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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Reveals How She Hid Her Baby Bump As She Clarifies Celibacy Statemen by MChaze25(m): 2:20pm On May 23, 2018
Sure, but you asked who would want.
When you re ready to marry, you will understand
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Reveals How She Hid Her Baby Bump As She Clarifies Celibacy Statemen by MChaze25(m): 2:10pm On May 23, 2018
I want a controversial wife, if she's Linda's caliber.
But she wouldn't want you.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Reveals How She Hid Her Baby Bump As She Clarifies Celibacy Statemen by MChaze25(m): 1:36pm On May 23, 2018
Money is not everything in this life.
This issue alone has dinted her biography in present and future references as an exemplary media icon.
A good name is worth more than gold.

She made a big sacrifice with her life doing Aproko to make money despite knowing the dark consequences that men will avoid her.
Who wants a controversial wife?
She should ve shut down that blog at age when it mattered most, then allow time to repair her battered image on the internet.
But what do I know?

Every step she makes now will expose her more and more.
Dont choose money over a good name!
Romance / Re: Young Men Should Drop This Attitude. by MChaze25(m): 7:37am On May 23, 2018
Op my advice to you is to be careful.
A time comes in your life when you begin to see ladies from a totally different perspective!.
That's why am against marriage before 29 or 30 for guys.
The older you grow, the wiser you become.
There re certain things that don't matter in life at a certain stage.
Providing for any woman shouldn't be your priority at an advanced stage.
Her value will matter more to you.
Men rise and fall and rise again.
Better change your mentality.

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Programming / Re: Cakephp Web Developer Needed For Website Upgrade by MChaze25(m): 12:12am On May 22, 2018
07063988862- WhatsApp
Programming / Re: I Need A Competent Website Builder by MChaze25(m): 12:10am On May 22, 2018
Hello. If you are programmer and you can build any type of website with different level of sophistication. Pls drop your number.
Note: you must be highly competent and skilled. And you must be able to design and build any form of website

Call/ WhatsApp:- 07063988862
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Replies Charley Boy: "I'm Getting Married" by MChaze25(m): 11:54pm On May 21, 2018
If I have daughters, the first daughter must have sense by fire by force.
Wait o, so with a stomach big like that and with your status in the media, you still talking about achieving marriage?
Aunty Linda's life is so fishy.
At least Laura wasn't this naive with her own baby bump!!!
If the father of that baby is serious, you should be preparing for wedding now and not buying a 100 million ride for you and the baby.
See how big her tummy is. How is she gonna suck it when the marriage finally comes as it now delayed huh?
This one na medicine after death o..
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji’s Public Statement On Her Pregnancy by MChaze25(m): 3:58pm On May 21, 2018
See why I hate this Linda?

Simply apologize to the huge number of Nigerian feminists you have scammed that they can buy a man!
You made them believe that being submissive is evil.
I can count them all girls;-
My cousin, Joy, Faith, Cindy and many more...
These girls believed in your theory and re unmarried till today.

Why is she so arrogant to say sorry?

She is still looking for loyal female followers to come for baby mama "baby shower"?

Baby shower gbuo gi there!
Shameless lady. Wizkid hit you well with his insult last time.
She for old reach 40 for her keyboard.

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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji: I Can Hide Baby Bump For Africa Sha! (Photos) by MChaze25(m): 1:57pm On May 21, 2018
I believe she married secretly just like them Nadia Buhari.
Married secretly fire!
We all knew how Beyonce first got married before we saw a baby bump.
Even Dbanj news of secret marriage was everywhere as his parents were shocked but had to obey his wish that very day. They came totally unaware of Dapo's plans that day.
Jayz's wish of no photos at his wedding was obeyed.

