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Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Layolaw(f): 5:15am On Mar 13, 2016
I want you mamas to discuss this issue of female circumcision, although 've heard and read a lot on female genital mutilation but am raising this for a friend, she called me that her 3 years old girl used to put hand in her vaginal and say its scratching her but she 'll only touch there & says it 'll not scratch you again but recently the mother-in-law visited and told her that its becuase she was nt b circumcise and that they can still do it, but she refuse, please mamas what do you have to say on dis? Thanks
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Layolaw(f): 8:43pm On Mar 12, 2016

The health Worker is correct. There are bacteria in honey because they are partially cooked. That's why she ask you to micro wave it. But it think it is best if we stay completely out of trouble. God will protect our LO's.
Amen!!! Thanks dearie
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Layolaw(f): 8:32pm On Mar 12, 2016
You took the words right out of my mouth! My jaw dropped shocked when I read her post! Please layolaw stop giving your six month old honey! You can sweeten with glucose but no honey yet please! For the milk you may try cow and gate heard its good too.
Completey sorry for your loss.

Act86 sabi mamas will respond to you soon, I read here how some mama gave their lo semo and milk! ( as a transition meal)And the babies liked it! (Will give it a try when my son is old enough) maybe you can try it to see if your child will like it too. Good luck.
thanks for your response, l'll nt use it again for now

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Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Layolaw(f): 8:14pm On Mar 12, 2016

Pls stop giving that baby honey.it is not for baby under a year. I lost my son to botulism 5 years ago. U can google it. It will never be your portion in life.
oooh! I'm so sorry for your loss, but nt just started using it, 've used it for (7yrs & 4yrs olda ch) though not alwax, but l use to microwave it be4 l use it due to an advise from an aunt who use to b senior health worker. anyway l've decided not to use it for now. May God see us through dis journey of motherhood in Jesus name
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Layolaw(f): 4:04pm On Mar 12, 2016
Hello mamas in the house! Long time, please ooo what can l add to my prince pap oo (6 months old) he refuse to take sma, he was reacting to Nan 2, will only take pap with honey, pls what else can l do
Crime / Re: Ese: Yunusa’s Lawyer Faults Father, Your Son Is 18 Not 25 by Layolaw(f): 5:52am On Mar 10, 2016
Realy? So he's 18 and also worked as house help for oruru's family for 10 years at what age if l may ask?...... Hmmmm lawyer!!!
Family / Re: "Ese Should Abort Her Pregnancy" - Nigerians by Layolaw(f): 9:39am On Mar 03, 2016
Abortion?! Hun! God forbid l find myself in this situation as a mother
Family / Re: How Many Kids Would You Love To Have In Future? Name Them by Layolaw(f): 4:11am On Feb 02, 2016
May God help you all according to your heart desires, already had wonderful 3s (2 boys 1 girl) and its full stop.
Politics / Re: Tope Aluko Escape DSS Arrest As Channels TV Staff Helps Him by Layolaw(f): 6:05pm On Feb 01, 2016
Hmmm! Ekitigate, Dasukigate, kogibayelsarivers sssso many gates in this regime


Politics / Re: Photos Of Gov. Fayose As He Declared Open The Ekiti Agricultural Pre-summit by Layolaw(f): 3:33am On Jan 23, 2016
Osokomole 1! Ride on, no shaking

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Politics / Re: GEJ Finally Speaks by Layolaw(f): 4:15am On Jan 16, 2016
He's a man of peace, but wait o! Why didnt he talk about the yam eaters now?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pls I Need To Know More About 'gnld",my Sister Is In Their Net by Layolaw(f): 2:50pm On Jan 14, 2016
Ki ki ki ki k i ki hope NLers 'll not kill me with their comments?! Haba.....anyway GNLD na serious business oooo
Family / Re: My Wife Is More Sexually Responsive After I Beat Her Up by Layolaw(f): 4:04am On Dec 31, 2015
Ooooh my God! You mean it! This is a serious matter, huuuuh some women are really suffering ooo
Politics / Re: Rating Of President Buhari's Media Chat by Layolaw(f): 3:50am On Dec 31, 2015

