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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 4:19pm On May 14

Hopefully I’ll be added now�

Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 4:47pm On May 13
Me too I need someone to help me with mock.
Do you guys ever ask yourselves if there’s VO spies on this page. I usually wonder. Is it possible that consulars spy here?

This is a public forum.

Besides, there is nothing we say on this thread that the VOs aren't aware of


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 4:46pm On May 13

Still waiting to get added sir�
Please send your number again. The admin didn't add you

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 2:36pm On May 12
V.O: Good morning
Me: Good morning sir.
V.O: why are you going to the United state?
Me; to obtain my bachelor's degree in biological science.
V.O: good, which university?
Me: I'm going to Tennessee technological university.
V.O who is sponsoring you?
Me: I'm been sponsored by employment, after I finished secondary school i have been eorking with them.
V:O he ask red what year you left secondary school.
Me; 2015.
V.O: he checked my i20 he saw family funds in my i20. But you said your sponsor are your employer what happened. That's how my muttering started o.

V.O he handed me the green slips. Which indicate no strong ties and what have said previously. What is your take in these. Should I ask the school to send new I20 indicating my employers name and I should reapply for new date since my school is resuming by August. Pls suggestions and advice pls

Your words contradicted your documents, that's an automatic denial.
The VO even gave you a chance to explain yourself and you started muttering.

Request another I-20 with the necessary corrections and try reapplying. Make the new VO aware of what happened in the past and be confident.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 2:31pm On May 12
Hi. I paid for MRV with mobile app, how can I get the receipt number?
Should be in your email

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 6:10am On May 12
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 4:08pm On May 11

Am matured enough to understand you sir, pls is there any group I can join�

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by NigerianScholar: 3:34pm On May 11
To be honest, your answers did not make.

Where are you going to? - Idaho. Really?? You are a student going to school, not the entire state.

Why are you going to Idaho? - Because that's where my school is. This answer just shows laziness and nonchalance. It's also leaning towards being rude.

The VO didn't seem convinced(Even me, I am not convinced). Your "why you chose the school" answer was long and did not have anything of substance.

The VO will likely ask you "you were denied so so so time, what do you think has changed that makes you eligible for this visa."

I advice you to join a group or community , construct a transcript and do a number of mock interviews with them to prepare you.

I'm not attacking you, just my honest criticism.
My transcript
31st December 2020
15k funding

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning sir,happy new year in advance.
VO: (smiles) Thanks
VO: where are u going to
me: Am going to idaho
VO: Why did u choose idaho state
Me: because that's the state my school is located
VO: is that y you choose the school?
Me: oh!there are lots of reasons y I chose the school (nods head,looks interested),apart from been given a 15k funding,
In terms of accreditation,out of the 4 schools I got admitted into the university of idaho has the highest accreditation a business school should have, which is the AACSB accreditation,its the association of advance collegiate school of business, this accreditation ensures that business school graduate learns from the best and are ready to perform at any time.

Having spoken to each representative of all university I got admitted into, professor Michael dorathey of the university of Idaho was the one the convinced me more on what I stand to get as an international student(nods head), like training opportunity,research opportunity,and some personal programs like critical thinking,that will help me to be a better person (cuts me off)

VO: do mean other schools aren't good enough?
Me: no, after my research on alll schools i find out that the university of Idaho suit my dreams best.

VO: Name the university you got admitted into
Me: Louisiana state university,park university,Murray state university, university of Idaho
VO: when did u graduate from high school
Me: 2015
VO: what have u been doing since then
Me: in 2015 I was 16 years then, the government of Nigeria impose a law on top university in Nigeria because of the. Security issues the country was facing as at then.
My father didn't want me to stay home for 2 years, he enrolled me in an ICT program, where I was thought computer programming and after then my father enrolled me in one of his automotive training center,where I have been.
VO: are u married
Me: (looks surprised) No
VO: do u have children
Me: No
VO: whos ur sponsor
Me: I.mentioned

He started typing for a long while,smile was on my face hoping I'll get the visa, to my surprise it was the reverse.

