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Travel / Re: Share Your Experience Of Life Outside Nigeria. by Ugosample(m): 11:11pm On Oct 23

Lol, abeg leave am, thats how some of these acquired passport holders behave.

undecided undecided
Career / Re: Help, Am In Debt Of Five Million Naira (advice Needed) by Ugosample(m): 11:07pm On Oct 23
I should give you advice on how to pay debt of over 5 million naira.
Aunty, did we spend the money together or did you spend a dime on me?
Biko sell ur benz....

if you don't have some thing sensible to say, carrj your frustrated hungry empty brained worthless self out of here

All these useless goats roaming Nairaland sef undecided

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Business / Re: Dangote In Casuals, Joins Femi Otedola In Monaco by Ugosample(m): 9:29pm On Oct 23

Otedola is not happy.

Why? Dangote has groomed his children to run his businesses for many years to come. They understand the inner workings and are already running some of his businesses. So if Dangote were to be incapacitated his businesses will continue for many years to come.

Meanwhile, Otedola's kids have no interest in his businesses. One is a DJ, the other is a fashion designer
If Otedola were to be incapacitated, his businesses will go the way of Eddie king burgers, Abiolas, and so many others.

I stand to be corrected though.

the company can still hire good managers to continue the business

it does not have to be his kid
Education / Re: OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US by Ugosample(m): 9:07pm On Oct 23
What is there to be happy about?
Most of those people in America are the best Nigeria has to offer.

All the best graduating students, first class and sharp second class upper in your university class are all in America studying mostly on scholarships.

The rest are the children of the very rich that can afford quality expensive American education
That is why we see a tremendous educational success of Nigerians even in US.
They were already the best in Nigeria either academically or materially. .

It is sad for Nigeria, but it is the truth. Our best minds are leaving us and going away.

God knows I will join them soon.

true that

so sad tho that Nigerian best brains are leaving the country for the knuckleheads undecided
Politics / Re: Picking Peter Obi Will Not Make Yorubas Vote Against Atiku – Ajulo by Ugosample(m): 8:57pm On Oct 23

Shut up u simpleton saying rubbish with saliva almost dropping from your mouth. So voting for the right or wrong person will be based on if igbos support the person or not? So, if Igbos vote for good, you will intentionally vote for bad because of igbos? Is that kind of thinking typical of a sane person? And this is how most of so called clueless youths this days think. I just pity this country with this set of down thinking syndrome people. And who told u I'm a south easterners? I support their choice because they think right. I'm a progressive person and I love logical progressive people. I'm not a slave to uneducated almajiris in the north.

that's how some people think in Nigeria, and it is quite unfortunate
Celebrities / Re: Tania Omotayo Shares Her Traditional Wedding Picture by Ugosample(m): 8:50pm On Oct 23
sad How can any sane man marry a lady that has fornicated with wizkid uncountable times? Only God knows the number of abortions she did to avoid the baby mama tag. Yet a mumu man deem it fit to marry such a used and dumped lady? Smh

you don't have sense

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Business / Re: Dangote In Casuals, Joins Femi Otedola In Monaco by Ugosample(m): 10:00am On Oct 23
Gay partners grin
Otedola must be hitting Dangote hard from behind for him to like him laidat

look ar this guy undecided
Education / Re: OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US by Ugosample(m): 9:56am On Oct 23
Nothing new in that. We all knew already. Only that people focus on the minuscule number who commit crimes. That is part of being immigrants anyway. That bad is exaggerated, the good often down-played.

Education / Re: OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US by Ugosample(m): 9:50am On Oct 23
If only the Nigerians there can contribute to the growth of their country Nigeria. cry


The thing is that the Nigerians at home DON'T WANT change and devt

that's the cold truth......

They want to keep profiting from the useless system in place
Education / Re: OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US by Ugosample(m): 9:48am On Oct 23
and as intelligent as we are, we always vote useless air head leaders. now we are campaigning for buhari and atiku again when we have intelligent young people who are contesting. people like osibanjo and peter obi are running as vice to airheads who don't know jack.

yes we are intelligent but when foreigners see the kind of mumu leaders we have, they'll doubt if we really are intelligent.

that's another interesting perspective to look at

nice one
Education / Re: OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US by Ugosample(m): 9:27am On Oct 23

Na wa for you ooo. They are the most educated not one of the most educated. Do you know more than the US themselves?

