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Romance / Re: She Has Good Character But With Curved Back by sweettease(f): 12:44pm On Aug 06
Capitalizing on that flaw even as exceptional as she sounds mean you don’t deserve her

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Family / Re: My 19yr Old Wife Dumped My Daughter And Fled With Her Boyfriend Since On Sunday by sweettease(f): 7:07pm On May 18

I don't answer to you, if as an old cargo your pained..sorry for yourself that you can NEVER be a tear rubber and pray for those who fancy old newspaper to look your way.

yes, she was in support, even when she was pregnant she refused to go stay home, ALWAYS in my house 24/7
I cherish her
I tried to be respectful to a pedophile like you, no insult, nothing and this is how you react, you have a bigger issue and it's not the girl trying to run away from her old papa molester. It is people like you that rape children in the neighborhood. We need to find you and arrest you for raping a 15yr old and getting her pregnant. When I was 15, a creepy old man in my neighborhood used to run around me for marriage like you. Fortunately I was wise to run away and my life is so much better for that, I'm not stuck with one old papa of a pedophile.


Family / Re: My 19yr Old Wife Dumped My Daughter And Fled With Her Boyfriend Since On Sunday by sweettease(f): 3:58pm On May 18
no because I didn't want old cargos ship like you who have jumped from different men to men. her parents was in support of our Union
Her parents were in support, was she in support?
Even if she was, the thing about girls at the age you got her is that they do not have a fully blossomed personality. You might end up with something worse than what you're running from. You mentioned you'll do it again, just remember the women you are dragging as your motivation for looking for "tear rubber" also started off as virgins at that age. Age doesnt determine modesty as there are 40yr old virgins. Also, are you willing to give your daughter the kind of life you offered her? Married off at 15/16 for companionship and making a baby with an end to formal education?


Phones / Re: Suggest A Mobile App That Has Been Helpful To You by sweettease(f): 2:17am On Apr 26
suggest a mobile app that has been helpful to you and what you use it for let others learn, download and use it too.
Below are the few I Make use off and the ones I know are good too

1.I use stark VPN to get daily free data

2.I edit videos using inshot

3.I design flyers , logos and thumbnails on canva

4.Photoshop with facetune2

5.download only youtube videos, straight to my phone with tubemate

6.On Operamini ,I use a website called tubidy to search and download any kind of music

7.Then I use chrome to navigate and restore any Instagram lost page, search and monitor my social media apps and youtube

8.Flo app....it tracks menstrual cycles and ovulation..this app will tell u when u are pregnant ND start counting it for you grin ;

9.CamScanner:you can use this App to scan documents even on transit as far as you have the documents and your phone with you, and you can also send direct mails through the CamScanner, it's very efficient especially when you are always on transit and need to attend to office work!

WPS Office: I call this App office assistant! Typing, edit, creating templates and preparing schedules!! Makes your work easy even on transit!!!

10.Stepapp : for fitness. To track how many footsteps I take everyday..also analyzes amount of calories burnt

11.Bamboo: for buying/selling US stocks

12.Waze: navigation map. Gives up to date information eg traffic, tells you when there's a police around, indicates your current speed

13.Total files: for downloading and listening to music offline for free on iPhone and other IOS devices

14.Polycam: for creating 3D models and images

15.Password safe : for storing all my password

16.Video downloader for Facebook: for downloading videos and Facebook status

17.Photolab: for editing pictures into cartoon like image

18.Qustodio : parental control app for kids

19.Khan academy, edx, Udemy : free education certificate in thousands or courses from top universities

20.Photomath : to help solve Maths problems

Free free to drop yours pls
Mods help push to FP

Since people will likely not scroll to page 7, you can edit and add these to your list

Adobe Fill and sign: I use it to fill and sign pdf forms, no need to print, fill and scan forms.

Rebtel: used to call the US free of charge, your number shows on the other end and the person you're calling does not need to have the app.

Smallpdf.com: to convert word to pdf and vice versa. I use it when I need to edit pdf files. I convert to Word, do the needful, then convert to pdf.

