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Health / When Envy Strikes: Making The Best Out Of An Ugly Emotion by Tedassie(m): 1:09pm On Mar 29
Envy can be an ugly emotion. A study published in the journal Science showed that it actually activates a region of the brain involved in processing physical pain. No wonder people go to such lengths to ignore or deny the emotion. Yet it’s nearly impossible to dodge, because envy is an inevitable consequence of the comparisons we seem programmed to make.
Researchers have found that when you put a group of strangers in a room, they start to assess each other almost immediately. “Whether you’re aware of it or not, most people are automatically sizing up the crowd—who’s smarter, who’s tougher, who’s more beautiful,” says Richard Smith, PhD, editor of the anthology Envy: Theory and Research. “We’re all different, and those differences matter.” But—contrary to popular belief—feeling envious isn’t always a bad thing.
Psychologists have identified two very distinct kinds of envy: malicious and benign. Malicious envy is bitter and biting, driven by aneed to make things equal, even if that means tearing another person down. Benign envy, on the other hand, has an aspirational aspect—you think, “If she can do it, maybe I can, too.” Though the feeling is still unpleasant, it’s tinged with admiration ratherthan resentment.
In a study published last year, economists at the University of East Anglia found that malicious envy stifled innovation among farmers in four villages in rural Ethiopia. During experimental games, the farmers were often willing to sabotage their peers, even at their own expense. As the sabotage became more widespread within a community, farmers were less likely to adopt new practices, for fear that they would be targeted by their neighbors.
Meanwhile another 2011 study, done in the Netherlands, revealed benign envy as a powerful motivational force. Researchers at Tilburg University discovered that—compared with feelings of malicious envy and pure admiration—benign envy led students to dedicate more time to their schoolwork, and perform better on.
Health / Re: Coronavirus: 4 New Cases In Lagos, Nigeria Confirmed By State Ministry Of Health by Tedassie(m): 5:04pm On Mar 19
Oh boy! Looks like things are getting messier real fast.

It's a no brainer. More cases are going to spring up. As we speak we may already have hundreds of unreported positive cases roaming within the populace.

Our only hope is our natural defense system and discipline in adhering to social distancing restrictions. Let's pray that infected persons continue to be asymptomatic.

Contagion rises once more.
People that are carriers and are asymptomatic,pose even greater danger. Because they can just as easily,spread the virus...perhaps unknowningly. Transparency in disclosure of infection status by these category of victims eases things a bit. But who is willing to put their reputation on the line,for the sake of transparency and public safety? You know how people stigmatize others for many things in this part of the world.
Secondly,folding our arms to rest our hopes on the strength of our immune system is neither pragmatic nor common sensical(if there's a word like that). The younger population (neonates and toddlers) whose immune system isn't quite sophisticated enough to deal with such kind of viruses are prone to suffer from this kind and die from it!
Celebrities / Re: D'banj Working Out With His Son (video) by Tedassie(m): 11:12am On Mar 11
Which Son ? .

The dead one ? . I thought his son was dead .

Didn't know he had another child .

I didn't know his wife took in again . To those quoting me . How do you read my words ? .
You're still in 2018,come to 2020. Thx
Religion / Re: Was Coronavirus Included In 2020 Prophecies? by Tedassie(m): 2:38pm On Mar 04
Religion / Re: Was Coronavirus Included In 2020 Prophecies? by Tedassie(m): 9:48pm On Mar 01

You are the only person that has commented maturely. The rest quoting me lack understanding.
They want every prophecy to suit them.
Imagine, they are saying why did the man no say the exact date, I call that foolishness that's why have not been replying them.
These virus is not a small as they think prophecy or no prophecy.
The earlier they take it serious be better for humans.
Lol. leave those ones
I've been following up most of this man's prophecies for years. He predicted this insurgency (Boko Haram and co) as far back as 2006/7,at the time he said,this insurgency would linger on for a long time. He made a veiled prediction of the person that would succeed GEJ,saying the person will be a retired army man. He also predicted that the police uniform would be modified;blue would be included)...many stuff that i can't all recall
Religion / Re: Was Coronavirus Included In 2020 Prophecies? by Tedassie(m): 12:03am On Mar 01
Primate Ayodele prophesied it that a virus worst than ebola would come sometimes in 2015/16.
That man's prophecies are often accurate. I like the fact that he keeps a low profile

