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Crime / Re: Mothers Of North-bank Protest Cult Killings. by makyegh(m): 11:58am On Apr 21
Is it not a shame that there is a law against these kinds of behaviours and this is happening?
Youths of that state are just something else.

Wear plain black,yellow,red,blue,green T shirt inside mark town and watch how wahala will unfold undecided
Crime / Re: Mothers Of North-bank Protest Cult Killings. by makyegh(m): 11:57am On Apr 21
Which state


Crime / Mothers Of North-bank Protest Cult Killings. by makyegh(m): 11:01am On Apr 21
The attached pictures show mothers from the North-Bank community dressed in black. They marched around North-bank beginning from St. Mary's primary school along the road through to HUDCO quarters junction then to the Katungu area before concluding their march at Ogiri-Oko secondary school area all in North-bank. They carried placards with various messages including "Mothers are saying no to untimely death", mothers are crying, saying, stop bringing embarrassment to us" . Many were happy to join in the march which was organised impromptu by women in the church.

North-bank community has been served episodes of death by slaying among its young people who are pitched in a cult war that has claimed many lives. The killings have become so rampart and consistent that the mothers responded as the pictures attest. The cult situation is so rife that boys of 16 and 17 are more likely to be cult members than not. In so neighbourhoods, almost all boys invariably join a cult. Last saturday 16th April, a very senior PDP member and leader of one of the cult groups was killed, The killing has triggered other killings leading to the protest by the mothers.

Several social media users monitored the protest march and either shared the pictures, commented or opined. Some of those social media links can be found here: <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fweb.facebook.com%2Fsonnyaj%2Fposts%2F10159876551426772&show_text=true&width=500" width="500" height="690" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web-share"></iframe>

Politics / Re: 2023: Drop Your Ambition, Support Obi, Group Urges Atiku by makyegh(m): 4:57pm On Apr 20
If Atiku will drop his ambition and support Obi and Tinubu will drop his ambition and support Amaechi or Umahi, we will have a just and meaningful election.
Politics / Re: Kaduna: PMB Under Scrutiny Over $1m Gift To Afghanistan, Using 10 Maybachs by makyegh(m): 11:06am On Mar 31
To hell with Omokri and his brand of madness.
Politics / Re: Customs Intercepts Drones, Military Uniforms, Others In Lagos (Pictures) by makyegh(m): 9:54am On Mar 30
The Federal Government has a responsibility to treat this and other security challenges that are cropping up in this country. This is how bandits in 2012 and 2013 kept attacking in Suleja and suburbs of Abuja until the Police Headquarters and Nyanya attacks. Now we have these attacks happening in Kaduna and growing bolder, one day we will have them happening in Abuja.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Drums Support For Precious Chikwendu Over Custody Of Kids by makyegh(m): 4:04pm On Dec 13, 2021
MODs self. Because it concern FFK they send it to front page. Chikwendu thought she can eat here cake and have it. unfortunately for her, it can not be. Mercy should mind her business and leave this matter alone.
Family / Re: My Wife's Aunty Wants To Destroy My Marriage! by makyegh(m): 11:14am On Dec 13, 2021
I think you are not alone in this kind of situation that teste your firmness as a man. I like the advice the @eazzy offered in which he said you should close the gap between yourself and the biological mother of your wife, by closing that gap, you invite your real mother-in-law to your life and your wife's life and that one will tell her the truth all the time. Her Aunty wants to maintain a domineering position in your wifes' life and it will be hard for you to break the bond SUDDENLY. That's not gonna happen ESPECIALLY if you try to force it. But funny enough if you let them be and you focus on your work and personal development, you will stop noticing their bulls**t. In fact as soon as you stop talking about the matter for more than 3 months in a row, it will be your wife that will wake up to what is happening in her life. So, stop trying to force the situation and let things take care of themselves. I also noticed you did not mention any children, get busy in that department, by the time she has two to keep her days occupied, she will do what women are naturally born to do- focus on herself. I wish you the best in this your manhood defining fight. Just remember that you can win the fight and loose the war. Focus on the big picture.


Travel / Re: The Dirty Hotel Room I Paid ₦10,000 For A Night - Man Cries Out, Shares Video by makyegh(m): 4:45pm On Dec 02, 2021
The staff of this establishment are wuked.
Travel / Re: Intimacy gadget Found In A Passenger's Luggage While Search Was Going On. by makyegh(m): 4:35pm On Dec 02, 2021
The guy's face in the last picture says it all.
That face grin grin grin grin grin
Properties / Re: How I Managed Light Situation In My Apartment (DIY Guide) by makyegh(m): 5:08pm On Nov 30, 2021
Kudos!!! This is the way to go. We need to get off the grid so that there will fewer people complaining about Electricity Distribution companies and their evil.

