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Crime / Re: Soldier Beats A Lady At An ATM Stand In Lagos This Morning (video) by WoundedLamb: 7:36pm
Someone's daughter or even wife. Imagine seeing another man hitting your sister. That's painful.

But I'm not surprised. Nigerians don't like equality. Everyone is only interested what affects him.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS Aftermath: Will You Still Be Giving ₦50 Bribe To Road Patrol Policemen? by WoundedLamb: 4:35am
Another way to put it is, will you stop taking one-way or driving without your driver's license or other requirements like fire extinguisher, tint permit, updated insurance, etc.? If you're caught flouting any of the road safety rules, would you be willing to pay the government stipulated penalty? #EndSARS.

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Family / Re: Who Else Noticed The 10mins Change In Time by WoundedLamb: 10:49pm On Oct 25
There will be a one-hour change in time where I am. But that's a natural occurrence that happens twice a year here. I don't know about Nigeria. Never read about any such thing in Africa.


Religion / Re: I Gave My Tithe To My Father Who's In Need. Have I Done Something Wrong? by WoundedLamb: 5:47pm On Oct 25
Yes, you should have allowed him die of whatever it was so that you'd go to heaven nah!
Politics / Re: Clear Prophesy Of What Is Happening In The Country Now And What Will Happen Next by WoundedLamb: 4:47pm On Oct 25
Interesting... I'm not religious but this is interesting nevertheless. A few clarifications needed though. He said after the protest, Nigeria will be great again. Then he went ahead to predict the disintegration of the country. Which Nigeria will then be great after the country has disintegrated?

Meanwhile, I noticed Nigerians flow with anything that appeals to their opinions. If this man had predicted doom as a result of the protest or anything against the protest, the thread would have been full of people calling him all sorts of names. cheesy

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Pets / Re: New Animal Species? by WoundedLamb: 4:28pm On Oct 25

That's not galago... Galago is much smaller than that.... Almost like a squirrel.

OK. I was thinking perhaps the camera was brought so close, that's why it seemed large.
Politics / Re: End Corruption Now by WoundedLamb: 4:20pm On Oct 25
There's nothing funny about that video you shared, OP. Tormenting a child and videoing it only give pleasure to heart hardened people.
Politics / Re: Kogi Government Salutes Orderliness Of People At Palliative Warehouse by WoundedLamb: 4:17pm On Oct 25

They're cruel.

People are cruel. Judging someone by the activities of some people from his place is actually cruel. And that's the major problem we have today. Some people dislike Nigerians cause of some Nigerians. Some whites think blacks are drug abusers cause of some blacks. The list is endless. Wouldn't it be much better if individuals are judged by their contents/character instead of where they are from? I'd say, let those Kogi people whom you despise be your unliked Kogi people but approach any other Kogi person with an open mind. Don't hate anything Kogi, get rid of that prejudice. cheesy


Politics / Re: Stop Apologizing To The Humanitarian Minister For CA COVID Palliatives by WoundedLamb: 4:09pm On Oct 25
Fake news

Really? But this is not much of news actually. The OP believes that since the palliatives labelled "CA" are from private sector institutions, their presence shouldn't vindicate the government. That's more like an opinion which you can either counter by pointing out the errors therein or agree with. Or maybe CA isn't what he said it is? Or the amount isn't accurate? Though the amount wouldn't make much difference if the palliatives were actually non governmental, pointing out such errors would be more beneficial than "fake news".

I'm asking ceaus I just saw some threads where you just dropped "fake news". And with this one, it's as if you type "fake news" on any thread that doesn't align with your opinion and that even makes it difficult for people to know what's fake and what's not. It just undermines your contribution to the point that even when something is really fake, you typing "fake news" would make it seem credible. Some of us who don't stay in the country take NL seriously cause this is where we get the raw Nigerian sentiments. It would help if people would know when to just disagree with opinions.

Politics / Re: Kogi Government Salutes Orderliness Of People At Palliative Warehouse by WoundedLamb: 3:39pm On Oct 25
I so much despise anything Kogi. God help me

So you'd hate someone simply cause he's from Kogi state?
Religion / Re: Yes, No One Should Condemn A Homosexual — Nigerian Catholic Priest Advises by WoundedLamb: 6:34am On Oct 25

School me please...

