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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Immigration Or DSS (Urgent Advice Needed) by olioxx(m): 9:45am On Jul 21
My brother please go for immigration ooo.
At least you will be able to get side gigs.
What do I mean?
If you work with Immigration Service, people can come to you for advice or consult you if they want to travel, and for this you can charge consultation fee excluding your base salary and allowances.
Another reason, let me tell you this truth, after NEPA nah Security Agencies collect curses pass for we Nigeria. So if you don't want curse to follow you, abeg nah God I take beg you, immigration it is.


Romance / Re: Getting Married At 35. Is It Late, Normal Or early For Guys. by olioxx(m): 8:41am On Jul 20
It's not late or abnormal.

Infact I'm not sure I can marry a man under 35. Men are very slow with sense. That 35 sef, some of them still don't have sense.
Abi you are whining me ni

Shebi it is only you God give sense.


Programming / Re: HNG 8.0!!! Lets Connect√√√ by olioxx(m): 2:04pm On Jul 18
Hi, how did you apply and what are the criteria for application?
Ok the link is -> internship.zuri.team

Requirement -> just enroll no much requirement.
Programming / HNG 8.0!!! Lets Connect√√√ by olioxx(m): 2:38pm On Jul 17
Good Afternoon people, the HNG 8.0 (alias Zuri Internship) is starting August 2021 and it will be fully remote.
If you have applied for this year's internship program, then let us connect and build our little community.
The goal is to become a finalist, even if we nor reach finalist, make we sha atleast reach level 9.

This is my first time applying for this internship program.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ever Gotten A Job Through Facebook Jobs by olioxx(m): 5:22pm On Jul 16
My advice to young people in Nigeria- learn how to create jobs by solving problems for people. Nigeria is a country with huge potential to make it big because there are so many opportunities disguised as problems which need solutions. Use your head and solve and get paid!!
It is easier said than done brotherly. Okay when you create solution to a problem, and 90% of the population don't have money to pay for your service or product, what do you do?
I hope you remember that more than half of Nigerian population is living in poverty, and you also know that the ingrained mentality of an average Nigeria is "Foreign product/service is better".
Politics / Re: Military Releases 1,009 Ex-Boko Haram Fighters To Borno Government by olioxx(m): 2:02pm On Jul 15
Make I japa from this country it's a zoo
Your boy remains loyal and humble, abeg when you are leaving please take me along, we fit lap ourself for inside aeroplane. Nothing spoli
Programming / Re: We Need Someone That Is Versatile Using Python by olioxx(m): 2:50pm On Jul 14
I am interested. Will call this number now
Programming / Re: Reverse Engineering by olioxx(m): 2:01pm On Jul 14
Uncharted56 I am also interested in Reverse Engineering, let chat better. Ghidra, C, x86 WhatsApp 07083023292
Programming / Re: Rewarding Surveys For Programmers, A Lot Of Goodies Attached by olioxx(m): 1:54pm On Jul 14
Travel / Re: If You Earn 100k Monthly In Nigeria...will You Go Abroad And Leave The Job??? by olioxx(m): 9:01am On Jul 12
My guy please please just comot from this country if you have the means ooo.
Federal Government is paying 97 naira on every 100 naira to service debt, in a nation of 240 million people.
Okay let's do small math, imagine FG left will 3naira for every 100 naira after debt payment. What can 3naira do on average??
On top of that , youth unemployment is standing at over 51%.
Think brother.
Celebrities / Re: Chichi Morah: Sound Sultan's Wife Breaks Down At His Funeral In New Jersey by olioxx(m): 8:47am On Jul 12
Life - like a mist appears for just a day and disappears tomorrow. cry

You be Jwiii??
Programming / Re: Linkedin Restricted My Account. Help!!! by olioxx(m): 1:50pm On Jul 08

How did u send them your NIN?
Did u print it out then cut it in like an id card format, then scan, upload and send to them?
No I did the NIN Dec 2019 and they gave me the slip.
That is what I snapped and send

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Lucrative Is Decagon Software Engineering Training Program? by olioxx(m): 1:44pm On Jul 08

I secured a job even before the end of my training. There were lots of guys like that. Some remote job worth over $30k/pa.

