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Business / Re: UBA Minimum Account Balance Now N25,000 by MaiSuya(m): 11:40am On Jul 08, 2011
The idea behind the might be lofty one, but the speed of its introduction and the lack of proper enlightenment makes the whole scenario untidy.

How many of their 7milloin customers know about its U-Mo or E-banking crap??

Even though the account I maintain with them hardly goes below over 10x their new minimum, and so would not be affected by the new policy, I must confess I'm very uncomfortable with it and am seriously considering closing the account.

After all, what stops them from increasing it 50k or even a 100kwhen it suits them?
Crime / Re: Council Seals 200 Medicine Shops In Abia by MaiSuya(m): 12:55pm On Jul 07, 2011

This is very good news!
Well done pharmacists!
Now if only the MDCN will hunt down all the quacks killing people in NIgeria, Life expectancy may just improve.

You mind them. While other councils are looking out for the welfare of their professionals by engaging in acts that protect their interests,  MCDN's only concern is collecting registration/licensing fee.  angry

The other day The medical Lab Council was at my facility and threatened to shut the lab down unless a registered lab scientist, and not a technician as was the case, was employed to care for the lab. \\

kudos to them
Politics / Re: Oyo Workers Reject N9,400 Minimum Wage by MaiSuya(m): 3:23pm On Jul 05, 2011

Abeg make we hear word. How about the lower the minum wage the higher the poverty which can lead to death. So roads are more important to human life.

I think you are missing the point here. how many people are under the employ of the State govt? it doesn't make sense, to me at least, to spend so much money on relatively small group of people, when such resources could be more usefully deployed to better to lives of a much larger number.

it doesn't have to be road alone; other capital projects that would impact the lives of the citizens should be embarked upon.
Romance / Re: Can Prostitution Ever Be Justified? by MaiSuya(m): 3:07pm On Jul 05, 2011
upendo 98:


Continuous exposure to viruses especially HIV makes some LovePeddlers HIV resistant
. Read about discordant couples.
If you slept wth one you are likely to get infected immediately but she wil not get down wth the virus.The moment she stops the trade then shes bound to get sick with it AIDS.
Your gf thats not continously exposed will infect u and get down wth it. but that pro on the street will never get down with it yet she carries it wthin her.

Research on that.

[size=16pt]FA FA FA FOWWWWLLLLL!!!![/size]

continuous exposure to the virus conferring resistance? pleaase. . .

get it right:

resistance to the virus is caused by a genetic predisposition that prevents the virus from attaching to the CD4 cell. More like the cell lacking a door for the virus to enter. This has indeed been observed in about 1% of caucasian population.

It has nothing to do with the number of times a person has sex, heck, were that the case, then Lagos and Kano would have the lowest prevalence of HIV/AIDS among CMWs in the country. FYI, Kano has a staggering 50% prevalence among CMW. The figure for Lagos is equally high, though I can't remember the actual number.

Discordant couples?

there are many reasons for this. some folks have been found to be what we called 'long term non progressers'; they are actually positive, but will not come down with AIDS for a very long time, possibly during their life time, for a variety of reasons which I cant go into here. Note however the reasons do not include the number of times a person has sex. Also note this is different from those described in the case above, who will never test positive.

Such long term proegerssors can transmit the virus to folks who will immediately come down with AIDS. the latter are called Rapid prgressors.

what I suspect you were trying to describe are those that are highly exposed but remained negative ( or appear to). This has indeed been found in some Kenyan prostsistues. the reasons for these are complex, but like the case above, has nothing to do with the number of times a person has sex.
Romance / Re: Can Prostitution Ever Be Justified? by MaiSuya(m): 2:22pm On Jul 05, 2011

the truth and nothing but the truth. pros[i]t[/i]itutes know how to take care of themselves more than the normal girls who are naive, uninformed, etc.

it is very justified. . . . .do you stay in nigeria at all? have you ever stayed there? if all these answers are yes then you amaze me in leaps and bounds.

almost 50% of the girls you see in tertiary institutions these days fend for themselve[/b]s. the parents only give them little or no support and you expect these young women not to seek [b]other means to get by? in developed c

fa fa fa fowl! where you get that kin number from? 50%??

for the guys, its possible, but for the ladies, I don't think it will be more than 20%.

Most parents usually pay more attention to the needs of their female wards precisely for this reason.
Romance / Re: Can Prostitution Ever Be Justified? by MaiSuya(m): 2:18pm On Jul 05, 2011
the whole argument is needless, IMO.

there would be no prosti if there were no [i]customers [/i]in need of 'quick fixes'

men should learn to keep thier zippers up.
Politics / Re: Arrested Boko Haram Members Won’t Face Prosecution - Sss by MaiSuya(m): 2:11pm On Jul 05, 2011
Detailing the success recorded by the service, Ogar said “on May 23, security operatives discovered and successfully demobilised eight IEDs concealed in small and medium size tins beneath a staircase in Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

just imagine if all these IEDS had exploded. . . sad
Health / Re: Medical Council Outlaws Strike For Doctors by MaiSuya(m): 2:02pm On Jul 05, 2011
Evil Brain:

You cannot deny doctors the rights that everybody else has just because its convenient. If a shoemaker has the right to stay at home then so does a doctor. If you think their services are so important, then you should pay them what they are worth. When they complain about their work conditions, you should try and address their concerns quickly. The problem in Nigeria is that strikes are the only language our useless government seems to understand. You can't negotiate with the government, you can't reason with it. Your only option is to go on strike.  Now, instead of doing something about the appalling work conditions doctors are subjected to, they want to resort to gestapo tactics. Well good luck to them. They'll only succeed in driving even more young doctors out of the country.

