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Religion / Re: Does God Really Know The Future? by mnwankwo(m): 1:25pm On Aug 22, 2020
@ All. Many of the issues raised in this thread were discussed in another thread ten years ago. Find the link to that thread and hopefully you may find the discussions helpful. Stay blessed.

Religion / Re: Is It Possible That Each Individual Has Their Own God (chi)? by mnwankwo(m): 7:26pm On Aug 17, 2020
Thank you mnwankwo.

I feel truly honored that you have shared your insights with me :-)

For me, I personalize the almighty as my father. I think we all have a way we relate to or devote ourselves to the source energy.

Like you said, the almighty is way bigger and mightier than we can fathom, but I like to think that he avails himself to us all in ways that we can grasp and understand. I don't subscribe to the idea of God being some distant being who sends other beings to do his bidding. I believe that he is here, there and everywhere, within, without...in all things.

My fervent desire as a person is to remain conscious of his presence, to stay plugged in (so to speak). That is the only way life makes so much sense and meaning to me.

Thanks MizMyColi for your kind words. I see your point. But to be plugged in simply means to connect to God and by that connection, one will perceive the "nearness of God" and that brings supreme happiness. You can turn your DSTV decoder and watch Arsenal and Chelsea play at Emirates Stadium London from the comfort of ones sitting room. You share the emotions of fellow supporters who are live at Emirates Stadium in London even though you are in your parlor somewhere in Nigeria. It is a crude analogy but it is a faint reflection of how we sense the presence of God although God is not in his creation. For some fans, they are fine with turning the decoder and watching the match and are not interested on how the signals are transmitted from satellite stationed in space while other fans will be interested in the network of communication signals that brought the match to his living room. The essential thing is that both sets of the fans were able to experience the match. There is only one thing that connects us to our Creator and that is LOVE. Love, Love and Love as Jesus once admonished. That is the key and nothing else. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Is It Possible That Each Individual Has Their Own God (chi)? by mnwankwo(m): 6:33pm On Aug 17, 2020
Hello Religion Section!
I've missed you, my friends cheesy

MuttleyLaff, how do you do!?
LoJ my dearest grin grin
Sarassin wink wink
Analice, long time o

Pardon my unremberance of monikers

So I have this question.

Is it possible that we all have our own God that we should be conversing with, and maybe not focus on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as our God might be incompatible with theirs?

Just thinking out loud.

What do you think?
There is only one God, the Almighty and the source of all that is, was and will be. Simply put, there is the creator (God) and his power. Everything beside God came into being out of the power of God and various precipitations out of this power of God takes on form as worlds, planes, universes, etc What is erroneously referred to as gods are servants of God who swing in the will of the one and only God and dispense his Will. The gods are whole network or chain of servants of the Almighty and the closest of these mediators to humans are what often is regarded as personal god. Most times, these mediators are actually departed human beings who have the same weaknesses as the person they are advising; indeed guiding the man on earth in fresh and blood is actually a part of the spiritual development and redemption of these departed souls. Most often these personal gods speak to us to what is generally referred to as conscience.

In epochs where humans were closer to the will of God, they occasionally perceive some of the messengers of God that "control" weather, harvest, fire, rocks, wind, water, etc and because theses messengers or beings swing in the will of God, they are of celestial beauty that humans start to regard them as gods. Any true ang genuine servant or messenger of God rejects such adoration which only belongs to the creator. Sadly men rejected such admonition, ignored the rebuke of these servants and created their own counterfeit of these messengers of God, hence the demons, the phantoms, etc Therefore what today all cultures and religions worship today as gods and goddesses are not the servants or messengers of God but the demons which they created and turned into gods and goddesses. The actual real servants or messengers of god are still there but humans have lost connection to them, and are only connected to the demons they created.

Now if a human being have developed in the sense of the laws of God and is pure at heart and his spiritual path requires it, a time comes when a real spiritual guide will be assigned to him or her who will then guide the human protégé on his part to higher recognitions and service in the will of God. The guide approaching the spiritualized man as I said above is the last in the chain of guides and this personal guide only mediates what is transmitted to him on her from above. The Lord of these guides, that is the head of the chain (so to speak) are of such supernatural beauty and size such that some can hold our entire universe in the palm of their hands.

Man is not God and no conformation of the power of God is God. There is only one God and all else are emanations from God but the emanations of God is/are not God. The idea that God can be found in man or that creations of God can become God or part of God is adulatory. All beings and creatures including humans have the intrinsic ability to connect to God but a connection to God is not the same as being GOD or a part of God. Granted that one who experiences these connections especially at the beginning phases of his/her initiation into higher recognitions may be so overwhelmed by the experience that he or she may not be able to differentiate that the temporal sensing of timelessness, supreme happiness, omniscience, etc is not personal to him but a consequence of the connection with God, or more correctly with the power of God. Therefore any spiritually aware human being should and must reject worship of anything that has form for the creator has no form and the only way to connect to the Creator is to live in the sense of the Will of God. But there is nothing wrong in being grateful to our impersonal or personal guides, beings and servants of God but that must never be allowed to degenerate into worship, or else a counterfeit, a demon will take on form and then claim to be a god, a goddess or even the Almighty. This is the basis for the origin of many of the gods, goddesses, masters, avatars, ancestors, idols etc that humans are worshiping today in various cultures and religions. Stay blessed.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by mnwankwo(m): 4:07pm On Aug 11, 2020
What people tag as corruption is what I refer to as MISPLACED VALUE JUDGEMENT............ Right now everybody worships money, Look well today:
Nobody wants to be a teacher, everybody wants to own the school
Nobody wants to be a Nurse or Doctor, We all want to own the hospital
Nobody wants to be the Farmer, but we all want to own the farm
Nobody wants to be a Mechanic or welder, We all want to own the Workshop..................................................... etc

This are trades and profession that The average Nigerian knows that If He ventures into it whole heartedly "HE WILL NEVER MAKE IT" in the eyes of society.................. So why waste Time when " I can make it by owning the entity"........

