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Science/Technology / Re: Baby Monkey Clinging To Dead Mother In Lion's Mouth (Graphic Photos) by WoundedLamb: 10:53pm On Oct 15
nothing sad for here oh.. hunger dey bros.

that's the jungle for you and life in general.

Take Nigeria as a case study. The politicians are the mature lions and you can now guess who the monkeys are.

there is a secret message coded in everything

that's nature for you. Lion's gonna eat.
It's the circle Of life.
The fact that this was pictured doesn't mean such doesn't happen daily
Eat or be eaten.
It has always been, it will continue to be.

Do you feel sad when you are eating

Yes, it's very sad... But it's nature.

Lions are carnivores. They live on eating flesh.

Yeah, I get it. Surely a win for the lion. It's still a sad sight nevertheless. cry
Romance / Re: If The Crop Of Men On The Streets Have The Mentality Of The Average NL Male, Omo by WoundedLamb: 10:51pm On Oct 15

As I told a Female Nairalander yesterday (Hintona or so) who called NL guys toxic or Misogynistic,,
Do not take Redpillers to Heart!

Many of diz Guys are just reacting to Stabs and Hurt received from females! They DO NOT hate ladies@all! sad

2 or 3 years from now, Many will get married to Fine Babes and 4get all diz Yarns!! smiley

Even Baba Mosdii too will Link up with a Fine Babe and take her to the Altar! cool cheesy

So, dats it!

Ok. If you say so.
Politics / Re: Explosion Rocks Calabar, Army Claims Responsibility by WoundedLamb: 8:04pm On Oct 15
I don't understand. This is either an over exaggerated report or everyone has gone mad. The report says the explosion shattered windows and pulled down buildings and the Nigerian army said it's a routine exercise and that no one should panic? I don't believe any human being is dumb enough to call bombing buildings a routine exercise. The reporter must have taken the hyperbole to another level.

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Romance / Re: If The Crop Of Men On The Streets Have The Mentality Of The Average NL Male, Omo by WoundedLamb: 4:50pm On Oct 15
Lol... You guys are conditioning your females. You're making them defensive. You're creating a you-vs-us environment. As if tribalism, regionalism, religious bigotry, etc. aren't enough, you're aiming for sexism. It's as if as there's a burning desire in every Nigerian to focus on differences. Let's just hope you like the final product of that process.


Science/Technology / Re: Baby Monkey Clinging To Dead Mother In Lion's Mouth (Graphic Photos) by WoundedLamb: 3:34pm On Oct 15
Sad indeed

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Celebrities / Re: Usher Raymond Takes A Walk With His Pet Goats To Mark 43rd Birthday (Photos) by WoundedLamb: 2:11pm On Oct 15
The only pets I like are goats and sheep.Handsome man with no hit songs, may God pick his call.Men that loves pets are kindhearted.

Usher has no hit songs? Lol... are you in Afghanistan? Just say you don't like his songs yourself. Or maybe you're very young (no offense intended).

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Agriculture / Re: Animal Alert by WoundedLamb: 10:54pm On Oct 14
It's a hedgehog.

Google search.
Food / Re: Snake: What We Saw In Our Trap This Morning by WoundedLamb: 1:07am On Oct 14
Na mosdii b this grin cheesy

Lol... I wonder how the grown up men on this platform who follow his lead would feel seeing this.


Fashion / Re: Man Tells Sanwo-Olu To Introduce Mode Of Dressing For Ladies In Lagos (Photos) by WoundedLamb: 7:34pm On Oct 13
If y'all spent half of this energy you use to police women in Nigeria to fight crimes, the country would be a better place.



Crime / Re: 26-Year-Old Man Kills His Father For Giving Him Chicken Head To Eat In Ondo by WoundedLamb: 12:55pm On Oct 13
Not all male child is an evildoers.

At times, it's a result of bad parenting.

I agree with you. But the lady you quoted probably said what you said as a sarcastic response to the way Nairaland guys always attack the entire female gender anytime one is a culprit but face other factors like parenting, ethnicity, etc. when the culprit is a guy.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by WoundedLamb: 3:16pm On Oct 12

C'est bon.... Je suis étudiant de français a l'université T'ai solarin... Je viens d'un nouve étudiant...

Enchanté de vous rencontrer.... Je ve suivre votre compte. smiley

Nice. You're French is great for a new student!! If you don't mind, please, let me make a few corrections. We say:

"Je suis étudiante en français à l'université de T'ai Solarin. Je suis juste un nouvel étudiant."

