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Romance / Re: Wen We Say Behnd Every Sucesful Man Is A Woman,this Is What We Mean(pics) by Korllami007: 1:39am On Mar 24
Jah bless you... Cr7 as a case study
Which work him girlfriend do

You de mind dem. Dem wan chop someone else labor.
All those celebrities, how many of dem marry? But dem get millions of naira or dollars inside accounts.

Where is the wife that stands behind Anthony Joshua?

Where is the wife that stands behind Mayweather?

Where is the wife that stands behind dangote?

Na their mother stand gidigba for their back. grin grin

Even Regina Daniels will be feeling fly that she's the one behind Ned Nwoko success. grin grin


Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar's Son Test Positive For Coronavirus by Korllami007: 1:15am On Mar 23

Please help me ask the nut head you responded to how many tertiary health institutions in Nigeria have functional ICUs, talkless of ventilators. He thinks the survivors just survived like that?

Some mumu are calling ordinary flu. This more like a pneumonia that's why ICUs are using respirators on the patients because it attacks the lungs. I don't think Nigeria have that kind of facilities here. If they have, it might not be enough to go round for 10,000 people at once if it becomes pandemic in each state.

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Education / Re: Hilarious!!! Look At What A Secondary School Girl Uses Ring Boiler For by Korllami007: 7:18pm On Mar 22
One of the best things that'll happen to a man is to marry a virgin.
A guy will be giving a girl head and he will be hearing the cries of dead babies from numerous abortions.

They are now using kitchen utensils to abort babies.

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Crime / Re: Harry Odiakaose: I Was Arrested By IGP X-squad, Who Demanded N10m by Korllami007: 9:59am On Mar 21
It's because you failed the simple question: may we know you?..

You being in Poland for 13years is not an answer, a better answer could have been:

Good afternoon officers, My name is harry, from delta state, I am a business man who majorly deals in Autoparts equipments and components, currently reside in Poland and on a vacation to visit my family in Nigeria. Here is my ID card and work documents aswell just to clear all doubts, here is my contact card and car documents also, I think they are all valid...

There is nothing manner of approach cannot solve.

Na sars wey never smoke na him go sabi read. You never jam the one wey don high. All your English go be like someone wey de speak in tongues for him hear.

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Romance / Re: Some Guys Are Just Fools. by Korllami007: 8:15am On Mar 21
A guy is getting married today to a girl that commited incest with her elder brother for four years, who got her pregnant two times and aborted them.

The fool is spending money buying stuffs and declaring his LOVE for her while fully aware that she commited an abomination and a sin before God and man.

Dicking her bro in every 16hrs for four years and now wants to get married another guy... Does karma really exit.

There is nothing like karma. Because good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people.

If karma exists, out politicians go don die finish and funniest part of it is they leave longer and enjoy life more than people that live a pious life.

The karma kor, kama sutra ni.


Romance / Re: Guys, How Much Money Have You Saved, Living A Single Life? by Korllami007: 10:56am On Mar 20

I don't feel pity for those (Western Men) because they simped so much that the their family courts (created by men) are now the ones discriminating against the same men. I don't even understand the need for these men to get married when you know that the system is stacked against you.

They always believe that the woman their dating and will soon get married to is different from other women because they see no sign of the woman misbehaving, so the woman will be on her best behavior till the rest of her life.

They have been blinded by love.


Nairaland / General / Re: Two Snakes Crawling At My Backyard by Korllami007: 4:02pm On Mar 17
Rat snake or no rat snake, poisonous or non poisonous but I see snake, i kill it. I can't be reading snake manual on it's body like tooth paste tube.


Romance / Re: I Didn’t Sleep Throughout The Night Reading Ubunja’s MISEDUCATIONS by Korllami007: 7:49am On Mar 17

I maintain my stand.. You are yet to realize that the nature of a woman is love..The determinant to stir up the natural nature of a woman is a man..

Now I am not talking about these days daughters of Jezebel or those negative energy girls that clamour or kept shouting gender equality craps. Meet the right woman, love her rightly and see if she won't reciprocate rightly.

