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Family / Re: My Parents Forgot My Birthday by dmainboss: 9:33am On Mar 28, 2012
metaldude: Why are there so many sadists on nairaland?Do I look like one of your kids that u pay an astronomical fees for them to pass?Pls,don't pour out your frustrations on me.Go to third mainland bridge and do a jimmy jatt jump off!

I no talk am? You cant even speak correct English. How can you when you are still sucking breats at 22! Real duns!

And you are in the university? Oh My Gosh!
Family / Re: My Parents Forgot My Birthday by dmainboss: 12:30am On Mar 28, 2012
@op, I pity the lady that will marry you. She will probably have to call every morning to get the days list of activities from your mum. Agbaya! Mummy's pet. You no get shame at all, you still dey post replies. Adamu! I am sure you passed your WAEC in a special center because you definite are not intelligent at all at all. You sound like you are 14 years old! With people like you, Naija's future is in real soup!
Politics / Re: Terrorism Trial: : Senator Ndume Named Vp Sambo As Boko Haram Sponsor by dmainboss: 12:51pm On Mar 25, 2012
honestly, you could be arrested and sued for this. its libel. Seun should be very careful.
Phones / Re: Telecomm Firms To Increase Tariff For Their Services by dmainboss: 5:57pm On Mar 20, 2012
Doesnt matter really. The future is the Internet. I have always said that for a long time. I hadly make phone calls these days. FB, BB, Gtalk, WhatsApp, Skype and now Google just released free SMS right from your Gmail. I dont know why we still make a lot of calls really. I think maybe its lack of awareness. I can understand for older folks and some really illiterate folks, but I cant understand why an educated working class person will make a lot of calls except to a 'club ten' kind of contact.
Politics / Re: See Transcorp Hilton Food Invoice For Ms. Arunmah Oteh by dmainboss: 5:51pm On Mar 20, 2012
Sometimes some of you just derail so quickly. The bill is ok. Lets probe her for serious corruption not a bill from Transcorp Hilton. If you are hosted in the same hotel for an event or something else, you will have the same kind of bill. That is not corruption. You cannot ask Transcorp hilton to change their price and you cannot ask the lady to pay for herself while she is on national assignment. Even junior staff workers who go for events and stay in these hotels, incure these kind of bills. Lets not derail. There are very serious issues to deal with here. I am glad the probe is still on.
Politics / Re: Ibrahim Tukur El-sudi Appointed Chair Of Capital Market Probe by dmainboss: 5:45pm On Mar 20, 2012
If they like, let them put an Indian there, we dont care. The probe must go on. No amount of blackmail should stop this probe. I dont even care if this new guy knows much about the capital market. There are others in the committee that do. The important thing is that the facts should come out. Public awareness is the key here. The NASS is corrupt, we know, but the probe must go on
Politics / Re: Suspend The Dubious Capital Market Probe Now by dmainboss: 5:41pm On Mar 20, 2012
I have always said that the problem with this country are not just the leaders but a group of persons who will go to any length to make sure corruption cannot be eradicated. How can you go on this st.u.p.id rant and want us to take you seriously. It is not news that the NASS is corrupt. If there is an allegation against Hembe, it should be seriously investigated. But to call for a halt to this very useful probe is tantamount to blackmail. The probe should go on otherwise we will be creating (actually we have already created it) a situation where corrupt people will fight back with blackmail and everything in their arsenal to stop their probe. The probe should continue without interruption.
Phones / Re: NLC Reopens MTN Call Centre In Jos by dmainboss: 10:04pm On Mar 19, 2012
sharp man:

You are joking right?? why are you ashamed??

You want to be paid a fat salary..........while the owner of the business, that took all the risk.....and will take ALL the losses if the business is not profitable.....worry about paying you.

If you really want to practice what you preach........just start your own organization..........and pay salaries you cannot afford.

NOBODY owes you anything. You render a service and you get paid. If you don't like the pay, then don't render your service.

