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Politics / Re: Voice Note That Led To Deborah Samuel Being Killed For Blasphemy by Magmata: 8:23am On May 13
Belief govern feelings

Your belief is your sense of being

Lions feel no remorse for snatching a baby bufallo from it's mother.

Walking upright on two legs with cloths doesn't mean we all are the same.

Stay in the circle of reasoning or belief that matches yours.

It's not about religion, it's a level in reasoning. Just like many of us here; though we may not use dagger but our reactions to contrary beliefs shows how narrow minded we are.

Religions and other form of polarized beliefs are schools for the narrow-minded, it's a stage.

It's very unfortunate gory things like this happen but it will still happen. Belief is like a thick veil, a mental chain, it's not easily broken.

Law can be late to act and nothing can reverse what has happened.

Know what your environment tolerate, forget about freedom of speech; We aren't wiser than the SPACE that accommodates ALL.

Don't condemn anything anybody believe, rather, give them gap. If you find yourself among such people, just observe.

The lion is not to blame, it's what make lion a carnivore and the bufallo an herbivore.

As it is with plants and insects, so it is with animals, including the so called human.

Know your caste.
Career / Re: Is It Your Passion Or You Are Doing This To Just Make A Living? by Magmata: 3:46pm On May 10
When you do what you truely love, money becomes a burden.

True passion takes care of most needs that makes money a necessity.

It's a feeling that can't be shared, where you are or how you look becomes irrelevant.

It's a feeling of satisfaction, no amount of money can bring it.

You become immuned to criticism and praises, and simplicity becomes your cloak.

Only the gifted will understand; ask the real dancers or artist of imaginations.

Money, the fraudulent king rules and the morbid need of it is driving our world into the abyss.

Do what you love and set your own standard, don't let societal demand or family pressure steal your happiness for pieces of paper.

If your needs are moderate, money will never be a problem.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Endorses His Wife’s Bid For Imo-East Senatorial Seat by Magmata: 4:46pm On Apr 18
Since it is an igbo person that Akeredolu endorsed, you will see the igbos very happy and praising Akeredolu but if it were to be an hausa or yoruba woman that he endorsed, they will rain insults on him. I wish I can possess nuclear weapon to cleanse the whole of igbo land because they are useless people

Is it that bad?

No vex Biko
We're all human with different costumes.

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Religion / Re: The Man/deity Called God by Magmata: 10:55am On Jul 20, 2021
I was privileged to see through the Cascades of falsehood that have condensed into beliefs of different forms.

My problem started with the teaching that all non believers in Jesus will go to hell, though I was a christian, I became unsettled.

After years of internal struggle, the veil dropped and I started seeing the folly of organised religions and their sick gods.

I love the character Jesus and his words I hold so dearly, but again I find it hard to absorb the bogus tales woven around his identity; the core of christianity.

Then I realized that Jesus was misunderstood and his words twisted by the same people that murdered him, he was obviously killed out of fear. It's funny how the killing still continues today.

My brother, no amount of dogma can stop an awakened soul from rising; no religion can intimidate such spirit.

How do you explain colors to a blind man? Why not save your energy for better use, see, "when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear"

An elderly man once told me that "if the caliber of people like Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi, etc says this is the truth, who am I to say otherwise". I smiled.

After all it's my light, why should I bother people with my experience. One thing is to burst falsehood, another thing is to know the truth.

People love religions and their associated falsehood because it serves their ego. They need stuffs and a god is needed to take care of them, their spiritual awakening is secondary; Jesus death has taken care of that, what a pity!

His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?" Jesus said, "It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying 'Here it is' or 'There it is'. Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it."

I pray people's eyes be opened to see through the layers of (morbid) sensual cravings that have glued them to falsehood all their life.

I pray they will see through the dogmas of lassitude that have stunted their spiritual growth all these years.

Each time I remember how confidently I had defended my ignorance in the years past, I can't help but laugh.

However, not all knowledge liberates, some are worse than ignorance.

May we not be victim of falsehood.


