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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Using A Fake Pregnancy To Trap Me! by Ybaby: 7:58pm On Aug 17
That's right, despite me opening a POS business for her,to show am ready to settle down after her studies,well am closing down every thing for good.... some girls are not worth it

What a baby �

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Using A Fake Pregnancy To Trap Me! by Ybaby: 7:56pm On Aug 17
while will she do that, some one I'm trying to see her mom after her final papers this December,is it that you ladies won't stop playing mind tricks with a guy all because you want to know if he really loves you

How is your project going?
Politics / Re: FFK's Ex- Wife, Precious Chikwendu Arrested by Ybaby: 8:26pm On Aug 06
He has other kids and can also have many other kids.

Abi!!!! lol
Politics / Re: FFK's Ex- Wife, Precious Chikwendu Arrested by Ybaby: 8:24pm On Aug 06
you can't be forced to do that in Nigeria


However a sane father who fears God should pay for his kids upkeep - Look for men suffering in old age and do your research they neglected thier kids.

God's law is bigger than all of us.
Politics / Re: FFK's Ex- Wife, Precious Chikwendu Arrested by Ybaby: 9:18pm On Aug 05
Will she be able to care for them financially, or you still expect the man to give her money for their upkeep?

Yes!! He is expected to give her money to look after their kids.

Be careful the choices you make in life..... especially when it looks like you have all the power.

Because no one has all the power.... A father must look after his kids even if he is no longer with their mother

or else

the future will question those choices and the consequences await.
Politics / Re: FFK's Ex- Wife, Precious Chikwendu Arrested by Ybaby: 5:27am On Aug 05

Kudos to you, for looking at this objectively.

I am certain that a Court granted Full Custody to FFK and for whatever reasons, FFK as a Law Advocate, knows he will be in contempt, if he denies her 'Visitation Rights', .... if the Court orders same.
I have read in the past where she was said to be "mentally unstable" and that might have an influence on the courts decision.

But to go around maligning his person and writing very malicious publications against his name, blackmailing him, is a conscious crime and she should pay for it, if proven to be true.
Women always think they can play dirty and get away with it but in FFK (with his sharp tongue), she has bitten more than she can chew.

What she should have done is to try and calm things down, de-escalate to the point where FFK himself will allow her free access to their children (I know women wont ever do that to a man, afteral, the children are also their lifetime ATM from the Ex-Husband) but she wants to flex muscle and use the usual feminazzi-tricks and NGO's like that mumuu Harisson guy. undecided

All these men abusing FFK are what we simply refer to as SIMPS!
Men who cant think for themselves and with their brain, once the matter involves a women and unfortunately, the world is about 85% SIMPS. angry undecided grin

You are an evil man.... don't you ever forget it. Please!
Politics / Re: FFK's Ex- Wife, Precious Chikwendu Arrested by Ybaby: 5:25am On Aug 05
Wait, I'm confused here.

Are you telling me FFK has custody of his kids as supposed to the ex-wife? Really? Is she a drug addict, incompetent mum etc...?

ONLY in Nigeria would you witness such. The ex-wife might be an Olosho, it doesn't matter. undecided

FFK is the worst thing to have ever happened to humanity! angry

4 boys!!!!!

How do you remove 4 children from their primary care giver. How?

Not every man is marriage material and my heart goes out wholly to the children - they need their mum and she needs them.

I pray she gets custody of her children.... 4 eggs kwa? Does he want to run her mad?

Leave evil men ladies..... pls


Foreign Affairs / Re: Martine Moïse: Oligarchs Killed My Husband, But I Will Run For President by Ybaby: 1:11pm On Jul 31
This woman has a hand in her in her husband death.
How can they shoot your husband and just leave you as a witness?

They would kill you like your husband. you did not even mourn the Bros

leadership is not a family business

If this woman became president, she would be ruthless and go after real and perceived enemies

personally I beg Haitian not to vote this woman. women are dangerous creatures.

A woman once cooked stew for me with her menstrual blood. can you imagine?

