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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Warns Nato Of Military Response To Alliance Expansion by marvelous000: 7:43am On Dec 22, 2021

Sounds close to me.
From the reaction after the annexation of Crimea, we can predict to reasonable extent what the reaction will be when they invade Ukraine.
To be candid, the US and their NATO allies will never accept that kind of shit. It's all strategy.
Evident in the Castro's era missile crisis.
Seem to have energy for epistle.

It's like somebody saying to attack the north is not the same thing as attacking Nigeria.

Nairaland is riddled with uncountable foreign affairs neophytes. For your sanity, just avoid them.
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Receives His COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot (Photo) by marvelous000: 12:05pm On Dec 19, 2021

you've just written beautiful nonsense
Refute it or fvck off to everlasting oblivion

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Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Receives His COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot (Photo) by marvelous000: 10:28am On Dec 19, 2021

I can even give a link where one of them said something about many people who have no use need to die . It's on youtube.
People were shocked
Can you help me with it. I'm researching on that.
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Receives His COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot (Photo) by marvelous000: 9:10am On Dec 19, 2021

Why treat Malaria, when another mosquito bite can give you same Malaria?
I have seen you on two thread now, forming woke and learned, but you strike me as a half-baked educated illiterate.
I seldom comment here, because I find typing gruelling, but seeing you using the malaria logic, broke the ice for me.
lest the susceptible one's begin to buy into your bareface misinformation.
When you create a dose and call it vaccine against something, what does that simply mean to you, and how can we possibly use malaria treatment in the kind of logic you used it, when from the get-go it's known to be recurrent.


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals Gender Of His Second Twin Babies by marvelous000: 7:57am On Dec 18, 2021
Artificial insemination is really changing baby conception. One can serially choose to have only twins and it will fly.
Foreign Affairs / Re: "Fix Water & Lights Or No Xmas Leave!" - New SA Mayor Tells Workers (PIX) by marvelous000: 7:59am On Dec 15, 2021

LOL, you guys are having a serious allergic reaction to this story - I wonder why grin
I'm a Nigerian and appreciate his zeal and want it to make front page, so

Cos Lalasticlala, seun, mynd44

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Romance / Re: Does Body Count Actually Count? by marvelous000: 11:47pm On Dec 12, 2021

He will marry me like that. After all, we women do you men a big favour. Thank God I even have my dream man to call my own. I own him

Now, take this, hater.

There's one thing I find ineffably fascinating about you women, and that's how you delude yourselfs.

Anyway, so long!


Romance / Re: Does Body Count Actually Count? by marvelous000: 11:24pm On Dec 12, 2021

You don't know anything.


Really do not see how this is germane to what you quoted. conversely; I hope you're not planning on presenting husband-to-be with leftover, cos that had be tantamount to crime against humanity. Lolcheesy. I really feel sorry for dregs who eventually marry.


Romance / Re: Does Body Count Actually Count? by marvelous000: 8:07pm On Dec 12, 2021
What's your business with my body count?

My body, my business.
It'll be a whole lot of business when that body will warrant a bride price.

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Celebrities / Re: FFK: Mercy Eke Supports Precious Chikwendu (Video) by marvelous000: 7:17pm On Dec 12, 2021
Yes No one has the right to take her children from her.

They must return her children to her and the man MUST provide finance to take care of them

Also by virtue of her marriage and children, all FFK's properties must be shared and at least 80% given to Precious.

Precious should stop crying and look for a good lawyer, that drug addict needs to be taught a lesson
You think this is the west where pussies parading themselves as men, get all their life work taken from them all because some greedy selfish bitchh want to tryout new dickk.

This is Nigeria and even the whole fvcking SANs can't pull off such idiocy in Nigerian court, not to talk of when the subject of litigation is not even traditionally married.

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Family / Re: I Hit My Husband By Mistake by marvelous000: 11:46pm On Dec 09, 2021
All these fake stories that the writers use sockpuppet accounts to claim they’re real. I don tire for una, Nairaland moderators and fellow idiots who do nothing but type rubbish in this forum.

