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Family / Re: My Grandma Still Sends My Dad On Errands by Ybaby: 6:57pm
These children of today sef

If na them they no go.... Awon Gen zee

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Family / Re: My Grandma Still Sends My Dad On Errands by Ybaby: 6:55pm
Omo we busted village yesterday, we are in my grandmas place.
After lunch, i was shocked when my grandma told my dad to go outside and buy recharge card for her.
See man wey dey form hard man for house
Dem dey send to go buy recharge card

I couldn't help but hold my laughter when my dad went out to buy recharge card

E really shock me, my dad is a Big man ohh
As well respected thats why im wondering why his mother (my grandma) still send him on errands

Your dad is a great son..

Okro no dey big pass him farmer.

Your pop has shown you a great example.


Romance / Re: Man Shares Message He Received From His House Cleaner Who Was Asking Him Out by Ybaby: 10:25pm On Sep 26
Religion / Re: My Greatest Sexual Temptation As A Christian by Ybaby: 4:23pm On Sep 25

She was the one who made me understand what God said and meant when He said "the heart of men are desperately wicked seeking continually to do evil."

If men were wicked, popsi, uncles, neighbours father's, then how wickeder are women?

Mumsi, sister, aunties, (no girlfriend. Saw all their wickedness and evil from very far) you vagina carriers are very very evil.

Like Ahab and Jezebel, an evil man and an evil woman or women deserve each other

Evil begets evil! That is The Law!


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Alighting From A Private Jet In Kano (Picture) by Ybaby: 9:49am On Sep 25
The simplicity is too much.
Op, there is a difference between flying a private jet on tax payers money and flying on your own personal sweat.

Hurricane tornado aka Guguwar obi is an uncommon politician.
It is the turn of Nigerians. We are the campaign council of Peter obi- Datti ahmed.

This is a private charter like ... It is a taxi airplane.

He used his money not our money

Peter OBi for president


Politics / Re: Obasanjo: Nigeria Has No Business With Poverty, Insecurity by Ybaby: 9:43am On Sep 25

Peter obi mirage, nigerias problem is bigger than ome man, it would take atleast 4 generations to correct the many problems we are faced with. Our human capital development index is very low, almajiris roaming about contributing nothing to the economy but getting more from central purse. Mr peter obi wont be able to tackle that if you are to be sincere, atiku/tinubu are just greedy thieves. What we need at the moment is restructuring of govt or outright return to regionalism or let every one go his way.

What we need is to start going to the right direction and Peter Obi can help us do that.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo: Nigeria Has No Business With Poverty, Insecurity by Ybaby: 9:42am On Sep 25


May God grant Obasanjo long life .... He loves Nigeria and he is very intelligent. He is not perfect but he loves Nigeria

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Religion / Re: My Greatest Sexual Temptation As A Christian by Ybaby: 9:39am On Sep 25

That is the surprising thing! where before, it was very difficult but on that day, it would be too easy.

And I noticed that this only happened at a period when a person has decided to follow God and stay holy. that is when they start smiling at you and greeting you and being too helpful

Women are pure evil
especially when one sees how God does not like them near Him at all.

Sex with a woman who is not your wife is sudden guaranteed death to children of God. That is what made God stop talking to Abraham and David.

Your mum?
Family / Re: I Hope My Decision Is Not Bad? by Ybaby: 11:17pm On Sep 22
My 17 years old brought shame to me last year she got pregnant, I have disowned her and sent her packing. She is staying with her boyfriend in his family home.

She gave birth 5 months ago she has been sick ever since she had the baby and the boyfriend doesn't have any money to take care of her. Plus the living condition is not suitable for her in her condition.

I have forgiven her and I want to take her back home so I can take her to the hospital for treatment but I don't want her to come with her baby. Please note there is only me and my 7 years old son at home. I work and my son goes to school till 5pm.

I don't have time to babysit the baby.
I want the father to take care of his child while I take care of mine.
I hope my decision is not bad?

Very bad decision.

That child is your grandson... And I know how you feel feeding another man's child but that child is your grandson ... Your flesh and blood and inflation is so high now so logically I agree with you but bloodline that boy carries your blood.