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Politics / Re: Only 10 Out Of 400 Private Schools Pay Taxes – Zamfara Govt by makyegh(m): 4:52pm On Nov 30, 2021
If after they know their problem and they are still speaking english, who can help them?
Politics / Re: Seun Onigbinde Resignation: Oby Ezekwesil, Banky W, Others React by makyegh(m): 5:04pm On Sep 16, 2019
Yours must a reflection of the extent of your knowledge and experience. Limited.

If you are a business owner or head of Govt, you would know that recruiting those who have displayed a capacity for understanding your challenges are your best prospects.
You don't engage them just to "shut them up with big salaries".

That's so low.

I respect a man of honor who stands by his convictions

This man has put to Shame the narative that goes "if you can't beat them join them"

We need more people like this in Nigeria

Case in point : Oshiomole, Keyamo, et al

You either stand for something, or fall for everything in life



For those who don't understand

They are trying to silence him with an appointment where he will get big salary and bonuses and do nothing till his focus shifts to protecting his wealth hence he becomes like them

Again case Keyamo , Oshiomole et Al

Life isn't a Hollywood movie where one man refuses to bow and suddenly the whole nation starts singing and dancing change and revolution. It's more complex than that
This man isn't a Mary Sue! What can one man do in a ministry where from the administration , to accounts , to operations, to management are all corrupt and caucuses of thieves who only care about looting ?

If the government was sincere and not just intent on silencing his criticisms they should have appointed him Minister then he can effect change...an adviser can do nothing but earn fat checks and bonuses

Be realistic he didn't he best thing


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Sports / Re: Nigeria U20 Players Miss Flight Back Home, Insist On Payment Of Bonus by makyegh(m): 11:50am On Jun 04, 2019
They should be flogged.
Religion / Re: Why Do "Born Again" Christians Still Commit Sin? by makyegh(m): 7:37am On Sep 04, 2016

A born again Christian can still sin. Yes.
The victory over sin is walking by the spirit, it is hope and faith. And our walk is perfected by reading the word constantly, then we can overcome the flesh.

I advice you read it again dear or send me a message on whatsapp.

Thank you.

A born again can sin, yes.
The crux of the matter for me is that, to live above sin is to be spiritually minded as has been stated and to live otherwise is to love in sin. A lot of Christians still struggle with their fleshly desires which are the cause of sin and yet plenty are born again but salvation is for those who endure to the end sha.
TV/Movies / Re: Lateysha's Dress Tears While Twerking On Live TV (Photos, Video) by makyegh(m): 6:21am On Jul 23, 2016
If anyone thinks this wardrobe malfunction is a mistake they need manual adjustment of their minds.
This is an attention demon renting space in peoples minds.

A UK big brother contestant's dress ripped open after being evicted on last night's episode as she tried to twerk

See the epic fail below (Photos)

Politics / Open Letter To Resident Muhammadu Buhari: Thank You Mr President. by makyegh(m): 2:21am On Jul 16, 2016

Mr President Sir, I write this letter to commend you for the good work you have been doing in this nation and I want to seize this opportunity to thank you for what is to come.
I am not thinking you because I am satisfied with everything you have done but I am thanking you just so you know that there are those of us who recognize the we must appreciate the man behind the effort. But even in thanking you I want you to know that I hold a sarcastic attitude to you and what you have come to represent in my mind.
Mr. President it will interest you to know that I am a Tiv man from Benue state and I am disappointed with the silent treatment you have metres out to us Benue people despite the repeated killings that your kith and kin, the Fulani have visited on us. You have been as quiet as a mouse but you have not been silent about everything. You have indeed been vocal about the things that matter to you. Evidence abound.
Case in point, you not only went to Zamfara a few days ago but you were dressed in Military fatigues to underscore the seriousness of you visits and the importance of the security message you wanted to pass to rustlers whom you intended to place on notice. Your point was well delivered.
Yet in delivering that point, you underlined the deliberateness with which you have ignored every other Nigerian that has come under attack from Fulani herdsmen who have killed and maimed without cause.
You have told every Nigerian that has come under attack that just like your Fulani kin, you place a higher premium on cattle than you do their lives. You have said in no uncertain terms that you have no time to the cries of those poor Law abiding Nigerians who have refused to take the law into their hands even when they could.