Once, when I was in medical school, the residents didn't get paid for about 6 months for one reason or the other. After the fourth month of working for free, they went on strike. Of course, the government immediately invoked the "no work, no pay" rule despite the strike being all about working without pay. I remember one of the senior residents pulling me to one side and advising me to start reading for foreign medical license exams so I could leave Nigeria. "This country doesn't deserve us" is what he said.

Best advice I ever got.

Over 80% of our colleagues especially those in the state are looking for their way out of the country. Federal centres even dey try small. At least they manage implement conmess. If take a look at the conditions in some state hospitals, you'll weep for the profession.

By the time I'm through with NGO I'm currently engaged in, whose conditions are similar to those obtainable in 'saner climes' but which unfortunately will be concluding its operations in Naija be next year, I can't imagine going back to the rot in public sector. Na to check out be the next move.  cool

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Forum Games / Re: The Last Person To Post Here Wins - Season 2 by MaiSuya(m): 9:59pm On Jul 04, 2011
no, mine!  cheesy
Forum Games / Re: Let's Use Smileys Only! by MaiSuya(m): 9:44pm On Jul 04, 2011
Forum Games / Re: I'd Like To ______ The Person Above Me Part 2 by MaiSuya(m): 9:43pm On Jul 04, 2011
make a face at
Politics / Re: How GEJ Government Is Tackling Terrorism! by MaiSuya(m): 9:42pm On Jul 04, 2011

The award-winning President with highest number of Bombs detonated in the shortest possible time!
average of 2 per day or less!

not a flattering distinction by long shot. . . embarassed
Forum Games / Re: 3words Per Post: Part 3 by MaiSuya(m): 9:41pm On Jul 04, 2011
NYSCcamp girls bad?
Politics / Re: Mr Abati: Good Luck But Beware by MaiSuya(m): 9:37pm On Jul 04, 2011
@OP where you dey since? presidency has already refuted the claims
Religion / Re: Nigerian Christians Open Hostility Against Islam by MaiSuya(m): 9:35pm On Jul 04, 2011
FG funding the bank? that as I understand--which is little, admittedly--negates the hole essence of Islamic banking.
Politics / Re: Beggars Deported Back To Their States From Abuja by MaiSuya(m): 9:31pm On Jul 04, 2011
deportation in ones own fatherland. na wa o!
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Declares Assets, Has N292.4M In Banks, Owns Houses In US, UK - 2011 by MaiSuya(m): 9:28pm On Jul 04, 2011
na wa o! these politicians get money no be small. . .

I just have to wonder, with such stupendous wealth, what does he sill need (political) power for?
NYSC / Re: Fresh Graduates Refuse Their NYSC Postings by MaiSuya(m): 9:25pm On Jul 04, 2011
it should be made voluntary, simple.
Health / Re: Medical Council Outlaws Strike For Doctors by MaiSuya(m): 9:24pm On Jul 04, 2011

Who regulates the Medical sector, is it the ministries or this council, I do not think they have any powers to swoop on anybody, they should go through the proper legal system jare.

well, its the medical council that regulates the sector. from swearing-in of fresh graduates, setting standards for medical/dental education in Naija, issuing/revoking licenses for practice. . .they are more or less the alpha and omega  when it comes to the regulation of medical practice in Nigeria.

whether they can outlaw strikes, a prerogative of every worker under a registered union, of which the medical doctor is one, is another case altogether. I foresee battle ahead between NMA and the Council.


In saner climes, any medical practitioner who abandons his duty post for whatever reason that results in death or grievous harm to patients will have his medical license permanently revoked. He will be sued by his patients  for all his assets.

That is how serious they they take medical practise. Nigerians are very docile folks. If we start to do the above in Nigeria, the shenanigans of doctors will stop!!

really? I like to have examples of such 'saner climes' where the working conditions are as appalling as it is here.
Health / Re: Medical Council Outlaws Strike For Doctors by MaiSuya(m): 3:30pm On Jul 04, 2011
wahala dey o! shocked shocked
Health / Medical Council Outlaws Strike For Doctors by MaiSuya(m): 3:28pm On Jul 04, 2011
Medical doctors can no longer go on strike, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) has declared.

The highest decision-making body for doctors and dentists in the country said sanctions await any doctor that flouts the new directives agreed upon at the last stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja on June 23.

