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Investment / Re: Bitcoin Recovery Is Real, Just Be Careful by Sheriman(m): 7:58am On Oct 03
How sure is this
Last time I checked
Tech proofed it is impossible unless you have the private key of the wallet
If you still stand your ground
Share me the software and if you bill me you are probably a scammer
Don't mind the fucking scammer jaare!! Which Software or he is looking for who to scam


Investment / Re: Bitcoin Recovery Is Real, Just Be Careful by Sheriman(m): 7:57am On Oct 03
Scammer looking for who to scam again

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Programming / Re: Where Can I Learn Java In Lagos by Sheriman(m): 7:51am On Oct 03

Why using two accounts to chat me at the same time, you're jobless Sheriman
Thank you my brother!
Programming / Re: Java Internship Full Time by Sheriman(m): 6:55pm On Oct 02

Java is good, highly unlikely I will port to another language for the present. I am comfortable with Java.
Replace it with Kotlin my dear
Programming / Re: Java Internship Full Time by Sheriman(m): 1:36pm On Oct 02
good day, bro. Please how did you get the internship position? I am a java developer also please connect me, thanks.
You will soon port to Golang after seeing someone getting a fine job with it. Stick with what you already learning.
Programming / Re: Where Can I Learn Java In Lagos by Sheriman(m): 1:28pm On Oct 02

You just said it yourself that you have no idea about web development and now you're advising me to stick to one language, bro, you are not in the position to advise people on things you have no idea about.
Stick to one language I repeat!!
Politics / Re: Pictures From Peter Obi Rally In Osogbo by Sheriman(m): 7:34pm On Oct 01
APC and its affiliates members will be shocked very soon


Programming / Re: Where Can I Learn Java In Lagos by Sheriman(m): 11:34am On Oct 01

But you were advising me to stick to one language, why would you advise me about something you have no idea about.
Stick to one language bro!! Stick to one field na my advice be that.
Politics / Re: Independence Anniversary: Nigeria Shall Rise Again – Atiku by Sheriman(m): 7:19am On Oct 01
Awon werey leaders.
Programming / Re: Where Can I Learn Java In Lagos by Sheriman(m): 12:51am On Oct 01

I've learnt java script for front end, I'm thinking of using it for back end too, do you think it's a go idea?
Well, I don't have idea about web development.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Burkina Faso: Constitution Suspended, Govt Dissolved. Traore Announces Coup D'et by Sheriman(m): 12:41am On Oct 01
One soldier among those who stood behind him will soon organized a bloody coup and remove him out of power. African people love power.
Travel / Re: Governor Abiodun Constructs Sango Ota-Ijoko Road; Reconstructs Ota Tollgate by Sheriman(m): 8:12pm On Sep 30
Bleep him and the road he dey build. See wheytin dem dey do upon all the suffering average Nigerians went through plying that bad road.
Na 100 Billion Naira dem go budget ontop this 40Kilometre road.
Programming / Re: If You Would Win A Billion, Would You Still Code? by Sheriman(m): 7:41am On Sep 30
That's when I'll start coding. I want to be very sharp with python, F#, and C# for creating bots and data analysis.

I also want to master kotlin for mobile apps.

In fact, I have over 10 languages I want to be good at, so many innovations on my head are begging to come live.
Abegii, no be for mouth joor. Master one language and build something huge with it. NIGERIANS shaa somehow. They will want to learn 30 languages and frameworks but can't write a better software with one.

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Food / Re: How To Make Spicy Peanut Butter With A Blender | Ose Oji, Okwu Ose(Photos,Video) by Sheriman(m): 10:39am On Sep 29
I think say na blender 3D
Politics / Re: Williams Uchemba To Storm Abuja Oct 1 For Nigeria Youth Decide Conference, Falan by Sheriman(m): 9:46am On Sep 29
They are just shouting youths youths conference up and down without making our electricity stable. Make light steady and stable you will see better change.
Programming / Re: Java Internship Full Time by Sheriman(m): 9:49pm On Sep 27

Oga just cool down learn only one Lang. Wen d Lang pay u can learn more... No go confuse ya sef.
Leave them. NIGERIANS dey can learn 20 languages and frameworks but they can't develop great Application with any of them.