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Politics / Re: Why Buratai, Danbazau Were Not Indicted In Arms Scandal Report – Nigerian Govt by makyegh(m): 8:15pm On Jul 15, 2016
saharareporters over to you.
Politics / Rubbishing Facts With Statistics. by makyegh(m): 12:34am On Jul 13, 2016
I am sorely pained by reports I have been monitoring in which the Benue state Police Public Relations Officer is quoted to have disputed the figures of the killings that have been carried out by Fulani herdsmen against Tiv farmers in Benue state in the past couple of weeks.
In the report monitored on Radio Benue, the PPRO disputed the figures and stated that rather 81 persons as claimed I. some quarters, 22 persons were actually killed. The pinch of it is that the Governor HE Samuel Ortom visited the Minister of Interior Abulrahaman Danbazzau and mentioned the same figures as the actual numbers of those killed.
While of course I expect the Governor as chief security officer and security agencies in his state to be on the same page, no one should try to make nonsense of the pain and anguish that the Benue people have suffered these past many years at the hands of Fulani herders.
First of all the Police do not bother to feed us information about happenings in these places where the killings are taking place, were it not for social media, we would be in the dark concerning these killings and to try to make it seem like the reports are deliberately misleading is both insensitive of the losses that families have suffered of loved ones.
I do not for one second support fake reporting but I will also not support anyone trying to make a non issue of the killings. One lost life to these senseless killings is one life too many. For the record, no Benue son has been killed in far away places like Kastina, Sokoto, Zamfara or other places known to be ancestral to Fulani's.
It is equally sad that the Governor choose to describe the Fulani occupation as a 'crises' and also trying to paint the incidence as a"two fighting" matter. Fact of the matter is that the Fulani's are armed and deliberate about these attacks and the occupation that has followed the displacement of the owners of those homes is not a mistake. It is an occupation and should be called as such.
While I sympathise with the Governor for his "hands tied" stance, I will not accept his submission. I wholly support his efforts in dealing with the matter but he should be more proactive as pussy footing of the past several months has left us no where in dealing with this matter.
As for the Police and their image laundering moves, we know from experience that when they say 2people died, facts on the ground often differ Case in point, we were told 4 students were killed in the UniAgric cult wars but by the time the counting was done, not less than 13 corpses were counted but the Police never corrected that fact, so why am I to accept their 22 persons figure when I know a pinch of salt is required in taking Police figures for casualty in any circumstance?
Abeg, stop with the media wash and protect the lives of those at risk.
# MAFO where are you with your numbers?
Agriculture / Re: BENUE FARMERS: Lets Meet Here. by makyegh(m): 10:26pm On Jul 12, 2016
Add me makyegh@gmail.com
Politics / PMB Was Always Going To Be Painful. by makyegh(m): 7:08pm On Jul 11, 2016
I have never had a doubt in my heart that voting for PMB would be without cost. I always knew that him being president will come with its attendant consequences which is why I was very hesitant about him as president during the elections. But the embarrassing expositions that were thrown up left and right about GEJ made him a hard sell and trapped between a rock and a hard place, I put up my hands and took it in my chin.
PMB won the elections and today many months after he was sworn in on a day he declared that "he belonged to everyone and he belonged to no one", its is becoming clearer that like George Orwell's Animal farm, PMB belongs more to some than he does others and surely, my fears are becoming reality.
I feared that we may have 1984 all over again (don't know what that means?), yes we are having 1984 all over again. The economic crunch is as hard if not harder. Survival is the level at which most families are operating. Forget those dreams.
The security situation is as bad as it was then, only this time the soldiers are not on the streets with whips to enforce discipline but look out for other security personnel who can do you as much damage.
PMB still does not have a basic grasp of economics now as then, he is muddling through it at a time when we need a clear vision.
The man who made promises at the 2014 campaigns has been setting his promises aside and doing the blame dirge just as it was in 1984 when Shagari and his Ministers was the song of the day.
Worst for me is the crass, devil may care attitude with which he has consistently treated the herdsmen killing of other ethnic groups in the country.