There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian Education System...... What is wrong is the People and the Notions running them, The bulk of the Knowledge and Equipments in them are even Under utilized to now talk of the latest cutting edge Equipments.......

Our leaders know this, that is why THEY RUSH TO COUNTRIES WHERE THEIR PEOPLE UPHOLD GOOD VALUES on matters of self importance......... An average Nigerian Politician prefers to rush to Germany for malaria Treatment because He trust the German Doctor to abide by the Hippocratic Oath of life first before any other thing Than His Nigerian Counterpart..............All in all Medcine remains Medcine

I see your point but in my view corruption is the cancer and misplaced value judgment is just a benign tumor. Corruption is intrinsically evil and have no consideration for the well being of his neighbor or society. Misplaced value judgment will self-correct because the consequences of it will clearly demonstrate that it is a wrong call. But corruption is self-serving and is only interested in personal gains and have no regard for the ethics or morality by which those gains were achieved. A corrupt society follows the Machiavellian principle of the "end justifies the means"

Yes, nobody wants to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, farmer etc as you mentioned because corruption made it virtually impossible for called and genuine doctors, teachers, farmers, plumbers etc to rise to the position where they can make or influence policy; policies that would have provided the enabling environment for the development of the human capital.

Yes, our politicians rush abroad for medical treatment because the can not trust their health to Nigerian hospitals and doctors. Indeed, is it not ironic that they are taken a flight from the same health infrastructures their corrupt activities created? Western doctors seem better because of the healthy and non-corrupt health infrastructure. But make no mistake, some Nigerian doctors are medical whizkids, literally performing miracles with little or no instrumentation. As I said with students in my previous post, let Nigeria provide a little enabling environment for Nigerian medics and they will fly. I lived half of my adult life in Nigeria and the other half in the West and have experienced both health systems. Remove the sophisticated diagnostic instrumentations from an average medical doctor in the West and he will be nothing more than a WebMD. Sadly, we Nigerians are mentally colonized for we always think that whatever is in the first world is better. It is not that simple.

Our education system and the actors in it are all products of corrupt policies. In the 21st centaury, Nigerian Education system is based on memory intelligence. If you can regurgitate the meaningless garbage doled to you by your teachers or outdated books, then you graduate with flying colors. Memory intelligence is just a very small aspect of overall intelligence. A modern education system should be based on critical/analytical thinking and problem solving. In Scandinavian which in my opinion have the "best" educational system (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark), group work, problem solving and critical thinking are embedded in the education of a child, right from kindergarten. But in Nigeria, we burden kids with cramming the names of governors and things of a similar nature? How will recollection of the names of 36 states in Nigeria help a child detect gaps in a puzzle or question the entire concept of a given puzzle. On my return to Nigeria, I was teaching a Molecular Genetics class. When I introduced critical thinking and problem solving in students evaluation, the result was a disaster. More than 95% of the A grade students performed badly while some of the so called C and D grade students were making A grades. It is dawned on me that we are in trouble as a Nation. Hopefully, we will get our acts together or else we will become extinct. Cheers

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by mnwankwo(m): 7:44pm On Aug 10, 2020
University degree in Nigeria is highly exaggerated. Most Nigerians doing very well in businesses never went to university. I've personally never seen the four walls of a university classroom in my life, but virtually none of my friends who went to the university is doing better than me today. We should foucus more on vocational institutions, we need more training centres for our local technicians, plumbers, auto-mechanics, welders, fashion designers, carpenters, etc.

It is really heart-wrenching to know that some states in Nigeria today have more than 8 (ill-equipped) universities and don't have any vocational institutions for the youths. Education and Health centres should never be built by govt or individuals for profits, because these are core institutions that have more to do with humanity rather than profits.

The Igbos are one of the most successful tribes in Africa today due to their ability to learn a hand-work or trade, regardless of their background. University education shouldn't really be for everybody, I am not saying it is bad to get a university degree, but you can still excel in life without one.

Yes, University education is not for everybody but education in Nigeria is just a reflection of the entire Nation. You do not expect our Universities to be different from other facets of Nigerian life. Corruption is a religion here in Nigeria and even if you establish vocational Institutions, the same cancer of corruption will kill them. You should not forget that technical schools and vocational education were already in existence far back but corruption and lack of foresight killed them off.

In the 70s , Nigerian Universities were as good as any good University in the UK , US, or Europe. At that time, professors from University of London, Imperial College, MIT, etc come to Nsukka (UNN) or Ibadan (UI) to evaluate undergraduate/ post-graduate thesis and Nigerian professors from UNN and UI also travel to these American and European world class Universities as external examiners. It is not that there was no corruption in Nigeria in the 70s. However in the 80s and beyond, corruption became systemic and got institutionalized. It destroyed public schools at al levels including University education.

Corruption is responsible for the decay in our Universities; from faculty/staff recruitment, poor infrastructure to obsolete curriculum. The model you are suggesting is in place in Germany and Scandinavian countries but may not work here in Nigeria due to corruption. Universities should be a place where young minds are nurtured in the skills of critical thinking and creative reason. Buying and selling may make one rich but without innovation the country will remain poor. Sustainable progress is inextricably linked to the creative and innovative ability of a Nation. Countries like Germany and Japan with little or no natural resources may fall into recession but will always manufacture themselves out of any recession because of the creative and innovative ability of their citizens.