I'm just stating my opinion

that's all.
Education / Re: OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US by Ugosample(m): 9:11am On Oct 23
I don't know about "the most educated ethnic group"

but I'm damn sure that Nigerians are ONE of the most educated ethnic groups in the U.S., with Chinese and South Koreans in the mix too

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Career / Re: 5 Career Advice You Should Absolutely Ignore by Ugosample(m): 9:09am On Oct 23
It's like these ones are typing from Canada grin

LMAO cheesy

they don't know what's up tongue

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Ugosample(m): 9:55pm On Oct 22
....dz is a Plagiarized article

What Italy’s debt issue and China’s counter-trade-war efforts could mean for NIGERIA
As far removed as countries like Italy, China and Turkey may appear to be from Nigeria , the local economy has been, and will likely continue to be, negatively impacted by the wide array of seemingly unrelated market issues – such as Italy’s debt woes and China’s retaliatory reaction to the US trade war – through a contagion effect.

Financial markets in Nigeria are particularly vulnerable because of their depth and high level of liquidity. While investor jitters started in Turkey and Argentina, where economic mismanagement was evident, financial markets in these countries are not as deep and liquid as Nigeria , which have been targeted in the latest risk-off episode by the FPI. It is therefore far easier for investors to get out of positions in these tradeable markets, and as a result, our local economy is impacted.

The relative ease of exiting positions in Nigerian financial markets, is why Nigeriancitizens are negatively impacted in an emerging market-wide risk-off episode. When the currency sells off in response to investor fears, the Naira becomes cheaper against major currencies. Sustainable currency depreciation can have a negative effect on inflation outcomes and this could lead to a rise in interest rates if inflation threatens to exceed the 11 to 14% target band for an extended period of time.

In Italy, debt concerns present a risk to global financial markets given the interlinkages between Italian banks and a number of other economies. Should Italy default on its debt, it would create uncertainty in the markets given Italy’s size and interconnectedness.

In a risk-off environment, investors actively seek out less risky assets. Capital tends to stay at home rather than find its way into riskier markets – which is what Nigeria is currently perceived to be – as a precaution to prevent potential losses.

Out of all of the emerging markets, China is likely to impact the Nigerian economy the most in this respect. China is one of Nigeria's largest trading partners, and if Chinese growth softens and demand slows, it would likely diminish Nigeria ’s exports to the region.(25 cargoes of Nigeria oil awaits buyers) link not available

China is also a key user of global commodities and Nigeria is a net exporter of commodities(crude oil) . If China’s demand for commodities drops, the price of commodities that Nigeria supplies to the rest of the world could drop, triggering a negative terms-of-trade (export prices relative to import prices) shock.

While conceding that the Naira (most defended currency in Africa) is likely to remain on the back foot if uncertainty in these emerging markets persists I could warn investors against making any impulsive investment decisions. The reality is that as long as global investors paint all emerging markets with the same brush and remain hesitant to get back into risk assets, the Naira could suffer.

However, for investors with well-diversified portfolios and long-term investment goals, this is the worst time to start moving things around. The best thing that Nigerians can do to protect their investments from these market fluctuations and the current high level of global uncertainty is to stay calm and prevent making rushed short-term decisions.

good read
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Ugosample(m): 9:31pm On Oct 22

We all knows that OTUDEKO is a big CRAFTY CRIMINAL, So better wait for HONEYWELL at circa 90kobo. Don't say you weren't warned.

Let's be watching
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Ugosample(m): 9:28pm On Oct 22
In DeepSuk's voice, "Honey" Flour haff turned to "Hor.ny" Flour....

