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Politics / Re: Deltans, Edo Will Form A United Kingdom With Oduduwa If Nigeria Breaks Up. by SmellingAnus(m): 5:34pm On Jun 03

lol,..i repeat there is nothing like south south stop behaving fulanis hiding under north and hausa,we have tribes in ss and ss is not a tribe,how dare you speak for delta we have igbos there,okonjo iweale is igbo from delta,you people are not getting the memo,we dont need you anymore,you never supported biafra in 1967 instead you ijaws supported fulanis,so we know,ss didnt betray biafra some tribes in ss did
Politics / Re: Deltans, Edo Will Form A United Kingdom With Oduduwa If Nigeria Breaks Up. by SmellingAnus(m): 5:26pm On Jun 03

there is nothing like south south stop this scam,you have tribes and itsekiri wont allow ijaw lord over him so ask for ijaw republic and the rest can decide dont speak for other tribes in south south,ok

Currently there is something like South South... except you don't live in Nigeria.... Secondly from the comments above, you will realize that most people from the South South don't want to be part of any thing Biafra... The earlier Biafra focus on only the South Eastern States the earlier they will achieve it... Edo and Delta will rather be alone among themselves or with other South South States than to be part of Biafra... People are wiser now... Although I wish Biafra good luck... But they should focus on their states and how to build alliance with other regions in the South...

Unfortunately, you guys will not listen... I am not a fan of Wike, But I think his body language and speech should make you guys have a rethink about wanting to force South South to be part of Biafra cos it will never happen
Politics / Re: Deltans, Edo Will Form A United Kingdom With Oduduwa If Nigeria Breaks Up. by SmellingAnus(m): 2:55pm On Jun 03
Na wao. If the sw, se and ss eventually fights against the hausa/fulani force and peradventure wins the battle, the ss will be the next bone of contention. The se might want to annex the ss while the sw might want to support and take some part of the ss. Except there's a strong agreement before battle between the sw and se that no one touches the ss, but i don't think that might be possible.
Lol... And you think the South South will be foolish enough to join either Oduduwa or Biafra... Note: I have nothing against these two ( Oduduwa and Biafra)

I wish Biafra will understand that the people of South South actually sympathize with them... Infact many of us have ties with Igbos... But they should get it clear.... South-South will rather stay alone as Niger Delta Republic... Than to foolishly join Biafra or Oduduwa and suffer the same Fate the Igbos suffered in Nigeria... Although it's better for Nigeria to be One but it's better for the country to split than go into another Civil War....

I wrote this thread below in 2017

Nairaland / General / Re: How Did You Come About Your Nairaland Moniker? by SmellingAnus(m): 1:04pm On Jun 03
One thing I have come to realize is; when a Nairalander intends to sign up their very first account, the individual uses his name, nickname or something sensible and meaningful. But when they deactivate to start another account. You would be seeing funny monikers like:

Mad cow
Ileke idi

And many more funny monikers.

Majority of people who come up with these bizarre names are guys and if want to see more, take a scroll to the Olosho thread. Funny new monikers always gets created to either troll or disguise.

Lol...I am just seeing this cos you misspelt my moniker
Politics / Re: At Least Five Countries Will Come Into Existence If Nigeria Is Divided by SmellingAnus(m): 1:22pm On May 25
I created this topic on my birthday in 2017... I still stand by everything I wrote here...

Politics / Re: We Support The Breakaway Of Biafra But We Will Never Be Part Of Biafra. by SmellingAnus(m): 1:14pm On May 25

To be sincere eeh, this your republic of Niger Delta will be worse than present day Nigeria courtesy to your diversity
Is it better that Niger Delta should be part of Biafra?
Celebrities / Re: Aloma: I Was Offered N100m To Say That Davido Killed Tagbo (Video) by SmellingAnus(m): 4:45pm On May 20
Nothing is impossible in Naija...


