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Politics / Free Trade, The Pillagers Pillbox by NotComplaining: 7:41am On Jul 19, 2020
First of all, there is nothing free about free trade. An African is educated to accept hundreds of European multinational companies to plunder his meat, plunder his wheat, plunder his wealth, plunder his beliefs, plunder his children and plunder his existence. That same African has no footprint in Europe or Americas. Is this by share coincidence or by rigid design?

So what is free? Trade or Oppression? The European instructs his African counterpart to deregulate his markets, to remove obstacles that prevent his fully ladden trucks from exploiting the rights of the inhabitants. To allow his convoy of spoils to cross borders and transcend political ideologies free of molestation. The Europeans usurps all the indigenous resources and dumps substandard or lawfully expired stock.

My forefathers inherited swathes of clean arable land, rivers and assorted beasts from their fathers. Though illiterate they were proud protectors of their birthright. They narrated stories of great battles and strifes in fully attended gatherings. They consumed their own produce first, yet had a mild taste for exotic spices and condiments, never the sort of love and adoration shown today. Their attire befitted their daily regiment and facilitated active response to any threat or danger. These are the people that we are told were uncivilized. The people that you and I are trained to hate, all in order that the whites may pillage and plunder whatever they like under our noses without as much as a courtesy call.

You have blacks absorbing the worship of a white man with long blond hair - it doesnt get more insulting than that. This is the same white man that the Europeans freely denigrate and publicly ridicule. Yet the foolish African readily consumes the rhetoric and eagerly passes laws that allow whites to willfully and thorougly somodomize the once great people of Africa. Its no longer a secret that whites prefer the ass over the vagina because it's a power trip. You the once great Moors are being f.uck.d whenever you put a tomtom in your mouth! The phallus of the white man, though tiny in comparrison knows no bounds. He is ready to sodomize your mouth, the bible mouth. You read his book and you practice his laws to what end? You cannot come to his lands, you cannot sell to his people, you cannot teach his children! You are there to be Bleep.d anally you once great Nation of Moors that crossed into Spain and South of France. For 800 years, Africans made life hell for the Europeans, but have the tides now turned? Or have we fallen asleep?

The Quran gave Blacks the strength and unity no other religion can come near! Islam and Tauheed cannot be denied when studying the rise of Africa in the lands of whites. The only time in the last 1000 years that blacks witnessed international respect was when they proclaimed There is No deity worthy of Worship but Allah. Martin Luther King failed, Marcus Garvey failed, white Jesus failed! Islam succeeded. Mansa Musa, was not a white christian but a black Muslim that proclaimed La illaha ilallah! He is on record as being the richest man that has ever lived. Remember that when you say Islam is pro Arab. Remember the black Moors and Berbers too. The black turban dorners that brought thousands of white europeans into the Magreb to have their blood washed with faith.

Now, you the once great warriors are fully educated, you praise a white jesus throughout, you work 9 to 5, you drive fancy tokumbos, you eat fancy leftovers, you feel good. But once that european coc.k gets aroused by a slight wind, you will bend your jesus loving asss for him and he will rubbish you, your achievements, scatter your economy and sodomize you until he ejaculates nto your fecal passage. You will swallow his semen, his cadburry, p&g, his nestle until your head bursts open. You thought free trade meant equality? You thought it meant opportunity? Well think again, it is the freedom into your rectum, your self respect, your dignity, your embellished history and your existence, to ruin it.

With all the gargantuan Christian monuments jotted across Africa, not one has brought the blacks closer to salvation and liberation. The whites love that you build monuments in their honor, but he enoys your asss too much and nothing you or jesus can do will force him to let you go.
Travel / Re: Airport Workers Push Passenger Plane In Nigeria (Video, Photos) by NotComplaining: 8:44am On Jun 10, 2020
Push to start
Politics / A family Affair - Kin Punishment by NotComplaining: 11:51pm On May 30, 2020
It is no secret that politicians embezzle monies meant for public projects to better their family standing. Families are responsible for breeding and spawning career kleptocrats. A politician will use state owned funds to purchase houses for his spouse and top education for his children. It is therefore key to note that a politician does not act alone and should not be punished for state crimes alone. It is also important to note the deterence of misappropriation falls squarely on the mans household.

Kin punishment is a very old form of redress that ought to be revived in Africa. Though some modern nations like China still practice forms of this deterence, its full potential has been lost with time until now.

Some historians will even boldly ascribe the success of Chinas culture and economy in the modern era to its ability to maximise accountability through kin punishment. Dissidents will even tell you that Chinas method of targetting relatives in their absence is the only reason they choose to stay under insurmountable repression.

Chinas punitive use of such mode allows us to appraise the true effectiveness.

