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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by olaboy1: 6:00pm On Apr 22, 2021
If you need to go on a special event within or outside lagos in a super chilled AC 6 seater, feel free to mention me
Good for family and friends trips. �

Travel / Re: How Nigerians Abroad Complain About Loneliness Amazes Me by olaboy1: 12:01am On Mar 09, 2021
White people don’t do friendship. The only language the white man understands is MONEY MONEY MONEY. Make Africa better than Dubai and you will see all the fake love from the white man.

The hate towards blacks is in their DNA and nothing you can do to flush it out, not even a gym session or some hiking activities.
The loneliness is as a result of selfishness. Why should anyone have to climb Mount Everest just to form any sort of friendship with the locals. If they won’t climb a Mount Everest to make friends when they live in Africa, then Africans should have some self respect and not beg for friendship from them.

Connect with people that appreciate and love you, it’s not a must to have white friends. Just make sure you are good at your craft and skill set, and hopefully you will land a job that affords you the good things of life. #nostressing

Move to a bigger city and connect with fellow blacks. It’s hard to form friendship with white folks so don’t let it bother you or make you depressed. Just go and live your life.

The Nigerians who have no first hand experiences will find it very easy to dish out advice and suggestions on how make local white friends, don’t expend your energy arguing with them. A white person can not afford to see his black friend doing better than him...not going to happen in a world where he is constantly reminded of his IQ opulence and superiority.

If you are lonely and depressed, try your best to take a vacation to mama Africa.

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Business / Re: CBN: Why We Banned Cryptocurrency In Nigeria by olaboy1: 9:49am On Feb 08, 2021

The only reason why FG banned crypto is simply cuz they’ve discovered some politicians are now using it as a means to store stolen funds..

I think it’s because the banks are complaining of low cash inflow. Customers are moving their money from the banks to crypto exchanges, this has affected lending power of the banks and thereby all that high interest rates are out of the window.
Before monkey they work gorilla they chop!!! The banks are fighting back so as to maintain their lavish lifestyles
The people vs the government
I see the people winning this one. The banks cannot force us to bring our money to them, and if they don’t join the movement they are going to be so left behind and obsolete. Nigerians will trade using stable coins as means of transactions p2p.
A lot of underground exchanges will spring up that are not taxable.
If they try to block isp using the telcos, many will switch to VPN forcing down the price of VPN.
The ease of cross border transfer of money to family and friends using crypto currencies cannot be over emphasized. We don’t have the time and energy to be on the phone with one bank account officer just to make a quick and emergency cross border transfer.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 4:43pm On Dec 19, 2020
Ty dollar $ign (saved)

Bridge: Ty Dolla $ign]
Ooh yeah
Mustard on the beat, ho!
Errytime they see me ballin'
All my old bitches callin'
Pull up in exotic, I see a little bitch jockin'

[Hook: Ty Dolla $ign]
Tryna get saved, she wanna get saved, I ain't gonna save her
Tryna get saved, she wanna get saved, I ain't gonna save her
Tryna get saved, she wanna get saved, I ain't gonna save her
Tryna get saved, she wanna get saved, I ain't gonna save her

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
No I won't save her
Dolla $ign’ll Bleep but he won’t date her
About my paper, real big shit man everything Taylor
Vans on like a skater
We eatin' over here, man, everything catered
She know I'm a player
She wanna Bleep now but I wanna Bleep later
She been lookin' for a baller (baller, baller, baller, baller)
Somebody that'll keep her in designer
She ain't thinkin' 'bout love (Ooh)
She got her mind on my money
Can't get a damn thing from me

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 9:28am On Dec 19, 2020

Bro, pls what is the secret society of daygame? Just curious

Daygame or cold approach is the social science of talking to random girls on the street and closing the se$x deal immediately or day after.
You know your game is tight if you can close this deal within 1-2hrs, and you are in god mode if you can close it within 5-30mins and women start telling you everything seems like hypnosis. If it can work on an Arab Muslim girl with hijab, it sure can work on any woman.
Closing 2 times within 5-30mins made me realize se$x is the most important for women and not your oil/gas contracts.

Let me share just one example
I was at the store to buy grocery, and pretended I was unable to locate an item on the counter and asked a shopper to help me out. To cut long story short, I left my car at the store and drove in her car to her apartment, and guess what � she actually came to the store to pick up a dil$do she ordered online...like they say a gentleman don’t tell (5-30mins). I try not to give full details of my sexcapades as stealth mode is very important.