Travel / Re: Lagos State Railway Red Line Coaches Arrive In Lagos From United States by Sheriman(m): 8:30pm On Sep 27
A track rail if 35Kilometre. Nonsense!!
Politics / Re: Buhari Confers National Honour On Akeredolu by Sheriman(m): 6:48am On Sep 27
Well deserve sir.

The only Governor i know that says the truth and stand by it irrespective of faith or party affiliation.

He doesnt give a damn. He just want to protect his people.

Reason why he didn't pay state workers salary for months. They are all wicked and greedy!!
Programming / Re: Some Months Into Programming, My Excruciating Experience. by Sheriman(m): 6:24pm On Sep 26
Sheriman Thank you.
You're welcome bro!!
Education / Re: Former US Teacher Of The Year Arrested For Having Sex With 17-Year-Old Student by Sheriman(m): 6:16pm On Sep 26
US feminist will start defending her now
Foreign Affairs / Re: Giorgia Meloni Wins Election To Become Italy's First Female Prime Minister by Sheriman(m): 3:04pm On Sep 26
When Tinubu still dey Alive
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Legitimate Hustle by Sheriman(m): 2:57pm On Sep 26
This period is a much needed transformational phase for Nigerians.



1.The trader who removes 2 bowls of rice from the bag, repackages, and sells as a 'full' bag is complaining about the wickedness in Nigeria.

2.The lecturer who insists on sex for a young girl to pass is complaining about the rot in Nigeria.

3.The Pastor who pays his driver 15K in Lagos or Abuja while his son schools in the USA is complaining about the hopelessness in Nigeria.

4. The Mallam (Local Islamic school teachers) who send other people's children to go and beg in the name of Almajiri and bring the money
to him on oath so that he will take care of his family while the Almajiri's are looking like slaves is complaining that Nigerian leaders don't know God.

5.The civil servant who comes to work once a week and shows up at the end of the month to receive full salary and kickbacks is complaining about politicians who do nothing.

6.The student who spends the whole weekend at the party after party only to start posting Instagram pictures on Monday is complaining that Nigeria is stealing his/her dreams.

7.The "VIP driver" who can't join a simple queue but keeps overlapping in and out of traffic to shunt is complaining about disorderliness in Nigeria.

8.Doctors in public and teaching hospitals on the government payroll who abandon patients on the floor but are thriving in their private hospitals are complaining that Nigeria is hopeless.

9. The officer who sees 'roger' as his/her birthright and keeps on complaining that our leaders are evil and therefore Nigeria is doomed.

10. The members who diverts the money and property of his/her organisation for personal use is complaining about bad leadership in Nigeria.

1. Until we realize that the value of Nigeria today is the average of our values, we will keep fooling ourselves.

We are all architects of our social and economic development woes.

Stop the blame game. CHANGE begins with YOU.

Our attitudes and unpatriotic behaviors should stop.
BE the CHANGE you want to SEE!
This is golden message!! NIGERIA don spoil patatapa!! Everyone do all these things you mentioned


Education / Re: FG Orders VCs To Reopen Varsities, Commence Lectures by Sheriman(m): 11:26am On Sep 26
Return to school when All students don turn Yahoo boys and girls don turn olosho finish

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Programming / Re: Where Can I Learn Java In Lagos by Sheriman(m): 8:28am On Sep 26
Hello, can anyone recommend a good coding school in Ikeja where i can learn Java and Java script in 3months?
If there is anyone who is willing to offer me a one on one class I'll really appreciate, I live in Ikeja, Lagos. I'm a fast learner and I already have some idea about coding, I strongly believe that with the right tutor I can learn Java and Java script in 3months.
Learn one language and be good at it. Here the truth and the fact. You can't understand a language within the space of 3 months bro!!
Romance / Re: Trending Video Of Ghanaian Couple Kissing Passionately At Their Wedding Ceremony by Sheriman(m): 4:07pm On Sep 25
Correct guy!

If na me, I go kiss my bride so passionately at the front of her parent. Infact I go even raise her gown up, shift her pant then begin to thrust in and out in presence of everybody while they spray us money.
You be mad man!!!
Religion / Re: About The High Rate Of Randy Men And Women Today by Sheriman(m): 9:52am On Sep 25
What is the meaning of Randy man??
Programming / Re: Some Months Into Programming, My Excruciating Experience. by Sheriman(m): 10:04pm On Sep 24
Some months ago I decided to drop animations and go into programming, a path I've always admired. So far it hasn't been easy, first month was highly depressing, excruciatingly frustrating. I started with the Python language.