In rebuffing the academics and skeptics who say collective punishment is feudal and regressive we ask them to argue with the numbers because numbers are not sentimental nor does it lie. Mathematically, the unit or troop of which a politician leads is his pride and joy, so spreading punishment will also be his ultimate undoing due to the number of members to be affected, which is usually higher than one! A politicians' goal is to preserve the social standing of his unit; in allowing opportunities to open to them without much effort. He does not strive for the ruin of his unit as it reflects on himself.

Employing this regal method to deter potential looters has to be conducted in light of modern challenges; namely legal and technology. Thwarting these two processes is the prime objective of any criminal in order to evade detection and genuine prosecution.

Being stripped of ones authority and position is one thing but being stripped of your infant children is an entirely different facet of justice. Being stripped of your infant children is not through temporary imprisonment, but permanently through forced adoption; your children below a set age being put through adoption; with changed identities, for the capital crimes you commit

Not only will an infant child be placed under state care, the spouses punishment will mirror the culprit and children above 18 will be sent to prison or military redemption centre for a period befitting your crimes. A family affair!

It is clear to see that children and spouses that do not want to face degrading punishment will become government tools in admonishing corruption in the home; questioning wealth of their parents, and secret agents in reporting erring parent or breadwinner who doesnt want to make amends. With time and rigid conformation to kin punishment, corruption in Nigeria and Africa as a continent will be a thing of the past.

So ask yourself, how greedy are you truly?
Literature / Re: The Story Of Uche by NotComplaining: 8:52am On May 29, 2020
So as usual work was miserable...
Aside watching the seconds on the Giant clock increment in melodious fashion I pondered life as a floor manager.
With their sort of money I could buy a rickshaw in a month and rent my own apartment in two!
Gosh, Karim I envy you,
If only management knew how better I was for the post! But my black skin is ultimately a major deterence.
Aside the token Yorubu accountant, all the management staff at Khaito Plastics are foreign.
How much was Karim even making? His suits are always tailor fitted and he always smells like a happy day!
The hell with Karim, Khaito and Nigeria as a whole, who dem epp?!
Dwelling on misery was as painful as the misery itself! But at least it kept me distracted..
Uche, Uche, Uche!!
Weeeetin!! Who was pulling my shirt anyhow, spoiling this perfect indulgence!
Alas, it was none other than Chioma, the gist champion of the factory 2020
"What is it, what happened?!" I quizzed with a frown.
"Have you not heard" She jetted out with sparkles of delight dripping from her eyes
I Shrugged in contempt
"UCHE, na dont tell anyone o!! NA begg i dey I beg oo!! EFCC were here last night!!!"
"AND WETIN CONCER..." I was eager to rebuff until she interjected...
"They wanted to arrest Karim!"
"Ah Ah Are You Serious??!!!" I was suddenly intrigued!
"Karim, What did he do??" my interest spiking, heart thumpimg with joy!
"I dont know yet, but I will find out. The cleaner told me, an hour after closing, 3 vans blocked the entrance"
"She said our police thought it was a robbery attempt and they both ran inside!!"
"Luckily it was efcc, like 20 of them"
'Ehhnnn' 'Hmmm!' So juicy! Early morning juice.
"She said they were about locking the place, if not for the general managing who promised to settle their boss"
"They wanted to take Karim as collateral, but later didnt for unknown reason"
"This gist get many levels oo!"
'GOD!' I shouted
"Just dont tell Kalu that I told you"
"Why na work you dey sleep, I called your name like 5 times! Anyways keep your eyes open"
Before I could ask for any more gist, she hopped around the machine and was off to the next listening post.
'Why dont they make pants in her size?!'
Chiomas ass was gargantuan, a pleasing sight no matter the weather. There was a float to her movement that made one wonder if her ass was actually tied to her body, it literally moved on its own.
Indeed Chioma was the cause of many sleepless nights! Certified 18! If not for her walloping of a mouth, her name would have been etched in my ever growing list of bedfriends
But If every girl in the world had a mouth like Chioma, molestation would be a thing of the past
'What an ass!' I murmored watching her seed her chaos,
And she knew it too, she once caught me staring intently and laughed so loud! It was that laughter that killed the errection.
'I wonder what incentivised the efcc to pay our factor such a visit?' I whispered to myself.
I hope this my job would not suddenly come to an abrupt end, wouldnt be the first time but who is praying for such?
'May the devil be cursed!' I need this job, its literally the last mile between sanity and destitution,
'Should I start job hunting for the umpteen time?'
Suddenly a spontaneous wry smirk started to develop on my face, as if I had divised a solution to my problem, but I didnt, Karim was passing by.
"Youre looking much more cheerful Uche! The morning drab has worn off I see'
Morning drab?? Who is teaching this fool english? Wetin be drab?! The idiot was clearly trying to say distress.
'Ehnn, I know say sadness doesnt pay bills so...'
And with a slight grin, he said
"Youre not suppose to know this so early..." Wait! Was this arrogant foreigner overlord about to trust me with information Was it to do with the efcc?? Epic!!
"But management have been in talks with another company, we want to sell the factory..."
"Youve been here more than 5 years and I feel you ought to know, incase you'd consider job hunting just as a counter measure"
"And if I am replaced I will put in a good word for, youre one of our longest serving employees, been here longer than all of management"
As if lightning struck my bleeting heart, I couldnt mutter a response, my leggs could give way any time from,,, let me grab this oscillating fan, nooo the table!
I gulped and continued listening,
'He's gone' Someone behind me screeched
'You've been in that position for more than 2 minutes, Uche I hope no problem...'
Profanity was never my thing, but if it was, this yapping fool was well deserving!
"Oga free me jare, what is your business if i pose like a mosquito or a fly on the wall?" I replied with my back facing the fool.
'Dont vex, it never reach'