While I totally support him because he is my CinC, I cannot hide the fact that I am disappointed with his style of management and his willingness to shove appearances to the dogs even if his actions are hurtful and dangerous to some persons or groups. For instance, I see no reason why he wants to escalate the Sunni, Shia divide in Nigeria when in fact he knows that an emerging Iran will be happy to fight a proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Nigeria. I also don't understand why he willing to have security personnel target IPOB members for extermination when he tacitly ignoring killer Fulani herdsmen.
Its high time Mr President got his act together so that lives can begin to take a turn for the better. It would be double jeopardy to have voted for change and end up a victim of change seeing as families can hardly afford food much less and other luxurious life styles.
# PMBmindYaself
Politics / Open Letter To President Mohammadu Buhari by makyegh(m): 12:23pm On May 16, 2016
Mr President I write you an unhappy letter and therefore I will go straight to the issue without any delay.
It has been many months since your administration came to power, precisely 1 year in the next couple of days and while I agree that the problem that is driving me to write you this letter did not commence with your administration, and while also acknowledging that you are making efforts towards handling the situation, I cannot say that the much you have done has been any good to me.
I am Tiv from Benue state and I want to let you know that my kit and kin of Benue extraction inclusive of Idomas have been under severe attacks from your kit and kin the Fulani for whatever reason but the common explanation of farmers/ herdsmen crises is no longer enough to explain the attacks. It is high time you recognized the risk of failing to demand action from those with responsibility like your Inspector General of Police.
From Benue, Nassarawa to Taraba, our brethren have been killed severally and repeatedly without cause and your government has done no more than pay lip service to the challenge that has faced us. While the killings in Agatu drew the attention of the world to the genocide quietly taking place in Benue state, there have been several other instances where Fulani herdsmen have also wrecked even to the extent of admitting to their crime, and not a one, has been arrested.
Yet we have observed as your government marches ahead with plans to implement grazing reserve and stock route agenda. While most people are comfortable just accepting the sleight of hand offered by the likes of Senator Ekweremmadu who claimed on before the World that there was no Grazinig Bill before the National Assembly, some of us are warned by the antics of the Chairman of the Public hearing on the Grazing Bill, Senator Abdullahi Adamu who has not only confirmed the existence of a Bill but the dark intentions of your towards the rest of us.
Yet we have observed as your government marches ahead with plans to implement grazing reserve and stock route agenda. While most people are comfortable just accepting the sleight of hand offered by the likes of Senator Ekweremmadu who claimed on before the World that there was no Grazinig Bill before the National Assembly, some of us are warned by the antics of the Chairman of the Public hearing on the Grazing Bill, Senator Abdullahi Adamu who has not only confirmed the existence of a Bill but the dark intentions of your towards us in Benue state.
We have also observed that while you stood your ground to ensure that the particular elements of development you wanted were included despite the shenanigans of the National Assembly, we have also observed that you allowed for inclusion the sum of N940 million for the development of grazing reserves and stock without regard to the damage such an act will do the rest of us or the environment if you do not care for us.
I will say with all equanimity that the inclusion of that sum in the budget is both an indication of your poor intentions towards us the Tivs of the Middle Belt or North Central and your willingness to exterminate us. There is no reason for your government to proceed on the grazing reserve business except of course you have decided to carry on regardless our concerns. You are not called Maigaskiya without reason but if Taqiyya allows you the leeway to deceive and destroy us, that will part of your legacy. But make no mistake, we will defend ourselves and our lands to the last man even if is the only thing we eventually do.
Evidence abounds that your kit and kin not only encouraged desertification in core northern states but they caused it with their acts of cutting down tree foliage for their cattle. This practice carried on in the core Northern states for years and today, it is easily observable in Nassarawa and Benue state where they are embarking on this dangerous practice. You have been getting across the globe in search of all the right ingredients that will help you govern well, while at it, please look at the international best practice in animal production and you will see that #Ranching, not #Grazing is the standard.
We have lived with your kit and kin and accommodated each other for years, it will not be business as usual under these uncommon circumstances in which we have become game for them to hunt as they please. This is not politics but take notice that the Benue Man bleed blood and so do the Fulani and if the killings do not stop, very soon we will find that the Baboon bleeds blood just like Dog!

