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Romance / Re: She Said No Sex After Seeing This In My Phone.. by Zhahovic(m): 11:56am On Oct 13

I am sorry but I fvck mails on my own terms and am not giving, am receiving because I won't stop till I've reached orgasm even if he came before me.
Crazy down to earth woman
Romance / Re: I Just Can't Get Over My Ex After Years Of Breakup. by Zhahovic(m): 6:46am On Oct 02
Nothing can be done bro.

She took your senses with her. You can’t forget about her. I’m sorry.
I never expired it
Romance / Re: Can A Girl Have A Bestie Without Them Having Sex? by Zhahovic(m): 10:09am On Sep 06
U can have male friends but having a male bestie does not make sense for me especially if we are dating.
How can you love me and not make me your bestie and share your secrets with me?.. And then share those secrets with another guy?.. Heck!
Funny thing is if its the other way around, women won't take that at all
Romance / Re: Should I Deflower Her? by Zhahovic(m): 8:49am On Aug 02
What is deflowering again..?.. Is it similar to debugging in my phone USB settings? grin
Seriously!.. If u really want to marry her deflower her and stick to her... And also try to marry her before she enters that university!..
There is no crime in early marriage and besides once she gets into that Uni... If u don't marry her, she could become very slippery and forget you
Education / Re: Is Animal Science A Good Course?? by Zhahovic(m): 9:18am On Jun 15
In Nigeria any course is a good " curse" if you have the right connection or come out with good grades grin
Family / Re: My 4-Year-Old Niece Loves To Perceive Horrific Scents. Is This Normal? by Zhahovic(m): 12:40am On May 05
Perhaps she is a mutant undecided
Family / Re: How Do I Handle A Husband Who Wants To Have Sex Almost Everyday? by Zhahovic(m): 9:19am On Apr 28

U don't understand. Having sex everyday can be tiring. It also affect the Virgina. U think it is easy for women? It is not. I sometimes have pain because it is too much. We didn't have sex until we were married. I never knew he was like this.
The fact that he respected you enough not to have sex till marriage means u should find ways to spice up your sex life now that you are bonded together. This is no time for excuses.
He has been dying for you since and can't get enough. Go and buy sex lubricant at any pharmacy. This will reduce vaginal friction and make u enjoy sex more
Romance / Re: Penile Length (pics) by Zhahovic(m): 5:28pm On Apr 22
Mine is flash drive length shocked undecided

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Fall In Love With Your Neighbour? by Zhahovic(m): 5:18pm On Apr 22
Yes. In fact, I was obsessed with him. I'd watch everything he did. I knew his whole schedule. Basically, I stalked the guy tongue He was so handsome though, I couldn't help myself.
After months of stalking, I started planning meeting him. So one evening as he returned from work, I decided I was going to throw away the trash, which means we were going to bump into each other on the stairs wink I didn't wanna make it too obvious, so I dressed in normal "house clothes". I'm one of those people that look more attractive when I'm a little shabby & dirty, so I went in for the kill in my grimiest look I can pull grin
Anyway, we crossed paths for the 1st time & we both nodded our greetings as we passed each other. After two or more such orchestrated meetings, we had a chat. He said something & my dreams literally came true in that narrow staircase cheesy
Long story short, he wasn't what I expected. After a few chats, I lost interest in him. I wouldn't call him dumb, but he wasn't too bright lol. All big & beautiful with a tiny brain embarassed
Lol women's emotions wey be like NEPA LIGHT... OFF OFF ON.. ON OFF... OFF.. cheesy
Family / Re: Parents Loving One Of Their Children More Than The Others: Your Opinion by Zhahovic(m): 1:04am On Apr 22
It happens alot same way we love a new shirt more than old shirt.
Well just don't make it obvious... Remember how biblical Jacob had a favorite son?
Agriculture / Re: Just Killed This Animal But Don't Know It's Name. by Zhahovic(m): 9:47pm On Apr 06
5G Wuhan rat grin


Romance / Re: I Saw Pregnancy Test Result In My "Virgin" Girlfriend's Handbag by Zhahovic(m): 6:20pm On Apr 05
My brother, the writing is on the wall. You don't need Prophet Daniel to come and interpret this writing for you.