But be careful as this might totally change your perception about women, it’s a dark dark dungeon.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 9:57pm On Dec 18, 2020
To the guy writing about finding a virgin wife, I say please just stop it. With a smartphone and internet that your virgin wife will end up on chat roulette shaking her naked bumbum on camera whilst you are slaving at that ministry job. The secret society of daygame has shown me what women are capable of doing, and how dare me judge them when I am a beneficiary of this corrupt regime.

Any guy that needs to buy dinner and do all that suya shawarma date before sex is truly a low value man. If you look good and have a well furnished apartment then the first and second date should happen in your apartment, otherwise a cup of smoothie should be enough for an outdoor date.

Don’t kill our vision 2020 #cocacoladate


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 10:41pm On Dec 17, 2020
Aswear, it happens. Go check onlyfans and see all sort of debauchery men simps go through. cheesy cheesy

Honestly I’m so tired of these bi7ches randomly adding me on Snapchat with invitation to come and view their onlyfans page. You see many of them on Snapchat displaying black dildos as a way of saying “Black D$ck Matters” just to lure incels to their stupid fansonly abi Na onlyfans.

The same way feminism swept across the world is exactly how TRP would also. By God’s grace I will be somewhere around the world cruising in my 1957 Corvette with my cigar whilst I listen to feminists on radio begging for restructuring.

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Family / Re: Do You Fear For Your Kids Future In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 9:18pm On Dec 14, 2020

Thanks for sharing!..... that kind life is not written in my books!

Brother the life no make sense at all. It’s the reason many of them are using blades to cut themselves when they feel they are alone in this lonely world. Zero sense of humanity, anxiety, depression and they can’t keep eye contact. This social experiment is too extreme


Travel / Re: Should I Invest In Nigeria Or Wait Until I Get A Permanent Stay In Abroad? by olaboy1: 8:35pm On Dec 14, 2020

In all ramifications, I prefer Germany to Canada.
My only problem here is that my German is not yet good.
I really love Germany honestly.

Though it's a very hard country

I think it’s better to stay in Germany if you can get a job after study. I believe you can handle the language if you put more energy and focus on it.
Canada, USA, UK will all break even with whatever you will earn in Germany. If you come dey Northern Europe wetin you go do. Germans open the job market and most students got jobs, so you should be fine and considering you can explore Europe. In Berlin and Hamburg I saw many Africans properly represented in the job market.

What are the requirements for applying for a work permit in Germany?
Family / Re: Do You Fear For Your Kids Future In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 7:26pm On Dec 14, 2020

Many may believe the above was written by someone who missed his medications ... or is high on something. I recommend you chew the above slowly and thoroughly..... get all the flavours out of it... then swallow and allow to digest... it is good for you.

Two things

1. Bend the tree when it is young
Abroad you cannot bend the tree as you like.... laws will restrict . you from raising your child the way you desire... and if you insist...
your children can be taken away from you. Find out why people.
return on vacation the go back without them.

2. Africa period... is about family.... sharing.... our immediate family... extended family... tribe... not nationality... tribe.... it is our culture. Our children are raised abroad they are raised in the culture of self... individualism..... every man for himself.

Guy knows what he is saying.


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Travel / Re: Should I Invest In Nigeria Or Wait Until I Get A Permanent Stay In Abroad? by olaboy1: 3:46pm On Dec 14, 2020
Buy a land in Nigeria and start building a block of flats. It may not be the best ROI, but you need a tangible physical investment to fall back to.
Apple or Tesla investment in terms of ROI may come out in the future to be 1000% better, however since nobody can tell what the future holds, I believe a real estate tangible investment is a safe haven. Remember the stock market crashed in 2008. Real estate abroad is highly regulated and also remember the almost 25-40% tax on any profit you make.

Most investment managers abroad still lose money in the stock market and some make around 8-10% annually if they are lucky. As long as you don’t intend on converting your earned naira to euro or dollar and bring abroad for your subsistence living, I don’t think you should worry too much about naira devaluation. Experience of life has taught me that a tangible asset will always reign supreme.

