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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 9:18am On Jul 20
My Bosses in the house I greet. I have a question.

Assuming we want to sell USDT worth of 7m-8m on Binance.

considering the amount that will be received in naira.hope it wont cause gbege for my bank account.
Send part of it to my bank accounts. I have 10 bank accounts. Just N500k to 6 of my bank accounts will do. My charges are 10% of what I get from you.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 7:31am On Jul 16

Trading daily in this bear market is not really profitable except you are lucky on a coin that pump, also to make more money you have to put more money.

If you are patient enough that coin you bought at 1.22 could reach 1.3 before you sell depending on your capital.

If you put 3k on BNB yesterday at 303 and sold at 320, that's like 160 profit, though not much compare to what you'll make doing bull run but it's better than nothing.

On weekly basis, put 3k on ETC at 44 and sell at 50, that's 400 profit. So it all depends on how you want to play it and how much you are willing to put.

I have been a trader since January. My portfolio value trippled by May and since then it is halved from the May value. It has been challenging scoring on good trades nowadays. Was lucky to make small profit on ALICE, CREAM, AUDIO. and AXS recently. But I have been introduced to Royal Q robot that trades for you. It is linked to your either Binance or Huobi account. It has been an exciting testimony since I started 4 days ago as the robot scores for me whether market is going up or down. Registration is just $100 plus deposit of $20 as gas fees. With another $110 (note this is because I made changes to default configuration that will expect you to have $310 per coin), you can set it up to buy and trade one coin. Multiples of that recommended. If you want to give it a try, click on https://raqsy.com/s/A4QGP to register. My invitation code is A4QGP. You can WhatsApp me on 08032372245.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 8:03pm On Jul 07
I don't know,but it's a gaming coin infact most of the coins on gainers list in binance are gaming coin.

Am looking at Coti,it's a gaming coin too and might join the movement wink
Thanks. I have COTI but it hasn't in the like manner. In fact its chart has been choppy. Good luck
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 2:24pm On Jul 07
Hello house. Is there any news about AXS that makes it to be mooning. The coin has done more than 100%. I bailed out my last bag at $9. But AXS is now $14 plus and I can't seem to find any news. It is a coin that has performed for me well I the past Got beaten down like all other coins but quickly picked up and reached a new ATH. So what is making it kick. Please share of you know

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Religion / Re: Pastor Abel Damina: Sin Cannot Take A Person To Hell (Video) by solreb: 2:43am On Jul 03
Ladies and Gentlemen with all due respect , what I Heard here with my Ears is PURE GRAMMAR and Could Cost u your Soul. .

Sin is what will Hinder us From Heaven.
Unbelief in Jesus Christ on its own is a Sin. It will hinder us. Revelation 21:8

Fornication, Adultery, any form of Immorality are Sins. They will hinder us.

Malice, Jealousy, idle words are sins. They will hinder us from Heaven.

Cultism, idol worship, murder, abortion, lgbt are sins. They will hinder us.

Every form of Unrighteousness is Sin. They will hinder us.

What will give us access to Heaven is Confessing our sins to GOD, Repenting from dem, Surrender and Believe in JESUS Christ.

Even after Salvation, we need to repent from every sin we fall into and ask GOD for mercy.

These are the Last days! Be careful of what and who you listen to. Heaven and Hell are Real. Eternity is a Personal race.

Isaiah 59:1-2, Isaiah 35:8-10, 1 John 3:8-9, 1Peter1:15-16, Revelation 21:8, Rev 21:27, Romans 1:21-32, 1Cor 6:9-10, Romans 6:1
God bless you. This pastor has created more confusion for his members that are not grounded in the of God. For example lying is a sin and all liars go to hello (Rev 21:cool. So sin takes one to hell. It is only after you have accepted Christ that all your prior sins are washed away with his blood. And you just abstain from them to be a candidate of heaven otherwise you go to hell. It will be like crucifying Christ second time (Heb 6:4-6)

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 8:21pm On Jun 07
Attend this oil and oil and gas seminar for job and biz opportunities and career development. Make your reservation now by clicking http://springrockgeminiresources.com/training-calendar/.

