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Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by SmellingAnus(m): 8:17pm On Mar 04
some girls too dey, dey greedy with all their things, money tohtoh too sef!
hahhahaha me no want girls wey dey selfish/greedy with all her things o cheesy cheesy but na true you talk
Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by SmellingAnus(m): 4:48pm On Mar 04
beta they break up abi break down sef!
hahahhaha... Since them never marry e better but then fit regret am too sha... No where dey perfect...
Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by SmellingAnus(m): 4:37pm On Mar 04
is this relationship do or die affair? or wat is involved dat he is not telling us
my first comment on this page was for the person that started this thread... This other comment you saw and quoted is for a married guy and his wife...

It looks like the two persons involved in this matter/thread has already broken up judging from the comments of the girlfriend...
Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by SmellingAnus(m): 4:06pm On Mar 04

This comment is the best so far
My wife and I had/having much greater fights and I don't think I can trade her for the whole world
exactly my point...That you guys fight doesn't mean both of you don't know how valuable you are to each other... Hence it's very possible both of you are not willing to let go of each other no matter what ...

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Experienced Love And First Sight? Share Your Story by SmellingAnus(m): 4:03pm On Mar 04
I was on a bus to Enugu to meet a guy my cousin have arranged for me to marry, so on the bus a guy tall, handsome and well built was seating next to me. I saw how he made sure he sate next to me. Along the line we started talk onlike me that don't talk much I saw my self telling him everything about me where I was going and all that. We exchange numbers but he said he will call me the next day to know how it went since I will be spending a night there. But I ending up coming back that same day cos the marriage will not work base on he has married before with kids.
But form the day I saw this guy on the bus all I could think of was him. He called as promised and we started what I will call a wonderful relationship. We can't do without each other we became best friend, I feel so free and secured when am round him.
Well he got a job and relocated to another state which is very far from our state we could only see when he is around cos my mum wouldn't all me out of the house. We only talk on phone. Dou it was good cos he made sure he told me where and what he is doing all the time.
But distance took away my best friend cos one night he called crying on the phone when I asked what the problem he said someone is pregnant for him. To cut the story he ended up marring her.
Am married to one of the best man in the world and we are living happily and I have never set my eyes on my love at first sight friend. after my marriage I followed my husband to where he resides and ended every communication with him even Dou I have his number on my phone.
One day his number called me I didn't pick at first I went to my phone call log to see if I mistakenly called him but no. He called again and I pick up he said is me, I asked how he got my number he said he went to my house my mum gave him the number.
He still goes to my house to see my mum and buy things for her when ever he is around. He said he feels at home when ever he is there. I never introduced him to my mum but he told her he is my friend.
Wow... This life no balance... Sometimes life has a way of keeping certain persons we love far away from us till we have lost that person to another person...

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Family / Re: I Broke Up With Her by SmellingAnus(m): 3:39pm On Mar 04

This is the lady in question have commented already look through in the thread
Having read what both of you wrote... Both of you don't deserve each other... You need a better man and he too needs a better woman... But another part of me still wished you guys settle cos there is no guarantee the next person will be better... But your guy try sha... You mean say since una dey date him never taste you... Few Nigerian men are that foolish , more reason you should just remain with the guy.... Nobody is perfect... Love is about two intelligent persons willing to be foolish to each other...

CC: bwambasolomon

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Business / Re: Phase 1 - Machiavellian Tactics (Life Lessons You Must Know) by SmellingAnus(m): 2:47pm On Mar 04
The fewer words you need to explain, the likelier you are believed.

The more words you use, the less they’ll like what you say.

Misdirection: if they say a lot of words without communicating a bottom line, they’re deceiving you.
True... Like V said in mafia manager... IF YOU MUST LIE, BE BRIEF...

Keep up the good work here... The first time I read the book Mafia Manger, I realized I was reading about myself ... In all, everyone must know how to add and minus some of these words you have written to be more effective in our current realities...