Politics / The Usman Dan Fodio Jihad And The Rest Of Us. by makyegh(m): 12:17pm On May 14, 2016
For those who do not know, the Usman Dan Fodio jihad is still on. Usman Dan Fodio had originally immigrated from Guinea and settled in Sokoto (Sakkwato) as a lay preacher of the koran, hemade in roads into the hearts of the peasants of Sakkwato who we’re majorly of the Hausa stock as they were the original inhabitants of Sakkwato through the spread of the gospel of Islam which preached Justice, fair play and giving to the poor.
Due largely to the difficulties of heavy toll of the Sarki on the peasantry, it was easy for the Hausas to follow the teachings of the Mallam whose education, sophistication and simplicity encouraged a followership under the AlmajiriI” system of scholarship. Having accumulated a large following that was unhappy with the Sarki, Dan Fodio took up arms against his benefactor, the Sarki in a jihad. The Hausas being pagans and barbarian in their daily conduct, saw light in Dan fodio's religion.
History records that Dan Fodio had to relocate himself and his followers who were mostly his students who themselves had built a following in line based on Islamic scholarship. The jihad claimed Sokoto, Katshina, kebbi and most of what is today northern Nigeria with swats of exception where the jihad was unable to gain a foothold. History also records that in every settlement that the jihad was successful, an Emir was emplaced whose allegiances was to the Sultan of Sakkwato. This trend was broken in Borno where the Mai of Borno himself being of Islamic descent was not subjected to a jihad.
Across the sahel region of Nigeria the Jihad ragged and converts were won in plains that today cover states like Jigawa, Bauchi, Gombe, plateau, parts of Kogi. Nassarawa, Edo and Enugu were annexed into the caliphate that Dan Fodio built. Those parts that were not annexed into the Caliphate in the push were probably going to be dealt with after the jihad had reached the sea. Lo, the jihad did not reach the sea. Usman Dan Fodio was killed before the jihad could reach the sea.
His descendants have been working on completing the jihad. And they have been working at it harder than the rest of us care to remember.
It is common knowledge also to those with any sense of history that the Maitatsine upraising of the 80’s was an attempt to provide an Islamic buffer to the political leadership of the 80’s that failed in its effort at governance while promoting the jihad agenda. It was a regime led by a descendant of Dan ; Shehu Shagari. His government did its best to ignore the realities of the day and then it made vein efforts to deal with Maitatsine. But Maitatsine was an expression of a desire to finish what was held in abeyance.
Maitatsine never really went away after it was defeated. History records that Yusuf, the leader of Jammaat ahl as Sunnah lid Dah wah walJihad aka Boko Haram was the off spring of an adherent of Maitatsine. He simply gave life to what under a democracy many could not be seen to be promoting. A jihad. Surely. When BH became a torn in the flesh of Christians in pursuit of the jihadic agenda, no Northern leader is on record for having challenged them for barbarity of their conduct. This was another angle to the jihad. It wiped out the remainder of the Christian communities in Borno and neighbouring states.
This is where we are coming from. While the many of us slept, the sons of the jihadist have been making plans to wipe us off the face of the earth. They have bidden their time and planted people in the civil service, the Police, the Military and the paramilitary. Everywhere you look, you will find a caliphate mentored individual and they make no bones about being Islamic in their activities. But the rest of is have been sleeping.
To cover the trail of all that has been going on, the use and control the media has been a weapon of choice. While the Southern press has served to protect and promote the ambitions and intentions of the Igbo and Yoruba nations, they have failed to accommodate the interest or of the rest of us minority tribes.
Long before BH came on the political stage , there were other moves in furtherance of the jihad that were taking place. For instance, the elimination of History from the secondary school curriculum is a deliberate step towards creating citizens who will not have an inkling of their past and will be most malleable to the desires of the jihadist. Only those who have passed through a history class in secondary school can understand the usefulness of history in building the individual and the society at large.
For nation states who know the value of history, they ensure its study without reserve to the area of ones study, whether one studies science courses or Art, they are expected to know the history of their country. This is the standard for America, ditto Britain. To think that we pattern nearly everything we do either as British or American and for such an important subject of study to be expunged from our curriculum cannot be a mistake. It is nothing but a part of a scheme to enslave the rest of us.
That our growing young generation does not have an inkling of where it is coming from means that for such ageneration, any destination may just be fine. This is the real war being waged by those who have wishes that the jihad began by Usman Dan Fodio should be completed. This act of expelling the study of history from the curriculum of a crucial stage in the educational development of or youth is surely a strategy bothering a master stroke in the continuing jihad by Usman Dan Fodio.
Over the years there has been a consistent effort to decimate the populations of states in the middle belt region of the nation. States like Plateau, Nassarawa, Benue and Taraba have been severally attacked and property worth millions destroyed while lives have been lost in the thousands. The link in the jihadic tendency is that those who have consistently lost out in the attacks have been non Moslems. The Tivs, Kutep, Birom, Angas, Jeba, and Idomas etc, These tribes have been decimated, ravaged and displaced from their traditional places of abode.
The immediate effect of this devastation has been the replacement of those communities by occupants whose sole purpose is to quickly set up home stead around a religious object of the mosque. They have also set up markets and political arrangements that have replaced hitherto existed. The same approach is at the great of the activities of the Fulani herdsmen who have carried the jihad to the next level.
While we have carried on a relationship with the rest of the baton in good faith, others have held an agenda that is age old and they have been acting to deliver on their mandate. We must rise to the occasion or we e will be victims of a jihad that was started centuries ago because we were asleep when we should not have been.

