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Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 4:12pm On Nov 18, 2020

Ok bro, can you give me another email address that I could use in contacting you?
You really want me to drop my email on a public forum. embarassed
Kindly ask your question here, and I will reply with an ans( If I do have the ans grin). This enables others to learn.
Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 8:18am On Oct 18, 2020
willy2000 I sent you a pm, there are some things I would like to privately discuss with you.
Sorry, I can't access the email I used in opening Nairaland, so any pm sent, can't be answered
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 7:05pm On Aug 27, 2020
See as mouth dey sharp u, na cry u go cry las las If justwise no respond, or go report to super-mod make dem unblock the post..Mstchew
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 6:57pm On Aug 27, 2020
Anybody else see what his final farewell message was? Justwise can you restore the OP’s final message so we can see what he wrote? At least give people a chance to decide what is acceptable or not. You removed his final comment and took down the thread before a Super mod restored it back. Isn’t that an authoritative decision?
And what do you stand to gain by reading his farewell message?
More data to buttress your point on how toxic Nairaland is?
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 6:48pm On Aug 27, 2020

I did not hid his post for disagreeing with me, i did that for his false allegation even when i have being replying him then suddenly he came up with that

Always resist the urge to shalaye grin grin grin


Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 6:47pm On Aug 27, 2020

Thank you so bro

@bolded, they do
Then you have to contact your school and see if they can help you arrange the insurance. However, It is kind of tricky because you'll need a German bank account and an address to complete the registration process. In all, I would say, try and get an appointment at the embassy first, that is more important than public health insurance.
Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 6:44pm On Aug 27, 2020
Please @willy2000 can you talk about non students immigrants and what are the easy ways aside visiting visa to get to Germany
I am clueless just like you, Sorry cool
Travel / Re: No Matter What You Achieve Abroad You Are Nobody by willy2000(m): 4:39pm On Aug 24, 2020
Op is a white troll, or paid by a white troll.

Do not dignify this r_tardation with a response.
You are a genius, I also had my reservations but his last post exposed him.
And his use of English is appalling.
Travel / Re: No Matter What You Achieve Abroad You Are Nobody by willy2000(m): 7:35am On Aug 24, 2020
May God bless you for this comment. Only a fool would deny that we do not have a problem.

Look at Victoria Island in Lagos, it was those returning that got allocation there. There are many allocation like that all over Nigeria. Someone was talking about Abariba the other day. Jos used to be a Paradise too.

However, they were bedroom communities. Some people know that but still want to come home. So they started creating projects to work and live on.

Guess what? Their own families duped them.

Guess what Nigerians do with the money. The same thing they do with laundered money. All the money sent home by these hard working Nigerians looking for their way back home are exchanged for Naira by some of their relatives only to be exchanged by big boys back into Euro and Dollars, then laundered out again.

Why, why? When people think their only Salvation is a ticket outside and everything not African is better, will continue to go in a vicious circle.

Those abroad investing their hard earned money to come back home but sonabasiwere looting it out. No matter what you say, they want out and call their villages all kinds of names.

If those at the top of their professions are dying to come home, how bad can Nigeria be?

It is not Nigeria, it is people from our individual families. If you get awoof money from overseas or loot in Nigeria, why not invest at home?

What is it about overseas where they hate your guts. Where they tell talented Africans superior in intellect that The Only Good Niggatt Is A Dead Niggatt!

Now you are beginning to sound like a broken record, too much hypocrisy in this post.

It is either you are have been banned from travelling, or you do not have the resources to travel.

People have been migrating right from time immemorial, and they do so for different reasons. Because a selected few refused to stay back doesn't mean some did not remain.

And please stop this rant about nigga or whatnot. If you think life is not all about money, then that explains the level of ignorance you're exhibiting here. People seek a place where basic amenities are readily available, I doubt you know what that means since you produce your water, run your generator, drive your jalopy car on death traps you call a road, malaria is a deadly disease. Your hospitals can't deal with it.

And I see no point in arguing with you, enjoy the little attention you crave. SMH


Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 10:14am On Aug 17, 2020

Thank you bro.
Please check the screenshot attached to this comment. That's what I was sent.
Okay, you need this before you can enrol, does your school have the facility for online enrolment? If they don't, then don't worry about that just yet, get your visa first and be in Germany, all other things will fall in place.