Literature / The Story Of Uche by NotComplaining: 9:02am On May 21, 2020
Hi my name is Uche
I would like to tell you how my day went
It starts with a morning call from my sister to wake, 'its 7 and youre still in bed!'
She wakes up at 5, does her prayers and cleans our 1 bed self contained.
I see my sister as the queen that never ruled but could rule so I always give her full respect because you never know...
So I washed up, my bucket although a shadow of its past is mine, things in my area arent cheap so we have to cherish whatever we have.
By 8am my sister was off to the market, her wooden kiok is her pride and joy, the envy of other market ladies. Even when heavy rain pulled down the shacks of her neighbours, hers was intact and her goods were safe. Life is good she says. Well, I made no remark, God is indeed good to his people.
My work was an hour away and I resume by 9, so I competed for a seat on the few jangalovas (big buses) leaving for the inner city with other commuters. This was no time to play 'we are neighbours'; strictly first come first serve, no lapping.
Off the bus went! Iya Baseera was unlucky it seems, the bus just past her and her baby and it was full to the brim.
HMM!! I sniffed. The bus was so untidy this time around, it's like the crusaders of the night before didnt bother to pick up their leaflets spread across the floor and headrests. Also the stench of human odor was extraordinary, anyway what was my own, it is all temporary, I will one day buy my own rickshaw and be free to travel anywhere.
As i was fantasizing about my distant ambition I failled to notice that we were pulling over, what is it now hehh?
Police abruptly boarded, they wanted to search all the passengers for contraband, this is too early for this!
'Oga settle them na' passengers started to groan as early morn frustration began to settle in...
How much am I making, he staunchly replied 'make them search'
Oga our journey is still far o, one lady cried out, just give them 200 and make we go.
"200 ke" the officer retorted, "you think im so hungry?"
'This is serious' I thought to myself while briskly scanning the number of passengers on the bus who all paid 500 for the trip, we numbered no less than 40. But diesel is not cheap for this sort of vehicle
While calculating I watched as the driver reluctantly pulled out a 1000 naira note and handed it to the officer. And without a word he disembarked and we were off again.
'The next one is for passenger to pay..." Hmm! So i started to pray, after return transport I had just 200 naira on me for lunch.
'Kai!' Someone next to me whispered, and as if he had a premonition Kai officers pulled us over
This time the driver was aggressive, we all knew Kai had no right pulling a car over
"Oga this motto too full from where you dey come?"
"My friend that is not a kai duty"
"So you want make we call lastma and double your money ni? Ogbeni this is morning we no want fight na anything is acceptable."
And like that he signalled to his compatriots after receiving 200 naira, this one was a turn by turn arrangement.
Again we were off, by now we were 40 minutes into the journey.
I checked my phone and I had 15 minutes of time, it was only one roundabout remaining.
Thank God we past the roundabout without the usual traffic
"It dey!!" I yelled to the driver to stop for me to get off.
Office entrance was just around the corner the from bus stop.
"KAALU!" I shouted to my colleague, sighting him as he was about crossing the road.
He saw me and came towards my way.
"One trailer don fall for st paul street, na God save me that the driver was able, how body?"
"How far about that thing you promised me last week" I asked with quivering lips
"You still need am?!"
'You sabi freak somebody, I tell you I never need am again?!'
"Noo wahala my guy! Na tomorrow I go bring am, but you will pay small money o?"
"You dey craze, you cant help somebody, but sabi ask for help, make you no give me again!!"
"...I am joking... No wahala I go bring am tomorrow"
As we bantered to and from we reached the security check point of the factory.
"Uche Uche" a familiar face called,
"How far baby" I replied, it was Eniola a replacement security guard.
"You didnt even call me last night, its not good o" this lady is at least 45 and I am 36, what was she expecting, the first time we did it was by mistake, second time because I felt sorry for her situation and the last time I was drunk and I was picturing iya baseera that just gave birth and had very huge breasts.
So what did she want, a casual partner?
"I was very busy but let me see tonight"
She squeezed her face and allowed me to pass
"UCHE leave that woman!" Kalu taunted, 'youre too small for that kind wahala, also her husband will just kill you both!'
Me? Silent killer? I thought to myself
I just nodded as he spoke not minding his reproache
Me that has a BSC in geography listen to an ordinary school drop it? If not for the situation of this country he would be my boy, even though he is older than me.
"You don finish" I finally retorted after a minute of his silence
"I will see you at lunch time, we go talk Chiomas matta" at which he burst out in laughter.
"Chioma na my wife!" He exclaimed smilling as he walked to his bottling post.
I took a big sigh thinking of the labour that awaited me and comparing it to lucifer the lebanese floor manager.
This guy is my junior in everything, he cant even speak a dime of coherent English, in fact I tell him that all the time, but apparently he sees humor in my mockery which ofcourse is a product of his ineptness.
I have been doing this job for five years and so far no mention of promotion! This guy was brought in by management and all he has is an OND equivalent.
If I say Im angry it is an understatement, I am livid, I got a 2.1 certificate lying on my cupboard and here I am earning a measely 25000 a month.
This is why Igbo men dont study, all my uncles have built houses and I am still squating with my sister. KAI!
"Uche? Whats the matter" he asked in his condescending tailored suit jacket and fitted denim jeans
'Nothing lucifer' I snickered
"Your face seems tense, anyways I need you at labelling today, the machine is a bit faulty and I need your expertise there to ensure it works until planned repairs tomorrow."
'Yes lucifer as you wish'
"OK!" And off he dashed
I hate that position! Of all the plants' posts It is the most monotonous, imagine sitting for hours adjusting a tiny blade so it doesnt disturb the cutting pattern of the assembly machine.
Some nogooders will say I always get the easy posts, but what is so easy about being given instructions at 36 with a BSC?


