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Romance / Re: In Search Of A Male Bestie by OkoAnike(m): 7:42am On Apr 02

This is serious,taking paracetamol on top another person’s headache...pls let me know if u need any help...stay safe sweetie

Op, I just love your response... Stay safe.

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Autos / Re: My Experience With Computer Global. Pics by OkoAnike(m): 2:44pm On Mar 27

I just came across this thread , and it's quite disheartening how people think and interact in that part of the world.

Oga who died and made you king exactly? ?

If this man was trying to sell a car and he posted "important" information that was inconsistent, I would understand your interrogative stance....

Dude wanted a car,
dude utilized the service
Dude shared a story and experience

There's a big difference between a Lie and an inaccurate account... The difference is human error.

Not all incorrect information is a Lie...

When you Lie you have a MOTIVE ..... One that makes you DELIBERATELY DISTORT , RELEVANT information with the intent to mislead. ....(Note "relevant"wink . He has no reason to do that.

If for instance he said the report was erroneous, when in fact it was accurate, that's distortion of am important information.

If he said he chatted the man at 1a.m. but it was at 2.am .... How the fvvck is that relevant?

Only someone who is " LOOKING" for a reason to fault will dwell on irrelevant nonsense while ignoring the big picture.....

Did he contact the VIN guy?

Did the VIN guy give accurate information?

Is this thread about his experience with the VIN guy?

Does he have a right to share his experience?

If the above are true then what the fvvck are you people On about!??

What is he lieing about exactly ?!

You need to calm your titties Inspector Gadget.

This is just another sheepish display of caucus mentality on this forum. I see that nonsense all the time, and I just shake my head. Some group of people consider themselves Lords of the
Manor, for place wey dem no buy land.

visit western forums where beta human beings with better skills dey, and see how civil thier interactions are. Some local champions go just dey here dey puff up for nothing.


My long time crush... No vex ( je-ebure), who is making you vent like this?
Regards to hubby, although I was not invited.
Crime / Re: Notorious Jungle, Agbole Finally Demolished by OkoAnike(m): 8:29pm On Mar 03
so plenary session has been suspended for 2 weeks , all these Senators nor won cash the virus , yet they allowed us to send our kids to school .

shouldn't there be two weeks holiday for school children as well

Op for safety purposes, if you are not comfortable sending your kids to school please do, we don't need to wait for government to keep our kids safe...

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Video Of A Wife Who Confronted Husband’s Side Chick by OkoAnike(m): 7:41am On Mar 01
I hate this Freeze Guy.... He blocked me on Instagram bcoz I opposed his opinion on tithe
Idiot Guy cheesy cheesy

If you are not OK with his idea on tithe, then other opinion that is relevant should be thrown away too... I'm afraid for this generation.
Family / Re: Confusion In My Very Young Marriage by OkoAnike(m): 1:28pm On Feb 28
Good evening all,

I have just found myself in a dilemma that's really disturbing me emotionally. I need matured and candid advice from anyone who cares.

Just recently, myself and my fiancee concluded our introduction ceremony. The wedding comes up middle of this year.

Now the problem :

My fiancee is pregnant, early last month I registered her for anti natal in a very reputable hospital in Lagos. It is standard practice that they run series of tests before commencement of the treatment. After the results came out, my wife didn't disclose the findings to me, she kept it to herself until a day after the introduction.

The results indicated that her genotype is AS of which I'm also AS. Note that we had gone for checks 4 times before committing to each other, on all four occasions the results came out as AA for her. Her mum also confirmed that she is AA, she claimed she got her tested when she was young. Immediately she told me, I got so confused, I started sweating profusely. I immediately took her to another Lab close to the general hospital in my area. We both ran the test, I came our as my usual AS while she came out as AA. Also, Today, just to be sure again, she ran another test in a separate hospital on the Island and she also came out as AA.