Science/Technology / Re: 1000-Year-Old Chicken Egg Perfectly Preserved In Human Poo Unearthed In Israel by Magmata: 8:36am On Jun 15, 2021

Please what is “improve” in your vocabulary?

Seriously phone makes talking costly....chai shocked

Oya oga,try traveling to China or USA or a far distant place to pass a message across a friend or business partner u might have there... better still use letters to send ur message cheesy

If you have taken your time to observe (very carefully) what people do to meet up with the so called social upgrade, you will but agree with me that humanity is not improving.

Any form of comfort or pleasure that depends on other peoples pain is no improvement.

Any form of wealth that depends on others' poverty to thrive is not growth.

Look around you and all you'll see is exploitation, a morbid appetite for gain. Do you think we are happier?

Yes, automobiles have changed how we move, but the movement; are we truly moving? It's obvious you have no idea the enormity of damage we've done to our combined environment in the name of technology; my brother, it's not what you think.

I understand you but talking and communicating aren't the same thing.

Two people with different language cannot talk but they can communicate.

And, the fact that understanding is lacking in human community shows that we've not been communicating, even if you can call Pluto from here.

Yeah, talking is more expensive if we consider the contents of what we often talk about; most of them are blabbing, all noise, no value, they change nothing, they aren't necessary. It's not about monetary cost; it's about value to humanity.

Moreover, if you think that gadget in your hand is 100% environmental friendly, you will never reason in my direction.

Tell me, are marriages better? is crime reducing? Is poverty disappearing? are we healthier? Our lands, waters and air; are they less toxic? the genetically modified expensive junks we call food, are the nourishing? ..

Sir, don't get carried away by all these shining toys, they bring no improvement but enslavement. That you can afford them doesn't mean your life has improved.

I know it's hard to criticize what majority seems to be enjoying, but a careful observation will reveal to you that human value is diminishing rapidly.

Unfortunately, the downward trend cannot be stopped, but one can be careful to minimize the pain of inevitable collapse when it eventually happened, because it must happen.

My Opinion.
Science/Technology / Re: 1000-Year-Old Chicken Egg Perfectly Preserved In Human Poo Unearthed In Israel by Magmata: 11:28pm On Jun 14, 2021

It's no surprise Africa is the way it is.. your type make up more than 80% of the continent's population..

Well, We are who we are and what We are is not in any way inferior to others.

The solution to huMAn problem is neither in the 1000 years old egg-shit nor in the year 3021 space-city.

If man should engage in any historical research, it should be why the previous civilizations collapsed.

Until we learn the act of living together, all forms of advancement shall remain a waste of time; it will self destruct like that of yesteryears.

Don't call it progress when the path is paved with tears and blood.

Don't call it advancement when machines are taking the place of men.

Phone hasn't improve human communication, it only makes talking easy and costly.
Travel / Re: An 11-Minute Space Trip With Jeff Bezos: Bidder Pays $28m (Photos) by Magmata: 7:50pm On Jun 14, 2021
It boggles my mind, someone can spend such an amount of money just to leave Earth for 11-15mins then back to the Earth where so many Children are still Starving.

I don't even know where to start analyzing human stupidity.

We have molested the Earth as a result of senseless explorations and experiments. Everywhere is polluted; land, sea, air and even our minds.

We've succeeded in destroying what is certain to pursue uncertainty. Or, how do we describe the wasteful Enterprise called space exploration when our known home (Earth) is suffocating?

This ugly development is a confirmation that an average man is self-centered. Were it not so, how can an intelligent being mortgage his home to buy a parachute?

Some people will say it's their money but I will implore such people to think very deeply. The resources of the Earth is meant for All her inhabitants, and the moment someone take more than his needs is the moment poverty is born.

People should wake up, there are too much exploitation going on in the name of making money.

If the so called billionaires cannot stop making money, then what they seek is not money; it's something else.
Religion / Re: Father Solomon Ukeyima Builds A House For A Widow In Benue State (Photos) by Magmata: 3:16pm On Jun 11, 2021
I see Mama's children who abandoned her all these years during her struggle in that dilapidated house suddenly appearing in this new house, I see the eldest claiming ownership of the house even while mama is still alive, I see a very serious family battle.