If corruption is reduced in Nigeria, Nigerian Universities can be transformed within 5 year to be world beaters. Education is all about skill set that is transferred to the young minds. Unfortunately, due to corruption many Nigerian academics do not have the skill sets themselves, not to talk of transferring them to young ones. In my three decades as an academic in different parts of the world, I must admit that Nigerian students are exceptionally smart. Give them the skill set and the enabling environment and they will fly. Without corruption, Nigeria has the intellectual capacity to compete effectively with the so called first world. Cheers

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Religion / Re: If A Baby Dies Will He/She Go To Heaven Or Hell? by mnwankwo(m): 10:29pm On Jun 17, 2020
If you registered for an exam but did sit for that exam. What do you think will be a a fair and just action concerning missing the exam. Is it fair to award you a pass or fail grade although you did not sit for the exam? Is it fair to be given another opportunity to re-take the exam? Best Wishes

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Religion / Re: Did God Create Satan On Purpose or Unknowninly? by mnwankwo(m): 10:49pm On Jun 11, 2020
Check this old thread. You may find the answer to your question. Best wishes

Family / Re: Genotype: The Reason For My Unhappy Marriage. by mnwankwo(m): 4:48pm On Jun 09, 2020
@OP and others.
Why will the possibility of giving birth to a SS child make you unhappy and destroy your "marriage"? Many of the responses here are quite simplistic in my view. The fundamental question is why did you fall in love in the first place? Is this love the genuine love that is the only basis for a marriage in the sense of the laws of God? It is quite unfortunate that most of the marriages today are purely transactional, a business contract in which both parties are interested in what they will benefit materially from each other. It is no longer a surprise that the so called marriages collapse at the slightest appearance of a problem. Marriage should and must be a consummations of genuine, selfless love between a man and a woman, a love evidenced by perfect spiritual harmony and psychic compatibility between the couples. In such a genuine marriage, only the joy and happiness of the beloved is the motivation and in serving one another in love, each partners looses him or herself and paradoxically gains him or herself a million fold. In such a true marriage, hand in hand and with radiant joy, the couples will triumphantly face all the challenges of earthly life because their union is made in haven and thus consecrated by the power of God.

Screening for genetic disorders and medical checkups should be a part of health living. It is essential that all citizens should have access to these medical checkups from the time they are borne till they die, not just when they intend to marry or applying for jobs or visa. It is important that we should periodically know the state of our health. Such knowledge will help to prevent or at least mitigate the severity of an illness. But one needs well enlightened counsellors to help us navigate the results of the medical tests and make informed decisions. The results of a screening test should guide the decision but should not be the decision itself. If one takes the genotype test for an example, the individuals should know the physiological consequences of AA, AS and SS. The transmission genetics of the genotype tests should be explained as well as its limitations. Thus for instance, in theory, if there is a cross between two AS, their is 25%, 50% and 25% that a child from each pregnancy will be AA, AS or SS. However this is in theory as their are several genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors (many still unknown) that modulate this transmission genetics, such that the probability mentioned above may not follow. In addition, the threads of fate (so called karmic entanglements) in the tapestry of the couples involved play a significant role. Thus one pair of AS couples may have all their children as SS, another AS couple may have all their children as AA or AS and yet chideren from another couple may have varying genotypes.

Many have suggested IVF, pregenetic screening and abortion of foetus with SS genotype among others. Is it morally right to abort a baby because it has a genetic defect? My sensing is that any abortion except when it done to save the life of the mother is murder. We now have the technology to screen the entire genome of an individual for genetic defects as well as for genetic enhancement. Do we also start to abort babies that carry breast cancer genes like BRAC1 or genes associated with bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, susceptibility to many infectious diseases, etc. Until we optimize the technology that will enable us to correct these defects in utero in the embryos, then termination of the pregnancy is morally, ethically and spiritually wrong. Indeed, if our genomes are profiled, there is no one person that do not have some mutations that predispose him or her to a metabolic or infectious diseases. We as a society must consider the ethical, moral and spiritual implications of modern biotechnologies and its long term effects. While it is absolutely necessary for couples or any individual to know there genotype and the consequences of transmitting an unhealthy gene to their offspring, such a knowledge should not be the basis of the decision to marry or not to marry, divorce or stay in marriage, etc.

Every child, no matter the circumstances of his birth is a gift of God. However where a marriage is a business contract , then, such mundane things like genotype status, male offspring, offspring, social class, religion, etc are the basis of the false union and when a small wind blows, the union crumples. However a union bonded by genuine love will joyfully embrace all the challenges including giving birth to an SS child. The genuine love will not magically change the SS genotype to AA/AS or prevent the inevitable trauma of raising a child or children with sickle cell anemia but will guarantee the loving peace and joy for the children and their parents. But those who think that their love is genuine must make sure that it is really genuine and not that they are imagining it to be genuine. This is because if they imagined their love to be genuine where in reality it is not, the consequences of giving birth to a SS child or children will be catastrophic. Stay blessed.

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Family / Re: My Friend's Father Is A Ghost!! by mnwankwo(m): 1:03am On Dec 02, 2019
I went to secondary school with Eze. His father, Thaddeus, fought in the Biafra war. What we know about his father's wartime experience is that the war ended for Thaddeus when he was wounded in Onitsha in 1968. He came home.

Recently a man from Eze's father's village who had fought the war with Thaddeus told my friend's mother (on the phone) that actually Thaddeus died in the war. This man had fled to Gabon after the war. He'd just returned to the country.

Since the news broke, Thaddeus hasn't been seen. He'd been in the bathroom when my friend's mother took the call on the phone. After the call, my friend and his mother could hear the splash of water in the bathroom, but when they opened the door there was no one there!

What advice do you have for the family? I've never heard sh*t like this before!!

