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Celebrities / Re: Ned Nwoko: I Married Regina Daniels In 3 Weeks. She Knows I'll Marry Again by marvelous000: 11:11am On Dec 02, 2020
A tour to this man's house won't be a bad idea, I should have thought about this earlier
Since he left a window of opportunity for another wife, why not go to his place and make yourself another sexual piece of meat, since you're venal with no basic human dignity.
Romance / Re: He Rough Handled Me On My First Visit To His House!!! HELP by marvelous000: 4:20pm On Mar 06, 2020
I'd have rough handled you too grin You say you want a serious relationship & yet you're dodging his calls on purpose, by your own admittance. What are you hoping to achieve with that? He probably thinks you're a game player & is acting accordingly, going by the energy you're putting out.

Lastly, you're sending this guy mixed messages. He groped & fondled you on the 1st day you spent time together & yet you agreed to meet up with him again. Do you know what that tells him? That you liked it or you wouldn't have gone for round two & three when he's misbehaved previously. If you wanna send a point home, be direct about the things you don't like & follow through with action, so they know you mean business.
Sorry XhosaNostra. You talk like a mature intelligent lady diametrically different from the sad lot we've to put up with here. are you in your 30s

Do excuse my stereotypical curiositywink

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Romance / Re: Glad I Found You. by marvelous000: 10:30pm On Mar 03, 2020
Looking at your picture and her's I can only say one thing, the two of una fit each other.

Very unattractive looking couple. grin grin
You got me laughing like a psychopath herecheesygrin

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Romance / Re: A Nigerian Man Beat Wife Mercilessly, After DNA A Test Failed. by marvelous000: 1:03pm On Feb 21, 2020

Dumb and unintelligent.

You think court do not ask for DNA testing before ruling on child support.

You need to attend some school.
Sincerely, it's no surprise that she'll reason that a fraud of child can be foisted on a person who didn't sire the child.

Her comment shows that she tacitly sanction the impossible beautiful nonsense.

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Romance / Re: A Nigerian Man Beat Wife Mercilessly, After DNA A Test Failed. by marvelous000: 12:41pm On Feb 21, 2020

In western countries she will file a case against him,divorce him,and cart away with his wealth. He will pay her child support for kids that aren't his grin

So which is a wiser choice to make?
The only litigation she can institute against him is assault.
And how is paying for child support for kids that are not his possible, when there is palpable evidence of infidelity and paternity fraud.

I'm really trying hard to be chivalrous and not insult you or question your intelligence.
Romance / Re: DNA Test The Only Way Out Now. by marvelous000: 12:11pm On Feb 21, 2020
Adultery by women didn't start yesterday. You might not even be your father's son.

Adulterous women would be exposed. Adulterous men would also get their extra kids, because some men sow their seeds elsewhere.
Every gender would be hit.

Let's start by suggesting it to our parents, friends and family.
I am totally in support of DNA, it's total wickedness to transfer paternity of a child, it's total wickedness to screw around.
Never new I'll agree with you on anything. hope this is an assertion of conviction and not nominal. lol grin

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Romance / Re: Girls Are Never Single! Prove Me Wrong by marvelous000: 8:16pm On Feb 19, 2020
you are so lucky i am in my maniac state. Would have whopped your a$$.

You went as far as scouting my threads to pin me down?

I made that statement for two reasons:
1) Marriage is the consummation of a relationship and thus complete trust is needed. You keep options numerous while in the dating field and but for the fact you walk down the aisle with someone it means you have selected him/her as the one.
2) The post was against those that try to influence others in making decisions. Read it again and get the message implied, that people should make choices on their accord and not because someone gingers them

I can guess your next move-argument. You will try to disprove me and call me a liar but I will clearly ignore you. Except you have ulterior motives for your next rebuttal like clout-chasing,be rest assured that you will get no further response from me. Save yourself the stress of typing.