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Politics / Enough Of Your None Sense by makyegh(m): 9:50pm On May 07, 2016
For the past many days I have been confronted with an unwillingness to call a space a spade by those who should know. The Fulani is the issue here. They have been severally and repeatedly accused of criminal acts of #Genocide, #Rape, #Debauchery and other heinous crimes.
That these crimes have been widely reported and documented is a matter of public knowledge and also that the #Fulani have been directly accused of being responsible by surviving victims is plenty enough issue to deal with but that the Fulani themselves at different forums have admitted to carrying out these crimes in revenge for a purported, perceived loss they have suffered is evidence that the Fulani are the perpetrators of the genocide #Benue people and surely indigenes of other states like #plateau, #Nasarawa and #Taraba among others have suffered.

But, for a category of #Benue people and other like minded persons, they would rather that we talk about this issue with using the term Fulani in reference to the ongoing #Genocide on our hands. They want us to call it a #Crises rather than #Genocide, they don't want us to say #Fulani in relation to the #Genocide. They also don't want us to say #Occupation to the conduct of the Fulani in which they have sacked towns and villages only to #Occupy them.

I have a problem with such thinking and I will speak to it.
Let no one born Tiv blood think they can delude themselves to the extent of thinking they will not be eventual victims of these marauders whose main objective is to eliminate the Tiv from the Benue valley. If perhaps because you have not taken a direct loss and your too selfish to share the burden of displaced kit and kin today, wait for it, because when they are done with destroying towns like #Daudu, #Naka #Agasha, #Makurdi will be next and you can bet the drums of war beat long before the war. You will have your day.

I have a problem with those who think that only elders have what it takes to resolve this #Challenge of the #Fulani at our door step. I think every one who nominates to bring an input should be given a chance to make a contribution, as long as the common goal is to eliminate the problem in our midst. I also have a problem with those who think that any effort from any quarter aimed at addressing the Fulani challenge is out to vilify either the Ortom or PMB administration. It is not always politics and not on issues of the survival of the Tiv Nation. I will do whatever it takes to fight for the survival Tiv people.
I remember 2011, 2012 and 2013 when I still worked and lived in Abuja, when HE Suswam was governor and a different category of person who wanted political correctness refused to address the Genocide because it would make the look bad. It was Tiv people who were dying. Today it's another set doing the denial dance. I remember feeling empty at the lack of response from our govt and then people.
Today, I am in Mkd and I am a #MAFOLITE, I find that I am happy to just be in the midst of people of common sentiments about the Tiv race and its survival at the hand of these Fulani marauders. I see that there is hope but from all I can see the hope is not for everyone. Particularly those who think we should pussy foot around the issue. You will not be a part of that new day when the Fulani #Killers exit the Benue valley because your pretense will have caught up with you.
So of you find that you have been bad mouthing #MAFO, derogating, or insulting the movement, wait for it, you dont need look for the transformer cos its coming to you.
I am #Proudly #MAFO
I am in good company already. I'm missing #Nothing.
Politics / Re: See How Army Destroyed Homes In Makurdi Today. by makyegh(m): 3:44pm On Mar 11, 2016
Well, The fact of the matter is that the Army has an attitude about a large piece of land they have been occupying since the civil war. Because there was a negligible population in the town at the time, the Army did not bother to set demarcation, now the Army claims members of the community who built within this space in question which is seveleral kilometers from both Barracks, have violated their boundaries and so the Army proceeded to demolish without recourse to the State Urban Development Board.
The story is a developing matter and I still haven't got time to write it out, but I will.

Politics / Re: See How Army Destroyed Homes In Makurdi Today. by makyegh(m): 10:43pm On Mar 09, 2016
Pls put this on FP. Benue and Makurdi people on this forum will appreciate this.
Politics / See How Army Destroyed Homes In Makurdi Today. by makyegh(m): 10:42pm On Mar 09, 2016
If it is not FULANI marauders killing us in our rural communities in Benue, it is the NIGERIA ARMS demolishing buildings in the urban areas.
Politicians are too political and cannot help us
Leaders are sometimes misled,
Where are the comrades?
'Every on looker is a TRAITOR or a COWARD!
Culled from Al UTSAHA