Leave now before u get heart broken
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Told A Guy She Is Not In A Relationship by Zhahovic(m): 8:42am On Apr 02
I met my girlfriend about 2yrs ago and we've been doing pretty fine. Before we met, she was in an abusive relationship and she had to quit.

In trying to understand ourselves, we've had to agree and disagree on some things, which I believe is normal. I love her and she loves me too.

I won't say I have the cash, but I'm always there to support her when she has a very pressing issue. Aside that, I take her out, we go shopping, and lots more...

She is this type of lady that if you try to correct her (in a very respectful manner) she will just get angry and may not even talk to you for even 2 days. Anger is a big part of her life. I respect her a lot and have never used abusive words on her.

When we just met, she was kind. She hardly comes to see me without buying something, even if it's N50 corn...a gesture that I appreciate so much. About a year into the relationship, her character changed. She became somewhat stingy. But I didn't take it to mean anything because I hate to even depend on anybody for anything. It didn't stop me from supporting her and doing the much I can for her.

She doesn't ever allow me touch her phone. What she does now is that whenever I'm to see and spend time with her, she turns off her data. She rejects some calls when we are together. As someone who wants peace at all times, I've sat her down to tell her my observations and ask what the matter was. But she told me nothing was the matter.

So, I decided to buy a new SIM card. I started chatting her as a stranger. She chats with me (the stranger) till even 2am. She has opened up everything about herself to the stranger. Her name, where she's from, what she does, where she lives and lots more. I'm just wondering why someone who just chatted you today is already getting to know everything about you.

Now to the reason I opened this thread: she told the stranger guy that she isn't in any relationship. Though, she added that she just met a Guy last week through her friend and they are both trying to work things out. She even sent the picture of the new guy to this stranger.

I'm still wondering why she will do a thing like that. I'm not in her life to waste her time. She is very aware of that. I told her last December that we shall go see her people this year and seal everything, but she told me that we still have time and no need for the rush.

Personally, I had no reasons to suspect her of possibly cheating, but her actions when we are together made me get a new SIM card and started chatting her up anonymously.

On my part, I'm a guy that ladies even open up to me that they like me. They also say I'm very intelligent and all that. I'm very transparent to her. I don't hide nothing from her. I can leave my phone with her without any fear because I don't have anything to hide.

I've never had anything to do with any lady since I met her. I so much believe in keeping your body and soul to just the person you are with...whether relationship or marriage. If you can't do that, why not just tell the person that you are not interested again than going your way to deny the person before another guy.

Ladies and gents, why on earth will a man or woman do this to someone who had dedicated his or her all to you?

I will gladly welcome your contributions, including bashing...

Addition: I am business oriented. To make her depend less on any man for money, I have created a passive income source for her that generates about 20k for her monthly
Craig David has your best answer already.... "I'm walking away!! "

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Romance / Re: She Said She Can't Date Me Because "I'm Too Clean". What Do I Do? by Zhahovic(m): 9:46am On Mar 29
Hi nairalanders, I know the world is battling coronavirus and I probably shouldn't be talking about this at the moment but I could use your advice just incase we all survive this pandemic that has so bedeviled us.

I'm a young man in my mid-twenties and by this time last year I was broke and had a very poor account balance but by the Grace of God things are different now. My business is booming and I'm balling. Now I'm the type of guy that likes to look good and smell nice always, and this might just have proven to be my Achilles heelgrin

It happens that there's this extremely beautiful girl I've been crushing on in church and I finally made my move this Sunday. We got talking and exchanged numbers. Now this girl is like my dream girl; she's very very beautiful facially, tall, has a fat ass, perky boobs, flat stomach and very straight legs. She basically looks like them models we see on IGgrin

The problem is I asked her out and she said she can't date me because she thinks that I'm "too clean" and would therefore cheat on her as a result. I've tried all I can to make her change her perception but she is not coming along. Please what do I do or say to this girl to make her date and marry me because I've already sworn that she'll be my last bus stop in the dating world.

