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Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: How I Stabbed Michael Usifo Ataga To Death (Video) by UncleJJ(m): 7:11pm On Jun 24
She is not saying the entire truth. There's no possible way she could have killed that man without him sleeping. Lies

One girl been call me Ogbanje. I no dey sleep after action. I go shower sit down with towel dey watch t.v.

Mad people.. the liked the girl so his guard was down. Must have been his official sidechick.
Politics / Re: Why TINUBU And South West MUST Stand Down by UncleJJ(m): 4:43pm On May 27


As if Alex Ekwueme didn't win the primary but was forced to stand down for Obsanjo to settle the Yoruba's after what happened to Abiola

SS was settled with Goodluck Jonathan which was where zoning broke down after late Yaradua died

Jonathan refused to honor zoning!
Politics / Re: Bode George: Those Leaving PDP For APC Are Jumping From Frying Pan To Fire by UncleJJ(m): 4:38pm On May 27
My bros Uduaghan quickly went back to his master Chief James Odidigboigbo Ibori after APC showed him pepper

Lies ! Uduaghan was asked to join APC at the behest of Ibori.

Ibori wey dey enjoy like last born under APC.

E go soon clear for una eyes sey before last election APC don dey plan for 2023. Garri finish for ur house Buhari, no erection Buhari.

Buhari don dey go. Who will we blame next?
Business / Re: What Business Can I Do With 2million Loan by UncleJJ(m): 9:59pm On May 12
Politics / Re: Mbaka: Yes, I took three contractors to Buhari but… by UncleJJ(m): 12:21pm On May 03
1. Are you saying the Rev. Fr. .. does not have a right to bid for and secure contracts?

2. Why would the Pres. deny the Rev. Fr a contract, if he requested one.

Garbage Shehu needs to be put on a leash. The Rev. Fr supported at some point now he has changed his stance as a man, why not go to him and try to pacify him.

APC always acting like they are bulletproof!
Romance / Re: Wife Caught Husband As He Leaves Her On Bed To Masturbate In The Toilet by UncleJJ(m): 1:46pm On Feb 06
Romance / Re: See What Your Rich Uncle Does To Survive In US (photo) by UncleJJ(m): 5:38am On Jan 27

Dont argue brother, dont!
I prefer earning equivalent to 500k outside Nigeria than earning 1M in Nigeria.

Effing BOZO... yeah I said it.. you are a clown. cool Hunger has clouded your brains. Luxury in Nigeria is da bomb, but you don't know shit about dat .. do you?

1M a month in Nigeria gets you

A duplex
A decent car
A security guard
A housemaid
A driver
A decent school for the children. plus holidays abroad. You can visit any country with that income .. nobody go reject you visa.

Plus .. side incomes.

500K in USD is barely $900 ... grin You proly work 3 jobs to make rent.

Kai Buhari regime don finish people.


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Was Used For Money Rituals, Now She Has Complications by UncleJJ(m): 5:16am On Jan 27
Only in poor sh!tholes we read that ritual killing makes someone rich. A South Korean reading will be stunned that undies of a girl or blood stains from her vagina will make another rich. Yet, this same place has the highest number of poor people in the world, literally the highest globally. Questions are: why are Nigerians poor if rituals actually make someone rich? Why are there very few Nigerians on Forbes/Bloomberg? Why are the people who concoct these things not rich? At least, professors from top business schools are well paid and some are very rich even though some of their students are richer than they are. Why are these native doctors not rich? Why can't these people enter a bank and command the MD to handover money to them? Why did none of these people use same ritual power to participate and win in the now defunct WWTBAM? Win gold medal in the Olympics?


The young man is struggling grin and he thinks the girl is the reason he experiences bad business. I don't get it. Why do poor people in this country need to blame someone, something, or some spirit for their failures? How do you climb out of poverty, if you don't check yourself first?

Na only you poor, na only you no get anybody, na only get girlfriend wey dem use do ritual, na only business dey fluctuate.

Remember some time ago was in a cab. The guy was zooming past red lights like nobody's business. I asked him to stop - paid him the full amount we agreed. He was looking at me like an idiot...