Politics / Gov. Ortom Told To Stop Lying. by makyegh(m): 6:38am On Mar 09, 2016
WHEN WILL Governor Samuel Ortom REPENT? Ordinarily, I'm not given to making post
because of lack of imagination or the intellect to make one; it's merely habitual as I prefer to read posts made and if need be, make comments or replies. However, I feel strongly compelled to make a post this morning with the caption: WHEN WILL GOVERNOR ORTOM REPENT? And the subject matter is about Ortom's alleged #4.2 billion naira monthly wage bill. About four weeks ago, Ortom, at a thanksgiving mass in Adaka, a suburb of Makurdi, organized in favour of my senior colleague and majority leader of the Benue State House of Assembly, first dropped the news (to my hearing and it was aired on Radio Benue), that his new wage bill is #4.2 billion naira monthly. I considered this either as a huge joke or that the 'man of God' was quoted out of context and waited patiently for him to come out and refute the news item. To my greatest consternation and rudest shock, Ortom repeated this yesterday while addressing government house correspondents (and it was again aired on Radio Benue) that his monthly wage bill is #4.2 billion. I consider this the BIGGEST FRAUD of the century (even at the risk of SARS or a libel suit) and calls on Governor Ortom to repent. My reasons are as follows: 1. Ortom inherited a State wage bill from the previous administration of less than #3 billion naira a month. 2. There is no public recruitment into the State Civil Service. 3. Ortom's political appointees are less than half of those in the previous administration. 4. Some civil servants have either retired or died since the inception of the administration. 5. And finally, the take home pay of a Benue Civil Servant has not increased to suggest a new minimum wage. So, can the Governor or Government aides or any person with better knowledge educate me (us) why the monthly wage bill has moved from less than #3 billion to #4.2 billion. Terver Akase et al, I'm waiting, please.

Culled from George Usongu
Politics / Ortoms Lies Exposed. by makyegh(m): 1:36pm On Mar 08, 2016

By Bemgba Iortyom.
It is no longer news that the office of Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State has been re-named Chief Liar Secretary (CLS) by the people on account of the plethora of lies that have been rolling out of it recently.
Terver Akase, a young and promising broadcast journalist, has been manning that office which is responsible for telling all manner of tales to suit and further the designs of the Ortom administration, having replaced Tahav Agerzua who suffered severe burns from exposure to intense opposition and public scrutiny heat while functioning there.
Only a few days back, CLS Akase stunned Benue people with the preposterous claim that, "...Governor Ortom has approved the construction 12 roads in different parts of the state NINE OF WHICH WERE AWARDED BY FORMER GOVERNOR GABRIEL SUSWAM BUT THE PROJECTS WERE.ABANDONED AND THE CONTRACT MONEY GLEEFULLY SHARED BY MEMBERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION. The affected contractors have been mobilised back to site and work is set to be completed on those roads this year." (emphasis mine)
But facts on ground put a big lie to such a claim as it is practically verifiable that those roads projects initiated by the Suswam administration were paid for in line with global standards of installmental paymemt and work done on them to various levels, some above 70% and most of them over 50%.
There could be no better proof of payment for those roads projects by Suswwm than the fact of the work done on them which, as earlier stated, is a practically verifiable fact.
In the particular case of the Gbeji- Afia- Zaki Biam road which is a 46.52km stretch, it was constructed with asphalt surfacing from Gbeji through Afia to Tse-Dugwer, complete with a major bridge, with the remaining distance from Tse-Dugwer to Zaki Biam being only 1km. 1 km is less than 1% of 46.52, so this particular road was more than 99% executed.
How then could this project be said to have been "abandoned and the contract money gleefully shared by members of that (Suswam) administration? Only a liar bent on deceiving the people would make such a weird claim.
The attached pictures buttress the fact of work done on this road, and there are many more proofs exposing the many lies of the Ortom administration as told by CLS Terver Akase.