Women avoid poor men!!!
Family / Re: Should I Have Minded My Business? Did I Do Wrong? by Ybaby: 2:50am On Sep 22
A teen in my compound has a problem with body odor. several times she come to my house left the air smelling so stale and rotten, i noticed her younger sister had same issue too.

i couldn't take it anymore, it was so bad and i was afraid she might be mocked in the future if nothing is done to combat it.

i asked her if she ever heard about roll-on or antiperspirant, she replied NO! shocked and this is someone using an iphone and changes clothing periodically. shocked

i gave her my antiperspirant and taught her the need to use it daily as most of the odor comes from her armpit. i told her point blank she doesn't smell nice, her face changed somehow as if i insulted her and she left.

i saw her today and she walked passed me while i was trying to talk to her.

did i do wrong ? children of these days.

Most teens have body odor...a combination of new hormones and poor hygiene.
You did the right thing telling her and she did the right thing to not greet you again...
After court case no more friendship.

Let her be pls!
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 10:48pm On Sep 21

How many times do I have to tell you that marrying as a virgin is a norm in their clan?
If you marry a woman from her clan and she wasn't a virgin, you return her.
My mom and my dad have been married for 70 years now. You will not last 3 years in marriage because you have fvcked men.

Well I am 19 years in marriage already..

Your mum = village bicycle
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 10:46pm On Sep 21
hey, i was just being honest. no need to insult people

Me too I am being honest
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 10:54pm On Sep 20
you mean he was used to care for 4 children that are not his. he must be a very stupid nice GUY grin grin grin

All the men in your family are very very stupid including those not yet born.
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 10:53pm On Sep 20

Virginity is a woman's glory. Some have shamefully lost it.

Well your mum shamefully lost it too. Is your mum a virgin?
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 10:37am On Sep 20

The only category of women worthy of respect from a true man are women who married as a virgin or those who are currently virgins; the rest have nothing to respect!

Once a woman has been defiled, she has lost her glory. If any man still respect a woman who has been mounted by more than one man, such a man is a disgrace to his mother's private part.

Your mother has no glory. A poor man like you has no glory.

Who are you to decide who has glory an who does not......how much is the glory in your bank account?
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 9:08am On Sep 20

Read my comment again. This time do it slowly.

Learn to respect women. Women deserve better than the nonsense you young men get up these days.

Let the foolishness stop.
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 9:05am On Sep 20
after your dad tired? wetin dat mean? grin grin grin
you sound like a SPOILED brat !
the man has no obligation to care for you as long as you have a Father!

My father died not tired.. he has no obligation to care for me even if my father died, however he stepped up and took a responsibility that was never his in the first place and spoilt me and my siblings to the best education, vacations and most of all fatherly love. I owe him a lot that I could never repay.

In all honesty I was a spoilt daddy's brat but I have evolved to a spoilt husband's brat....yea my husband has spoilt me even more. I am lucky and all women deserve good father, good brothers, good husbands.... Good men make this world a better place. God bless all good men.

Hope I answered your unasked questions nittwit
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 5:54pm On Sep 19

The supposed bastard father you are shouting died as a result of accident. He was a great great and great guy.

My dea, this NL has plenty people from Yaba left ... Do not take anything to heart here. The right man will love your son. My step dad married my mum with her 4 kids after my dad tired. I love my step dad and he loves us very much too. Protect your son ..... Or you will regret it.

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Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 5:50pm On Sep 19

My dad was the only man my mom fvcked throughout her childbearing age.
Her family keep their daughters clean until they meet their men. They even check for evidence of virginity after the wedding night. If she isn't a virgin, the wedding will be dissolved.


grin grin cheesy grin

It will break your heart to know the things your mum got up to before and after marriage..... Is it because those days no camera phone and xender

Your mum was known in town as jagunlabi the village bicycle who will later raise a son she did not train to respect women....

The boys referred to her as hop on hop off.... Every boy rode her back then... They bent her over under the tree, put her back down in the market, held her two legs up in the bolekaja trailer... She was wild

Now learn to respect women. The women you disrespect are someone mum today or tomorrow.