I dey tell you

I've incurred 50% loss thereabouts undecided undecided
Travel / Re: Share Your Experience Of Life Outside Nigeria. by Ugosample(m): 9:25pm On Oct 22
Living in New York.......visiting and living are like night and day. If you can afford to live here.....fine to a certain
extent. ...depends on your network of friends. The earlier one came...the wider the network...the bigger the base of friends ..and for that...if you attended school would make a big difference. Support is soooo important. In all the hustle and bustle.....places of entertainment. ...etc....loneliness is huge over here. No matter how bad Nigeria is..... shithole country or whatever.... loneliness and homesickness will always, always have us returning to the land where we spent our early years....the same reasons why sooo many will curse Nigeria..but can't stay away from what's going on...socializing with others...the reasons why they have become Nairaland addicts. Yes..outside is organized...but it is like being in the military...your life is regulated unlike in Nigeria....you look out the window..see two dark clouds ..and decide you're not going to work because it may...may rain!..smoke anywhere..pee anywhere...start a business anywhere... sell whatever you want anywhere...that freedom ..infact. that right you no longer have as is when you enter countries 'that make sense'. Everywhere has its good and bad...to each his own.
Finally....loneliness is what sends most of the more senior folks to their grave....someone over 50 would be like in solitary confinement....especially during the day.

I see that point with the loneliness

Nigeria indeed is a $hithole country undecided but then my parents are still in Nigeria (they insist they wanna stay) and some of the best friends I made while growing up are still in Nigeria and we still keep in touch.

When you spent the first 15-25 years of your life in Nigeria, despite wanting to disconnect from the country, something keeps keeping us interested about what is going on there, because a part of us is still there, and the people we left behind

it sucks, but that's life.

my own kids may not have such fondness for NIGERIA tho

Because they are not going/growing there cheesy


Foreign Affairs / Re: Paul Biya Wins Re-Election As Cameroon President At 85 by Ugosample(m): 7:45pm On Oct 22

Brother, don't say things like did without properly inquiring. I am a Nigeria born n raised in Cameroon and as I speak to you this president is worse than naija government put together. There is massive killing in the English Cameroon as the people have risen to oppose this tyrant. Brother, its blood , he cuts off internet, light, water and basic supplies. You can google to see the amount of Cameroon refugees in calabar. As of now he has closed all borders and my mother is still trapped there. Am sorry if my response may sound rude but its true

you are right
Foreign Affairs / Re: Paul Biya Wins Re-Election As Cameroon President At 85 by Ugosample(m): 7:43pm On Oct 22
To be an African is not a choice but a curse.

unfortunately so
Politics / Re: Usman Yusuf And Police Stormed NHIS Office (Photos) by Ugosample(m): 7:22pm On Oct 22
Bros you know, thumbs up!
Buhari is not in control of the country
it's clear
Business / Re: AMCON Releases Names Of 105 Persons Who Owe N906b by Ugosample(m): 6:58pm On Oct 22
One of the highlights of Fmr. President Obansanjo’s presidency was his debt cancellation crusade and its success. Twenty years down the line, Nigeria has (easily) rebuilt the high debt profile and more debt keeps mounting. The same reality is seen across different states.

Just as the “curse of bank loans” make the debtors to unable to pay up their debts, so also with Nations. Keep in mind that Nigeria as a Nation has been unable to harness its resources and manage its finances. How then do they propose to earn enough money to pay back all the debits they amass?

In defence of Nigerians burdening debt profile, protagonists maintain that Nigeria has a relatively low debt profile, both in African and among other countries of the word. As leading nations such as the United States, United Kingdom and France taking the lead in high debt profile. We must not be too confident in this, these highly indebted economies have (relatively) thriving economies with considerable GDP. Economies that have turned many of their endeavours to billion-dollar industries; entertainment,mining,manufacturing,import and export,food,fashion,etc.But what do we have; poor electricity supply that cripples production and manufacturing, multiple taxation that discourage business, high eve of insecurity that scare investors, bad roads that hinders smooth transportation and corruption that amplifies them all.

Nonetheless, an over $15 billion dollar external debt status is worthy of (great) concern. The irony of it all is that most of the monies borrowed gets looted, smuggled out of the country were at best, they are saved(to the benefit of the host country) but typically they are plunged away in lavish expenses(still at the benefit of the host countries.