I would like Nairalander to see my babe

she can mourn me for 30 years if I were the president

Every where you placed woman and women in your write up replace it with your mum name and you will be 100% correct. Your mama is a woman


Family / Re: Help! An Unwanted Pregnancy Is Ruining My Life. by Ybaby: 8:12am On Jul 25
Hello Nairalanders,

It's a long story, but I'll try to keep it short and to the vital points. Please endure the length.

There's a girl i met at a theological college in where I was studying to become a clergyman and also learning a skill under the civil engineering department of the college. She was my junior in the course, as I was a year away from graduating from my first course, while she was just a fresher. She was always having issues getting through her courses and projects and would always ask for my assistance since I was the course rep in that department. It was forbidden to have any intimate relationship with your course mate or anyone in the college for that matter, the penalty would be expulsion. But unfortunately for me, out of sheer lust and seduction on her part, and gross indiscipline and lack of self control on my part, I got intimate with her and we ended up committing fornication during one of our semester vacations. And it just happened once, of which out of deep regret and remorse I confessed the matter to the college Admin when the next semester resumed. We were panelled, after which I was suspended, while she was expelled.

During this time I was learning a skill sponsored by the college, of which I use to get paid some weekly stipend. After I was suspended I was also stopped from continuing my apprenticeship, because I was not to associate with any of the students or lecturers in the school while my suspension lasted. So I was without a job and without a source of income since I wasn't yet mastered on the skill. The condition that was given to me to resume my studies and apprenticeship was that I should go and get married before I could come back to college, so as not to be tempted to repeat my error. But I wasn't ready for marriage whether financially or any other wise for that matter. So while I was contemplating my next move, this girl came to me that she was pregnant, that she needed us to go and see her parents. I told her I had no money neither was I ready to father a child at this point in my life. I pleaded she should give me time to think about what next to do. Two weeks passed, and I called her to enquire about her welfare but her number wasn't reachable, I decided to go to her place, but I was told she had travelled a week ago to go see her family. A week later, I received a call from a woman telling me she was the girl's mother, that her daughter came home with a pregnancy, and she asked me if I was responsible for the pregnancy, I answered her in the affirmative. She then asked when I was coming to see her family. I told her I wasn't sure about coming to see them that I needed to speak to the girl first. She said okay, then later that day the girl called me, and I told her to come back for us to talk deliberate on the way forward. When she came she told me her parents (who are by the way divorced) will not accept her nor the pregnancy without me coming to see them for marriage arrangements.

I explained to her I wasn't ready for any such thing, that I have a calling to answer and a course to finish, that what happened between us was just a stupid and careless mistake that has been as a setback for me to achieve my goal, and that I was ready to overcome the trials and get back on track, and I explained to her that before then I had neither dated nor been intimate with anyone for over seven years, and so any kind of relationship or marriage was not even in my nearest future plans, and besides, I didn't even have a job, not to mention having enough money to embark on a marriage plan. She said she would never accept such excuse, that I should look for whatever means to make sure I come see her parents before her pregnancy becomes obvious. She also said that she needed money to move her belongings back to Imo state where her family resides. I agreed to raise some money for her. I went to do some menial jobs and raised some money, about ₦20k, which I gave to her and she traveled back to Owerri. From then on her parents kept calling and pressuring me to come and see them for marriage arrangements. I told them I was going to come, but just to introduce myself to them as the person responsible for their daughter's pregnancy not for any marriage arrangements. But they disagreed, that if I wasn't ready to come for marriage that I shouldn't bother coming. I pleaded with them to give me enough time to look for money to come and see them, but they instead started threatening me with court cases and arrests, at one time they brought the girl and some soldiers to my family house and harassed my family members including my mother.

So I later traveled to Benin city to go look for money. After one week of my arrival in Benin, I lost my phone and I couldn't retrieve my number. I lost connection with them until I got back to Uyo where I got her phone number from a friend of hers. At this time, I was told that they came to my house several times with police officers claiming I raped their daughter and impregnated her then absconded. At this, I established contact with the girl again and she told me that I should not bother her that she wasn't in the mood to talk to me, I kept calling her but she often ended up abusing me or we often times ended up in quarrels, so I left her alone for sometime.

