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Family / Re: Help! Am I Wrong Asking My Wife To Talk To Her Mum by thesmallgod(m): 3:25pm On Aug 29
Who is Godmother?.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians Confront Ethiopian Man Who Claimed To Be Nigerian After Crime In Dubai by thesmallgod(m): 12:43pm On Jul 28
You will not understand this until you travel outside the country. The west has painted and tarnished the Nigerian image. Sometimes you don't even get the chance to express yourself before being condemned as a foreigner. The worst part is that Nigerians don't stand for themselves in a foreign country. The only time you get to see Nigerians being closed is when they need help. When foreigners ask me about rampant crime in Nigeria, I always tell them crime is a global thing. It now depends on how you choose to see it.

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Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy's Mother Is Dead (Pictures) by thesmallgod(m): 8:14am On Jul 23
Don Jazzy is a total failure, so her mama no live to see her kids? Anyway, R.I.P Mama Ajereh.

Better than a living failure like you.

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Health / Re: Stay Away From Drugs. I Lost A Friend & My Personal Story (How I Almost Died) by thesmallgod(m): 11:09am On Jul 20
I'm actually your class mate. Same school, same faculty but different department (Chemical Engineering). I wish you all the best


Politics / Re: Isaac Fayose: Jandor And Funke Akindele Ticket, Wedding In Government House? by thesmallgod(m): 6:13am On Jul 14

Funke is NOT an idiot and the governorship candidate too doesn't appear like an idiot! Funke is a Lawyer if you don't know. It is wrong to call someone who's generally believed to be LEARNED an idiot. If the politicians had given thought to the recruitment process, Funke and Jandor would have been considered a bam. It is only a sound mind that could have created the Jennifer Television persona! It thus appears that someone else is the Idiot here. I'm not a politician though. May God punish ALL of them.
A lawyer that cannot defend her marriage. Saraki too is medical doctor. Do you think he still remember how to use even a stethoscope


Religion / Re: Ondo Police Statement On Kidnapped Children That Were Rescued From A Church by thesmallgod(m): 4:44pm On Jul 03
Pentecostal and their delusional believe
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed A Kidney, He Brought In A 15-year-old Boy Illegally by thesmallgod(m): 6:37pm On Jun 23
This is part of the reason most foreign countries don't think something positive when their citizens meet a Nigerian. Imagine a deputy senate president involve in such crime

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Politics / Re: The Nation Confirms Senator Ekweremadu, Wife's Arrest, Arraignment In The UK by thesmallgod(m): 1:12pm On Jun 23
A whole deputy senate president of a country
Travel / Re: Finally I'm In America by thesmallgod(m): 6:32am On Jun 22
US that it's citizens are complaining about from now till tomorrow. The same US that is riddled with homelessness, gun violence and all sorts of rubbish. If you wan Japa better go to Finland or the Netherlands.
Finland that shares border with Russia grin
Politics / Re: I Just Got Registered My Pvc On-line. Get Yours Today by thesmallgod(m): 4:08pm On Jun 19

We have been hearing this your gospel for years.

A wise man once said. "When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers - only better and better lies."

You are a shallow thinker. People like you will keep on complain until you enter your grave. You want better life but you keep on complaining without taking any step
Politics / Re: Russia: 38 Nigerian Mercenaries Killed In Ukraine, 12 Still Fighting by thesmallgod(m): 8:21am On Jun 19

he actually left to fight
Was he a soldier in Nigeria military before he left because I am not sure a civilian will take arm and want to go and fight in an another country
Education / Re: Two Nairalanders Bagged 2 Masters Degree Within 2 Years In Estonia In Estonia by thesmallgod(m): 2:17pm On Jun 18
And another nairalander follows

Congratulations sir. I recently met you at the Nigeria embassy in Vienna
Phones / Re: Banned From Using Whatsapp Who Has Encountered It? by thesmallgod(m): 8:38am On Apr 05
I have been banned more than 10 times on WhatsApp, in fact, there was a time last month that I was banned almost 5 times within the space of two days and I was still able to get my account back.

Immediately they ban my account I know what to do and sometimes within 30min, my account is unbanned and we move. smiley
Maybe you are being reported by people. Probably you are one of those guy sending messages about fake offers to random people
Crime / Re: Please She Said I Raped Her But I Didn't Do It Now She Is Threatening Me by thesmallgod(m): 2:20pm On Apr 04
Whatever you do, don't submit to blackmail.
I'd advice you to call her bluff and be prepared to withstand whatever storm that comes.

