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Celebrities / Re: Bbn Nengi Bares All, Shows Her Fresh Laps by SmellingAnus(m): 12:04pm On Jan 16
This go sweet for anal sex sha
grin grin grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Send A Shoutout To Nairalanders That Made You Smile This Year by SmellingAnus(m): 11:28pm On Jan 01
Shout out to you guys... You guys really made 2020 fantastic for me. Some of you here can be pain in the ass at times but i couldn't help it following you guys because of the values you guys give out daily here on nairaland, through your comments.

Keep being you!!! These are the realest people on Nairaland... I learn daily from you guys & y'all always put smile on my face everytime i log on.

Romanoff, MJBOLT, naptu2, purples25, LadyTianna, Marvieduke, adg98, sweetmelanin, 9jatriot, Rosskivvy, thebosstrevor1, NGpatriot, Bonjovi13, Chiquitq, BitterSoul, makanma, TecM0, crackhaus, Oizee, lilyheaven, Psych412, dederocs, Navar, Magnoliaa, JoeEeL, obowunmi, LordKO, TheRedpillguy, emmaodet, Dpsychologist, GLYCOLYSISS, Yoighaman, Priscyized, layla129, blinking001, ibkonekt, Randy100, Fisher007, HolyCaligula(m), Regex, Drfinn, hfinest1, PerfectMatchNG, Pascopele, Leezah, donstan18, MrBrownJay1, acidtalk, LabuleofNigeria, Wolgrace, eezeribe, Newboss, nuggarito, Shugavee, Biglittlelois, swaggzo, Oluromantic, czarr, Zabiboy, WORDWORLD, purpinkx, Blackmoran, AussiePlayboy, Explorers, CaveAdullam, Factfinder1, ekaF, pansophist, bodybuilder, crackkhaus, bukatyne, 24kmagic, izzou, Fuadeiza, Omar09, BossDante, NwaAmaikpe, JONNYSPUTE, ColonelEmeka, TonyeBarcanista, SmellingAnus, Martinez79, Martinez39, ikp120, FROGMAN10, NiRfreak, deebrain, ThierryJay, Belafonte,, ubunja, Quinolone, Donshaga, Mynd44, tosyne2much, lalasticlala, Toks2008, olaboy33, Mzflexydeeva, Seun, CharlesNneji1
thanks n happy new year ..
Romance / Re: Two Mates Fall For Same Woman On Holiday And Both Decide To Date Her (Photos) by SmellingAnus(m): 8:30pm On Dec 31, 2020
She will still cheat on them grin

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: GALLANTCREATIVE PROFESSIONAL DESIGNS by SmellingAnus(m): 9:28pm On Dec 26, 2020
Bigsecret I stumbled on your diary tonight n found it interesting.. irony of everything Is that two things u are insecure about are two things I like.... I dont mind knowing u offline...
Family / Re: I Am Angry. My Wife Did Not Inform Me That Her Siblings Were Coming Over by SmellingAnus(m): 9:11am On Dec 24, 2020
Please accept my condolences grin


Romance / Re: I Sucked My Wife's Butthole And It Felt Great! by SmellingAnus(m): 3:57pm On Dec 18, 2020
guy I don miss u tire here o!
me too dear.. Is just that I no too dey available now
Romance / Re: I Sucked My Wife's Butthole And It Felt Great! by SmellingAnus(m): 2:48pm On Dec 18, 2020
grin grin grin
Family / Re: I Married Into The Wrong Family.. (true Story) by SmellingAnus(m): 3:38pm On Nov 25, 2020

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Romance / Re: When Did You Decide That The Relationship Was Over? by SmellingAnus(m): 7:35am On Nov 11, 2020

This girl is like a NEPA switch. She's selfish and doesn't reason with ration. Can you imagine, you will be talking to someone and she will be happy, the next minute you call her, she's her mood has become low and it now looks as if you're forcing her.

I would call her for at least 30 mins trying to cheer her up and I will be met with disdain. If small thing should happen, her mood will just change, no joke can take it out.... The next day, she's still like that.

Sometimes, she'll reply me like I'm her worst enemy. To make it worse, she'll say she has nothing to say after I might have talked and talked.

It sounds like nothing, but this has been going on for a very long time, as if someone is forcing her in the relationship. To make it worse, she'll sometimes act like she's madly in love.

I keep telling her mood is like weather and she should please try and just reduce it. I later stopped calling her like before because, I don't know they what mood I'll meet if I called.

So many times, I'll talk to her for like one hour about the things she's doing that's bad. I keep telling her the same thing for a very long time now, thinking communication is key.

Something happened yesternight, she ended the call. I called her back trying to tease her back into the mood. For like 30 seconds, I was doing hello, hello, I almost thought it was the network when I was about hanging up she said she can hear me.... Okay, fine. She later then told me there's nothing to say again... Damn, she keeps saying this many times and it has started to make my head spark.

