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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by oluwarantimi(f): 8:30am On Jun 18
I was there that day June16, 7am too. It was a horrible experience, it was like being on a queue to be slaughtered and you can’t run anywhere but only move forward. I was desperately praying for any other person apart from that white man. I wasn’t lucky, he didn’t even give one a chance. Rejection straight. It was so sad. I intend to reapply, but this appointment date thing is giving me a headache. When you prepare transcripts, prepare bank statement, prepare outfit and the rest. Don’t forget to pray for grace too. Because some consulars act almost inhuman. I will share my testimony soon too.


F1 Visa Approved

Venue: Lagos
16 june 2021
Time:6:45am but I was interview around pass 7am
Course: Master's in accounting with a concentration in corporate accounting
School: university of xyz
funding: 5,345$
Deficit: 26,679

My interview was an expression of God's grace, mercy and love. I was interviewed by white man who was in the business of refusing visa, although there were just three window open for interview the remaining two window give student enough time to express themselve, but the white man that interviewed did not give student time to explain themselves at most 2min then denial. When I got to the embassy I started sing praise to God all through my screening and biometric, especially when I saw people well spoken confident and bold denied. Atleast 13 person went before me, 8 of them were interviewed by the white man that interviewed me, only one got the visa. The rest denied . What I noticed was people were too bold and they started with generic answer and the visa officer are used to it already. Can't remember the window number,but the white man shld be in his early50s or late 40s. Although I was praying the black woman interview me because she gives time and she bit nice,guys have to be careful what we pray for, though I went to the white man at the centre who issuing denial so I just went with the mind set of get my blue paper but at list let me put up with a fight. When got to the windon the man did not even look at my face but I made sure I greeted him first then ask for my passport and i20. I noticed I was so calm and expecting the worse so I did not say too much.

Me: Good morning sir

Vo: Good morning,pass me your passport and I-20
Vo: pls can you tell me why you going to us
Me: I'm going for my master's degree in accounting with a concentration in corporate accounting at the university of xyz USA.

VO: why xyz?
Me: I choose the sch because I was impressed by their timely response to my many enquiries, the sch has a corporative and experiencial educational program which integrate class room experience with the real world, giving students opportunity to meet with expert and professional in their field of studies. I would have the invaluable opportunity to be mentored by professor **** who is an expert in the field, am an ardent reader of book and journal which has created a path to achieving my short term career goal of taking up the position as a senior corporate accountant. Strongly believe working with professor ***** will give me the necessary exposure that help gain expert knowledge to start up my management consulting firm.

Vo: who is your sponor
Me: my uncle

Vo: what does he do
Me: He is into oil and gas he own six filling station cut across Nigeria two in Lagos, one in the north, one In the east and two in the south and he is a major distributor of electrical appliances in Nigeria where he import from China ( when I said China I said God I done Bleep u USA n China are not in good term,but God gat me�).

Vo: was it only this sch you applied for
Me; no I mentioned the sch 3 sch

Vo: you studied accounting right
Me: I said yes accounting

Vo: which school
Me: I told him

The next thing take your i20 bla bla I no come hear the rest.

Only God can do this.... To God be all glory.

Thanks to God , especially this platform has been so helpful and life changing, no day go by without reading transcript, though am a silent participant.


Culture / Re: The Rift Between African-Americans And Recent African Immigrants To The US by oluwarantimi(f): 1:31pm On Jan 09, 2020
Then its best you stay in your African country.
mingle with Akata ?? it's a no no ..

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Family / Re: I Destroyed My Sister Relationship With Her Fiancé And She Lost Her Job by oluwarantimi(f): 8:01am On Jan 08, 2020
Wow, @ifyjos
Sorry to read about your issue and I am so glad you took all the insult on this forum gracefully.
It was actually OK for you to be angry at your sister for what she did to you as we are all humans and no-one is perfect. I can bet most of the people abusing you in this group might not have been able to take half of what you took from your sister, but this is really painful to read and you actually went too far with the particular way you chose to revenge.
The best thing for you to do now is summon up courage and confess all you did first to your sister, then call her fiance and let him know what you did too. I think you should not mention your boyfriend in this all matter and just take the blame for everything. She is your sister and she is also human, so expect to be very very mad at you. Just make sure you are very remorseful after your confession if possible cry your eyes out and beg her profusely.
Even if she doesn't forgive you then take that as the consequences to the bad action you took but then you know that your conscience is free.
Also try to look for something to do to make your own money so you are at least independent. If you have own money no matter how small it is, no-one will insult.
Try to look for a job as a sales girl or a housekeeper close to your daughters school so its easy for both of you then you can learn your tailoring by the side.