By the time you are ready to buy a land in 15yrs, a land of 10m will sell for 40m and that’s 400% increase, the question is will dollar increase by 400% by then.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 7:56pm On Dec 13, 2020

Bro, I for like tell the story as e be but there's no way I would do that without revealing certain things about myself,and this is an anonymous forum. That's why I tried making my points as direct and concise as possible but one thing I'll say is this :
Women no be am, my brother,they no be am at all.

It’s because of the demand and supply curve. Women have multiple guys writing them and that in itself creates false abundance. They are leveraging on that and are fast to cut off any guy that doesn’t understand the female psyche.
The only way to win in this game is through self development and give women your minimum best.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 7:11pm On Dec 13, 2020
Guys never get into any arguments with women. Your answers must be

Honestly I don’t know
Really I had no idea
Hmmm maybe you are right
Sure thing

Women argue backwards throwing all logic and facts away, and if you have any guy doing the same thing just know it’s his feminine side talking.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 6:49pm On Dec 13, 2020
An unknown aspect of female hypergamy is that it can only be possible becauase men naturally helps it thrives even if he doesn't. In every society for example, men by nature will organise themselves into hierarchy of competence, and a woman will choose the dominant man at the top of that very hierarchy. She have nothing to do with the hierarchical construction, but she wants the best meat cut of it. If men, through their logical workings begin to value truck drivers as they do to presidents, then women will start going for truck drivers. Hypergamy is the end result, but mens logic is the vehicle.

Nice one and just to add to it. Everyone says it’s in the woman’s nature to chase that hierarchy and try to date men way way out of her league during her prime years, TRP is NOW saying it’s in the man’s nature not to date and marry her when she is out of her prime.
I use a free membership dating site and most women that wrote me complained about the low quality of men on the site, and were shocked when I replied with “I find 98% of the women on this site average and below average and if I’m lucky I’m able to find one gem in 2 months”.
Average and below average women complaining about average and below average men. Na who do women this strong tin sef �

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Travel / Re: Why Don't We Have These Kind Of Streets In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 7:25pm On Nov 23, 2020

The first thing is to completely change the current system becus it makes the component federations weak and lazy.. The current system makes the central govt extremely rich and extremely far from the real people who matters..

A UK six nation based system or the American true federalism will work better...

This way, u can hand over real governance powers to the federating states and they can have control over how they manage their own running cost, electricity, tax, security, etc. This way, the regions/states become more viable, compete better and source for better ways to generate income.. A business friendly society will attract men and women who already have the money to come in and invest, these people pay tax, pay local workers better, these local workers who are better paid will now have better purchase power, they will increase their purchase which will generate more fund for the govt!
This way, the various regions/states can do away with quota system and embrace merit driven society, this will surely help produce more vibrant minds to run the affairs of their regions/states.
As it stands, states/ regions dont have control over the real factors that determine the success of a society. This is bloody for a large country like Nigeria.

If we are not ready to do this, we cant make progress. We have been on this our system for decades. It cant work, it will never work. I just pray we will not get sense when it is already too late.

The current system is too central for progress..

I would say this here is the first step before revamping our energy sector. What I saw in Abuja and the way the northerners are dolling out cash, cars and foreign holidays to “runs girls” made me quickly realize Nigeria needs regional system of governance. It’s a long drive to Abuja to do any demonstrations against the corrupt elites, but much easier to drive to a regional headquarter to look into what the government is doing.
A poor country like Nigeria will soon sink in debt without closing the lids of all the embezzlement happening in Abuja.


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Travel / Re: Why Don't We Have These Kind Of Streets In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 6:28pm On Nov 23, 2020

Why 10 billion?

My guess , we can't build it ourselves, hence borrowed capital and expertise.

Chinese trains are already breaking down, more roi for them.

If we want to be honest our lack of expertise is more damning than the lack of funding.

When I find the paper I did some calculations on last year I will break it down here. The $10b will give us around 50-70% of our energy need if managed very well. No we can’t build it ourselves for now and nothing to be ashamed of. Samsung and Siemens can partner together to deploy and optimize our energy sector, and they can gradually train our graduates hands on.
IMPORTANT: We must make use of two or three companies from different regions just in case war breaks out in any of the regions, so we don’t stay in blackout just because they are unable to procure spare parts from the trouble region...you feel me 30%/30%/40%


Travel / Re: Why Don't We Have These Kind Of Streets In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 5:30pm On Nov 23, 2020

To raise productivity, you have to be ready to compete globally.