Am reapplying , where do u think I should improve,
Where did I get it wrong.
Pls feel free to correct me�
Food / Re: Nigerian Hunter Kills Many Animals, Trends Online (Photos) by NigerianScholar: 3:17am On Jul 03, 2018
See how one man alone is depopulating critical wild life needlessly and gullible people and cheering him on ..
Ode, these creatures are not listed as endangered anywhere....its not needless since he is eating it and not just killing for fun. Stop forming animal rights activist
Jobs/Vacancies / Suggestions For My Internship??? by NigerianScholar: 2:12pm On Apr 25, 2018
Good day, I am a 300l Computer Science student of babcock university and i would like suggestions on companies that are recruiting students to do their internship programmes with them.
I stay around the Agege area of lagos state. But i am willing to work in a renowned organisation anywhere in Lagos State.
I have a cgpa of 4.2
Please reply this post with any help you can offer...Thanks
Science/Technology / Someone Stole My Laptop And I Am Getting Reset Emails. Can I Track It by NigerianScholar: 5:22am On Mar 11, 2018
I am a student of babcock university
So. My laptop was stolen on friday and i started getting notifications that my facebook security code is this. My facebook password has been changed. Then the guy did the same with my email. He used my recovery email. They were both logged on. I was able to recover both with my phone number/ security question

I have tried google. But i need to find out if there is a way i can track the exact location of the laptop. Using ip adress,facebook account or microsoft. (Its easy to do this for phone) but i think its impossible to do for a laptop. I didnt install any anti theft software. And most of my classmates knew my password (BIG MISTAKE)

Any help that can be offered is welcome

Religion / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah Builds A Catholic Cathedral In Nnewi, Anambra (Photos) by NigerianScholar: 4:43am On Feb 19, 2018
Capital oil CEO, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, who is well known for his philanthropy - has moved to the religious sector in a bid to do more for his people. The business mogul is single-handedly building a Catholic Cathedral named Assumption Cathedral - located in Otolo-Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government of Anambra State with one hundred and nine churches and parishes under it. The Cathedral had been abandoned for years now due to lack of funds, according to reports.

Furthermore, to ensure that Catholic faithfuls worship God in a befitting edifice, the oil magnate started the construction of the Cathedral building made up of 2 layers and 146 underground tombs on a five storey building elevation with over 5,000 seating capacity and over 750 car parking capacity.

The tower foundation is also 12 meters deep filled all round in concrete powered by concrete mixers. Dr. Ubah, on receiving a report from a structural and integrity testing company that the roofing had failed an integrity test by -7% following the discovery of some integrity lapses, ordered the contractor to disconnect and pull down the already finished roofing immediately.

For the dismantling of the roof to be actualized, Dr. Ubah had to buy cranes from French construction company named Bouygues construction.

The pictures show the work on ground at the project site.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/02/ifeanyi-uba-builds-assumption-cathedral-in-nnewi-anambra-state.html

Obviously a pr stunt
Properties / Re: Prices Of Land In Lekki Increase By 500% In Just Five Years by NigerianScholar: 4:33am On Feb 19, 2018
The rates of Buhari's ineptitude,bigotry and corruption have also increased by at least 1000% since 2015...

Prices of commodities have also increased by at least 300% since 2015....

The value of the Naira has also depreciated by at least 300% since 2015...

The inflation rate has also increased by at least 100% since 2015...

The crime rate and mass killing of Nigerians by Buhari's herdsmen have also increased by at least 500% since 2015...

The hardship of the average Nigerian has also increased by at least 100% since 2015...

The rate of business failure in Nigeria has also increased by at least 200% since 2015...

The rate of foolishness among Buhari's sycophants has also increased by at least 1000% since 2015...

The rate of regret among the repentant gullible citizens that voted for Buhari has also increased by at least 200% since 2015...

The rate at which most unbiased Nigerians want Buhari to return to Daura has increased by at least 500% since 2015...
You are being spiteful and not logical
Romance / Re: Babcock University Student Strips Unclad As His Girlfriend Dumps Him by NigerianScholar: 4:53pm On Jan 19, 2018

You call yourself a scholar ?

I wish I could make some sense out of what you have just posted. Three whole sentences of unintelligible drivel.

1.There are certain grammatical and syntactic errors that mark a person as poorly schooled. He just committed two or more of them. No excuse for that Mister.
2.He pays a fee that is certainly not low. He is entitled to a decent education in return.
3. Twitter is a global forum. You are mistaken if you think you should display atrocious grammar on it.
4.My alma mater is irrelevant to the discussion.