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Literature / Re: James Hadley Chase: Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Him by oluwarantimi(f): 12:31pm On Jun 20, 2018
oh! how i love JHC. Suckers punch is my all-time favorite
but when it comes to books I am old -fashioned I don't like soft-copies.
Anyone with JHC hard-copies should please quote me I would pay for them.
Thanks in anticipation
Phones / Re: Whatsapp To Introduce "Admin Super Powers" On Its Next Update (screenshots) by oluwarantimi(f): 10:42am On Nov 21, 2017
everybody telegram this, telegram that. Which one is telegram, we don't have that one in Nigeria here o...
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Flaunts Her Customised Bag In Makeup Free Photo by oluwarantimi(f): 10:35am On Nov 21, 2017
Linda Ikeji should buy bag and support our own o!
Events / Re: Couple Wed: No Wedding Gown, No Cake, Rice, Wine, Chicken, Soft Drinks (Photo) by oluwarantimi(f): 7:25am On Nov 21, 2017
This one is not small wedding, it is not a wedding sef. It is exchange of vows. There is nothing wrong in it.
Celebrities / Re: Daniella Okeke Pretty In Makeup Photos by oluwarantimi(f): 11:33pm On Jul 02, 2017
E be like say she rub sharly for face
Romance / Re: Lady Goes Braless In Pre-Wedding Photos With Her Man: See Reactions by oluwarantimi(f): 11:31pm On Jul 02, 2017
See her legs and hands... Bleaching like roasted plantain.
This kind lady fit use jahz grab man pikin,say na husband.
My God will always deliver me from Karashikas.
So the man never marry since
Ode! What is wrong with her hand and leg? You don't have any other job than to be inspecting people's hands and legs. And even if she is bleaching, how does it affect your life, has it stopped you from growing taller. Bad belle hunan being
Celebrities / Re: Iheoma Nnadi Blasts Lady For Saying She Is Not Married by oluwarantimi(f): 3:49pm On May 12, 2017
so what if she has actually gotten married and didn't post it on the internet. How would you know? Or are you her family member?

Madam,they are engaged not married yet. There is a reason you have internet. undecided


Celebrities / Re: Iheoma Nnadi Blasts Lady For Saying She Is Not Married by oluwarantimi(f): 12:20pm On May 10, 2017
So because she didnt post her wedding all over social media, she isn't married?! You this people sef!
I always mind my business but the lady is right! Why would you call a man who hasn't paid your brideprice your husband?? undecided

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Religion / Re: Dwarf RCCG Pastor Dele Taiwo's Wedding Photos by oluwarantimi(f): 6:04pm On Apr 29, 2017
I am quite surprised people are saying she married him for money. This wedding doesnt even look like the wedding of wealthy man at all. People should try to give benefit of doubt at least. And even if she married him because of money, good for him that he is not alone. He doesnt have the look, so its ok if his money work for him.
Romance / Re: What Type Of Career Endears You The Most To The Opposite Sex? by oluwarantimi(f): 7:15am On Apr 15, 2017
I am a lady, and i love chefs guys in the kitchen are fucking sexy. 2. Captains in general air captains, ship captain even class captains cheesy 3. Medical doctors cool,

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TV/Movies / Re: Throwback Video From The "Charly Boy Show" Featuring Tunde And Wummi Obe by oluwarantimi(f): 6:36pm On Apr 13, 2017
Lool. I loved charly boy show then. #bringbackcbs
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by oluwarantimi(f): 2:18pm On Aug 23, 2016
Nice. The kind of news we want to hear.

Hello Hous.

There seems to be an uptick in the MM yields. It came back to 2 digits percentage this week.

Career / Re: Women Bosses And Their Women Problem by oluwarantimi(f): 7:42am On May 25, 2016
I have been working for a year+ now with my boss. She is a female and she is horribly insane, cruel, and dramatic. Sometimes my collegues and I wonder if she has had psychological issues that made her what she is today. Then One day she told us the story of how she worked for close to 14years for a terribly wicked boss (male) and how she swore she will give him the talk of his life the day she resigned. Then we stopped wondering and started praying because we see now that it is an illness. I am female, I am not wicked and I pray to God that whatever makes female bosses wicked won't make me so when I become a boss.

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Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by oluwarantimi(f): 10:34am On May 24, 2016
Alright. Thanks too.


If the money is not the problem, he should go to aviation school abroad (say US or Canada). He would get a job almost immediately after passing out. Pilots achievements are not calculated by qualifications and degrees, rather by type ratings and flying hours. The earlier he starts this the better for him. That's in my own opinion.
But if otherwise he can get a degree in Nigeria before going to aviation school. Just to increase his chances of getting something else asides flying in future. But the degree won't add to his pilot career.
Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by oluwarantimi(f): 1:36pm On May 23, 2016
Oh Alright. Thanks.


Personally, I would advise he goes to uni first if possible, that gives him options in the long run.

Travel / Re: Ask A Pilot... by oluwarantimi(f): 7:15am On May 23, 2016
Thanks for this opportunity OP.
Whats the best first step after secondary school for aspiring pilots? University or Aviation school? Asking this for my younger brother who interested in aviation.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by oluwarantimi(f): 1:25pm On Mar 04, 2016
The shikini 300K wey I put for FBN MMF since January just dey crawl like snail. I should have invested that money into keke napep business or something. angry


Lol at the both of you. You guys are looking for money doublers abi cheesy
Education / Re: UNILAG Students To Sue School Authority For Changing Their Courses by oluwarantimi(f): 1:10pm On Feb 19, 2016
Futile even from the start, though the students should have been carried along and persuaded to accept the changes.
Why do you think it's futile?

