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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dated Without Cheating? by prettyaura: 7:47pm On Jul 13
I dated my ex for 4yrs and i did not cheat on him one sec..it was easy for me becos i really loved him.


Romance / Re: Did Your Ex Finally Come Back? Kindly Share Your Experience. by prettyaura: 7:44pm On Jul 13
He came back years later after he got married then he started telling me how he has regretted messing up in the relationship, how he misses me and he kept comparing me with his wife bla bla..i missed him initially too becos we shared so many memories but the truth is, i am with a man that doesnt even give me the opportunity to miss those memories..he treats me even better and i promise to stay loyal!


Education / Re: Two OAU Students Commit Suicide by prettyaura: 6:54am On Apr 21

10 years after graduating from OAU, I still regret it. I should have gone to UNAD or any other supposedly easy school.
from what you have written, its obvious you didnt graduate from OAU..nobody will go to a school like OAU and come online to write wat you have written here..except maybe you didnt graduate with a @least a 2:2..quote me anywhere...NO ONE GOES TO A PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY LIKE OAU AND COME BACK AFTER 10YRS TO SAY THEY REGRET IT...WHATS YOUR POINT EXACTLY?
Romance / Re: Ladies If A Guy Approaches You, Where Will You Look At First? by prettyaura: 9:58pm On Apr 01
I dont know why my eyes usually go down to the shoes first undecided


Romance / Re: What Is That One Thing You Miss About Your Ex? by prettyaura: 11:01pm On Mar 28
My ex is very romantic..early morning msgs, late night msgs, he is very good at anything to make his woman happy..he feels comfortable with everything about me ..but we are both AS...it still hurt tho..i miss him.

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Celebrities / Re: 2Baba, Blackface At Faze’s Twin Sister, Ifeyinwa Asia Service Of Songs (Photos) by prettyaura: 9:32pm On Mar 02
Make dem just quickly do "plantashun boiz" remix for us sharp sharp na grin faze, may God grant you the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.
Politics / Re: Woman Steals N50k In Kiki Osinbajo's Shop (Video) by prettyaura: 6:58pm On Feb 28
Now you know what it feels like to steal and deny....thats what your father and other polithiefians are doing to us.


Religion / Re: Is it Right To Buy Candles, Bintu, St Michaels Perfume For Prayer As Christian? by prettyaura: 1:32pm On Feb 28
Calvary greetings to you all.

I was in a serious challenge recently and was push to visit a white garment church. After the prophecy, I was told to get bucket, grace perfume, 3 blue candles, 4 white candles, and some other stuffs so they can prepare them. I then bath with it. That's its going to rid away any bad luck..everything was bout 4k. The cash is not the problem..but my question is this. If I fast and pray myself without doing all this, does it mean I can get positive results..

Please all the matured christains, come and help me o..
if you pray, you can get results depending on your faith and how grounded you are in christ..if you are not grounded like me, you may need spiritual help from prophets( men of God) to intercede for you.the candles and stuffs are just part of their doctrines..some will tell you to wipe your body with the candles and throw it in the river.in my own honest opinion, anywhere you go and they didnt ask you to bow to any idol, carry sacrifice or cause harm to your neighbor,just carry on with faith..may our prayers be answered.

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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Reacts As Christian Pilgrims Commission Denies Appointment by prettyaura: 5:36pm On Feb 27
But if they say they had no business with her, what were those pictures for?

She can simply post a letter or something official to back up her claim. I think they would make more sense than this IG post.

Just went back to check the original thread. She never clearly said she was appointed as an ambassador. Her post was vague and gave the wrong impression- which seemed deliberate. She also made no effort to correct the wrong news in circulation. I think the commission is right on this one, except she PROVES otherwise.

theres nothing vague about her post..she stated it clearly that she is now a proud nigerian christian pilgrims ambassador for peace..i guess they actually made her their ambassador but had to deny her when people stated showing their disappointments in their choice of ambassador..i mean, at least she should have gone to their office properly dressed and covered up since its a position that has to do with religion..its not an award nite or a casual outing for Gods sake, she should have represented herself in a godly manner..