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: Snakes The Likely Cause Of Deadly Chinese Virus by Tedassie(m): 2:14am On Jan 24
This is not a joking matter at all. Heard on Cable news that WHO might declare a global health emergency over this virus very soon.
They should. With migration and emigration of people,the transmission across continents is imminent.
Romance / Re: New Member by Tedassie(m): 1:42pm On Jan 15
Hi nairalanders, I am a new member and would like to make friends, please welcome me to the Nairaland family.
Welcome dearie

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Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth, Wife, Elsie Okpocha And Daughter Looking Adorable In New Picture by Tedassie(m): 12:49pm On Jan 09
Me and my family in some years time wink
Could it be us¿
Romance / Re: Female Ejaculation: Does It Exist? by Tedassie(m): 11:39pm On Jan 08
If you are po*n freak, this question is not for you. I don't think it exists, the male Instruments has two functions pee and procreation, the Female pee and Birthing...
I'm not asking about vaginal moistness, but male like orgasms do females get that?. A friend is trying to end a 2year relationship because her boyfriend can't give her orgasms and I honestly don't think there's any orgasm to be given...
Ladies have you ever had an orgasm? No hearsay!
Gents have your lady had one?
Share your thoughts like matured, civilized individuals!
Yes, female ejaculation is VERY much real. I have witnessed it myself! Trust me I was in awe.

There are actually two different types of female ejaculation: Squirting or gushing and the Secretion(ejaculation). The fluids that emanate in these two distinct ejaculation types also differ in appearance,consistency,flow and even quantity.

The fluids are named distinctly from each other as well,below:
Squirting fluid This fluid is usually colorless and odorless, and it occurs in large quantities. A woman on the throes of climax,can emit nearly a bucketful of this fluid nonstop! Imagine,jets of water rushing out of a faucet, that's a way to describe this one.

Ejaculate fluid This type more closely resembles male semen. It is typically slimy, thick(but definitely lighter than semen) and appears milky. This one flows out in a less rapid or forceful manner.
A woman can experience one or the other at different times during sex.

I was gonna post a video link but naah

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Foreign Affairs / Re: This Is How Body Of General Quassem Soleimani Was Flown To Iran(Photos) by Tedassie(m): 3:16pm On Jan 07

Is like this man was so loved by his people, even women crying

But wait oo, was it not a missle hit, where dem come see "body" I be think say the body scatter

Health / Re: Her Palms Are Peeling. She Needs Help (Photos) by Tedassie(m): 3:04pm On Jan 07
Are you sure?
Foreign Affairs / Re: This Is How Body Of General Quassem Soleimani Was Flown To Iran(Photos) by Tedassie(m): 12:01pm On Jan 07

So the state supersede Islamic tenets? In essence they can waive these Islamic rules whenever it suits them. If they were to adhere strictly to these Islamic laws, the bits and pieces would have been packed into a blanket and shoved into Mother Earth before the sun went down, but alas, days later his corpse is still being being ferried around like the mummy of King Tut.

Double standard is what I see here. Islamic laws are truly for the poor and hoi polloi.
What do you expect from a cult..sorry.. religion of whom it's Prophet married 13 wives,but prescribed a "maximum" of 4 to the adherents!

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Romance / Re: Amaka Preaches Against Premarital Sex On Twitter by Tedassie(m): 11:50am On Jan 07

Naptu2, did they later meet up for the nacks? cheesy
Come to Twitter for updates
Romance / Re: Amaka Preaches Against Premarital Sex On Twitter by Tedassie(m): 11:46am On Jan 07
Lol...see as them rubbish the girl for Twitter after she follow rubbish another person
Religion / Re: This Is Why Every Muslim Should Accept Jesus As Their Messiah. by Tedassie(m): 12:57am On Jan 07
Let me get this right, I only have to do good works and believe in Jesus to enter paradise? How the hell is Christianity not a religion?

Please,where did I ever say that in the post?

Except you misread No 7!
I said Salvation of one's soul is NOT obtained by one's effort and I went on to explain what I meant by the phrase "One's effort", in parentheses "( )"

