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Politics / Re: Describe Your Governor's Performance In 2013 In One Word? by Lifemax: 1:00pm On Dec 30, 2013
T.A Orji,,,worst worst worst worster than everybody
Politics / Re: The Worst Govenors Of 2013 by Lifemax: 5:09pm On Dec 27, 2013
NnamdiN: I understand your point but I'm not talking about myself here. Remember I said I don't know why they share those sentiments but hey they still reserve the voting rights. Let them deal with whatever they vote for. They had a chance to vote TA orji out but they didn't.
u talk as if ur not in dis country..we voted Thief T.A orji out,bt u no 2 well dat our vote did not count...the corupt INEC declare him winner against the wish of the people..
He use army during the election 2 intimidate people...i can tell u all dat hapend in abia state election during d last election...so we left it 4 God 2 judge our corupt leaders.
Politics / Re: The Worst Govenors Of 2013 by Lifemax: 5:02pm On Dec 27, 2013
Shinelle: The Worst Governor of all Time - T.A Orji No doubt!!! 'Ochendo' my foot...
thief T.A ORJI of abia....thats u mean Thief After Orji(T.A orji)......my brother he is the worst govr. In the world
Foreign Affairs / Re: Uruguay Become The First Country To Legalise Marijuana by Lifemax: 7:05pm On Dec 11, 2013
[quote author=tsleazy]Now i knw why luis suarez of liverpool, behaves madly
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Accuses Jonathan Of Promoting Corruption by Lifemax: 2:03pm On Dec 11, 2013
Thrash!! In the first instance, I believe that there was never any letter between the 2 leaders. This to me is a fabrication of Premium Times and their El-Rufai pay master. This is part of the series of the media attack to discredit the President and make him look unpopular before middle of 2014. Funny enough, when the real politicking starts, all these noise will turn to sympathy for the President and PDP.

2014 is just next year. The President will soon declare to run for re-election on the platform of PDP and then, there will be massive realignment in the body polity. All these lies have never worked. Ask Ngige and Akeredolu. APC does too much propaganda and little or no real politicking.

To PDP, 2 things are needed between now and end of January. 1. Media chat by the President to re-energise his power base. 2. A press briefing by NOI to straithen things out on the strenght of the economy.
u should ashamed of ur self....
Look at what ur saying..GEJ is condoling coruption and u no it
U SYCOPHANT...i pity u
Politics / Re: Amaechi: I Joined APC With The Interest To Protect Rivers People by Lifemax: 6:52pm On Nov 27, 2013
kokoA: Some people swore in their lives that Ameachi and co lacked the "lever" to dump PDP.. Now some of them are the ones screaming "they have committed political suicide". Wetin concern una? Why crying morethan the bereaved?
i wonder oo
Politics / Re: Amaechi: I Joined APC With The Interest To Protect Rivers People by Lifemax: 6:47pm On Nov 27, 2013
MidasT: A blind man leading the blind; they will both fall into the ditch. Alhaji Ameachi has just been used by the Boko people to scuttle the chances of the southern Nigeria, and now he is attributing is selfish desire to oil wells! These northern leaders should be ashamed; what do they have to show for being in power for over 35 years? They underdeveloped, looted, demoralized and defaced the country, now Ameachi is dancing to their tune to wrestle power back, so that they can lord over the resources they dont have. Ameachi will forever regret. Watch how this will play out in the next one month.
u dont hv point...PDP rejected him,and he decided 2 join another party.what should he have done.to kneel down and beg PDP? He took the best decision.
Politics / Re: Multiple Explosions & Gunshots In Kano by Lifemax: 3:15pm On Nov 19, 2013
Your epistle is the truth and nothing but the truth... I'm highly moved. However, they will never agree to your suggestion unless there is a great spill of blood. Sadly, one Nigeria has become a laughing stock of other nations the world over.
ur right.the country is to large 2 be 1 country base on the mentality of our leader,they hv tried and fail,i wish they should divid dis country.nigeria is a mockery 2 other african nation..imagine nigerian in the poor countries like equitoria gunea.nawaoo
Politics / Re: Taraba Speaker Confirmed Dead by Lifemax: 4:57pm On Nov 04, 2013
He was not wise,he betrayed his master,so he has used his life 2 pay 4 it,dat was d same thing that happen 2 formal abia deputy gov.Dr chima nwafor, any way R.I.P.in ur next world,pls be wise.