This I have seen.

Stop seeing bullsh*ts grin

Someone built that house for her, but you are here building family battle in your head.

If negativity is becoming too frequent in One's thoughts, it is a sign that such soul is contaminated.

Thoughts are very powerful; as we think so is our reality.

Mr prophet, prophet well abeg.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Sierra Leonean Safety Officer Fights Back After A Chinese Miner Attacked Him by Magmata: 2:05pm On Jun 11, 2021
No be small vex.
Politics / Re: IPOB Like A Dot In A Circle, Has Nowhere To Go - PMB by Magmata: 3:59pm On Jun 10, 2021
You're taking it out of proportion.

I lipsrsealed for your matter

He didn't get your point.
He never wanted to.

Next time, declare your hatred for buhari first, say few nagative things about Nigeria, then add your point.

It will be a miracle if Nigeria escapes a major crisis with the intensity of hatred in her sphere.

Just imagine how toxic Nairaland has become.
Imagine if people can be shot through their monika; the number of casualties would have been mind boggling.

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Politics / Re: U.S. Laments Govt’s Inaction On Religious Extremism, Considers Special Envoy by Magmata: 3:14pm On Jun 10, 2021
The us is a snake, don't believe anything that comes out of their mouth.

Too late.

It's a game of control and it's obvious who's in charge.

How majority do not notice this is what baffles me.

What is education that doesn't cure greed?
What is wealth that creates more poverty?
What is religion that condemns?

It's all Cascades of lies in the garment of slavilization, the results speak volumes.

Ignorance is a very powerful tool for control from time immemorial.

But, what they stand to gain with all this double face is what I don't understand, since all of us must die one day.

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Politics / Re: Onion Producers Suspend Supply To South East Over Insecurity by Magmata: 3:12pm On Jun 09, 2021

hmmm, do sellers not sell for money??, is it free?? sellers too need money too... is it only food you people know after population explosion?

I have no idea what you're trying to say, but
It's obvious you don't understand the simple message in that post of mine.

My comment has nothing to do with the narrow topic under which you found it, no sentiment at all, it's just a simple fact that cut across the world of men if you're very observant.

Money has no value or any usefulness if there is nothing to buy with it.

No amount of money can replace a cup of water when one is thirsty, and the water is not available.

No amount of money can save a drowning man if there is no one around to help, even if he's going to pay.

Having the keys to the vault of a bank will not save you in the time of famine, but a peasant farmer can help.

Being born into this sick system should not totally stop us from periodic reflection. The fact that we need money doesn't mean we should put it where it doesn't belong.

How can a man be working his entire life to gain the same thing he invented; what kind of debasement is that? Look around and see for yourself what man is doing to himself; his fellow human being, and his environment just to make money. Can't you see there is a very big problem?

I think in terms of basic needs (of life) not all these morbid desires for stupid things that add nothing to human value except systematic enslavement amid morbid competitions.

If you can see from my angle, you'll understand how terrible the situation is. However, individual is entitled to a style of thinking.

Yes, everyone appears to need money in today's world, but do we really need those things we spend money on.

Foreign Affairs / Re: French President Macron Slapped During Crowd Walkabout (Video) by Magmata: 5:35pm On Jun 08, 2021
Who knows?

That slap might be a blessing in disguise.

What if someone is planning a fatal stab few steps away?

What if nah that slap push am away from a daredevil sniper aiming his heart for a fatal shot?

Some events that should be appreciated are often misunderstood, only if we know their core purpose. But... what do we know?

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Celebrities / Re: “Pete Edochie Once Had Only 4 Pairs Of Trousers While Raising Us” – Yul Edochie by Magmata: 9:52am On Jun 07, 2021
it depend on ur pocket oo... U can give birth to 16 children as long as u are financially OK.. Unlike some people that will born 20 and give one small bowl to all of them to go fend for themselves.... See Life sha...

