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Romance / Re: Do Not Make The Deep Mistake I Made In Love - True Life Story by SmellingAnus(m): 12:24am On Jun 20, 2020
Some broken hearts never mend..

Some memories never end...

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Family / Re: Married Men Sleeping With Their Wife's Sister Or Maid: Let's Talk About It. by SmellingAnus(m): 4:29pm On Jun 19, 2020
Of all the pussie in this world na ur house girl pussie u fit do
On a lighter note... Is house girl written in her pussy grin
Politics / Re: APC In Disarray As 3 Acting Chairmen Emerge In 3 Hrs by SmellingAnus(m): 11:49am On Jun 18, 2020

You don't need to vacate an Expired Order.
As long as I am aware, there is no court that has said it has expired.
Politics / Re: APC In Disarray As 3 Acting Chairmen Emerge In 3 Hrs by SmellingAnus(m): 11:40am On Jun 18, 2020
There is no disarray anywhere.

Victor Giadom and Rotimi Amaechi have been outsmarted already.

Etta is authentic Acting Chairman.
hahahaha you are so funny... Please remind me again, who is acting directly from APC's National Secretariat?
Politics / Re: APC In Disarray As 3 Acting Chairmen Emerge In 3 Hrs by SmellingAnus(m): 11:35am On Jun 18, 2020
Giadom is hell bent to scatter Apc. How can he go against the wish of 16 Nwc members? He want to run a one man show. The onus of leadership lies on Ajimobi, in his absence the national vice chairman from South south takes charge.
Don't you think the wise thing for those NWC to do is to first vacate the court order that made Giadom the Chairman?

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole: Giadom’s ‘Take Over’ Makes No Sense by SmellingAnus(m): 11:25am On Jun 18, 2020
The cabal has silenced Osinbajo, and now wants Oshiomole out and Tinubu's wings totally clipped. This cartel, with PMB's sinister backing of course, is willing to trade Edo to achieve their 2023 political ambitions - "the northern agenda".

Its just so unfortunate that the northerners always seems to be more tactical and wiser than Southerners in politics.
are you from the South-West?

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Romance / Re: Is She Using Me To Satisfy Her Sexual Needs?? by SmellingAnus(m): 5:02pm On Jun 17, 2020
Marriage these days are overrated... Just get married and serve your God .. but never you think that your wife or husband can never cheat on you...


Crime / Re: “I Stand With Hushpuppi” — Bobrisky by SmellingAnus(m): 5:47pm On Jun 14, 2020
Bob made sense here Sha....

Before his arrest many of you are in his dm, comment section kissing his ass.” “But immediately you heard about his arrest your true self came out. If you don’t like him stand on ur ground.. stop faking love when you see him and then go behind to call him names. To cut d story short be urself and stop acting two face.


Crime / Re: Pregnant Queen Igbinevbo Raped And Murdered In Benin (Video/Photos) by SmellingAnus(m): 1:16pm On Jun 07, 2020
Na who do Naija this thing...

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Romance / Re: Help Ooo. My Girlfriend Of One Week Is Pregnant. by SmellingAnus(m): 12:22pm On Jun 07, 2020
Take my word.... She is not pregnant... But please next time use a condom if you know you cannot stand the heat...
Romance / Re: Why Do Men Like To Apologize At Night? by SmellingAnus(m): 7:38pm On Jun 05, 2020
Bang bang bang... But wise men make the day peaceful so that the night can go on smoothly... While wiser men.... ( Leave this one for me)
Romance / Re: Help! This Girl Is Getting Me Nut!! by SmellingAnus(m): 9:38am On Jun 05, 2020
Just know say na the month of rape we dey... Be careful before your name enter front page as someone who raped his neighbor while she came to visit him...