One would wonder, if the debt-shame that comes on poor debtors exists for poor indebted Nations, Nigerians would have more reasons to bury their heads in shame at the international front. Our reputation has already been tainted by fraud, human right abuse, insurgence, terror, corruption, and a further weigh down by debt. There is this joke about someone owing another person some money and whenever the creditor spots the debtor making luxurious expenses, he confronts him, mocking him for indulging in luxuries when he(or she) has unsettled debts. The fear of such embarrassment makes the debtor to either stop purchasing expensive, luxurious items, or to work hard and clear up the debts.

One would wonder if our international creditors look at us that way. With our embarrassing debt profile, we still have (one of) the highest paid legislators in the world. Our elected officials still accord themselves the good life on the account of the government. They still fly first class and lodge in most expensive hotels, ride in long motorcades, use latest models of cars and enjoy many other luxuries even the creditor-nations do not indulge themselves. All off the account of a nation, state that is overburdened in debt at the full glare of our creditors.

Among other things, our rising debt profile calls for the need to elect visionary leaders who are concerned about solving the problems of today and more importantly, leaders who invested in building a better tomorrow and not pillaging it today by mortgaging it in debt, leaders who know how best to manage what we have; natural resources and human resources alike.

it's a big shame really

African countries in general taking loans that will impact little on the people, while at the same time increasing the debt burden

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Business / Re: AMCON Releases Names Of 105 Persons Who Owe N906b by Ugosample(m): 6:55pm On Oct 22

We are on the same path but I wanted to stress that it's a little bit of here and there.

You're both not wrong. However, none of the extremes you and Ugosample stated are independent of each other. They become one and the same since Government funds are used to bail out the troubled bank.

That is the reason why when a troubled bank is bailed, the managers/directors of the bank as well as the managers/directors of the defaulting companies are usually investigated and prosecuted where necessary.


Banks are NOT public assets

Well until the govt takes over the bank in its entirety, not "bailing" the banks alone

That is what I want the other guy to know
Business / Re: AMCON Releases Names Of 105 Persons Who Owe N906b by Ugosample(m): 10:44am On Oct 22

You are the one that needs to learn.

Banks are like public assets. Also the NDIC which is a government entity insure depositors funds in banks. If banks should fail they would have to pay depositors and most times these monies are gotten from the public purse.

Also a failed bank can cause a spiral effect on the financial system of a country. You want to go back to the 2008 recession and see that one of the causes was banks lending money they did not have to entities who bought worthless hyper inflated stocks. It is like you using your money to buy your own stocks over and over and over again this increasing the worth while there is no correlated cash inflows to show these appreciation.

Also AMCON would have to buy those bad debts except they want the banks to go under and these are our Commonwealth

banks are public assets shocked shocked

see this one I cheesy
Business / Re: AMCON Releases Names Of 105 Persons Who Owe N906b by Ugosample(m): 9:54am On Oct 22
later they will start shouting buhari this and that, see how a few people took hold of our common wealth and refuse to pay back yet we want buhri to perform magic.
imagine what 900 billion naira will do to transform the south east of nigeria, yet this thiefs took our money and are using it to opress their neigbors who cant stop worshiping them because they assume they have money

bank money is now "commonwealth?"

This is the result of a useless educational system undecided


Nairaland / General / Re: Something Is Generally Wrong With Nigerians!!! by Ugosample(m): 9:50am On Oct 22
Sir , except you are willingly to deceive yourself, poverty is the major cause of Nigeria's woes today . Imagine being paid 2k to sell your vote just because you have not been paid salary for the last 15months. Please which right thinking person would want to sell his right to choose a leader all for the sake of 2k ? What would prompt such an act ? Poverty . Yes. Poverty is powerful.

you are still living in a bubble to think that Nigeria's problem is poverty cheesy

It's greed and moral bankruptcy


Family / Re: Man Discovers His 4 Children Aren't His Via Compulsory DNA Test At US Embassy by Ugosample(m): 9:46am On Oct 22
Haha. Honestly i can't feel pity for Nigerian men. After all the cheating, lies ,family maltreatment, and even violence you guys have put women through
now you are tasting a small portion of your own medicine you are crying. Alot of women share their husbands with mistresses and even know about illegimate children. Its just that our own is secret. So please take heart and manage. The lord is your strength. Dont let enemies that no one can see destroy your marriage. Pray away the infidelity. Maybe if you could provide more or if your sperm was not watery you would have given her children.