My view is that your story is a mixture of rice and sand, thus the story as you told it did not happen but actors involved may genuinely believe that it happened the way you told it. Some of the things you mentioned are possible while others are simply impossible. Individuals who are physically dead (so called ghost) can experience in the physical world through a process called materialization. They can indulge in the earthly desires and pleasures but it is impossible for the so called ghost to impregnate a woman in flesh and broad. It is however possible for a departed individual to possess or influence another man in flesh and blood to impregnate a woman in flesh and blood. It is also possible that individuals for some reasons may be in a state of altered consciousnesses that their experiences in the "other worlds" are believed by them to be physical experience. Best wishes.

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Religion / Re: Eugenics - Implications by mnwankwo(m): 2:55am On Jun 28, 2019

On the science of Eugenics (Racial Hygiene) in Nazi Germany.

Justcool, M_Nwankwo, please comment.

Many thanks.

Hello Deepsight. Long time! Hope you are fine. Just saw your question on eugenics. Eugenics in whatever form contradicts the love and justice of GOD. Justcool has thrown sufficient explanation on the issue and I agree with his submission. Thus there is no point in repeating what he said in different words. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: If Hell Truly Exists, Then God Is Not Only Evil, He's Also Incompetent by mnwankwo(m): 5:50pm On Jan 02, 2019
This is my first thread on NL. I've noticed how passionate people on these religion forums are when matters like these are brought. So i just felt like i should try my hand at debating on NL.

Hell is a horrible idea. If God truly thinks that our “freewill” based on a limited time on earth means most of us have to live in a “hell” forever, then
yes, he’s evil, and terribly insane. However, i also want to add that if hell actually exists, then the cold truth is that ultimately, most of the human race is going there. Some Christians like to downplay this. It’s an undeniable fact if we applied Christian theology, there's really no debate.
This not only makes God evil, but portrays Satan as a smarter, more efficient presence amongst man, resulting in Satan winning his purpose over Jesus.
Jesus came to earth to save mankind. Judging by the kind of lives we live, i think its safe to say that God has been highly incompetent in making man see the truth.

Hello OP. What is the purpose of your post? Are you approaching this matter in order to clarify what remains a puzzle to you? Are you already convinced that God does not exist but are raising these issues for mere intellectual debate? If you are seeking for the truth, kindly rephrase these issues into appropriate questions and I will offer my perception on them. Best Wishes.

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Religion / Re: In The Beginning There Was An End. by mnwankwo(m): 3:47pm On Jan 20, 2018
Thanks for the insightful response. Would the use of contraceptives by couples who are genuinely in love and are spiritually compatible have any effect on GOD's will? I read in one of your comments some years back, that you can tell all that is in accordance to the will of GOD, without necessarily reading from the Bible. How do you draw directly from the SOURCE?


Thanks for your question and kind words. The purpose of sexual instinct is not just for procreation but for the re-invigoration of our material bodies particularly the physical and astral bodies. Originally, the sexual instinct was not perverted and it was under the control of the Spirit, the real Man. In its natural state, the sexual instinct does not often arise in men/women. However, since we human beings found pleasure in this, we cultivated it over millennia that this original natural instinct has developed into a Monster that now controls the Man. Thus the tail (sexual instinct) now wags the dog (man/woman) instead of the reverse. Thus, with very few exceptions, all men/women are born with an over-cultivated sexual instinct that must be restored to its natural state. A man who only drinks to quench thirst and eats the right food to quench hunger will have a healthy body and does not need fasting, drugs etc. But a man who have abused his or her body and have become obese or suffer from an illness that arose as result of the abuse of his or her body will need fasting and medication to return to health. This of-course is a crude analogy but hopefully you will perceive the picture I am trying to paint with respect to sexual instinct.

Now, for spiritually free human beings, the act of s.exual i.ntercourse is tantamount to a prayer to be permitted to be mother/father to another soul desirous of experiencing on Earth. If the couples do not wish to have a child, then, they should not engage in s.exual i.ntercourse during the fertile days in the cycle of the woman. Men and women who want to restore the natural instinct should be able to abstain from sex in the days in which the woman is fertile if they are not seeking to have a child. In reality, where there is true love and spiritual compatibility, the desire for sexual intercourse will with time return to its natural state, that is the desire does not often arise but when it does, it is genuine and leads to a consumption that is fulfilling. The frequent desire for sex is a mark of an over-aggravated sexual instinct as well as evidence that the sex is not fulfilling, that is the bodies were not re-invigorated as it should be.

Where in some cases the women natural cycle is irregular, the couples may consider the use of condoms. In my view, natural method of contraception is the contraception method closest to laws of GOD and in some exceptional cases, the use of condom is an option as in the case of irregular circle. The ultimate goal should be to develop to such a state where the sexual instinct arose out of genuine love and spiritual harmony and not out of imagination, thoughts, or uncontrolled nervous impulses. In an epoch when men and women were normal, a single act of s.ex leads to such a satisfaction and renewal of cells in our material bodies that such a desire does not arise again for months.

The laws of GOD are ingrained in our Spirit as we came into existence as an image of these laws. All we need to do is love and love as Jesus the son of GOD once admonished. Then, the laws ingrained in our Spirit as talents will transform into abilities and consciously connect us to the power of GOD. Books, mysticism, spiritual exercises, etc are not required not needed to know the laws of GOD and leave accordingly. Indelibly ingrained in every soul is the faculty of intuition and this faculty permits every soul to sense, know and live according to the laws of GOD. Love for GOD, and the creations of GOD awakens and nourishes the intuitive faculty such that it connects us to the power of GOD for all eternity. No man can go astray except he/she freely choose to do so. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: In The Beginning There Was An End. by mnwankwo(m): 4:34pm On Jan 18, 2018
The humility and love you exude through all of your posts rekindles the desire within me to follow the path of true and genuine love.