Family / Re: My Daughter Is Growing So Fast - Pics by SmellingAnus(m): 3:30pm On May 14
Nice... No need for dna... Congratulations bro on being a good father...
Politics / Re: Fulani People Brainwashed To Think All Of Nigeria Belongs To Them—Prof Akintoye by SmellingAnus(m): 4:09pm On May 13
Hmmnnn very expository...
Politics / Re: Anonymous Expose A Plot To Assassinate Samuel Ortom by SmellingAnus(m): 1:09pm On May 04
I was here
Romance / Re: My Fianceé Has Very Hot Temper, Please Advise Me. by SmellingAnus(m): 4:38pm On Apr 28

What happens to the kids?
The advice is for the Op... He is not yet married to the girl ... I am only asking him to learn from the guy I quoted who is already going through wrath of a hot tempered wife...
Romance / Re: My Fianceé Has Very Hot Temper, Please Advise Me. by SmellingAnus(m): 2:56am On Apr 28
My wife is hot tempered, I must confess that it has really drained me, it took years for her to know the damage she was doing to us by her temper.
Simple family discussion can lead to serious quarrel. It got so bad I started reacting to her madness when it starts and this led to me smashing her phone and she retaliated, when the dust settles she will apologize but for days me that is a very gentle person will feel awkward that neighbours heard us exchanging words, imagine the emotional torture and feeling of embarrassment.

I tried to end the marriage but kids were already involved, I ignored her hot temper during our courtship thinking it was something I can always handle.

A hot tempered woman would get you emotional drained at a period you need a shoulder to lean on when you get home.
Very soon she will clash with your female relatives if they visit your house or try to call her to order if they find her talking back at you.
It's in your hands to decide what you want, no be we go advice you I am just sharing my personal experience.
jiksman3 : A wise man once said...
Them no dey use sweetness of woman toto to take marry her...

I know say her toto dey make you , you no dey reason well, but leave that relationship now cos I can assure you that there is very high chance of you regretting it... Just take this advice above... I can bet you that the person above is still suffering from the effects of hot tempered wife till date... e get why...


Romance / Re: What Is Your Experience Checking Your Partner's Phone? by SmellingAnus(m): 9:33pm On Apr 26

Yes, the trust is there gidigba. I can always ask him for it and he will give me, but I choose not to. Let the heavy passwords remain
Anyway, as long as it has been working well for you, congratulations dear... keep to it...

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Romance / Re: What Is Your Experience Checking Your Partner's Phone? by SmellingAnus(m): 5:26pm On Apr 26

Fear women
I already know them���� like I talk before... even the woman I go marry, I no go expect her to dey faithful to me... lol

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Romance / Re: What Is Your Experience Checking Your Partner's Phone? by SmellingAnus(m): 5:11pm On Apr 26

I never believed anything can break my heart until I saw her chat with another guy....guess what....na me on hotspots for her....guess again...na my phone she the take snap send give them....hmmm....another guess, the hair she made before taking the pix....na me giver her money....na my bed she dey take the pix....... embarassed embarassed

I no wan go back memory lane....let me end there so far
You mean she use your phone take snap nudes for your bed take send to another man? Lol
Romance / Re: What Is Your Experience Checking Your Partner's Phone? by SmellingAnus(m): 4:31pm On Apr 26
No experience. His phone is heavily passworded and I can't be bothered about checking because the trust is there.
Is this is a joke or what? heavily passworded but the trust is still there?
Politics / Re: Dorathy Yohanna: Greenfield University Student Killed By Kidnappers In Kaduna by SmellingAnus(m): 11:04pm On Apr 23
which way Nigeria

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Celebrities / Re: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Ada Jesus by SmellingAnus(m): 12:32am On Apr 22
which the Mum refused and was yelling on social media for him to send his account so she can transfer his money back. I don't do spiritual stuffs, But may what killed her, if not of GOD, go same way!
you are wise...

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Celebrities / Re: Comedian Mercy Ada Jesus Is Dead by SmellingAnus(m): 10:17pm On Apr 21
[quote author=Josywhyte post=100991461][/quote] no doubt it's a mystery... personally wether the man is fake or real... it's good for people to mind their business especially when it has to do with people like that... it will not be nice to learn it the hard way....
Celebrities / Re: Comedian Mercy Ada Jesus Is Dead by SmellingAnus(m): 1:59pm On Apr 21
Dead? After receiving N1m from Odumeje?
You mean the same money her mother openly rejected... That news was even on Nairaland frontpage ...

TV/Movies / Re: If A Movie Was To Be Made About Your Life, What Would The Title Be? by SmellingAnus(m): 9:11am On Apr 16
The Last Don...