Read the post you quoted again.


Check your response if it's in line.
Politics / Legalized Terrorism by Magmata: 7:30pm On Jun 06, 2021
All weapons are made to intimidate, inflict pain or kill... they have no other functions even when used for self defence or self protection.

Someone says that a particular agitating tribes are terrorists because they acquire and use arms illegally. But, what makes an arm legal or illegal if not law, and what's law if not regulation. So, what happens when laws become partial and regulation becomes irregular?

If the use or acquisition of arms illegally is considered an act of terrorism, how do we describe legal arms in the hands of bigoted and corrupt security agents? How do we describe government agents with legal arms disrupting election process? What do we call the operation of armed government agents distrupting mass protest against bad governance? ...

He who diverts public fund for personal use and he who robbed a bank should be delivered to the same law. But the fact that the so called law appears to be tilted in favour of one thief than the other shows that one thief is more legal than the other; or, one is a legal thief and the other is an illegal thief. How?

Is it true that everything government does is for the interest of the masses? Can a government that rides on illegalities to win elections do things legally? what is their motive? what are they defending? Why are they reluctant to adjust the system? why are they against secessionists? why are they stubborn?

(I think) what makes a terrorist is not his ideology but his attempts to enforce his idea on others by all means possible. Thus, a terrorist is not necessarily an (illegal) armed individual with flags in an unknown location; he can be a well dressed educated guy anywhere in one of those legal offices legalizing illegalities.

What do we call someone whose ideology is for himself alone and all he ask and fight for is to be left alone with is idea? The land on which he stand has been his home for centuries, the experimental marriage is no more working for him, he doesn't like the union anymore, he tried opting out when the marriage was younger but you refused, he's doing it again still you no gree. What exactly is the problem?

Now tell me, is there any act of terrorism bigger than the concept called Nigeria? How can any rational entity think that people of diverse cultures, different beliefs and heterogeneous ideology be merged under this kind of system. how will it work?

Tell me what it is if not terrorism, when a man is not allowed to live according to his nature and culture. How can you force a flying bird and a cheetah to the same condition of movement in the name of unity. Is that natural?

If a man can't choose where and how to live, how is he a living being? Nigeria is an idea, it has no identity on its own, no culture, no language, no nothing. Yet, someone is imposing such abstraction on an established and more natural cultures in the name of one nation. If this isn't terrorism then what is it?

If the process is complex it is because we made it so, naturally all things are simple. Both Nigeria government and Biafra agitators are wrong in their approach so far, there is no justification for killing a fellow human being for any purpose no matter how Noble the course is; it is barbaric.

But the alien ideology that forcefully keep people together and the human agent through whom it is enforced are the real terrorists here, Yes, Nigeria government is terrorizing a more natural arrangement than the contraption they hold so dear. It is natural that bird of the same feather flock together.

Government should tell Nigerians why certain people are being held against their will, if Nigeria is not a cage as those people claimed, how come they can't move?

Government should tell us whose interest they are protecting by being this rigid and insensitive; is it for the masses or their personal gain?

What exactly does Nigeria stand for that warrants all these bloodshed in the name of keeping it together?

For me, the fight between Nigeria government and Biafra is not for the masses, rather, it's an ideology fight laced with greed, selfishness, ignorance,exploitation and stupidity. If not, what are the killings for?

Where I am right now is my home and the people around me are my family, I don't know about you.

As far as I'm concerned, Human life is sacred, therefore, any ideology that doesn't respect it is sub-human and worthless.

Let the killings stop
Religion / Re: Pastor TB Joshua Of Synagogue Church Of All Nations Is Dead by Magmata: 6:49am On Jun 06, 2021
Na wa oh.... And he just celebrated his birthday two days ago.

But the post has June 12 as his birthday.
Politics / Re: Twitter Suspension: Bruno Maçães Reacts 'This Seems Like A Reasonable Decision' by Magmata: 10:40am On Jun 05, 2021
No government in the world likes a media platform it can't control, they have the power to ban and unban just like Nairaland mods but they can't stop a stubborn Monika.