You are sooooo wrong and seriously, you sound like a self righteous deluded perfectionist. You imagine you live in a eutopia I guess. Please wake up to reality. You cannot pay people salaries that cannot meet their basic needs and expect them to render good service. These people are given targets to meet. If they don't meet it, they get fired. Tell me how they can meet it if their take home pay cannot take them home? And for you to talk about MTN paying more than they can afford? You kidding right? MTN broke even in ome year. Have you ever seen a business plan that makes a one year break even projection?
It is soo disheartening to hear self rrighteous, cocky, know it all f00ls like you going on a senseless deluded rant! You need a very hot slap to wake you up!
Car Talk / Re: FRSC Warns Owners Of Right-hand Drive Vehicles by dmainboss: 9:43pm On Mar 19, 2012
Sam Milla: Lagos state frsc just created a new avenue to impound people's cars. This poor information will not get to the importers on time for them to respect the order. They should be given atleast six months to clear the ones already in the ship coming into the country. Besides people dont drive the RHDs here, they convert them to LHDs.

People like u only add to the confusion. Are you 5 years old? So you don't know it is wrong to drive a RHD in naija? In fact, you don't know it is wrong to use a different hand drive to the adopted one in any country? You must require primary school education all over again? So FRSC should give importers who are breaking the law six months to round up their breaking of the law, abi? Arrow!
Politics / Re: States, Lgs Get Authorization To Generate And Distribute Electricity by dmainboss: 3:22pm On Mar 19, 2012
4llerbuntu: Ogbeni sharrap ur gob.

Ignoramus, was it gej that initiated the power roadmap? Do u even realise that all this stuff are planned and are being implemented devoid of any input from Jonathan?
I guess u have been asleep since 2003

Is this not what we have been telling the mumu to replicate with oil/fuel subsides. Put in place a plan backed by legislation. Work with order and sense.

With the hikes in power costs and now this opening up, this will be a very profitable venture for people with funds

Behold a real I.DI.OT! But you have been slating him since last year for the poor power situation abi? Now there is some progress, it is no longer down to him abi? You are a real example of the hypocritical nature of the average Nigerian and with f00ls like you, development is going to be difficult in this country!
Politics / Re: Owerri Vs Port Harcourt: Which Is More Developed And Planned? by dmainboss: 8:43pm On Mar 16, 2012
How can Owerri not be clean and organised when there is nothing in it.Its like asking who is more organised between a family man with 4 kids living in a duplex and a barchelor just fresh from NYSC with only one lean mattress living in one room. St.u.p.id comparison.

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Business / Re: Whats The Fastest Selling Commodity In Nigeria? by dmainboss: 6:43pm On Mar 16, 2012
Most here are responding based on what they love, not on reality. The most used and most essential commodities are stuff like bread, salt, rice, garri, soap. I dont recharge much these days especially with BB and Internet on my mobile and PC. And please 90million lines does not translate to 90m Nigerians. I have 5 registered sims which are all active. Half the people with phones mostly just receive calls.
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland Featured On Yahoo Homepage by dmainboss: 10:50am On Mar 16, 2012
Nairaland itself is not much of an original source. Most of the stuff posted here are copyrighted stuff. So talking about copyright infringememt is funny. If you go down that route, NL will be gone in 2 days. Nairaland for me is like a quick access site. Instead of going round looking for stuff about Naija, you just hit NL front page.

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Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 12:53pm On Mar 08, 2012
The link to the washigton post site doesn't seem to be working
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 12:11pm On Mar 08, 2012
^^^ Your very first error is to assume that these same euphoria scenarios you describe exist in these countries like SA. Have you ever asked an average South African what they think of their government? You will be shocked from the way I see it.
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 11:49am On Mar 08, 2012

Are you illiterate? The South Africans' report said they were fake. I see you specialise in blowing hot air but little sense. grin

So how did they know they are fake? Did you not hear that two brothers were there and one was allowed to go in and the other was deported even when they both obtained their yellow cards from the same place at the same time?

Many of you just come here and display your inferiority complex. You are a CAPITAL I.DIO.T. I have to repeat that again. I have been to SA twice and I know the place. Their leadership is not better than Nigeria's leadership. Jacob Zuma, their current president is a criminal who manipulated the political and judicial system to become the president of SA. He has so many concubines lurking around him. Julius Malema, the ANC youth leader is a know racist that is always talking garbage and it is his comment that helped fuel the last xenophobic attacks that was metted on many Africans, not just Nigerians. South Africa has the highest r.a.p!e incidence in the world, about the highest HIV rate in the world. So bad that the average South African believes that if you sleep with a virgin, you will be cured of HIV.