You can re-read it. There's no contradictory statement there.
Religion / Re: MURIC: 'Christians Enjoy More Holidays Than Muslims In Nigeria' by Tedassie(m): 3:54pm On Jan 04
why didn't you go to work on January 1st since it is not your own new year's day? We just like creating problems for ourselves, no religious tolerance whatsoever. The Christians will cry foul, the Muslims will cry their own. Kilode? Yet we say we serve the living God. undecided
Lol... you dunno what's going on
Religion / Re: MURIC: 'Christians Enjoy More Holidays Than Muslims In Nigeria' by Tedassie(m): 3:49pm On Jan 04
Become Christians and enjoy the holidays as well
Do you even see the treachery and absurdity in his submission? Not sure you read it sef
Religion / Re: MURIC: 'Christians Enjoy More Holidays Than Muslims In Nigeria' by Tedassie(m): 3:43pm On Jan 04
What is the relationship between holidays and the killings of Christians in Nigeria especially those in the captivity of Islamic Bokoharam
As in,I tried to relate it and it makes zero sense. I can't believe a right thinking person representing a group could think this way! Just look at how he mischievously obfuscated from the Crux of the matter,which is the "Persecution and Killing of Christians" to advocation of public holidays for muslims.
Family / Re: Pregnant Woman Dies Of Snakebite From Snake In Toilet in Kaduna ( Photos) by Tedassie(m): 9:51pm On Jan 03
Sad! My condolences to the bereaved.

There are just more than 1'0001 ways to die in Nigeria and a million and one reasons to leave the country. Common venom our hospitals no get. Tufiakwa!

Meanwhile snakes are cold blooded animals, so during this harmattan season, they'll be searching for warm places to get some heat.

I use God beg una always check behind all those items close to the wall to avoid wahala. Clear your environment of useless household properties and grasses. no dey chook chook hand inside tight corners.

Lastly always have bitter kola at home. Grind and spread the powder around and chew enough if you feel you've been bitten.
Last line...very important.
Phones / Re: Which Phone Apps Kept You Occupied In 2019? by Tedassie(m): 8:52pm On Jan 02
I sure am.
Phones / Re: Which Phone Apps Kept You Occupied In 2019? by Tedassie(m): 5:23pm On Jan 02
I wish you the same.It's been a while.How are you?
Yeah,I'm good. Trust you are as well?
Phones / Re: Which Phone Apps Kept You Occupied In 2019? by Tedassie(m): 4:23pm On Jan 02
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Opera Mini
Phones / Re: Which Phone Apps Kept You Occupied In 2019? by Tedassie(m): 4:22pm On Jan 02
My dearest quora and also YouTube.
Happy New year,dear
Religion / Re: This Is Why Every Muslim Should Accept Jesus As Their Messiah. by Tedassie(m): 4:04pm On Jan 02
believe me I read, read, and read your comments but I couldn't make sense of it, just answer my question.. who was the way truth and life during Abraham, Isaac, jocob, Solomon, David and others...and if salvation comes from believing that Jesus is God then where the the followers of those prophet end up?
I'll answer you to the best of my ability
To your first question.
"Who was the way truth and life during Abraham,Isaac,Jacob,Solomon,David and others"
Jesus. The best way I can explain this,is using this scripture below: 1 Colossians 15-16
15. And he is the image of the invisible God,the firstborn of all creation
16. For through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth
The "he" and "him" in verse 15&16;respectively refers to Jesus the Christ.
In the Old testament,the people of Israel worshipped God and atoned for their sins by offering sacrifices of lambs or bulls through Priests. The animals were to be pure(i.e spotless) in order to be acceptable to God as a sacrifice for the atonement of sin.
The Prophets' roles were almost similar but more specific. They were to act as mediators between God and man. Prophets 'spoke' first-hand to God on behalf of the people and communicated the messages,warnings,promises etc of God to the people.
Now,Jesus Christ;came as a man and [was] PERFECT AND SINLESS. The significance of His mission on earth was that He was a representation of not just a Prophet and A priest, but The Ultimate Sacrifice(Lamb of God) for the Salvation of man from Sin by His Death& Resurrection. Here's the interesting thing:
1)The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ qualifies Him as The Ultimate Mediator btw (God;The Father) and Mankind. So In other words,we don't need Priests or Prophets to be able to communicate with God like in the days of old.(Hebrews 12:24)

2)It is no longer necessary or valid for us(redeemed ppl) to slaughter lambs or sheep as a sacrifice for atonement of sin. All we need do,is believe in Jesus and the redemptive power of His blood on the Cross (Matthew 26:27-28)(Colossians 1:20)(Ephesians 1:7) etc.

3)His Blood doesn't speak Vengeance( Hebrews 12:24)

To your other question:
Their faith and righteousness in their service to God will be counted to them still. However,to those of us alive in this present age and have heard The Gospel of Christ,it is our faith in this Gospel that speaks for us on the Day of Judgement.

Allylic and AryEmber
Religion / Re: This Is Why Every Muslim Should Accept Jesus As Their Messiah. by Tedassie(m): 9:57pm On Dec 31, 2019
Hmm.... That's a lot. I suppose Christianity is the religion from God then?
Can I shock you for a moment!?