Romance / Re: It Is Better To Be Dating Who You Love Than To Marry Who You Don't Love. by SmellingAnus(m): 4:04pm On Feb 28
but true love cannot be influenced.
When your so called true love is tested , only then you will realize that LOVE ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH
Romance / Re: Don't Mercy For Any Lady In Her 30 To 40 Unmarried by SmellingAnus(m): 11:03am On Feb 24
Lol...make I comment my reserve grin lipsrsealed
Celebrities / Re: Kiddwaya And Davido Play Football Together (Photo) by SmellingAnus(m): 10:48am On Feb 22
clear road for that man wey dey play seven, I hope you Dey defend with your four and your one Dey intact
Travel / Re: Military Aircraft, King Air 350 Crashes In Abuja, 6 Passengers Feared Dead by SmellingAnus(m): 2:24pm On Feb 21
We Live to Die. Adieu

I almost thought you wrote " To Live and Die in La".... grin it's a song by Tupac Shakur...
Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill Marries Rosy Meurer As His New Wife by SmellingAnus(m): 5:02pm On Feb 15
is a man's world after all
hahahah true babe...
Celebrities / Re: Olakunle Churchill Marries Rosy Meurer As His New Wife by SmellingAnus(m): 2:20pm On Feb 15
Tonto wasn't mad after all


Romance / Re: Are Guys Really Scared Of Dating Ladies That Attend White Garment Churches?? by SmellingAnus(m): 9:26pm On Feb 14

Happy new year. So long
first time I am seeing your comment for almost a year or more now... Good to know you are okay... Are you back to Naija?
Romance / Re: Are Guys Really Scared Of Dating Ladies That Attend White Garment Churches?? by SmellingAnus(m): 6:37pm On Feb 14
Girls too. It’s not gender specific undecided
Happy New year
Romance / Re: If Only Men Discover That All Cunts Are The Same Then They Won't Cheat. by SmellingAnus(m): 6:35am On Feb 14
Where you got it wrong is when you said all cunts are the same... They are never the same... Some are wet, very wet and others dry or even very dry.... Some are definitely sweeter than others...

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Romance / Re: After Getting Her Pregnant, My Friend's Married Boyfriend Ask Her To Abort by SmellingAnus(m): 6:19pm On Feb 10

I just find it weird that within two months, she had decided that he was worth getting pregnant for and settling down with. She didn't even ask him if he wanted to have a family with her.
spot on bro. ...it's also possible she would have dumped a more genuine guy for this other guy....


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Of 4 Months Just Broke Up With Me by SmellingAnus(m): 6:15pm On Feb 10
It's part of development.... The only problem is when you don't learn from it... Let me help you with some words that will be useful to you in the future... Read the below diary



Romance / Re: Man Exposes Lady Cheating On Her Boyfriend In Calabar (photos) by SmellingAnus(m): 6:12pm On Feb 10
Lol... Na who dey still expect faithfulness for this 21st century... Your head no correct .. .

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Romance / Re: After Getting Her Pregnant, My Friend's Married Boyfriend Ask Her To Abort by SmellingAnus(m): 6:07pm On Feb 10
Sometimes it's the price being paid for gold digging... Like I said sometimes... grin

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Romance / Re: Share Your First Experiences Wooing Your Crush by SmellingAnus(m): 6:04pm On Feb 10
Hmm. Mine was somehow funny. In my school then, I don't have time for lovey lovey stuff becos i was so engrossed with my studies. There is this girl i had a crush on. She's somehow religious. I never had the boldness to tell her till i left secondary school. My male cousin knew her nd i think they stay close to their area. When i came to visit my cousin one day i told him my challenges. He told to confront her nd as we were talking look at her in the compound. She said she came to collect something. I ask her if we can talk, she said ok. I started telling her i love her nd i have been looking for a way to tell her. After my sermon, this girl ask me what is love? I told her. She told me she is not interested that i should look for someone else. I was so ashamed of myself nd i told my cousin. I moved on with my life, gained education into tertiary institution in eastern part of the country. I still met thesame girl running for her 2 years diploma but she lied that she gained admission through JAMB. I gave her my number and she started calling, forming caring attitude but i wasn't interested. When she saw i was not interested, she stopped calling. I later met a girl (now my wife) who came to visit her female friend in my lodge. I was later told that she will stay for one month because of exam. It was as if we knew ourselves, she was so free with me likewise her. After two months i told her nd she agreed and the rest is history. But guess what that? That secondary school crush keep on sending me messages on facebook and wataspp". Hello, how are u doing bla bla not minding I'm married. She is on facebook/wataspp everyday posting pictures here and there. She's now a religious slay queen
Unfortunately , it looks like some girls are destined to be side chicks to married men... As it stands now, that girl will be willing to be a side chick despite rejecting you back then... Inside life...
Romance / Re: Share Your First Experiences Wooing Your Crush by SmellingAnus(m): 5:59pm On Feb 10
I'm very poor at handling rejection, so that scares me from making the first move. If I don't see green light, I no dey pass my boundary
work o. Your mind... I have been rejected and I have also rejected... That is life for you... There are people that will reject you even at work and sometimes even in your family... Get use to it as part of life and don't let rejection stop you.... Infact see it this way.... It's better you try and get rejected than not try and imagine what would have happened if you tried... Over the years I have learnt to handle rejection very well... Of it's not working, we move...