1)How are gay people restricted from moving?
I’m not aware gay or heterosexual people have a tag they carry around to identify their sexual orientation...

2)if there’s truly a restriction, How will the free movement reduce fight among couples, hence, divorce/ failed marriage rate ?

3)please whats the statistics of teen suicide in Nigeria....and how is it related to this free movement claim of urs

4)Are u aware that two HIV negative couples still take pre-exposure prophylaxis... so how valid is ur claim that gay marriage will automatically reduce HIV spread considering that pre-exposure prophylaxis is not a common thing in Nigeria like it is abroad even among two HIV negative couples

Note: I am asking u a question based on ur comment....I’m just curious about the validity of ur claims

.i do not care how anyone chooses to seek sexual pleasure...it’s not my business...

I’m 100% against sending gay people to jail,


1) When one's sexuality is a criminal offence that could attract jail terms, what other restriction are you looking for? I do not know your country but coming out as gay in Nigeria is deadly and we both know this. There are so many stories of gay people beaten to pulp by homophobic young men out there. Their sexuality is now criminal so unlike you who can go anywhere to confess your love for your partner, gay people are not allowed to do that. Unlike you who can do any sorte of public display of affection, gay people have to hide to show affection. Gay people can't publicly have boyfriends/girlfriends. Even their own parents would kick them out if they get found out. They literally live most of their lives hiding or trying to be someone else just to save their lives. Being gay in Africa is the worst fate ever. I'm extremely surprised you asked me this question. Straight people do not carry placards but their actions and freedom of expression are enough to announce thier sexuality. Gay people don't need placards too but they need to have as much freedom as straight people.

2) More than 80% (estimate) of gay men in Nigeria get married to unspecting women just to cover up. They come up with stories after marriage. Some travel out after a while to avoid doing thier conjugal duties. Some try but their wives aren't satisfied. Many still flirt with men even after getting married. Majority of the time, it ends in tears. Poor women are subjected to misery. If the LGBTQ community is given conjugal rights and people resist the urge to discriminate them, they wouldn't feel pressured to go into heterosexual relationships that are bound to fail.

3) I do not have national statistics unfortunately but I've been on NL for almost 10 years and I've had to talk to more than 6 teenagers who were suffering from IH (Internalized Homophobia). They had just gotten to realise they were different and that their nature is considered "shameful". Such kids would do anything to be "normal". Some spend days watching straight porn hoping that would change them. So try to mess around with girls thinking that would help. Many develop low self esteem. In some countries, parents subject their kids to "corrective rape" while some European countries used electroshock treatments (recently banned). Many of these kids get to self destructive points. One recently created a thread asking what he could drink to be impotent. Such self destructive thoughts are very common amongst gay teens. Seeing that not all suicides or suicide attempts are heard about, I wouldn't even want to imagine what the rate is but regardless of how small you think it might be, it is always a welcome change to further reduce it.

4) The point I was trying to make is that giving gay people conjugal rights will reduce the rate of promiscuity in the gay community. Gay people have the highest rate of HIV today (I did not mention HIV even in my initial post but I'm using it since you specifically mentioned that), and there is a reason for that. For most straight people, at a certain age, they stop playing around and settle down thus making room for others. Apart from those mischievous ones, they ideally stick to their spouses and thus reduce disease spread. So there's no doubt marriage takes a lot "off the streets". But there's no such thing for the gay people. Many of them sleep around for life thus having higher body counts in a lifetime which, in turn, increases the chances of disease spread.

