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Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 12:52pm On Apr 04, 2013
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 8:43am On Apr 04, 2013
Hi my peeps
How are you all doing?

I am looking for a secretary to the General Manager
Send me your CV urgently to onyiio@yahoo.com.
I said l wont advertise on NL again, but l cant do that for this position.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Oil And Gas Vacancy by MyPeace(f): 11:16am On Mar 22, 2013
I am very very proud of my secretary days! Those days are my days of little begining which is the foundation of my today and tomorow. I thought u would volunteer, I never planned that d person will reveal the coys name, anyway that offer has expired.

Pls no more cv and for those who applied it will not be processed, so sorry for this decision.
Your maMa ify don't want u scammed and doesn't want to help u verify and only busy with fake alert. I can see she has vacancies for drivers, cleaners plumber baby sitters etc lmao.
However l keep saying it, you have notthing to loose by forwarding your CV to any vacancy, when u are called for interview research the coy and decide whether or not to attend. When interviews ared scheduled at a place u are not comfortable with, you have right also to reject! I think you can only be scammed if you are too desperate for a job! One thing i know is that some people are looking for job, while some job are looking for them!, believe it or not!

The acknowlegment is as written here pls.

No more cvs pls,
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancy For Accountant (Mgt. Accountant) In Oil And Gas by MyPeace(f): 7:15am On Mar 22, 2013
Ify there are millions of unsolicitayed CVS online if anyone wants to do all that u listed.
It would be good if u volunteer to verify the aunthencity of this advert then come back to report. Your alert can make pple miss good opportunities everything is not all abt scam. Check my last post on another thread I will appreciate if u can volunteer so I can explain why some coys use other email addys
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Oil And Gas Vacancy by MyPeace(f): 6:59am On Mar 22, 2013
Noble pls can you do me a mail at that addresss, I will invite you to my office, you see things for yourself. I will be glad to receive ur mail and probably invite u today if u are chanced pls. Any volunteer who can come here to report back is allowed, my office is in island.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancy For Accountant (Mgt. Accountant) In Oil And Gas by MyPeace(f): 9:21pm On Mar 21, 2013

Pls I don't think you need to explain anything to anybody. Its not by force to apply. When you are not there you won't understand several reasons HR don't use corporate address sometimes.
I posted similar vacancy like urs and a guy was busy opening mouth why ineterested people are applying.
I don't see what an applicant looses in forawrding a CV, I need enlightment in what they loose abegi. because if I want to apply for a job I will do, if shortlist definitely u will know d coy then u can refuse to attend if u don't like d coy.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Oil And Gas Vacancy by MyPeace(f): 7:30pm On Mar 21, 2013
Those that applied ur CVs are acknowledged. Pls I need only experienced applicants,salary is very attractive.
Jobs/Vacancies / Oil And Gas Vacancy by MyPeace(f): 8:37pm On Mar 20, 2013
PLS SEND ME EXPERIENCED CVS FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS URGENTLY. minimum of 5 years experience in oil and gas company

Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 3:41pm On Jun 08, 2012
I have noticed that most times, PA/Secretaries roles are stepping stones to future positions. Few people would want to continue as a PA throughout their career lifetime. Personally, wouldnt want that, maybe because I didnt set out a PA but was pulled out from Admin. Although, I enjoy working with my present boss (who is the President/CEO), he is very amiable though meticulous and I have learnt a lot working with him but I keep having this feeling that working with other people may not be that worthwhile.

I would appreciate responses from others in this career path. Do u see yourself still in this path 5,10,15years down the line or are you planning to diversify?

You are right, its most times a stepping stone to future positions. A secretary who remains same for years and retires as same, is one without ambition. A secretary who has worked in Accounts dept, can start a new career in that line, by acquiring Accounting certificates, as well as a Secretary in HR, Admin and other depts.

Throughout my years of working as Sec/PA, l worked for Admin and Hr departments, having known that no matter what, a secretary can hardly be promoted to head depts, l started a career in Human Resources Mgt...Today to the Glory of God, l work as HR/Admin Executiv. Definitelty if l decide to leave here today, l can easily get a Manager position in Admin or HR departments.
It all depends on our ambitions in life. For now, l cant go back to Sec/PA jobs, though l enjoyed the days I worked in those capacities.

You made a valid point.
I also encourage every one of us to have career goals, God helping, we shall all achieve our dreams!


Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 1:45pm On Feb 15, 2012

Ok, how do we revive this thread? Many of us have really moved on. l miss everybody, anybody heard of Teena and Beau?
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by MyPeace(f): 11:05am On Jun 17, 2011

Plz can anyone help with past questions on cipm exams from the INT II stage.
go to the institute office and buy as many diets as you want. Each diet question is sold for N100. When l was writiting, l usually buy four diets,. they are worth buying!
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by MyPeace(f): 8:56am On Jun 10, 2011

Setting up an human resourse uni involve coming up with hr.policies that will guide u.I will try and and send some of this proposals to u inspite my busy schedules since your email is available just follow up

pls l will be glad to receive such hr policies. l started up HR dept in my coy last year. l still have some lapses l wish to close up with such policies pls.
Praise God am thru with CIPM, will be doing my induction this October. What other relevant ceritification do l need to excel in this career? l await your suggestions!
Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 8:55am On Mar 18, 2011

You are just deceiving yourself. Your friend told you she was a virgin before she got married and you believed her. peace wake up my dear. Trust yourself don’t trust anybody. Virgin ko virgin ni. Why are you using your friend as an example, why not yourself.

We are actually not discussing virginity in this forum, l used it  to buttress my point.  To answer your question, l used her as an example because l was not one at that time, despite the fact that l was younger in age then.  So the fact that l wasnt, doesnt mean  everybody was not, there are still some people who have decided to be different in every challenges of life.    that  99 persons are sleeping with their bosses, doesnt mean there is no one person thats not doing it!  Get my point!!


Isn't this interesting,

@Rosemama, why getting wound up on the fact that one is a virgin till marriage @29.

I have known my three years before we started courting and we courted for 2years.
We got married when she was 29 and I can boldly confirm to you she was a virgin until marriage.
Sadly I wasn't one, but I still adore that virtue of hers.

I know how you feel anyway, but it really shouldn't be the reason to disbelief, disdain or disapprove virginity till marriage.

my brother tell her oo.  Nigeria still have decent girls!
Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 10:13am On Mar 17, 2011
Thats good.  some people dont know these little things that matters in handling mails!

Me think, they shd be concerned with work processes and systems, and not so concerned with the physical envrionment (that matters shaa)

I suggest you:

1.  decorate your office with flowers, buy a small desktop flower pot with flowers.
2.  Write your personal objective for the coy in relation to the corporate objective of the coy, frame and hang it conspicuously in your office.
3. mmhhhhhh (thinking),
Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 9:14am On Mar 16, 2011

@ my peace. Thanks 4 dis information.
But, my boss is a female and so demanding. She gave us 30 days rule, meaning dat in one month u must create something new in your office.i hav changed my office pattern many times. I didnt create anything and attracted a query. March is here again.
I work wit a religious firm as secretary.
I need d full house to help me with an idea.

Are you talking of innovation in terms of physical envrionment or in terms of work processes. You talked of changing your office pattern many times, do you mean chaning the furniture settings or what?
I asked about how u handle ur incoming and out going mail, it seems very simple, but you can do it in a better way, if l know how u handle it now. However, if the 30 days rules has to do with work processes, then we need to know ur job functions, and then think of how best you have do your job in a different and better way!
Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 8:52am On Mar 15, 2011

Please fellow colleagues,
Whats the difference between front desk executive and front desk secretary?urgent reply will be highly appreciated.

The difference is in the name.

The first, u work purely as a front desk (Receptionist). The second you function as a front desk and a secretary.


My peace, thanks 4 dis idea. I am new on dis job, say 3month. There is wat we call 30 days rule in my organization. In 30 days u must create something new or fine tune an existing idea. I hav changed my office arrange, acted on existing idea & there is nothing else 2 do. Last month i didnt create anything & attracted a query, dis month is almost gone. I need d full house to help me. As a secretary,what can i do? What idea do u have 4 me? Thanks

How do you handle your incoming and outgoing mails?
Career / Re: Secretaries (Or Personal Assistants) On Nairaland by MyPeace(f): 10:45am On Mar 14, 2011

One thing I have discovered in life is that most people equate themselves with others. Mummy3 for the fact that you are sleeping with your boss does not mean that every other person is doing it. Secretaries are professionals who know how to handle situations diplomatically without causing frictions. This does not mean that we do not have bad eggs among them.
Thank you for ur contribution. You really said my mind.
That you are doing something doesnot mean everybody is doing it. I have a good friend that married at 29yrs as a virgin! We dont have to follow multitude to do evil. Life is all about choice, you have a choice to climb the coporate lader with ur womanliness or to climb with hardwork, dedication and determination. Its all depends on you. Life is what you make out of it. If you believe that your life depends on a single boss or a company, thats up to you! Many people are looking for job and many are selecting jobs! Be the best you can, and no boss can hold you down! If it doesn't work out fine in company A, company B will be there to receive u with open arms, because of ur intellectual endowment and not because of womanly endowment. Educate urself as much as you can, then job will be running after you and not you after jobs!

