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Travel / Re: A Nigeria Man Cry Out For Help, As His Wife Sleeps Outside, Constantly. He Lame by tchidi066(f): 1:09pm On Dec 14, 2022
Funny but not funny, if this is real, then I'll ask for a separation, also men need to kill this mentality that they are coming to Nigeria to get a naive girl, that naive girl would oneday wise up and deal with you, why not build your relationship from the scratch or better still work out a relationship in the country you reside in, I have always been a supporter of courtship before marriage. Nigerian men should also understand that the mentality of we being the house slave and submissive , subdued woman they treat anyhow narrative won't work in Europe. Treat your woman right, help with house chores, share responsibilities, give her a say in family decision, it won't kill you. It doesn't take an inch from the man you are, that egocentric, patriarchal mentality won't work

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Technology Market / Re: . by tchidi066(f): 10:16am On Nov 28, 2022
Intel core i3
4gb Ram
256gb Storage
Windows 10
2 hours battery backup
Comes with charger

Price: 45k (Negotiable)
Where are you located at?
Education / Re: Unavailability Of Result: What Are My Chances If I Sue A School For This Reason? by tchidi066(f): 8:20pm On Oct 25, 2022

Not at all. UNICAL
Did you say UNICAL? I'm surprised that such a thing will be going out there, I graduated 2018 and my result was ready before I went for service, infact I used my original certificate for service, please which department? Are you sure there is nothing sinister going on or your result has not been tampered with?


Fashion / Re: Body Cream Recommendation Needed by tchidi066(f): 7:53pm On Oct 19, 2022
Let me give you my own recommendation:
For your wash, try dove body wash, or cottage fresh black soap, trust me these two work, but get the originals
For your face soap, get extra beauty herbal soap, it's pretty small and goes for 500-600 naira
For lotion, you can try the Dr teal vitamin c lotion or Nivea q10 lotion (also contain vitamin c), but when using during daytime, use with sunscreen, because vitamin c can react to sun and cause burns. For body oil, try bio oil or clear nature oil...


Culture / Re: Please Is This True About This Tribe? by tchidi066(f): 7:37pm On Oct 16, 2022
Yes , they are still cannibals till date...
Foolish question angry

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Romance / Re: Body Odour And Mouth Odour Is Killing Me , I Need Help by tchidi066(f): 10:11pm On Aug 29, 2022
Firstly, go see a doctor and be sure you don't have stomach or any internal ulcer
Next get soaps with menthol, like dettol cool and the rest, shower at least twice a day. Always shave your pubic hair, especially your armpits. Scrub your armpit well when washing, again get a roll on, nivea men will do. Next when washing your clothes, wash the armpit and neck area. Get a body spray for your body and cologne for your clothes. Avoid certain food like garlic and the rest. When brushing make sure you scrub your tongue and go deeper, when you do these you will notice some slimy stuff coming out. Eat ginger to kill bad breadth. If you smoke you need to stop...Goodluck
Crime / Re: Alika Ogorchukwu Killed In Italy - Nigerian Embassy Reacts by tchidi066(f): 1:38am On Jul 31, 2022
Igbo amaka grin grin grin
I dont like igbos at all at all grin
Nobody cares if you like them or not... tribal bigot
Food / Re: What Is Your Favourite Meat? by tchidi066(f): 6:09pm On Jul 25, 2022
Goat meat, I love it most when fried

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Romance / Re: Man Dumps Pregnant Soon-to-be Wife For His Ex-boyfriend (pic/vid) by tchidi066(f): 4:26pm On Jul 20, 2022
This is insane, but why do I find it funny grin


Education / Re: School No Be Scam, Only Few Graduates Can Know This by tchidi066(f): 5:07pm On Jun 28, 2022

Please explain more on this.
Why those the variant there the difference.
I'm sure it can serve as a pronoun, a noun, an adverb, can also be used before an adjective or an adjectival noun.... So in this case what does it represent
'The' is an article( I think a definite article) used when referring to a particular person or thing), so I chose my answer according to the subject (doer of the action).