Two weeks ago I related the matter to one of my distant uncles, who advised me to gather some money and go see her, I called her and told her I wanted to come and see her before she puts to bed, which is expected to be sometime next month (August). But she told me that she still stands by what her parents had said, if it's not for the marriage issue that I should not come, that I should rather send her the money I would use in coming so she can use it to buy the baby clothing and buy some hospital requirements before she puts to bed. I called her parents and they told me the same thing, and said if I don't come for the marriage agreement before she puts to bed, that after she's delivered of the baby I should forget ever coming, and should never mention that I have a child anywhere not to mention coming to claim it ever in the future. And that I should just forget about her and the child.

The issue now is this, I am a bit frustrated because I seem to have lost everything at the moment because of this issue; my calling, the skill I was learning is gone, I have no job aside the menial jobs I do at construction sites which isn't available regularly. Now the little I have saved so far, I am contemplating on whether to use the money to pay for my skills training and continue with it and start my life afresh and forget about her, the child, and her parents, or use the money to support her in her hospital requirements for her delivery. Because I don't want to be seen as abandoning her when she is in this condition, and I also don't want to give up on the child, though I'm not capable of taking care of the girl and the baby right now, and probably, I might end up getting married but not under my present circumstances. I know I've made a grave mistake and this is the consequences for not being true to myself and my calling, and I deeply regret it, and I've suffered for it in any way I can possibly imagine, but I also need to put my life back in order, because right now I'm so devastated that I'm contemplating terrible alternatives to survive the storm, I'm at a very critical moment of my life and I just feel like giving up on life altogether. Please I need your help and advice on this issue. Thanks.

PS. Please if anyone is willing to teach me any skill, I would be very grateful and willing to learn.

That girl's life is not in order. She has no choice as to whether her money goes into hospital bills or skills......your baby inside her has made the choice for her.

Forget your regrets right now - if you donot claim your child by providing for mum n child your regrets will just be starting.

When I say if you dont have money do not do women - you think it is a joke

Rev father do the right thing for once.

Young girls who like to rent thier wombs to men without means - pls stop this act of terrorism on your own child

Ma lo fe broke nikka, fight for your life - Olamide
Celebrities / Re: Clarion Chukwurah Goes Topless For Her 57th Birthday Photoshoot (Photos) by Ybaby: 8:03am On Jul 25
Evening Newspaper that they used to wrap buns.


Taofeek your mummy is old too so maybe your mummy is night paper used to wrap tomato...... torn and worn out with a son that is uncouth and cannot look after her

my heart goes out to your mum

o le ko.....omo iya erannu

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Politics / Re: Stella Oduah: Why I Was Absent For Vote On E-transmission Of Election Results by Ybaby: 3:54pm On Jul 17
No, it is nt an excuse. This is summary of what the govt is:

SOCIALISM: You have two cows, and you give one to your neighbor.

COMMUNISM: You have two cows, the government takes both and gives you milk.

FASCISM: You have two cows, the government takes both and sells you milk.

NAZISM: You have two cows, the government takes them and kills you.

CAPITALISM: You have two cows, you sell one and buy a male. You multiply your cows and there is economic growth. You sell them, you retire and you live on your profits.

MODERN CAPITALISM: You have two cows, you sell one and buy a male. You multiply your cows and you buy those of your neighbors. The latter become your shepherds, you pay them in monkey currencies and they die poor.

AMERICAN SOCIETY: You have two cows, you sell one and you have to make the other one to produce milk like 4 cows. By dint of producing beyond her capacity, she dies. You take a consultant to understand this death.

FRENCH SOCIETY: You have two cows, you go on strike because you want a third.

GERMAN SOCIETY: You have two cows, you modify them so that they live 100 years, eat once a month and treat themselves.

CHINESE SOCIETY: You have two cows, you sell milk to your compatriots and you produce plastic milk to export to the rest of the world.

BLACK/ AFRICAN SOCIETY: You have two cows, you eat them all the same day and you dream that donors or the international community give you others. You turn to God and hope for miracle cattle. You fast 40 days and 40 nights without eating or drinking so that the cows will fall from heaven. At the end, you die in extreme poverty.

Useless lawmakers.

What is wrong with you? USELESS should also be in capital letter.