I would like to know your take on pre-marital sex. Religion and religious people frown against it. What do you think?
Hello Gleez,
Thanks for your kind words and the question you raised. Marriage is a union of a man and a woman bound by true love in which both parties posses complementary spiritual and psychic qualities that resonates in a perfect spiritual harmony. Such a marriage is according to the will of GOD, protected by the power of GOD and consecrated by GOD. Marriage does not exist where their is no genuine love and perfect spiritual harmony between the couples. It is the laws of GOD that consecrates a marriage. Cultural, religious or legal ceremonies do not make a marriage genuine as is often assumed. Perfect spiritual harmony and genuine, selfless love unites the couple in a true marriage and since these attributes are living in the couple, they draw the power of GOD and thus receive a consecration in the highest and purest sense. Religious, cultural and secular ceremonies have no effect on marriage. Thus a genuine marriage according to the laws of GOD remain so even if the couples have not participated or received the approval of a state, religion or custom. In the same connection, a union in which their is no spiritual harmony and genuine love is not a marriage even if the couples are wedded by the Pope. Unions that are not in accordance with the laws of GOD are not recognized by the laws of GOD and couples in such relationship are living in sin.

Thus the concept of pre-marital and marital sex are wrong because it assumes that cultural, religious or secular ceremonies is what makes a marriage true and genuine. Sexual relationship should only be an earthly manifestation of a genuine love and perfect spiritual harmony that exists between couples, that is, couples who are in genuine marriage as I explained above. Therefore sexual relationship in most of what people regard today as "marriage" are immoral because such "marriage" lack genuine love and spiritual harmony. An earthly wedding performed by a representative of a church, state or custom cannot replace the will of GOD. However, there is nothing wrong in adhering to earthly laws provided the laws of GOD are fulfilled and such ceremonies are not in conflict to the laws of GOD. Sexual energy used in the sense of the laws of GOD is a beautiful gift bestowed on us by the grace of GOD and brings a lot of benefits. However like all energies, the man of today have used it wrongly and the perverted energy have brought destruction to many a man/woman. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: In The Beginning There Was An End. by mnwankwo(m): 12:17am On Jan 06, 2018

Such a gentleman and a refreshing readsmiley

Hello to you, Mnwankwo.

I too, desire to be a complete soul.
To attain perfection in loving and BEING love, in its truest, purest form.
I cannot conceive a greater purpose as to why I am here on this plane of existence.

Thanks for your kind words MizMyColi. You have captured the purpose for which the Creator permitted us to wander through his creations. I wish you strength. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: In The Beginning There Was An End. by mnwankwo(m): 12:12am On Jan 06, 2018

Mnwankwo is a living legend around here. Too bad he posts rarely these days (actually years). I always enjoy his posts. And yes, I did smile, even before he reading what he wrote.

Hello LOJ. Thanks for your kind words. I am not a legend nor do I desire to be one. Hopefully, I will post more in this New Year. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: In The Beginning There Was An End. by mnwankwo(m): 12:09am On Jan 06, 2018

Wow!!! Such a long time...where have you been? I was just talking about you last night, or was it the night before?

Happy New Year to you Sir!!!

***I haven’t even read the post yet***
Hi LotusFan. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Happy New Year to you too. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: In The Beginning There Was An End. by mnwankwo(m): 5:55pm On Jan 05, 2018
Hello to all.

"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh." - book of Genesis.

Today I wish to ponder on the concept of completeness.

As long as I can remember, I have always been looking for completeness. I have always felt uncomplete, and looking for that which will make me whole. This pursuit is what led me to extensive reading as a child, then to music, then religion, then philosophy, then science, etc. I was looking for the "lacking me".

I think this issue of completeness or lack of it, is universal. I can be wrong though. I believe most people are actually, behind the name of god, religion, passion, and the rest, simply willing to be "whole" again.

From my experience, I have realised, man comes into this "world" from a state of unconscious completeness, and falls into a state of conscious incompleteness as a baby. Perhaps this is the real fall of man. We feel this incompleteness consciously, and eager to retrieve our former state of completeness.

Man is looking for union, or reunion with the lacking side of him. Is it the mystical truth behind this quoted verse of the Bible?

Hello LOJ. The urge or longing to be in tune, to gain connection with GOD, is hardwired in every soul and cannot be shaken off. A soul ( Spirit to be more precise) wanders in the creations of GOD driven by the inherent urge to gain connection with his/her Creator.There is no joy, happiness or inner peace until a Spirit or Soul connects/reconnects to the source of Life that is GOD. What you refer as "Completeness" will come about when a Spirit has found GOD and willingly lives in the sense of the Laws of GOD. Then the Spirit is in tune with the emanations that comes from LIFE (GOD). In reciprocity, these emanations out of GOD will nourish the Soul, permitting it to transform the latent GOD-given talents into abilities. The soul is now born again and can now begin the journey to ascend to the luminous kingdom of GOD which people refer to as heaven. Billions of experiences will cross the path of such a wanderer bring him or her knowledge and recognition of the the manifestations of the will of GOD in different planes of existence. Then, at a point in this journey, the soul will come to the realization of the highest recognition and that is, GOD is the living LOVE. All that emanates from such a soul is Love of GOD and love for all creations of GOD. Such a soul is now "Complete". A soul that is "Complete" spreads the love of GOD to all to all other beings in the wonderful creations of GOD, bringing radiant joy, happiness, healing and peace. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by mnwankwo(m): 12:41pm On Apr 03, 2017
The claim(s) by all the factions of the Grail Movement that only them have the true edition of the Grail Message is in my perception wrong. All the existing editions/versions of the Grail Message contain the Truth, but the form in which this Truth is encapsulated are not identical. Therefore, any seeker can find his or her way to the Truth by examining any of the editions that resonates with his or her spirit. No edition of the Grail Message is a legacy that has to be preserved as all the existing edition are a proclamation of the Eternal Truth. An intuitive Spirit will be able to tap into the Light of Truth encapsulated in theses various editions and set himself on the path to the luminous gardens of GOD. As he/she walks this path, his or her inner being will be encompassed by the power of GOD, permitting such a seeker to draw from the Truth, the living Grail Message directly without recourse to the forms of the Truth. The Living Grail Message which is synonymous with eternal Truth has no form, versions or editions. The Truth simply Is. Depending on the nature of each individual, some of the editions of the Grail Message may resonate more with its Spirit. Therefore it is wrong in my perception to openly or surreptitiously paint the picture that only one version is authorized by ABDRUSHIN and all others are false. However, this resonance with one version or other is simply because the seeker is still at the stage of looking at the form of the Grail Message. When seekers draw from the living Grail Message, they will have similar perception irrespective of which edition of the Grail Message the examined initially and these dissension will cease.