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Education / Re: School No Be Scam, Only Few Graduates Can Know This by tchidi066(f): 12:06pm On Jun 28, 2022
has arrived(they are refering to one person who is both the chairman and president)
If it was written this way: (the president and the chairman ) then 'have' should be used as it is refering to two persons


Family / Re: Slippers: At What Age Did You Learn To Wear It Right? Picture Attached by tchidi066(f): 10:53am On Mar 13, 2022
I don't think I ever got it wrong, I can't remember my mum scolding me for such, I guess as a result of being the youngest child and having older siblings I got it right on time.
Travel / Re: Is It Not Time For Africans To Stop Going To Arab Countries(photos) by tchidi066(f): 9:43pm On Mar 11, 2022
Those Arabs are deadly, very toxic and inhumane, ever wondered why black and white or black and asian interracial marriages are common, but you hardly see black and Arabs as couples. They also practice this dastardly act they call honour killing, I don't envy them.

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Education / Re: List Five Pairs Of Confusing Words And Their Meaning by tchidi066(f): 6:35pm On Feb 16, 2022
Another thing is a lot of us mistaken indomie for noodles, you will hear someone say, "Buy me Tommy Tommy indomie" it should be Tommy Tommy noodles
Again it is detergent not omo. Ariel detergent not Ariel omo
Education / Re: List Five Pairs Of Confusing Words And Their Meaning by tchidi066(f): 6:30pm On Feb 16, 2022
Though not a word but a phrase and how it's correctly used.
How do you properly respond to the question below and what does those response actually mean.

Do you mind having noodles for dinner?

Yes I do mind
Yes I don't mind
No I don't mind
No I do mind
No, I don't mind(I actually want noodles)
Yes, I do mind(I don't want noodles)
Education / Re: List Five Pairs Of Confusing Words And Their Meaning by tchidi066(f): 6:27pm On Feb 16, 2022
[quote author=micflo28 post=110283831]Faithful/fateful [/quot/Faithful-staying true or being committed (She has been faithful to her partner)
Fate- like condition or circumstance surrounding someone(Her fate is such a pitiful one/ She has accepted her fate )
Education / Re: List Five Pairs Of Confusing Words And Their Meaning by tchidi066(f): 6:21pm On Feb 16, 2022
One is a noun, one is a verb
Advice(She yielded to my advice) noun
Advise(I advised her to take the second option)verb


Politics / Re: What I Saw In The Street Of Calabar By 11:38pm (photos) by tchidi066(f): 7:02pm On Feb 14, 2022
I won't say much on this topic, but I have had a gory experience with this set of boys, I was coming back from night class since it was my first year and semester in school, coming back by 5 pm they ambushed me and almost design my body with machete, that marks the end of night classes for me till I graduated, they look innocent at daytime but don't pray to encounter them at night, they almost killed a friend of mine...
Education / Re: Have You Ever Forgotten The Spelling Of A Word In An Exam, What Was The Word? by tchidi066(f): 12:56am On Feb 09, 2022
Being-this is a continuous tense, e.g she is being stubborn, I am being forced to take up the task
Been-past I have been to obudu cattle ranch, the baby has been fed, This has been going on for quite a while...
English can be complicated atimes...
Now for my own lost word during exam, it was "what", WASSCE for that matter


Family / Re: Can One Love A Particular Child More Than Other Children In The Family? by tchidi066(f): 7:34pm On Dec 24, 2021
It's not a new thing, sometimes it's inevitable and they can't help it, I still remain a daddy's girl and I'm the only one among my siblings who can talk to him heart to heart, my immediate elder brother is my mum's favourite, things about him bother her so much, and even at this adult stage, nothing has changed
Celebrities / Re: Remember The Little Boy Who Act Baby Day's Out See Him Now After Many Years by tchidi066(f): 7:53am On Dec 24, 2021
Lol, baby days out, one of my favourite movies, though I watched it when I was pretty young, my favourite scene was when one of the abductors hid the baby on his lap and covered him with a jacket, the baby got a matchbox, lit it on the man's joystick, it was crazy.


Travel / Re: Uber Driver Attacks Woman; Uber Deletes Her Account After She Reported To Them by tchidi066(f): 8:51pm On Dec 18, 2021
Imagine the nonsense, no matter the offense the man has no right whatsoever to inflict injuries on the lady, I don't blame him, I blame the society we find ourselves, if it was in a sane clime, he would be cooling his butt in jail, and for those who would quote me to say gibberish, may your mothers be beaten till she becomes unconscious...