The fact remains that many men are loose emotionally. Relationship is a moving vehicle, men are suppose to take up the wheel and control the journey.Not the other way.. Every man should Man Up..

If we go by what you say, nice guys won't have problem in having a girl or in relationships but reverse is the case because na them they get relationship problems pass. Na them de commit suicide pass because upon all their niceness and do everything to make a girl happy; they never believed they could still be jilted.


Family / Re: Virginity Doesn't Guarantee A Stable Marriage (a Must Read for young ladies) by Korllami007: 7:34am On Mar 17

Funny enough, Saying marrying a virgin should guarantee a successful marriage is like saying buying motor spirit into cars would guarantee the same car from developing some fault...

Likewise marrying a non virgin girl does not guarantee successful marriage. I no fit carry ocean keep for house and the same ocean will have strong waves that can wreck big ships because I cannot come and go and kill myself. grin grin
If you marry a non virgin girl with good character, that's your luck. If I marry a virgin girl with good character, that's my double lucks.

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Family / Re: Virginity Doesn't Guarantee A Stable Marriage (a Must Read for young ladies) by Korllami007: 10:19pm On Mar 16
There are millions of non virgin women giving their men wahala by fvcking their exes a day before their marriage then probably give you someone else kid to train. There millions of non virgin women a cross the world that they characters can turn north pole to desert. Most infedelities in the world are mostly perpetrated by non virgin women.

I would rather marry virgin with wahala and enjoy my tight pussy than marry a community sperm depot with wahala. grin grin

It's a food for thought.

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Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Attack OPC Member In Ondo (Graphic Photo) by Korllami007: 9:49pm On Mar 16
Was Amotekun sleeping when they attacked him??
Amotekun is busy in the bush hunting antelope. grin grin

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Romance / Re: Why Do Some Women Get Worked Up Whenever A Man Says He Prefers A Virgin? by Korllami007: 6:09am On Mar 16

And this Mr PerfectMaster is where the hypocrisy lies. You cannot wish for what you cannot offer. Most of these ladies who are virgins are pious or at best prudish, going to church services thrice weekly. Asking them to be yoked with a brostitute just because you want a virgin is unfair to their vaginas and go against their beliefs. Moreover, if you really desire to marry a virgin as a non-virgin, what are you bringing to the table? Do you have enough money to cover your brostitute status? Or you believe because you want a virgin then any virgin accept you even though you have a community pen!s?
I got you.
You will know that he's a community penis or a non virgin guy because is hywomen has been broken. grin grin

If a non virgin guy that have dualised so many pussies is looking for a virgin to marry a virgin, it's in your best interest to go and arrest him since it has become a crime in Nigeria.

As long as broke girls are looking for rich dudes to marry because they can uplift them out of porverty, short girls are looking for tall guys to marry because they are short so they don't want short kids, it's right for community dicks to marry a virgin so that the virgins that are pious and prudish can teach them how to live a pious and prudish life and be closer to God. grin grin grin


Romance / Re: Why Do Some Women Get Worked Up Whenever A Man Says He Prefers A Virgin? by Korllami007: 10:14pm On Mar 15
If a broke lady is looking for a rich dude to marry, then there is nothing wrong if a non virgin guy is looking for a virgin to marry. A non virgin guy still deserves to marry a virgin if he wishes to, even if he's fvcking 2 different pussies per hour.

Because oyinbo say what is good for the kush is good for the ganja.

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Romance / Re: False Rape Accusations, Don't Work With Women In This Day And Age by Korllami007: 7:04pm On Mar 14

the fact that you believe that only tears was used as evidence is your failure to understand this case... i suggest you also educate yourself on STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on murder vs rape, duh!

The women that falsely accused men of rape, what evidence did they bring forth before their victims were jailed for so many years?
Career / Re: Penjamin Franklin: I Refused My Female Boss Sex & She Sacked Me by Korllami007: 6:55pm On Mar 14
like I said, female raping male happens ones in a lifetime. I don't need to border about what may never happen.

