English I nor understand this kolobi pattern when d wan use. But make we dey watch them with gbejero eye
TV/Movies / Re: What's Your Favourite Movie So Far This Year? by kikilove(f): 10:22am On Aug 29, 2018
truth or dare
A quiet place
hit and run ; this one is 2012 film but it's so funny it's always new
I just watched truth or dare nd the end is still bothering me cause I didn't understand it
Food / Re: Lessel In Benue Where A Basket Of Tomatoes Goes For N150 by kikilove(f): 10:12pm On Jul 15, 2018
That's a small basket though, not that normal basket we all know ooo
that small basket would cost u 2000 naira in warri with plenty abeg
Health / Re: Help. The Vitiligo Spreading On My Lips Is Making Me Suicidal (pics) by kikilove(f): 3:31pm On Jul 05, 2018
cry I noticed the symptoms of Vitiligo on my lips around August last year..At first it was just a small patch but subsequently it began to spread to other parts of my lip and also outside the lower lip.

I get questions everyday asking me why my lips is like that... Some assume I got burnt by acid or fire... I'm a very confident guy so I don't really allow the insults and tantrums get to me..at least I try to hide it as much as I can.. But of recent it is becoming too much and I've told myself that if the spreading continues I would have no other option than to end my life because I cannot imagine living a life of stigma, pity and neglect.. I really can't cry

I have met severally with dermatologists and have bought several creams and drugs but all to no avail.. The spreading did not still stop.. Not to talk of repigmenting.

This has affected my social life in many ways, I can't boldly walk up to strangers anymore because I always have this feeling that they are looking at my lips.. I no longer have female friends and I'm always withdrawn inside my shell because of it... My self esteem is down to zero. The mere thought that I will live with this forever and it will never stop spreading has made me suicidal.

I got a camouflage tattoo but it wasn't effective upon all the pain I passed through.. Now the substance I use to cope with it is hair dye which I apply before going for my law classes in the morning ... I still wonder how I will be able to practice law with this kind of lips. cry

Please nairalanders help me with any advice that might be helpful to save a brother.
since u are so conscious of it and I read it doesn't heal. Just go to d market and buy female concealer and foundation of ur colour that's all. Rub it on when u want to go out and it would make it uniform. I'm not teasing or joking. I'm sure it would help greatly.


Literature / Re: James Hadley Chase: Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Him by kikilove(f): 9:29am On Jun 20, 2018
James Hadley Chase:

Facts you probably didn't
know about him

He was born on December 24, 1906.

He was born Rene Lodge Brabazon Raymond

James Hadley Chase was just one
of various pseudonyms (pen name)
he used, and the most popular
one. Others were James L. Docherty,
Raymond Marshall, R. Raymond and
Ambrose Grant.

Born to Colonel Francis Raymond
of the Colonial Indian Army, he served
in the Royal Airforce during
During World War II.

His writing career saw him produced
over 90 thriller books.

You can get hold of any or all of these
novels (paperbacks or hardcover)
easily straight from the U.S today on

For example, you can order the
novel "You've Got It Coming"
here https:///HPKZBX

50 of his books have been made
into films.

Below are the full list of his books:

1. No Orchids for Miss Blandish - 1939
2. The Dead Stay Dumb - 1941
3. The Dolls Bad News - 1941
4. Miss Callghan Comes to Grief - 1941
5. Get a Load of This - 1942
6. Miss Shumway Waves a Wand - 1944
7. Eve - 1945
8. I'll Get You for This - 1946
9. Last Page - 1947
10. The Flesh of the Orchid - 1948
11. You Never Know With Women - 1949
12. You're Lonely When You're Dead - 1949
13. Figure It Out for Yourself - 1950
14. Strictly for Cash - 1951
15. The Fast Buck - 1952
16. Double Shuffle - 1952
17. I'll Bury My Dead - 1953
18. This Way for a Shroud - 1953
19. Tiger By The Tail - 1954
20. Safer Dead - 1954
21. You've Got It Coming - 1955
22. There's Always a Price Tag - 1956
23. The Guilty Are Afraid - 1957
24. Not Safe to Be Free - 1958
25. Shock Treatment - 1959
26. The World In My Pocket - 1959
27. What's Better Than Money - 1960
28. Come Easy - Go Easy - 1960
29. A Lotus for Miss Quon - 1961
30. Just Another Sucker - 1961
31. I Would Rather Stay Poor - 1962
32. A Coffin from Hong Kong - 1962
33. One Bright Summer Morning - 1963
34. Tell It to The Birds - 1963
35. The Soft Centre - 1964
36. This is for Real - 1965
37. The Way the Cookie Crumbles - 1965
38. You Have Yourself A Deal - 1966
39. Cade - 1966
40. Have This One on Me - 1967
41. Well Now - My Pretty - 1967
42. An Ear to the Ground - 1968
43. Believed Violet - 1968
44. The Whiff of Money - 1969
45. The Vulture Is a Patient Bird - 1969
46. Like a Hole in the Head - 1970
47. There's a Hippie on the Highway - 1970
48. Want to Stay Alive? - 1971
49. An Ace Up My Sleeve - 1971
50. Just a Matter of Time - 1972
51. You're Dead Without Money - 1972
52. Have a Change of Scene - 1973
53. Knock, Knock! Who's There?
54. So What Happens To Me? - 1974
55. Goldfish Have No Hiding Place - 1974
56. Believe This - You'll Believe Anything - 1975
57. The Joker In The Pack - 1975
58. Do Me a Favour, Drop Dead - 1976
59. My Laugh Comes Last - 1977
60. I Hold the Four Aces - 1977
61. Consider Yourself Dead - 1978
62. You Must Be Kidding - 1979
63. A Can of Worms - 1979
64. You Can Say That Again - 1980
65. Try This One for Size - 1980
66. Hand Me a Fig Leaf - 1981
67. Have a Nice Night - 1982
68. We'll Share a Double Funeral - 1982
69. Not My Thing - 1983
70. Hit Them Where It Hurts - 1984
71. He Won't Need It Now - 1941
72. Lady, Here's Your Wreath - 1940
73. Just The Way It Is - 1944
74. Blonde's Requiem - 1945
75. Make The Corpse Walk - 1947
76. No Business of Mine - 1947
77. Trusted Like the Fox - 1948
78. The Paw in the Bottle - 1949
79. Mallory - 1950
80. But A Short Time To Live - 1951
81. Why Pick on Me? - 1951
82. In A Vain Shadow - 1951
84. The Wary Transgressor - 1952
85. The Things Men Do - 1953
86. The Sucker Punch - 1954
87. Mission To Venice - 1954
88. Mission To Sienna - 1955
89. You Find Him, I'll Fix Him - 1956
90. Hit And Run - 1958
91. Slipstream: A Royal Airforce Anthology - 1946
92. More Deadly Than The Male - 1947