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Travel / Re: Moment Passengers Came Out To Push Plane On Runway After Tyre Burst (video) by tchidi066(f): 10:40pm On Dec 11, 2021
grin grin grin
Travel / Re: The Scammer… Olu Micheal Of Forbes Global Project! by tchidi066(f): 7:06pm On Dec 02, 2021
Nigerians never learn, what's in visa processing you can't do yourself, is it laziness or lack of enlightenment, na wa o...

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Celebrities / Re: "Amala Is Trash And Should Be Banned" - Bbnaija's Yerins Blows Hot (photos) by tchidi066(f): 5:59pm On Nov 29, 2021
Well, it doesn't appear appealing, but I love that food, especially when the amala is smoking hot
Food / Re: Have You Ever Known Or Met Someone Who Could Eat So Much At A Sitting. by tchidi066(f): 9:32pm On Nov 20, 2021
Wahala dey o, we wey no fit finish one super pack nko, I eat once in a day and the rest are light food, I can take roasted corn or biscuits and tea to bed. It didn't start today. I remembered as a child, while others brought food to school, I brought biscuits, just two packs. My parents stopped giving me food when they discovered I always returned it full. It really helped me during my university days though...

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Romance / Re: My Fiancé Wants To Call It A Quit Because I Don't Relate With His Siblings by tchidi066(f): 9:52pm On Nov 15, 2021
Babe, in this life, never ever displease yourself to please someone else, the way I'm seeing that guy, he is going to swallow whatever his family says hook line and sinker when the time comes... A puppet to be pummeled around, tell him the blunt truth, you are an introvert and can't change your personality overnight. A man who truly loves you will protect you and defend you when the family tries to bring out your flaws. Please be yourself, pretense has its own consequences on the long run, there is no need proving anything to anyone, it's your man's job to portray you in a good light before his family...


Romance / Re: Please Help!! My Girlfriend Can't Change From This Habit. by tchidi066(f): 11:16pm On Nov 14, 2021
@op, sorry but your girlfriend is simply dirty, disgusting, if there is no water in the house, I'll rather hold my poo than doing it without flushing, a lady for that matter, i wonder how she takes care of her privates... Na wa o


Education / Re: Guess The Subject by tchidi066(f): 11:02pm On Nov 14, 2021
My intro tech teacher, Mr Gbenga. Anwar-ul-islam college, agege. 2000.
Waow, you attended anwaru Islam, I do come to your school for competitions that year, memories...


Education / Re: 10-year-old Girl Commits Suicide After Facing Racial Bully In School (Photos) by tchidi066(f): 12:07am On Nov 11, 2021
This bullying of a thing, I'll also fault the teacher, i once taught kids during my nysc days and saw how most of my students in my class picked on one boy, he was chubby so they called him fat, the boy was at the brink of tears, i got mad and sternly warned them that the next time any of them try to say nasty things about the boy, they will get it hot from me, till I left, such never occured again, the girl's teachers failed her, her parents failed her, they acted nonchalantly, the administration too...its not just catering for the cognitive development of the child, what about the affective aspect that gets to do with bahaviour and emotions...
Family / Re: I by tchidi066(f): 8:12pm On Nov 08, 2021
Na wa o, this one pass me abeg ...but that your babe sha, she is a true definition of someone who doesn't know what she wants, one leg inside, one leg outside, the only thing i can advise you on is to take a DNA test, as for your friend, let nature take its due course, nothing is hidden under the sun, whether he is guilty or not, time will tell, you don't need to force the truth from anyone
Properties / Re: Wife, Brothers Of Late Owner Of Collapsed Ikoyi Building, Fight Over Bank Detail by tchidi066(f): 5:47pm On Nov 06, 2021
Meanwhile, I may change my mind about how to relate with women if I eventually find the kind of woman that deserves it, but it is becoming a bit late for me to find such lady as things are already becoming smooth for me. And any lady that comes into my life after I make it, her name na sorry because there's nothing that can convince that she's not there for my money. Absolutely nothing!
How much do you even have, oga park well jhoor, it's the innocent lady that will end up with a miserable being like you that I'm sorry for... Empty barrels make the loudest noise


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