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Politics / Re: Gunmen Storm Military Camp In Niger State, Kill Soldiers, Kidnap 10, Burn Cars by shestrong(f): 5:26pm On Apr 01, 2021
Nigeria Is at war
Nobody knows it... Nobody is doing anything about it.... We are at war,we are at war!

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Romance / Re: Help, I Am In Love With A Single Mother Of Two. by shestrong(f): 4:04pm On Jan 08, 2021
I am a young man in my thirties and she should be in the same range(I didn't ask her about her age because I don't really lay emphasis on age). We are from neighbouring towns.

As my heading reads, recently I met a lady online and we have been communicating well and I noticed she ticked most of the boxes of what I want in a woman.

Prior to now, I told myself I will stay away from anything woman because I just started a business last year and I want it to grow and balance before thinking of any thing women or marriage.

Recently, I noticed I am developing strong feelings for her, strong enough to lead to the alter.

Now the problem is, she is a single mother of two, we don't stay in the same city and the father of those kids seems to live in a neighbouring city to where she lives(although to a good extent the father of those kids is not a problem).

My question is what will you advice me to do in this situation?
*Go on and start a relationship with her.
*Keep her as a friend, although she may get hooked by another man along the line.

Anybody here who have been in similar situation, should help share their experiences too.

Note: She has never been married.
She is working and comfortable, money a problem is not a problem, i.e no unnecessary billing associated with some relationships.

Why come to nairaland for this kind of matter when you know they'd discourage you. Please follow your heart.

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Investment / Re: Bara Finance. Legit Or Scam? Share Experiences by shestrong(f): 12:29am On Jan 05, 2021

I learnt efcc is investigating them.. I dnt know if it's true. Have u heard of such?

Very true. I hope people will listen.
Investment / Re: Bara Finance. Legit Or Scam? Share Experiences by shestrong(f): 12:26am On Jan 05, 2021

Dw arerben officially admitted to ICU, I told you guys some weeks back. As Mba forex forex falls, it will take the other forex ponzis with it.

I can see Bara is also at the hospital already, lets hope it will not be admitted to the ICU soonest.

A real business may recover from ICU and be discharged to live many more years, but when a ponzi goes to the ICU, its only of "when" not if "it
" dies soon

Investment / Re: Bara Finance. Legit Or Scam? Share Experiences by shestrong(f): 12:24am On Jan 05, 2021
Now that I want to invest

Do not invest I beg you. They are being investigated by Efcc..
Romance / Re: Introverts Only!!! Which Is More Stressful, Receiving/making Calls Or Going Out? by shestrong(f): 2:40pm On Aug 10, 2020
Even going out to buy something I really need is hard, making call is another wahala, buh I love receiving sometimes sha....
I really wanna make friend though buh I f'ckinq dunno how to....
Like in my neighbourhood, I will go just wanna be left alone and all they keep sayinq is that I am too proud and don't wanna associate with people...
Is being introvert a curse or its just normal??
Perfectly normal.
Romance / Re: Introverts Only!!! Which Is More Stressful, Receiving/making Calls Or Going Out? by shestrong(f): 2:37pm On Aug 10, 2020
Which is more stressful to/for you being an introvert.

Receiving/making calls or going out?
Going out o...stressful.
Crime / Re: Man Beheads Colleague After Seeing His N13m Account Balance by shestrong(f): 12:58pm On Jul 19, 2020
Being Nice does not mean acting stupid - be gentle as a dove and as cunning as a snake. many nice Nigerians are f000ls, they believe they can change the nature of man by being nice. be duly guided. Evil men are usually afraid of who they deem wicked...but nice people are fair game. STOP BEING FVKING NICE
Dis mks sense.

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Family / Re: Please Help: How Do You Find A Mother You Have Never Met by shestrong(f): 11:24am On Jul 19, 2020

Wow! Your birth certificate was forged (or that’s not your real birth certificate) so it means this is a more sinister scenario. Perhaps baby factory things?? Can you afford a private investigator? I see some ads here on NL for such services. Also, use social media as someone suggested, put up your pictures. Also, I think you should keep disturbing the family member that told you your step mum wasn’t your bio mum.
Crime / Re: Dead Babies Found In Refuse Dump In Calabar (Disturbing Photos) by shestrong(f): 5:00pm On Jul 17, 2020
highly disturbing.
Politics / Re: Buhari Suspends EFCC Secretary Olukoyede, 10 Others by shestrong(f): 8:04am On Jul 15, 2020
Anti-corruption War
Travel / Re: Enugu City - I Drove Round The Coal City (pics, Video) by shestrong(f): 8:32pm On Jul 12, 2020
[quote author=
Politics / Re: 356 Soldiers Leave The Nigerian Army Over Loss Of Interest by shestrong(f): 3:20pm On Jul 11, 2020
Crime / Re: NNPC Staff Tortures Her Househelp, Burns Her Private Part, Inserts Lighter (Grap by shestrong(f): 1:50pm On Jul 11, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Venita Akpofure Stuns In Bikini Shoot by shestrong(f): 6:13pm On Jul 07, 2020
To all the women with the flaws, know it's hard my darling
You wonder why you're lonely and your man's not calling
You keep falling victim cause you're insecure
And when I tell you that you're beautiful you can't be sure
Cause he don't seem to want you back and it's got you asking
So all you see is what you lacking, not what you packing
Take it from a man that loves what you got
And baby girl you're a star, don't let 'em tell you you're not
Now is it real? Eyebrows, fingernails, hair
Is it real? if it's not, girl you don't care
Cause what's real is something that the eyes can't see
That the hands can't touch, that them broads can't be, and that's you
Never let 'em see you frown
-- J. Cole(crooked smile)
kissLove nd Light i wish u.
Romance / Re: Cheating Wife. Advise Needed by shestrong(f): 8:23am On Jul 07, 2020
You want to call off the marriage because of some flirtatious messages? Though, not justifying but how many women leave their husbands because of cheating? I’ve realised that a lot of men are seriously emotionally weaker than women, and they really do not know how to use wisdom to handle situations. Go and complain to your people na, they will tell you to manage your wife and that is just the truth. There’s nothing better outside that you are looking for. Marriage comes with ups and down, and unless your life is at risk, you’re suicidal or something very significant has happened, you better stay in one place.