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Politics / Getting Raped, the African Way by NotComplaining: 5:49am On May 21, 2020
Is it not funny how the Western powers chiefly Britain, France and US (and Germany) all maintain aN economic and ideological backdoor to their not so distant imperialistic past with their financial haevens and personal media publications? Reminding us all of the laws of thermo dynamics, that power is not lost but transfered. 

It is also funny that while their masses are told they cannot under any circumstances evade taxes nor propagate prejudicial divisive slurs, their nobility is given free reign to untax their spoils and denigrate other religions, races and cultures on the whim with no recourse.

It is no secret that behind every dollar and cent held in money laundering haevens of Caymans, Monaco, Bahamas et al that Britain, France and US strive to protect an empire that never ceased to exist but merely trenched in the coffers and policies of miserable developing colonies.

It is also no secret that western publications bent on dividing populations and spreading hate, suspicion and conceit are notoriously favorable to the rulling class. Dailymail, Charlie Hebdo and Fox News though adding no value to journalistic principles are treated by state like santuaries that embody perfection and purity.

No dollar is too high and detrimental that cannot be absorbed by UK government guarded haevens. No satire is too bigotry and xenophobic that can challenge the right of French ideological editorials enjoyed by the upper class. It is what it is.

We live in a world where subjugation is rigid and thoroughly kept silent. (Western) Democracy, Capitalism and Globalisation go hand in hand with Corruption, Exploitation and Poverty yet we accept that the latter isn't the brainchild of the former. We accept to be bottom feeders. We accept to accept poverty, insecurity and death. We accept to think whites are better and refuse to see the picture for not what it is but how it became. We accept that occupation is a relic from the past and not a daily affair. All roads lead not to China as the proverb goes, but leads to the West. 

Africa owes the world banks $350 billion (2020), but the Panama papers and other leaks puts African contribution to offshore embezzlement at $930 billion (2012). This is not sophisticated laundering, it is a predrawn military plan executed with great precision. The incentive to shift wealth to Western guarded haevens is intentionally too strong for the ordinary African minion politician to overlook for the greater good of his people. But what he or she must know is that the transaction is very lopsided in favor of the marauding Westerners and very much politically sanctioned in their usurping courts, and fully controlled no matter how much autonomy is deceitfully placed on the surface. For if any hint that a white conceived policy fairly benefits blacks as it benifits them, of surety it will be abolished or abrogated.

Africa by all indicators is a lost cause. Africa is nothing but a continent of serfs, we own nothing as long as there is democracy, capitalism and globalisation on our soil. Any one of the aforementioned can be easily weaponised to reset our gains socially and economically. So we need not foreign boots to check us, just a 9/11 or Coronvirus, a famine or devaluation, something to justify our social economic degradation.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Doesn't Wear Face-Mask - Lauretta Onochie by NotComplaining: 8:36am On May 18, 2020

U dont even know what to say to the extent that ur typing rubbish

Im actually saying more with little. Thats what we academics call a compressed argument.