Dr. Roger Makanjuola, Chairman of the Council, told reporters in Abuja at the weekend that doctors could only go on strike in extreme cases.

He noted that certain measures must be put in place before doctors can abandon their duty posts.

Besides, he said before embarking on a strike, permission must be sought from and approval given by the central committee of the MDCN, which has not been the case in previous industrial actions.

Reading a communiqué at the end of the meeting, Makanjuola said: “It is unethical to go on strike. Practitioners must respect the provisions of the Code of Medical Ethics in Nigeria as prescribed by the MDCN. Having sworn to the Hippocratic Oath doctors should not go on strike because the oath says, first, the health of my patient shall be my first consideration and secondly that I will maintain the utmost respect for human life.

“These two components of the oath are clearly in conflict with strikes. If we do not intend to abide by the Hippocratic Oath, then we should stop swearing to it,” he said.

Though Makanjuola said doctors could express their grievances when such are genuine, he added that the Medical Code of Ethics allowed medical and dental practitioners to go on strike only in extreme circumstances.

He said: “When such industrial actions occur, the care of our patients is protected. The code stipulates that no patient can be abandoned in the midst of his or her treatment. A striking doctor must make arrangements to hand over the continued care of his patients before he leaves his post.

“Also, provision must be made for the continued provision of services for accident and emergencies and the care of those with serious illnesses and life-threatening conditions”.

On the possibility of governments and hospital management latching on the new directives to turn down demands for salary enhancement or provision of working tools or health infrastructures, Makanjuola said such could occur.

He said: “This is because, if the doctors have no tools to work with, coupled with an environment unsuitable for job, naturally he would explore all options first, then if everything fails to achieve redress, then the last option would be to down tool.

“What we are saying is that if any doctor goes on strike and it is reported to the Council, we will investigate it and if found culpable, sanctions would be imposed,” he emphasised.

He also said the Council was set to swoop on individuals that used fake imported medical equipment that diagnoses and treats all aliments.

Health / Re: 33m Nigerians Defecate 1.7 M Tonnes Of Feaces In Open Spaces Annually - Unicef by MaiSuya(m): 1:24pm On Jun 30, 2011
where all the shyt dey come from sef?

no be this same country ppl wan die of hungery??
Politics / Re: Juju Scare In Aso Rock! by MaiSuya(m): 12:56am On Jun 29, 2011
Special advisers on juju matters. . .
Politics / Re: Child's Whine Is The Most Annoying And Distracting Sound by MaiSuya(m): 10:32pm On Jun 26, 2011

THE sound of fingernails on a blackboard, people having loud conversations on mobile phones in public - the list of things that annoy us is extensive.

But the sound of a child whining is the most irritating in the world to adults, scientists say.

A study found that a whining kid is the most effective way of distracting people carrying out elementary cognitive tasks.

Participants who were asked to do simple subtraction while listening to a range of noises - including machine noise and infant cries - made more mistakes and completed fewer problems while listening to a whining child.

"You're basically doing less work and doing it worse when you're listening to the whines," said study co-author Rosemarie Sokol Chang, a professor of psychology at the State University of New York.

The results weren't affected by whether or not the participants had children.


Health / Re: How Do You Dispose Placenter After Child Birth by MaiSuya(m): 10:19pm On Jun 26, 2011

Or you could have it for dinner. A certain British couple did that recently. I guess when it becomes a fad it wont be news worthy any more.

this is the most nauseating, revolting shyt I've seen in quite a while.  angry angry angry angry

@topic, Hospitals usually dispose of the placentas by burying them. but I doubt if any hosp will agree to accept yours.

the best thing is just to bury yourself
Health / Re: Abortion Pills Anyone? by MaiSuya(m): 10:08pm On Jun 26, 2011
M M M:

Both of u should buy zidovudine and take. angry


Simply go to the nearest pharmacy and get a bottle of FOLATE. Tell her to take one everyday until it runs out.

una wicked o! shocked shocked
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Opens Up, Names Their Suicide Bomber by MaiSuya(m): 9:49pm On Jun 26, 2011
Politics / Re: FAAN Clears Grass With N128m At Lagos Airport by MaiSuya(m): 9:42pm On Jun 26, 2011
na wa o! cutting grass is suddenly such a lucrative business?? 128milla??

I think it's time to change my job. . .
Celebrities / Re: Omotola's Husband Opens Up On Their Marriage Stability by MaiSuya(m): 9:37pm On Jun 26, 2011
true Nigerian gentleman cool cool

just wondering, if the reverse were the case, would Omotola have come out publicly in support of hubby?

you guess is as good as mine
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bin Laden Died Five Years Ago”- Cia Agent by MaiSuya(m): 9:32pm On Jun 26, 2011
^^the truth is there are many conspiracy theories out there( OBL was a creation of the US to justify its attack on Iraq; OBL died in 2001 of natural causes; OBL was formally a US agent,  shocked shocked shocked etc) but this one has to be most ridiculous, so far.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Bin Laden Died Five Years Ago”- Cia Agent by MaiSuya(m): 8:40pm On Jun 25, 2011

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