Now Linda just flashed a ring early in the year and flashed a baby bump in May!
No news of marriage event?
Watch it, she wanted to plan her sister Laura's method but it didn't work. It couldn't work as soon as EFCC started a massive clamp down on Yahoo boys in Abuja!
No body loves a secret marriage.
Not even this type of secret
Celebrities / Re: Nigerians React To Linda Ikeji's Pregnancy News by MChaze25(m): 6:19am On May 21, 2018
I told a friend 2 years ago that Linda Ikeji is not worth it as far as marriage is concerned. The fanatic of money yelled at me that even he will rush to marry Linda if the chance arrives. I wonder what the guy will be thinking now that he is in Dubai reading this news. He was talking like he was in Linda's shoes. Lol
Its obvious she got pregnant out of wedlock.
Shame unto her parents coz they can't even shout at her. She is their financial Messiah after all.
This is what happens when you forgot you re an African practising an European career so proudly
Software/Programmer Market / Re: Need A Digital Marketer To Promote My Website by MChaze25(m): 10:23am On May 19, 2018
WhatsApp :- 07063988862

Pz Consults & I-Tech Hub

We don't believe in Ads but results.
We use all social media platforms including WhatsApp.
Contact us today
Romance / Re: Why Do I Always Meet Poor Girls With So Much Demands? Please Help by MChaze25(m): 1:20am On May 19, 2018
Will never forget what my mum told me years ago.

She said ;- " Beware of some girls. They re like MTN. They carry their family problems everywhere they go"

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Celebrities / Re: Ubi Franklin Slams His 'ashawo' Colleague Over Cee-c by MChaze25(m): 2:22pm On May 18, 2018
Such a half married man!!!
Webmasters / Re: Website Designer Needed by MChaze25(m): 6:28am On May 18, 2018
WhatsApp :- 07063988862.

As a graphics artist, be sure to get the best from me
Webmasters / Re: I Need A News Autoblog Website With Google Adsense by MChaze25(m): 6:24am On May 18, 2018
Is there any1 that can help me design a news website that is automated and will have adsense and other ads on it? i need the cost so we can get started... 07062519677

WhatsApp 07063988862.

Na your money kill am
Programming / Re: I Need A Good PHP Programmer To Modify My Site (payment Involved) by MChaze25(m): 6:16am On May 18, 2018
Keep looking at the Code. It will work one day. Or simply write it on paper burn it and drink the water. It gonna work. U need a free programmer. Go train ur villager s and give them the job to do for you. This Guy has the got to insult me . God will judge you.

Stop talking nonsense the topic said payment is involved Oga.

At .Op, work on your class.
Let your brain relax and go thru your past research books or lesson notes.
Come back to it and see yourself making the correction.

It happens to me sometimes. Small trouble looking big.
I play soft music to relax my brain while working
Nairaland / General / Re: 5 Types Of Friends That Would Ruin Your Finances - Avoid Them!!! by MChaze25(m): 6:00am On May 18, 2018
You may or may not have realized it yet, but the people you surround yourself with maybe subtly shaping the decisions you make with your money, and unfortunately, the outcome is often less favourable.

I showed two friends this material that I have used to make money online, one wanted to buy, and the other friend convinced him not to, claiming that it was a scam. A few months later, the one who discouraged the other came back and bought. He started making money, and that was how the other missed out.

There are friends you shouldn't keep; these kinda friends are gonna ruin you, and you won't even know. I will list them out so that you can verify if you have such friends around you.

Beware of these five types of people who can harm your finances:

1. Enemies of Progress

You will also recognize them by their comments on any wonderful topic that would help others. They are lazy and don't want to work hard, so they want everyone to miss the same opportunity that they miss.

The moment you drop any wonderful idea, you would hear things like "it won't work", "scam", "I have tried it before and it didn't work".

Such negative attitude will eventually rub off on you, and you will equally follow suit. The end result is that you remain comfortable in your condition and fail to push forward.

Identifying a person's negative characteristics early on puts you in a better position to protect your finances from people who can harm your finances. Be aware of how your friends may be affecting your money decisions, so you can better protect your finances.

2. Stingy Hands

Stingy Hands are people who, instead of thinking of money as a tool, see it as something to be conserved at all costs, even if it means alienating their friends.