Why not sit your wife down and talk. Why not try to patch the underlying issues in your marriage ? Do you think marriage is child’s play, something you can just leave anytime you like? Na wa oh
Please tell him o

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Politics / Re: Ize-Iyamu: I Was A Member Of Pyrates Confraternity But Didnt Pour Acid On Anyone by shestrong(f): 8:52pm On Jul 06, 2020
I conveniently believe the acid narrative; you are indeed a Cultist and you never mentioned that you renounced from the Pyrate Confraternity. What's then the difference between a Cultist and a thief or a rogue? For a fact I am certain you were denied the privilege and recommendation of going to Law school by the Faculty of Law ,Uniben. That means the evidence against you must have been so incontrovertible , overwhelming too and same has cost you the opportunity of being a Barrister, the same reason why choose to be addressed as a Pastor.

The Bottom line is you are a Crook.
Romance / Re: Here Is 1 Mistake That Can Destroy A Man’s Life by shestrong(f): 9:52pm On Jul 05, 2020
Romance / Re: Here Is 1 Mistake That Can Destroy A Man’s Life by shestrong(f): 9:51pm On Jul 05, 2020
makes sense.

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Romance / Re: Here Is 1 Mistake That Can Destroy A Man’s Life by shestrong(f): 7:02pm On Jul 05, 2020
In our struggle to become successful, we meet so many roadblocks and things that want to stop us from attaining our goals in life. Somehow, when all these problems and roadblocks hit us, we also manage to find a way to defeat the problems and continue with our hustle and life.

The 1 mistake that would destroy your life as a man is getting a girl pregnant when you are still struggling. As a lady, if you get pregnant to a man who is still struggling like you, it is game over for both of you. It's only the grace of God that would see you guys out of that situation.

Some would say it's a lie, how will getting a girl pregnant destroy my life? Well, I will give your couple of reasons why it will destroy your life.

When you are not financially stable and you find yourself in this ugly situation, it makes you lose focus. If you have a dream you want to pursue, it will be difficult for you to continue chasing those dreams. Don't pay attention to the movies that make you believe you can still make it after impregnating a girl. The chances of you making it is slim because the money that was supposed to go into your plans will end up going into what you didn't plan for.

The girl giving birth to the baby will help to increase your chances of not making it. This is because you are no longer taking care of yourself alone but two extra human beings. It gets more frustrating when your monthly income is very poor. You won't be able to save, you will be in debt and regrets will engross your thoughts.

The girl on her own side is not safe as well because all her plans in life are now shattered. She will have to take care of the baby until the child is able to walk and start school. She will not be able to chase her dreams because her baby comes first. The lives of these two individuals who are involved in this situation are already in danger.

I have a brother who got a girl pregnant. I told him that, this action if yours would affect you and the plans you have. He thought I was lying when I said that to him. Today, he is realizing the things I told him.

In conclusion, For you to not destroy your future as a hustling man, don't impregnate a girl. This saying goes to the girls as well, don't get pregnant for any man if you want successfully chase your dreams without having to think that you have a burden to carry. If you must engage in anything intimate with anyone, make sure you are well protected to avoid stories that touches.
Makes alot of sense...no lies.