One thing is certain, if you are clever, smart and intelligent, you'd get through it.
Don't ever act with emotions. Make sure all your actions, including your chats with her, are calculated and intentional. With that, you'll easily change the narrative.

Sorry this happened to you bro. Learn and don't fall for such next time.
Most Nigerian women are useless.

It is very likely that she will request money and threaten to expose him. This is very common nowadays and that is the reason why a man should have self-control
Crime / Re: Please She Said I Raped Her But I Didn't Do It Now She Is Threatening Me by thesmallgod(m): 2:18pm On Apr 04
This same stuff happened to me. When you see such things unfolding next time . Just walk her out. And next time she chats you up, be blunt with words and do not sugar coat words
Both of them know initially what they want to do. It is just that the lady wants to outsmart him. She baited him and he fell for it. Somebody told you he is bored and wants to talk, but next thing, you have already arranged to come and visit him. That did not end up there, they both started illicit and profane gestures.
Crime / Re: Please She Said I Raped Her But I Didn't Do It Now She Is Threatening Me by thesmallgod(m): 2:08pm On Apr 04
Oga, you sounded like an unapologetic rapist in your post.

Rape involve any form of forceful penetration, if you like use finger or cassava.
You don't know that stripping and fingering a girl without her consent is rape?

Secondly because a lady comes to your house and sits on your lap does not mean she wants sex.

Learn how to control your John Thomas.
It is like craze dey worry you. Didn't you read the part when the lady was seducing him?
Career / Re: Chicken Republic Reacts To Sack Of Security Guards by thesmallgod(m): 5:54pm On Mar 07
I do not know while people are always eager to turn narrative to suit their interests. Even though I am not in support of sacking these guys but what they have done is totally wrong. When they take up the job they have a job agreement and other documents that specifically states all their roles and responsibilities. Is entertaining guests by dancing part of their duty?. If they want to add that to their roles, did they inform their employees? It is just like a bank teller that wants to authorise a transaction that supposes to be done by the manager. If a thief run to the chicken republic and steal customers' phones, I know you people will be condemning Chicken republic for employing dancers as security men. Anger and frustration are really turning people's mind around.

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Travel / Re: Offer Of Advice For Interest In Studying In Czech by thesmallgod(m): 2:47pm On Feb 05
Hi, guys new to the forum..
Currently processing admission to Vsb in Czechia, please I need clarification please don't mind how silly it may sound.
1.can I travel with my family once given admission to study Civil engineering

2. The school fee is 3000 Euros per yr what is the minimum amount needed for family.

3. Can my wife work once we get there.

Would be grateful if we'll answered..

Thanks in anticipation
It is better to direct this question to the international office in the school you are going. From what I know, you will need to provide a bulk deposit of not less than 300k CZK, accommodation contract (depending on age, 53k CZK if both of you are above 30 yr) of 1 year for 2 bedroom flat. One year insurance for you and your wife. A budget of around 500k CZK will be enough for this apart from your tuition. all visa types are allowed to work in Czech, so I think your wife can work if you are successful. I wish you all the best.
Career / Re: Man With Two Degrees And Phd Now Working As Labourer At Dangote Refinery by thesmallgod(m): 2:37pm On Feb 05
Education is important but you need to match it up with good skills which can be acquired and perfected in your quest to get an education
Career / Re: Man With Two Degrees And Phd Now Working As Labourer At Dangote Refinery by thesmallgod(m): 2:32pm On Feb 05
I don't know his whole story but with a PhD, he should not find it too difficult getting a lecturing job (if he wants to lecture) with all these private higher institutions springing up.
That is not true bro. I have two of my colleagues that graduated with PhD in Chemical Engineering still looking for jobs for two years now. Recently, one of them told me about getting a 20k teaching job in a private secondary school. A lot is happening in the country
Romance / Re: Should I Accept My Sister's Husbands Marriage Proposal? by thesmallgod(m): 9:11am On Jan 22
What exactly are wrong with ladies of this generation. Why is that you quickly lust over material things. Are you a dog?. Your sister married someone and they separated and you are thinking now of accepting his proposal because the guy is buying you things. On a normal ground, that man should not even be seen 50 meters close your compound, which make me wonder if you really have elders in your family. I won't be surprise if you have been sleeping with that man.
Many of you see your private part as a means of survival or means of elevating your status. You have a futile dream and that is the reason when you get used and dump, you end up calling men a scum. I wonder who is a scum now.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Fatoyinbo: Igbos Find It Difficult Donating Money To Churches by thesmallgod(m): 9:38am On Jan 04
He's telling a fat lie. Maybe he want them to give money. Igbo I know in my Catholic church will donate anything to the house of God


Career / Re: How Fast Can I Get A Job As A Data Scientist Or Software Developer by thesmallgod(m): 12:01am On Dec 25, 2021

If it is that free, we think we should share it for others here, that are also interested.
What happens on Nairaland stay on Nairaland.