NB1: We use "en" when talking about the course of study. You can say "je suis un étudiant de T'ai Solarin..." cause you're allowed to use "de" when talking about the school (which made me use the indefinit article "un").

NB2: The construct "venir de" can only be followed by an infinitive verb as in "je vien d'arriver" but never by a noun or noun phrase. If the next word is a noun or a noun phrase, just use "juste".

NB3: The word "nouveau" becomes "nouvel" when followed by a masculine word that starts with a vowel sound.

I'm NOT a French teacher, so forgive me if I ended up confusing you. Lol.

Vous pouvez suivre mon compte mais attention, mes opinions sont inhabituelles; vous n'aimez peut-être pas toujours ce que vous lisez.

Je suis aussi ravi de vous rencontrer !

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Family / Re: My Cousin refuses to do any house chores because he's a guy by WoundedLamb: 5:51pm On Oct 11
He's probably a nairalander. After reading all those stuff they write in the romance section, some of them go back home to start misbehaving.

@OP, I had a lot to type, but the way you wrote, I have a strong feeling you can handle him.

Failed musician. Haha... wow!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by WoundedLamb: 2:52pm On Oct 11

Vous êtes le patron, je vois comment vous gérez la situation. Il n'y a pas beaucoup de peuple civil.

Je veux poser une question...
Parlez-vous français??

Apparemment, oui. Je suis québécois. smiley
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by WoundedLamb: 1:24pm On Oct 11

Wow... Sensible people are still on Nairaland..
Bonne continuation

Merci beaucoup, mon patron. Je souhaite que le monde s'améliore pour que nous n'ayons aucune raison d'avoir ces arguments.

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TV/Movies / Re: Toke Makinwa Unveiled As Anchor Of Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 by WoundedLamb: 1:34pm On Oct 10
Some people are living, others are hating.

Congrats to the lady!

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Career / Re: Response I Got After Sending Happy Teachers Day by WoundedLamb: 1:24pm On Oct 10
parent gives not parents gives, parent is a singular noun. like pair of shoes, A pair is several entities

Oh... bro, you've got it all wrong.
Celebrities / Re: South African Lady Goes Nude To Celebrate Zulu Culture (photos) by WoundedLamb: 4:50am On Oct 10

I'm not your mate wink

Forgive my transgressions oh great ancestor!


Romance / Re: How Do You Control Your Anger? by WoundedLamb: 2:00am On Oct 10
I wouldn't create a thread on nairaland if I knew I had anger issues. Instead, I would be out there talking to the right professionals or doing actual research to find real solutions that I could implement and get working asap in my situation. So, no, it's not obvious at all that the OP realizes he has serious anger issues. undecided

I am really concerned that this man has a girlfriend that is a potential victim of abuse and a 3-year old who has already been traumatized by his lack of control. undecided

Yeah... but then we see people come here all the time to showcase thier skin disease and seek advice on how to cure them. They obviously know they have medical issues and that they need to a doctor, but they still come here nevertheless. Take OP as one of those. He created this thread to know how people have successfully handled thier anger issues in the past and that means he knows he's got the same problem himself. And he'd probably resort to seeing a shrimp if people who have had to deal with the plight tell him that's what they did. I mean, I'm not surprised someone would come to the internet first for a behavioral problem seeing how shrimps aren't popular in Nigeria.

And yes, I fear for the girlfriend too.
Romance / Re: How Do You Control Your Anger? by WoundedLamb: 1:43am On Oct 10

Lol! Just last week I fought with a friend all because of my anger issues.
I think I just need help

The question is, what gets you so upset? Yes, you might have anger issues but the real problem is the trigger. Knowing the kind of things that discompose you would be the first step towards addressing the issue. If you get mad when things aren't done your way, then you need to work on your desire to always be in control. This is just an example. My point is, intense anger is a response you give when your brain can't come up others ways of addressing certain triggers. If you know those triggers and teach your brain how to address them, you'll see a difference.

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Romance / Re: How Do You Control Your Anger? by WoundedLamb: 1:31am On Oct 10
You even assaulted a 3-year old and it doesn't occur to you still that you may have anger issues? undecided

You are probably right. But I think he knows this already. I mean, that's obviously why he created this thread. I just wonder why the anger issues only come up when he's dealing with those he's physically stronger than or those who can't do anything in retaliation. It would have been more apparent if it also leads to hit his boss at work or a military man in the street. For me, he's just a control freak. He believes certain people must follow his command, and when they don't, he gets mad. I'm not saying this to upset or attack him. I just think knowing the real issue is a perquisite to finding a solution.