Trumps policies are not existential threats to the most vulnerable and though Trump does not wear a mask he has been very active and present. Buhari has been very abstract to his policies and responsibilities.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Doesn't Wear Face-Mask - Lauretta Onochie by NotComplaining: 8:05am On May 18, 2020

You too like back and forth argument..

Why is Trump not wearing?

Trump a has very different set of policies.
Politics / Re: Lagos Considers Full Re-opening Of Economy, Embarks On Assessment Of Readiness by NotComplaining: 7:48am On May 18, 2020
What is wrong with some people sef

lockdown you shout open up!
open up you shout why did u open up lockdown again!
open up economy again, no this is revenue drive agenda!

what exactly do you people want?

This whole thing get context. You have to understand that gov interests are rarely if ever, inline with the interest of their people.

I am among the people who believe coronavirus is a scam, like 9/11, Iraqs WMD and Libyas. Its always the same players with the same nefarious motives. America, France and UK want to secure their hegemony on the global economy and reset the growth of developing nations, with the complicity of the leaders of such nations who were installed there.

Chinas part in all the remains to be clear, but Chinas relationship with her people and the world at large has been tumultuous to say the least.

Coronavirus is nothing but flu clad as a plague to surrepticiously justify the decline of wealth and aspirations. Why is it that everytime there is a false flag poor people get poorer and big western industries increase their reach, globalisation reach?

Even though Africans cant build homes and businesses they can always afford to binge on coke or guinness?

Africa owes foreign banks $112 billion (2012) but has $900 billion laundered in the Cayman Island; a tax haeven created by the British to continue looting her colonies post "independence". And lets not forget copycat tax haevens of France - Monaco and America - Bahamas, which are merely clandestine ways of allowing wealth to pour out of Africa (former colonies) and maintain a deathly status quo.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Considers Full Re-opening Of Economy, Embarks On Assessment Of Readiness by NotComplaining: 10:09pm On May 17, 2020
Sounds like he is trying to impose a communist state. Re-registering allows government to assess tax contributions. Small businesses that have been operating under the radar will be captured in this drag net scheme.

It's obvious lagos is on the prowl for new sources of IGR post oil crash. But ordinary people did not benefit from oil boom, so it is shambolic that state gov now want to throw the weight of the economy on their heads.

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Politics / Re: Promise Gogorodari: Owner Of Demolished Prudent Hotel In Rivers, Speaks by NotComplaining: 11:36am On May 11, 2020
Well I dont see anything wrong... he clearly made his warning specifically on hotels, you are based in Lagos but opened your hotel to run in PH because you have lab rats to test on..

In event people die from escalated corona virus due to his selfishness, would you be saying this rubbish?...

he is suffering because of disobedience, selfishness and lack of empathy..

And the best way to respond is to destroy the property, property that in of itself did nothing wrong, was not crumbling or structurely weak? Think of yourself before answering. I feel your type has never owened so much as a roof, but I could be wrong.

No one is perfect, every commoner is feeling the financial pinch of the lockdown. You cant be talking so reckless until you have been put through similar pain.
Politics / Re: 82.9 Million Nigerians Living In Poverty - NBS by NotComplaining: 12:42pm On May 04, 2020
Wow Naija has improved! Once we reach 80 million we can relax. Bubu is doing very well this 2nd term, promises being fulfilled!

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Career / Re: Power Mech Staff At Dangote Refinery Complain Of Work Despite Lockdown by NotComplaining: 10:32am On May 02, 2020
Politics / Re: Adegboruwa: Buhari’s Speech Filled With Confusion, Curfew Can’t Work In Lagos by NotComplaining: 10:23am On Apr 28, 2020
He don start.

The curfew might be necessary to clean and disinfect general places before the next day.

Everything is not about human right, common sense can prevail at times.

Not all businesses would be allowed to open yet.

I am sure Government workers and schools are still closed. The time is also 9 - 6 meaning that no office will expect u to get to the office before 9.

In the speech, Buhari also made it clear that each state will handle their peculiar issues accordingly.

Cut him some slack. At least he did not advise citizens to drink disinfectants like the most powerful man in the world did. (Yes, plenty morons drank it in USA)

What useless economy is the lawyer talking about ? An economy that is practically 100% dependent on oil price will not listen to English or Law terminologies. Even better prepared countries are technically in recession. There is no miracle anybody can perform on Nigeria economy right now.

Things are not yet normal and should be seen that way for now.

Clearly your glass is half full, until you get robbed by your shoe shiner or cant find iya loja to buy food stuff from. You need to come off your high horse and see that poverty is the mother of all violent crimes. What institutions does Nigeria have in place to alleviate the stench of destitution similar to is counterparts elsewhere?

