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Health / Re: Man Almost Slips Into Convulsion After Taking "Colorado" by sweetgala(m): 4:25pm On May 18
I saw a similar scene at my cousin's wedding some years ago. One of the young guests decided to have a drag of Colorado and started misbehaving. He shut the party down thankfully it was already late and most of the older guests had gone home with just a few raving stragglers left behind.
Properties / Re: How Caramelo Lounge Was Demolished In Abuja By FCTA by sweetgala(m): 9:00pm On May 15
Nigeria is governed by a bunch of senseless selfish fools, why demolish the building, will it stop prostitution? Why is prostitution a crime in this country for goodness sake

I don't think it has much to do with prostitution but rather someone took offence to the activities around the place, I read somewhere that the noise was an issue with neighbors. And it seems to be located in a residential area. With powerful and well connected neighbors you can't afford to dismiss any complaints.

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Travel / Re: The Bariga Waterfront Jetty And Ferries That Ambode Commissioned (Photos) by sweetgala(m): 6:46pm On May 15
Rubbish angry

I visited my bro house and every drum at the gate and some areas in their street in fact every nook and cranny is filled and littered with refuse dumps cry
I asked him what happened and he said ambode is the dirtiest governor of Lagos state angry

It was a stupid decision and miscalculation that resulted in that. Removing the licenses of those private refuse management companies was the final nail in the coffin that resulted in his sack. Those guys sabotaged everything
Travel / Re: The Bariga Waterfront Jetty And Ferries That Ambode Commissioned (Photos) by sweetgala(m): 6:42pm On May 15
As far as I'm concerned, he just provided more accommodation for his kinsmen.
I give that jetty 6 months and it will become a brothel, gymnasium, boxing ring, marijuana depot, liquor joint etc.

Useless tribe.

*spits angry

Yet you'll come to Lagos and try to make something not your existence there. What has your state done.


Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri With Zainab Aliyu As Ganduje Donates N3 Million To Her by sweetgala(m): 5:19pm On May 15
Look at her wrinkled face... She's looking older than her mother. That girl is a junkie. You can take this to the bank. By the way, what is Gandollar giving her money for? To go and buy more tramadol and codeine

They will still catch her again... Unless her parents send her to a rehab.

Someone that just got out of a hardcore jail. With poor nutrition and health for over 30 days and you want her skin to be glowing


Celebrities / Re: Teddy A & Toyin Lawani Kolaqalagbo Advert Got People Talking by sweetgala(m): 4:44pm On May 15
Who else noticed her nipple in the first picture? lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

You get eye no be only m see am .. dark round nipples.

I doubt those boobs are real. Someone has had a lift
Business / Re: Ayiri Emami, Wife And Children In Beautiful Family Photo by sweetgala(m): 9:48am On May 03
Beautiful family...

I wonder how his mates who were at one time always teasing and cussing him out as an olodo will feel seeing what this olodo has become today...

Who Nigerian paper certificate and school epp...

Paper certificate is part of what has made you able to come on the internet today. People who gained knowledge and them used it to create intellectual property and develop technology.

The problem with Nigerians today especially the young ones of the lack of dignity in labour and a moderate life.? Jay happened to the middle class is as a consequence not greed.


Politics / Re: Gani Adams To Femi Adesina: Tell Buhari Nigerians Are Hungry by sweetgala(m): 9:08am On Apr 19
I do not agree with Gani Adams on this. Even America, UK and other developed countries has homeless and hungry people let alone a Nigeria that was battered by 16 years misrule of PDP chop i chop politics. No wonder a shameless actress was tweeting about the lack of free money in circulation as against the status quo they're used to under the thieving PDP regime. When dasuki was disbursing money like ATM machine, when dieziani the frog eyed thief was embezzling billions Nigerians were not hungry. Now that we have a sane and prudent government whose single treasury account remittance has blocked majority of loopholes for yafun yafun money, Nigerians are suddenly hungry. The several rail projects scattered across the country is a testament to the fact that funds are been expended on infrastructure but under PDP regime a certain corrupt presidential spokesman Okupe was seen in a viral video deceiving Nigerians that the country cannot afford to build rails because we are not rich like America. Nigerians indeed dodged a bullet by voting against the PDP whose presidential manifesto was about enriching their friends and selling national assets to their cronies. How long will we continue playing belly politics? How does stomach infrastructure politics bring development? Is a serious nation built on eating food all day? Even the Bible says Man shall not live by bread alone ( Matthew 4:4).