USELESS lawmakers = fixed

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Romance / Re: How And When Did You Realize That Your Girlfriend Loved You For Real? by Ybaby: 1:31pm On Jul 17
I told my girlfriend that I want to buy new clothes and boxers but I was completely broke. She shockterlize me by sending 50k to my account.
I told her that the 50k was too much but she told me to keep the change.
Oh men.......!! I must marry Hadiza. cheesy

Poor men and nonsense = 5 and 6

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Family / Re: Another Marriage About To Crash. by Ybaby: 11:30am On Jul 17
Why does the society see men hitting women as bad thing but women cursing and abusive as normal.

A woman who curses and abuses you will still have the nerve to ask you for money.

Am not a perfect man..... I have my flaws but I am careful with words because I know what bad words can do to people.

Should a man be forced to stay with a woman who curses, abuses and threatens to get him arrested if he touch her despite you have never lay a finger on her in 3yrs of marriage.

People are telling me she is doing it due to anger that she doesn't mean it......am told to avoid making her angry and is that possible.
She gets me angry most times but I just leave the house and go cool off...
I have tried to teach her the act of keeping quiet in moment of anger but she never learns

She is permitted to rain curses and abuses on me because she is a woman and am expected not to react because that's how most women behave.

At this junction have made up my mind to divorce her.....I never wished for this but I can't take this ...... many people see this character of most women as normal (am told there power is in the mouth) but I can't.

Lastly men please avoid women raised by single mother they come with venom and naturally demage psychological...they will take revenge on you for their father's sins.

If she is abusive and cursing you then she is abusing you psychologically. It is really hard for a man to amount to much with such a woman by his side.

If you flaws involves cheating and sleeping around then stop it immediately as it makes a woman insecure, worried and less feminine

Finally you have 2 options you both attend couple therapy or you leave. The abuse MUST stop. If she wants you to be successful which is more money for her then she has to learn to build you up. Your children cannot be seeing you (thier hero) being brought down with words

She needs to find another way to communicate her frustration e.g go shopping

Beating her will not stop the abuse either. See a qualified therapist like NDIDI or LEAVE.
Family / Re: Nigerian Men Have Failed Their Women by Ybaby: 7:53am On Jul 11
In fact, I have a hypothesis that the reason why Nigerian women are not attractive to men of other races is because of the extreme privation, servitude and sufferings the average Nigerian woman experiences. Generally, things owned by rich people are viewed favourably than those by their poorer counterparts (https://www.nairaland.com/5886610/racism-against-blacks-reduce-drastically). If Nigeria was as rich as South Korea, many White, Arabian and even Asian men would have cherished and desired Nigerian women because they know these women are invaluable. For instance, they know by marrying a Nigerian woman, they get a chance of being a passport holder which is visa free to 170+ countries (the strength of a passport is linked to how wealthy that country is). However, in reality, this is not true and no South Korean man desires to marry a Nigerian woman because it will accord him permanent residence status or eventual citizenship which is useless. Rather, he would be glad to marry a British lady because their children get to enjoy both worlds which are functioning and prosperous societies. It is the reason countries with powerful passports put up stringent rules regarding citizenship by marriage to curtail situations of men from poorer countries (like Nigeria) deceiving their women via marriage for the sake of being a passport holder.

It is one of the reasons I don’t fault modern day Nigerian women who are into modern day feminism. I can understand their frustrations when they see the benefits of being a woman in a prosperous society. When South Korean women can travel across the country unharmed or when Japanese women can cultivate their crops in peace and not being hacked to death by nomadic terrorists or when Taiwanese ladies don’t engage in sex for grades because the society has the rule of law or when a Norwegian female decides to travel to Singapore without obtaining a visa but her Nigerian counterpart cannot do same. These benefits and many more were as a result of those societies built to functioning states by their men. Those women are enjoying what their men worked/toiled and built for them. Unfortunately, Nigerian women cannot enjoy same because the men have failed terribly to do same. Nigerian women toil daily doing all manner of odd jobs not because they like them but as a result of the poor economic policies and servitude Nigerian men have made the society into.

P.S. Please note that this is not a post in support of modern feminism but a critical analysis of why Nigerian women suffer and what their men can do.