Religion / Re: Is Pastor Adeboye Tweeting With VPN? - Daddy G.O Dragged On Twitter by solreb: 1:48am On Jun 06
Even daddy G.O the disobey government directives....

What will he preach to his worshippers now? to disobey because so so person in the Bible disobeyed and God didn't punish the person ba?
Buhari didn't order the citizens not to use Twitter. He banned the operations of Twitter in Nigeria. So if I have a means of using Twitter from "outside" Nigeria I will. Recently CBN banned banks from allowing Cryptocurrency exchanges to operate accounts to serve Nigerians but didn't stop Nigerians from trading cryptocurrency. So Nigerians continue with their business using the same exchanges whose operations the CBN disallowed in Nigeria.
Religion / Re: Is Pastor Adeboye Tweeting With VPN? - Daddy G.O Dragged On Twitter by solreb: 1:43am On Jun 06
Not all are using VPN... Even if you use opera mini to login it will work. Depend on your smartness.
Opera has inbuilt VPN that can be enbaled.
Phones / Re: Is Your Twitter App Still Loading? by solreb: 4:56pm On Jun 05
Just use free VPN service like thunder VPN. Select the country server of choice and you are good. I use it for USA sites that will not work outside USA by selecting USA server
Travel / Re: Pls Which Country Can I Travel To With ₦1.5 Million To Hustle? by solreb: 5:04pm On Jun 04
Stay in Nigeria. Register on Binance https://accounts.binance.cc/en/register?ref=65396551 and trade cryptocurrency. You will thank me later. This is the right time to enter as most of the coins are at discount prices. You can make an annualized profit if 20% per month.
Religion / Re: 10 Life Lessons And Teachings Of Jesus That The World Needs by solreb: 5:15am On May 24
You say “money is the root of all evil” but y'all keep tasking us to pay tithes and offerings.

Y'all keep requesting for the root of all evil.

BTW, what is the kingdom of God?
A quick correction. It is the love of money and not money that is the root of evil
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 1:21am On May 24
if one enters beeteec at 30k with 50k and it moves to 40k, what would be ones profit from ones 50k investment?
Openheaven, etc
Download and install delta.app from playstore and connect it to the exchange you use, it will help you calculate your total portfolio profit/loss. and individual coin transaction profit or loss

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Family / Re: My Husband Slapped Me For Asking Him To Wash Plates by solreb: 4:49pm On May 21
A mother of two who pleaded anonymity has taken to social media to ask members of the public whether it was wrong to ask her husband to do the dishes.
According to her, her husband lost his business to scam and she has been the one catering for the family with the little she earns from her restaurant business.
She said: “Truly, My husband was the one who opened the restaurant for me, I cook very well and I still do my cooking by myself as I only direct my staffs on what to do.My husband lost his business to scam and since then it’s been me carrying the responsibilities, most of my staffs left because I could not pay them and at some point, all of them left and I had to do everything by myself.

“My husband is doing nothing yet, he just sits at home and maybe go pick the kids from school and all, so yesterday I had lots of customers in the shop, I was doing everything by myself, so as soon as my husband walked in, I asked him to help me rush to wash a few plates while I serve, and he looked at me in some strange way, I repeated myself and he slapped me in public, and walked out.

“I ignored the embarrassment and even most of my customers left, when I got home I noticed that he moved his things, I called his phone and he said he is in his friends place till he gets a job he will come home, that I should take care of the kids.

“He cut the call I tried to call and the next he blocked me.

“What did I do wrong, who is supposed to be upset? I just need to clear my conscience.”
It's not that is wrong for your husband to help out, it may be that how you made or where you made the request that angered him. However there was immaturity on his part in that he could have walked out ignoring your request without slapping you. Also no need packing out because at this point in time both of you need each other even to pray together.