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Romance / Re: My Heart Is Shattered � Battered And Scattered by sweettease(f): 12:52pm On Mar 23
Aswear with my life, I never cheated on him. As a matter of fact I tell him whenever any guy asked me out. If it's based on cheating then I am practically innocent
I am so sorry you're going through this. I pray God compensates you with the best revenge - success and a far better man.
Romance / Re: How Do I Stop My Friend From Coming To Our House by sweettease(f): 8:22pm On Jan 24
I'll rather scatter them for daring to make a first move,the way she was stealing glances was so annoying and she started responding foolishly to our conversation because her mind was on a man she barely knows
I don't understand, are you into her or something? Green is not a good shade in this case. Chill and let them be cheesy
Health / Re: Help! My Penis Hole Is Tearing by sweettease(f): 6:48pm On Jan 23
Yall take me serious please

But wait, why dem carry my matter enter front page now... dem don drag me tire like say i kill person... hypocrites... like say na only me dey Bleep grin
Are you trying to become infertile?
Go to a good hospital for proper treatment and another test. For your information, leaving gonorrhea untreated or poorly treated for a long time can cause serious consequences including impotency. Save yourself the future heartache and spend money to get proper treatment, forget all this roadside pharmacy treatment.
Travel / Re: Seychelles Is Not What You Think It Is! (cost Of Living) by sweettease(f): 10:55am On Dec 15, 2021
I've always thought this is where I'll go for my honeymoon one day but now, I am having second thoughts, I might as well go to Santorini if it's like this. When my white and black friends asks me a good place to vacation in Africa, I usually recommend Seychelles which is weird cause I've never been there. Please look into Mauritius for a future video. Awesome video BTW.
Family / Re: My Smallie Sister-in-law Makes My Life Difficult In My Own House by sweettease(f): 7:07pm On Nov 20, 2021
Boss it is not like that,I have two 8 months old boys already,they are eating deep on my pockets as regard feeding,this very girl eat alot as well.She does not render any help for me.i don't see her as maid
You obviously don't want her around so send her home to her mother, you are complaining about the food she eats, her going to school and church. You're also intolerant of the very thing I am almost certain you did growing up. Send the poor girl home abeg.

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Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly by sweettease(f): 1:19pm On Nov 02, 2021
So I had some issues with my girlfriend and we were kind of not talking for 2 weeks, during that time, a lot happened in her life.

We settled and while we were telling each other about what happened during our time apart, she began to cry and opened up to me that she was raped. I will ordinarily not believe that lie if she was a virgin but she wasn't, I met her as one and I was her first, so there will be no point in her even revealing it to me if she wasn't as it was a one time thing and I will hardly notice. At that point, i felt like my world just stopped for some seconds, o felt dizzy and found somewhere to sit trying to process what I just heard. Funny thing was that on the night of that incident, I was feeling weird about her and called her to find out how she was, it was around 9:30 pm and she was a student of a higher institution on the mainland while I stay on the island. After I called her, she picked up and told me she was going to call me back as she was trying to get a bike to take her to where she was going to, and immediately she ended the call, a man put a knife behind her and threatened to kill her if she doesn't give him what he wants, she offered her phone and all but this man was just after sex, according to her, the area was quiet and there was almost nobody on the streets, he pulled her to a shop corner and forced his way. I was devastated and confused, this is the only lady I have ever seen myself marrying amongst all the ladies I have met, she checks all the boxes, she said it didn't last up to 5 minutes and she cried all through but the man didn't care. He was a fat elderly man with a pot belly, wearing a nose mask in the night so she could not even see his face.

I was so angry at her because first of all, I warned her several times not to move in the night in that area as it is very dangerous, we were once robbed on the same street around 8pm, so I wonder what went into her mind moving by almost 10pm. She said she was on night shift where she works and then her friend called her to join them for a party, so she took permission and wanted leaving and that was when it happened. Now the thing is, those friends of hers are very bad influence on her and I told her a long time ago, she said she doesn't follow them but just hangs around with them in school, little did I know that she went to the bar alongside them and their boyfriends a number of time without my knowledge. She showed me pictures of their outings and a stab on the hand from the rapist. I'm so angry, she has been crying and begging, I asked her to stop the job and she agreed,i have thought of getting a girl and some guys to disguise and go to the same area late night to see if the devil will push the bastard to try his lick again cos I swear, I will make sure I put a stick through his anus through to his mouth,revenge is all that is on my mind cos I love this girl so much

I have read rape stories but I never thought it would come so close to me, I have been put in countless situations where a girl changes her mind on letting me into her and I respected that, I wonder why this would happen to me, I don't know what to do, any advice is welcome.

Modified - for those claiming she lied, she came along with the doctors report and tests receipt.
You’re acting like the pain is yours and making a mockery of what she is going through, you’re even interpreting her tears as how sorry she is to you rather than acknowledging the pain she is going through, you also blamed her for moving around that late. Have you even stopped to think about the pain and trauma she is experiencing? Your love for her couldn’t do anything to mask your selfishness. She deserves better.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Won't Text Back by sweettease(f): 5:41pm On Oct 03, 2021

I wish you the same grin
You’re 4 years too late, I got a 7.5.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Won't Text Back by sweettease(f): 5:33pm On Oct 03, 2021

What does the mentality of an African woman look like?
How many African men on this thread applauded his acts?