Please your advice will be duely appreciated. Thanks
What a stupid excuse!.. U better look for a better lady that will appreciate u. I bet this one will come for you later and say, " you didn't try hard enough "

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Celebrities / Re: Tacha Blasts President Buhari For "Addressing Nigerians On Twitter" Over COVID19 by Zhahovic(m): 9:23am On Mar 28
Why should we listen to her...what does she know, what's the quality of the substance in her head. olosho has no business with the affairs of the nation.
She should crawl back to do what she knows how to do best

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Crime / Re: Tenant Catches Landlord With Wife In Bed In Osun, Kills Him Instantly by Zhahovic(m): 5:05pm On Mar 27
In the midst of corona landlord is still penetrating wink

That is woman for you. If My own mother can jam oyibo man forget her only son for Nigeria, called me thief when I have never lived with her before, destroy my self self esteem to the extent I almost committed Sucide 4 times. Then I see no Good in Any Nigerian Lady

Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Or My Boss Who Should I Choose? by Zhahovic(m): 1:52pm On Mar 25
Typical ladies and emotional confusion....... U got attracted to your boss FIRSTLY because of his position, even though you wont want to admit it.
Stick with your boss.. And don't even dare going back to the other guy

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Romance / Re: How Did You Find Out Your Partner Was Cheating On You? by Zhahovic(m): 10:48am On Mar 23
I don't like checking my partners phone, but one day I was just playing a game or using internet on her phone can't really remember which, a text came in, what showed on the notification bar was just a hotel room number and name eg "107,John Edward".

I was shocked to my bones, I just kept cool as if nothing happened when she woke up she told me she had to go meet up with a female friend to get something. Knowing where she was going I told her she wasn't going anywhere she protested but as I insisted she kept quiet and went back to sleep.

Later, I checked her phone and noticed she switched it off before going back to sleep. Then I switched it on, she was receiving several calls from that same number, when the person got tired of calling he sent a text, "I have booked already and u want my money to waste like that".

I didn't confront her with my findings immediately
, I decided to wait some days on another day I was playing with her phone randomly, the next thing I saw is "you were so sweet".

N/B she gave me an excuse that she was going somewhere on that day too, when I protested she said she had to go and get something.

D/Day- When I packaged only my findings and showed her she was shocked to her bones, couldn't deny it, she only apologized and crying her eyes out.

Note- I am not broke o, I give her everything a guy can do for his GF.

I'm speechless. ... Goes to show you a cheat is only cheat when caught
Romance / Re: How Did You Find Out Your Partner Was Cheating On You? by Zhahovic(m): 10:42am On Mar 23
Through her pussy because before it was tight now wide after I came back from 2 days holiday
My man! grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Guys Reason This Matter With Me by Zhahovic(m): 10:22am On Mar 22
I can't reason with u.. Go and meet PSQUARE
Romance / Re: My Boss' Girlfriend Is In Love With Me by Zhahovic(m): 11:44pm On Mar 21
Man! The attention is sweet!.. Don't do it bro!.. So many other women out there you can have;..!.. Don't give in to her!.. She's not worth it... But enjoy the attention while it lasts
Romance / Re: My Strange Experience With The Girl I Have Been Asking Out by Zhahovic(m): 5:11pm On Mar 21
Don't go all fetish.. U might just be too anxious or nervous about making love to her.
For me.. I hate girls that don't do pre-intimacy.. Once I notice that... I won't even go further.. I hate that as it makes me loose my sexual aura.
Nothing is wrong with your d**...
If u want to confirm try another babe
U see all those spiritual comments above me?.. They are the ones that go to church everyday and yet Increased the price of hand sanitizers and face mask by 2000%


Romance / Re: I Am Confused by Zhahovic(m): 6:57am On Mar 20

the post shows the young lady is not confused but has a very clear mind of what she does at any one time and place.
Rather the op definition of his confusion has nothing to do with the literary facts surrounding confusion but he does have a problem dealing with the same rules he laid down for this part time relationship
Hmm sounds like the girl is just enjoying the multi exploration
Romance / Re: I Am Confused by Zhahovic(m): 5:49pm On Mar 19
And I have decided to let her be, but even if I leave her the guy would go on to be hostile around her, and maybe lead to violence, because the last time he called he was saying he would beat her up, which I hate
So u want to fight the guy now?..
Romance / Re: I Am Confused by Zhahovic(m): 4:00pm On Mar 19
The girl is obviously confused. U should not link your confusion to hers. Forget about her unless u are enjoying the games. This one is not love
Romance / Re: She Said She's Not Interested But Gets Angry When She Sees Me With A Girl. by Zhahovic(m): 3:57pm On Mar 19
I met this lady, a colleague of mine for over a year now, we work in the same unit. Don't get it twisted, our Organization permits marriages but one of us will make a transfer to another branch within the same location.