You slapped your husband. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas in advance. What do you want to hear exactly?
I thought I was the only one who noticed. They always dish out unrealistic but provoking stories that elicit strong reaction from member's, thus, create a beehive of activity just to keep the forum engaged. It's a tasteless trick upcoming sites employ, and it surprises me seun is still into it.

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Sports / Re: Victor Moses Ready For Super Eagles Return by marvelous000: 9:10pm On Dec 07, 2021

Messi is not even European, he is South American. Argentina is not part of Europe. grin grin
Do not go the path of prevarication with with me, cos I can reel out plethora of Europeans that came out of retirement. People like platini, cahill, zindane et al.
Sports / Re: Victor Moses Ready For Super Eagles Return by marvelous000: 8:47pm On Dec 07, 2021
When European players quit, they do it for good. But African players are confused and indecisive. Ighalo is back now Moses is about to return. I hope he will do well.
You fvcks with inferiority complex, always look for the slightest opportunity to prattle invectives at Africa, while using the west(which most times are not better) as a standard.
So, Messi that retired and came back is what

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Politics / Re: Anti-grazing Law Pits Ayade Against Southern Govs, Lawmakers by marvelous000: 8:03am On Dec 07, 2021
I hope you all can see now. You will say Yorubas are the betrayals, Yoruba don’t try to offend the Fulani. Bla bla bla since all of you have been complaining with no action. The Yorubas lead the action, started Amotekun, introduced open grazing ban now it’s like it’s the Yoruba nation that’s alone on this. Every other person slowly pulling out. All of these people were at the meeting where the resolution of open grazing was discussed o.
Nigeria shall be great. Lagbara Oloun.
Stop wimping like a lost kid. Apart from this traitor, show me who again is together in his folly.
Politics / Re: Sylvester Omoroni: Joy Edordu Is Parent To One Of The Bullies - GistLover by marvelous000: 8:54am On Dec 05, 2021

I pray your child die like this young boy then u will understand the pain.

Even your parents should join sef
No, you don't have to pray that family members die; in fact, report to God to kill me first, you boorish cow.
You emotional ass. How are you remotely different from the delinquent Juvenals, when you could slice through the throat of people oblivious of what happened just to satisfy your warp sense of justice.

You coffin-dodging-oxygen-thief. You disgust me.

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Politics / Re: Falz, Mr Macaroni Reject Sanwo-Olu’s Invite For Peace Walk by marvelous000: 9:10pm On Nov 30, 2021
These are the same clowns that refused to negotiate with FG and insist that the youths block the tollgate despite the anarchy looming.
They knew the police will come. Unfortunately, it was the military came to clear the tollgate, but these guys were chilling in their homes at that time.
Now they are rejecting a peace walk organized by the constituted authority of a governor.
Social media has really made these ones important. if not for it, I can bet you Macaroni the skit actor will be doing stage plays in an unsheltered theatre.

Thunder fire anybody wey mention me to insult me. I am entitled to my opinion.
Good you know your opinion stinks, because you're nothing but a walking corpse.

A death-dodging-oxygen-thief.


Romance / Re: Lady's Wig Flies Off Her Head As She Jumps In Excitement At Boyfriend's Proposal by marvelous000: 12:56pm On Nov 27, 2021
Bad Belle people dey comment rubbish. grin By the time all these Red Pillers reach 100 you go know. Find a good lady and settle down, no all ladies are useless nah e you dey shout. Learn from PA Olu Jacob situation rn, old age is coming.
And Jacob told you he couldn't hire domestic help? conversely: the senior citizens in the west, living in elderly people home, are being taken care of by their wives , right

Your argument is insipid and lame. btw, what about those that married and was sent 6ft under because of the horrendous treatment from their wives, as soon as they pass their prime
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Threatens To Destroy 32 Nato Satellites To Cripple Missile Systems (Pics) by marvelous000: 1:08pm On Nov 25, 2021
Why not just do it, why give threats instead? grin

I pity small countries especially Islamic countries who may dare to act on Russia's covert incitement and get themselves wiped off the face of the earth.