The power of GOD eternally pulsates through all his creations and all we have to do is to open our self to it. The power of GOD can be anchored anywhere that is open to it. The anchorage is not dependent on geographical location. The power of GOD can be anchored in a mountain, on a hill, in a temple, church, house or even in a laboratory. You can draw of the power of GOD from anywhere and your ability to draw depends on the purity of your inner being. Some may be more open to the power of GOD at the mountain on Vomperberg while another human being may be more open at the snow capped fjords in Scandinavia. All human beings on Earth who have found the Truth and live according to the laws of GOD are the earthly anchorage of the Light irrespective of their religion, geographical location, sex, race or nationality. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by mnwankwo(m): 1:47pm On Oct 21, 2016

A pleasure, as always, to read from you.

But, as heartwarming and romantic as the above looks and sounds, isn't it nothing more than good poetry ?

Yes, I do agree that we all experience and battle with different emotional states, from joy and ecstacy to sadness and madness.

What are the tangible benefits of the pursuit of the spiritual?
What does a spiritually enlightened person do for his society besides , perhaps founding a new religion , and adding to the confusion ?

Is the pursuit of scientific truth not the better arbiter of reality by encouraging better, more reliable understanding of reality ?

Which helps in giving us a longer, more useful life, -spiritual diagnosis( if there is such a standard) or medical diagnosis ?

Other than his after-death insurance policy, what good, for example, is a spiritually enlightened person in a cesspool of corruption, hate and violence such as we live currently in ?

My opinion is that the fact that spirituality has no standard upon which it can be measured, makes it superfluous and redundant to an evolving humanity.

Hello Plaetton. Thanks a lot for your response. The point I am trying to convey is that energies which you accept exists is a specie or the lowest gradation of spirit. I can explicitly say that energies are spirit particles enveloped by material cloak. Now, their is no life or reflection of life in matter without it being animated by various gradations of the spirit including energies (spirit particles). The absence of motion which we refer to as death is indeed the separation of the animating spirit (various gradations of it) from the material envelope. A dead man does not pursue scientific knowledge or produce arts or design buildings. What I am saying is that all activities of man including scientific pursuit and discovery is the direct or indirect work of the spirit.

Both spiritual diagnosis and medical diagnosis are activities of the spirit. One is making use of the spiritual laws enveloped by physical substances (scientific), the other make use of the same spiritual laws that are enveloped by non-physical substance. Both are not mutually exclusive but can work together in solving and finding answers to the so-called mysteries of life. There are of course charlatans in both fields of endeavor but that is not enough to dismiss the spiritual part of this endeavor as non-existent.

A spiritually enlightened person spreads the fruit of the spirit including love, humility, compassion, honesty, wisdom, insight, creativity, innovation, faithfulness, purity, forgiveness etc. You can accurately measure your stand spiritually by how much selfless love you radiate to all creatures and creations. Hate, bitterness, violence and all the other evils are not the fruit of the spirit and are absolutely incompatible with the nature and works of a spiritually enlightened person. Do not conflate religious vigor with spiritual enlightenment.

Science which you accept, is carried out by Spirits in physical bodies. A dead person ( a body without a Spirit) cannot do science. It is dead and will soon decay because only the Spirit can form and maintain the physical body. It is pure reductionism in my opinion to state that since spiritual things cannot be observed and investigated with material senses and instruments, then the spiritual does not exist. I am sure you will not say that viruses do not exist because you cannot see them with your naked eyes. Science uses physical senses, sensors and instrument but the spiritual uses spiritual faculties. Love, Love and love, then, sooner rather than later the spiritual faculties which appear to be silent at the moment will roar into life and the spiritual environments, planes, and realms will become more real than the physical universes. Then the interconnections of all that exists in both the spiritual and physical worlds will be crystal clear. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by mnwankwo(m): 8:27pm On Oct 20, 2016

Sir, so delighted to see you here again.

Hello Deepsight. Great to read from you. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by mnwankwo(m): 8:24pm On Oct 20, 2016

And here comes the Master Mnwankwo. So happy to read from you!!!

Hi LOJ. I am also happy to read from you. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by mnwankwo(m): 8:21pm On Oct 20, 2016
Oga Mark! I hail o! Long time.

Guess What? I found a copy of In The Light Of Truth. I've started reading it. But small small. I'm reading so many other book as well at present.

I found a metaphor I liked. About a tree at the foot of the mountain of spirituality, and some people have climbed that tree (false religions) and believe that they are advancing spiritually but they are totally unaware of the mountain. Until they fall from the tree before they can realise their error and begin the proper ascent of the mountain.

Recently on NL my motive has been to give those trees a good shake, or even if possible to chop the entire tree down. Lol. For this reason many have concluded that I'm an atheist, but I don't care. I even enjoy it.

Anyway, I just dey hail you.