I liked her, everybody in our unit noticed there's a connection between us. However, we're like cat and dog we fight over everything, always disagreeing, yet.

I have been getting a lot of advice from my fellow colleagues about how she's the perfect match for me and how compatible we're if we decide to be together.

However, truth be told, I have not been really serious with her, I flirt with other single girls in the unit. The other day, they were having relationship discussion, a senior colleague of mine said that I use to jump from one girl to another.

The last Valentine's day, I called her that we really need to talk she told me if it's really that serious I should come over to her house which I did. I went there to profess my love for her, I asked her to give me a chance that I'm gonna be a better man.

She calls me a confused human being, that I don't really know what I want, that it's too late. That she already has someone and planning to get married to him next year.

Now, I've decided to accept my faith and move on with one particular lady that cares about me, I no longer call her like I used to anymore, just greetings that use to join us now.

I have noticed a hostile attitude from her towards me, she gets angry whenever she sees me with the other girl.

Yesterday, during lunch hour, I met her with few of my colleagues and little conversation ensued between us she said I should bet with her that I'm going to leave that girl and come back to her, that made me a little upset within. So we had a bet.

Pls I need your advice, I truly love her, I think about her almost all the time. Should I swallow my ego and try to make things work between us again or I should let the sleeping dog lie?
U better ignore her!.. Women and their sick games and cravings for attention!.. U told her u want her a d she rejected u, moreso she's getting married to someone else soon.
Forget her and focus on the other girl that is showing u love... Pls life is short abeg... There is no room for pretense in this CORONA WORLD we live in now

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Romance / Re: Share Your Weird Or Strange Experience With A Girl by Zhahovic(m): 3:51pm On Mar 18
grin grin
once meet a fine yellow babe at a wedding. she gave me lift back as our area no far my friend actually said i she lives near me. we exchanged numbers and begin chatting on BBM then. got to know she was lonely and guys used to be intimidated by her. fast forward to 5 months later i began to go to her house, she lived alone her fam was based in ibadan but she came to lagos for work. we then began to sec chat i used to make mouth about how i would suck her till she cums and all. the d day it would happen we romanced and kissed and i took off the pant. i started to perceive dead rat/fish. i was like chimo wetin be this. i went back to romancing and told her it was too soon. i later told her on chat what happened she denied having pussy odour and later blocked me. since then i have phobia for tall fair ladies o

grin grin grin grin grin angry grin
My chest o
Romance / Re: Can A Man Say No To Sex? Ladies React (Video) by Zhahovic(m): 4:45pm On Mar 16
The problem is if a man says no to sex with a woman, most women will play the emotional card and think either the man does not desire her much as he used to or he is probably sleeping with someone else
Romance / Re: My Fiance Is A 2-Minute Man & We Are Set To Do Our Introduction. Please Help by Zhahovic(m): 1:50pm On Mar 16
I hope this man of yours is ready to work on himself?..
1. He should focus less on thrusting and penetrating. He should kiss, explore and handle u for at least 20 mins before thinking of penetration
2...encourage him to eat less sugary stuff. This is very important!.. He should exercise and more eat fruits. If u are not fit physically, you will definitely be poor in bed.
Remember the erection in the penis is fuelled by the heart.
3.. If you guys are using the missionary style of sex, I suggest you use other styles as the missionary style encourages quick ejaculation.
4... Teach him to take deep breaths and take short pauses while having sex with you. Controlled breathing can help delay ejaculation.
Do more research!.. All hope is not lost!

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Romance / Re: Can A Man Say No To Sex? Ladies React (Video) by Zhahovic(m): 1:35pm On Mar 16
As far as I'm concerned, men are too cheap. It takes extra discipline for a full ass grown man to reject sexual advances especially from cute chicks like us cool.QED.
Fortuna Dusseldorf of Bundesliga grin

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Romance / Re: Am Too Handsome Please Help PHOTOS by Zhahovic(m): 8:19am On Mar 13

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