Women are the passage to earth.... "Your any man is free to enter" mum should have taught you to respect women.
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 4:35pm On Sep 19

Why should he respect her son?
Why can't she look for the father of the bastard child?
She needs someone to pickup her mistake. The man sef stupid for having anything serious with a single mother.

How are you sure your dad is your dad? You look alike ABI? Because if you don't have a DNA document stating you are your dad's child then you may be a baastard....most likely a basstard
Romance / Re: He Wants To Date, But He Doesn't Like My Son. by Ybaby: 4:29pm On Sep 19
I met this guy where I normally get my fruits for biz. We got talking and exchanged contact.

He seems to be a nice guy but when I told him I had a son and narrated the circumstances behind his birth and my life, he told me he was cool with it.

Of lately, I noticed he talks ills of my son and assume it's a joke. I will try to shade it off but he repeated it again after the church service yesterday.

I'm considering giving him a chance because he's cool but his singular act of insulting and shouting at my son when he comes to my shop seem to disturb me.

Please, do you think his behaviour is a red flag or not?

He has shown you his true colour. He is bullying a vulnerable person who did him no harm and cannot harm him.

2. Your first job is to protect your young child....
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie & First Wife, May Together At Her Birthday Party (Pictures,Video) by Ybaby: 1:56pm On Sep 19
May Edochie will come back begging Yul despite all her anger. Which man will carry old cargo for house?

Your mama na old cargo now and hopefully man carry her put for house...

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Family / Re: “I Cheated On My Wife To Make Her Lose Weight” – Kenyan Man by Ybaby: 2:52pm On Sep 16
U get luck say she no put "ota pia pia" 4ur food,she get gud mind sha.


she is waiting for her last child to finish from university and her husband is at his most vulnerable and needs his family and wife the most whether slim or fat he just wants to eat home cooked food with a trusted companion he has built like with...that is when she will go for omugwo for 5 years with her first child and 3 years with her 2nd daughter while loneliness finishes him.

He will pay
Travel / Re: Lagos Auctions 134 Vehicles As Traffic Offenders Cry & Beg Bidders (Pictures) by Ybaby: 5:47am On Sep 16
And someone was telling me the other day to vote in the landlord of Lagos as president of Nigeria..Make I go mistakenly go park my keke wrongly,next thing na to auction am out undecided

Over my dead body...I rather sit-down my house on that day than to go cast my vote for who go remove my source of food from my hand undecided

Sitting in your house is same as voting for him. We need you to be courageous and come out and vote and snatch Nigeria back
Politics / Re: Pastor Paul Adefarasin Invites Bola Tinubu To His Wife's Birthday by Ybaby: 10:41am On Sep 15
you are dumb and know nothing about politics, just hate and bitterness. Everything has time, when campaign starts proper, he will grant interviews. I wish there will be a debate among the candidates, that's when most of you little kids will know that Tinubu is far ahead of those fake Messiahs.

You want Tinubu to debate.... ? grin grin grin grin debate with who? grin grin grin Sha get someone to hold him up right on the day of the debate.

E sha nu Baba Tinubu o... Let him rest and heal.

Tinubu is an expired milk
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Attends Commemoration Service For Queen Elizabeth, Signs Register by Ybaby: 8:54am On Sep 15
Tinubu handkerchief

You mean eleyi of eko

He is tiffnubu's laptop bag carrier aka PA...

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Politics / Re: Anambra Youths For Bola Tinubu Hold Meeting (Pictures) by Ybaby: 5:54am On Sep 15
Anambra APC Youth Wing is warming up...

As all shameless Igbo men gather to honour the man whose oba promises to run them into lagoon and whose wife promises to inherit Thier assets.

Practical gathering of hungry shameless Anywhere belle face Igbo men.
Family / Re: Mothers Please Advice A Frustrated Married Man. by Ybaby: 6:56pm On Sep 14
I will try to be brief and straight to the point.

My wife stays up late (11pm -12 am) every blessed day.... That's the problem.