If she say no respect her feelings o... grin
Romance / Re: How A Girl Raped Me And This Happened by SmellingAnus(m): 4:33pm On Jun 03, 2020
How we want to settle this matter now

The victim said he enjoyed it

Next report pls
that he enjoyed it doesn't mean it's not rape... Some girls even moan and cum while being raped but that doesn't change the fact that they were raped....
Politics / Re: See Throwback Pictures Of Gen. Obasanjo & Founder Of Celestial Church Oshoffa. by SmellingAnus(m): 2:07pm On Jun 01, 2020
Halleluya Meje...
Romance / Re: After Waiting Four (4) Years Only To Find Out She's Not A VIRGIN by SmellingAnus(m): 9:30am On Jun 01, 2020
Personally I am not a fan of virgins but that doesn't mean someone that likes virgins should be deceived into marriage by lying... It's easy for people to say forgive but they forget that the deceit involved in this matter is too big... This marriage is as good as dead on arrival... Who knows if it was when the guy was saving the pussy for marriage that one of those red pills guys fvcked her like a pornstarrrr,..

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Health / Re: Coronavirus Daily Live Updates by SmellingAnus(m): 11:26pm On May 27, 2020
World markets are currently being destroyed by reactions to the proliferation of this virus.

I want to know where exactly it actually came from because the whole thing is sounding funny

The Italians themselves dont even know how the thing got to them before they exported it to Nigeria

Hmm! Stranger things..
been a while... Is your account restricted...
Politics / Re: Today Marks 30 Days Nnamdi Kano Died,died Of Covid19 - Kemi Olunloyo by SmellingAnus(m): 10:57pm On May 27, 2020

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Romance / Re: Am I In A Relationship Or A Game? Confused! by SmellingAnus(m): 10:03pm On May 26, 2020
Chai, imagine being in a no sex relationship. God forbid.

Amen dear

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Romance / Re: How A Bank Ruined My Relationship. by SmellingAnus(m): 10:32am On May 24, 2020
Had a similar experience although mine wasn't a transfer, it was paid directly to her mum's account; she and her mum said they didn't receive it ... I went to the bank ( First bank) twice and they said she had received the money in her account... Anyway I had to make another transaction through transfer ... I never used it against the babe... Till date the babe love me scatterer even though we are not dating... Mind you it was transport money i sent... Interstate things...

Some cash can easily be let go just to maintain certain relationship/friendship...
Attitude is everything... When in a new relationship or serious fuckship... Learn to give people benefit of doubt...


Family / Re: Man Catches His Wife In A Hotel With Man, Says "I Have The Right To Kill You" by SmellingAnus(m): 4:33pm On May 20, 2020
If am the one fucking your wife and you hit me, I’ll deal with your ass because it was consensual I no rape or force her. Carry your wounded ego away
In as much as I have never fvcked a married woman.... I still agree with your statement...

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Crime / Re: Lady, Whose Death Was Announced By Friends, Resurfaces (photo) by SmellingAnus(m): 8:58pm On May 19, 2020
Education / Re: Mention That Subject You Never Failed Even If You Didn't Read by SmellingAnus(m): 8:57pm On May 19, 2020
Properties / Re: Please Help. My Apartment Is Being Haunted By A Ghost. by SmellingAnus(m): 8:56pm On May 19, 2020

Don’t be scared if you or your gf knows nothing about her death , she died b4 her time and her spirit still in the vicinity just summon courage and when she bangs tell her to go away and let u be in peace . U won’t see her again that’s it .

I think this should solve the problem.

I once worked in an event mgt center. They handle weddings, burials etc. They have pall bearers and mortuaries too.

The mortician sometimes tells us wierd stories about corpses.
He once told us about one young married lady s corpse that was brought in. From the night she was brought in , the mortuary started experiencing trouble. The mortician sleeps in the same mortuary compound in a general hospital.
He said every night he will be hearing serious bang on the mortuary door. He thought he was the only one hearing the noise and has happened for like 3 days.
Then he went to buy something in a shop around the place and they were asking him what was happening in his office. lol

He said that night before he slept he brought out that particular corpse and told her that the person that killed her is not here and begged her to go after those that killed her and that she should stop disturbing others.
From that day no noise again till she was removed.

He said he later found out that the girl was having problems with the husband s people and died in the process
I believe you ... I have a friend that was a mortician... He has many tales like this... More reason the owner of such mortuaries involve themselves in occult practices in order to protect themselves and their staffs...