Remember, when a ship sinks it is naval code that the captain is first to die, i.e. kill himself. What you are blatently ignoring is the ineptitude of Nigerias leaders and blaming the poor for seeking reproach.
Health / Re: Wearing Face-Masks Will Be Compulsory In Lagos - Sanwo-Olu by NotComplaining: 8:23pm On Apr 20, 2020
I remember predicting that the reign of the Coronavirus would come to an end when people started wearing face masks. It is gradually coming to pass. The reason the entire world is in this mess is that the Asians, who produce most face-masks and other personal protection equipment, blocked their manufacturers from exporting them to the rest of the world because they knew that they would be needed to protect their people.

Instead of the West to respond by mobilizing their manufacturers to produce face-masks massively, so that they would be able to protect their people, they started a deceptive campaign to discourage people from using them. The campaign was so effective that people who wore face-masks were mocked and shamed by those who had been brainwashed. People who had face-masks were pressured into giving them away.

Now they grudgingly accept that face-masks are helpful but instead of producing adequate quantities of the quality face-masks that have been proven to be effective - the kind of masks that most Asians are wearing - they are asking people to use less effective home-made masks.

Capitalism vs Socialism. WEST vs East. NOTHING else matters. People are focusing on what the media is focusing on, which in of its self is a proven mistake. The real fault lines will never be discussed by media because information is power and with great power requires...

Go back to the start, forget the smokescreen and distractions. The issue will always be economics and geopolitical power.

The fall of oil prices, the dollar, western financial system, stock markets...
Politics / Re: Military Begins Final Offensive Against Boko Haram, ISWAP by NotComplaining: 8:10pm On Apr 20, 2020

If you follow international news at all, you'll see that no military spends its time on the media spewing propagandas on how they have or will defeat an enemy and almost selling out their strategies (Our Service Chiefs don't have any strategy anyways)...... When Chad states their intent to pay back bokoharam after they attacked their soldiers, did you not SEE THE MONUMENTAL RESULTS THEY GOT! you see how well they dislodged the terrorists to the extent that even our army couldn't help but acknowledge the good work.

Our own army has used the names of all animals in Africa to do Operation time and time again, and yet there's nothing to show for it other than a recurring debit in our already depleting financial resources.

Dislodged is too wide of a term to describe what is essentially a tactical retreat being replayed and repeated. ISWAP are not a conventional army with bases visible with drones and satelites. Their base can cover hundreds of kilometers with thousands of scouts sharing intel. Nigerian army are looking for a battle that they will not receive on their terms. Fighters simply have to melt into the borderless surroundings and wait for reconnaisance. And finding the fighters is easiest part of this crusade. What follows is the battle of the hearts and we all know how the nigerian arms fairs in that area.

Chadian armys repraisal was merely a slap on the wrist. BH and ISWAP are completely decentralized and only loyalty mobilizes them to attack in unison. Meanwhile nigerian army will be fighting their own shadows and spilling innocent blood. The fighters have the nigerian army where they want them, in active pursuit of an enigmatic foe with hardened fighters who will wait out the protracted war they themselves have designed.
Politics / Re: Military Begins Final Offensive Against Boko Haram, ISWAP by NotComplaining: 7:51pm On Apr 20, 2020
I am yet to see a bigger coward than Burutai for a general. Imagine a general of the Nigeria army took over 6 years to destroy ragtag boko haram ravaging his own home town ?! Some general deserve to be stoned to death.

America have been figting a war now in Afghanistan for 2 decades...
Car Talk / Re: How Much Does It Cost To Ship From Germany To Nigeria by NotComplaining: 6:47am On Apr 09, 2020
Hi I would like to ship batteries that weigh 974kg, how much will it cost to Lagos?
Crime / Re: Lockdown: Warri Protesters Mob Soldiers, Try To Set Them Ablaze For Killing Man by NotComplaining: 5:27pm On Apr 02, 2020

I pity them, kill one soldier in your hopes of retailiating then they would come back in battalion and kill some more, unfortunately for the youths the lock down wont give them chance to run except in the night


Tell that to boko haram
Crime / Re: Man Who Defied Lockdown Order Slaps Soldier For Punishing Him (Video) by NotComplaining: 3:26pm On Apr 01, 2020
What's the man doing outdoor
He is surviving
Health / Re: How Spanish Flu Killed 500,000 Nigerians 102 Years Ago by NotComplaining: 3:21pm On Apr 01, 2020

You are the dull one here.

The effect of the Spanish Flu is well documented. Oral traditions are not reliable. If you had actually read the article, you would have seen attached statistics collected by the colonial government in the top cities of Nigeria at the time. Your own IQ is less than the Nigerian average if you are relying on oral traditions and mass graves for something that happened in the early twentieth century.