My fear:

The hospital I registered her in is a reputable hospital and that's the reason I'm scared. I informed the hospital of my findings, they took another sample and promised to get back to me. It took them two days to call me, they left me and my wife in emotional distress while devising a means to clear their name or confuse me with medical terms. They finally called today and told me she has the AS hemoglobin in her blood but the AA is more pronounced. This got me confused cos if the AA is more pronounced, why release the result as AS in the first place. This is why I find their story hard to believe.

I feel they came up with this excuse just to justify their claim and cover up their mistake. How can 6 clinics and hospitals test her as AA while only this hospital says AS.

Note, just this evening a new test from a separate hospital says she's AA.

Nairalanders, please what do I do? Is it possible for this anomaly to happen ? Is it possible for her to have AS and AA hemoglobin at the same time where one will be more pronounced than the other. And if it's possible, what her the chances of my baby coming out fine.

Thanks Nairalanders.

It possible, you can request for "haemoglobin profiling test", it gives the full details and percentage of it deposition, although expensive than the normal genotype test... Wish you all the best my brother.
Celebrities / Re: Diane Russet Celebrates Her 24th Birthday (photos) by OkoAnike(m): 12:51pm On Feb 28
So she's my age mate and I haven't achieved anything in life

You will achieve more than you can ever imagine only if you believe in yourself and never give up... Wish all the best in life, cheers.

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Crime / Re: Man Arrested For Sleeping With His Two Daughters In Lagos by OkoAnike(m): 5:53am On Jan 23
You are wrong. Those are the type of people needed in church so that they can confess and repent of their evil ways. Jesus Christ said he did not come for the righteous but sinners.

Hhuuumm, then going by your opinion here, why are you CONCERNED that the writer says he was arrested in the church
Romance / Re: 2 Women In My Life, Which Should I Marry? by OkoAnike(m): 5:50am On Jan 23

No sir I’m not.

my small opinion... Susan is out of what should be considered and the other one is not sure of what she want yet, most girls know what they want after university, hence it might not be the right direction to go too...
Many fu*k & shi*t happen in university and there nothing you can do to stop it and I'm sure you won't be able to live by such...
For me, the two are not your options.
Romance / Re: 2 Women In My Life, Which Should I Marry? by OkoAnike(m): 5:47am On Jan 23
You're welcome.
Point of correction, I am a woman o cheesy

my small opinion... Susan is out of what should be considered and the other one is not sure of what she want yet, most girls know what they want after university, hence it might not be the right direction to go too...
Many fu*k & shi*t happen in university and there nothing you can do to stop it and I'm sure you won't be able to live by such...
For me, the two are not your options.
Crime / Re: Man Arrested For Sleeping With His Two Daughters In Lagos by OkoAnike(m): 5:56pm On Jan 22
Which type of foolish headline is "Man Arrested in Church for sleeping with his two daughters"?

What has the venue of where he was arrested got to do wit the story or u just wanted to cause unnecessary controversy?

It's important brother... because such people are not suppose to be found in a place of worship, be it mosque or church and how many of such that are in one place of worship today that are devil in their corner.
Family / Re: My Wife Wants To Leave Me by OkoAnike(m): 6:22am On Jan 15
Is this the woman you dated for 10 years?

Read again, you didn't get the info.
Family / Re: I Just Ended My Marriage! Single Mum I Married Still Contacts Her Ex Regularly by OkoAnike(m): 4:46pm On Jan 11
In contact with the ex who fathered her child or some other ex? What kind of things did they discuss?

Per comments on the post: So, I suppose a single mom should deny the father of her child access to the children in order for the new man to like her? Ever heard of co parenting?

If you have a child and end up not marrying the woman who bore the child , do you deserve to loose that child so that she can move on to the next man? Or is a civil arrangement where you both can have your separate relationships and still be in your child’s life not a good option.

Na una dey do una self..

How can I give you 1million like... I searched every where but couldn't find one on this platform, here is your 1million like plus the official one on your comment, God bless you real good.

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Family / Re: I Just Ended My Marriage! Single Mum I Married Still Contacts Her Ex Regularly by OkoAnike(m): 4:28pm On Jan 11
I tried all I could to save face, just have to end it all after discovering that the single mother I married still contacts her ex regularly...