There is no country as cunning as Russia. They have been giving war warnings since time immemorial but when it comes to doing stuffs, they start having talks with China and North Korea probably to incite them not knowing that Chinko people get sense.

Who are they deceiving? grin

So the one they're doing in Ukraine and Syria is what?

it is only on nairaland you see political neophytes and foriegn affairs charlatans yapping ignorance with fervent gusto.

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Family / Re: The Menace Of Snakes In The Toilet Bowl: It's Scary by marvelous000: 4:54pm On Nov 24, 2021
That is actually a stupid idea. undecided

Garlic or any food attracts mice/rats up your pipe and snakes eat mice and rats. So up your pipe they, Snakes, also go chasing after mice and voila into your bowl they appear! undecided
For the fact you dislike the so called righteousness, does not warrant abandoning rationality.

It's a known fact that garlic serve as a potent repellent to reptiles; especially snakes. So, don't misinform the paranoid lady.


Sports / Re: De Gea Criticizes Man Utd Players After 4 - 1 Defeat To Watford by marvelous000: 7:37am On Nov 21, 2021
In any situation of life, never aspire to acquire Maguire!!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistan Parliament Passes Anti-rape Law That Allows Offenders To Be Chemically by marvelous000: 10:01pm On Nov 18, 2021
Family / Re: My House Maid Has Become My Madam In My Own Home by marvelous000: 8:02am On Nov 08, 2021

I'm not asking of your mum's decisions, I'm asking of your outward emotions and reaction to what she did,

The wife the Op talked about expressed her feelings on what her father in law did, which in her right she is justified, no one will be happy of such a scenario except we want to deceive ourselves, and I for one do not like to deceive myself.

If your mother gets pregnant for your driver, you will not be happy about it, but you just have to accept her decision to marry him.
in as much as every indication point that this is a concocted story, i still think you reason like a juvenile.
what fvcking right does a mere daughter in-law have, to say: over her dead body she'd allow her father in-law marry the nanny. she jolly well should prepare to take her narcissism to her early grave, cause as her father inlaw, i'll help expedite her being a dead body by marrying that nanny, and if my son should choose to stupidly fall with her, then he'll swiftly recieve the axe from all inheritance there's from me.

people like her, is the reason this world is so sick and terrible.

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Romance / Re: by marvelous000: 1:21pm On Nov 07, 2021
why do i have an inkling that you're a dude with a hairy blokos. lolcheesy. conversely, you also strike me as paid internet agent, employed to spin yarn out of thin air just to elicit engagement and activity on this fora.


Romance / Re: Ladies, Would U Marry A Guy U Are Richer Than? by marvelous000: 12:52am On Nov 07, 2021
Been like a year i had the pinch to drop comment on this fora, but the mendacity flying around is an ineffable siesmic drag on my apathy to comment.
seeing ladies comment here, make me want to barf at thier bareface prevarication, that in itself, is a naked contrast of what is readily obtainable in the society. It makes me want to tinker on what planet they're posting from, cos they're certainly not referring to the social dispensations attributable to earth; Especially as it relates to the proclivity of women to settle for a mate.

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Celebrities / Re: Ned Nwoko: I Married Regina Daniels In 3 Weeks. She Knows I'll Marry Again by marvelous000: 11:11am On Dec 02, 2020
A tour to this man's house won't be a bad idea, I should have thought about this earlier
Since he left a window of opportunity for another wife, why not go to his place and make yourself another sexual piece of meat, since you're venal with no basic human dignity.
Romance / Re: He Rough Handled Me On My First Visit To His House!!! HELP by marvelous000: 4:20pm On Mar 06, 2020
I'd have rough handled you too grin You say you want a serious relationship & yet you're dodging his calls on purpose, by your own admittance. What are you hoping to achieve with that? He probably thinks you're a game player & is acting accordingly, going by the energy you're putting out.