The only reason South Africa is better than Nigeria economically and in infrastructure is because the whites built the place before they handed over power. Since the black leadership took over, they have been messing the place up. The luck they have is that the whites still control the major businesses there. If you leave it to the blacks, the place will become a shyte hole in less than 5 years. So dont tell me what you dont know. I was standing by the roadside in Joburg when some black boys were shooting sporadically in broad daylight unchallenged. They even have these zones where blacks know their boundaries and whites know their boundaries.

Nigeria fought for their independence with sweat and blood and hard cash. We deserve their absolute respect. I dont know what some of you call overbloated importance! We have too many i.di.ots here on NL. Nigeria is the most important black nation. current statistics says 2 of every 5 black man is a Nigerian. Stop talking garbage! My ghanian friend in Zurich has been asking me how he can get a Nigerian passport and I was suprised and asked him why. He told me the only black peeps the whites fear and respect are Nigerians. that no one messes with a Nigerian. Give us our respect!
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 11:15am On Mar 08, 2012

Even as the crime capital of the world Nigerians are flocking there like refugees. Go figure. grin

Nigerians should obey the law FIRST and then protest legitimately. The issue of fake documents is too prevalent in Nigeria. That SA is 'as corrupt' doesn't mean that people with fake documents should be let in.

I've not seen one report YET that verifies that the Yellow Fever documents were indeed original/valid. All we're getting is blustering from some idiots in government.

So have you seen any report that says they were actually fake in the first place? So it is now guilty until proven innocent abi? You are a CAPITAL i.di.ot!
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 11:13am On Mar 08, 2012

wow cheesy and you read all that garbage and responded? Take a chill pill man the issue ain't with Zuma, Iraqis and Amigos but Nigerians . No one is saying the South Africans couldn't have handle things differently but the question is why arm them with a reason to treat your people with disdain? Nigeria is not the only corrupt country in the world but it doesn't affect me if Saddam and co decides to sell off their country but what the Iboris and co do does affect me, kapish? Besides, it doesn't make corruption acceptable because other leaders loot their nations dry. People won't respect you if you don't first, respect yourself.

What are you on about? Is there any corruption free country in the world? How does that connect to how people are treated. You are still repeating the same garbage. India and China are about the most corrupt countries in the world. They are the ogas of 419 and Internet fraud. Have you seen anyone disrespecting their citizens? If you dont love yourself man, then you are doomed. Stop hating yourself! It sucks. Nigeria is in a bad condition but that does not mean we are animals and no one should treat us as such. This kind of mentality you lot show here is the kind that makes us worship even lebanese, Indians and Chinese people right here in our country. Illiterates who come here to become millionaires just because people like you worship them. Stop putting on our government and grow some balls. I have had to tell off several white guys before because I no send them. If they respect me, I will respect them. But if they think they are somewhat superior, I will put them in their place!
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 10:50am On Mar 08, 2012

@Nayah, seriously which country will respect another whose leadership or lack of it continue to keep it in jeopardy? The acts of a few is rubbing bad on all of us - Enter Ibori, Alameseigha, Dariye and co. Know their UK stories? How many leaders within the period under consideration can you point to and say same thing about? It makes no sense that while a mjority of our people are in want we have a few people who connive with outsiders to squander our commonwealth living us in limbo.

People like you continue to spew garbage. Was the present South African president Jacon Zuma not implicated in the same saga that implicated Atiku? Is he in jail? You talk as if Nigeria is the only corrupt country in the world and all other countries are perfect. Dont Iraqis and Mexicans travel outside their countries? Are they disrespected because their country is shyte? How is the situation in Nigeria an excuse for disrespecting Nigerian. I detest what is happening here in Nigeria but I detest even more the way Nigerians treat themselves. It is very iritating. If you dont like Nigeria, relocate somewhere else!
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 10:45am On Mar 08, 2012

Yellow card is an excuse, the issue is deeper

God will bless you. You have hit the nail on the head. I dont subscribe to us doing things wrongly but please do not use yellow card as an excuse for this kind of action.
Politics / Re: We Won’t Apologise To Nigeria, Says S-africa by dmainboss: 9:55am On Mar 08, 2012

@kuruji u said it all.