Na you give am rope to tie her

Immediately I noticed it, I was wondering if any nwa teacher saw it. Class captain, English monitor. It’s your type that will still end up with an IELTS score of 4.5.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Won't Text Back by sweettease(f): 5:03pm On Oct 03, 2021
The mentality of an African man, rather than come clean you decided to punish her for your lies and and manipulate her into a compromise after begging you. I hope she never takes you back. Rubbish! You deserve to lose her.

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Romance / Re: Don't Know Why Girls Just Want To Be Friends With Me & Nothing More by sweettease(f): 5:28pm On Aug 02, 2021
I knew d problem before i clicked on this thread and you just confirmed it - You are a very nice guy. Its okay to be nice but don't be very nice. Start learning how to care less.
Damn, I ditched out this straight forward wisdom 8 years ago as young as I was. I’m feeling cool cool grin
Romance / Re: I Caught Her Red Handed But She Said She Was Doing It For Me by sweettease(f): 8:55am On Jun 26, 2021
You’re indeed a mugu like you claimed but not in the way you think. Impregnate her and dump her after 6 months? undecided You’re preemptively planning to bastardize your own child. Mumu dey smell. SMH.

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Travel / Re: Help Advise Me On Relocation Plan With Money Saved. by sweettease(f): 10:14pm On Jun 11, 2021

Honestly you have helped me answer him/her.. alot of people do not understand the pain living in Nigeria and its insecurity..

Most of the basic problem like power and so on, I have solved them on my own with inverters and such but the depression still comes living in Nigeria. Nigeria is a failed local government that I cannot continue to cope with.
Many Nigerians don’t understand a better standard of living because the Nigerian way is the only way they know unfortunately. I have scars from the Nigerian way and I don’t think I want to permanently go back to that kind of living or in good conscience advice any one to continue that way.

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Travel / Re: Help Advise Me On Relocation Plan With Money Saved. by sweettease(f): 10:03pm On Jun 11, 2021

I have legally registered associates in Canada who can grant me work permits due to ongoing projects but the issue is that Canada is on lockdown and I am tired of being here.

About Caribbean locations, can you please specify an example of where? I no not care about spousal arrangement to get citizenship as long as I leave this hellhole called Nigeria.
This will be over soon and totally worth the wait, get a hobby, learn a new trade, whatever it takes to distract you from the wait for now. It is not easy to relocate to a new country and up and leave when you start finding your way around cause Canada which is likely a better country finally opens up. As someone who has been through same process of a long wait to relocate, i understand that feeling, the wait feels like forever. What’s worth doing is worth doing well. Just find a group for this purpose or a friend with your best interest at heart to give you ginger when necessary if you must.

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Crime / Re: Photos Of Enyinnaya Mark Ogbonna Killed By Bakassi Abia Vigilante by sweettease(f): 4:58am On May 31, 2021

My sister, it’s not by force...
Don’t return and die overseas!

These occurrences are unfortunate...
But they are the EXCEPTION and not the rule.

Diaspora Nigerians full ground every December...
And ALL of them usually go back without incident.

People should take needful precautions ANYWHERE...
Whether in Nigeria or in a US high school or workplace!
Why are you pained?
Crime / Re: Photos Of Enyinnaya Mark Ogbonna Killed By Bakassi Abia Vigilante by sweettease(f): 4:30am On May 29, 2021
SMH... and people wonder why some refuse to go back home. When you do visit, you usually return with one unfortunate tale or another and that’s if you’re fortunate enough to return in one piece.

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Crime / Re: CCTV Video Of Baba Ijesha Molesting The 14-Year-Old Girl Released (Censored) by sweettease(f): 10:33am On May 03, 2021