Hello Pastor. It is always a joy to read from you. I hail you too. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by mnwankwo(m): 1:22pm On Oct 20, 2016
@OP. Spirituality is the unfolding of our real self, the living essence in us. Such unfolding leads to self realization and a recognition of who we are, our place in the cosmos and out inter-connectedness with all that exists. Buried in our essence is the unimaginable talent to love without reservation. Spirituality permits this love to unfold, transform it from a talent into ability and then overwhelms us and our near and far environments. This love links us to the invisible power that pulsates in the Universe, the last condensations of this power, you plataeo normally refer to as energies. In the course of this spiritual evolution, the individual will at some point come to the recognition of the source of the power that pulsates in the Universe. Now, giving and receiving love is the basis of spirituality and without it, their is no life, no motion and all is dead. Connection with the vibration of Love (conscious or unconscious to the human brain) is the source and driver of all lasting progress. There is no person that has not at one time or another experienced genuine love. In those moments, your are linked with the the living power that created and maintains all creations and at that moment you can tap into this power and exposed to "infinite" possibilities of progress in all spheres, from simple things as a spontaneous charming smile to your neighbor to the most astonishing scientific invention. The so called Eureka moments on which many scientific inventions spring from, I will argue are not because the inventor has become creative, rather he/she spontaneously tapped from the power of "LOVE". Genuine love is an inherent manifestation of true spirituality. Where there is no love, their is no life, no progress, no motion but a dead, motionless mass of creatures and creations. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Coincidence Or Reality? Pls I Need An Explanation. - An Adjoinder by mnwankwo(m): 5:51pm On Jul 09, 2016

Thank you too.

Are you saying you are not part of the grail movement?
Like it's possible to just read from the Grail message, glean and learn and move on up?

Is the Grail message likened to a bible of sorts?

Some are of the opinion that the teachings of Grail are selective (I don't believe this though).
I also heard that Grail movt members love flowers a lot and can be likened to a sect who carry out a number of rituals on their dead before burying them.

Perchance do you admit that there are those who might have distorted the Grail message to suit their purpose and intent?

Hello. Thanks for the questions you raised. I am an adherent of the Grail Message, that is, I live according to the teachings of the Grail Message. However I do not belong to any of the movements or sects formed around the Grail Message. You can examine the Grail Message and live accordingly if you are convinced of the Truth without any affiliation or connection with any of the movements or sects formed around the Grail Message. I know of many who became aware of the Grail Message without any contact with the various movements. Some actually became aware of the Grail Message without even knowing that the book entitled the Grail Message is already available. What I am trying to say is that it is very easy for one to gain connection to the Truth without the participation of humans on earth. The love of GOD is all compassing and will provide the grace that will lead any genuine seeker to the Truth.

The Grail Message stands alone and cannot be likened to any other spiritual work in the past, present and future. In the search of the Truth, the opinions of others are irrelevant. A seeker should examine the Grail Message himself and decide whether it is of spiritual benefit to him or her.

The author of the Grail Message brings the living Truth to all creatures (including human beings). The Truth that is the Grail Message remain pure and un-distorted. However some creatures either due to limitation in understanding or willful intent have misinterpreted the teachings of the Grail Message and that has led to movements and sects springing up here and there. But the love of GOD will lead any genuine seeker to the Truth in-spite of the misinterpretation and misplaced signposts created by humans. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Coincidence Or Reality? Pls I Need An Explanation. - An Adjoinder by mnwankwo(m): 1:57pm On Jul 09, 2016

My bad.

Okay. Thank you all the same.
And when I say thank you, I mean Thank you!

Your contributions on this thread has led to me another thread which I find completely fascinating, interesting and healing.

I'm talking about the thread Speer created and JustCool answered lots of questions.

I have been on page 0 since. Despite knowing how fast a reader I am.

I just want to say thank you to you guys.
I may never become a member of the grail message, but your teachings on that thread has helped a soul on its journey of ascension.

The Almighty has blessed you all immensely already, my prayer is that you see more of these blessings come into fruition in the here and now.

Hello MizMycoli. Thank you for kind words and prayer. May your path be blessed and beautiful. I am pleased that you find Speers thread interesting and healing. Yes, many a soul will find in that thread things that will help them in their spiritual development. Nobody can be a member of the Grail Message since it is a book that proclaims the Eternal Truth. Of-course, humans in their narrow mindedness always form a religion, movement or sect around the Truth and Truth Bringer. Such endeavor contradicts the Will of GOD. Thus, if you inwardly desire to examine the Grail Message, then examine it and decide for yourself. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Coincidence Or Reality? Pls I Need An Explanation. - An Adjoinder by mnwankwo(m): 1:38pm On Jul 09, 2016

Hello Mnwankwo.

I am happy to see you around. I thought you had left the forum.

I waited months after months for the mails, and messages you promised to send me, when you'd be less busy. I came to the conclusion you must have forgotten or been instructed not to.

In any case, it is my pleasure to read again your writings. I have missed your contributions, and there are few I know of who have have your heart knowledge and gifts.

Hello Loj. Thanks for your kind words. My apology for not replying to your mails. I have not forgotten and I will reply them. It may take some time but I will reply to them one by one. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Coincidence Or Reality? Pls I Need An Explanation. - An Adjoinder by mnwankwo(m): 1:29am On Jul 09, 2016


Oya Smile naaa.
Why do I get the feeling you are toooo spiritual tongue tongue

Okay, I humble instruct thee Dear mnwankwo to see my aura remotely.

This is all I need to do, right?

Hello MizMyColi. lol. What I mean is that I can only look into ones aura if I am instructed to do so by the will of GOD. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Coincidence Or Reality? Pls I Need An Explanation. - An Adjoinder by mnwankwo(m): 6:22pm On Jul 08, 2016

Now this is a post after my heart!