Lastly, you're sending this guy mixed messages. He groped & fondled you on the 1st day you spent time together & yet you agreed to meet up with him again. Do you know what that tells him? That you liked it or you wouldn't have gone for round two & three when he's misbehaved previously. If you wanna send a point home, be direct about the things you don't like & follow through with action, so they know you mean business.
Sorry XhosaNostra. You talk like a mature intelligent lady diametrically different from the sad lot we've to put up with here. are you in your 30s

Do excuse my stereotypical curiositywink

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Romance / Re: Glad I Found You. by marvelous000: 10:30pm On Mar 03, 2020
Looking at your picture and her's I can only say one thing, the two of una fit each other.

Very unattractive looking couple. grin grin
You got me laughing like a psychopath herecheesygrin

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Romance / Re: A Nigerian Man Beat Wife Mercilessly, After DNA A Test Failed. by marvelous000: 1:03pm On Feb 21, 2020

Dumb and unintelligent.

You think court do not ask for DNA testing before ruling on child support.

You need to attend some school.
Sincerely, it's no surprise that she'll reason that a fraud of child can be foisted on a person who didn't sire the child.

Her comment shows that she tacitly sanction the impossible beautiful nonsense.

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Romance / Re: A Nigerian Man Beat Wife Mercilessly, After DNA A Test Failed. by marvelous000: 12:41pm On Feb 21, 2020

In western countries she will file a case against him,divorce him,and cart away with his wealth. He will pay her child support for kids that aren't his grin

So which is a wiser choice to make?
The only litigation she can institute against him is assault.
And how is paying for child support for kids that are not his possible, when there is palpable evidence of infidelity and paternity fraud.

I'm really trying hard to be chivalrous and not insult you or question your intelligence.
Romance / Re: DNA Test The Only Way Out Now. by marvelous000: 12:11pm On Feb 21, 2020
Adultery by women didn't start yesterday. You might not even be your father's son.

Adulterous women would be exposed. Adulterous men would also get their extra kids, because some men sow their seeds elsewhere.
Every gender would be hit.

Let's start by suggesting it to our parents, friends and family.
I am totally in support of DNA, it's total wickedness to transfer paternity of a child, it's total wickedness to screw around.
Never new I'll agree with you on anything. hope this is an assertion of conviction and not nominal. lol grin

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Romance / Re: Girls Are Never Single! Prove Me Wrong by marvelous000: 8:16pm On Feb 19, 2020
you are so lucky i am in my maniac state. Would have whopped your a$$.

You went as far as scouting my threads to pin me down?

I made that statement for two reasons:
1) Marriage is the consummation of a relationship and thus complete trust is needed. You keep options numerous while in the dating field and but for the fact you walk down the aisle with someone it means you have selected him/her as the one.
2) The post was against those that try to influence others in making decisions. Read it again and get the message implied, that people should make choices on their accord and not because someone gingers them

I can guess your next move-argument. You will try to disprove me and call me a liar but I will clearly ignore you. Except you have ulterior motives for your next rebuttal like clout-chasing,be rest assured that you will get no further response from me. Save yourself the stress of typing.

Hahaha! You're a hell of a big emotional cry baby drunk in the delusion of her own self importance. Tone down the visceral outburst and save it for your regular romanceland wimps who massage your bloated Ego and aide your megalomaniac-complex.
Clout-chasing online you say! Are you a lowlife? Cos that's the idiosyncrasy of lowlifes who take online twaddle serious to think that they are one consequential thing that people have to pay homage to, just to substitute for their lack of life offline.

If at all I need what you call clout, I'll seek it from intelligent people and intelligent board like foreign affairs section, not from heap of banality.

So, tap down and snap out of your delusion.

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Romance / Re: Girls Are Never Single! Prove Me Wrong by marvelous000: 5:47pm On Feb 19, 2020
where have I stated I demand loyalty from a guy?

Lol. You're pathetic in feigning ignorance and innocence.

This is an excerpt from one of your sermonI will walk away from a cheating spouse because he betrayed my trust, not because someone gingered me saying ", he is doing it because he is a man bla bla bla

When next you want to prevaricate, you should do well to ascertain the kind of individual you're dealing with, cos some peep have got memory like an elephant. wink

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