You mean female sexually abusing a kid never happen and will never happen. undecided
Career / Re: Penjamin Franklin: I Refused My Female Boss Sex & She Sacked Me by Korllami007: 6:19pm On Mar 14

I wonder how a prick wey no go gree stand when he sees a girl he doesn't like, go stand when he wants to be raped by girls he doesn't like?

Na question I ask oo, no call me dumb cause I no be man.

Some girls get wet while being raped. Please explain.

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Career / Re: Penjamin Franklin: I Refused My Female Boss Sex & She Sacked Me by Korllami007: 5:48pm On Mar 14
stop being emotional. Boys being raped is an insignificant issue. By the way you can't rape a flaccid diick.
Emotional kor, emulsion ni.

Will you fold your arms if your male child being raped or molested by woman/man?
Career / Re: Penjamin Franklin: I Refused My Female Boss Sex & She Sacked Me by Korllami007: 4:55pm On Mar 14
being sexually abused is the least of our worries. Let the society help us battle unemployment and insecurity. We don't need anyone's help in fighting sexual abuse. That is one way we are different from women.

Women are vulnerable to sexual abuse, but men are not. Simple!

You will watch you son being sexually abuse by women/men and do nothing because he's a male child.

Applaudise. You nailed it.

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Romance / Re: False Rape Accusations, Don't Work With Women In This Day And Age by Korllami007: 10:13pm On Mar 13

I have read all you have written. And I am not deluded but we are talking of Mr Harvey who gave favor in return for sex. Not about those who was falsely accused of rape. Don't get me wrong here, he may or may not have raped them, but my point here is, he slept with a lady and she appears in one of his movies, c'mon! There's a reason you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. And yes he has the right to do whatever he wanted to do however ethical it is, but sometimes you gotta think about yourself as a man. You gotta think about the pros and the cons.. I don't support women in these false rape accusations of a thing, but it's never gonna go away, women will continue to lay false rape accusations on men for petty reasons, yes! You as a man have no control over it, you as a man have to come to terms with it. But what you as a man can do is to avoid any situation that will lead to such for example no matter how distressed a woman is, never lend a help to her or any of her ward. Always be straight forward with what you want with women and be ready to accept No as an answer. If y'all don't understand red pill as this then I don't know what is, peace.

Imagine this scenario. If you paid for you girlfriend school fees, from 100 to 400 because you love her with the intent that you will marry her after she graduates. After her graduation, she breaks it to you she's not going to marry you because she never loved you. You are not her spec from the beginning of the relationship and she said that the love you think she had for you is fake. She just need to fake it so that you can help her financially through school, so she has been using you all this while.

Will you sue her to court for fraud or you will move on with your life?

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Romance / Re: False Rape Accusations, Don't Work With Women In This Day And Age by Korllami007: 6:23pm On Mar 13

I don't know if Neymar and Ronaldo had game. In fact Neymar had more game than Ronaldo from the look of things that his WhatsApp screenshot saved him.

Game helps you to avoid craps like this, it doesn't help you deal with it. Like I said, both picked up their girls from a club and a wise guy knows never to pick up women from club, or bar. They are mostly drunk and can make it seem as if you slept with them when they're drunk. To avoid this, avoid the club.

Do you mean every girl that falsely accused men of rape were meant in the club or give sex for favor?
It means you never read about a man in Australia that helped a woman to fixed her car that broke down, but the same woman accused him of rape. The said man lost his job, his wife divorced him and he spent two weeks in jail. He was released because cctv of the incident later came out. If not for cctv that came out, he would have spent more than 20 years in jail for just being kind. They didn't treat the case with kid's glove because he was locked up in maximum security prison.

Also, I have you read the story about a young boy, maybe 9 or 10 years old in America that was falsely accused of sexual harassment by a woman probably in her late 30s. If not for the cctv that shows it was the kid's bag that hit her ass, the kids would have started living a miserable life because to go to school and get job in United States will be a big problem for him. Before the cctv came out, people actually believe the woman was saying the truth.

If you think that you can only be falsely accused of rape by going to club or by giving favor in exchange for sex, you must be deluded. If a man can be accused of rape for just being kind and nice, so who are you?