Despite forgiving her several errors even while we got engaged, she still has the guts under my roof to mess up.

Warning guys, never ever marry a single mother that has been messed up!!!
6 years was messed up!!!

Sorry brother, is the guy she's messing up with the father of her child ?
Crime / Re: Man Beaten To Death For Raping & Stealing From Girl In Calabar On Christmas Day by OkoAnike(m): 5:29am On Dec 27, 2019
Not sure you've been cursed before uncle. Because the man you're insulting is a no nonsense man bros trust me. This is how people like you go about attracting curses upon yourself.

I have worked with this Dude for the past 2 months.
As a third party without any fight as a Web Designer myself. So pray to your God he doesn't see this post

The work you did for me was rubbish... I decide to keep quiet and let it slide.

Go and learn more, I insist.
Crime / Re: Man Beaten To Death For Raping & Stealing From Girl In Calabar On Christmas Day by OkoAnike(m): 6:46pm On Dec 26, 2019
What a way to celebrate your Christmas.
I think our young men should really guard their heart.

Anyway, I will Build a Professional Logo for your Product or Company For 2k Only. Offer valid Today Only. See my info below to Chat me up

Go and learn the skills of art before using already made logo design app to fraud people on this platform...
Family / Re: Should I Keep Enduring In This Supposed Marriage? by OkoAnike(m): 7:06pm On Dec 19, 2019
This is my story and I will appreciate if the mods can push it to front page so that others can read and learn from me, and I also need your honest comments and advice because you could be saving a drowning man.

I Am 29 years of age, a civil engineer by profession and a sanguine by temperament. Before my youth service @ age 24 I got my girl friend pregnant and I was scared of abortion so we decided to keep the baby with the full support of my mother and she agreed because I was an only son. After that, we proceeded to see her people with my mum and relatives to my girl friends village and we paid something on her head but didn't complete the whole traditional right, but this was not even the traditional wedding proper.

After that we saw ourselves as husbands and wife and we were living fine for sometime. After sometime, the relationship took a different turn as we were always fighting and didn't agree on even the slightest matter. I remember vividly one occasion we fought over a female colleague @ work who sent me a whatsapp message and why we fought was that she came to my work place and fought the young lady openly embarrassing me in the process in front of everyone.

There were times I would try to reconcile but she would blatantly refused, sometimes she will tell me she is fed up of this thing we call marriage and that she's looking for someone that I too should look for someone else.

Fast-forward I met a lady and one thing led to another and I started picking interest in her. It was never my intention to be with another woman but I don't have peace of mind and I feel I am loosing my mind.

Note: I haven't wedded in a church before or done a full traditional marriage. Here comes the question: would it be considered a divorce if I quit this union and marry this new lady?

I am full of unhappiness and pain and I don't want to live a life of endurance and pity. Pls nobody should pressure you into getting married, marriage is not a license to live a happy life. If you are single, I envy you.

Brother, they are all the same... Marry another one and get the worst situation of your life, work on the one you have now, some of us are 10yrs plus now and that's how it was at the early stage, but over time things become great... Wish you all the best.


Romance / Re: Do I Go Ahead With My Plans for Her? by OkoAnike(m): 7:38pm On Dec 09, 2019

I know right...Almost same thing her elder sister asked, "how long have you known my sister?"... And some other stuffs you're pointing out. I realized everyone was once a stranger and most times we isolate people and observe them from a distance before bringing them close, but I've tried that and it didn't work... For days now she has been thanking me consistently for everything and she's trusting that I wouldn't fail her...

I was more convinced when her elder sister's husband told me things about her and how she handles things. She is very humble with a teachable spirit... She's a good girl, I was told and I have come to see that in a short space of time. But I know people do change, I just hope I'm not making a mistake. I know I might be making one of the most stupid decisions of my life, but I want to believe in certain people and give them the chance to try to prove themselves. I really like this lady, I must confess.

