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Health / Re: 10 Reasons You Must Stop Eating Instant noodles by puzo(m): 3:52pm On Mar 30, 2017
If Senior Tope Ashiwaju catch you? You go smell yah yansh!!!!
Education / Re: UNIABUJA Male Student Allegedlly Wanking While Peeping Into Female Hostel by puzo(m): 10:56am On Jul 11, 2015
Na "Bombay" we dey call am those days in secondary school.
Politics / Former Benue State Governor Arrested In UK For Beating Wife by puzo(m): 10:51pm On Jul 02, 2015
The Metropolitan police in the United Kingdom have arrested the former Benue state governor Gabriel Suswam after he allegedly battered his wife.

Nigerian Ex-Governor To Be Jailed In UK
Gabriel Suswam
READ ALSO: Man Impersonating Ex-Benue Governor, Suswam Lands In Serious Trouble

After his arrest, the Metropolitan Police Domestic Violence Office initially held him at its London detention centre. He was later released on £5,000 bail.

According to nigeriancurrent.com, Suswam’s wife Yemisi placed an emergency call to the police from their luxury London home to report that the embattled governor had physically assaulted her.

She explained to the police dispatcher that during a minor argument in which she condemned her husbands questionable relationship with mistress ‘Shidoo’, Suswam battered her which prompted her to run for her life.

If found guilty, the ex-governor could be jailed for about six months in the UK under the Persons Act of 1861.

It was alleged Shidoo is beginning to gain more influence in the life of the ex-governor and as a result, Suswam, who has allegedly previously attacked his wife, increased the tempo.

In fact, a close family source revealed that Suswah had always told Yemisi he would legally marry Shidoo.

A family source described Shidoo as a very loving woman. “She was always helpful to the Benue people and that was what endeared her to our people. She was always ready to help. If any Benue person needed something from the former governor, Shidoo was always ready to help”, he said.

Like most governors, Suswam owns a permanent home in London which he visited while in office and has relocated to now that he has retired.
It was reported that the ex-governor sought refuge in the UK after he had ruled Benue state for eight years, in order to avoid the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
Jokes Etc / Re: Fuel Scarcity Has Given Us Another Alternative Of Charging Phones by puzo(m): 11:36am On May 25, 2015
nigerians killed in southafrica
Nigerians killed in asia
No power supply
Fuel scarcity

All after buhari won the election
My brother which kind change chain be this ?


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Politics / Re: Opc Warns Against Unbecoming Comments Directed At Oba Akiolu by puzo(m): 3:46pm On Apr 08, 2015
Black Africans are most times stupid. So "sacredness of the stool" must be defended even when the occupier is threatening the lives of innocent law abiding people? You guys must be big time jokers!!!!!

Leaders that were one zillion times more powerful than the Oba of Lagos Island were dethroned and even killed cos of their demeanor.
Would an Akiolu even shine the shoes of Hitler or Musolinni? NO


Can the British allow their QUEEN to be talked to any how?
Crime / Re: Robbers (inside Commercial Bus) Took Their Victims To ATM Point To Withdraw Cash by puzo(m): 9:06am On Mar 19, 2015
What Simply do is leave the 'Gbemu' (plenty cash) in an account i dont have ATM, Internet Banking etc, and just put small change in my ATM account incase of "incasities" like dis. The person should just go to the bank and ask them for the footage of the person that withdrew from her account. Shikena.
Car Talk / Re: What Is The Best Battery Size For A R20A Honda Accord 2007 Engine by puzo(m): 10:54am On Mar 18, 2015
Use 75amps
Thank you so much. I appreciate.
Romance / Re: My Babe Is Pregnant And Am Unemployed; Should I Keep The Baby? by puzo(m): 9:55am On Mar 17, 2015
Did his brain not send that signal to his dick before firing?
Him no suppose get hard-on since money no dey him pocket. shocked
Car Talk / What Is The Best Battery Size For A R20A Honda Accord 2007 Engine by puzo(m): 9:21am On Mar 17, 2015
I got a Used Honda Accord 2007/2008 car and want to know the best battery size for it.
Kindly assist with your ever useful informations.

Politics / Re: Buhari Is Truly Brain Dead, Fani-kayode Insists by puzo(m): 9:25am On Mar 06, 2015
see as you leave FFK dey call Jonathan undecided

Character assassination you said ?
Let me help you with some few names.

Who is often referred to as Mr. Clueless, drunkard, Jonadumb etc

I guess its character preservation undecided undecided

Have you in any fora hear a chieftain or any high person in APC come out to call them names (Mr. Clueless, drunkard, Jonadumb)(Barren) etc. Patience is a mother figure and thus should behave and talk like one.