Only a blind and ungrateful person will not commend this hard working president Buhari. May God keep him beyond 2023. Amen

I agree with much of your assessment but I'll like to say Nigeria was battered for more than 16 years.

The inglorious years leading up to that from the 70s onwards and some of the months of this APC era has been dull and uninspiring

Still I salute Buhari he has done a lot with little

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Crime / Re: Anambra’s Ozubulu Indigenes At War In South Africa, Man Alleges As He Shares Vid by sweetgala(m): 9:02am On Apr 19

I can't believe u are saying this.
So because the countries you mentioned are in list of terrorist group nigeria should join them undecided
I can't believe this is coming from omolulabi.
Bro if u can hold any tribe responsible for crimes committed form few from. That tribe then hausa/fulani should be holding responsible for Nigeria being called terrorists.

I love Igbos I have a lot of them as friends, they are nice, if u ask me and have a benefited a lot from them even more than fellow omolulabi can do for me(u won't understand).
So i won't let what I read online here change my views and experience about them.
U people should stop this tribalism it doesn't help it only destroys.

That's grand that you have benefited from Nigerians who are Igbo. Your story is yours alone and those who are directly associated to you everyone's experience is peculiar and different.

Your concept of brandishing an ethnic entity of over 30 million people for crimes committed by less than 0.5% is as ridiculous as it can get . By that measure every Igbo man is a drug dealer and criminal mind. Every Yoruba man from Ibadan is a tout and every Niger deltan is a militant all Americans are rampant criminals.

Your assessment is the prelude to ethnic cleansing, the idea that it's them that are responsible for it all.

Don't use the Omoluabi as a statement of defense there is nothing Omoluabi about your statement.
Politics / Re: House Speakership: North-East APC Aligns With South-East, Adopts Onyejeocha by sweetgala(m): 8:55am On Apr 19

Prof Ishaq Akintola of MURIC does not agree with you.

Prof Akintola of MURIC is not the spokesperson for the Yoruba people. He doesn't represent the concept of Omoluabi and he has never presented himself as such.

He has his own agenda outside the Yoruba identify and best of luck to him in that.
Romance / Re: Gladys Lasila Weds Ian: 50-Year-Old Nigerian Woman Set To Marry White Man by sweetgala(m): 9:26am On Apr 13
hype she not up to fifty she don want to be seen as gold digger

She is 50 you my friend just witnessed the wonders of Botox. She looks like she may have had some work done. I doubt Ian bobo is more than 55 himself possibly a spinster himself
Politics / Re: House Speakership: North-East APC Aligns With South-East, Adopts Onyejeocha by sweetgala(m): 9:10am On Apr 13
This is a welcome development. I'm a yoruba but I believe that supporting the Easterners is one sure way to move this country forward. I therefore, implore yoruba christain to ignore the greedy demands of tinubu who thinks everything yoruba is automatically his own.

You spoilt it at "Yoruba Christians" there is nothing like Yoruba Christians you are either Yoruba or not. The spirit of Omoluabi doesn't rely on personal religious beliefs


Crime / Re: Anambra’s Ozubulu Indigenes At War In South Africa, Man Alleges As He Shares Vid by sweetgala(m): 9:18pm On Apr 12

I still don't believe, it.
If u ask me Hausa/fulani has done more damage than any tribe in this country.
Do u know what it means for ur country to be written down along side terrorist countries.?
That's the biggest damage done to Nigeria if u ask me.
But whenever the news is posted here I don't see anyone castigating the whole Hausa or FULANI for it.

Hausa and Fulani are not an homogeneous ethic group. It's like saying Urubo Itsekiri.

Congo is written down along terrorist counties and it has nothing to do with Islam, same can be said for Liberia, Rwanda the list goes on.
Crime / Re: Anambra’s Ozubulu Indigenes At War In South Africa, Man Alleges As He Shares Vid by sweetgala(m): 1:43pm On Apr 12
Misplaced priority and waste of space.

Nigerian govt has spent N13 Trillion to fight insurgents from northern Nigeria, insurgency brought by Muslim religious extremists in northern Nigeria
The country can't even have electricity.

No Nigerian on NL had made a video on how Islamic extremists of northern Nigeria and the insurgents they brought have bled Nigeria to near comatose state, one of the most hungry and miserable countries in the world.

Drag Igbo to Nl for bashing because of two criminal gangs abroad.