Twitter deleting Buhari's message is a chance this government has been waiting for since endsars protest. It's not about the deleted message, it's about what's brewing which may likely spiral out of control.

Being a new tool for revolution, governments are becoming conscious of two way potency of social media. Therefore, people shouldn't be too surprised if different governments around the world start showing the same symptom.

With the help of social media, millions can start a protest at once without a leader; how do you tackle that?

Governments (all over the world) are afraid, they know what it means for people to agree, they know the potency of propaganda, they have used it, they know how it works.

My only advice to people is to be wary of what they post online in terms of credibility. Propagating unverified claims (for whatever reason) is a symptom of illiteracy; misinforming people to misbehave is a bigger crime than crime itself.

Don't say it, don't post it, don't spread it, if it is not true. It's our world and if it collapses, it collapses for all.


Politics / Re: You Will Cry For Nigeria After Seeing These Pics. by Magmata: 12:43am On Jun 05, 2021
that was far back 2002 I heard that, 19 years after I haven't seen NEPA light last for more than 1 week on a stretch. Maybe the explodes was exaggerated by him but have lived my life since then till now yet to see a place that have light 1 year without a interruption. He was a NEPA official who is late now

My tone of message wasn't political in anyways, what I tried to draw attention to was, the system has been faulty ever since.

I got the message in your post, there's nothing political about it. Even if your tone is political, the fact still remain that there is something fundamentally wrong with this Nation.

My talk about the wire exploding was born out of personal knowledge in that line, nothing attached except for clarity.

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Politics / Re: Emmanuel Eze, Igbo Trader Kidnapped In Kano – Police by Magmata: 12:16am On Jun 05, 2021

Kindnap him..wetin a right thinking igbo man dey find for north?
They should all come back let they stop blackmailing us with that there u have businesses and pipu up north if Nigeria breaks how will u pipu bla bla bla
Nice one

Movement isn't as easy as you think.

You'll not understand if you're not in their shoes. Someone with family and business can't just move like that; to where? How many returnee can you cater for personally?

There are situations where such move is inevitable and l don't pray things degenerate to that level before understanding kicks in.

Even if Biafra is achieved today, movement shouldn't be by threat or panicking, and those who are comfortable with the host's law should be allowed to make their choices.

It takes a lot of patience to deal with a mosquito that perches on the scrotum. Anger and regrets are inseparable.

When time don reach to shit, the anus must open.

Sometimes earthquake happens just for a river to emerge. See, if it must happen, it will happen at the right time without bloodshed.

If the death of over 3millions people couldn't do it the other time, it's because time never reach. A soul is too much a sacrifice let alone millions of soul for a country that will not last forever.

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Politics / Re: You Will Cry For Nigeria After Seeing These Pics. by Magmata: 10:51pm On Jun 04, 2021
I was informed by a reliable source that our NEPA wires can't carry current for 24/7 that it will explode. That was far back 2002 , so no hope for steady light .

Reliable source?

Do you know there are areas in Nigeria where power supply is steady and their wires never explode.

Do you know that transmission lines (11kV, 33kV...) are always active 24/7/365 except on rear occasions. Have you ever hear say the wires explode? (Not transformers o)

There are substandard wires in the market for people that will patronize them, and there are good ones that meets international standard. It's a matter of choice.

I agree, Nigeria get problems but this Nepa wire theory no hold water.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Nuke Bombers And Nato Jets Conduct War Games On Russia Doorstep by Magmata: 3:19pm On Jun 04, 2021
The time Nigeria will reach this level,wat am I saying we can't can't [b]even if God chose to create a new world again and put Nigeria ahead of other countrie[/b]s,they will still not be able to achieve it

Read what you wrote up there slowly and you will realize how wise you are.

What you are admiring as development is actually a stage in decaying process of human civilization.

The ripening process of fruits is actually a decaying process. There is an edible stage in ripening and there is also a stage not fit for consumption.

What you see up there is not development but a clear picture of decaying process. Yes, we are enjoying technology but that (which) will destroy it is also growing with it.