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Crime / Re: 35-Year-Old Man Arrested For Raping A 20-Year-Old Lady In Lagos by Korllami007: 10:11pm On Mar 12
20 years old
Abeg make una help me explain

forcefully tricked. How can this two words go together? grin grin

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Romance / Re: False Rape Accusations, Don't Work With Women In This Day And Age by Korllami007: 7:32pm On Mar 12

Do you have proof he forced them other than their word?

why would anyone have sex with an underage girl.. how does that make any sense to you... the women Weinstein had sex with, are they underage?

You de mind him. I'm pretty sure he would have believed neyma rape accusation story because the girl said she was forcefully raped. If not for video and chat that saved neyma, people like him would have destroyed and roast him alive because the girl just said, neyma raped me.


Romance / Re: False Rape Accusations, Don't Work With Women In This Day And Age by Korllami007: 5:59pm On Mar 12
Forcefully perform oral on me. How? grin grin grin
This an authentic lie.


Romance / Re: Men Are Really Scarce! by Korllami007: 3:15pm On Mar 09

But your country has more men than women, so there's no need for anyone to be fighting over a man, when each woman could easily have two & more men in her rotation grin

You are 100% wrong.
Compare the number of yahoo Boys that go to jail to yahoo Girls.
Compare the number of men that go to jail to women.
Compare the number of men that die during cultism war to women.
Compare the number of male soldiers that died fighting war in borno to women.
Compare the number of male armed robbers, kidnappers that die to female.
Compare the number of policemen that die during shoot out with criminals to policewomen.

As it is now, the number of men are drastically reducing in Nigeria because the more the economy get worse, many men will go into crime and more men will go to jail or die.


Romance / Re: Married Woman Caught In Bed With A Man She Brought Into Her Matrimonial Home by Korllami007: 9:33pm On Mar 08

All that one na fake theory my broda. The only responsible woman is the woman whose husband commands her respect.

I'm just trying to pick her brain. She knows what she did in her first post. She was trying to blame the man for the promiscuity of his wife.

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Romance / Re: Married Woman Caught In Bed With A Man She Brought Into Her Matrimonial Home by Korllami007: 9:25pm On Mar 08

If a man is responsible, a responsible woman will locate him.

Do you understand?
I understand you better now.

If a man is irresponsible, an irresponsible woman will locate him and likewise, if a woman is irresponsible, an irresponsible man will locate her.

grin grin grin


Romance / Re: Married Woman Caught In Bed With A Man She Brought Into Her Matrimonial Home by Korllami007: 9:14pm On Mar 08

Oga read my comment again, this time slowly.
Read to understand, dont read to reply undecided

If a man is responsible, a responsible woman will locate him.

So, you mean all the women that are having irresponsible husbands, that means they are irresponsible as well. This is your own logic funny die. grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Married Woman Caught In Bed With A Man She Brought Into Her Matrimonial Home by Korllami007: 9:06pm On Mar 08

Oga read my comment again, this time slowly.
Read to understand, dont read to reply undecided
This is what you mean by your post; if you are brolosho you will marry olosho and if you are a virgin, you will end up with a virgin.
Abi you know understand what you type no? grin grin

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Romance / Re: Married Woman Caught In Bed With A Man She Brought Into Her Matrimonial Home by Korllami007: 9:01pm On Mar 08
If you are a brolosho, you will end up with an olosho.
If you patronize prostitutes, you will end up with kajad akuna aka hoe.
If you are a responsible man, a responsible woman will locate.
What you give is what you get.

So, you mean all the people that go to church are morality upright because they preach morality in church.

This one turn human behaviors that can change at anytime or be concealed to logic. Nothing we no go hear for nairaland. grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Truths About Feminism You Ought To Know by Korllami007: 8:32pm On Mar 07

Smiles. You tried to deviate from the theme of our discourse which is on FEMINISM. Are we talking outside the subject matter? How come you successfully draw in misogynists and religious leaders into this despite your being right about what you said? What gives you the impression that I can say the same about these group of people you mentioned. And what 'same' are you even talking about. Supporting male superiority? Do you feel I'm advocating male superiority? I understand your attempt to go off the point. But be coherent and intelligible with your replies and avoid unnecessary comparisons and verbose statements. Let's stick to the issue and thrash things out logically and realistically.