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Politics / Re: Police Kill 4 Wounded IPOB Gunmen Receiving Treatment In Rivers, Recover Charms by solreb: 5:32pm On May 15
Shot at sight ba?
No due process?
Violence begets violence .
Both the police and the unknown gun men will suffer violence from one another, except they both sue for peace.
Wish the police and the military will incorporate the level of morale they are using against unknown gun men on bandits ,Jihadists.

How can an intelligent person believe that there is God.
When you can't prove it within the boundaries of intelligence.

Yahweh ,Allah ,Elohim, Baal, Venus, Jupiter, Sango etc are all tribal deities .
Man imagined and depicted God/Allah after his own image and likeness.
The Bible and Quran stories are Mesopotamia myths.

Note: I used to be a Christian and used to bbelieve in God ,but reading the Bible and Quran, I got interested with the stories and I digged deeper and discovered that the so called God were nothing but tribal deities.
The Bible of full of myths ,hallucinations, histories, wise sayings, moral instructions, faith and fantasies.

Heaven and hell are all religious fictions.
No physical proof that Heaven or hell exist.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will confict you and your
eyes will be open to your errors to seek forgiveness and be brought back to the fold.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 8:28pm On May 10
you can use it to withdraw, but dont use it to fund..use p2p on binance.
How will the bank know if he does not indicate in the remarks he is buying crypto.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 7:01pm On May 05
House what is it with ETC that is pumping. I sold a bigger bag on May 3 at 50 and the remaining smaller nag is now at 87. I ain't going to sell. I read somewhere that ETC is the original Ethereum. So I ma HODL to see a $3k price tag grin

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 3:07am On May 05

Normally na the person sending the crypto go send first if you're not using escrow
.. I can buy your coins
On Binance the system locks the crypto for sale from being accessible to the seller. Now the buyer pays first and the seller is mandated to release the coin to you. NEVER RELEASE YOUR COIN FIRST BEFORE GETTING PAID.SINE FRAUDSTER ON BINANCE WILL URGE YOU TO DO THAT FIRST ENTICING YOU WITH RIDICULOUS PRICE TAG. If the seller fails to release coin you can appeal to Binance with proof of payment to release the coin to you.


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 6:00pm On May 02
Is anyone following TWT, this coin just pumped 66% to 1.16. I had set to sell at 1 in the morning to get to my target of 85% when it was selling around 0.8. This coin is a good one to trade as I have been trading it since 0.35 when someone first mentioned it here on 28 Jan. To God be the glory, this crypto trading business has been a rewarding biz as I have tripled my investment since I started in Jan this tear


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 5:44pm On May 02
Hello house. Any reason why XVS is pumping. I posted a few days ago that I sold s bag at $90 while I decided to hodl last bag. It jumped over 100 and pulled back temporarily below100. I checked my portfolio and see that it is now trading at 126 after it has hone over 133. Thank God I decided to hold a few back. Does anyone know why it is breaking ATH everyday. The coin has been consistent since I started trading it while at $8.9.


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 6:42pm On May 01
BAKE is taking off again. This is the coin from which I have made the most profit. Ride on babe


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 5:14pm On May 01
Hello house, COMP has pumped to a new ATH @ $797 as of today. I bailed out some bags at $700 holding just a few coins. Now I couldn't find any news for this run. Should we expect AAVE to pump too since these too tend to move together. AAVE is now at 475, with enough room to reach its ATH of 575 reached on Feb 10. I sold a bag of AAVE I bought at 335 during the selloff at 451 on Apr 27. Though I still have some bags left I plan to add more AAVE because of the COMP run. I think it will be a good play to consider. I plan to add more COMP when it pulls back. I have been trading AAVE since Jan and COMP since Feb.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 4:43pm On May 01
Can someone help on how to resolve this issue of verification on Binance. My sister has been getting the error message below by email each time she tried to do face verification