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Education / Re: UNILAG Students To Sue School Authority For Changing Their Courses by oluwarantimi(f): 1:08pm On Feb 19, 2016
Unilag and nonsense. This should make front page
Education / Re: LPS Ikoyi School Demands Dollars For School Fees, Despite CBN Ban(See Photo) by oluwarantimi(f): 3:47pm On Feb 02, 2016
How do you know this? Do you attend the school?

Apparently! They put it on paper to protect themselves in case of litigation while they demand $ payment in reality.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by oluwarantimi(f): 10:37am On Jan 08, 2016
i currently use FBN and what i noticed about them is that they don't follow up unless you send them a mail requesting for whatever you want. Send them a mail.

hello evry1, I paid into fbn account, scanned and sent d fbn mutual fund form on 31st of December and sent till now, av not got any messg concerning d Acc. opening though d advisor acknowledged d receipt of my mail same day.do I av anything to worry abt?
Celebrities / Re: Singer Korede Bello Shares Early Lovely Morning Photos by oluwarantimi(f): 12:16pm On Nov 12, 2015
Korede Bello. the new Lionel Richie. See his hair grin

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TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones: Some Fascinating Facts, Behind The Scene Magics We Dont Know. by oluwarantimi(f): 3:22pm On Nov 10, 2015
may the many faced god continue to make him suffer. he burnt 2 farm boys too tongue

You just touched a part in the series that I take very very personal!
Ramsy's trick of being sent by Theon's sister to free him, the Winterfell men torturing him initially later go after him (Theon), Ramsy eliminates the Winterfell men who almost sodomizedd Theon.
Still pretending to be freeing Theon, Ramsy leads him back to his part 2 torture in Ramsy's own hands in the same location after Theon trusted him and even told him his experiences on their way! Oboy, see confam scope!
Ramsy cuts Theon's dic.k after letting him have a final taste of enjoyment from it. And in a letter, Ramsy tells Theon's father and sister "he cried when I took his toy."
Ramsy later eats a sausage made like a dic.k, I actually thought it was Theon's di.ck initially until Ramsy said it wasn't it!
I couldn't watch Ramsy piercing and wounding Theon's fingers in the stupid game he said they should play with Theon tied to that cross!
His change of name from Theon to Rick done by Ramsy who later cages him in a separate cage among his dogs like a dog demonstrates Ramsy's aim to reduce Theon to an animal!
I felt serious pity for Theon when he could not follow his sister who came to rescue him because he had become demoralized and even thought the rescue attempt by his own sister was another trick (Lols)!
Dat boy don suffer and he must revenge!
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by oluwarantimi(f): 1:55pm On Nov 09, 2015
The no guaranteed income thing and the fact that my principal is not guaranteed is the reason why i am contemplating the move, it wont make sense to take home less than i have invested. i might just hold on for a year tho and see what happens tho.
Thank you

Yes you could switch but wondering why you want to?

From my records, Fixed Income is doing better than MMF and better for medium to long term investments.

If you would still like to go ahead (since I have no idea of your personal situation), I would advice you wait the minimum holding period of 3 month (to avoid the penalty on withdrawal, minimum of 3 months holding period) then you can fill a redemption form and indicate you want to invest the money in MMF.

I used to have 60% of my money in MMF and 20% in Fixed and remaining 20% in Heritage (no reason for the ratio i just felt more comfortable with MMF and wanted to try my hands on the other two). At the moment, I only have 40% in MMF and the remainder shared between Fixed and Heritage.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by oluwarantimi(f): 9:40am On Nov 09, 2015
hello everyone,
i already started with fbn fixed income fund before i read this thread. does anyone know if its possible to switch my funds from the fbn fixed income fund to fbn money market fund?
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi & Girlfriend Kiss In New Photo With Their Twins by oluwarantimi(f): 9:27pm On Nov 06, 2015
Noone is calling her babymama here. the topic sef says girlfriend. if its a naija girl now it will be "mikel flaunts twins with babymama". and people on here will be insulting and bashing babamama and babypapa.
Education / Re: Juju Scare In LASU by oluwarantimi(f): 7:03pm On Oct 27, 2015
i came here to see the picture of the juju. Alas.............
Education / Re: Some Shameful Romantic Moves We Made In Nigerian Mixed Secondary Schools!!! by oluwarantimi(f): 7:21pm On Oct 24, 2015
:DLmao. This is crazy
Those days when the girl I loved go just stand up for her sit..I go just waka jeh jeh go sidon for wia she bin sit..

Come see as my penis go just stand de do up and down things...
Nairaland / General / Re: Photos: Popular Nairalanders, Silverdam And Mrvocalprowess Hang Out... by oluwarantimi(f): 8:33am On Oct 19, 2015
LMAO. this hate is too much. you guys should all take a chill pill.

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