Men create the society, women integrate into that society” – Pansophist

Ha ha ha ha looooool

You are waking up your brothers and you will pay for it because they will so insult you for speaking this bitter truth.

Societies where the laws are in place to protect and provide for women flourish..... those countries flourish.


Woman is the entry point of human life - she is the moulder, atorishe..... if she is not provided for she can not nurture or mould - the kids come out of the oven not properly baked and those kids take it out on the society - they kill, steal and maim.

No human comes to this world without woman - so it makes sense to give her everything she needs to bake a human and churn out the best.

We need laws that supports family, laws that make men scared of cheating because 50% of his wealth will leave him, we need laws that prevent getting a younger wife etc


Mother feels safer and can raise her kids in harmony as this benefits the society at large. (fi eyin ti to awon omo eh)


Family / Re: Help: My Wife Wants To Know Everything by Ybaby: 8:04am On Jul 09
It is very annoying to see woman trying to put mouth in men's business and investment.

I don't know know if one need to carry them along. But most time they want their wishes granted against man decision.

I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this.. what actually happen is I have a bus and my wife ask me to sell it on scrapt and give her the money to start up business... I told her we can still fix the bus and get it back to normal. But it sound very unpleasant to her...

Now if I intended on selling the bus while she start up a business..the next is is that you see her family kepp asking her for help and assistance before you know the whole money will be mystery.

Kindly advise:

Your wife does not trust that you ca make money in this life time.

my question to you is: Can you make money in this life time?

If you can, you have 3 months to start providing for your family.

No you are not currently providing if you were your wife will not wish to take the reigns of breadwinner from you.

PROVIDE and this problem will go away.

Once light is switched you realise there was no darkness - it was absence of light
Romance / Re: I Caught Her Red Handed But She Said She Was Doing It For Me by Ybaby: 9:29am On Jun 26
Greetings guys ..

I’m in an emotional trauma right now. This girl I have been dating , I want to marry and I have gone to her place and did a few of things my hand could afford traditionally .. I’m hoping to do the rest by Xmas .

She is a new graduate and she told me to open a side business for her to make small small change instead of being idle.

I told her to give me small time to save up money .

There is this guy she always talks about that is a yahoo boy and has plenty money , long story short , she came to my house last weekend , we were discussing, I wanted to use her phone and play 9ja ludo but she insisted on not giving me the phone .. she held the phone , turned her back after pressing it for long she gave it to me .

I angrily seized the phone , told her I bought the phone and sim that I’m seizing it.

We later settle and she slept early hours of the nxt day , I woke up brought her phone and it was on plane mood , I removed it from plane mood and a text msg came in from some guy .

I went to her WhatsApp to check the guy out and behold , she blocked the number on WhatsApp.

I unblocked the number and sent him message first , we started chatting , the guy was saying how he loves her and all that shit and the money he sent her to open up a side business.

I woke her up , confronted her and she said she did it for me since I was wasting time to raise money for her , she had to take it from her class mate , the said yahoo guy .

That she’s sorry not to tell me about it since .

She said I should allow her answer the guys calls so that she can get more money from the guy. I agreed and gave her the go ahead but she promised that she won’t allow any man see her unclothedness aside me her husband to be.

My mind has been heating up , why she lied to me and hid something of this nature to me .

The other mind is telling me to impregnate her then dump her when she’s 6 months pregnant that if I leave her now , the guy might take over and I will be the mugu here .

Guys what do I do , I need to wicked this girl I swear , my mind is boiling

Some one I have done 45% of her dowry is doing this to me . Kai I be mugu Oooooo

I need advise from real niggaz

Focus all your energy on making money - leave woman alone until you have money to set a woman up, pay her dowry and provide for the kids she will give you.

I have said this over and over again but.........

You can abuse me and shout this down but the repercussion of not taking this instruction (not advise) is all yours.

Make money then find woman NOT find woman then make money.

Find out what the leading cause of divorce is...... you cannot fight nature.