I hope you know that enrolment is not a requirement for a student visa application, It may help, but your admission letter is enough.
Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 4:18pm On Aug 16, 2020
Please how can I obtain public health insurance for German university. I just got admission. Please help me ooo

As long as you not in Germany, you do not need any kind of insurance. Once your visa is issued you'll need travel insurance first, this will enable you to travel to Germany.

Please go through the student visa thread properly, I believe this has already been treated there.

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 4:13pm On Aug 16, 2020

I never made blanket statements. Can you point me to any blanket statement I made? I will be happy to clarify. It is you and the OP who made generalized blanket statements. I addressed and dispelled your statements and posts in 2 replies but they were removed. I do not make blanket statements.
Create your own thread and reference this thread, I will be more than happy to engage you there, until then, I will let whatever you type here slide.

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 11:39am On Aug 16, 2020
@Bittertruth I have read all your comments on every German thread, I don't know who you are, but please, there are ways to critic people. The OP may have his flaws and say things that you may not like or maybe be false, instead of coming here to castigate and attack his personality, you can be nice with words and correct him appropriately, after all, you call yourself a teacher, you should know better. No need to be judgemental.
NB: I don't know the OP, never met him, we have had our misunderstanding here too, but hey, let's treat each other with respect, the way we would if we were communicating offline.

@All the op has made comments based on his experience, he never said they are laws and is what is obtainable in Germany, as readers, we can question him to clarify any grey area, instead of coming here spewing rebuttals that are open-ended.

@Justwise please don't hide my comment, I just want to pass this across.


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 11:24am On Aug 16, 2020

You are correct, I agree with you. I used my posts as a teaching moment for the OP. I addressed most of his unfounded misconceptions. I wish they were left at least so the OP and others who think like him will learn. Unfortunately, he will not have the opportunity to learn now. If you do not want to derail your thread, post only what you know and stick to your own topic. No blanket statements. Otherwise, expect rebuttals.
Coming from someone who also made blanket statements. SMH.

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 12:39pm On Aug 15, 2020
It is funny, how german threads are always going south, there is more to this than just nairaland.

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 4:45pm On Aug 14, 2020
@Gerrard59 learn how to quote correctly not everyone uses a PC to surf this site.
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 4:42pm On Aug 14, 2020

The thread is about his experience in Berlin/Germany. His opinion on racism in the US isn't.

Granted, it's his right to have a sh*t opinion on racism in the US. However, it's also someone else's right to say his opinion is a "misconception."

Especially, when that rebuttal is based on experience living in the US. Now, starting out his response by calling the person a "joke" and concluding by insinuating he is an "ignorant African" is unbecoming.

I did not even focus on that. Only implored him to give it a rest as there'd literally be no end to it if they continue and that his arguments are by no means airtight. For my troubles, he said I was sounding like a "racist white man."

If this degenerated into a shouting match, it'd be because he wasn't fond of someone else living in the US calling his opinion about racism in the US a misconception.

@heisenberg33, let it go. You've made your point. It's on the record. And quite a number of people agree with you.


I was waiting for this. Hope you know you are trolling. @justwise please come and clean up.
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 3:49pm On Aug 14, 2020

I don't know... Because that's journalism. It's scary that we have an entire generation of individuals who think click-bait sensationalism is acceptable.
Worse is using this same sensationalism to cast a blanket on an entire nation of 360 million people (yet we complain when it's done to Nigerians). Then discount the experiences of individuals who've lived there because it doesn't fit the narrative of the Twitter thread you read. It's not proper.
And it'd be a shame if that's what this thread becomes.

Look at you, to assert conspiracy is to believe what you want when you are missing data to fully support what you want to believe. So it's now you are "woke" or "forming woke" grin.
It is all over your post, the kind of person you are. This thread is about someone's experience in Berlin/Germany if you don't like how he passes his opinion across, you can as well exit the thread. Thie thread will not degenerate to what you want, because this will be my last reply to you.


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 11:51am On Aug 14, 2020
@heisenberg33, I agree with much of what you said. But you did not have to re-ignite this hot-button topic. Everyone's reality is different.

@danielhouston and co; Trust me, there's a firm rebuttal for every point you made. But let it rest.

You cannot live in a country where hiring norms follow the set hierarchy of Germans, EU citizens, Rest of the West, Rest of the World and claim the US where that'd make a lot of attorneys obscenely rich is more racist. You've talked about German towns and places that you wouldn't live in due to curious disappearances or in-your-face racism that don't get investigated. Yet call the US more racist when more blacks live in the so-called dreaded Southern US than the so-called progressive North.