That man was from premium times. From the reaction of the interview team, they are afraid of this government. The president has said, to hell with court orders. That is the beginning of lawlessness.
hunnn! Seriously my thought
Politics / Re: SUMMARY Of Buhari’s Maiden Chat by Layolaw(f): 10:16pm On Dec 30, 2015
I don't know why l'm finding it difficult to understand what my president is saying
Politics / Re: Rating Of President Buhari's Media Chat by Layolaw(f): 9:28pm On Dec 30, 2015
Lol pmb ask the daily trust man: are you a lawyer? Very funny


Politics / Re: "Sheikh Zakzaky Remains In Military Custody; Burutai Lying" by Layolaw(f): 4:49am On Dec 19, 2015
Let Zakzazy remains in the military facility till he accept that there is no God except Allah. The NA should also make him sign an agreement that he will leave Nigeria to Iran where he can join his Shia group cos here in Nigeria we don't need them.

We are Muslim and we don't belong to any of the political parties called Sunni/Shiite so no room for indiscipline.

I am a Muslim so both Sunni and Shiite can go to hell.
you mean presido and some northern govenors shld go with him since they belongs to sunnis abi?
Politics / Re: Zaria Killings: Sack Buratai Now- Sahara Reporters by Layolaw(f): 4:19am On Dec 19, 2015
This guy is a fool, so it is constitional to protest with cutlass and other weapons, it is constitional to obstruct the movement of security agencies.
It is constitutional to resist military arrest
did you just say millitary arrest? Those of you supporting the NA are just heartless like them
Politics / Re: Breaking!!! Dss Shuns High Court Order, Vow Never To Release Kanu by Layolaw(f): 4:04am On Dec 19, 2015
The game just started, the conductor is still looking for change and passenger is complaning, humm...... you better relaxed for the change you voted for....
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny: When You Are Told Burutai Is Passing Through Your Street by Layolaw(f): 12:18am On Dec 19, 2015

I am a Christian, and I would say woe betide any Christian who prevents the COAS or any other authority from plying a road or highway just because of one mutherf*cckin celebration. Fire em all.

I am very sure u're seeing this in this warped way because u're a ... God is seeing all of u, only a few of u are against trouble, every other one is innately violent.
did you just say you are a christian and you suported this babaric action? Haba! I am not in support of what the shitte member did but the reaction of the NA is uncalled for mind you am a typical yooruba and also a christian
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny: When You Are Told Burutai Is Passing Through Your Street by Layolaw(f): 9:35pm On Dec 18, 2015
I'm still surprised that some ppl could defend NA actions. Are you human at all?
could you please read my post again?
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny: When You Are Told Burutai Is Passing Through Your Street by Layolaw(f): 4:17am On Dec 18, 2015

Bros,now i know you did not watch the video.Please watch the video and come back here please..The Soldiers could even be lynched cos they where wielding cutlass,stones,sticks etc..The COAS Begged them to allow him and he's entourag pass..They where not against their procession,all they needed is to pass..So why did they deny the COAS right of passage?Two wrongs dont make a right..go on with your procession without denying any body the right of passage..I guess if the President is on the same route and some hooligans wants him to turn back he would turn back..Abi no be so?

And am thinking the shia's where the ones that even first attacked the COAS..So if he shoots back i do not Blame him cos you would also do the same.Or do you think Solder's are policemen who go about with rubber bullets?Noooo..These are Soldiers and they go about with Live Ammunition

Abegi,lets be factual with each other here..Like i said,If i was President and my COAS turns back in this case,i would sack him..

Note--Am not a Fan of APC,But saying the truth here..The COAS tried he's best to be civil and begging them that they just needed to pass..he came down,spoke their language to them and implored them.but na so so strong head them dey do...