Civilized people turn swords to farm tools. Development of weapons (crude or modern) is an act of barbarism, there is nothing worth emulating there.

Where are the strongest nations of yesteryears, and the most advanced weapons of past generations?

Appreciate where you are and wish it well. If our collective thoughts are beautiful, our world will be beautiful.

Change how you see and see how you change

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Politics / Re: Adamu Bulkachuwa: If You Want Another War, Nigerian Will Have No Choice by Magmata: 11:08am On Jun 03, 2021
These people keep talking about war because they have plan B, escape routes and dozens of countries to flee to when masala burst, but you and me probably have nowhere to go, don't let them use you, go and watxh how dangerous a civil war is, we re yet to even recover fully from the biafran war and people are already talking about another war, instead if Going to war, why not kuku split the country now that it is still intact and avoid unnecessary loss of lives and properties and resources,

How can people be talking of war as a solution to any problem. War should be completely out of the options, it's the highest display of human ignorance, it shows we are not intelligent at all.

I Agree, there are imbalances; a situation that's not uncommon in human societies, but war is not a game for intelligent people, it's a barbaric act of selfishness; very crude even with the most advanced weapons.

A generation that hasn't outgrown war should say nothing about civilization. How can intelligent beings be proud of making a weapon of mass destruction? How can a mind that reasons kill to achieve or retain?

I pray that Reason shall prevail in this matter.

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Politics / Re: Onion Producers Suspend Supply To South East Over Insecurity by Magmata: 10:10am On Jun 03, 2021

Let's see who will brink first.To hell with your onions.Kindly include your cattles with it biko

Which onion?

So, this is all you can make out of my post?

Ah! Nairaland don tight o
Politics / Re: Onion Producers Suspend Supply To South East Over Insecurity by Magmata: 6:20am On Jun 03, 2021

Buyer is king when there's something to buy.
Buyer will be hungry when there's nothing to buy even with money in hand.

People nowadays say things without proper thinking. They have no idea how useless and valueless money can be when there's nothing to buy with it.

I pray such situation doesn't arise where men will prefer a small loaf of bread to a million naira.

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Properties / Re: Akwa Ibom To Commission 21-Storey Smart Building In Uyo (Photos) by Magmata: 5:01pm On Jun 01, 2021

You slow Wimb try and attend geography classes ... Ebot

'Wimb', what does it mean?

Is it a local slang?

Or Acronym?

I'll prefer it to mean 'brother'.

Yeah, something like r*tarded brother, stupid brother, bigoted brother, tribalistic brother, fanatic brother and....

On a less serious note, I'll like to know the meaning as google is not helping.

On a more serious note, (to me) showing a man why he's stupid will have better effect than calling him stupid.

Just saying...


Y'know, when a sane man reacts to every sound made by a madman, it will be very difficult to differentiate who's sick and who's not, especially on a faceless forum.

I just feel like sayin' stuffs
I quote you because the stuffs came while reading your post.

We're all brothers
Politics / Re: Obioma: NECO Debunks Rumour Of Assassination, Says He Died Of Heart Failure In M by Magmata: 12:41pm On Jun 01, 2021
quote me anywhere and i say;

Take away the media and you have taken away 80% of Nigeria's problem...............................Then our politicians constitutes 15% , then the reamaining 5% are on we Nigerians

Who are those behind the media?
Who are the people in politics?

Those are mere platforms, ordinary tools that dictate nothing.

Nigerians are Nigeria's problems,
Yorubas are Yoruba's problems
Hausas are Hausa's problems
Igbos are Igbo's broblems
Likewise, I am my own problem.
Politics / Re: IMSU: Students Deny Reorts Of Military Raid In Their Hostels by Magmata: 8:23am On May 31, 2021
For those that believes, propagates and interpretes narratives based on sentiments (and not credibility), that which you imagine will surely come to pass.

When your sentimental wishes are finally granted, you will realize that the same ship you're trying to sink is the same boat you're sailing on.