If you want to talk about violence on blacks, you'd have to go through a wide berth of issues before you land on racism. The combined landmass of Texas and Alaska is larger than all of continental Europe. The US has a drug violence problem. They have a diversity problem. They have a gun problem. They have a gang violence problem. Of course, with these realities, it's unsurprising they have a police brutality complication

In 2016, snipers took out 5 cops of 12 shot. During this same BLM protests, at least a dozen law enforcement officers have been shot, some fatally. But you're only going to talk about the protesters blocking a road who were rammed into when exactly the same happened to officers during this protest and not a peep about it.

Cities are defunding police departments and crime is skyrocketing to historical levels. That's not racism.

In July, several kids were shot dead in one weekend including an 8-year old near a BLM protest site. That's not racism.

More blacks have died directly or indirectly due to the BLM protest than from police brutality in the last 3 years. That's not racism.

There are more than 800,000 police officers in the US run by their respective cities having hundreds of millions of encounters every year. Yet the media will shine the spotlight on the handful of unfortunate incidents. Why? Because that's how they make money. Because that's how one side of the political divide energizes their base. That's @heisenberg33 point.

A German police officer in Berlin will not see as much action in a decade as an NYPD or Chicago PD officer in one month.

Racism is racism. There's no point ranking it. It's different everywhere. In Japan, it's from natives acting like you don't exist which some say is worse than being targeted with a slur. You can talk about German racism and highlight how it differs with rest of the industrialized world without making it seem like one is inherently worse.

And if one Nigerian immigrant in the US says it's exaggerated due to about a decade of experience, you don't have the standing to call him a joke because you're glued to CNN and Reddit. There are 360 million people in the US. He did not say racism doesn't exist in the US. He said it's blown out of proportion by interests who have a ton to gain from doing so. IMHO, he is correct.

So again I implore you to give it a rest.

You should have given it a rest without trying to buttress the points from @heisenberg33. That the Op said racism is rife in the US as in Germany is his opinion based on what he chose to believe, you and I have no right to say he is wrong or say it is false, without providing empirical studies to back our claim.

@Bolded is no longer true, Germans lay more emphasis on the language, and I as a person see nothing wrong with that. You don't expect a firm to employ someone who has little or no knowledge of the language, and then interact with the locals, how is that possible. Or you think someone who has no English language skills would and should get a job first in the US before an American.

We all know bad news sells, so why do you expect a news outlet who are out to make money, to tone down on bad news and lay more emphasis on the good happenings around.

Your rebuttals are weak, that the US has its problem, so also does Germany, there is no paradise on earth. So please spare me the sermon on gun violence.

The joke is already on @heisenberg33 he just doesn't know it. You do not make blanket statements in certain areas.


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 9:12am On Aug 14, 2020
I don't want to derail this thread, but I couldn't help it.

"Germany is no where near the USA when it comes to racism" This is a misconception and you are completely wrong. Europe (I have visited a few times) is way more racist than America and you even alluded to it in your post through several statements such as: being called the N-word, not having enough blacks in professional positions. .
If racism is rife in Europe than America, how many people have been killed in Europe for being black, or according to your logic, is the news media in Europe hiding the truth?

I have been living in America for nearly a decade now and have never experienced any iota of racism, not to talk of being called the N-word like you have been called in Europe. Mind you, I have lived in small towns in the Midwest and south: Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas ,places people erroneously assume racists live. Also, I have always had professional jobs and still have never experienced any iota of racism in the corporate sector. Nobody i know who is black (and I know a lot) has suffered any kind of racism.

Because you haven't experienced racism doesn't mean it is nonexistent. How many blacks have you met before coming to such a conclusion? Stop it!

The misconception that America is irredeemably racist stems from the biased American media whose main goal is to paint America in the most negative light possible both locally and internationally. Do not trust media outlets like CNN, NYT, WAPO, and infact most American media outlet. They have an incentive to report only negative things because negative news bring more ratings and they make money like that. Nigerians watch CNN a lot. I wish they knew that CNN is one of the most biased media outlets in the USA. That is why their ratings is so low here. Most people dont watch them here. But outside the USA everyone thinks they are an example of media excellence. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Well, if CNN is biased, what will you call FOX news ?