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Politics / Benue May Recommend Tsav To Efcc For Prosecution by makyegh(m): 10:14pm On Mar 06, 2016
Our attention has been drawn to comments made by one Mr Augustine Danmagana Alhaji Abubakar Tsav in the National Daily of February 22-28, 2016, that Governor Ortom should be blamed for the recent attacks and killings in Agatu local government area of Benue State.
The comments are most unfortunate and an overstretching of political partisanship that has marked the behaviour of the former policeman in recent times.
Those conversant with events in the state know that the clashes between farmers and herdsmen in Agatu and several parts of the state predate the Ortom administration.
Incidentally, the voice of Mr Augustine Danmagana Alhaji Abubakar Tsav had never ever been heard on the matter when the immediate past administration which patronised him heavily was at the helm of affairs.
One is therefore, surprised that at a time Governor Ortom took several proactive steps to forestall the recent hostilities someone would make an unfortunate and inciting statement that he should be blamed for the the attacks and killings in Agatu.
Since assumption of office Governor Ortom has held several meetings with farmers and herdsmen in the state at which he canvassed peaceful coexistence.
He always urged the two parties not to take the law into their hands in the case of an infringement on their rights but rather to report such case to the relevant authorities.
The Governor initiated meetings with his Taraba and Nasarawa State counterparts in the search for peace within and beyond the state.
On Agatu particularly, he initiated moves to visit the people in Benue and Nasarawa States with his colleague, Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, after a joint Security meeting of the two states.
Represented by his Deputy, Engineer Benson Abounu, Governor Ortom has visited Agatu several times and met with stakeholders many times.
He also met both the Vice President and President Muhammadu Buhari on the matter and secured more military deployment to the area as well as the attention of the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, and other relevant agencies to the affected areas.
Governor Ortom also responded to the situation by mobilising the security agencies in the state to move to stop further escalation of the crisis.
At his instructions the state government also provided relief materials to those displaced by the crises at the various camps in Ugbokpo, Ojantele and Ataganyi.
Through the amnesty programme he has reduced criminality in the state and enhanced the security of lives and property.
It is unfortunate that Mr Augustine Danmagana Alhaji Abubakar Tsav's nostalgia for the old order which put him on its payroll has beclouded his sense of judgment.
The discerning public is therefore urged to dismiss his comments which have been tainted by a craving to cast the new order in bad light on account of his partisanship.
With the benefit of hindsight it might be necessary for Mr Augustine Danmagana Alhaji Abubakar Tsav to state his contributions to the development of the state throughout his career in the police and upon retirement.
Apart from being an arm chair critic what solutions has he recommended to end the incessant crises or what relief has he brought to the affected as an individual?
On the other hand even before he became Governor, Samuel Ortom has been known for philanthropic and humanitarian activities such as provision of scholarships, treatment of the sick especially those with snakebites and hernia as well as care for the less privileged and vulnerable.
It could be recalled that when the people came under sustained attacks from herdsmen in 2014 he suspected his governorship ambition for one month and went about to explore avenues for peace in partnership with other major stakeholders.
Fortunately, his efforts and those of others yielded positive results and the attacks subsided.
Even though he has been a victim of the crises having lost many relations, his ancestral home, his warehouse, hundreds of acres of rice farm and other property, Governor Ortom has remained a peace maker.
To him, blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children.
Yet he who feels it knows it much more than someone who has no investment whatsover in the state but continues to search for relevance from the misfortunes of others.
Moreover, Mr Augustine Danmagana Alhaji Abubakar Tsav's stock in trade remains attempts to intimidate leaders with the objective of extorting money from them.
Unfortunately for the blackmailer, Governor Ortom has no skeletons in his cupboard and keeps challenging the former policeman and others to make public any corrupt deed they find against him throughout his private and public service career.
He has also demonstrated his civility, as well as adherence to the rule of law and due process by taking Mr Alhaji Tsav to court so that he could prove the false allegations he makes in order to justify his pay from sponsors.
It most be noted that even as Governor, Ortom has demonstrated exemplary leadership by challenging the people to return to agriculture by personally going to work on his farm.
On the other hand Mr Alhaji Tsav continues to make a living by running down respected leaders of the people.
Try as hard as he has to distract attention, the Ortom administration has remained focused by fulfilling its campaign promises to be transparent, accountable, just, fair and selfless.
It is also living up to the pledge to fight corruption and tackle the challenges confronting the people.
The searchlight on beneficiaries of the old order continues and if Mr Alhaji Tsav is found to be culpable, there will be no hesitation of recommending his prosecution to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.
Still, the former policeman can make decent money by tendering for jobs advertised recently in the education and other infrastructure sectors by the Benue State government and if his company qualifies he will surely be given one or more of the contracts.
Tahav Agerzua
Special Adviser,
Media and ICT.
Crime / PMB Speak Or Be Damned. See What Fulani Did In Agatu. by makyegh(m): 2:24pm On Mar 06, 2016
Hez Oluwaseun Akinrinde added 3 new photos — with Adeyemi Bola and 7 others.

President Buhari must at this time speak out loud and clear against the madness of his tribesmen in various Nigerian communities.
Nigeria was not made just for the Fulanis. Settlers must learn to respect their landlords and not lord things over them. You break up people's land, drive your cattle to eat up their crops and turn around to accuse them of stealing your cattle. Then you unleash your bestial tendencies on them by mindlessly slaughtering their children
This President must not keep quiet any more. Silence is not golden in this matter. It is a betrayal of trust that you would sit tight and assume nothing has gone wrong. You cannot arraign Kanu while you ignore the worse evil perpetrated by your bloodlines in the same country.
I am not yet of the opinion that your silence offers a tacit support of these acts that are only fitting for animals (though that's what they really are). I want to make an excuse for you that you are working on an appropriate response. But this must not take long anymore.
You have the duty to protect the whole of Nigeria. Do not place the interest of your blood hungry renegade-kinsmen above the interest of Nigeria. This nation must not burn in your time.
And when you speak, please let actions match your words.
You may start by sacking Solomon Arase anyways. He speaks no better than a Shakespearean court jester.

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