Most of us may have experienced this multiple times, usually in situations where a bill is split and you'll be surprised to find that you need to pay more than expected.

What's worse is that these people do not value your friendship and would be willing to lose you as a friend, rather than spend their money.

3. Wasters

These type of people will castigate you for buying materials that would improve your finances. They are happy when you spend the whole day with your money drinking and enjoying at parties.

They may frequently borrow small amounts of money from you and expect you to pick up the tab if you invite them to go out somewhere.

It becomes worse when you may find yourself granting even bigger favours such as letting them use your ATM card to make a large purchase on the condition that they pay you back.

They pay you small amounts at first, but eventually, you'll find yourself chasing them down for the money.

4. Shopaholics

Shopaholics can be dangerous friends to have when you're trying to get out of debt or are aiming to save more. These people find the idea of letting cash sit in a bank account unthinkable.

If you spend some time with them at a mall, they'll soon guilt you into buying something you don't really need.

However, not all shopaholics have the intention to exhaust your resources and they could be oblivious to the idea. It just so happens that they have enough resources to live their lifestyle.

On the other hand, it doesn't mean you should be tempted to adopt their habits.

5. Braggarts

Braggarts are known for putting a lot of effort into letting everyone know how successful they are with their finances, which is rather off-putting.

They constantly tell you how great they're doing financially and it may cause you to question the choices you're making with your money.

It becomes more difficult when you're roughly the same age, as you find yourself starting to make comparisons between their progress and your own.

Life is a single race, so whatever you know would improve your finances, go ahead and do it. Forget about what people say. That it didn't work for them doesn't mean it won't work for you.

This material has helped people improve their finances, make sure you check it out using the link below;

See source for more

You say off-putting @ number 5?..
DAMN....English on repeat!
Crime / Re: Two Nigerians Jailed For £1m Phishing Scam In U.K. by MChaze25(m): 5:46am On May 18, 2018
Please take a moment to pray for the safe return of Leah Sharibu.
SCAM is SCAM Mr. Scrama!
Business / Re: National Average Price Of Petrol Declined In April To N151.4 by MChaze25(m): 6:56am On May 16, 2018
Can youxVisupplyETRthis: Client Needs A Land In Enugu Between 2 To 3 M
rnPlease seehrthe linkDebelow.
PtahHP postbox 13Yo37 rodeo0070 7rwMMi maxiuc NWGlOm royalrufai pCRFlr mchaze25

Call me:- 07063988862
Celebrities / Re: "My Body Na Ebeano!": Peter Okoye Goes Shirtless In New Photo by MChaze25(m): 6:46am On May 16, 2018
Oh I just hope his wife sings or likes that "Ebeano" song too?
Imagine me trying to blow with an Igbo song while my wife doesn't even understand what am singing?
How will her support come in?
No chemistry, no bonding, nothing to contribute to my career asides money?
Truly money isnt everything!!!
Politics / Re: I Have Done Better Than 16 Years Of PDP Misrule- Buhari by MChaze25(m): 9:37am On May 15, 2018
He failed in economy and security.

Two most important sectors for any president.
Politics / Re: 2019: Anambra Will Give Buhari 70 Percent Of Votes – Ngige by MChaze25(m): 6:38am On May 14, 2018
Ewu number 500,000,000

Issa ode!!
Family / Re: 30 Habits That Show Improper Upbringing Of Children by MChaze25(m): 5:19pm On May 10, 2018
Nice write-up!

No. 31:-Eating in a neighbours home...

Most Igbo girls that grow up in Lagos keep disappointing me that grew up in the east.
Chidera got transferred to work at a bank in the East from Lagos.
We became friends after we meet at a ceremony.
We exchanged numbers and started chatting.
Next thing she started calling me "Baby".
I was taken aback!
I told her to slow down on a codine diet...lol

I called her the next week to check on her and she told me she was eating at her neighbor's place. A guy for that matter.
The voices of guys I heard at the background sef shouting was a turn off!.
Menh...I did a tactical withdrawal like a smart guy about to arrive in a juicy pot.