We live in Lagos and have 2kids, 3yo and 8 months. My wife was working before but left the job when she gave birth. There is a job waiting for her when the baby is 1y6mnths, therefore she is a stay at home mom.

We live on the mainland but I work on the island so I live home as early as five. In our house we have all the amenities you can think of; 24 hrs light (NEPA plus inverter), running water, gas, 2 washing machines etc to make a home 95percent comfortable but my wife can't seem to cope and it started when we had one child.

She doesn't wash my clothes, my office shirts and suits are given to dry cleaner to arrange while my other laundry I do myself every weekend with the washing machine.

When I get home by 7pm or 8, that's when she now starts rushing to bath the kids and prepare dinner, so we eat by 9 or 10. Before the kids play play and play, by 11pm we are still awake. Sometimes I go to bed by midnight and have to wake up by 4am to go to work again. It's impacting on my health and my work. She will sleep by 12 am and wake up by 8 or 9am the following day.

I have tried to beg and appeal to her. If I eat out and come home to just sleep, she go dey vex. If I just come home shower and sleep the kids who have passed their bedtime will be playing and when madam is ready to sleep they won't agree to sleep. She will beat them, guess who they will come crying to- daddy that just started sleeping and has to wake by 4am, I will now pet and pet till 2am before kids sleep.. I have advised her that kids have a bedtime(8pm). When I man up and off the tv by 9pm and tell everyone to go to bed, she says I am disrespecting her. She reports me to her mum.

Worse still our sex life is horrible... We have sex like once in 2 month.. At 35 I am in my sex prime and can Bleep everyday but she doesn't seem to care about me because she is always tired am I pity her so I don't demand sex so much.

I fully understand stay at home is not easy and I help her when.

I tried to create a schedule for her.

Wake up by 6am
By 7 she suppose don clean finish
By 8 breakfast should be ready for her, kids
9-10am bath herself and the kids
10-12 do any other stuff in the house
12-3pm rest, watch movies, chill
3-5pm... Do whatever she likes
5pm boil water and bath the kids
6pm she don bathe and bath kids
7pm... Food don done... Everything dey freezer
8pm we eat
By 9 everyone goes to bed and we knack 1hr

I throw the trash every day
Na me dey go market buy foodstuff
On weekends I clean the house
I wash my all my clothes
I provide all the finance in the house
I satisfy her on the bed when we naka. She begs me that she's tired
I buy her gifts, drop 3k for her everyday
Why should we have a house help when she is a stat at home mum (for now)

So what's the problem..

Mothers, are my demands too much?
Mothers, please when do you close your kitchen and go to bed?
Are you still awake by 11pm every blessed day.
Am I crazy?

Please advice me.

I have begged her, pleaded, shouted, done everything. Sometimes I intentionally come home late (10-11pm) thinking that the kids have gone to bed but my first child will be watching cartoon.

Please advice me. I am going crazy, Lagos is stressful

Best part is you are a provider

The biggest issue is that the kids are not asleep at 8pm, Thier brain needs sleep to develop properly.

Your wife is tired. Get a househelp so your wife can get the help she needs and your wife will let you nack her.

Get a househelp!

P.S your wife is an adult... This itinenary you drew up is disrespectful, you can draw such time management for your daughter but not your wife. If your wife leaves you with those children and runs away you will have bigger problems and use your time management skills well. Protect your marriage. Those houses with househelp you think they like househelp ni. Abeg o!

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Family / Re: My Parents Destroyed My Life In Guise Of Love, I'm Now Depressed Daily by Ybaby: 6:13am On Sep 14
Can therapy work for me?? isn't it to late at 24years of age?? I just finished calling mum now and accused her of everything that has happened to me, I told her I don't want to hear from her, not anytime soon. I've tried calling my Dad to but his line is switch off, I just wanna cut both of them off, They put me in this mess that I have to fight alone now embarassed

Ake baje!!

While I blame your parents for some stuff. I can assure you that none of us have perfect parents .. they are humans who do Thier best.

Your life is up to you. Get a job or preferably do nwayi boy... And subject yourself to a boss or master.

Man up

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