It's a fullstack training.

As students at Decagon, we didn't sign any NDA. It's just that everyone is too busy to really have time to write. But there are articles online to where guys shared their experience at Decagon.

I hope I answered your questions?
Does Decagon teach only fullstack, and if you don't mind me asking , what stack are you?
Just curious.
I have been hearing a lot about this Decagon
Education / Re: Makinde Appoints Emir Of Katagum As Lautech Chancellor by olioxx(m): 6:24am On Jul 03
I reserve my comment on this man

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Travel / Re: My 30 Days Sojourn Through Cotonou To Dubai by olioxx(m): 12:47pm On Jun 29

Yeah bruh I have been away for a very long while too. Good to be back smiley
Jaycew ( how's Poland treating you) Subomi007 lamboladee SaintHillary Vhuqnl Joohan Paccus Richdee1 ichbinbrait Canih28 olioxx Savagethe21st aziza45442 2Lynx NoFab123
. Realest boss, I trowey my salute.
Sports / Re: Mbappe Apologises For Penalty Loss: "To Sleep Will Be Difficult" by olioxx(m): 12:11pm On Jun 29
It is even good, every night while not sleeping, he can be doing praise and worship so that God will help him.


Politics / Re: FG Extends NIN-SIM Verification Deadline Till July 26 by olioxx(m): 12:10pm On Jun 29
Them go shift am tire... Me I won't do shit .... Airtel has been disturbing me with URGENT NIN SMS everyday, I no do
I thought it was only me oo.
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by olioxx(m): 3:34pm On Jun 28
Waoh never heard this before.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Basic Advice For Job Seekers by olioxx(m): 5:00pm On Jun 25
Career / Re: Self Development/skill Or School. (advise Me) by olioxx(m): 4:41pm On Jun 25

Good afternoon Nairalanders.

I believe I'm speaking to learned and sophisticated people.

I'm 18, done with high school, I wrote JAMB once last year and applied for Law in one of our universities. I studied very well for it, albeit, I scored 249 and I've not been given admission. To me, my score was a not so pleasing score as I studied thoroughly and vigorously for the exams and I didn't deserve the score.

In my bid to enter school as a law student or nothing, as I've much passion for law, I decided to register for a Diploma-in-Law program in another university, admission is sure with a good O'level.

Howbeit, few days pass by, I had a rethink, I'll say I'm from an average family and with the way the economy is, I'm not financially ready for school.

You might ask why I didn't register for JAMB again this year, I'm working in a POS point, and work 12hours a day for a meagre pay as low as 10k, no time for studies, as such, I couldn't register for JAMB, coupled with my plans for Diploma-in-Law, after that direct entry to degree or write JAMB next year while I'm in school, ditch the program for Degree without completing it.

Today, while discussing with mum, she tried coaxing me to wait and write JAMB again next year, and ditch the Diploma program as it's baseless and they've no money for it this year, that I'll go to school without any financial stress if I wait and write again next year.

With the aforementioned, I decided I'll buy a laptop and start blogging and freelancing as I'm a writer, this thing is a God given talent and I didn't learn from anybody, when I pen down articles, people ask where I learnt the skill from and that I'm close to perfect.

I decided to get a UK used laptop for 30k and develop myself while also making money via my writing career.

I've taken a good decision ditching school and trying to get a skill?

How can I also make money from my writes, I've heard of amazon, the only reliable and most popular, what can you recommend also?

How about a blog?
My advise:
1. Spend the remaining of this year building and developing your writing skill.
2. Network as much as possible.
3. Live your life on a low key, any money you have, think of saving at most 20% of it.
4. If possible get a university degree, if law is what ticks you, then go study law.
5. Try to learn an IT skill, even if nah web design (HTML 5 & CSS3), IT is the present and the future.
6. If you believe in God, then please commit all your plans before God because nah God grace we need for this Nigeria.
I am currently one year older than you(19), so see this as an advice from a big brother.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What No One Tells You About Searching For Jobs Online by olioxx(m): 9:32am On Jun 25
Late last year.