America is truly the land of the free. A place where everyone including blacks and even a Nigerian immigrant like me have rights, unlike what is obtainable in Europe. In America, you can literally achieve anything you want if you are willing to work for it. In America, you can be rich and not be taxed to death like in Europe. Regarding professional jobs in America, you are judged by what you know and not by the color of your skin. You will rise fast in the corporate ladder if you are smart and no one cares about the color of your skin. There are a lot of blacks in high end professional jobs. Heck, we even had a black president, which is the highest job in the land. Wake me up when a country in Europe has one. Is there a perfect country? No. America is not perfect, but neither is any country in Europe. But in my opinion, America is the best country in the world to be if you have the drive and tenacity required to succeed. The issue of racism you hear is exaggerated by the media because that is what they do. Ofcourse this does not mean that there are no racists, but that racism is so insignificant that you will not even see it except you are the kind who looks for racism in everything. Many minorities prefer to focus on finding racism in everything, instead of taking advantage of the opportunities this country offers like no other. If America was as racist as you and many people say, I would not be where I am professionally and neither would many people I know. Also, having lived here close to a decade, it will be hard to miss the realities of racism if they were as egregious as you claim it is.

America is indeed the land of the free, where a black man is more likely to be killed by a police officer and the officer gets an administrative leave. (shitty Police officers).
America is indeed the land of the free, where you can be wealthy today and tomorrow lose it all because you became sick ( shitty health care system).
America is indeed the land of the free, where a black man is assumed dangerous until proven otherwise.

And ohh lest I forget, the BlackLivesMatter is a movement from Europe, because Europeans are racist scums.

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Programming / Re: Journey To Being A FULLSTACK Web Developer by willy2000(m): 4:07pm On Aug 05, 2020

Thanks Willy really appreciate your contribution. One of my project group mates who's the only German in the group has made mention of the docker technology several timedbut the rest of us kinda ignored, mostly because (well for me) we dont have any idea on it. But I'll definitely put that on my list. Thanks for the heads up.

Regarding OOPLs lipsrsealed, most programming have done before now has been on web development, the fact that you instantly see the results of what you're doing, made it enticing to me during my bachelor days. So it has been my major interest even in myentrepreneurial ventures. There's something about OOPLs that just seem boring to me undecided cry. I have tried to learn C++ so many times, during my bachelor years and I also took a C++ course (no credits) offered by my project supervisor this semester, but I dropped halfway as it was driving me nuts. C++ no easy. embarassed. I was thinking maybe when I get a grasp of JavaScript as it seems it's got simpler syntax and it's more forgiving compared to the OOPLs then I'll try to learn python I heard it easier compared to others and it's really gaining popularity in the industry now. And yeah, most job adverts require you to have a knowledge on one of the OOPLs. So it can't be escaped.

I understand how important it is too have a github repository filled with projects. I have my eye on that as I've been working on some projects in the past week. Certifications too is on my mind, my Indian friend actually gave me an heads up on that. He actually got a job even though he has no work experience but he's has a lot of certification and stuff. Which is really typical Germans, lol, they don't want to only hear that you know something, they want a paper proof too.

Thanks bro

I will kindly tell you to drop C++ for now, it is harder than Java because of memory management and, you only need it if you want to work for bigger firms like SAP, Google, MS and Co.
Since you have a CS background Java should not be an issue, check this site out, they have an introductory course in Java https://open.hpi.de
Once you understand the syntax and semantics, you can start playing around those data structures you learned during your bachelors.

Some people will say programming is hard, but let me tell you, it is actually easier than you think. Just grasp the basic concept and understand the workflow, trust me you will start seeing things differently.
Another thing to note is, once you have a problem, don't jump into coding to solve it, as a CS student approach each problem analytically, start with simple examples.
When I came to Germany I had zero programming knowledge, I also tried to learn C and C++ in Nigeria, but always encountered that invincible wall, until I met Java. I sacrificed some nights learning data structures and algorithm all over again. You need to be grounded here, after which I was able to feel comfortable with Java. One thing you should note is, once you know an OOP language learning another one won't be difficult, It took me 3weeks to learn Node and I used it for my M.Sc. thesis, but doubt if I will go near it full time again. It really looks broken I hope Deno will fix it.
You can start with python, if that is what your heart is drawn too, nevertheless, you also have to consider which language most employers are asking for.

Frontend development is also a good niche, but personally, I don't like anything graphics. And with the advent of too many frameworks now, you always feel not there yet, because you can not use more than half of them.
JavaScript is good, but it won't make you understand the fundamentals of OOP.

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Travel / Re: Living In Germany/life As A GERMAN Immigrant by willy2000(m): 10:15am On Aug 05, 2020
Good Job brother.