I've informed my younger sister that I would be bringing someone I barely met, over. She's not having it with me tho...lol

What a wicked world, the young woman got posted to Abuja, you call general to change her post, went to her sister without thinking and now you are calling people on nairaland... You must be a very wicked man for knowing that you are too fast now


Romance / Re: My Wonderful Relationship Is About To Suffocate by OkoAnike(m): 11:35am On Dec 03, 2019
Kindly approve to the homepage, mods.

Hello everyone.
I have an unusual issue at hand and it's really giving me a headache.

I have a girlfriend I met in August this year when I traveled to my state from Abuja. She's beautiful, a graduate, and she's everything I have ever wished to have in a woman or so I once believed.

I loved her and our relationship was going to lead to marriage.

After we met in August I traveled back to Abuja and a few months later her NYSC call up came. She told me about it and we planned that she will serve in Abuja. I paid one NYSC man to work her posting but unfortunately, she was posted to another Northern state.

On her way to the state where she was posted she stopped over at my place in Abuja on the 3rd of November, That night we had sex without a condom and after the sex, I gave her a pregnancy prevention drug tablet I had collected from a doctor.

She refused to take the drugs not until after much persuasions. The next morning, some thick blood mixed with water started coming out of her and she was also having stomach pains so I called the doctor that gave me the drugs and he said we should come to his hospital.

We got to the hospital and after explaining to him what happened the doctor said she was already pregnant before taking the drugs that's why her body reacted that way to the drugs.

She denied that she's pregnant and eventually she had to undergo a pregnancy scan. The result came out negative but the doctor kept on insisting that she was pregnant and that the reason why the result came out negative is because of the drugs she took and how young the pregnancy is.

She left for home angrily that day and I had to beg her to forget whatever it is that happened.

A few days later she left for NYSC camp in the state where she was posted. After two weeks she started complaining to me that she's been feeling cold, hungry, and sleepy often than she used to.

I told her that it could be because of the change of weather and the approaching harmattan season. While she was in camp I was working for her to be reposted back to Abuja and somehow she didn't want to serve in Abuja again. She wasn't really open to me about that but she was subtly letting me know of her desires.

Finally, her reposting worked out and she came down to Abuja three days ago. Today she told me that she wants to go for a pregnancy test and I obliged and escorted her to another hospital different from the one we previously went to the first time she came to Abuja.

After the test and scan, the result said she's 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. We went to another hospital and the result came out the same.

Remember that I first had sex with her on the 3rd of November. Tomorrow will make it a month I had sex with her but she's already 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I could not understand why she should be 6 weeks pregnant when it's not been up to 4 weeks I had sex with her. I have asked her to tell me if she slept with someone else earlier before she came to Abuja but she has maintained that she did not.

I have equally asked the two doctors we met today plus a few other doctors I spoke with on the phone if they think that I'm responsible for the pregnancy but their answers are all contradicting.

Now I'm confused. She's in my house, with a child I'm certain does not belong to me. I don't know what to do. I'm really really confused. Please, any mature advice would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you!

If you truly love/want her, one way through all of this is to ask her to abort this pregnancy, it's not a healthy one for you, her self and even the unborn child to go through what is ahead if you you guys keep the pregnancy, hence it's better to start all over again without wasting much time contemplating on what to do...
Crime / Re: Mother Stabs Her 3 Children To Death At Ahaba Awo Idemili, Imo (Graphic Photo by OkoAnike(m): 6:20am On Nov 17, 2019
It's not her fault... 100% not mentally stable, a mother can not do this to her children.

RIP little children.

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Family / Re: My Husband Said I Should Leave His Home by OkoAnike(m): 6:29am On Nov 10, 2019

I'm not fighting God. I'm not used to praying 5 times daily before we met and he knows. I think he's only using it as an excuse. Is it enough reason to.want.a.divorce?