Again, some straight people remain virgins till marriage. They have the courage to do that cause they know one day, they'll enjoy marriage and the sex that comes with it. Gay men don't have such dreams. There's no motivation to stay chaste. Even those that secretly have relationships don't take it seriously cause they know it's not heading anywhere and no one is holding them accountable the one married straight people are. So there's absolutely no reason not to have premarital sex (since there isn't going to be any marital bliss). This also increases the chance of disease spread.
Religion / Re: Yes, No One Should Condemn A Homosexual — Nigerian Catholic Priest Advises by WoundedLamb: 5:41am On Oct 25
Do you think the life and lot of those who are different from you will always be controlled by those of you who have set yourselves as bullies over your fellow men, pretending you do so in the name of God? undecided

Sorry, I really don't understand. Who have I bullied? I didn't mention God. You probably quoted the wrong post. I said the man is right and I went on to support his statement with further comments. So how is that bullying?
Religion / Re: Yes, No One Should Condemn A Homosexual — Nigerian Catholic Priest Advises by WoundedLamb: 5:40am On Oct 25
The real problem is not about how dangerous they are in person!
Knowledge is the accumulation of useful information, every human has a measure of this as long as their brain is functioning.
But Wisdom is the PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS of accumulated information which is put to good use for lasting BENEFITS . I'm sorry only true Christians possess this!
Homosexuals could argue that they're peaceful, law-abiding, harmless, caring and responsible in the society. But let's look at the future of homosexuality!
Two persons of same sex can't bear children so they'll have to adopt or undergo costly surgeries to bear children, meaning if two persons (same sex) feel like getting married but they're poor then they'll have to do whatever it takes to become rich in other to meet up with certain things that ordinary rat in my house can do (mating and reproducing) So there will be tension in the society as they're trying to get rich at all cost!

Secondly children born to them may find it hard to understand why they're both same sex and how they're able to born him, meaning right from childhood they have to start inculcating in the mind of the child that getting rich is the source of their happiness. Such child will definitely become greedy for wealth because that's the only thing he knew could by him happiness. More tension in the society!

Since it's God who condemns the act and they're now legalizing it, it simply means God's standard is dying in the society and sooner many things people feel remorse about will be taken as normal when homosexuals and lesbians gets to top position and start setting standards in the society!

There are many things that will go wrong but because many choose short-sightedness on this matter they can't see beyond their noses. Surely God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah will not allow them for long before he comes to exterminate them the same way he did back then. All we have to do is warn them before the time comes and stay away from them to make it clear to them that our God detests what they're doing! smiley

Wow! Dude, do you know that even single people (both male and female) are allowed to adopt children in Nigeria today? So how the come the society didn't think of these your theories before allowing that? Or the kid adopted by these single people are more understanding than the one adopted by gay people? Do you know that they are millions of impotent men out there who depend on artificial insemination to procreate? What pressure are you already feeling from that? Or the pressure only arises if they are gay?

So all adopted children today are now greedy and desperate cause they feel they need money more than others to survive? So the all kids born to straight parents through artificial insemination today are now greedy and desperate cause they feel thet need money more that the rest of the world? So the children of gay people would feel desperate to have money even if they are straight themselves? Or you think they would be gay too cause the parents are gay? Why not also tell people to try and be poor so that their kids won't grow up being greedy and desperate? Why not tell people not to have doctorate so they their kids won't grow up desperate for money to get doctorate too?

Human needs like education, cars, houses, etc. are countless and they aren't giving you pressure until gay people need money to make kids? Dude, have you been to the orphanage before? I do go very regularly and I can tell you they are so many kids in the orphanage waiting to be adopted and no one is adopting them cause cause everyone is making thier own kids. Adoption cost could be as low as $500 (less that the cost of a good laptop). I do not see how this will cause more pressure than any reasonable property already causes out there. And not even every gay couple wants kids. You can't deny people the experience of marriage cause of some baseless pressure theory while you go about enjoying your own life, that's not just. Allow them get married and be happy. Let them worry about how they will make kids. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by WoundedLamb: 4:48am On Oct 25

I'm not better than a woman and she is not equal to me. We are not created to be equal but to complement each other.
Ideally, equality does not exist in human endeavour. There must be an area of weakness and that of strength. Where you are weak, those who are strong will help you.

Equality doesn't mean being the same. Men are women aren't the same. Equality is about giving everyone equal opportunities, equal recognition, etc. And women are equal humans. You don't get to define weakness for others. You don't get to constrain them cause you believe certain things aren't for them or isn't their task. You let them try and see for themselves.
Celebrities / Re: Actress Lilian Bach Cries Out After Her Store Was Looted In Surulere by WoundedLamb: 4:02pm On Oct 24
Sanwo-Olu has said victims of the looting should come and get reimbursements na.