Politics / Re: ‘Blame Amaechi If APC Leaders’ Visit Turns Violent’ - Obuah by Lifemax: 12:23pm On Nov 04, 2013
so tell thiefnubu to stay put in the south west, he is not welcomed in Ph. This goes to show how much yorubas celebrate corruption by supporting thiefnubu
bros look at d way ur disgracing ur self here,u should ashamed of ur self.
I tot dat amaechi has been long suspended in PDP,so why should felix obuah and his junior minister wike crying foul,
secondly do u mean dat opposition party dont hv right 2 visit rivers state because rivers state no be naila abi?
Thirdly is it wrong 4 APC 2 visit pH since there party is here in rivers,
why should fools cry foul
fools like should no dat dis ppl ar politician and de easly reconcile
ppl were opening there dirty mouth saying dat amaechi will nt honour d burial in akairika,bt suprisingly 2 dem,amaechi and GEJ enter d same choper 2 okirika,
bros i will advice u 2 use ur head,and think like reasonable person,may be ur on high WAX.
Politics / Re: Journalists Barred From Covering Alleged Boko-haram Members’ Trial by Lifemax: 9:35am On Oct 25, 2013
Let there mohammed or shekeu come and defend dem na
Politics / Re: Oduah Sign Nigeria/Israel BASA Deal by Lifemax: 9:18am On Oct 25, 2013
Kudos 2 u mad-am,bt u thief.loot and stole such amount while many ppl ar sleeping under bridge,ASUU on strike.is bad of u

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Education / Re: NANS Close Niger-Bridge Over ASUU Strike by Lifemax: 12:18pm On Oct 19, 2013
The poeple they are protesting against dont use road,i advice them 2 block 1 of the internationa l airport.
Business / Re: Importation of Apple Fruit Into Nigeria, true or false? by Lifemax: 10:45am On Oct 08, 2013
Semapa: Am doing a research on  "Importation of Apple Fruit into West Africa" I need all your help back home for better answers,
since am not living in Nigeria. Your advise will be well appreciated.
God bless
yes is ok,i need to go into it as well,we can patner here in nigeria,i no too many buyers of this product,but i dnt no how 2 go abt it,but if we can patner,we can meet and sign MOU so that i can be marketing it here in nigeria,this my number u can call me 08038762509 MY NAME IS MAXWELL u can meet me on facebook @ maxizenith@yahoo.com..am waiting 4 ur call
Career / Re: Graduates: What Has Been Your Experience Getting Jobs? by Lifemax: 12:57am On Oct 08, 2013

Niger Delta militant
boko boys
All the names you mentioned are very different from us they are all set of violent bodies or movement and like you also agreed to the fact that we have another weapon at our disposal which is a CONTINUED mass protest with good diplomacy(well that very correct in a way)
We are graduates and some of us read
conflict resolution
Peace and conflict
Coupled with the fact that the Nigerians government don't understand the meaning of peaceful protest once they see the crowd they become scared we want to overtake power
They start using our so called friends the POLICE and the military against us- don't forget their children are abroad. Remember those guys that died at the subsidy protest, their parents wept for nothing,and the whole thing ended just like that!
We saw the, light up Naija group,the save Nigeria groups protest where wole shoyinka,femi fallana,tunde bakare, Mallam Farouk Adamu, Mr. Solomon Asemota (SAN), Mallam Uba Sani, Mr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), Hajiya Najatu Mohammed, Prof. Pat Utomi, Pastor Sarah Omakwu, Mr. Femi Falana, Mr. Olawale Oshun, Dr. Tunji Abayomi, Mrs. Ayo Obe, Mallam Naseer Kura, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, Mr. Uche Onyeogocha, and Mr. Clement Nwankwo all protested and nothing happened.