what is this one saying
Celebrities / Re: Single? Ik Ogbonna’s Wife, Sonia Flashes Ringless Finger by Ugosample(m): 9:16am On Oct 22
I don't know if its the church or society that is failing us with the incidence of baby mama and rise in divorce rates
These are features of a more developed country like in the Western world. We however seem to be copying the negative aspect of their society.

As long as u get married with the idea and mindset of having a "plan B, or option B, or I can get out whenever I want or if he cheats, I'm out, or if I'm tired, I'm out", trust me, your marriage will never work!

Do churches and parents still do marriage counselling these days?

marriage is so over rated

that's the truth

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Celebrities / Re: Single? Ik Ogbonna’s Wife, Sonia Flashes Ringless Finger by Ugosample(m): 9:15am On Oct 22
But truth is that u don't wife this kind of people but you baby mama them.

When you grow older, you will find out that all women are the same cheesy cheesy grin

So such thing as "wife material" and "baby mama material" or "Bleep material"

Women are women, cunning and trickish


Nairaland / General / Re: Something Is Generally Wrong With Nigerians!!! by Ugosample(m): 9:08am On Oct 22

C'mon fella,
Stop motivating yourself with leadership traits that you sillying don't have. That post up there is insightful. Some Nigerians really have something wrong with them. Take it or leave it, we have a lot of folks in Nigeria who would obey the laws and act good because they know that punishment is attached.
Let's look inside us and get little things done rightly and help create an atmosphere of excellence. It begins from inside.

Nairaland / General / Re: Something Is Generally Wrong With Nigerians!!! by Ugosample(m): 9:06am On Oct 22

Oga you are almost touching on the actual problem. Do you know that mo matter how much a Niggerian earns he will still steal. I went for a conference once in abuja. See how they were rushing snacks. The peole rushing these snacks were well placed people some of whom earn big money. Tell me what kind of poverty is that one suffering? That snack at most will not be up to 2k a man who earns something like 500 -800k a month will be rushing.

it's the repugnant mentality prevalent in that $hithole

Even back in the day when I used to volunteer in different villages across Africa, you will not see them rush food or goodies and they are in a much worse state than Nigeria (well except the Liberian, those ones are even worse than Nigerians)


Nairaland / General / Re: Something Is Generally Wrong With Nigerians!!! by Ugosample(m): 9:03am On Oct 22
Nigeria awkward, very awkward. You create something beautiful or of great importance and before you know, it gets destroy or stolen. In Benin, you provide street lights and the next thing trucks and buses starts running into them. Same goes for road dividers. Manhole covers for drainages gets stolen at nyt. Nigeria is a self destructive country. You want to fix a road for them and youths of the community tell you that you have to pay them for it cos they have been the ones maintaining the roads. I want to leave this country becos a lot of the pple don't have right thinking minds. I can't live in hell twice but I can try live in heaven twice. Canada pls accept me with open arm.

you have said it all

a self destruct country
Nairaland / General / Re: Something Is Generally Wrong With Nigerians!!! by Ugosample(m): 8:57am On Oct 22

In life it's what you focus on that expands,there is nothing strange about having deviants in a society. If you study sociology you would have been taught.Some months back,British teenagers were sneaking out of UK to join ISIS and the whole world was shocked with repeated school and public shooting massacre in the US.
In that same Jos,an imam provided safe haven for Christians during religious skirmishes. The same Nigeria defeated recession while countries filled with angels like Greece and Venezuela couldn't. This is the Nigeria that's the biggest economy in Africa and trudging on despite our flaws. While lamenting and displaying subtle subterfuge,why don't you pick one area of our national problems as a university graduate and dedicate your best towards solving that problem. You will then have a basis to mobilize others. True leaders don't lament,they face challenges head long and never stop until they overcome the problem.

story story

the negatives are so so so much

it's hard to focus on the "positives"

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