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Travel / Re: Enugu City - I Drove Round The Coal City (pics, Video) by shestrong(f): 12:48am On Jul 01, 2020
My favourite place
Celebrities / Re: What Not To Say To Someone Who Is Suicidal by shestrong(f): 2:27am On Jun 29, 2020
I know many Nigerians are very fustrated, even judging from their comment on blogs, you can always sense a lot of anger and bitterness. Its not your fault you are born black or you are a Nigerian where we are used to the hard life. Suicide/depression is not a white man's disease, everyone suffers from depression whether black or white. Sometimes, you can just see someone that slumps on the road and dies, you never know part of the reason is due to depression but some people will call it witchcraft.
When you come across someone that is contemplating suicide, the reason why they vent out is, although part of them want to die, they also want to live too. They just want the pain to end but its so sad when you see post of someone contemplating suicide especially on Nigeria forums, you will be seeing comments like ''what is stopping you? Go drink sniper, go hug transformer, no one cares'' and all sort of rude and inhuman comments making a jeorpardy of that person's situation. If you have never been there, you will never understand and yes depression is real and happens to anyone. If you read about mental illnesses, you will find hosts of others.
You should try to help by talking nice to them, try feeling their pain at least, if you have nothing nice to say then STFU. They need help and that's why they vent. Making all those rude comment only worsen their situation. At times i just feel if some people have no conscience at all or they just enjoy being bullies and that's part of the reason why people kill themselves because of these bullies.
Health / Re: Why Do I Always Feel Hungry And Purge So Much?? by shestrong(f): 2:24am On Jun 29, 2020
I witness stomach bloating, indigestion, heart burn, umbilica pain and nausea.
Health / Re: Sniper Didn't Work For Me by shestrong(f): 2:23am On Jun 29, 2020
Uhmm, i tried offing myself like two years ago, i consumed sniper rat poison, i just felt unconscious after some time then started throwing up all the poison, had diarrhoea too. I felt very sick and lost appetite for 3 days then i felt better.
Just don't know why it worked so well for others who succesfully used it in killing themselves but didn't work for me. I don't have the balls to do other methods, i would prefer death by fire, burning myself to blazes. you guys won't understand.. What i learnt from this is to learn to love and be content with yourself.. So anyone suffering from depression/suicide, this is not the way out. Seek help from someone really nice. My life is still miserable but at least i learnt to love myself.
your location?
Health / Re: Nhis(national Health Insurance Scheme) by shestrong(f): 2:17am On Jun 29, 2020

NHIS list comes out every quarter (3mnth) that is jan, april, july and oct.
Fresh registration and addition of dependants take 6mnths. So check now.
Thank you.

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Health / Re: Help, My Newborn Has This Skin Problem by shestrong(f): 12:51am On Jun 29, 2020
Dey baff your pikin well.. Afonja mama undecided

Coro fire all the living things wey dey quote meangry
Today is your day to receive loads of insults! how can you be this insensitive/ tribalistic to a new born. Enjoy it while it last.


Health / Re: Help, My Newborn Has This Skin Problem by shestrong(f): 12:48am On Jun 29, 2020
Use sebamed baby soap for your child Its about 3k plus
Health / Re: Help, My Newborn Has This Skin Problem by shestrong(f): 12:34am On Jun 29, 2020

My 2 months old baby was having rashes, but it wasn't that severe and i was advised to buy cacatin, it cleared the rashes in no time
Very good product.
Romance / Re: I Don't Want To Lose My Wife by shestrong(f): 7:50am On Jun 26, 2020

Assuming this story is true. There is no amount of mature advice now that can salvage the union. except he is a man without any kind of self-respect that will take back a cheating wife.

The guy said the truth. And the truth doesn't care about your feelings.

Op should end the union, learn from his mistake and move on.
End the union without facts??
Romance / Re: What Was Your First Weed Experience Like? Come And Share Your Stories by shestrong(f): 12:51am On Jun 26, 2020
My experience was funny I don't smoke my weed but I eat it or put it inside my food .one day I went to buy weed for my vendor the weed was half-dried one that same day I bought this original palm wine I put half of the weed i bought inside the palm wine I was always taking it slowly enjoying it I drank everything finish they called to come and eat na so I eat almost two rounds of beans and corn shame no allow me collect third rounds i no rounds dey okay after then I went inside my room I was pressing my phone next thing my revrything became blank I no see and feel my phone for my hand again I just dropped my phone know say wahala dey happen I climbed my bed say make I sleep na so sleep no gree come I just opened my eyes wide na before I go know wetin wan sup my body and eyes don dey hot like say I dey inside fire I no know wetin I go do that night okay I say make I manage sleep maybe e go stop for were na so the thing dey worse all the veins in my head look like they are cutting by themselves I just dey feel pain for my head .. I won shout make people con rescue me but shame no allow me na small children dey my house I just dey imagine the kind laugh they go laugh me that night na so I just summoned courage to lock my aunt door around 12am say I no dey okay I need garri she was like no be now you just eat beans and corn omo I no gree talk wetin dey do me I just tell her I no dey okay be say she noticed I don jonse I just went straight to kitchen go soak plenty garri carry inside my room I drank garri like mad man my Belle won almost burst I still no dey okay small time I go lie down for bed I go still stand up one voice say make I commot my cloth make I run away na so I start dey cry say I don mad I do press up, jogged around the room still yet E no reduced ooo na so I start pray say make I no mad o con dey beg God say if he fit help now I say I will serve him forever na the pray I dey I no wen I slept off .. I no wish make I experience that kind thing again
I had a good laugh.


Family / Re: Careless Parents: Teach and Train your Children. by shestrong(f): 5:39pm On Jun 25, 2020
na this kind thing you dey like cheesy

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