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Politics / Re: I Support Terrorist Groups Like Taliban, Al-qaeda, Not Boko Haram— Isa Pantami by SmellingAnus(m): 9:09am On Apr 16

How do I remove my comment undecided
Politics / Re: I Support Terrorist Groups Like Taliban, Al-qaeda, Not Boko Haram— Isa Pantami by SmellingAnus(m): 9:01am On Apr 16
I wanted to say something but I just remembered I have done my sim registration...
Religion / Re: CCC..... Celestial Church Of Christ (oil And Soap Bath) by SmellingAnus(m): 2:21am On Apr 13
I once created a thread that made front page about my views as a former member of Celestial Church... just go through the thread below...

Romance / Re: Can You Date A White Garment Church Yoruba Girl/boy? by SmellingAnus(m): 8:37am On Apr 12
Omo cele le mi ooo and proud to be one......I can never and will never light a candle on anyone, If u hurt mi I will report u to my creator ni shikena and I think everybody does dat smiley
Romance / Re: She Desperately Got Pregnant by SmellingAnus(m): 4:53pm On Apr 10

She ain't smart. She's foolish. Pregnancy doesn't keep a man. Having kid for man doesn't keep him either, irrespective of his social and financial status.
Lol..who told you it's compulsory for the man to get married to her... She is smart because there are many women above 35 that are single and desire to be pregnant out of wedlock so that they don't get to menopause without having a child. .. you will not understand this if you are very young or your are not close to women that are 40 years and above with no kids of their own and they are single...
Romance / Re: What Will You Do If You Proposed To Your Girlfriend And She Rejects? by SmellingAnus(m): 4:34am On Apr 10
If you know your worth, she will even be the one to be reminding you and asking you when you will come and see her people and pay her bride price...

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Politics / Re: Mele Kyari: NNPC To Construct Africa's Largest Gas-Powered Plant In Maiduguri by SmellingAnus(m): 2:51am On Apr 10
Them just dey use us catch cruise for this country

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Family / Re: My Friend's Wife Allows Their Kids See Her Nudity. by SmellingAnus(m): 12:14am On Apr 10
although I wasn't rased this way but I have come to understand that different families have different ways of raising their kids ... I know a family where even the aunt can walk naked infront of her small nephew and it was normal to them ... even the mother of the small boy doesn't see it as a big deal... I Have also had another ex that bathes with her only son... I was surprised when I saw it myself... I didnt try to discourage her cos her background and motive for doing that may be very pure... while I on the hand don't even feel comfortable being naked infront of my fellow guys... I prefer to be naked infront of any woman I am dating than to be naked infront of my male cousins... Lol...
Romance / Re: She Desperately Got Pregnant by SmellingAnus(m): 11:59pm On Apr 09
Good day all,
I'm in a terrible state of dilemma right now and please I need your advice.
This girl and I have been dating for almost 2 years now, we were working together in thesame office here in Abuja, and later she quits the job and started working with a media company which also she has quitted few months ago.
She's in her late 30s and I'm in my 32, she so much loves me more than I do toward her, she has sacrificed a lot to our relationship to make it work financially and otherwise.
For three occasions she has continually brought up the issue of marriage, the truth is that, I love her, and she's a good person, a God fearing woman, but I'm not ready for such responsibility now, I don't have good job, she doesn't work, my family is not financially buoyant neither do hers. I tried to explain severally to her of my situations but still she believes things will fall in place once we get married. Surprisedly about a week ago, she told me she's pregnant... I was a minute lifeless when she said that, I thought she was playing a prank on me until I saw the result. I've convinced her with several actions for her not to keep the baby yet she's insisting. I can't watch my unborn child go through these agony, I wanted a better life for my children. Now she has told some of her families about the pregnancy, she has moved over to my house, threatening wether I like it or not l, that she is going to give birth to the baby in my house. These whole thing is ruining my life, I can't just watch this drama happening. Please your advise is needed...
She knows you may abandon her 30years old mercilessly well fvcked pussy so it's better for she to act smarter than you... I wish some girls can be as smart as your your girlfriend... Time is no longer on her side... she did what's best for her future...


Nairaland / General / Re: NL RIDDLE!! What Belongs To You But Your Friends Use More? by SmellingAnus(m): 9:30am On Apr 08
My name
Romance / Re: Can You Allow Your MAN/WOMAN To Go On A Date With Bestie Like This? (pictures) by SmellingAnus(m): 3:38pm On Apr 07
Me I really don't think it's a bad idea allowing your lady go out on a date with her guy friend cause I one did allow my girl to go out on a date with a guy and after which she comes back home ........ I fuvkdd the he'll out of her same night.
was it more like a turn on for you that you had to fvck the hell out of her

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