I was angry all through yesterday for personal reasons, but people can never know because I don't show it and I talk normally. Despite my state yesterday, I kept my cool after she said there's nothing to say and just told her good night but I was angry deep down.

I called her this morning (yesterday morning, it's 1:16AM currently), she didn't pick. But I didn't call a second time, because my head was just ringing 'I have nothing to say.' I don't want to be a fool again to call her and I'll be taking to empty space. So I lefty phone in my room and stayed in the sitting room all day and she already left 2 missed later.

I came back this night, called her severally and it was just doing busy. I messaged her online (luckily she was online) about the matter and immediately I tried again and it went through. Thinking now, it may be that she blocked me.

Anyways in short, she was mute at first again when she picked. Later the matter escalated and she was saying that I didn't call back. I was trying to explain why I didn't call but she was not listening... I later waited till she calmed down.

I was telling her I didn't call because I didn't want embarrassment whereby I'll be talking to her and she'll just be mute as if I'm talking to the wind. I told her I knew not calling her was wrong but she didn't listen, I told her this about 4 times.

As she was later calm, I saw it as an opportunity to explain to her that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I was telling her that I don't do 1/3 of what she does and I don't often turn things against her. In the beginning of the relationship, she used to be unhappy and complain a lot when the chance comes of how I don't listen or pay attention to her I'm summary.

Now, she's got attention and she acts so bad sometimes that I wonder if any man will actually stand that. She's done so many terrible things that I cannot even mention it here but I am a forgiving type.

So, this night will I was later telling her everything about herself again that is not good for us, I talked for over 1 hour and I actually thought maybe for the first time I was really getting to her. I was even happy that maybe she'll realize that she herself cannot stand what she does to me if it's done back to her in return. I also told her that I should have called her earlier in the day.

You won't believe this girl made me realize I was wasting my saliva and she just kept quiet on purpose, and that the only thing I was doing was turning the matter on her head, and that she was going to sleep. I couldn't believe my life at first, it really pained me deeply. She was even even telling me how I can keep on blabbing if I want. I told her to get out of my phone and I hung up. I didn't even know I could become so angry and hang up a phone on someone, it just happened spontaneously. Immediately, she blocked me on WhatsApp... She had even been saying it during the course of her ranting that she'll block me.

She used to say, she's stubborn and stuff. The funny thing is she'd say that's the way she is and I should accept her that way.

Like, she can't take what she's doing to me if it's served back to her. And how she doesn't even feel guilty of what she does is what baffles me.

Very selfish human being. Another annoying thing is her Motigbo and Ok when she's chatting. This girl will say anything she likes (not that she uses insultive words tho) and I'll just keep my cool and let it slide, I will even call her the next day.

Damn... I didn't know I can be this patient in my life. Although, I guess the reason I stayed this long in it is because she's a really good person who I believe if she can just eliminate that aspect of her, she'd be very okay.

I use 2 be a fool like you...

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Politics / Re: Politics Is A Chess Game.. by SmellingAnus(m): 2:04pm On Nov 05, 2020

I don't know why I got banned by the antispam bot in the family section . . . . But don't run away, we will continue the conversation when my ban expires!
oh my sympathy... But I will be waiting for you... Las Las we either end as friends or strangers that we are...
Family / Re: Married Women Come Here by SmellingAnus(m): 10:47am On Nov 05, 2020

What has that got to do with anything?
it's easier to answer No than than the question you asked... Obviously you have... Just to prove to some persons that a man can be so nice and gives his wife everything she wants yet she can still cheat on him...

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Family / Re: Married Women Come Here by SmellingAnus(m): 1:49pm On Nov 04, 2020

So what are the things he does . . .

1. He gives me ANYTHING I ask. I know you'll think this is impossible, but my husband is the type of person that will use his last card to buy me an iPhone, just because I asked. He can never say no to me, he just can't. No matter how unreasonable the request, he just won't be able to say no. Even when we are quarelling and not talking, I would send him a message on WhatApp just to avoid talking to him . . . "I need to go to the salon, come and drop me off", he would still do it. I can't tell you the kind of confidence that gives me.

2. I am always right . . . Even when I'm wrong he still supports me. Whenever I complain about anyone to him, he automatically hates the person. It doesn't matter what happened, if you make me unhappy you become his enemy.

3. He supports me . . . Whatever I need to get to that next level, he provides. He doesn't get threatened, instead he pushes me to reach for the top. He thinks I'm the best, most intelligent and most gifted person on earth. I wish I could see myself through his eyes.

4. He lets me get away with almost anything. I can do almost anything and get away with it. To him I can do no wrong.

Let me stop here sha. . . .

have you ever cheated on him? I mean have you at least flirted with another guy before
Politics / Re: Politics Is A Chess Game.. by SmellingAnus(m): 4:09pm On Oct 28, 2020

I did not mention names but I get your point

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Politics / Re: Politics Is A Chess Game.. by SmellingAnus(m): 3:50pm On Oct 28, 2020

Nah Sir!
The Queen is in Power. The King is just a figurehead, only has Power in specific territory.
it's either you don't understand Chess or your analogy is wrong...