When did you join NL because the case of the BH menace in borno has been major around here for years now.

NL is not what it used to be there was a time people used to come here to profer real solutions to some of Nigeria's problems
Crime / Re: Anambra’s Ozubulu Indigenes At War In South Africa, Man Alleges As He Shares Vid by sweetgala(m): 1:42pm On Apr 12

Bros I'm a Yoruba, but trust me this comment is unnecessary, HAUSA IGBO YORUBA, all has contributed in denting the country with crime.
It's sad.
What about Hausa(BOKOHARAM) has made nigeria to be labeled A TERRORISTS country.
I don't see you talk about that.
Or some YORUBAS who involve in fraud.

stop tribalizing crimes, they all called Nigerias angry

Guy abeg make every man bear him father's name.

The Igbo as a tribe unfortunately have a higher percentage of people involved in dubious existence the desire for money is high among them
Crime / Re: Anambra’s Ozubulu Indigenes At War In South Africa, Man Alleges As He Shares Vid by sweetgala(m): 1:40pm On Apr 12

These are list of YORUBAS In saudi Arabia prison about to be beheaded for pushing drugs,

Or should we talk about 3 yorubas boys that was locked up in U. S prison for involving in credit card fraud,
I guess those ones are not "giving nigeria bad name"
crime has no ethnicity, stop tribalism it's filth

You do know there is a current situation about the innocence of some of these people. There is a case involving FAAN and airline staff at the Kaduna airport
Politics / Re: IPOB Members React To Video Of Nnamdi Kanu, Wife Talking About Their Sex In Bed by sweetgala(m): 1:35pm On Apr 12
Pigs are used to relate with something dirty, however record has it that the brown roof communities of Afonjas has a penchant habit for dirtiness.

Yet in your clean city there was no fire service in an airport.
Fashion / Re: The Dress A Nigerian Lady Ordered Vs What She Got (Photos) by sweetgala(m): 3:24pm On Apr 10
Its her body shape

Exactly. She is fat she should not expect much more from the tailor

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Politics / Re: Which Government Institutions Is The Most Corrupt? by sweetgala(m): 3:14pm On Apr 10
Nigerian Customs service is the worst in the world. The immigration service and passport office are both under the general customs and border control department.

I have first hand information from those in the know about the customs. Those guys have been sucking this nation dry for years.

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen 'Didn’t Declare His Assets' For 27 Years As A Judicial Officer - EFCC by sweetgala(m): 11:36am On Apr 07
Despicable lots in government digging out mumu and empty news about an innocent man while the demonic and irritating one called Buhari is yet to declare his assets and even certificates publicly except the lies he keeps dishing out!

Buhari has declared his assets and one of the only public officers in the entire 50+ years of Nigerian history whose assets and personal holdings can be accounted for and is relative to his earnings and value.

That is a known fact abeg stop this nuisance

If you believe Onoghen is innocent that's fine but leave it at that no need to attack Buhari
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan Reacts To Aminu Zubair's Death by sweetgala(m): 11:24am On Apr 07

Someone who spent Twenty something yrs to back PhD and still didn't give him
Though I heard most students were always failing his course

Maybe he failed a powerful persons child and refused to compromise. Why else would he be blacklisted from promotion

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Politics / Re: Senate President, Saraki Meet Prime Minister Of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah - Photos by sweetgala(m): 11:12am On Apr 07
At least someone is working...
Buh what's the president doing exactly?? Travelling to Jordan? London? Without showing any result. He's just wasting the tax payer's money.

The unmatchable hypocrisy of Buhari and his fanatical fans is always puzzling to me.
Buhari is a tragedy, a colossal failure, he knows nothing. He is ethically and morally invalid.

What has he done?? Other than plunging Nigeria into an abyss of debt. Tell me!

Working ! Buhari went for an international financial summit.

Jo can other world leaders and business people get a perspective of the plans of the FG without th leaders showing up to these sort of meetings.

Do you think there are no privatediplomatic meetings going on during these summits

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen Was Forced To Resign - Daily Independent by sweetgala(m): 1:28pm On Apr 06


You do know the NJC as it is was appointed by Onoghen!
Politics / Re: NJC Advises Buhari To Confirm Tanko Muhammad As Substantive CJN by sweetgala(m): 11:25am On Apr 05
All principal actors in this drama would surely regret it.