It's unfortunate but you've got to move on.

Hhmm... This isn't how to console anyone. It is insensitive. It would have been better if you didn't say anything.

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Religion / Re: Yes, No One Should Condemn A Homosexual — Nigerian Catholic Priest Advises by WoundedLamb: 3:53pm On Oct 24
Nice one. People shouldn't be discriminated based on who there are. Nobody is a second class citizen. Allowing gay people to move around freely will reduce failed marriages and teen suicide rate. Allowing them get married will reduce disease spread.

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Phones / Re: Where Do Pictures That Has Been Deleted Go To by WoundedLamb: 3:41pm On Oct 24
you just confused me more

u ended up confusing me d more with language meant for tech

explain in layman terms undecided

In layman's term, data is just an ordered arrangement of zeros and ones. Each arrangement is unique for any data item and is kept somewhere on the disk. Deleting means resetting everything so that a new arrangement can be done on that same location.

Some hard disks come with an in-built functionality that moves any deleted data item to a special region on the disk. This region is not usually accessible by the user or most software. When that region if full, the first item that came in there gets reset (deleted). This technique is called FIFO (first-in-first-out). However, one might be be able to access this region using some specialized software like the one suggested by my friend up there.

It actually depends on the disk type. I do hope that works for the OP.
Romance / Re: See What Nigerians Can't Do Without [video] by WoundedLamb: 3:27pm On Oct 24
ijoba orun by Lara George. Thanks for watching

Thanks for sharing.

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Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by WoundedLamb: 3:26pm On Oct 24

You are not equal to a man and you will never be.
God created us different so that we can complement each other.
Unless you have a strange concept of the word "equality".
Feminism is evil.

I am not a lady. And you didn't chose to be man. You didn't chose to be black. You didn't chose to be a Christian. You didn't chose to Igbo or Yoruba. Your were born into these just by mere chance. Thinking you are superior not because of your contributions as an individual but cause of any of these is very ridiculous. Nobody is a second class human. Having a dick does not make you a superior human being. Everyone is equal. Misogyny is not different from racism. You guys should learn to promote equality in Africa or you will never experience true progress, it's that simple.
Phones / Re: Where Do Pictures That Has Been Deleted Go To by WoundedLamb: 3:19pm On Oct 24

In a bid to sound smart, you ended up saying nothing. undecided

@OP, use "Dumpster bin file recovery". It's on playstore.

Lmao... are some of you guys really this frustrated, angry and rude in Nigeria?

My response was meant for the person I quoted who was specifically asking what happens when files are deleted. At the bottom, I made it clear I don't know if phone memories preserve deleted data. I saw his comment on "Recent" page, found it funny and clicked on quote without opening the thread. So it wasn't exactly a response to the OP and ndefinitely not for you.

Even if I didn't give a solution, how is that particularly your business? By the number of people that liked my post and those that quoted me to ask further questions, isn't it obvious someone somewhere learned something new from it? If it's nothing to you cause you are super smart, it is something to the 24 people that liked/shared it. Instead of giving your solution, you felt the need to attack me first before saying yours? You feel you wouldn't 'shine' if you don't pull down another person?

Please, resist this urge next time. The world is bigger than your problems.
Foreign Affairs / Re: - by WoundedLamb: 5:25am On Oct 24
Lol... you titled this thread as if it would make sense. This is like buying meat pie in Lagos only to realise there's no meat inside. I feel cheated.

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Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by WoundedLamb: 4:20am On Oct 24

Wat benefits does feminism have or brought to d development of this country if i may ask? There are motherless homes or poor people who really need the donations rather she is donating to support rubbish and immorality.Really i truely believe marriage isnt meant for all ladies honestly.

Immorality? Women empowerment and gender equality are immoral now? grin

Lmao... africans, you guys are so funny. People are either complaining of being brutalized by the police or marginalized by the government but nobody really wants a system that promotes equality for all. You only complain when you're not favored. Otherwise you don't care. Everyone thinks they are somehow better. Tribe A feels superior to tribe B, the straight people feel superior to the gay people, men feel superior to women. Why won't police feel superior to civilians?