A word is enough for the wise

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Sports / Re: Samson Siasia: Life-Ban Reduced To Five Years By Court Of Arbitration For Sport by Ybaby: 3:20pm On Jun 22
Does Tunubu has good name or reputation are we not reverencing him today? There is nothing like good name in Nigeria, Nigerians worship money. My former landlord son was a criminal all of a sudden, he ran away to reappear after 5 years with plenty money. Come and see how people in hood are reverencing him, he may even contest in next election and probably be a law maker.

Give your son a soiled name sir.... that is your legacy for him. Have fun!
Family / Re: “If You Fight My Side Chick, I Will Upgrade Her To Wife” - Nigerian Man. by Ybaby: 3:18pm On Jun 22

I'm speechless... fest hof hall. Lemme *collate* my thoughts. So I'm done thinking, calling on my eons-old muse to drop this inspired take.

I admire the man. I really, deeply admire him. I mean where are men like this? In this age? A man who doesn't take nonsense and can put women in their place?

This is obviously a man who can set his house in order, and and... In this age when husband is scarce is where some women are going to be fighting side chick? No, na she marry the man? undecided Her post for the house never set, she still dey compromise, omo, any woman wey get audacity reach that level go dey fight women wey dey help am take care of husband should better get ready to have herself replaced. Yeah, 'cos desperate chicks are out there, and if one of them manage to snag that position (because tbh men nowadays have become disillusioned with modern women filling their heads with equality crap and fake life on social media) and so, bye bye to her revered post oh. There is no shame greater than a woman leaving husband's house to now go back and... go where? Start from where?

Las las, he wee do and come back to you. E never finish? And you will now show the true, caring love he couldn't get from those girls in his old age. So I really am seeing a lot to pick from this tweet. Marry with the expectation that it rains everywhere, I mean even in hellfire, it does.

Some men won't even tell you what they'll do to you if you ever try to disgrace them like this, it'll be your beating waiting for you at home...

So just to conclude, this man is a very sensible, lenient and not to forget, African man to the core. When you know another woman can be promoted over you, tell me how you won't give yourself brain and not misbehave now. Tell me. This'll make every woman sit up.

If sttupiditty was to be defined in plenty words like an harvard professor will define it - the post above is the definition of sttupidityy

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Family / Re: “If You Fight My Side Chick, I Will Upgrade Her To Wife” - Nigerian Man. by Ybaby: 3:15pm On Jun 22
This man has a word of advice for wives who go about fighting side-chicks.

A king I stan. grin

What do you think?

He should be careful....sidechics now kill their sugardaddies and steal their money.

Adagba je raufu


Sports / Re: Samson Siasia: Life-Ban Reduced To Five Years By Court Of Arbitration For Sport by Ybaby: 3:13pm On Jun 21

Spoken like a true Nigerian... But what you don't know is this... A good name is better than riches

A good name is ALL a man gives his son.

If he leaves him billions and they will say see Liar Mohammed son o.

A good name is true inheritance.


Celebrities / Re: Ike Onyeama Celebrates His Girlfriend, Fayahbabe On Her Birthday by Ybaby: 7:10am On Jun 19
He lacks direction.... Chasing women without having money

grin well said
Romance / Re: I Just Broke Up With My Girlfriend Of 2 Years by Ybaby: 2:30pm On Jun 01
I just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years because I had to save myself from being emotionally hurt in the future.�

There were many times where i hurt her emotionally but what she was doing was killing me softly. �

I know you’re not suppose to be jealous of your partner’s best friend and it’s a big turn off if you are jealous but there was just too many red flags. ��

My ex has a guy best friend since high school & their chemistry is really good.

They both decided to plan a road trip together to Abuja, just the 2 of them alone for 3 nights. At first I was mad but I had to understand that they’re only best friends, so I decided to just relax.

But, weeks before the trip, they would always hangout & post each other on social media & do cute stuff together such as going to museums, beaches, etc… that made me even more mad. I just didn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to go on dates with me when I was always free.

When she wasn’t hanging out with him, she would have morning shifts & get out at 3pm. Then she would make time to see me, but that was only 1 night when I would see her, & she would see him 3 times a week. I would only see her once a week, & that’s not healthy in a relationship.
I felt like the side guy who would only have sex with her right after her long shift at work.