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Romance / Re: 70 Years Old Man by WoundedLamb: 11:59pm On Oct 09
Your sig says you're a computer instructor. Isn't that lucrative enough? If not, have you thought of advancing your computer skills beyond general appreciation?

You sound defeated but the truth is, a 28 year has more than enough time to turn things around. Never give up.
Travel / Re: Travelling Into Nigerian (MMIA) Is Uber Safe To Your Destination Within Lagos ? by WoundedLamb: 10:23pm On Oct 09
If you're not a politician or a celebrity, just calm down and stop being paranoid. Nobody knows you. VIPs use Uber in Nigeria and nobody reason them. But in case you're still scared, just take an Uber to a hotel not too far from the airport. Sit at the bar or reception and book another one to another hotel in another location. You're good to go. Make sure you don't speak Queen's English.

The Queen's English got me laughing but that the truth. It's the first mistake that most travellers do.

In Addition, he should not flash/show off unnecessary. It's also always good to request the windows to be wound down. That's the first thing I always do when taking Uber/bolt.
I just say it casually...."Abeg, help me wind down the glass" and add....AC makes me to sneeze or I like fresh air"

I see. But what if one can't speak like a Nigerian?

Security aside, I learned the hard way that foreign accents aren't generally welcome in Nigeria.

Maybe it's cause of the the homogeneous nature of the country. In many other cities like London, Toronto, New York, Dubai, etc., people speak with different accents, and no one really cares. In Nigeria, you've got to speak like everyone else or you'd be treated differently. That's frustrating cause you'd end up speaking in an awkward way just to hide your accent.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chinese Translator ( Females) by WoundedLamb: 8:45pm On Oct 09
Why the gender bias?
Pets / Re: My Mystery Dog “jake” by WoundedLamb: 8:44pm On Oct 09
He obviously perceives the food and wants to be part of the party.

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Celebrities / Re: South African Lady Goes Nude To Celebrate Zulu Culture (photos) by WoundedLamb: 8:34pm On Oct 09

I believe it wouldn't steer a rising ovations from the male peanuts then since every lady was bare breasted.
I miss the good old centuries

But Joachin, how can you miss what you never witnessed?

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Celebrities / Re: Hubby Be Giving Me Butterflies - Regina Daniels Says As She Shares Chat (photo) by WoundedLamb: 3:47pm On Oct 09
Sweetness thing you've said in a while
Wetin dey sup grin

Obviously a typo. At least, it suggests the chat is real.
Celebrities / Re: South African Lady Goes Nude To Celebrate Zulu Culture (photos) by WoundedLamb: 3:41pm On Oct 09
That's not "nude".

Isn't it amazing that there was a time women were actually dressing like this and it was considered acceptable?


Celebrities / Re: They Want Me To Die In Fire – Bbnaija Host Ebuka Cries Out Over His Obituary Sen by WoundedLamb: 3:37pm On Oct 09
This one is seeking for attention

He's got enough attention to last him for a lifetime. If truly someone made an obituary of him, then I don't see how he's reaction implies he's seeking attention.
Nairaland / General / Re: Ohaneze Ndiigbo Reacts As Security Operatives Drags An Old Woman Rocking Biafra by WoundedLamb: 3:25pm On Oct 09
Your title says "Ohaneze Ndigbo Reacts..." yet there's no mention of Ohaneze in the body of the write-up. Are you still typing?
Celebrities / Re: Fancy Acholonu Cooks Nigerian Food For Her Friends & Teaches Them To Smoke Nzu by WoundedLamb: 3:19pm On Oct 09
Advertisement mood reactivated
She's been on SM doing more than this before now. You only get to hear about it now cause her engagement to Alex got bloggers interested in her life.
Celebrities / Re: Fancy Acholonu Cooks Nigerian Food For Her Friends & Teaches Them To Smoke Nzu by WoundedLamb: 3:16pm On Oct 09
What the Bleep is Nzu? Lol. This one na Americanized Igbo. Them plenty that side. Her British equivalent is BBNaijaVee. The only things foreign about them are clear skin and an accent.
You say this like it's a bad thing.

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