Celebrities / Re: Nkechi Blessing Sunday Replies Bobrisky: 'Bleaching Has Turned You To A Pig' by prettyaura: 4:35pm On Feb 25
Gather here if you came to read comments. undecided


Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo Wins ₦250,000 As Best Dressed Female At The 14th Headies Award by prettyaura: 8:21am On Feb 22
She won 250k for best hairdo not best dressed oo..you people did not read what is written on what they presented to her..it is award for best hairdo by lushairnigeria..wetin best dressed for wetin she wear?


Romance / Re: What's That Secret You Are Hiding From The Person You Are Dating Right Now? by prettyaura: 10:20pm On Oct 31, 2020

Good will find for your a man, that will equally love you just had you have loved him.
Amen..thank you.
Phones / Re: I Keep Receiving strange Bank Alerts On My New Sim by prettyaura: 5:49pm On Jul 22, 2020
OP, I work in a telcoms company and I can bodly tell U there's nothing to be bothered about..that is what happens when lines are recycled..meaning U bought a line that was reproduced becos d former owner was not using his line and it got deactivated after 180days..ignore the messages..true caller may also be displaying d former owners name when people call your line.d most important thing is that you have gotten the line legally and registered it in your own name ..U are safe trust me.


Romance / Re: Tell Us About Your Worst Kissing Experience by prettyaura: 6:11pm On Jul 21, 2020
it was my very first kiss ever...the guy just finished eating akara before we hung out that night..d akara particles I swallowed that night was enough to go with a bowl of custard.. cheesy

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest Two Highway Robbers On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (Picture) by prettyaura: 6:28pm On Jun 28, 2020
Thank God! They should rot in jail...I was once robbed on that long bridge sometimes last year on my way to Lagos...like 4 of them suddenly jumped out from under that bridge with guns and cutlasses..it was around 8pm when there was a serious hold up...I ran out of the vehicle without even my handbag..got home with nothing...i am still in shock of it up till today...may robbers, killers, ritualists, scammers rot in hell..may their lives be miserable..may they never know peace as God lives.
Romance / Re: Share Your "Its A Small World" Unforgettable Moments And Stories by prettyaura: 1:53pm On Jun 21, 2020

A cursory glance shows that 90% of your posts are about boyfriend, pills, sex, sleeping around in school,

You nor dey tire? Who will marry you now?
and who told U I am not married? MuMu!


Romance / Re: Share Your "Its A Small World" Unforgettable Moments And Stories by prettyaura: 12:18pm On Jun 21, 2020
I have so many..I will share as the spirit leads...in my former working place, almost all d top bosses in my office were on my case and d funny thing is, once they sleep with you, they will pass d news among themselves..I was fed up and got tired of d job..my quality acessors and line managers started giving me unnecessary problems so I made up my mind one morning that I was going to resign..without any 30days resignation notice, I resigned that very day and never went back...after few months of staying at home doing nothing, God blessed me with a much better job with almost times 4 of what i was paid in my former job...one day at my new office, i suddenly heard one of my office securities having a loud conversation with a customer,as i moved to see what was going on, it happened to be one of my bosses dat gave me a tough time in my former working place..I asked him to come over to my table and he explained what happened..it was an issue that I have power over...he was at my mercy,wow! I kept a smiling face all through becos I know God works in mysterious ways..I helped him and he couldn't even afford to pay for the service..in my mind, I kept on saying "what a small world"..be careful how u treat people when u are up..who knows, if u fall one day, you will need them..happy Sunday!

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Celebrities / Pastor Ituah Ighodalo's Wife Ibidun Is Dead! by prettyaura: 2:40pm On Jun 14, 2020
Ibidunni Ajayi-Ighodalo, wife of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and CEO of Elizabeth R Event Planners was found dead this morning in her hotel room in Port Harcourt.
She was a former beauty queen, Miss Lux over a decade ago.

More details coming soon.