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Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by MyPeace(f): 9:35am On Mar 08, 2011
Hello everyone, how are u doing?.


my peace. hi do you still remember me? great news i got pregnant at last am in my 30th week now. i'll tell you how when we gist and then we share it with the house.

Hi Girlie, my dear!, this is a very big testimony. So He has finally done it! I am so happy for you. I tried calling your mobile phone without success, pls l cant wait to hear the gist. And pls share the testimony to the whole house, our God is indeed a faithful God! He makes everything beautiful in His time! Congratulations dearie!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need An It Guru For Immediate Employment by MyPeace(f): 2:20pm On Feb 18, 2011
I tried to remove my email but could not, moderator pls could u do that for me?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need An It Guru For Immediate Employment by MyPeace(f): 2:18pm On Feb 18, 2011
Thank you all, l have received enough, hence i will remove my email.

You shall be contacted if you meet the criteria, before the end of March.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need An It Guru For Immediate Employment by MyPeace(f): 9:18am On Feb 18, 2011
l still need more Cvs pls. The coy in question is an international oil and gas coy, so pay will be very competitive. The ideal person should be very good in IT, and such a person will also double as the PA to the MD becos IT workload in the office is not much.
Jobs/Vacancies / I Need An It Guru For Immediate Employment by MyPeace(f): 5:01pm On Feb 17, 2011
If you are an IT Guru with years of exprience in a reputable organisation, send your detailed CV to me at onyiioatyahoo.com. You must be good in networking, dealing with servers, troubleshooting etc.

Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by MyPeace(f): 8:30am On Feb 08, 2011
How are u doing and baby? abeg no wahala me oh!

What is the effect of B-complex on mensural cycle, does it delay it?
Career / Re: Employees Compensation Act by MyPeace(f): 11:39am On Feb 03, 2011
l am also searching for a copy of it too.
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-ekeinde Interview:''i Am A Fulfilled Woman'' by MyPeace(f): 9:55am On Feb 03, 2011
OMOTOLA CAN NEVER BE 32 YEARS. Does it mean she was 16years when she acted Mortal inheritance? l know l was a younger than her then, and l am above 32. People should keep quite if they dont want to say the truth!

However, l love her even if shes 50yrs, she is one the faces l love seeing on my screen!
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by MyPeace(f): 8:43am On Jan 28, 2011

@my peace

Please find below ITF ACT. I think you will get everything you need here.


Thx alots! l so much appreciate.
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by MyPeace(f): 2:50pm On Jan 27, 2011

@my peace,

Have you gotten what you asked for?

I have got some but not all. I am doing a Compliance Evaluation. I am still looking for ITF Act, and ILO Act, need to know what laws there affects my HR role and whether or not d coy is abiding with them. Dont have any access to these.

have the following
Labour Act
Workman compensation
insurance act
Pension Act

As per the email l sent to you, l have clear understanding of it now.


Sorry Mypeace.
Nigerian Labour Act, Chapter 198, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990.

Thank you very much, l have been looking for the date of issue of the labour act.

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Phones / Re: The Cheapest Network To Call Now Is Etisalat by MyPeace(f): 8:17am On Jan 25, 2011
ETISALAT all the way!!!!

MTN is just a receiving line for me. throughout Xmas/New yr my MTN reception was very very bad. Thank God for my etisalat . Me i don wise up shaa!!!
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by MyPeace(f): 1:11pm On Jan 21, 2011

pls can you comment on my question.
Career / Re: Human Resource Professionals: by MyPeace(f): 10:31am On Jan 21, 2011
Please my good people. l need this info urgently, has to complete an assignment for my boss today with it.

What laws and regulations governs HR role in nigeria?

l can only remeber the following:

1.Pension Act 2004. (contributary RSA and Group life assurance)
2Workman Compensation Act 2004 -now Employee compensation act 2010 -does anybody have access to this new act or how is it different from that of 2004.
3. NHIS Act - HMOs

Please let me know any other one, the coy wants to know the laws and regulations the coys complies with. for now we comply with these, but l want to know if there is any?

Again, is there a law that says employee must join a trade union?

Expecting your answers please.
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by MyPeace(f): 11:16am On Jan 20, 2011

How are u doing? It is well!. All l can suggest is since you have gone to hospitals and laboratory centres and doctors have done their best withou success. l suggest give yourself 3months without taking any single action, even dont visit this forum, just do as if you are not TTC. Also stop reading TTC stuff from the internet during the period. This will calm down your nerves. l did it during the last MC in August, till late December when l became conscious of TTC again, and l must say it helped me alot to calm down!

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