There a famous adage about it being better to remain silent and keep people guessing than speak (or write) and confirm their opinions. Heed it.
1. If he went to a bad primary & secondary school or good one and he happens not to be proficient in english. And he happens to pass his waec and jamb. The school has the right to legally admit him. Its not a university thatll correct 16+ years of bad english in a year (that guy is in 100l). You want to tell me every single person in each university in nigeria. Private and public are flawless when it comes to english
2. Everyone in babcock university gets more than a decent education. No bias. No one will start teaching a university student secondary school english. And the fee is not low because it isnt subsidised like government owned school. He has to pay for student support,feeding,accomodation,health insurance among a host of other fees. Remove the impression that private schools re overpriced from your mind
3. Twitter is not seen as anything formal. Most nigerians take it serious. Based on what you said. Pidgin shouldnt be allowed on twitter. Twitter is basically nairaland. Say whatever you want. However you want it
4. It is. The fact that i was right proved my point. There is no private university student that would have said what you said initially. You just simply dont understand

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Romance / Re: Babcock University Student Strips Unclad As His Girlfriend Dumps Him by NigerianScholar: 1:23pm On Jan 19, 2018
"Went on his hands and kneels,... mentally derailed..."

Atrocious English from a Babcock undergrad. Yet they are made to pay a fortune in tuition fees

Its not the school fees that will give a person sense..... and twitter is a place you type informal english.

I can tell from your post that you didnt attend a private university
Romance / Re: Babcock University Student Strips Unclad As His Girlfriend Dumps Him by NigerianScholar: 1:20pm On Jan 19, 2018
Lucky girl. She took the decision on time... instead of allowing a mentally unstable character OFF her destiny.

Ladies and gentlemen please be careful who you get hitched to.... Don't be a victim of someone's mental instability.

We can all be mentally unstable. So please dont discard victims of it
Car Talk / Re: 5 Reasons You Should Not Overspeed by NigerianScholar: 2:02pm On Jan 17, 2018
But seriously. I think you should be able to get A LOT more reasons. 5 reasons are simply not enough.

You re making this debatable. Because i can give you 5 legitinate reasons why you should overspeed

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Car Talk / Re: 5 Reasons You Should Not Overspeed by NigerianScholar: 2:00pm On Jan 17, 2018

Kindly add one reason why you don't overspeed in the comment section below. 


In furious 7. If vin diesel didnt overspeed. He would have died "increased the severity of the accident"

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Phones / Re: The Samsung Galaxy A8 Series Full Specs & Price by NigerianScholar: 4:59am On Jan 17, 2018
500 euros is around N200k plus. It's still not as expensive as galaxy s8.
S8 was 215k last year november. The price there is minus shipping
Romance / Re: 18-Year-Old Italian Model Auctions Her Virginity To Buy Her Parents A House by NigerianScholar: 4:55am On Jan 17, 2018
Travel / Re: Turkish Airways Crash Lands, Skids Off Runway, Almost Plunged Into Black Sea by NigerianScholar: 10:17am On Jan 15, 2018
Y would an airport be close to a sea,?

Are you stupid?
Family / Re: 22-Year-Old Girl Disowned By Her Parents After Being Released From Prison.Photos by NigerianScholar: 5:35am On Jan 15, 2018
A 22-year-old lady, Bukola who was arrested for random theft has been released after spending one year in prison in Ilesa, Osun state. The young lady who reportedly had a baby inside the prison was arrested and remanded for stealing a dress. According to the president of Behind Bars initiative; Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, the lady has the habit of stealing things both valuable and non-valuable.

She was arrested by the police after she stole a dress and was caught wearing same dress. She was then charged to court and later convicted.

She just left prison yesterday after one year.

According to reports, she has been disowned by her parents as he her siblings don't want to see her.

She is currently in Delta state in the custody of a well meaning Nigerian.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/01/22-year-old-girl-disowned-parents-released-prison-photos.html

That caught my attention. She is not a thief,she is a kleptomaniac. Nigerians are very ignorant when it comes to mental illness
Religion / Re: RCCG "Open Heaven": Daddy Freeze Reacts To Ban On Unauthorized Publication by NigerianScholar: 12:29pm On Jan 12, 2018

You didn't even understandy sarcasm before quoting me

Sarcasm is meant to sound like sarcasm. You sounded very literal
Family / Re: Korean Lady Known As Mama Adaobi Having A Great Time In Her Husband’s Village by NigerianScholar: 2:55am On Jan 09, 2018

Check out these lovely photos of a Chinese lady, her Husband and baby having a great time in his hometown.