RIP to a beautiful soul

Condolences to Pastor Ituah


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Globacom Follow-up Interview by prettyaura: 8:06pm On May 27, 2020

Are you still with the company
yes..tho I don't work as a customer care rep
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Globacom Follow-up Interview by prettyaura: 8:05pm On May 27, 2020

I passed .got a mail from them.
Do you have an idea the kind of questions I should prepare for?
general interview questions.

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Romance / Re: Hello Ajah by prettyaura: 7:47pm On May 26, 2020
Based in Ajah, Lagos; from Imo state; real estate professional; I need a lady who understands what VISION means for possible relationship that leads to something serious.

I'm dark in complexion, elegantly structured, sociable and loving. I will say less until I hear from a would-be partner.

Her Qualities:
She should be kind, industrious, God-fearing,INTELLIGENT(with sound judgment and ability to process coded information), TALL(not less than 5'8"wink .

Interested person should kindly send me a message: getmosesfelix@yahoo.com. Pictures and number will follow.

Thank you.
why not try joroolumofin's page? It comes with a price I guess but It's more reliable than on here.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Globacom Follow-up Interview by prettyaura: 7:48pm On May 23, 2020

Yes , just one. He hasn't heard anything too. Just want to know how long before they'll contact .

Thanks for your swift response considering how busy I presume you'd be.
no problem...there's no particular time lag...it depends..mine took almost a month..just be positive plus dis covid-19 can slow down d process.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Globacom Follow-up Interview by prettyaura: 7:21pm On May 23, 2020

Yes, I wrote the test already at JkK and the test wasn't just English, verbal reasoning and Quantitative.
It had Telecommunication questions too.
How long will they take to get back to whosoever that passed ?
I'm yet to see anyone that has been contacted .

if U pass d stage, U will be contacted for an interview..be patient..I hope U related with one or two pple at d venue so u guys can keep urselfs updated?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Globacom Follow-up Interview by prettyaura: 3:24am On May 23, 2020

Top of the morning to you.
I'd love to know how long it takes for one to get feedback after writing the assessment test .
And would love to know if they'll reach out even if one doesn't meet the cutoff and also would love to know what the next step would be and necessary materials to read if one gets successful .
Basically questions that has to do with the recruitment process.
I wrote the assessment test last week.

Hoping to hear from you soon ma.

Thanks and regards
firstly, where did U write d assessment test? If it's not in jkk at ilupeju,dats if U did it in Lagos, It may not be for globacom.
Secondly, they only get back to you when U pass.also, there's absolutely nothing to read.d questions are usually general English and verbal reasoning with small quantitative.

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Romance / Re: Can you buy Sanitary Pad For Your Wife/girlfriend at The supermarket? Opinion by prettyaura: 8:58pm On May 19, 2020

Such a mind-blowing experience, you've got here ma'am
thank u
Romance / Re: Can you buy Sanitary Pad For Your Wife/girlfriend at The supermarket? Opinion by prettyaura: 5:34pm On May 17, 2020
Please, I just need to sample opinion on the subject matter to clear my conscience, because am also a victim.
I was with my friends, and this question cropped up. While some agree, some disagree saying it's feminal, that any guy found in such act may be tagged "woman wrapper".

The question is:
Guys: is it normal or inappropriate to buy sanitary pad for your wife especially when politely asked (and she isn't in a close place to get it herself).

Ladies: can you ask your guy/husband/fiance to buy sanitary pad for you while coming from work(which is presumed to be closer to the market)? Or you see it as a ladylike affair which shouldn't involve masculine.

Thanks as I await your sincere response.