If that's all he is asking you to do, please do it... Just because of this you allowed your family to be in shamble for a year plus, I'm not sure you want the marriage too, because if you are of the same faith and you are not against his beliefs and he is not asking you to do anything extra than pray regularly, young woman check your life...
Family / Re: Can I Give My Daughter 'ALUKO' As A Name? by OkoAnike(m): 11:36am On Nov 02, 2019

Thanks, bro. I know no one can challenge me by giving her the name. The name will earn her respect as people will be surprised that the name is often given to men with great ancestral history. From literal interpretation, Aluko is a bird with the color that symbolizes beauty in Yoruba land.

Brother, I don't know your part of Yoruba, but with the little that I know, there is no place where Aluko symbolize beauty... Please check your findings


Family / Re: Can I Give My Daughter 'ALUKO' As A Name? by OkoAnike(m): 11:32am On Nov 02, 2019

It means "beauty". But the name is often given to men.

Aluko doesn't mean beauty... Go back to your findings

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Celebrities / Re: “Low Budget Toke” - Davido To Tboss For Condemning His Action by OkoAnike(m): 9:30am On Nov 02, 2019
Do you know what personality branding is about? People spend millions to grow their brand. How can you encourage sane people to sit, concoct lies against an innocent person and then employ social media to brand that person with fake news? And this was happening at a very important time in that young man's life. See, if you don't want heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I know the law. If Davido had taken it up, they would go to jail for slander or defamation of character because it was malicious to his reputation and brand.

Quit this mollycoddling...this is the real world. If you commit a crime, apologies won't save your skin.

No body is stop him from protecting his image and personality, what the young woman is saying is, do it the proper way...

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Family / Re: My Baby Is Just 4 Months And My Wife Is Pregnant Again, I Want Abortion by OkoAnike(m): 5:33pm On Oct 12, 2019
My baby is just 4 months old and my wife is pregnant again. We tried the family planning methods but it failed.

Presently, we cannot afford to leave the pregnancy. What can we do to prevent further re occurrence and to terminate this one.


Medics in the house.

You don't wash all your clothes on the street... Please don't bring issue like this to social media, there are better ways to approach this, wish you find solution.
Nairaland / General / Re: Sebi Otimo,the Popular Sapon Beans Seller Begs For Help At 88 Years by OkoAnike(m): 6:58am On Aug 20, 2019

Confirm from BBC

What a beautiful SOUL... reading through your diary, especially the good side of scd makes me see you more special, keep fighting you are a survival.

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Health / Re: Why Are Prayers Only For “barren Women” But Not “impotent Men”? Dr Olufunmilayo by OkoAnike(m): 6:32pm On Aug 18, 2019
That is why they are fathering kids from away match na. Since the problem is never from them, the wife would go outside to test her womb (out of desperation).

Everybody is happy wink

As bad this may sound like, it's happening and real

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Career / Re: My Heart Felt Message To GRADUATES Teaching In Private Primary/secondary Schoo by OkoAnike(m): 7:23pm On Jul 28, 2019
I looked back at the beginning of this year, precisely 14th January 2019 when I started working at a private primary school. Three weeks later, I was told that I had to be taking two primary five students extra lessons after closing (3pm), and the pay was 1k each. With my monthly salary which was 13,000 added to the "1k" each makes 15 thousand.
You would think I earned 13k for three months abi! No I didn't. The first salary I got was the half of 13k. The woman just called the staff on the 28th of January and gave me 6.5k. I had no idea what was going on and I thought she was going to balance up at the beginning of February just like she said while addressing us but it was a lie. it was at the end of the term, the third month April, that I got to know I am being ripped off. She said she was going to pay 5000 naira at the end of the term as salary because school opened for just 10 days. It was the greatest shock of my life. A graduate, a grown up man like me, taking 5000 naira home!!
I wanted to leave but I couldn't because I wouldn't be paid for the common entrance lesson and I had not gotten any other opportunities elsewhere.

Sometimes in early February, She called me that I would be handling primary 5 Common entrance lessons which is meant to hold every Saturday and at the end of the third term the money will be shared between Me, a staff that partners me and the proprietress. She said the money will be shared 60%(I and another man) to 40%(the proprietress). The formula was very unfair and strange to me. The sharing formula seemed very strange to me and I challenged it but she enforced it.