Is it not the same Nigerians that prefer second hand clothing, cars that would all of a sudden become productive?

Ordinary services industry na failure because people just don't have good work ethics and have no Idea how to dream big , other than benz ,, iPhone and house. undecided

The starting point to industrialization is energy and that’s why the west is trying to go green with its eco vehicles so as to reduce energy cost. Nigeria needs to find a 30yr $10b loan to increase its energy generation.
Without energy there is nothing and nobody to compete against.


Travel / Re: Why Don't We Have These Kind Of Streets In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 5:18pm On Nov 23, 2020
Apart from corruption and taxation, the Nigerian state is very poor due to lack of productivity. If we are going to have such nice roads then we need to start working on ways to raise our gdp per capita to around $20,000 and that is 10x from what we have today. Most developed nations are around 25x higher than Nigeria in gdp per capita.

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Travel / Re: Why Don't We Have These Kind Of Streets In Nigeria? by olaboy1: 3:57pm On Nov 23, 2020

So when you get into politics would you be willing to charge heavy taxes to pay for the good roads you want?

Our budget for thos year is 26 billion dollars. South africa spent 23 billion dollars on education alone last year.

London's budget is 2 billion dollars this year.Lagos budget is 3 milllion dollars. ( for the state not the town) ( figures not correct. Error regretted )

Our oil revenue is not enough to feed everyone for a month self.

How do you raise the money.?

I have no idea about vehicle taxation in Nigeria. Most developed countries charge around 110k naira annually just for car road tax and emissions, and that money is used for road repairs. If all licensed cars on the Nigerian roads pay 10k naira annually with over 12 million cars is about 120b naira.

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Car Talk / Re: FG To Slash Levy On Imported Cars To 5% From 35% by olaboy1: 2:54pm On Nov 23, 2020

You are looking at it in isolation and that is one of the issues with the Nigerian economy and policymakers. The economy will experience a downturn as a whole because the healthiness of the Nigerian economy is directly proportional to its foreign revenue which is presently at a record low due to weak oil prices and low output forced by OPEC plus accord.

Regardless of how they ship those spare parts, they used forex to buy them. It is going to affect the Central Bank's ability to intervene as usual at the nation's foreign exchange markets to support the Naira value. The affordable food item is an illusion as whatever advantages they created will be nullified by rising pumping prices and high cost of maintenance.

All you've mentioned contributed little to the real GDP, therefore, it wouldn't have the same effect like the dwindling foreign reserves that has always been our problem. You will not diversify the economy by encouraging foreign patronage and exporting our jobs. It is a counterproductive policy with poor thought.

How can a minister of finance attributed high inflation, especially the high cost of food items, to just logistics? What about herdsmen, poor weather, flooding? Are you saying with an effective transport system 14.23 percent inflation will disappear?

Cars and spare parts importers are not the cause of Nigeria’s dwindling economy and as you may know more than half of our forex is in the hands of hoarders and speculators despite the government injection of foreign exchange to create more liquidity to the retail end.
Manufacturers, foreign investors and SME’s have more forex demand than the spare parts sector, and also most of these spare parts are exported by Nigerians in diaspora who have zero demand for any forex. I know of many people who ship containers of cars and spare parts to Nigeria and divert the earnings in naira into real estate.
It’s better for the government to target sectors that can stimulate the economy TODAY in the face of this global pandemic than invest in automobile manufacturing, as there are many developing countries with zero automobile manufacturing. I saw more than 50% of clean Toyota minibus/van with AC being used as means of transportation during my short visit in Manila Philippines even though they still have their locally made Jeepney aka keke marwa.
So my question to you is “ should the government continue with its high duty and levies and let Nigerians continue to ride in old jallopy buses thereby risking their lives due to brake failure as a result of high cost to replace a brake caliper”?

Remember a healthy people is a healthy nation and health is wealth.


Car Talk / Re: FG To Slash Levy On Imported Cars To 5% From 35% by olaboy1: 8:53am On Nov 23, 2020

How is it going to bring more revenue when forex demand would hit the roof and further drag down dwindling foreign reserves?

What about the assembling plants? Don't they pay taxes? You will lose that, new job creation and even plunge Naira value with persistent scarcity due to potential high demand for the US dollar.

Made in Nigeria, patronise locally made goods goes out if the window.