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Romance / Re: Share Your First Experiences Wooing Your Crush by SmellingAnus(m): 5:44pm On Feb 10
Give me the orientation abeg, I need em
it's simple and straight to the point...

Orientation +++++ Women no get horn or two heads... In other words.. make you no fear woman...

The highest thing woman go tell you na "No"... she no go beat you for asking her out...
Also try to show confidence even though you need to fake am... Look into their eyes and talk to them
If one woman no gree , you go meet the one wey go gree

Till date when I tell women say I be extreme introvert , them no dey believe me... Although going to university also later help me more too... But I still remain an introvert with wisdom... I know when to withdraw... I use to be very shy but as at now shyness don deminish... Another thing you go need to work on na your self esteem...

I no forget the above words because him personally call me to him room to give me those orientation... I owe the guy for such words cos e later play a big part for my life... The words fit no mean much to you now but in the future you go appreciate m like I still dey appreciate am now....

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Romance / Re: Share Your First Experiences Wooing Your Crush by SmellingAnus(m): 5:05pm On Feb 10
Lol.... Me sef na introvert... I no been sabi woo so na the girls dey woo me until I receive one orientation when I dey Jss2 from my school father senior brother... It took me few years for it to start manifesting... Later na me come bad pass because no kind girl wey I no fit talk to.... I remember one day my former Boss and me dey one hotel restaurant dey eat... We come see one fine babe wey be say even a married man there begin chase the babe as him wife leave the place briefly... So my Boss tell me say I no go fit talk to her... I laugh... The thing go like a bet.... I just go wait for outside for the chick to come out .. as she come out I don drop lyrics for her them tell her make we go siddon for the pool bar... As we dey there I call my boss to come say I dey with the chick... As him come na so I do introduction then allow them to flow cos I know say my boss like the chick... My Boss respect me more... Lol...
Nairaland / General / Re: Late Nipsey Husssle’s Wife Reportedly Pregnant by SmellingAnus(m): 3:36pm On Feb 10
Inside life
Politics / Re: Posters Ordering Herdsmen To Vacate Surface In Eleme, Rivers And South East by SmellingAnus(m): 9:41am On Feb 08
Ok just like credit for repairing of Lagos Ibadan express way, Second mainland bridge and numerous housing estate should go to Fashola.
Politics / Re: Posters Ordering Herdsmen To Vacate Surface In Eleme, Rivers And South East by SmellingAnus(m): 9:34am On Feb 08
And am just saying Osibanjo being an elected official in this administration deserves the credit.

After all people blame him for the Lekki shootings and he isn't the Army Chief too.
He deserves some credit even though we know that he is not in charge of the Ministry. but the Ultimate credit goes to Ameachi and Bihari... Ameachi is a performer, he is the best Minister in this Government... One of the few good things/persons of this Government...
Politics / Re: Posters Ordering Herdsmen To Vacate Surface In Eleme, Rivers And South East by SmellingAnus(m): 9:28am On Feb 08
Amechi achievements?

Was Amechi elected?

Did he also build the Lagos Ibadan express way.
I am not against Osibanjo, all I am saying is that you shouldn't give someone else's credit to him because you want to defend him
Politics / Re: Posters Ordering Herdsmen To Vacate Surface In Eleme, Rivers And South East by SmellingAnus(m): 9:02am On Feb 08
Osibanjo achievements

Lagos Ibadan rail way project completed

Lagos Ibadan express way about to be completely redone.

Second mainland bridge redone.

Lol... Don't attribute Ameachi's achievement to Osibanjo... It's Ameachi's achievement ...

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Crime / Re: Video Of Pastor Shaving Pubic Hair Of Female Church Members Surfaces Online by SmellingAnus(m): 8:12am On Feb 05
He is not a pastor but a Ghanian comedian that acts scenes that will make people start attacking pastors etc...


Romance / Re: DNA: My Saddest Ever Day In Court - Kenneth Ikonne by SmellingAnus(m): 11:30am On Feb 04
What a sad story.... A huge lesson for us all...

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