Cc: lalasticlacla
this post made me cry...I remember my ex today..remembered back then, I was still in school and went to pay him a visit.but I forgot my sanitary pads at home..dat night, wen I wanted to bath, I remembered I had no pads then he went to his house mate to ask for tissue paper..it was late in d night and shops have closed..his house mate did not have tissue so he offered to give me one of his new face towels but I declined..later saw a piece of tissue in my handbag which I used but ended up staining d bed..as I woke up d next morning, I saw blood stains, with smiles on his face, he asked if it was d pink always I use or d blue one, with surprise on my face, I quickly said "the blue one" he went to buy d sanitary pad for me and got me water to clean up my mess..when I remember those things, I miss him.. cry
Romance / Re: If You Have Ever Slept In A Room With Two People Having Sex, Please Kindly Share by prettyaura: 1:57pm On May 17, 2020
grin grin grin grin grin grin
You passed through a lot. Getting involved in sex scenes can be terrible
it wasnt funny at all o..body go dey do u somehow.


Romance / Re: If You Have Ever Slept In A Room With Two People Having Sex, Please Kindly Share by prettyaura: 12:55pm On May 17, 2020
If you have ever slept in a room with two people having sex, please kindly share your experience with us
wow..I will share my story....some years back in my university days, I was staying on campus so a particular weekend, I decided to go and greet my friends that were staying off campus..it was an interesting weekend and i couldn't go back to campus becos it was late so I decided to stay back..around 9PM, my friends bf called her that he was outside her gate, haa! and me I can't go no where that time infact I was almost sleepy. so my friends bf came in then before I knew it, they were seeing a movie..this was around 10.00pm already..this is just a self contain, where will this guy sleep? I kept thinking in my head....only for me to wake up midnite to go ease myself and I saw this guy on the same bed with me and my friend...as a matter of fact, he was in d middle, so I decided to sleep on d rug but couldn't sleep back..few minutes later, I started hearing sounds...kissing sounds and quiet talks..I raised my head to see what was happening and saw the guy sucking my friends breast...I couldn't believe my eyes ooo.. real life porn...then raised my head again and they were already doing missionary and that my friend can moan for Africa...she was so loud and d banging sounds were out of this world..I couldn't take it anymore..brought out my phone and started playing a loud song but my friends moaning overpowered my music..I started sweating, and feeling so uncomfortable but still managed to keep my cool...like 2hrs later, d guy stood up and went to the toilet,(to clean up I guess) then my friend tapped me and said pele oremi meaning (sorry my friend)I was furious..immediately I heard d first rooster crow, I carried my bag and left..couldn't tell anyone d story cos the person involved na my close friend.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Globacom Follow-up Interview by prettyaura: 12:33pm On May 17, 2020

Hello! I would love to ask some questions as regards Glo job recruitment. I'd love to confirm your availability to answer my questions. Would appreciate if I can get your email address.
no problem..message from here..I will reply u via d email
Religion / Re: Share Your Experience(s) Of God's Miracles & Wonderful Acts by prettyaura: 12:17pm On May 10, 2020
Who counted the summersault
I wonder why most people don't believe it's possible U know d number of summersaults...I was once involved in a ghastly car accident in 2014 with my bf...he was moving kind of fast but unfortunately there was a pot hole at a sharp bend we didn't envisage becos the road was smooth from all the way back..he said "baby, we are going to have an accident, the brake is not working...all I kept saying is Jesus!..the car began to move into the bush beside the road, fell into a ditch and d car summersaulted 2times..yes,U can actually know how many times if U have been involved in it before..d car got damaged but we both came out with little scratches tho..I can never forget.
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari: The THISDAY LIVE Headline That Got People Talking by prettyaura: 7:37pm On Apr 18, 2020
The biggest victim is yet to be claimed.
hope you are not referring to my bubu angry
Health / Re: I Need Advise On My Birth Control Pills by prettyaura: 10:05pm On Apr 15, 2020
The cyst have you treated it. Took my girl to a hospital and they operated on her cyst. It was scanned also and gave us some drugs. She had to pass out blood for two days. And then the birth control pills can postpone your period. My babe day use am and sometimes up to two months she won’t see her period. We have up at one point till we decided to take it easy on the drugs and her cramps started then some days later period followed

I am not a doctor but I know what you are talking about because my babe and I experience it
oh thanks..I just want to know how soon the period will start after stopping the pill

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