This could be it!

You see,
Back then I was always so conscious of seeing those marks on my body.
Especially when I woke up to pray cos I had this mentality that evil forces would do anything possible to deter me from praying.

Thanks A lot for this.
I appreciate.

About my aura, you're talking of the energy I exude, right?

Can you by any chance perceive such remotely?

Hi again. Yes, I can "see" the aura remotely, but only if I am instructed by spiritual guidance. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Coincidence Or Reality? Pls I Need An Explanation. - An Adjoinder by mnwankwo(m): 3:20pm On Jul 08, 2016

At a time when I almost crossed over to try Atheism owing to semi-convictions from a person who taught me my first lessons on God's Grace, the event described above made me hold back.

I have not seen the entity we call God. Apart from what I read in the bible about Jesus (which I choose to believe anyway) I do not have any tangible evidence that he exists/existed.

But what I do know for sure is that the supernatural/paranormal is real. I am convinced that there are powers/energies out there and based on their perceived chatacteristics I have categorised them into good and bad.

While I have a million reasons to buttress this belief of mine, the one I described above stands out because it defies logic and NO...it is neither coincidence nor hallucination or anything that remotely resembles such.

If anyone has a tangible explanation that aptly describes what happened to me that night, please proffer. Thank you.
Hi MizMycoil. Thanks for your OP. I offer a non-medical possible explanation to your question. While a medical explanation my be plausible, I do not sense it is a medical issue. It is possible that the the scratch appeared as a result of self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion. Without being aware of it, individuals who dwell so much on witches, and similar things can bring about the manifestation of these very things on themselves. The thoughts and imagination generated during self-hypnosis can have a temporal and limited effect on the physical body. These effects quickly disappear as the thoughts and imagination that produced them are not imbued with the neutral living power. Thus, people can suddenly go blind, have scratches on their body, deaden the pain of a toothache, etc but these suddenly disappear or return to normal once the focus of the self hypnosis (fear, ecstasy, repeated incantation, chanting, etc) is removed. Note, that what I said above is just a possible explanation. To have a precise and accurate explanation, one has to look at your aura. Stay blessed.
Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by mnwankwo(m): 1:26pm On Jun 03, 2016
@ Speer and Marverick09

Please I ask that you guys bear with and give me little time. At the moment my days are filled with activities, joyful activities; I do not have a minute to spear.

I've been blessed with a baby boy, and you know this is a full time job. Assisting his mom in feeding him, changing diapers and sometimes staying awake most of the night is extremely joyful, but time consuming. It's also very rewarding! But he rewards us with a smile! Have you ever seen an infant smile? Believe me there is nothing more beautiful!!!!

We couldn't be happier and relieved as his mother was in the hospital for a week before his birth. I actually wrote my last reply to Speer in the hospital.

I have a lot more to say to you two, but pardon me I will return when my new boos(my infant son) allows me.

While I'm away, anybody who feels prompted to offer perception on any questions should fell free to do so. This thread does not belong to me alone.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Fantastic news! Congratulations Justcool. May the path of your baby be radiant and beautiful!! Stay blessed.


Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by mnwankwo(m): 10:15pm On Jan 09, 2016
I read your last post, many many times. I am always amazed by the emanations of light and love that flow out of your posts. I've read all of your posts on nairaland, I no longer how many times, and still experience the same thing i.e. huge amounts of emanations of light and love flowing out and penetrating my soul.

It is my privilege to read from you and know you - albeit superficially.

Stay blessed.

Hello LoJ. Thanks for your kind words. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by mnwankwo(m): 7:29pm On Jan 09, 2016
@mnwankwo &loj, maybe the reason I personally despise that statement is because for most crossbearers I perceive an air of importance. . . The first I heard about the 1931 edition, I was made to understand by a crossbearer that those who read it go mad back then so as a result I shyied away. He said those who want to know more are the ones who want to read it. Little did I know I would come across it again online. Then I decided to find out if its true people go mad after reading it. And behold it was all lies and misconception. . . After examining it to see for myself I went a circle and I received the same treatment if wanting to know more and ever since then I hear it so often that I get pieced-off when I do. . . . . . I have been a longtime follower of your post(mnwankwo) and that of justcool as a guest for many years. They are enlightening and in many areas render answers to questions that are within me. The only reason I came down from being a guest is when I realized justcool has examined the 1931 edition. Then I realized I could at least ask some of my questions that still require deep insight since we are somehow on the same page. . . . . . . . . . . . . . But when statements like seeking more is used. I feel disappointed since I feel people who use them are creating an air of importance. . . . . . . . . . . . I have many friends who has told me crossbearers always act arrogantly with knowledge. And I tell them it's true since I experience it too. When one is privilege to read a book others have not read we tend to present it as if the knowledge of the transmission came from us. . . . . . . . . . . I think I would rather go back up as a guest and continue to read post from you guys take what I can leave what I don't comprehend. Rather than come down and ask and then receive the response of wanting to know more. Thanks all the same.

Hello Maverick09. Thanks again for your response. My advice is not meant to discourage you from asking questions when you are moved to. It is simply an advice based on my own experience. You can take it or reject it based on your own intuition. It is shocking that a "crossbearer" will tell you that you will go mad if you examine the 1931 edition. Fear or threat of fear only comes from the darkness and not the Light. To seek for the Truth is the ultimate goal of all creatures and that should never be discouraged. But it is the Spirit that seeks, not the brain. The brain studies and analyses. How does knowing whether Cassandra or Abd-ru-shin incarnated first on Earth lead any human being closer GOD? If you are connected with these events and it becomes necessary for you to know for your own development, you will get the answer without even reading any books including the transmitted writings. However, follow your own intuition and do not accept anything except it resonates deep within you. Stay blessed.

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