So stats trump empirical anecdotal evidence? You remind me of the fellow my father ensured I would not become, a tv head, even worse, youre an antenna feeding crap to tv heads like yourself. Continue chomping on those eugenical stats, your life is merely a carbon copy zombie.

Meanwhile, where is the mass grave site, mosoleum or peg in the earth letting posterity know what ocurred? The UK is full of such reminders, Id expect similar from their satelites.
Health / Re: How Spanish Flu Killed 500,000 Nigerians 102 Years Ago by NotComplaining: 12:48pm On Apr 01, 2020
Where are you people getting this April fool posts?

The average IQ in Nigeria is 84 out of 200... Many receive their basic education from Professor Instagram and Twitter. Dont mind verifying information, they swallow whatever crap they are given.

Where are the mass graves? Even if the history of it was removed, can they remove the graves of 500k people? Where are the oral narrations or folklore


Politics / Re: Lagos Traders Lament Market Closure, Appeal To Sanwo-Olu For Palliatives by NotComplaining: 8:04pm On Mar 26, 2020
Nigeria is not Europe.
Religion / Re: Father Simeon Kuro Slumps And Dies During Mass In Rivers State by NotComplaining: 11:54am On Mar 23, 2020
We all know where he's going grin
Politics / Re: "You Can Join Amotekun If You Have Spent 20 Years In Lagos & Speak Yoruba" by NotComplaining: 9:59am On Mar 03, 2020

That law in itself sounds crazy. Why should they recruit someone just based on the fact that they’ve lived 20years in a locality.

So for example, if an herdsman lived in that particular community for 20years, he is entitled to be part of Amotekun too?

Just like the Miyetti Allah leader in Oyo that claimed he lived in Oyo state for several decades and even said he married a Yoruba. After all his utterances and provocations, this kind of law from Lagos means he also qualifies to be part of Amotekun right?

But can he speak Yoruba?
Health / Re: Uber Driver That Carried The Italian Coronavirus Patient In Nigeria Speaks by NotComplaining: 12:02pm On Feb 28, 2020

This is no Flu

This virus has an incubation period of 14 days where the infected do not show sign of illness but are still highly infectious.

This virus has been shown to be for life just like HIV. That means the infected even after treatment can still relapse and infect others.

Most worrying is that it affects male fertility which means males who get infected, but survive, become sterile and so can not have children.

Ebola will keep you down for about a month after just a day of exposure thereby limiting spread.

Every successful virus needs to be docile and not kill the host before it goes pandemic.

You do not know how dangerous this contagion is.

It is obvious it was a designer bio-weapon tailored for massive culling .

Be very afraid. This is not some random flu but a well engineered cutting-edge bio-weapon designed for mass culling.

Totally my thoughts. The virus was engineered for a nefarious purpose, its far too specific in its spread to be from nature. Computer scientists should be able to draw parallels with this virus and those curated by hackers.

But i feel the laws of nature will certainly do away with the virus' potency. Eventually it will meet an insurmountable stumbling block and be forced to self eviscerate and die.


Agriculture / Re: Man Sees Herdsmen On His Farmland, Confronts Them Gently (Video) by NotComplaining: 3:39pm On Feb 27, 2020
From the video both the Cattle herder and the farmer know each other. The cattle guy was just upset that he took his picture without his permission thus snatched the phone from him.

He said he would beg the farmer and if the farmer rejected his plea then he is ready to pay for damages.

It was nothing serious. Just two people who clearly misunderstood each other.

One had damaged crops from the other's cattle while the other was willing to pay for the damage is asked.

Any other thing in-between were just exchanges said in anger

It is men like you that must be reminded that Allah is not unjust. The prophet (pbuh) instructed Muslims not to seek the enemy but to fight when fought, for victory is the Hands of Allah. Shaytan incites you to kill people without right believing that Allah will side with you, but Allah will support the oppressed and that has been his way since Adam.

Arrogance has led many kings and empires into slavery and retrogression, believing that they can only win. The pharoahs of egypt were haughty and many historians today attribute the fall of the black race to the fall of the pharoahs. Allah Alone has the right to Pride, not some people who inherited the legacy of marauding britts.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: How The British Press Reported On Meghan And Harry by NotComplaining: 9:13am On Jan 21, 2020

Surely you must realize that when people don't like you, it really won't matter if you're doing nothing wrong, they would still find a way to make you look bad.

The bias against Meghan was watered by none other but herself. You can see one of the articles you posted called her 'dictatorial', they may not be far from the truth.

I followed the whole ruckus leading up to their wedding in 2018 up until the wedding itself. You should not take my word for it though, you could make some findings on your own regarding just how much she tried to break almost every protocol regarding how the wedding should go.
A lot of things were changed/altered just to accommodate her preferences - from the flower choices, to the aisle leading up to the alter that was made wider because it's what she wanted, etc.. There was a lot more which I can't even recall off the top of my head.