NYSC / Re: Guys, Don't Ever Date A Lady Going For NYSC. See Why. by SmellingAnus(m): 4:16pm On May 19, 2020
The unfortunate truth is, while you are fucking someone else's girl friend, another man is also fucking yours. Its called tit for tat.
even while you are not fvcking someone's girlfriend, another guy is still fvcking yours... grin

You fvck or not another man dey fvck so which one you prefer grin

Don't mind me.. I am just joking in a serious way... grin

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Religion / Re: Can I Pay My Tithe To My Church And Widows According To Deuteronomy 26:12? by SmellingAnus(m): 4:02pm On May 17, 2020

Not false. Giving of alms in obedience to the scriptures, and done in line with exactly what the scripture stated is another type of tithing.
Most pastors teach only one, so, a lot of Christians are not aware of the rest.
There at different ways of tithing... Let the believers tithe as lead... If they decide to behave like Abraham that gave his to Melchizedek let them do it... If they decide to bring it during church service during time for tithing, let them do it. If they decide to tithe to motherless babies home or those in need, let them do it... They are all scriptural... So dont focus on Malachi alone... Some don't even tithe and it doesn't mean they are not Christians...
Religion / Re: Can I Pay My Tithe To My Church And Widows According To Deuteronomy 26:12? by SmellingAnus(m): 10:13am On May 17, 2020

This is alms giving, not tithe.
A lot of Christians don't give alms, it's unscriptural.
Pay your tithe and take care of your family.
Also help the poor and needy.
False statement from you.... That passage is on tithing... Just because you have been indoctrinated to believe a particular lie that doesn't mean you shouldn't study and find out the truth for your self...

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Romance / Re: Are Saggy Boobs A Turn On Or Turn Off ? [Photos] by SmellingAnus(m): 10:05am On May 17, 2020
For me I don't care if my woman has it or not... There are other things more important to me in a relationship than saggy boobs...


Romance / Re: A Nigerian Lady Cries Out On Her Husband's Love For Brezz by SmellingAnus(m): 6:09am On May 14, 2020
Who am I to advice when I am like the husband although mine involves more of touching/holding breast ... My cuddling na breast I dey hold grin most times I even meet babes that happen to love it grin

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Romance / Re: Share Heartbreaking Things Your Ex(es) Did To You by SmellingAnus(m): 3:07am On May 12, 2020
My ex slept with a guy that i accommodated for months . This is the gist . This guy works in the same office with me, he was newly transferred to my state and did not have where to stay at that time. So trying to be nice to him ,i asked him to come and stay in my rented apartment since i had a vacant room . Take no credit away from him, he was my kind of guy ,nice and jovial .Straight to the point .The truth is that at a point i started suspecting that something might be going on between my girl and my guy but had no proof .One beautiful Saturday morning,my guy asked me to meet him at particular joint,wen i got to the place my friend was crying. I asked him what the problem was ,he asked me to forgive him,that he has bn sleeping with my girl. Mehnn i was so devastated but pretended to be OK . I requested for a bottle of beer and we continued drinking, i did not talk about what he just revealed to him. It was as if nothing happened. Wen we got home ,i told him that the babe will not come in between us ,he should continue bleeping her . Anytime the girl pretends to have come to see me ,i will give them space the guy will still knack her .It continued like that till the girl discovered that i have known her secrets. To my guy,we never had quarrel til his birthday .He had a girl that he engaged and she visited him during his birthday. We all had so much fun ,we drank and made merriment. After the whole partying, my guy was so drunk and could not handle his wife to be that night . The following morning, he dressed up very early to go arranged some travelling documents for our boss since i was off duty ,leaving his wife to be with me .Will i say fortunately? Yes ,as my guy no dey na ,na so we start to dey throw pillows ,from pillows it landed us into kissing and finally knack. My guy came back to pick something and caught us redhanded . From that day my guy no talk to me again, and after two days i went back to that same joint,invited him and apologized.
You are just like me... I like what you did...


Family / Re: I Just Don't Understand My Marriage Anymore... Please Help.. by SmellingAnus(m): 1:22pm On May 09, 2020
All I see is a woman who manipulated her boyfriend into getting her pregnant... He even asked you to remove it but you kept it... He on his own part because of the pregnancy decided to marry you ( heavy manipulation )... Your case is a lesson to other persons who may find themselves in similar scenario...

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