Parental upbringing = Zero.
You can't be silver and be able to polish out Gold.
Politics / Re: APC Crisis Worsens As nPDP Faction Issues Seven-Day Ultimatum by MChaze25(m): 4:24pm On May 09, 2018
Lord if this APC is truly evil in thy sight, pls Disgrace and Destroy them for the greater good of Nigeria in Jesus name

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Celebrities / Re: Tekno Ignores Danfo Driver, Set To Release Video Of "JOGODO" - Fans React by MChaze25(m): 4:20pm On May 09, 2018
You sound dumb bruv. So many educated illiterates surfing the Web.

bull crap or cow dung or not, there is something they call intellectual property and you have no right to play down on the validity of their claim and the law. After you guys will be asking which day Nigeria will get it right.

It starts from the very little things and intellectual property theft is no little thing in this context.

There is nothing intellectual in both the original and the copied song....

Both of them are bullcrap that will only sell in intellectually handicapped countries like Nigeria...

Intellectual copyright infringement.... ni
More like moronic copyright infringement


Keep defining yourself codedly
Celebrities / Re: Tekno Ignores Danfo Driver, Set To Release Video Of "JOGODO" - Fans React by MChaze25(m): 4:18pm On May 09, 2018
Na today Teckno begin steal people song and lyrics?
#Lazy Artist with yeye manager
I knew one day nemesis will catch up with him.
You can't touch my friend's song and go free that long.

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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Expresses Her Feelings After Partying With Wizkid by MChaze25(m): 3:57pm On May 07, 2018
Wizkid should be careful o...
A lady that pulled down her hubby on national TV will not spare you once she is ready to ride over you.
Tiwa is extremely desperate for FAME and TREND.
I see a lady that can do anything social to remain relevant.
Dating her is akin to dating Linda.
You will end up in the public dustbin of social media with these kinda ladies!!!
Celebrities / Re: DMW Vs Starboy: Who Is Winning In 2018 Already? by MChaze25(m): 5:18pm On Apr 27, 2018
Comparing Starboy and DMW is like comparing Mohits with Ybnl.
Its not by who started first but the who will last longer or bounce back against all odds.
Starboy will last longer anyway.
Politics / Re: Catholic Bishops Ask Buhari To Resign, Ask Nigerians To Defend Themselves by MChaze25(m): 3:46pm On Apr 27, 2018

Didn't read the communiqué based on some gut feeling-. True men of God never behave this way. The bishops have been encapsulated in ethnic politics, reason why they never appeal to God for intercession in this issue.
Curiosity compelled me to check the signatories to the press release . I wasn't surprised about the identity of the culprits. It can only be them.
If I slap you ehhhh...
You will follow your buhari out of this country in 2019!!
Politics / Re: Catholic Bishops Ask Buhari To Resign, Ask Nigerians To Defend Themselves by MChaze25(m): 3:43pm On Apr 27, 2018
Does he need the pope to visit him before he listens in his grave like it happened with Abacha?
Dare not play with Christians or .....

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Crime / Re: The 2 Priests And 15 Others Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In Benue (Graphic Photos) by MChaze25(m): 8:45pm On Apr 24, 2018
Obj was a muslim and renounced that demonic religion.
We didn't get to see such like this.
GEJ was a Christian and yet BH wasn't this terrible with Christians.
Now a Muslim called Buhari is in power and killing of Christians comes in gay abandon!

If only Christians heed to the warning of the Igbo's that this man is after islamisation, we couldn't have gotten here.

This is terrorism, an average Muslim is a physical, mental and psychological terrorist!!!

Buhari must go!
No Muslim should rule this country again!
Crime / Re: Update On The Little Boy Spotted Selling Pure Water At The University Of Abuja by MChaze25(m): 6:29pm On Apr 22, 2018
bros, u no get sense and shame trutru...u reeks of hypocrisy.
Die on it bro..
You look like a monster sef

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