However, these were not the reason the whole policy was adjusted. It was to reduce cost of transportation of farm produce and ease food item prices, the whole policy is a joke.

Purchase is one off, what about maintenance and sustainability? What about rising fuel price and costs (spare parts and services)?.

This is another poor policy!.

I hope you are aware that many Nigerians ship in spare parts in cars, vans, buses and mini trucks. Lower levies will translate to lower cost of spare parts of essential economical stimulants vehicles and equipment. The farmers and logistic companies will not experience too much of downtime due to lack of funds for spare parts. The environmental impact of this policy also should be applauded, because Nigerians can now buy used cars around 5yrs old with very low emission/pollution as against the jallopies with no catalytic converters that they buy now.
Asthma, lung cancer and eye infections will reduce drastically thereby increasing the life expectancy of Nigerians.


Car Talk / Re: FG To Slash Levy On Imported Cars To 5% From 35% by olaboy1: 5:50pm On Nov 22, 2020
Na car we go chop? Bag of rice rose from 9,000 naira to about 35,000 naira in the five years of this government. One sachet of tomatoe paste is now 150 naira from 50 naira in Port Harcourt. Open the borders and let food come in. It will bring down the price of every food items and the low income earners can cope.

Which is technically easier for Nigerians to produce (food or automobiles?) The government is doing the right thing by adjusting automobile import levies so importers can ship in agricultural equipment that will create more low/high capitalist agropreneurs to stimulate the dying economy, as more jobs mean more corporate and wage taxes. Setting up an automobile factory is capital and technically intensive, so any government stimulus in that sector is a long term investment circa 20yrs and that requires the energy and steel mining sectors to be fully efficient.

Opening the borders for tomatoes paste from Togo is very unwise as there are many Nigerian investors waiting for yield farming sector to jumpstart.
Politics / Re: SARS Victim Presents Photo Of Officer Who Paralysed Him by olaboy1: 9:04am On Nov 21, 2020
The problem is Nigerians are taking this judicial panel as investigations against corrupt police officers, when in fact the SARS guys are actually armed deadly robbers operating under the shadows of the government and a badge.
All the atrocities they have committed don’t look to me like extra judicial killings or torture, but more like a terrorist organization.
We need to label them as members of the terrorist Nigerian police organization called SARS, and the world flash light will beam more on them.

“ The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives"

The social objectives of SARS is to enrich themselves illegally by the use of force, killings and coercion.
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 5:35pm On Nov 14, 2020

Oh you thought she would remember? grin women are too, what is the right word, shortsighted? Its all about the NOW!!! When they are being calaculative, they can add the future but NEVER the PAST. They just dont GIVE A FUQ WHAT YOU DID IN THE PAST....THAT IS LIKE A RUNNING RIVER...FOREVER GONE.

Wish I could organize a broadcast station and invite men from this thread and let them dish out nuggets...then ask callers(men only) to call in to tell their stories and ask for advice. All I hear from all these radio stations are Wednesday night for relationship and love bullshiiits and guess who the callers are: WOMEN!!!

That’s the reason why I always preach “hide your wallet”. Remember the time it takes to make that money you are spending on women..time is money and money is time.
Money and time are the biggest investments in life, and the more money you spend on a woman translates to the more time you are spending on her because of the mathematical theory of TIME= MONEY & MONEY=TIME.
The woman nature is one of entitlement and dependency, and whatever money you spend on her is her God’s given rights.
Every breakup is always devastating for whoever has spent the most in that relationship, man or woman it doesn’t matter.
So gentlemen when next she asks you for money #Alayesorosoke......babe I’m broke o, this Buhari regime is tough on everyone mehn

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 4:32pm On Nov 13, 2020
Dirty John Netflix season 1&2
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 3:26pm On Nov 13, 2020

Women will never change. Men protect and provide for their wives and children, women provide for herself only and doesn’t give a shi!t about protecting anyone.
She would rather chase after her palasa phone than protect her baby that she just knocked down herself in the middle of a motorway.
There you have it gentlemen, most of us are alive today because of God’s grace.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by olaboy1: 2:09pm On Nov 13, 2020


Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Fresh Protest Threat For Freezing Of Protesters Accounts by olaboy1: 9:20am On Nov 09, 2020
We know their end game of forfeiture and confiscation of money in those accounts as a form of economical war against #thegoodyouths. Nigerian government will soon realize the power of Diaspora Nigerians as we are also ready to stall all the processes of loans from the west and China. It’s a chess game that we are willing to play until the voices of the people are heard.
Politics / Re: How Obiano Facilitated The Transfer Of James Nwafor Back To Awkuzu by olaboy1: 1:42pm On Oct 17, 2020

Of course. They can't confront the fact that Igbo have been exposed as the truly evil face of SARS.