Subjects like campaign for girl child education, campaign against gender bias, women empowerment and skill acquisition, etc. aren't for you, right? And yet you would go around complaining Nigerian women are too dependent. Do you guys even know what development is in Africa? Do you know what human development index is? Do you think Nigeria's HDI will go anywhere if women are not encouraged to burst their limits without prejudice?

You know what, bro. It's 11:20PM here, I need to go to bed. Enjoy yourself. Whatever you type next is fine.

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Phones / Re: Where Do Pictures That Has Been Deleted Go To by WoundedLamb: 2:00am On Oct 24

Gone to where naaaa..? grin grin grin
That's what he's asking...
Because they go to somewhere..

Haha... Where were they before they were created? They go back to that place. grin

Serousiy though, they are data nah. A combination of pixels with varying colours which are represented in the memory as series of SN/NS combinations (conventionally represented as zeros and ones). That specific combination pattern unique to each data element takes up a region on the hard disk and when they are wiped, the polarities are just reset and the region is freed for another one.

I know some memory disks reserve a region where deleted files are temporarily stored (though this cannot be be accessed via the GUI interface). I don't think phone memories have this capacity unfortunately.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Should Have Accepted Blame For Killings, Says Chimanmanda by WoundedLamb: 1:34am On Oct 24
Chima Nonsense with her devilish Igbo agenda..I know they were not happy with the way he spoke.

Had it been he talked remorsefully, they'd have used the speech against him badly to cause more chaos.

Hhmm... what is this? Can't people chip in opinions anymore without the tribal slurs?

Did you read what she typed? I personally think that would have been a smart speech from Buhari cause his enemies wouldn't even know where to hold him from. This line: "...As commander -in- chief of the Armed Forces , the ultimate responsibility is mine..." is the only part that gives the impression of him taking blame and that same line could be used by any leader even when he's got nothing to do the whatever that happened because it's more of accepting the fact that it is his job to protect the people than actually taking blame. The governor of Lagos state had confirmed some deaths before the speech. The president could have expressed condolence. With that kind of politically correct script, he would have left everyone "choicelessly" calm. Anything to calm the situation is welcomed. Nigeria is too large for a democratically elected president to boss around. Some leadership skills are needed.


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Romance / Re: See What Nigerians Can't Do Without [video] by WoundedLamb: 1:14am On Oct 24
Remind me the name of the background music, please.
Pets / Re: New Animal Species? by WoundedLamb: 1:05am On Oct 24
Some sort of tailless galago aka bush baby?

Why did you catch it though?
Crime / Re: Edo Jailbreak: Obaseki Gives Escaped Prisoners One Week To Return by WoundedLamb: 11:25pm On Oct 23


Programming / Re: I Feel Like Giving Up In Learning Programming. I Find It Hard!! by WoundedLamb: 10:30pm On Oct 23
Maybe you should adjust your learning style? Maybe you should change your choice of language? Maybe you should change the type of app you're starting with? Maybe you should focus more on algorithms and not language syntax? Maybe you should use books and not videos?

I really don't know the change that needs to be made; my point is that most times, it's a small adjustment that changes everything. It's like learning French, you will learn but it takes time and constant practice. Programming gives pleasurable frustrations especially when you start working for corporate organizations with crazy deadlines. But nothing compares to the joy of getting a working solution at the end. So I'd say, hang in there!

Meanwhile, I've been programming for more than 10 years but the moment I see any already-made code snippet, I grab it the way those hoodlums grap palliatives in Nigeria! That's the whole idea, bro. I also look up syntaxes and the names of framework classes. This doesn't make you any less of a developer. Anything to buy time.

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Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by WoundedLamb: 9:56pm On Oct 23

I'm so scared! I've been cursed cry cry cry

Lmao. Focus on your life, dude.
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by WoundedLamb: 9:51pm On Oct 23
She's still a single mother up till now?

She is a single grand mother. Deal with it.

What have you contributed to society as a married person? A woman does something commendable and instead of commending her, you're looking for a man. I'm sure if she was married, the likes of you would have been hailing the man for the woman's effort.

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Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji To Keep Donating To Feminist Coalition Despite Stoppage by WoundedLamb: 9:49pm On Oct 23
Nice. This is very commendable

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