Regret what exactly? Disposing of a morally bankrupt CJN !
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Vows Never To Allow FG Arrest Him In UK by sweetgala(m): 2:32am On Mar 31

Lol ignorant ipob the UK cant deport Kanu because hes a citizen. The UK can extradite him which Kanu is allowed to appeal. I hope you guys dont start cursing UK if they do deport him. Alot you are still sore about UK supporting Nigeria in the civil war.

He is a citizen by naturalisation and not by birth. That Citizenship is as good as a permanent residence it can be withdrawn by the justice minister and he can be deported in the event of having commited a crime or if he is determined "not to be of good character"

The case of the ISIS brides brings that to the fore
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Vows Never To Allow FG Arrest Him In UK by sweetgala(m): 2:27am On Mar 31
For once, Let him prove he's a true Biafra.
Come back home
Just vacate UK.

The guy is forgetting a few things, the UK would arrest you with Interpol and have you under house arrest while the merits of your extradition is being reviewed.

The fact he was arrested, granted bail and then jumped bail in Nigeria puts him in a bad place with regard to a UK judge because he is in effect a wanted person with a bench warrant.

While in Nigeria he lived , and asserted himself as a Nigerian with the desire to separate himself and his people from the same entity so this idea he is not a Nigerian citizen is nonsense . He is not a British citizen by birth or lineage but rather by naturalisation which is flimsy and can be withdrawn rather easily.

He should be praying the home office is not desperate to please the Nigerian FG
Politics / Re: Silent War In Atiku’s Camp by sweetgala(m): 2:15am On Mar 31

Wike/Tambuwal is more likely if PDP retains Rivers state. Wike will not hand over the party’s ticket to a northerner in 2023.

And you assume Wike would have a chance. If PDP present Wike they may as well just not show up for the elections they'll be thoroughly beaten.

I fancied Obi for many years but he showed his ass during the campaign.
Politics / Re: Silent War In Atiku’s Camp by sweetgala(m): 2:13am On Mar 31
wine? You're joking, it's either umahi, obi or udom

Both of you are sipping on strongly fermented burukutu obviously. The politics of Nigeria is intriguing and neither of those names you've listed have a chance.

The 2023 is either for a strong candidate from the SE or Osinbajo. Tinubu can go and seat down he has no viable chance the man's health is 10 times worse than Buhari's.

If the SE don't get their heart together and start planning towards leadership building and consensus they'll just forfeit to the SW who have a fair few strong names to put forward and Osinbajo is looking very good right now. With Buhari support and his ever growing popularity among the lower class across Nigeria he'll take it easily.

In the absence of a strong northern opponent I see him eclipsing Buhari's numbers nationwide

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Career / Re: UAC Nigeria Appoints Babasola Folasope As New MD/CEO by sweetgala(m): 2:01am On Mar 31
Though there might be other underlying factors not stated...that's an impressive resume non the less.

Rather good resumed he has managed to acquire in 12 years. I suspect he has strong backers who have influence to support what seems to be a brilliant mind

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Politics / Re: We’re Under Pressure To Congratulate Buhari — CAN by sweetgala(m): 12:06am On Mar 29
CAN should wear the full weight of blame with regards to this issue. The body headship has unduly ventured into partisan politics. If has been poorly positioned through many years of controversial and suspect leadership.

They should start a new page by observing a professional approach to political matters, they are elders and servants in the temple of God they have the Bible to lead their conduct.

They do not have to congratulate the president but they also should make it such that they don't congratulate any president now and in the future. CAN has no business congratulating the president and the executive handles should back off CAN and let them concentrate on winning souls band ensuring discipline and proper biblical doctrine.

CAN can not pretend they don't have a conflict with the person of Buhari or his administration I can't say which it is but several influential members do.

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Celebrities / Re: Thin Tall Tony Is The Driver For The Taxi A Lady Ordered by sweetgala(m): 11:57pm On Mar 28

cool down no driver will give anyone 50k for UBER a week , it used to be 40k but the rate is now 30k

120k a week is still a lot of money for what it is. Given the minimum wage in the country is 30k as is. How many people who work in an office take home more than 200k a month
Politics / Re: Osita Chidoka Suspended For Dropping 2 Corpses At Igwe's Palace. Graphic by sweetgala(m): 5:18am On Mar 25
you'd see him and assume he thinks before he acts. What is wrong with people we've made ministers of aviation before? FFK, osita,etc.
Btw, what does obosi mean in yoruba?

It doesn't end with them Princes Stella Oduah and the current one Sirika think like snails too

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