So because Victor Ndoma Egba was among the buyers of yellow cards (fake or not), we should kill ourselves abi? Those of you calling for nationalization of SA companies are so funny. When the OBJ govt nationalized Barclays Bank (Union Bank) and British Petroleum (African Petroleum), what happened; these companies got sunk. So you want to replace MTN with who: Globacom (a one man company that has Lebanese as its most senior staff) or replace Multichoice with who; HITV (a rundown company that never had a clear plan of what it was doing). Truth is this issue is just a distraction from the failures of governance just like the anti-homosexuality bill was. They know myopic Nigerians will clap for them. Naija did Ghana Must Go, today Nigerians are paying thru their noses to do business in Ghana. When a nation treats its own people like dogs, why shouldn't another nation treat them like s***?


I like south africa. They have laws and they respect their laws. Must u fake documents? Nigerians and madness.

If they continue this game of deportation, Nigeria is going to suffer more. Bcuz, south africa is like london to Nigerians. They die to get the visa. How many south africans are in Nigeria? How many of them want to come to Nigeria ?


The reason Nigeria is so messed up is because we have too many traitors like Koruji. They claim they are speaking truth but are nothing but very disloyal folks. You never turn your back on family. That is one of the the first laws of life. People like these betray Nigeria all the time with their st.u.pid comments.  Nigeria made South Africa. We fougt for their freedom with our resources. Doesnt matter how bad we have become as a nation, we have held Africa together. That is a blatant fact. Wwe deserve more than respect from South Africa. In 2004, I was in cape town and MTN was a tiny little company there. Vodacom was the boss. Now MTN is bigger than Vodacom just because of Nigeria. Some talk like MTN is doing us a favour. Have we become so batter that we have redefined inferiority complex?

You guys coming here to justify SA actions should shut your mouths and go learn some loyalty. What have you ever done for your country other than to come to NL and criticize? When I arrived SA in 2004, I forgot my yellow card back in Lagos. They issued me a new yellow card right there at the airport for 50 dollars. Yellow fever vaccine cost next to nothing but they charged 50 dollars because I was a Nigerian. They didnt even require yellow cards from citizens of some other countries. Meanwhile Nigeria is officially a yellow fever free country. The last time a yellow fever case was recorded in Nigeria was in 1995. About 17 years ago.

The problem of Nigeria is not just our government but people like koruji with very low self esteem who will sell their brothers away for a pot of porridge. I have been to Joburg, Cape Town and Tswane(Pretoria). SA is a messed up place. Th only luck they have is that the white guys built their infrastructures before they handed over and the whites still control their business. There are slums in SA that you cant even imagine. There is a major one not too far from Joburg airport. The government had to build a fence around it to hide it from outside view. You dare not carry a camera in those kind of areas. Nigerians are killed daily like chicken in SA. I do not subscribe to people getting involved in criminal activities but that does not mean they should wiped out like chicken. Not all of them are criminals.

I rest my case

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Politics / Re: Benin Monarch Refuses To Endorse Pdp Candidate by dmainboss: 7:29pm On Mar 07, 2012
^^you still continue to get the whole thing wrong. How can PDP have a chance or why do they even need to have a chance when they have all moved to CAN and are chopping well?
Politics / Re: Benin Monarch Refuses To Endorse Pdp Candidate by dmainboss: 7:10pm On Mar 07, 2012
^^^You probably live in Lagos and know nothing of Nigeria. Donald Duke is the most visionary governor Nigeria has ever produced since Independence. If you dont know that, its your bad. That the present governor is farking it up is not his business. He has done his part. Calabar is about the most lovely place in Nigeria. Lagos is shyte were calabar is
Politics / Re: Benin Monarch Refuses To Endorse Pdp Candidate by dmainboss: 6:05pm On Mar 07, 2012

What happened is the perfect example of remaining politically neutral. If he had given them his blessing, I have no doubt that they would have tried to spin it to make it seem like they had a special royal endorsement. That's how politicians are.

I dont agree that it was a neutral move. It looks like an endorsement for Oshiomole. The Oba can have his preference of candidate because he is still an individual with choices, but I know what I am saying when I tell you he should be neutral. The Oba has always had ways to let people know who he supports.