Even when we decided to have the first meeting in Lagos people spoke better than you just did,people talked heaven and earth but just 23 people were present some even left before it all started. So this is the first step we have to confront the government in a way that shows a positive move let us create employment for some,let's catch those selling jobs,let's go to those companies exploiting us and using us for hard labour first , let's partner with international organisation with same motives to partner with them for industrialisation.
Believe we can't do this without even the government on our side...that is when if they don't wanna listen with all the effort we would end it your way!
Stage protest the first day in all state and the next day the whole crew would move to Abuja let's see what happens then!!
i blv we should start by closing and shoting down all the parastatas that are paying our gradutes p.nut.after using them,4 instance if we can protest and close down the banks were graduates are use 4 sex workers in oder2 bring in costumers for them,close those middle east companies that underpay our graduates 4 sm days,then we will tell them hw much graduates need 2 be paid 4 a start.then they will no that we ar serious.bt first let every state hv there excos.so that if we say start,it will start in everypart of the country at once.thankGod 4 social media.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Access Bank demands N1M For Employment, GTB Asks For Obituaries. by Lifemax: 9:35pm On Oct 07, 2013
smoosh15: [b]I saw this post earlier today on FB and felt its not really true
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=678801082131133&id=100000037429364&refid=28&_ft_=qid.5931688163798701566%3Amf_story_key.-8020871465598301234. This ended the post
" Regulatory laxity
Those wronged by unfair recruitment may have
to look further from the Central Bank of
Nigeria, CBN, if they hoped to get succour for
the wrong done to them.
CBN Director of Corporate Communications,
Ugochukwu Okoroafor, says the CBN cannot
act on hearsay.
“Please note that the allegations have not come
to our attention with concrete evidence. This is
necessary to enable us take action,” he said.
“There is nothing the CBN can do on the basis
of mere hearsay, other than moral suasion,” he
Mr Okoroafor, says the CBN prohibits profit
and liability targeting by banks and other
unethical practices.
“Unfortunately, these are not things you can
pick up from financial records when
conducting bank examinations. Neither can
interviews with Bank Management or staff
reveal them.”
However Mr Okoroafor said the bank
encourages whistleblowers to come with
names, dates and evidence of malpractices.
*** The names of the bank informants in
this story have been changed to protect
their identities. All of them still work with
different banks in the country and fear
they might be victimised by their
This kind of case in Nigeria may end up under the RUG.[/b]
whenu hear such rumor,y cant u investigate on it instead of politizing it,who are u expecting to come report or bring the evidence to ur table,is it the employee who has been praying to get the job or employer or training agency who dnt wnt to loose there contrct.infact CBN is talking absolute rubish.Gog bless nigeria
Food / Re: Cooking With Gas Or Kerosene, Which Is Cheaper (economical)? by Lifemax: 7:25am On Oct 03, 2013
babarazy: Am a bachelor... i don't cook.
who cares.if u like dnt eat is not my biz
Career / Re: National Association Of Unemployed Graduates Openly Invites Trustees And Members by Lifemax: 9:59am On Sep 25, 2013
Pls i sugest we should have state excos and leaders as well,ppl dat wil not use it as an avenue 4 politics.let join hands 2geda and fight 4 dis,is our future.thanks.
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan To Address Forum Of First Ladies At UN General Assembly by Lifemax: 4:57pm On Sep 19, 2013
[quote author=mrs flawless]UN General Assembly? but seriously, does she have to.
I just read the topic out loud to my colleagues at work and they all screamed![/quote
broda dis 1 no go easy ooo...must it b she?
Politics / Re: List Of Lawmakers Who Fought During PDP Rebel Govs’ Visit To National Assembly by Lifemax: 9:00am On Sep 19, 2013
Iw dis wat we call lawakers,is a lie dis 1s can not make law 4 me..d ar reprsntng there pockets all i no.