"Personal Verification Unsuccessful
We're sorry to inform you that your Personal Verification has been declined for the following reason(s):
" Service timed out. Signifcant number of users. Please try again later. "
Please make the necessary changes and try again.
We apologize for any possible inconvenience"[color=#990000][/color]
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 12:27am On Apr 30
House I will recommend WING. Bought at 40 on March 7. Forgot I had it asit was not showing on my Delta app that I use to monitir my portfolio. By then it had reached $60. I decided I would not sell till it reached $100 as it quickly moved to $70. So I bought more at 55. Then the sell off happened and it fell below 40. It has bounced back. Now at 47. Its ATH is 245 eeached in Sept 2020. I still have my target of 100 to sell my first bag.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 12:20am On Apr 30
House keep an eye on XVS. This coin has never disappointed. It has fully recoved and shot to new ATH at 113. I have been trading this babe since Jan when I entered at $8.9. So anytime there has been a sellof I always load more up. Last I bought was at $50 on April 7

Another good one is AXS . Now trading around 10. Have been trading it since March from $2.44. One thing I like about it is quick recovery after any sell off. I loaded more at $7 during last sell off. I know it will soon run pass its ATH at 11.88 reach early April. Good luck


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 6:54pm On Apr 29
You are becoming an investor.
I am a trader but a patient one. Because I have learnt tht it pays to be patient rather than jumping off every time a coin loses.

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 10:17am On Apr 29

This is what we say in stock market, money moves from the impatient ones to the patient ones, just like they say on this thread PAYtience actually pays

True talk. During the selloff my portfolio went down by 30%. I manage to inject 3% of my portfolio worth because the prices were at discount. Now it paid off. The classic example is PROM. It just gained over 300% today.

PROM finally woke up from the dead. I first bought PROM at 22.57 on Feb 20 when it fell from about 40 it was selling. It fell further and I bought 3 more times the last being 12.3. It even fell below 10 at some point. In between I had traded it while moving within a range. I just wok up and it has gained over 300% and now selling close to 40 and sold those sell limits I set since Feb at 27. During the sell off I still bought at 10.36. It pays to be PATIENT I will go and dig why it just pumped over 300% today. I am just left with 10 I bought on 18 April out of 45 I had left. Let's see how it rolls. It thus pay to be PATIENT


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 9:19am On Apr 29

What's the economics behind its pumping?
Thrre has been good news recently about recent developments in the NFT space. You can go to their website or check medium or coingecko for details. I was tempted to sell another bag for $5. I no dey sell again. I join the HODL club as there is a lot still baking
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 1:29pm On Apr 28
Why is BAKE pumping? I hvae made tons of cash on this babe traing it since I first bought in Feb at $0.127. This babe is going to the koon going by their recent activities. I hvae dumps some bags since yesterday and today. Now I am HODL on the remaining. Let's rde on

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 3:05pm On Apr 27
I just observed this on Binance P2P, and I don't know what to think of it. USDT is selling for about 490 Naira, so why would someone want to buy for above 600 Naira? The funny part is that these accounts seem to be pretty well established with lots of trades and high completion rates. Am I missing something?
Don't fall for it. They are scammers. They use the high rate to attract victims. They will tell you to release coins first before they pay you


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 7:57pm On Apr 16

Bros, i dont usually ask how sure are you but in this case, guyman gats ask. because it is just shattering everything i have come to understand baout crypto. are u sure on sunday the price will still hold seeing thats when most cryptos do poorly. what is pushing this bingo coin is beyond me. obviously apart from elon musk and i dont want to get rekt when people decide to dump. So to summarise how sure are you it will still rise tomorrow. Can you explain your rationale behind it ??

also Haryodehjia, Jedisco, Priceaction your attention's are needed please

Read this https://coingape.com/dogecoin-enters-top-10-crypto-altcoin-market-cap-breaches-1trillion/

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 7:50pm On Apr 16
please which crpto app will you recommend for a beginner?
Delta.app. you can link it with your binance account


Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by solreb: 5:41pm On Apr 16
House what is going on with $BCH. It has been a slow mover ut in recent times it has been climbing steadily and today it did a high jump. Are we on to the race to previous ATH circa $3000 plus. Nice to keep it on watch. Oflloaded some bags while I will lobg the remaining


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