My colleague and I (in our current job) would apply for Jobs and we would turn it down if they arent paying 200k and above....

We were getting at least one interview almost every week...

I would tell him... You need a job that would pay at least 400k 3 times and you will move on to the next...

No one gives a crap about our cvs..

We have what the company needs...
we show them their problem and we give them a tip of the solution.

Give us a call if you are interested...

A fraction of the amount we earn
is used to learn more advance skills

and we repeat the process... grin
Hint me on those advanced skills, make me too sharpaly go upgrade myself
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What No One Tells You About Searching For Jobs Online by olioxx(m): 9:25am On Jun 25
Not true at least for the jobs where the right, high quality candidates are scare
You better don't deceive yourself.
Not matter where in the world, you just need to know the right person.
No matter how smart you are in the job, you still need to know the right person.
Programming / Re: Linkedin Restricted My Account. Help!!! by olioxx(m): 8:20am On Jun 25
Nope, have you?
. No, LinkedIn is a useless company. I have sent my NIN but still nothing
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Advice To Unemployed Graduates by olioxx(m): 3:54pm On Jun 19
All those shouting Learn a skill!!! Learn a skill !!

Is it not money you would use to learn something undecided even after learning to establish oneself in this present Nigeria is something to worry about. The economy is not so favourable for entrepreneurs.

No one is ready to borrow you money for you to start any business, everybody eye just red.... Make God just bless you with grace and favour.
You nailed it.

In this Nigeria, nah "so help me God everybody dey.
Sports / Re: Shehu Abdullahi Marries Naja'atu Suleiman Today (Photos) by olioxx(m): 3:45pm On Jun 19
Fulani can finnneeeeee. But e just be say, Fulani nor dey get sense

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Programming / Re: Linkedin Restricted My Account. Help!!! by olioxx(m): 12:10pm On Jun 15
The exact same thing happened to me few months ago. I haven't done anything about it yet, cos for now, i'm not making use of it but I'll definitely need it in the future...
So we both need help.

Have you been able to retrieve your account?
Literature / Re: Which Books Can I Read that Will Positively Influence My Life? by olioxx(m): 2:04pm On Jun 09
Richest man in Babylon


Politics / Re: Akeredolu Commissions 20 Patrol Vehicles To Boost Amotekun Operations (photos) by olioxx(m): 2:02pm On Jun 09
Nice one my governor.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Private Sector: 10 Things you must know by olioxx(m): 1:38pm On Jun 09
E get why person dey talk so help me God after prayer.

I don't know of other countries OK, but in Naija, nah just Grace of God person need.
Religion / Re: 10 Life Lessons And Teachings Of Jesus That The World Needs by olioxx(m): 8:58am On May 23
The first 2 are very important, Love is every thing.
Even the Holy Book says that love covers a multitude of sins and that love bears all things, endures all things, love is not jealous.
Just love people, show love, love God and love your neighbor. And forget these whole religious crap.
Politics / Re: Pastor Adeboye Visits Yahaya Bello, Describes Him As 'A Man Of Faith' (Pictures) by olioxx(m): 8:46am On May 23
But on a serious note, why should a so called man of God be associating with a political miscreant.
Religion is really a problem in Africa, Fela has said it all.
If you still believe in these so called Men of God, then you are on a long thing.
See them enjoying there heaven on Earth, and they will tell there believers to pray and bind and wait for there reward in Heaven.
Why can't this dumb Adeboye pray for miracle, so that insecurity issue can cease in Nigeria. Why?


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Career / Re: Please What Skill Can I Learn To Survive In Nigeria. by olioxx(m): 1:05pm On May 02
are you in Lagos,be at Oriental hotel Lagos. Friday 23rd Feb 10am. 0706057549. chat me up for details. it's a conference

conference on what exactly?

I might be interested

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