Let me help you...
king - Bubu
Queen - Jagaban
Rook - Burutai
Pawn - Sanwo...

In a game of Chess sometimes the Queen is sacrificed to protect the king from mates...


Politics / Re: Politics Is A Chess Game.. by SmellingAnus(m): 1:54pm On Oct 28, 2020
Sometimes even the queen is sacrificed in order to protect the king...

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Romance / Re: Any Ijaw And Bayelsan In Here? by SmellingAnus(m): 1:18pm On Oct 28, 2020
I'm from Twon || Nembe all in Bayelsa
Yabi Nuwa o
Romance / Re: Hav U Fvk A Girl Tru Her Azz Before ? Share Ur Experience by SmellingAnus(m): 8:55pm On Oct 26, 2020
Jokes Etc / Re: The X-Family┬░┬░ IAAPMOO's chat room. by SmellingAnus(m): 1:11pm On Oct 25, 2020
It was just funny.
The bet has finished nah.
I noticed you are new on nairaland and you are already following me... We're you seeing my comments as a guest? Lol... If yes which of them do you like? I am just surprised a new person will be following me that has a weird nairaland name... Lol


Romance / Re: How I Was Sexually Assaulted Last Night by SmellingAnus(m): 7:25pm On Oct 22, 2020
Op sorry for your ordeal... Too many sex starved women roaming about...
Celebrities / Re: Nengi: Why I Allowed Laycon To Rock Me & Ignored Ozo by SmellingAnus(m): 11:55am On Oct 21, 2020
if you notice they was a time in the lockdown house when ozo ignored(when notice people are calling him tony umez) nengi became angry and the yeye ozo went back to beg her.
exactly... Ozo is just naive and with low self esteem if not that girl would have been begging for his attention...

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Celebrities / Re: Nengi: Why I Allowed Laycon To Rock Me & Ignored Ozo by SmellingAnus(m): 11:06am On Oct 21, 2020
she owns the ass doesn't give the right to punish ozo, well i blame ozo if i were him i would just move on life goes; afterall nengi isnt the only bursty girl in naija, they'e so many ladies that are madly in love with ozo.
exactly ,he should have moved on... She probably would have begged and even allowed him some access to her body if he had played a bit hard...

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Religion / Re: Spiritual Exposition Into What The Current Nigeria Look Like by SmellingAnus(m): 1:05am On Oct 21, 2020

1974-84 here is an imagery..research on what happened in Nigeria then.

the other part of the post speaks about the current government and the Nigeria we live in even in the 21st century. It was all written in parable. A parable is a mystery that needs interpretation. A king is seated but won't last where he is and then no one will care about the king anymore
Trust me not every mention/comment deserves reply from you or is worth your attention...
Politics / Re: Tompolo Makes First Public Appearance After Six Years by SmellingAnus(m): 6:35pm On Oct 20, 2020

I kept on remembering the name any time I log in here
It has been in my head since today
Smellinganus cheesy cheesy
does the name make you laugh or what exactly
Politics / Re: Tompolo Makes First Public Appearance After Six Years by SmellingAnus(m): 6:26pm On Oct 20, 2020
Smellinganus grin
hahahhahah I guess this is the second time you are mentioning smelling anus... Don't tell me you have a fetish for smelling anus grin just joking...

On a lighter note... Everyone has a smelling anus especially after defecation cheesy

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Romance / Re: If A Girl Approaches You For Marriage, Wats Your,,,.opinion. by SmellingAnus(m): 6:22pm On Oct 20, 2020
Go and marry her joor cheesy cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Tompolo Makes First Public Appearance After Six Years by SmellingAnus(m): 6:20pm On Oct 20, 2020
Okay o
Romance / Re: Pls Help, My Girlfriend's kitten Is Too Wide by SmellingAnus(m): 2:30pm On Oct 20, 2020
vanida6 hope you are not following me about.... I can see you viewing
Romance / Re: Pls Help, My Girlfriend's kitten Is Too Wide by SmellingAnus(m): 2:28pm On Oct 20, 2020

Smellinganus cheesy
Your moniker makes irritates me

But any I like wide pussy niggarr

same here bro... I also like wide pussy...

About the moniker... Focus on the message not the name of the messenger.. Lol...
Romance / Re: Pls Help, My Girlfriend's kitten Is Too Wide by SmellingAnus(m): 2:20pm On Oct 20, 2020
Personally, I love vaginas that are not tight but not too wide.... But I know majority of naija guys want tight vaginas eventhough they contributed heavily in making the vaginas very wide... So who do you want to leave her for after fvcking her like a pornstarrr the way she likes?

On a lighter note... Bros maybe you are destined to end up with a wide vagina...


Music/Radio / Re: #violin #champions League NIGERIAN VIOLINIST Does Amazing Cover Of Ucl Anthem by SmellingAnus(m): 1:16pm On Oct 20, 2020

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