Keep the thread moving

So, How can I come in
Just start from anywhere na grin grin
Programming / Re: Journey To Being A FULLSTACK Web Developer by willy2000(m): 8:19am On Aug 05, 2020
This is a good one, I came from a background of medicine and now I an a senior developer that wear many hats. So forget about academic background and get down to work.

What makes you a junior, intermediate or senior developer is a combination of the below:
1. How proficient are you in the language? Beginner, in the middle, or a freaking expert
2. How long have you been using the language actively?
3. Where are the projects that you have worked on using those languages (github links, work samples, real life jobs)

As for learning of stacks, let me help you reorder it a bit:
HTML;CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap,
NodeJS / Express

Learn those things one at a time.

Dont forget there are other stacks too like php, python. But leave those out for now, focus on that your list.
Bros I hail, I know you grin grin, my fellow Franciscan (SFCSS Liasu rd).
Programming / Re: Journey To Being A FULLSTACK Web Developer by willy2000(m): 8:16am On Aug 05, 2020
Hello everyone ,

Let me tag the few programmers i know on nairaland to this post. computaholicGoc , willy2000 , dolpaz talk2hb1


More grease to your elbow grin
Let me drop my own two cents if you want to be a full-stack developer and a senior at it, requires a minimum of 5 years on the job with loads of project/experience under your belt. I don't call my self a full-stack developer, and I don't think I will go down that route, it is torturous. (my opinion).

Meanwhile, in Germany, there is this current craze about container technology. I hope you also have that under your radar. Jobs now require you know microservice architectures. Also, Kubernetes/Docker and other continuous integration deployment tools and frameworks are very useful skills to have.

If you are still in school and not yet thru, I will advise you to pick and horn your skill in one OOP language, JAVA or C++, I will say Java because I find it easier than C++ and with Java, you have lots of Job opportunities. Then understand software engineering process properly, know your design patterns and how to implement any. Next, let your hands get dirty and fill up your GitHub repo with your personal projects, this will go a long way when applying for jobs. Then look for courses on Udemy and learn any cloud technology that interests you, AWS, Azure or GCP and start getting those certifications. At the end of the day, make sure you have a realistic plan. Don't get carried away with javascript and its framework, there is more to life as a programmer, and full-stack is just one.

Good to see they introduced you to Latex cool. Try and learn Docker too. It will help you in the long run.
My own two cents grin grin grin

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 6:37pm On Aug 02, 2020
But i showed you examples na hande is German word for hand,i dont need to argue that while feur thoigh the e is not english is same as fire in English.
Continue lying tongue

Nein is German for no,i dont say i speak German just to let you know that English language originated from Anglo Saxon.
English and German are both parts of the branch of Indo-European languages known as the West Germanic languages. A simple google search would have helped you here, read this link and educate your self. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-relation-between-English-and-the-Indo-European-language-family/answer/Kelechi-Wachuku?share=1a9f1d23&srid=G1uB

You can take it or leave bro,am not lying.
Las las know that human brains differ,there is someone that can learn it within 3weeks.
Intelligence differs,u have not seen people that grasp incredibly.
quote author=willy2000 post=92383066]

Like I said before, even if you have two of Einstein's brain. You can't speak German fluently as you previously claimed. Stop spreading false information.

NB: Stop using unnecessary space in your post. My reply to you ends here.
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 5:37pm On Aug 02, 2020
Lol i cant stop laughing i think its 3months,confirmed but i can understand and speak not fluently in less than 2months.

German language has similiarities with English language examples Fuer german in English Fire.
Hande-Hand in English, nein-No in English,Ish-Is in English etc.

Happy sunday

[quote author=willy2000 post=92379412]

Continue with your lie @bolded.
Even if you have two of Einstein's brain, you can never be fluent in German in just one month. So it is either you are lying or your sister lied to you.
Ogbeni, you are still lying, if you don't know what to say, just ignore my mention. Imagine saying English and German have similarities, Do you even know any German Grammatik? Or you think the little words Dualingo throws at you is all there is to the German Language.


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by willy2000(m): 3:57pm On Aug 02, 2020
It depends on ones IQ level it took my sister a month to be fluent with German

Everything its about ones ability to grasp and assimiliate easily.

Germany is a nice country and Angela Merkel is a mother as well as a wonderful leader.

God bless her so much for all she has been doing for immigrants and building a powerful economy in Europe unlike our yeye leaders,shameless goats that only know to loot money

Continue with your lie @bolded.
Even if you have two of Einstein's brain, you can never be fluent in German in just one month. So it is either you are lying or your sister lied to you.


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