Hahaha! You're a hell of a big emotional cry baby drunk in the delusion of her own self importance. Tone down the visceral outburst and save it for your regular romanceland wimps who massage your bloated Ego and aide your megalomaniac-complex.
Clout-chasing online you say! Are you a lowlife? Cos that's the idiosyncrasy of lowlifes who take online twaddle serious to think that they are one consequential thing that people have to pay homage to, just to substitute for their lack of life offline.

If at all I need what you call clout, I'll seek it from intelligent people and intelligent board like foreign affairs section, not from heap of banality.

So, tap down and snap out of your delusion.

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Romance / Re: Girls Are Never Single! Prove Me Wrong by marvelous000: 5:47pm On Feb 19, 2020
where have I stated I demand loyalty from a guy?

Lol. You're pathetic in feigning ignorance and innocence.

This is an excerpt from one of your sermonI will walk away from a cheating spouse because he betrayed my trust, not because someone gingered me saying ", he is doing it because he is a man bla bla bla

When next you want to prevaricate, you should do well to ascertain the kind of individual you're dealing with, cos some peep have got memory like an elephant. wink
Romance / Re: A Nigerian Man Beat Wife Mercilessly, After DNA A Test Failed. by marvelous000: 4:58pm On Feb 19, 2020

After making her to lose four teeth?
and what exactly is your point?


Romance / Re: Stop Dating Mentally Broke Girls by marvelous000: 2:12pm On Feb 19, 2020

You remind me of one 'TheSonofMark' moniker. I have an inkling you MIGHT be him.

No, I'm seldom active here and not him, tho I know him very well.
Romance / Re: Stop Dating Mentally Broke Girls by marvelous000: 2:07pm On Feb 19, 2020
Romance / Re: Stop Dating Mentally Broke Girls by marvelous000: 2:05pm On Feb 19, 2020

OMG. See i have something for u.

Romance / Re: Girls Are Never Single! Prove Me Wrong by marvelous000: 1:46pm On Feb 19, 2020

Depends on what you call single. They may be a main guy,the one she collects money from ,the one she collects di©k from,the beta guy friend zoned that she gets emotional support from,the one that just a want marriage and not dating(she will definitely pick this one and dump the rest)...
This is keeping her chances open, so she is never really alone or vanquished if one of them fails her. If she gives her all to a man and he disappoints her and doesn't marry her its still you guys that will call her evening newspaper.

Guys too have girls for sex and breast pressing,one that cooks for him,the one whose company he enjoys(jovial and mature one) and the main girl.

Nothing wrong in keeping options open
Then on what moral compass do you demand faithfulness and loyalty from a man?


Romance / Re: Stop Dating Mentally Broke Girls by marvelous000: 1:33pm On Feb 19, 2020
Story. Dont dull yourself cos as you're here doing "the girl is good" the same guy you're doing this for is on his kneels giving another girl money and buying her stuffs.

Men like to do what pleases them if you like sacrifice your life for them. If a man truly cherishes a lady forget all this your stories. Otherwise why do men still leave their partner who supports and helps them and go for side chicks who does nothing but collect, collect and collect from them?
Men are naturally wired to spend on a lady they appreciate, forget what the Nairaland red pillers are being brainwashed with.

A man that likes you won't bother about all that crap up there. Only hungry and sad niggars give a hoot.

No body should mention me o. I'm not in the mood
You don't walk around fire and expect not to sweat. No, you don't have a say on when to be mentioned in a public fora, especially when you yap like a sybaritic leech whose education is a colossal waste.


Romance / Re: Can You Actually Marry A Woman That Cannot Cook? (photos) by marvelous000: 11:09am On Feb 19, 2020
Yes I can. it's no big deal, but on the proviso that she'll learn subsequently after marriage.
Romance / Re: Reasons Why Having A Girlfriend Is Good For You . by marvelous000: 5:27pm On Feb 17, 2020
A better heap of crap have never been written.

I've been single for the past 18yrs and it would be vulgar trying to put into word the amount of bliss I've experienced taking into cognisance the gruelling task it take to service a relationship and in Nigeria most especially.