1)Religion is man's idea not God's idea.

2)Jesus did NOT come to establish a religion,rather he came to restore man's relationship with God that had been lost(as a result of the Fall of Adam through sin).
(1 Corinthians 15:45-48)

3) Religion appeals to legalism (i.e merely following dos and don'ts). Observing perfunctory acts to be acceptable before a supreme being (God),while this isn't wrong...However Religion has no ability to make man righteous or free from sin(Romans 7:6)... If you will,I can expatiate more on this.

4) Christianity IS NOT A RELIGION as many alude it to be. It is a lot deeper than what we are made to understand(this isn't a gimmick).

5) Christianity is
a personal,experiential relationship with God in Christ Jesus. Religion only seems to bridge the gap between the Divine and Humanity,but this isn't the case,as religion masks man imperfections to be acceptable to a supreme being(God).

6) Salvation: The foundation and essence of Christianity as a Faith-system is hinged on belief in the redemptive power in the Death& Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the bondage of Sin and Death...this is a spiritual truth you can't possibly understand with human logic!

7) Christianity is also the belief that Salvation of one's soul...is a free gift. it is not something you earn,through or by your own effort (i.e doing good works, behavior modification). This very core is what distinguishes Christianity from every other faith.

I can go on and on. I implore you(if you don't mind) to read these powerful and compelling testimonies below.
Religion / Re: This Is Why Every Muslim Should Accept Jesus As Their Messiah. by Tedassie(m): 1:09pm On Dec 30, 2019
I can't view that. If it is something you think might interest me, kindly give me the summary.
An ex-Muslim provides evidence that the Qur'an is NOT a Divine book from God(as claimed) but rather a book borne out of deception from a demon(commonly referred in Arabian folklore as Jinn). The speaker identifies it's name from RELIABLE sources as Al-abyad and we're made to understand it masqueraded itself as "Angel Gabriel" to deceive Muhammad. He proves this from Islamic commentaries of (Ibn Abbas;a companion of Muhammad) and a biography of Prophet Muhammad named the Sealed Nectar.

There you go.
Religion / Re: This Is Why Every Muslim Should Accept Jesus As Their Messiah. by Tedassie(m): 11:49pm On Dec 29, 2019
pls remind me who was the way,truth and life during the time of abraham,isaac,jakob,moses and other prophet b4 jesus? Where will thier followers go paradise or hell ?
Understand that writings of the Judaeo-christian world were recorded as Testaments(We have the Old Testament and the New Testament). These testaments talks about how God established a series of covenants between Himself and Man, transgenerationally; beginning from the Fall of Adam spanning through to the time of Christ and after. Between the book of Genesis down to Revelation,these came to be identified (by theologians) as the 7 dispensations of God's Covenant(I don't want to burden you with lengthy details on this part, but if you want me to explain further I can indulge you).

But my point is,God communed with the Patriarchs of the Bible (Adam,Abraham,Isaac etc) based on a particular dispensation they were in. Thus,standards of righteousness or morality were valid based on adherence to the laid-down requirements of a said covenant.
Religion / Re: This Is Why Every Muslim Should Accept Jesus As Their Messiah. by Tedassie(m): 10:57pm On Dec 29, 2019
I can't stop laughing, this is not about religion yet I must accept Jesus as my saviour. Which religion's anthem is that again? Oh! I remember know, Christianity. What you should have said is that a muslim that does not believe in the existence of Jesus is not a muslim not accept him as this 'mighty saviour'

Celebrities / Re: Jemiriye Adeniji Honoured By Martin Luther King's Family (Photos) by Tedassie(m): 10:10pm On Dec 29, 2019
my sisters luvethsam, Blackgurl247, janettee, Faysuze, julianatmercy, khiaa, nikkflexible, heartdesir, Pinkyposh, mynd1, Adurabledamsel, Ladyamina2......come n see dis one insulting a lady
You're mentioning them as what na? make dem give you BJ¿ grin
Celebrities / Re: Jemiriye Adeniji Honoured By Martin Luther King's Family (Photos) by Tedassie(m): 10:06pm On Dec 29, 2019
She's very authentic in displaying her roots. Now I ask,if she were still in Nigeria would she have the recognition she's currently enjoying? Truly a prophet is not appreciated in his home town
Celebrities / Re: Future And Lori Harvey Arrive Lagos, Nigeria For A Concert by Tedassie(m): 4:07pm On Dec 29, 2019
Okay. Meanwhile check my signature and watch the video

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