Now I have this insatiable hunger and need for more, I wanted to learn more languages even though I am still at my early stage with Python. So i decided to dive into more and now I am learning three more languages after Python, namely, JavaScript, C++, SQL. I plan on being proficient in all these languages by December.

Two biggest experiences I've had are:

1. Programming makes you more intelligent and persistent. You develop that attitude to always want to surmount or crack difficult problems, in real live.

2. Starting with one language makes it more, more easier to grasp the rest, maybe even all the others.

I think starting with python is a good idea, it is simple, is an OOP and also a Functional programming. With a lot of initial disappointments and plenty patience anybody can learn, just have plenty of DATA. Some people have made it seem as if learning programming is only for the biggest brains which isn't so. Make it a point to learn something each day and if you find any challenge drop the system for some time and do something else. Youtube and Google are good learning friends here.

My small start!

3D animation self no be small thing oooo!! See in this tech career no where is easy!! Nothing good comes easy man!! You just have to be serious, dedicated, focus and be consistence.
Phones / Re: Lady Takes Android To Computer Village For Fixing & Returns With Iphone (vid) by Sheriman(m): 2:09pm On Sep 24
Mobile App Development With Admob Monetization

Learn Mobile App Development and become a pro in less than 4 weeks,
earning massively with AdMob. In this course, we would create:
1. Installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.)
2. Implement backend services such as data access with an API,
3. Test the application on target devices.
4. Show you and teach you the required different skill sets and
expertise to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS.
5. Create an appealing app logo
6. Generate an app idea.
7. Do competitive market research.
8. Write out the features of your app.
9. Make design mockups of your app.
10. Create your app's graphic design.
11. Put together an app marketing plan.
13. Build the app with one of these options.
14. Submit your app to the App Store.
15. Market your app for maximum exposure
16. Improve your app with user feedback
All instructors have built functional app

Contact me on call or WhatsApp via +2349151294786
Just say you're looking for the gullible ones.
Programming / Re: My Experience Trying To Buy Dell Latitude E5450 Today by Sheriman(m): 6:33pm On Sep 23
I think I will finally got for this, 256sdd,.....170k, with abeg....tho it hp., I have not paid for it yet, I told the man that I want to contact my boss first
This one is good!!!! You will enjoy this laptop!!
Programming / Re: My Experience Trying To Buy Dell Latitude E5450 Today by Sheriman(m): 11:10am On Sep 23
no vex Bro. .... i am still on a search for laptop at low budget...
I have 3 options for laptops...
one man that his shop look dirty with mixture of scrap laptop offer me this 2 laptops

1) i3, 5th gen _ lenovo, thinkpad e450 but has a weak battery.., 5% was out in 5min while .100k. no keyboard light...ram 4gb..
2) i5, 6th gen...dell latitude e5470, weak battery.might not last 2hr, while I was checking the system, 5% was out in 5min. 130k, with keyboard light...ram 8gb

Another man that has a clean shop, but has very expensive laptops offer me this
i3, 6th gen, hp probook, battery upto 3hrs. With keyboard light...130k..ram 4gb
Which one should i choose please?? ... really need to start something
I must tell you the truth that all these laptop you mention here are bull scrapped!! Sheybe your eyes will clear and your mind will calm down when you start using it. 130K is expensive for any of these laptop. Don't let other Nairalanders here that you take 130K buy any of these old laptop. I understand your condition but y can't you solicit for help to raise that money to 200K. Have patience ooo, you will see better laptop oooo. Talk to this guy Zero9Zero1248 544six on WhatsApp.
He sell quality laptop in Lagos ikeja computer Village.
Family / Re: Before & After Photos Of Habeeb Babatunde, Now Noni Salma A Transgendered. by Sheriman(m): 12:56pm On Sep 21
Where is his gboola down there. Did he cut that one too.
Family / Re: Photo Of The Woman Who Died In A Car Accident While Chasing Her Cheating Husband by Sheriman(m): 9:15pm On Sep 20
That doesn't stop side chick from entering the house??

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