Politics / Re: Abia: After 6 Years, Nothing To Show For Orji’s Government by Lifemax: 8:50am On Sep 19, 2013
Y will ppl post pix snaped in abuja in order 2 decieve abians? Or ,maybe aba is not in abia state?i jst pass azikiwe rd 5days bak notin like good road there.may b it was constructed last nite....NO WORK IN ABIA,...HOOHAA.... HIRED SYCOPHANT ARE NOT ENCOURAGING US
Politics / Re: Mark Begs China To Release Nigerian Prisoners by Lifemax: 8:42am On Sep 19, 2013
Nigerians in prison in china is cos by our politicians..wem de ar looting our future,so y wont de go out 4 a greener pasture.
Politics / Re: ‘Wike, A Riff Raff, Who’s Not Fit To Be Education Minister’ – Gov. Babangida Ali by Lifemax: 8:35am On Sep 19, 2013
Is very unfair dat our education is now in d hand of a politica tout,as long as wike remain d edu.min.ther wil b no value 4 our education.
TV/Movies / Re: Your Favourite News Station And Broadcaster by Lifemax: 8:16pm On Sep 13, 2013
I like nigeria info,,,,UFOMA EGBAMUNOR, N.G KALILA.. CHUMA NNOLI..
Politics / Re: Boko-Haram Suspect Arrested In Mohamed Abacha’s House by Lifemax: 6:26pm On Aug 16, 2013

i tot dat wen army catch BH 4 any hideout,de will demolish d house were en de hide,y dem no demolish abacha son house,chai nigeria,
Politics / Re: Anti-amaechi Lawmakers Shun Commission Of Inquiry by Lifemax: 12:13pm On Aug 13, 2013
WIKE is a disgrace 2 his office and entire educational sector in nigeria,how can ASUU be on strike instead of d min. 2 be puting effort 2 resolve d problm in our educational sector rather he will leave his office in abuja 2 rivers state 2 cause havorc and political crisis useing d student who ar sitting at home as torgue 2 perpetrate political crisis in rivers..there4 we dnt need a prophet or a native doctor 2 tell us dat WIKE is happy dat ASUU is on strike,there4 we d students are using d spirit of ALUTA 2 CALL 4 WIKEs resignation or sack in our educational sector,God bless NIGERIA
Career / Re: CVs and Cover Letters Speak. Is Yours Speaking For You? by Lifemax: 12:00pm On Jul 29, 2013
clily: Please can u send a copy of a cv format 4 me so I can edit mine..tnx, dis Iƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣ email address- sweetlili276@gmail.com
nwokomaxwell@yahoo.com.pls i need a copy of cv format
Politics / Re: Wike Plans Anti-Amaechi Protest In London by Lifemax: 6:23pm On Jul 25, 2013
Wen shepopotamus is there JESUS CHRIST y wont de misbave wt our money.WIKE is incompetent.dats y he want d student 2 be out of sch,so dat he can use them as thugs unfortunatly he forgot dat there is UK and not naija. BIG FOOL.Una 4 collect d money chop.WAKAAA.
Politics / Re: Wike Plans Anti-Amaechi Protest In London by Lifemax: 3:39pm On Jul 25, 2013
WIKE is causinf problem 4 GEJ and GEJ dnt want 2 use his head.imaging min,4 education is in london disgracing him self wit while ASUU is on strike,instead he is dia disturbing student who is learn.SHAME 2 u WIKE.u r a disgrace 2 our educational plateform.continue 2 give bribe wit our educational money,God will judge u.BIG FOOOOOOOOL
Politics / Re: Al-mustapha For President In 2015 Rally In Kaduna by Lifemax: 7:44pm On Jul 24, 2013
He may win ooo cos 4 naija is always frm prison 2 the throne
Politics / Re: Who Are Your 5 Most Respected Nigerians ? by Lifemax: 12:37am On Jul 22, 2013
dunmomie: Bola Tinubu
kabiru sokoto
major al Mustapha
Alao Akala
bode George
hahahahaha fool

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