His novels' biggest market was France,
although also popular in other European
markets, Africa and Asia.

His books failed to take hold in the
American market.

Chase got married to Sylvia Ray in
1932 and they had a son.

He died in Switzerland at the age of 78.

How many of his books did you read?
i have read all except 9 and 91.i have 90 of the chase's e books
Religion / Re: Bible Found Untouched Amid Tornado Wreckage; See Page That Was Opened (Throwback by kikilove(f): 11:29am On May 26, 2018
Then keep quiet if you're not a Muslim because muslims worship a moon god.
even a fool will not sound this stupid do a proper research before u talk trash. They don't serve a moon god. Just cause they are sighting the moon for their calendar doesn't mean they serve it mumu
Celebrities / Re: Segun Ogungbe With His Two Wives On His Birthday (Photos) by kikilove(f): 10:55am On Apr 02, 2018
Is the lady on the right his wife? She's also a popular yoruba Nollywood actress
same thing I thought.cause I have seen her in yoruba movies
Sports / Re: German Football Fan Arrested For Masturbating During Match (pic) by kikilove(f): 7:05am On Mar 06, 2018

Please Vote For This Handsome Baby, Tantoluwa in the ongoing Cussons Baby Of The Year Competition ..

HERE IS THE LINK TO VOTE : https://www.cussonsbaby.com.ng/campaign/cbm5/entry?id=383552

Thank you so much.
how do we vote?
Nairaland / General / Re: List 5 Weird Facts About You by kikilove(f): 9:31am On Feb 27, 2018
ahhh we have to be friends ohhh
I'm telling u we have to be oh lol
Nairaland / General / Re: List 5 Weird Facts About You by kikilove(f): 10:58pm On Feb 26, 2018
I get irritated when I see wet paper on the floor or tissue. Or when I see tissue in the toilet when it should be flushed.
I see most things happening to me in dreams before it happens
I can’t drink milk or anything dairy because my stomach is weak
Hmm..I have 3 peircings in my ear and a previous nose peircing
I’m attracted to very very dark men. Like charcoal guys. Just find them sexy, hope I marry one.
wow this is so me.I see most things happening to me in my dreams before it happens
Milk nd dairy gives me gas
I have 3 ear peircings no nose peircings
I am very attracted to dark men.All my exes are charcoal black even my present bf.lol
Events / Re: Weird Wedding Day Stories In Nigeria!! by kikilove(f): 11:36am On Feb 26, 2018
This happened in benin some years back.The groom had a B.E party a day to the wedding and drank to stupor out of joy.The next morning he literally couldn't wake up.The grooms men woke him up,helped him into the shower and dressed him up.He got to the church about two hours late after the bride has cried her eyes out.He walked in wearing dark glasses and being supported on both sides by two groomsmen,according to them he couldn't walk on his own.That was how he was held up until the pAstor performed the service quickly.U need to see the wedding photos the bride couldn't stop crying lolz

4 Likes 1 Share

Religion / Re: Bible Found Untouched Amid Tornado Wreckage; See Page That Was Opened (Throwback by kikilove(f): 11:01am On Feb 25, 2018

Never will be the same

I worship a living God and not a moon
they are the same.Muslims don't worship the moon either.sometimes do a proper research before writing stuffs.I'm not a Muslim by the way
Religion / Re: Bible Found Untouched Amid Tornado Wreckage; See Page That Was Opened (Throwback by kikilove(f): 10:58am On Feb 25, 2018
The fact is- they are the same
thank u for that answer u read my mind
Crime / Re: 3 Elephant Tusks, 1 Ivory Pieces Worth $500,000 Smuggled From Nigeria (Photos) by kikilove(f): 12:05pm On Jan 13, 2018
Must Nigerians be involved in all types of fraudulent activities?.I'm just wondering where on earth they got ivory cause there r barely elephants in the zoo sef


Health / Re: *UPDATE* My Mother's Leg After One Month by kikilove(f): 7:57pm On Nov 25, 2017

Well said grin
thank u
Health / Re: *UPDATE* My Mother's Leg After One Month by kikilove(f): 11:35am On Nov 25, 2017
Nairalanders can be funny,they quarrel with one another on timelines but in time of trouble and distress this is the best family anyone can run to.i'm happy about ur mum's recovery may God continue to bless ur family. Proudly a nairalander grin grin

82 Likes 2 Shares

Politics / Re: Gold Discovered In Commercial Quantity In Yauri, Kebbi State - Facebook User by kikilove(f): 7:34am On Nov 24, 2017

Ofcourse its pyrite 100 percent, thats not how gold ore presents
thank u for the observation.i looked at it nd thought so too. But I guess they know what they r doing

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