The same thing in another company, the staff runs the company down with fraud and whatnot. Next thing Oga sacks them all. What do they call him .. "Wicked man" .. grin

He went to a church and they told him the girl is the cause of his problems.... which problems ''the mofo is poor" the girl did not make him poor. So, which problems?


Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) How Age Gaps Kill Women. by UncleJJ(m): 1:16pm On Dec 21, 2020

Some young women have insanely rich auras or life forces and the men fuqin them are way off better. Others have dark tainted auras and as such whoever fuqs them suffer for it.

There is an age old saying in regards to this:
Some men marry a woman and get rich others marry a woman and grow poor.
Romance / Re: Top 10 Public Alpha Figures In Nigeria, The Red Pill by UncleJJ(m): 12:35am On Dec 19, 2020

This one is NOT an alpha male
He is a promoted simp

Pete Edochie is the REAL MAN other young men should emulate
He gat his stuff together

What disqualifies Ned Nwoko?
Politics / Re: The US Establishment May Be Planning Military Action In Nigeria by UncleJJ(m): 10:37am On Nov 19, 2020

The US and EU make all the policies buhari is rolling out To Nigeria.Nigeria is a slave camo for the colonialist.Independence is the handover of power of white colonialists to house nigger.Buhari is on autopilot,he doesnt have real control.

India was a colony
China was a colony
America was a colony

Read as many Nicolas Taleb books, it will remind you of your brains.

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Politics / Re: The US Establishment May Be Planning Military Action In Nigeria by UncleJJ(m): 10:33am On Nov 19, 2020

NO NATION ON EARTH will come into Nigeria and make her a better place.

They can only make it worse.


Do you know the nos of books and research one has to engage in to learn this?

Adam Smith, Thomas Hobbes, Niccolo Machiavelli; how many of them know these guys.

It's futile talking to them.


Politics / Re: Bashir El-Rufai To Wed Nwakaego, His Wife To Be (Pre-Wedding Pictures) by UncleJJ(m): 2:38pm On Nov 14, 2020

Looking at this particular girl now, I honestly don't see anything special about her or any other Igbo girls that can't be found in an Efik,Ijaw,Yoruba,Fulani or any other Nigerian girls. Igbo people always over hype every little thing about themselves.
Politics / Re: Bashir El-Rufai To Wed Nwakaego, His Wife To Be (Pre-Wedding Pictures) by UncleJJ(m): 2:30pm On Nov 14, 2020
Its a political move. Please Igbos should not fall for it. Na method to align things well for presidential office aspiration. Do they really like the Igbos?

Only fools marry for love!
Romance / Re: Do Ladies Consider Themselves "Being Too Broke" For A Relationship? by UncleJJ(m): 10:07am On Nov 14, 2020

Congrats, you did the right thing. Money directly or Indirectly makes people Lord over you, whether we choose to accept or not.
Even my parents started respecting me when I started earning some money.

Was it that bad? cry
Romance / Re: Do Working Class Girls Still Need Guys, And For What? by UncleJJ(m): 9:31am On Nov 14, 2020
So what was with the shakara? Sars harassed u in Abuja? Interesting.

Odd, very Odd!
Politics / Re: Nigeria Is A Very Poor Country by UncleJJ(m): 9:12am On Nov 14, 2020

Nigeria with 200 million people has an annual budget of 35 billion dollars.

Simple maths...

Our biggest bottleneck is electricity, in second place; the high cost of transportation.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: Nothing Wrong In Freezing EndSARS Protesters' Accounts by UncleJJ(m): 5:22pm On Nov 11, 2020
The question people have not answered is when did cbn turn to efcc or police

The CBN argues that the accounts were being used to finance acts of terrorism in country, thereby, violating the Section 13(1)(a)and(b) of the Terrorism (Prevention)(Amendment) Act, 2013 and Regulation 31(2)(a)and (3)(b) of the Central Bank of Nigeria Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism Regulations, 2013

Politics / Re: Can The North Tolerate A Southern Buhari? by UncleJJ(m): 5:14pm On Nov 11, 2020

True they never tolerated:
1. GEJ - 6 years
2. OBJ - 8 years

North rule = Yaradua + Buhari = 10 years
South rule = OBJ + GEJ = 14 years

It's true the North cannot tolerate the South's excesses when they are not in Power. undecided
Business / Re: Aliko Dangote Didn't Become Africa's Richest Businessman By Hard Work by UncleJJ(m): 11:31am On Nov 11, 2020
Dangote from the North
Innosson from the East
Shola Akinlade from the West

They have lot in common but most instructive; they own their systems, they lean on government policies; they build big or design for scale; they concentrate on expansion; they are market leaders.