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Forum Games / Re: Which Key Leads To The Padlock? by puzo(m): 1:17pm On Mar 05, 2015
First Key
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Geared Up For A Football Match (pic) by puzo(m): 10:23am On Mar 05, 2015
Is dat obj or king kong? undecided
Na your papa!!
Politics / Re: AIT Documentary On Tinubu: Lion Of Bourdillion (Videos) by puzo(m): 2:28pm On Mar 04, 2015
D wealth d guy stole and still stealing is too much dat watching it only for once is not enuf for me to comprehend, dis time I will watch it wif a jotter and pen on ma hand. Tinubu d asiwaju of corruption in africa, mouth odour

What is he contesting for? We should gang up and make sure he is not voted in..
Politics / Re: AIT Documentary On Tinubu: Lion Of Bourdillion (Videos) by puzo(m): 2:27pm On Mar 04, 2015
Tinubu is FINISHED - O ma se oooooooooooo shocked shocked

Edited: AIT, please where is PART III ?
Let come together and vote Tinubu out
Politics / Re: APC Spent N5 Billion On Buhari’s Chatham House Speech, PDP Campaign Alleges by puzo(m): 11:45am On Mar 02, 2015
Even as a GEJ supporter I dont really like this FFK guy. Zero integrity jumping from one party to another and bad mouthing whichever one he decamps from. Well virtually all of them have no integrity shaa. But truth be told, he asked a salient question.

GMB abeg tell us who is bankrolling your campaign cuz last time I checked u borrowed money to buy your form. Why have you refused to debate. And most importantly why did u put Shagari on house arrest and jailed Ekweme.

GMB is not an independent candidate, he belongs to a party.... where is GEJ getting his from(Our Reserve)?
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Has Chronic Mouth Odour - Fani-kayode by puzo(m): 11:22am On Mar 02, 2015
Not really surprised given the colour of his teeth.
FFK sha!

Snap ya papa teeth make we see grin

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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Visits Buhari In London(Photo) by puzo(m): 10:36am On Feb 24, 2015
What has dis got to do with the state of the Nation.... Hotel room or London tongue.. At least an interview was conducted ( the content of the interview is what matters.
Politics / Re: Buhari Flown Abroad For Prostate Cancer Checkup - The Herald by puzo(m): 6:31pm On Feb 19, 2015
They should check his throat as well for pronunciation defect, jest saying undecided

Is GEJ better than Buhari in pronunciations? I sure dont think so.
Politics / Re: Lagos Youth Declares Support For Jonathan's Second Term by puzo(m): 2:23pm On Feb 17, 2015
Do you really think that the junk you people write on Social Media will affect what people will do on the day of election?

Both the Sai Buhari and Unsai Jonathan people!!!

How has the two parties affected you in both the Federal and state levels?
Politics / Re: Ambode Campaigns With Educative Materials Not Rice (see Photos) by puzo(m): 11:53am On Feb 12, 2015
Good. But na person wey eat food go get power take read book. Book for few food for all.

Which ,means that they should continue to give them food like the almajiris and not get them educated?


Politics / Re: Ambode Campaigns With Educative Materials Not Rice (see Photos) by puzo(m): 11:49am On Feb 12, 2015
Can anytin good come out from asiwaju of corruption?

Fashola did come out of him!!!


Politics / Re: Gani Adams Reveals That 85% Of Lagosians Want Jonathan by puzo(m): 10:52am On Feb 12, 2015
The two factions of OPC have endorsed GEJ, my fellow omo oduduwa what are you waiting for.

Who and what do both of them represent?

If you are a Yoruba person, will you queue with this blood sucker to vote for a particular candidate?

To me, dis guy does not exist.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Reveals Cleavage In Recent Photoshoot by puzo(m): 4:32pm On Feb 07, 2015
She is just as slotty as any other slot.

Politics / Re: Thugs Thumb-Printing Ballot Papers For Aregbesola (Video) by puzo(m): 10:01am On Feb 07, 2015
Only Jona fools will believe something like dis.
Its a well acted script.
Politics / Re: Buhari Should Call His 'Dogs' To Order – Asari Dokubo by puzo(m): 10:50pm On Feb 04, 2015
THe Cattle Rearer campaigned freely in South without being attacked.

Nothing must happen to Jonah ooooooooo

Jonathan Till 2019.

Kindly check what Buhari has achieved compared to what your father has achieved... Calling soneone had old as your father a cattle rearer.
Politics / Re: The New PDP Campaign Pattern (Photo) by puzo(m): 8:05pm On Feb 03, 2015
All na pattern

Some people are also busy name tagging their cattle

Gej till 2019
It is not the tagging on the tanker, but using tanker to distribute water in 21st century.
Shame on us (Nigerians)
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama And Son Playing Football Game (Photo) by puzo(m): 2:15pm On Jan 28, 2015

Oh, the PS4 i know has wireless pads...

When your PS4 pads is not charged, you sure connect the wires to charge it.
Why are you guys always out to condemn people.
Politics / Re: 90 Year Old Woman Donates Her N1m Life Savings To Buhari's Campaign by puzo(m): 10:42am On Jan 28, 2015
Alot we hear in my nation Nigeria.

Donating 1million of her life saving does not make sense at all even though she is not talking the money to heaven...