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Romance / Re: Being Gay Shouldn't Be A Crime In Nigeria by marvelous000: 8:43am On Feb 16, 2020
Don't get emotional ma'am, these things you said doesn't make sense as far as this topic is concerned. Every person who lies, fornicates etc know that s/he is committing a sin. Heck, they even go for confession but do gays agree that something is wrong? NOPE.

Stealing is illegal and a punishable crime so I don't get why it is part of your comment.

Bible didn't condemn judging people, it rather teaches how to judge. Show me where it is said that we should not judge.

Like I have already said, anyone doing the aforementioned knows that s/he is doing something wrong. People get killed everyday for stealing so what's your point?

I hold nothing against homosexuals but this your argument holds no water. You're being more emotional than rational.

The foreign media has finished this one.

Lemme ask you.

Have you ever wondered why the media never portrayed a homosexual as dundee, thief, terrorist, drug addict, etc?

Why do they always portray them as quiet, gentle, talented and mostly good looking?

Ask yourself why then you will see why.

How is it normal? Since when did it become normal? What happened before it became normal? What's the sexual orientation of the researchers who said it's normal?

You've a problem and your problem is your inability to look beyond your nose.

Homosexuals don't just want to be homosexuals, they want to be homosexuals and special. That's where the problem comes from.

Imagine the little number of homosexuals we have yet they're making all these noise, now ask yourself what happens when they become the majority?

Simple, they will outlaw being straight.

Heck, you can't even joke about them.

Just a joke and Kelvin Harts couldn't host Oscar's.

Sometime ago a priest was arrested for refusing to wed gay couple.

Is this not an infringement on their rights? I mean the priest and Kelvin.

Soon, you won't be able to have a job without publicly declaring your support for homosexuals.

Then you will understand what's coming but it's going to be too late.

Homosexuals do everything we do except forcing the fact that they're homosexuals down our throat.

I have a question for you lobbyist, how many more things are you going to term normal as long as it doesn't affect you directly?

Bestiality, incest etc?

How far can you?

Because once you allow one, another will start clamoring for recognition.
Well said and aptly put, bro!

I like how you made rubbish her religious recrimination. I mean, her attempt to accuse others of adultery, fornication et al in the same vein as being gay, forgetting it's an express indictment of the perverse act she herald.

Anyway, I made quick to check her pics and was proven right. she's just a naive young lady inebriated by western miasmic theory of love, probably levitating over her sense of scruple for being a closet gay.


Phone/Internet Market / Re: Pretty Affordable MTN/GLO/ETISALAT Data Bundles. 1gb @ ₦300 RESELLERS NEEDED by marvelous000: 11:14am On Feb 10, 2020
grin grin Thanks so much, I appreciate.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Pretty Affordable MTN/GLO/ETISALAT Data Bundles. 1gb @ ₦300 RESELLERS NEEDED by marvelous000: 11:13am On Feb 10, 2020
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Pretty Affordable MTN/GLO/ETISALAT Data Bundles. 1gb @ ₦300 RESELLERS NEEDED by marvelous000: 6:57pm On Feb 05, 2020
Well, just made an order and there was promt response and sending of data. I can unequivocally attest that not only is she legit, but also expeditious and a good businesswoman you can trust.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Protests Erupt In Iran After Military Admits Downing Ukrainian Passenger Jet by marvelous000: 11:05pm On Jan 11, 2020

You are a moronic imbecille
Dog, now that you've seen the figures, how do you feel about yourself? you see why idiocy is a liability, you boorish swine.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Protests Erupt In Iran After Military Admits Downing Ukrainian Passenger Jet by marvelous000: 11:05pm On Jan 11, 2020
Foreign Affairs / Re: Protests Erupt In Iran After Military Admits Downing Ukrainian Passenger Jet by marvelous000: 10:18pm On Jan 11, 2020

The Americans shutdown an Iranian civilian airliner about 3 decades ago. The Americans claimed it was a mistake.

Iran has gotten their revenge as majority of the passengers were westerners.
you talk like an ignorant idiot. why not visit Google to ascertain the death toll by country again.

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