I gave a simple analogy showing how actions/acts determines the intent of the actor, but you interpreted it in a way to suit your narratives. Shocking you had to use that statement and relate it to things outside what we're saying. Hope you know your talking outside the facts changes nothing! At least, you agree that people have this natural tendency to twist things to suit themselves.

At the second bolded, who is disputing that fact with you? You wanna enjoy privileges? Be worth it and go ahead! It's a free world you know.

At the third bold, No, that's not what I'm saying. Okay?! Thank you.

At the fourth bold, No need apologising! Suit yourself. You're good, so feel good.

At bolded no.5, What conclusions do you think I have drawn? I appreciate your advice though. Thanks.

I want to ask you. Are men complaining about being hurt by traditional gender roles? And what sense is in it to have left it to females to help them champion. See the broader picture mister and stop trying to base reality on theory. Whose benefit is the greater good of feminism. I think the best way to have courted men into buying such feministic ideal (male feminist) would have been to feign inclusiveness with a subtle claim to masculine welfarism.

Lemme quote again that statement you gave from Wikipedia. It says;
''...some Feminists...argue for the inclusion of men's liberation within its aims, because they believe that men are also harmed by traditional gender roles''.
I just want to understand. Why fight for men when they can more than enough fight for themselves? I smell a subtle way of disguising the real intent of feminism. Or could it be that they realize the importance of male support in fighting for their erroneous cause? Should all men blatantly kick against feminism will the ideology stay this long? After all, it is from men they demand equal rights. Try and be logical and reason things quantitatively. The ideal lost it's credence and value the moment it sought gender equality in public and private life without taking into consideration the variation in inputs by both gender.

I need not say anything again. My friend, here's a little research for you. Go anywhere to anything relating to feminism and read comprehensively about their real agendas and aims. Don't just come selecting a few as it best help your arguments. Go find out entirely about the feminist ideology and tell me what you find. Pay particular attention to statements/quotes made by disguised feminists such as Mary Sanger, Hillary Clinton and cos. Then I'll show you a statement by Florence Nightingale (a Christian WWII nurse).

It seems the whites, the diehard campaigners of feminism, is where most Africans draw out rigid inspirations from. A truth is not truth when it's 99.99% right and 0.001% false.

At the last bold, I'm not referring only to the name, I'm also speaking with respect to the ideology. From a contextual perspective. The ideal is WRONG. Take it or leave it. When you successfully figure out what fuels feminism, you'll understand why it's inappropriate and something to kick against.

Moreover, names, tags are identities and somehow they influences destiny. Anyone can choose whatever name he feels like. That's their choice.

As a hint of note, You mentioned Jesus. Great of you to. But do you know Jesus had 12 disciples and there was no woman? I hope you won't allude that to His misperception of females. After all, He created them. Think critically about this before pulling out an argument out of this folks. I feel someone might find it controversial too.

Thank you oo, my broda. I no know who send dem work oo.
If you want to fight for both gender, go and join human right activist group. Please, don't include men in your feminazi and don't use "we're fighting for both gender" to get soft landing so that people won't know your main intention. We no send una work. grin grin grin

Feminism is coined out of one gender, which is female. So feminism cannot be fighting for male. It's just like boko haram is fighting for western education, that's pure contradiction. grin grin

We no send una work, so come out from shell and don't hide. grin grin

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Politics / Re: Buhari’s $22.7 Billion Loan Spending Plan: $1.25bn For Abuja Rail, $500m For NTA by Korllami007: 2:21pm On Mar 06
$500 million dollars to digitalize NTA. LOL
This money will start and finish CNN and dstv combined from scratch.

Last last, na $10 billion dollars dem go use and the remaining go enter buhari and Co's pocket.
Na die we dey for country.

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