You can become a millionaire even multi millionaire on your own but nobody becomes a billionaire without exploiting or leaning on government policy.

Tell me does Ikenga with half shop understand the Chinese currency swap, did he know treasury bills were running @ 13% sometime last year, does Ikenga know he is operating in a saturated market?

Do you know Innosson was the first to setup a motor cycle plant in Nigeria with 25% locally sourced parts.

Did you know Dangote was the only sugar importer in the 90's while others preferred oil import licenses.

What do you know about FGN government current policies?

Dangote This, Dangote that.
Politics / Re: Police Detain EndSARS Protests Whatsapp Group Administrators In Osun by UncleJJ(m): 2:32pm On Nov 08, 2020

Search for NIGERIAN students in Germany and READ UP the thread on NL...

this https://www.nairaland.com/866307/nigerian-students-germany-how-survive
Politics / Re: Police Detain EndSARS Protests Whatsapp Group Administrators In Osun by UncleJJ(m): 2:18pm On Nov 08, 2020


What new rule?

Please enlighten me and provide links to this effect!
Politics / Re: Shettima Yerima: Tinubu Destined To Be A Kingmaker, Not A King by UncleJJ(m): 7:52am On Nov 08, 2020

It means Tinubu once again will be amongst the few men who decide who the President will be.

Perhaps the western bloc as it were remains intact!
Romance / Re: Why Majority Of Men Delay In Getting Married Nowadays by UncleJJ(m): 5:36pm On Nov 07, 2020

Men not marrying because women are broke? Nah! I don’t think that applies to most of those men. The unemployed women even marry faster

Dude... I asked myself this question so many times.
But, the commenters are little men of little means. So when they say a working-class woman. I do not think they speak of single women (actively looking for husbands) working in Shell, NLNG, GTB e.t.c in good positions earning 1 quarters of a million and change every month. No!

Most men I have found who insist "my wife must have a job"; actually mean my wife must earn money however, it should be less than I do.

I prefer and respect a hands-on wife. The children and family gain more from having a mum who is available most of the time. I think they are called "Super Moms". It's just that Nigerian men don't appreciate a good woman. And, they don't even want much .. just attention.


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Romance / Re: ... by UncleJJ(m): 7:08am On Nov 05, 2020
Common sense supposed to let you know she is not interested in marriage. What is her age ? Let make conclusion on the matter

Come of it!
What age did Omotola, Zara Buhari, Regina e.t.c get married?

There are 35 year old women still jumping from one man's bed to another.

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Romance / Re: ... by UncleJJ(m): 6:58am On Nov 05, 2020
how is she my visitor?the first time she came, we ate out for almost a week.to lay bed and sweep was a problem for her

She stayed in your house for a week! You sef no get conscience that's why the universe is teaching you a lesson.

Never ever in your life develop any serious interest in a girl who not living with her parents or guardian. Never in your life angry. You want the women who are very close to the home and I mean very close.
Romance / Re: A Verbally Abusive Guy I Just Met by UncleJJ(m): 6:47am On Oct 22, 2020
You see the red flags.... warning signs.... DANGER.... but you're not sure if you should disregard the signs and keep moving forward. It is people like you that often make headlines here M I S S I N G...... and later on.....

A 33 year old Cyber Space man was arrested yesterday for the gruesome murder of 22 year old Lady Wealth, an indigene of Nairaland. He confessed to investigators that he was promised N200K by one Writ Tulist if he can produce the private parts of a decent young female. When asked why he had cut off her tongue he explained that she had insulted him earlier in the friendship and he...


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