Didn't she have grand children, great grand children, great great grand children she can use the money to carter for or people around her community

Let her children and grand children work for their own monies too.. Wife people donate their inheritance to PETs.
Religion / Of Esau And Jacob!!!!! by puzo(m): 8:28am On Sep 27, 2013
Of Esau and Jacob
We all are conversant with the Jacob and Esau story in the Bible. I take it for granted you didn’t sleep off the entirely CRK classes of the Secondary School days. Esau and Jacob were twins. And never has there been a more unidentical twins. Jacob was smooth skinned, Esau was a hairy thing. Esau was an outdoor person, Jacob was a homeboy. Jacob bred his flock at home, Esau goes to the bush to kill as motivated by need. Esau moved on instincts, Jacob moved on strategies. Esau had muscles, Jacob had brains. Esau was given to immediate gratification, Jacob was a master-waiter; a super tactician. The mother loved Jacob, Esau daddy's boy.

The opposing features of these two Biblical guys are evident in our everyday life. We have Esau people and Jacob people. Esau nations and Jacob nations. Esau companies and Jacob companies. The two are always at logger heads, and as predicted at the birth of the two biblical guys, the elder will always serve the younger. Esau will always serve Jacob.

Critical in the history of Esau and Jacob was the trading of the birth right of Esau for a plate of porridge. It was a purely legal exchange. Any stupid lawyer can validate that easily. Esau returned from his hunting and was famished. Jacob had a sizzling pot of porridge to afflict him. Now whether planned or not, Esau exchanged his birthright for a plate of food! At that moment of hunger, his brain had evaporated.

Now the parallels.
At the moment of selling his birthright, be certain there was raw meat in the sling bag of Esau. He just arrived from a hunting trip. At that moment in history, they had no problem with extinction of any specie of fauna. The animals far out-numbered the humans. He was just too hungry to cook it. He traded the future for now. So it is with Esau nations and people like Nigeria. We don't process our raw materials. We sell our raw materials for processed products. Jacob countries buy our cocoa at cheap prices and sells us chocolate for a king’s ransom. They buy our crude oil for pittance and sell us refined petrol for choice dollars. We sell tomorrow to consume today. We consume what we don’t produce, and produce what we can’t consume. Like Esau, we live for today. Jacob puts his brain to task. He says instead of going out to kill animals anytime I have need, can’t I set up an animal production system at home? Jacob has 100 years plan, 50 years plan etc. We live from one yearly budget deficit to the other. We borrow from Jacob on instinct. So, so comparable.

Jacob guy goes to the ghetto and sees hairy Esau beating up all the miserable ghetto kids. He approaches Esau and says, ‘hey man, you are so good! You’re so strong! You beat up everybody so easily. Man I can make you millions in a year boxing even weaker guys. Esau says I want a car. Jacob says I’ll give you a Rolls Royce. Esau says,’ hey I have this drug addiction problem. Jacob says I’ll support your addiction. And the battle begins. Esau beats everybody everywhere, while Jacob is the chief cheerleader. He pays Esau some millions for taking the punches and Esau thinks himself the greatest. A couple of years down the line the punches begin to take a toll on Esau’s health. Jacob is spotlessly clean. In fact Jacob now has a lot of Esau’s slaving for him while he smiles to the bank. And finally like the biblical Esau, our contemporary Esau comes to his senses and confronts Jacob. He even sues him to the court. Guess what? Jacob pulls out the signed contract. You signed man! And Esau loses again. Jacob is a contract guy. He doesn’t believe in the gentleman’s word of agreement. Everything’s got to be in black and white.

There’s so much to learn from the story of Esau and Jacob. And it might surprise you God never chastised Jacob for his schemings as far as Esau was concerned. The deal was perfectly legit. God even says I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not Esau. And you can’t be holier than God. At a point in the scriptures when the issue was revisited in the New Testament, Esau was referred to as profane. Hebrews 12:16.

We got a choice to make. A national change starts with the individual. We can complain till tomorrow about the Nigerian system but a lot of issues are beyond our immediate scope of physical influence. I can only change myself. I am going to make decisions and set up a lifestyle that negates the prevalent ‘Esauism’ we have around. I’ll think and act like Jacob.

Today, Jacob’s newest idea of comedy is to sell private jets to Esau! And Esau is setting his hairy ass on fire from crash after crash. Jacob is delirious with laughter. 'Haa ha aa, this Esau guy won’t kill me sha!!!

Credit: The nucleus of this write up was gotten from the message 'Esau and Jacob' by Dr. Tayo Adeyemi of Newwine Church, UK, and Published on my Facebook wall by Ayobami Oke
Jokes Etc / Who Wore It Better? by puzo(m): 1:15pm On Sep 18, 2013
No be BUBU she surpose dey wear?

Nairaland / General / Re: Are You A Lark, An Owl Or Hummingbird? by puzo(m): 10:41am On Sep 06, 2013
My __/’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’\_____
o | o
@ @

..........no dey sabi him way to the house before Midnight.I am an Owl grin

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