Even their SARS compatriots in the SW will be shocked as those ones are just extortionists and robbers compared to cold blooded serial killers, organ harvesters and sellers Awkuzu SARS are.

To make matters worse we can see that Obiano directly intervened to employ the notorious Nwafor while Peter Obi and many other Igbo political leaders were complicit in the conspiracy of silence that aided this organised and demonic evil.

As usual, they are already making excuses for Obi and carrying stupid placards for Buhari to resign while not thinking it fit to first insist Obiano must go as would be done in the SW, North, middle belt or SS. Simply validates all we are saying here about Igbos.
Exactly. The protesters in Lagos were not having it at all with governor Sanwo-olu when he addressed them somewhere in Lekki, even though they never experienced anything close to the Awkuzu massacre.
Politics / Re: How Obiano Facilitated The Transfer Of James Nwafor Back To Awkuzu by olaboy1: 11:12am On Oct 17, 2020

To understand Igbos you would have to view everything they say or do from the perspective of them being indoctrinated and brainwashed to hate others.

Most Igbo parents, grandparents, Uncles, Aunts or elders are all cut from the same clothe of hate as Kanu.

In short they are hate preachers who start teaching all Igbo children, even from the womb, that Igbos are virtuous and saintly while Yorubas are evil demons and Hausa/Fulani are bloodthirsty tyrants. Funny enough, Nwafor and co are all combinations of the above.

In short Igbos are not raised in ways that will prepare them for accepting revelations like this about James Nwafor and his fellow Igbo genocidaires and organ harvesters. Whereas others will accept that evil exist everywhere and amongst us all, Igbos are raised to reject this.

They believe they are saintly and only others are evil. This is why your Igbo friend is apathetic about the revelation over Awkuzu SARS and James Nwafor yet the same guy will start foaming at the mouth and screaming rabidly that Tinubu was seen in a Mercedes car dealership in Victoria Island.

Same Igbos blaming El Rufai for the North Kaduna killings are making excuses for Obi over Awkuzu SARS with the absurd crap he was only the governor and "powerless" to act because he was not in control of the NPF.

His response was “what do you want me to do, should I start crying”. And I believe he said this because he is neither from Anambra nor from Ebonyi. Many of my Igbo friends seem to hate each other’s from different states. I read all these stories for the first time and even when I was at the bar hanging out with some friends I just couldn’t stomach it as it felt someone was pulling my skin. I don’t give a shit about Tinubu or any corrupt politicians either(I f%king despise their atrocities) but these gory stories of Anambra killings gave me 2hrs of sleeplessness.
The Nigerian government should be petitioned at the ICC for crimes against humanity and forensic experts should be sent to those places where these gruesome murders happened. This is an act of terrorism #nigerianobeafghanistan.
The Nigeria of yesterday is not the Nigeria of today, they must all be held accountable.
And to all my Igbo brothers and sisters, we stand with you and want the best for you all.

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Politics / Re: How Obiano Facilitated The Transfer Of James Nwafor Back To Awkuzu by olaboy1: 10:15am On Oct 17, 2020

Yawwwwwwnnnnnnn. Oga please replace Obiano in your title with Tinubu and watch this dying thread, now on life support, reach 100 pages in 2 hours.

Lol. The fear of Igbos hypocrisy is the beginning of wisdom. They can't be bothered to discuss Obiano, Obi and other Igbo leader's complicity in the Awkuzu SARS saga.

Yet let Tinubu step out of his house to buy Akara or wave to his neigbhour and they will use 200 page thread to demand he be hanged for those actions alone

I just related all these stories to my Igbo friend and his response lacks any form of empathy or anger. I really don’t understand what’s going on in the East. As a Yoruba guy I have wept reading these stories.
Politics / Re: #endsars: Anonymous Hacks CBN Website by olaboy1: 3:01am On Oct 17, 2020

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