Fast forward to early this month, precisely 3rd of July, the proprietress started acting strange and insulting all the workers and all that. The following week she sent one of the oldest staff by to inquire what will be the staff reaction if they are not paid at the end if the term. The staff said they won't agree to such and some even threaten various actions. Fast forward to Thursday 25th of July, vacation day. the woman started up a plethora of complaints deliberately she said she was going to pay 4000 as July salary. The same thing she did at the end of second term. At the end she ended up not paying a dime. She didn't pay any of us. Not even the common entrance lesson which made me stay.

I cried and stayed inside throughout Friday. I had a deep thinking, with my academic background! Was it that I didn't know my worth? with all my struggles to be successful academically I am now slaving in one private school for a paltry sum of 15k, money wey I no fit cope with as an undergraduate! Money wey be say no reach my NYSC allawe!
I really feel for graduates going through phases like this. I really feel for graduates teaching at private schools. I pray better days finds you and I soon.

Brother, please look for a skill you can acquire within a short time... I did same when I was almost seeing my self in your shoe, I went learning tailor and today that I have a good job, I can't still let go of the tailoring business.
Celebrities / Re: Simi Met Adekunle Gold On Facebook by OkoAnike(m): 4:20pm On Jul 20, 2019
Awwn smiley

These days it's hard to find true love on social media, guys now run to churches to find babes grin grin grin

No, the church has been messed up too, the pastor's are doing more to their members...
Guys are looking @other things beyond just the church
Romance / Re: How do you love again? by OkoAnike(m): 6:58am On Jul 17, 2019

Lol such myopic thinking.
If he spends on me from his own will, How does that equates to gold digging.
Mtchew don't just let me enter u dis night

Just reading through threads...
how far, are you guys back together?

From a care mind.
Nairaland / General / Re: Life As It Goes by OkoAnike(m): 1:35pm On Jun 19, 2019

Good morning. I've read the book - Dazzling mirage. I bought it on Okadabooks. It's a really interesting read though it seems rush to me. I love the way it ended. A dazzling mirage becoming a dazzling reality. In reality, the challenges continues and the fight for life never ends. Thanks for mentioning it which encouraged me to search to read it.

How are you doing sir?

Afternoon, I'm so happy reading from you and also glad that you are able to access the book, I have been away from network for some weeks, but all for good... If convenient, I would have love to chat with you outside nairaland, here is my mail address, alfrediyiola80@gmail.com.
Take care and stay safe.
Celebrities / Re: Duncan Mighty Congratulates Regina Daniels, Shades Plastic Surgery Women by OkoAnike(m): 6:22am On May 14, 2019

Good morning everyone,

I know this might sound like a scam but i seriously need help.
I'm a freshman in a Fed Uni with two campuses. I stay at one of the campuses which is not the main campus. Our test began last week and it's computer based, we will have to transport ourselves everyday to the campus. I calculated the transport fee which amounted to #1280 for eight days: 160 to and fro.
I told mum a week earlier about it and she sent #1500. I couldn't tell her my foodstuffs were finished because i know she's also struggling.
But i got to chop!
I bought some foodstuffs and paid those i borrowed little change from.

My first test was Saturday; yesterday.
Currently i have N700 on me, and i still have 8 more tests to go.
I know this won't be enough, please all i need is N500.
No one i know would borrow me such amount and even if they do, i can't pay back.
I don't have an account but I'll sort someone else's like i used to do.

I will provide any evidence you need.
Please, help me.
Thanks a million.


I have posted this few days earlier but no help, I'm still hoping. . Tomorrow will be the day my money will be exhausted. I know it's shameful doing this but I have no choice.

Op, please confirm you got the needed help?.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Life As It Goes by OkoAnike(m): 5:35am On May 02, 2019

No, I have not read it. I heard about the movie by Tunde Kelani, but I have not been opportuned to see it as well. Do you have the book, if it's soft copy?

Morning, sorry for not responding asap, I traveled out of location.
I didn't get the soft copy, I bought the book.
Hope you are doing great? Have a wonderful day and work safe, regards.

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