May they rest in pieces jare..Oshiko

what we are saying is that blocking of road/ beg them to clear still not justify the massacre haba they even went ahead to their house midnight to do more and demolish it, hian you get mind ooo

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Politics / Re: Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode Presents N666 Billion Budget For 2016 by Layolaw(f): 4:07am On Dec 18, 2015
You mean 666, huh God have mercy, this is realy end time
Politics / Re: We Applied Minimum Force On Shiite Members, Says Nigerian Army by Layolaw(f): 2:12pm On Dec 15, 2015
wow, goat u just called my country a zoo is Dat nt ranting giberish on social media, u have no reason to call a country a zoo. Ur family is facing injustice una keep quiet cos una no won die hw is it our fault,? Ewu hausa
l can see you are realy found of this your country to the extent you can do noting to help her stand on her feet, btw l am a christrian from the south west, l just pray you 'll soon know the truth and set free frm your ingnorance
Politics / Re: We Applied Minimum Force On Shiite Members, Says Nigerian Army by Layolaw(f): 11:00am On Dec 15, 2015
hello goat, since u are a Nigerian (zoo), which means u are an animal(goat). Na u wey lions like us d use 4 lunch, abi..... Silly
ode (fool)! If any of your family member is a victim of the injustice been perpetrated daily in the country, you would have know, all what you do is to rant giberrish on social media
Politics / Re: We Applied Minimum Force On Shiite Members, Says Nigerian Army by Layolaw(f): 3:03am On Dec 15, 2015
God Puni.sh Nigerian Army. U applied minimum force to send your own civilians to their graves. Na God go use minimum force kill all of una. From your coas to the least rank and file grin
Politics / Re: We Applied Minimum Force On Shiite Members, Says Nigerian Army by Layolaw(f): 2:59am On Dec 15, 2015
1.) explain why the Shiites were killed by soldiers in revenge attacks at three different locations after the army chief had passed through the highway by troops reinforcements

2.) why was their center burnt down and raided for days which amount to hundreds killed

3.) why was the leader's wife and son shot? is that minimum force too?

4.) why should the military arrest the cleric

5.) is the punishment for blocking roads death?

6.) why was the leader's house attacked

7.) is blocking roads worth the lives of people

8.) where is the NTA and AIT videos-we want to see what happened

9.) do you know if the person who allegedly threw a stone, shot or threw a metallic projectile was an alien in the procession trying to hijack it and provoke reaction?

10.) does one person throwing a projectile justify risking the lives of thousands of others in procession?

11.) who did you "negotiate" with

12.) was there a procession leader?

13.) can we hear from the procession leader? and if not, did you "negotiate" with random people numbering thousands?

14.) why didnt you notify the police in a democracy?

15.) will you apply the same force at christians and Sunni Muslims who block roads for their religious ceremonies?

16.) was any soldier injured or dead? why was the casualties on one side with your minimum force if those people were "armed"?

17.) did you recover any weapons from the dead or the house and islamic center raided?
God bless you, let the NA answer these qs quickly
Politics / Re: We Applied Minimum Force On Shiite Members, Says Nigerian Army by Layolaw(f): 2:47am On Dec 15, 2015
Minimum force my foot, lives were lost you went back to destroy their HQ and arrest their leader for God sake!? Huh there is no human right in this country/zoo
Politics / Re: Soldiers Kill Zakzaky’s Wife, Son, Destroy Shiites’ Headquarters, by Layolaw(f): 4:34am On Dec 14, 2015
I think Nigerian soldiers should stop killing innocent civilians without any just cause. YES am a muslim and many a times, i find the whole shiite thing a little bit strange, and i couldnt even wrapped my head to their ways of life and believe. Like what they said about sa'id na Ali [ a.s] and other stuffs they normally say about the holy prophet. But they shiite are very peaceful to some extend. Whatever rituals they do is usually done among themselves and only themselves, most of the times, we that are not shiites normally turn to spectators whenever one of their 'islamic rituals' is taking place. EL rufai, emir of zaria idris shehu, and host of others should please resolve this little issue ASAP before it generates to another different thing
can you please tell us something about the group? I seriuosly want to know how they pose a threat to the country that made the NA to treat them so bad
Politics / Re: APC Plans To Upturn Supreme Court Judgement On My Election – Fayose (Video) by Layolaw(f): 4:23am On Dec 14, 2015
Lols, fear don dey catch am, it was evident that the election that brought you in as a Governor was rigged.
how did they rig it? Are you living in Ekiti? Forget about what all this noise on millitary this and that, go and interview pple in Ekiti concerning the Electoion and gets your facts
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Delivered Of A Baby Girl In The USA(photos) by Layolaw(f): 6:07am On Dec 12, 2015
Congrats mercy, abeg make you do family planning before coming back to niger ooo

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