You’re sick... Try to use your brain at times . No one is supporting Baba ijesha but Iyabo ojo went too far just to claim more fame ... As a mother , will you place a camera and set your daughter a trap for someone who molested her before ?
Says the he-goat thinking about the hips of a 14 year old and how she’s “been having sex”.
Crime / Re: CCTV Video Of Baba Ijesha Molesting The 14-Year-Old Girl Released (Censored) by sweettease(f): 10:25am On May 03, 2021
Do we write age on forehead. Is it impossible to be attracted to a 14 year old girl? Do you see a girl and know her age before you start the attraction engine....lol. My point is you can attracted to a 14 year old but never act on that attraction when you know her age. Women that are married are sometimes attracted to some other men outside of their husbands but you can't hold them to account until they act on it
Stop trying to rationalize it. You left out the key detail that in this case, we knew she is 14 before we saw the video.
Crime / Re: CCTV Video Of Baba Ijesha Molesting The 14-Year-Old Girl Released (Censored) by sweettease(f): 8:48am On May 02, 2021
looks like a set up. Why would a 14 year old girl sit on same sofa with parents this is Africa. I taught if parent are discussing in palour kids move to the room .she was showing any resistance any way it seem she already sexually active .the mum is unfit to raise a child. .
This is a really warped way of thinking. For the sake of you and your born/unborn kids, I hope you’re able to protect them from sexual and other predators

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Crime / Re: CCTV Video Of Baba Ijesha Molesting The 14-Year-Old Girl Released (Censored) by sweettease(f): 8:40am On May 02, 2021
Heart breaking video but truth been told, That girl sha looks older than 14 years old and moreover, Any who like woman a lot, can fall for such trap coz with the look of things, the girl was asked to sit close to the man when no one is at home and on a norms, it’s not done anywhere, for a 14year old girl to sit with a man on same sofa when no one is home ....
that doesn’t mean the man won’t be punished for his act, but not as a rapist but a molestor...
What are you saying?
All mothers should watch out for this one, he even seem to be attracted to the 14 year old girl in this video already.


Crime / Re: CCTV Video Of Baba Ijesha Molesting The 14-Year-Old Girl Released (Censored) by sweettease(f): 8:37am On May 02, 2021
the bible says train up a child the way he should grow... base on what i saw baba ijesha never rape her... the girl was even ready for it... The girl needs to be flog she even went closer to him....the girl don dey shine congo bfr... baba ijesha never force her... No case on this matter.
Your ignorance is appalling!


Family / Re: Lady Finds Out Her Sister Is Her Mother (Video) by sweettease(f): 7:19pm On Mar 08, 2021
Can a decent lady wear those things she is wearing on her nose? I tire for some of
these slay queens
Decent lady police aiye. Wehdone sir!
Is that really your best thoughts on the video? SMH
TV/Movies / Re: Review Of Namaste Wahala: A Nollywood - Bollywood Movie (Photos, Video) by sweettease(f): 2:05pm On Feb 22, 2021
You’ve never watched anything romantic and good on Netflix?
That kind of scripted lie did not make me bother to read the rest of your write up even though the topic initially got me excited.

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Music/Radio / Re: Fela Kuti Nominated For 2021 Rock, Roll Hall Of Fame by sweettease(f): 10:45am On Feb 12, 2021
This is the same Fela some children born yesterday said he doesn’t know how to sing
Hahahaaa... I used to feel same way until I got old enough to understand the emotions in his songs, especially those caused by the iniquities of our leaders. One has to get to a certain age to unlock the 7th sense that makes you understand the fuss about Fela.

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Religion / Re: Father Christmas Scares A Child As She Cries & Runs Away by sweettease(f): 3:06pm On Dec 25, 2020
Jim Carrey's was especially good in that movie sha.
Right! I marveled at his personality! The Grinch, Ace Venturer, the mask, Dumb and Dumber, Me-myself-and Irene. He was just something else cheesy

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Religion / Re: Father Christmas Scares A Child As She Cries & Runs Away by sweettease(f): 10:51am On Dec 25, 2020
Brings back memories.... How the Grinch Stole Christmas is still one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time.

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Crime / Re: Lady Caged For 3 Years By Her Husband In Delta Over Witchcraft Accusation by sweettease(f): 2:43pm On Nov 17, 2020
I wept when I read this. 3 kids like this cry
Foreign Affairs / Re: About 50% Of Joe Biden's Transition Team Composed Of "People Of Colour" by sweettease(f): 2:19pm On Nov 16, 2020
CNN acting the script given them since decision was made to move against Trump.

Maybe it escaped your eyes, but sometimes in early February when USA was just registering its first coronavirus case, a Nairalnder made a comment that Trump will lose reelection because of Coronavirus.

I dismissed it then because I thought America might not be as hard hit as it presently is but I guess I was wrong.

There are many secret agents here on this forum who are privy to so many classified information and I'm sure that guy was aware of something we didn't know.

Again, I'm of the view that Pfizer deliberately delayed announcement of their vaccine to make sure Trump loses. Or why did they make the announcement just barely one week after the elections.

The forces against Trump prepared for him long ago. And these guys are not just after Trump, they are after something more.
Conspiracy theorist aiye grin... wehdone sir

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