The Chinese lady, who goes by the Instagram name Mama Adaobi, her husband Ogbuji Obinna and their adorable daughter, Adaobi spent the Christmas and New Year holidays in Osina village, Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State.

See more photos below;

SOURCE: https://primesng.com/chinese-lady-known-mama-adaobi-great-time-husbands-village-photos/

Are you confused?

Your title is saying korean and your post says chinese
Car Talk / Re: The Reason Why You Must Go Round Your Car Before You Drive Off by NigerianScholar: 2:53am On Jan 09, 2018
To avoid getting into a problem please endeavour to go round your car before you drive off.

More @ chikasom:

cc; lalasticlala

No offence. But this isnt logical
Religion / Re: RCCG "Open Heaven": Daddy Freeze Reacts To Ban On Unauthorized Publication by NigerianScholar: 2:52am On Jan 09, 2018
Why can't they let it circulate since it contain God's words. If people are blessed by it, they will sow back into the church.

People may manipulate the content
Religion / Re: RCCG "Open Heaven": Daddy Freeze Reacts To Ban On Unauthorized Publication by NigerianScholar: 2:50am On Jan 09, 2018
Freeze will soon turn to a nuclear reactor with the way he reacts on daily basis now.

Hell start to act again with the way he RE-acts
Religion / Re: RCCG "Open Heaven": Daddy Freeze Reacts To Ban On Unauthorized Publication by NigerianScholar: 2:49am On Jan 09, 2018
Is it no longer about spreading the gospel or is there something I don't understand?

The word used is unauthorised. There should not be any unauthorised publication of the book. It is a criminal and legal offence. It can lead to plagiatism. And the integrity of the content would be lost.

The only publication that may be allowed must agree with "fair use"

Kindly research on copyright before you quote me
Politics / Re: PDP Will Transform Nigeria In 2019 – Atiku Abubakar by NigerianScholar: 2:45am On Jan 09, 2018
Great. APC is not national in outlook.
It is a party owned by Core North, dominated partially by middle belt and some elites in SWerners cry cry cry
PDP is national as its membership is available, accessible and promoted locally in Nigeria. Even in other parts of the world....

***APC rides on stolen membership of other parties especially PDP, CPC, ACN and APGA. It can not stand alone.

Guy, girl. Or whatever. Pdp apc. They re all the same thing. You cant deny it
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Sacks Titus, His New Gateman For Speaking With His Former Gateman Jacob by NigerianScholar: 2:42am On Jan 09, 2018
Bobrisky is paranoid... he probably thinks everyone close is spying on him.

Here is an idea : Maybe a blogger should pose as an illiterate from the village that can hardly speak english, apply for the job as bobrisky's gateman and then dig out juicy information like who "bae" is and all...Oya bloggers, time for investigative "journalism" o, not just being in the confines of your home and dishing out unverified gossips...

By the way guyz, this is my first FTC...Show some love

Bobrisky is a foolish person. He has no idea of what it is to be homosexual. It thinks thats what his effemism means
Jokes Etc / Re: 25 Hilarious Times People Were Caught Sleeping by NigerianScholar: 2:39am On Jan 09, 2018

∆ Some people can sleep on water ∆

Jesus wouldnt be happy with that grin grin

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Phones / Re: Our 2018 Predictions For Smartphones And Mobile Technology by NigerianScholar: 10:11pm On Jan 06, 2018

4. Wireless Charging Still in its Infancy[/b]

The idea of a wireless world has been on for decades. With wireless charging, the world can potentially bid goodbye to cables. However, 2018 won’t be that year. Some high-end devices will come with wireless charging. But, low-end phones will still spot the everyday chargers.

I dont think you added bezelless screens.

And you re not a samsung or iphone marketer. There is no such thing as "wireless" charging for mobile phones. Its very misleading. Call it by its proper name - inductive charging

And most people especially me find it inconvienient and will prefer using a normal cable. I cant begin the fathom the backlash that will occur if a company makes a phone that can only be charged "wirelessly" my money is on apple doing it. not only is it a lot less flexible. Its slower than cable charging

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