Now no one is saying she couldn't have creative control over her own wedding, but when you marry into a monarchy that has a certain way of doing things in keeping with age-long traditions as old as her own ancestors, then she probably should have simmered down a little. She got what she wanted most of the time because the monarchy were happy enough to make Diana's little boy happy, but she took it too far and got used to it.
After the wedding, she kept trying to get them to do things her way and most of the time she would get it, but guess what, the British people only resented her for it because she was now effectually implying that their ways of doing things was not good enough for her, her own way was better...it wasn't just an emotional bride trying to make her wedding day perfect anymore, this was a woman who had no respect for the Monarchy and its ways. She confirmed what they already suspected and gave oxygen and water to the bias already working against her. And to make it worse, she was not even that big a celebrity in Hollywood in the first place.

This kind of resentment will obviously make them troll her at every given opportunity...no one holds a grudge more than the British.

If say, a single never divorced well brought-up Beyoncé (still black and American) was the one who married into the royal family, she may even get a softer landing than Meghan. If a Beyoncé DIL wanted the Queen MIL to dance single ladies inside Buckingham Palace, she may have gotten away with it, just because she is a Beyoncé. Get my point?

Meghan already had everything working against her from the start - previous failed marriage, dysfunctional family set-up, being biracial, and an American actress (not even an A-list, which may have been a plus). The least she could have done to warm her way into the hearts and minds of the British people, is to at least appear that she gave a shit about the way things are done.

I'm NOT sorry to type this, but I will because it is what it is:
Meghan did not do Windsor a favor by marrying Harry, Windsor in fact did her a favor by allowing her become a part of their family and she should have acted accordingly and not take a mile when given an inch.

It's what it is.

Did Meghan marry the "royals' or did she marry Harry and likewise, did Harry marry her dysfunctional family and B class acting career or did he marry Meghan for who she was and what she represented to him...

Meghan Markle is a Diana in the years aftee her forced marriage to Charles, the royal's expectation are far too high and pretencious to be taken seriously by a commoner like herself. Imagine being talked down to at every situation and reminded that you will never be blue blooded. Harry probaby saw his mother in Meghans fire and rebellion towards the corruption within the walls of the palace, and such increased his love for her.

The media in the UK are rascists end of. Using them to defend your point just shows how very little you care about the oppressed.


Politics / Re: Amotekun: ‘To Hell With Their Presidency’ - Afenifere Blasts Miyetti Allah by NotComplaining: 9:17am On Jan 17, 2020
A lot of Nairaland comenters have not grasped the full rationale behind the proportionate anger of the North.


The full implications will take weeks to unravel, and to those who already understand kudos to you.

The south have proved to the north that the ideologues vision of one Nigeria has ceased to exist. The North has never won a single war over the SW and cannot claim hegemony of what it was given on a silver platter by marauding British colonialists who are no longer the feared power it once was and cannot come to the aid of the North at the detriment of the SW. The North will have to prove their inheritence one day and that day is on the horizon.

As for Nigeria, the ability of the SW to subvert all the surveillance indicators put in place by the North and secretly arm a guerrilla force indicates that there are deep divisions in the countrys authority and alliances are far from clear.

A Yoruba will say: O bawon lojiji.

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Crime / Re: Akesan Market Fire: Angry Mob Sets Fire Station On Fire by NotComplaining: 4:57am On Jan 06, 2020
Lmao. But where they paying service charge before the incidence to warrant such a vindictive and savage act angry

So thats your reason for laughing at them?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Rockets Fall Near US Embassy In Baghdad Injuring Five As World War 3 Fears Mount by NotComplaining: 9:06am On Jan 05, 2020
So Iran plans using rockets to take revenge on the US?

Whoever cares for Iran should advise her to apply wisdom. It's ok to rant, but don't get carried away thinking you'can keep up hit for hit with America. They better just rant and let it slide, for their own sake.

Some people dont know shiiiiiiit about war^^

America was only able to fight Islamic State with cruise missiles and Isis is still prominent in the region. What do you say about a nation that has anti ship/aircraft defenses in par with US or even better? Remember Iran showed the capability to down a covert US surveillance drone with one shot. What of the opportunities that war opens for Russia and China who cant wait to get back at America and her allies.

America cannot win this war even if she had double the military prowess, its simply untenable to fight major wars on multiple fronts, isnt that how Germany lost?

Lastly the American people are woke and will not be conscripted as was done in the past, America is far to divided to mobilize her people to support another war.
Phones / Re: Screenshot And Post Your Data Usage In The Month Of December by NotComplaining: 9:58am On Jan 01, 2020

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