We Rise
So that you can start spamming the group with open heaven prayer every morning
Health / Re: Omicron: Canada's Confirmed Cases From Persons With Recent Travel From Nigeria by thesmallgod(m): 8:32am On Nov 29, 2021
Malawi infects Israel - no South African connection.

Egypt infects Belgium - no South African connection.

Nigeria infects Canada - no South African connection.

This thing's been circulating in unvaccinated parts of Africa because people here can't or don't want to vaccinate.

Anti-vaxers, come see your dirty work o. Soon Nigeria will be banned by half the planet as well.

People with full vaccination are getting infected. The vaccine will reduce the level of complications, but it doesn't fully protect you from being infected.
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid, Femi Kuti, Burna, Tems Get Grammy Nominations by thesmallgod(m): 10:55pm On Nov 23, 2021
Winning a Grammy doesn't necessarily mean you sing well or your voice is good. Grammys are actually overrated and the real talented people aren't appreciated. Some singers even reject it these days
Maybe you can start your own award.
Health / Re: Nairalanders Help! Don't Know What Is Happening To My Skin! by thesmallgod(m): 3:01pm On Nov 14, 2021
Psoriasis autoimmune disease
Romance / Re: One Hand Is Working To Bring Money, The Other Hand Is Taking The Money (Pix) by thesmallgod(m): 1:26pm On Nov 11, 2021
Wail from today to the next ten years cheesy cheesy
Men will still run after gold diggers cheesy cheesy cheesy
Even the so called alpha males grin grin grin
85 percent of Nigerian men have no value for good and hard-working women cheesy cheesy cheesy
Most hardworking ladies don't want to be committed to any relationship. This is the reason why many of them are single and at worse they will be a single mother. Any man that find a Nigerian lady who is committed and supportive in term of finance and management of the family, he's very lucky. Average Nigerian lady believe it is the sole responsibility of a man to provide everything needed in the family but what we fail to realize that men are not machine. Even machine also get tired and may need overhauling. Part of the reason some men think women are liabilities.


Travel / Re: Traveling Abroad: Your Guidance Needed by thesmallgod(m): 6:21pm On Nov 04, 2021
Quick one guys. For countries that require u take the covid test 72 hrs before departure,can the test be done anywhere?
You can't do the test anywhere. Here is the link to some private centers accredited by NCDC
Travel / Re: Traveling Abroad: Your Guidance Needed by thesmallgod(m): 6:19pm On Nov 04, 2021
You need to state the country you are going. Many countries in Europe still demand for PCR test even if you are vaccinated. It must not be more than 72 hours. You need to calculate how much time you will spend before arriving at your destination so that you will know when to do the pcr test.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Being A Nigerian Cost Me A Foreign Job by thesmallgod(m): 4:55pm On Oct 21, 2021

Hi *Litmus*,
I never condemned Nigeria as a country, personally I tried helping another Nigerian to secure a job in Dubai ... I posted the vacancy on Nairaland here.
But he has been denied Visa too.
We never created yahoo-boys nor created cultism in Dubai.....the unfortunate part of this is that the other candidate just lost his dad.

Also, This is the third Job being a Nigerian has cost me, I really can’t explain because I seek no sympathy. But please if you have a job opportunity let me know, I will gladly take it.

Thank you sir

My advice to you is to keep on trying. I had similar experience in 2013 when I begged for a job in a group on LinkedIn. A construction superintendent from Germany offer me a job to work in a construction project based in Germany. The processing was smooth until he asked of my country. He stopped everything when I told him I'm from Nigeria. I never relent, I keep on trying until I got an offer from a professor in Czech republic last year.


Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Has Been Poisoned In Cotonou Prison - Kemi Olunloyo by thesmallgod(m): 5:50am On Oct 19, 2021
I wonder what Alafin of Oyo and Ooni of Ife doing about his release.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower: Unknown PPA by thesmallgod(m): 1:15pm On Sep 28, 2021
I ones teach at fufu. Omode is along the same route. Along Unilorin Remedial school

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