I spoke to my friends about this and they’d always make mockery of me & say stuff like “ This babe dey use you catch cruise, forget about her” but I’d always make excuses for her. Sigh

I decided to end it with her because I was so hurt. I couldn’t take the emotional torture anymore. I wanted her back the day after I ended things, but she agreed that it’s best that we stayed separated.

Just heard from someone that she’s currently dating this her best friend. ���


She has been dating her best friend since o
Politics / Re: #AishaTheHypocrite: Aisha Yesufu Labelled A 'Hypocrite'; Dragged Online (Photos) by Ybaby: 2:05pm On Jun 01
Were you not in Nigeria when she boldly told Nigerians that she was the one who toasted her husband. You can deduce from that statement that she has been toasting many men but they either reject or used and dumped her before her husband unfortunately agreed to pity and marry her. So were did I lie against her?

You are not feeling well at all. Time for check up o
Car Talk / Re: What Can I Do In This Situation With A FRSC Officer? by Ybaby: 1:47pm On Apr 17
Just want to say you did the right thing to have slapped him back. Have NO regrets!!

A road safety officer just slapped me and I slapped him back. Now he is saying they will impound my car last last. He took the number Plate down.

I went to their office to submit a receipt for making payment on a booking. On getting there he came out to meet me and starting showing a lot of aggression. First he said I can't make the payment online, I need to go to the bank. I asked him what the bank use to make payments, he said remita, I said what is this receipt, he said remita receipt. I was like so what's the issue. He said he wants to see the teller.

When the argument continued, my father who was sitted in my car had to come down. He spoke to him calmly and asked what happened. He started insulting my dad. This is a guy that could actually be my younger brother. My father said consider my age, he said what's my business with your age.
I got angry and said you're stupid for that statement, before I know it, he slapped me. Then I gave me a few slaps.
All the officers in all other offices came out and it was obvious they are backing him. Things eventually died down and we were told to bring the receipt later. Apparently their boss at the office said the receipt is acceptable.

PLS what should I do could I would want to be targeted by them everywhere I go.
Family / Re: Is My Wife Correct On This Matter? by Ybaby: 6:31am On Mar 12
Your wife is manipulating you.

She is jealous of the money you give your mum.

It is not all money you give your mum that you tell your wife.
Family / Re: Marrying Financially Stable One Or The One You Love? by Ybaby: 10:31pm On Dec 15, 2020
This is quite dicey. I don't want to act as if your current bf isn't human but what is he doing with you when he knows he's not capable?

For me, he should be the one to pull out of the relationship and let you be, in other words, he is very selfish.

Money is very important in marriage, very important that by the time you enter you'll realise that love isn't a currency that will pay rent, put food on the table and pay your children's school fees.

Use your tongue to count your teeth, don't be naive. By the way, what's all these rubbish talk with "he's the one I love" bla bla bla......., my sister everyone is capable of loving everyone and anyone don't let your heart deceive you.

For me, I can't even date someone when I earn nothing, and I can't even date/marry someone who isn't working. If you want to be the husband as d woman while your bf becomes the wife as d man it's in your court.

Things can change tomorrow for him but hope isn't a strategy. On the other hand, things can even get worse for him.

Wise man !


Health / Re: What Can I Do About My Body Odour? by Ybaby: 8:29pm On Dec 11, 2020
Look for hibicleans.

Go to a spa and go into the steam room or sauna and have body scrub treatment

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Family / Re: How To Train The Male Child by Ybaby: 5:18pm On Oct 13, 2020

cheesy E ma binu

You are obsessed! Trying to email me. Well I dismissed it.

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Family / Re: How To Train The Male Child by Ybaby: 4:35pm On Oct 13, 2020

Love you write-up. It actually show who you really are. A stand-up wife!

Keep it up!

Hope other ladies will learn from this. One can only reap what one has sown!

Thanks sir
Family / Re: How To Train The Male Child by Ybaby: 12:33pm On Oct 13, 2020

Happy new month

Today is the 13th o. Pele!
Family / Re: How To Train The Male Child by Ybaby: 10:48am On Oct 13, 2020
[quote author=fastseo post=94883683][/quote]

grin grin
Family / Re: How To Train The Male Child by Ybaby: 8:17pm On Oct 04, 2020

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