The propagandist should know that the wind of propaganda only gather to scatter, and when it scatters it also destroys. House built on falsehood doesn't last.

If things aren't going the way you like, look within.

If you don't like what you see, change your thinking.

If your heart is pure, your world must be peaceful.

So I say to those feeling enslaved, are you not enslaving someone? Check, for the law cannot be mocked; we reap what we sow.
Politics / Re: Niger Abduction: 11 Students Released By Gunmen As Gov. Bello Condemns Attack by Magmata: 6:59am On May 31, 2021
Meanwhile,11children who were too small and couldn't walk, among the kidnapped Islamiyya Students, were released by the Gunmen...

That's if they are strong you enough to walk, they'll remain kidnapped.

That's liabilities abandoned, not released.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden: No Peace Until Middle East Nations Recognize Israel's Right To Exist by Magmata: 3:49pm On May 23, 2021

Most of you saying what l will term as "ignorant" here, are not Christians or learned in the Bible!
In summary, the current ZIONIST, JEWISH State of Israel, is not the same with The "Biblical Israel" which God called his Children, this is evident in the Bible itself!

First, Jesus said the Kingdom of God had been taken from the "Jewish Biblical Israel, and given to the Gentiles", when they rejected Jesus Christ's message.
That was the point when Biblical Israel became ALL who believed in the message and Salvation of Christ (The Gentiles).
-The current Jewish, Zionist State of Israel dont believe in the word of God, the Holy Bible.
They dont read the Bible but have created another Book for themselves, which they read and believe-in, called The TORAH.
They are not called Christians (a 'Label' you get called, if you accept and believe in Jesus Christ as your Saviour)
They dont exhibit any of the sterling qualities of Christians (Like Loving your Neighbour, as yourself, respect for Human Life, etc

So, Israel is a Jewish, Zionist State, worse than the worst terrorist state on earth and is not a Christian State or has anything to do with the "Biblical Israel" mentioned in the Bible and they are NOT Children of God of the Holy Bible.

Mine is a call to reasoning

Children of God or not, we are all human and we are all tenants as far as this earth is concerned.

To me, a bigoted professor of "cosmos" is basically not different from any other bigots, learned or not.

Any form of knowledge that will not collapse the walls of bigotry and prejudice (racial or religious) is nothing but polished ignorance.

Jews, Zionist, Hamas, ISIL, Bokoharam, Christians, Muslims... you and of course myself have something in common.

Yeah, we're all ignorant of one thing or the other, and that explains why all our solutions of yesteryears are the new problems of today.

If it's not liberating it is not the truth.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden: No Peace Until Middle East Nations Recognize Israel's Right To Exist by Magmata: 12:49pm On May 23, 2021
This is just like saying no peace until Nigeria recognizes fulani's right to exist as a nation. The problem is who is going to give up their land for Dem? Where is Israel's original land? Even the one UN agreed they should occupy, they keep on expanding it and claiming other people's land and we just blindly support them because of religious sentiment of them being God's chosen nation while the rest of us are devil's begotten. Well I'm not surprised as it didn't start today. Canaan was on their own, living in peace and harmony until israel realized there is milk and honey there, they went there, killed canaanites, chased dem out of their land because God said so. Your pastor would use it as sermon and caption it possess your possession instead of steal what doesn't belong to you. Israel should exist but they should stop bullying small nations.

If god of Isreal says kill and possess, it's not a crime. But, if god of babylon gave the same order, devil is in charge.

Going by the Bible narratives, Isreal are worst than the fulanis of today. Or, how do you describe a nation that kills both pregnant women and infants in the name of directive from god.

I think isrealites must have misunderstood their god, and I think that's what Jesus came to correct but their pride will not let them see.

The enemy of man is man himself and until one conquers oneself, One will continue to mistaken one's own shadow for something else.

If a man like me knows that nothing is permanent in this life and that nothing is worth fighting for let alone killing, how much more the creator of ALL.

Now that everyone's god is asking him to possess, let's see who will suffers the chaos emanating.

Indeed, "people perish for lack of knowledge"


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