People can come on here and shout their throats out in support just because they like Oshiomole but the truth is that most of the people posting here have no clue of politics. They say PDP is this and that, but they have no clue. All the members of PDP during Lucky's time are now in the ACN with Oshiomole. Does it mean they are different people now? They are certainly one and the same. Even Lucky is one of the biggest backers of Oshiomole. Everyone in Edo state knows that. Lucky's father is eating steadily from Oshiomole's government. Nothing has really changed. The only difference between Oshiomole and Lucky is that the latter has embarked on some good projects while Lucky did nothing for 8 years and just threw parties around. But in terms of eating the state dry, nothing much has changed. But dont forget that while Lucky was throwing parties for 8 years, another PDP governor, Donald Duke was developing his state. The point is that it is not a PDP or ACN issue. It is the issue of bad Nigerian politicians, no matter the party. During that same 8 years, Tinubu was eating Lagos to the bone. His massive wealth today attests to that.

Oshiomole is a good politician, I must give that to him. He has done a lot of settlement including settling the Oba seriously. Again he has to do that because he is from a very minority tribe and without that, he has no chance. But the bottom line for the Oba is, when you start to engage in politics, you are setting yourself up for a big downfall. He should have just wished everyone well and act as a neutral father
Politics / Re: Benin Monarch Refuses To Endorse Pdp Candidate by dmainboss: 5:01pm On Mar 07, 2012
Not a good move at all. A traditional rular must be politically neutral. Once you start to get involve in politics, you are gone. This is the main reason SE and SW obas don't have any respect again. I grew up in Benin and am saddened by this news. This is the beginning of his troubles. The same politicians that clap for him today will be the same peeps that will sell him out. By this action, he has just brought himself to their level
Travel / Re: Fg Condemns Deportation Of 125 Nigerians From South Africa by dmainboss: 3:46pm On Mar 05, 2012

they condemned it abi; while they support SA companies (like MTN; DSTV; SHOPRITE etc) making huge profits 4rm Nigeria and sending them back to SA to develop their economy, ;
meanwhile the same govt. cant even develop our economy.

so who is fooling who

So if our economy is developed, Nigerians will not travel abroad again? Some of you have taken this your negativity about Nigeria to another level. If you dont like your country, please relocate. The south Africans are twats! Ship em all back!
Phones / Re: No Best Network, It's Location Based - True Or False by dmainboss: 1:29pm On Mar 05, 2012
My Verdict:
Etisalat: Lots of promise, forward thinking, flexible but are biting more than they can chew. Will get there maybe in 2 years
MTN: inconsistent and insincere. Full of hype and propaganda. Have resolved many of their problems though but are still far better on paper than they actually are on the ground. Terrible customer service. Good coverage.
Glo: started with a lot of promise, brought strong competition and continue to do so. Also forward thinking and great coverage. But customer service sucks and too much downtime. Not so flexible.
Airtel: the most stable and sincere. Still needs to get more coverage. Not flexible at all. Good competitive pricing. Fair customer service.
Phones / Re: Qwerty Or Touchscreen Phones Which Do You Prefer? by dmainboss: 11:39am On Mar 03, 2012
Hmmmm1 Have you ever tried playing angry bird or need for speed with Qwerty? Hmmm! Or try to flip through pictures? Hmmm!
Phones / Re: Blackberry Vs Android by dmainboss: 8:41am On Mar 03, 2012
This is like comparing apples and oranges. This kind of comparison can only make sense in Naija. The world is moving away from bb. The company is seriously under threat and they could go bankrupt anytime. The best smart phone is still Iphone followed by android before BB and the rest. A BB without pinging is just a nice java phone. BB does have many inconsistencies.

Many of the apps on BB appworld will not even install on all BBs. An app that will install on a bold might not install on a curve or storm. I have many apps from the appworld that wont run on my BB. That being said, in Naija, BB is very useful because more people have it and you can communicate like for free. Android has superb push email. Just set your sync settings. Android has apps for everything and is a superb game machine.

Android is the future. Except RIM will have to come up with some sort of magic. Internet connection will continue to improve in Naija and at a point, you will not need pinging anymore because a good internet connection will give you lots of chat options. Even on my BB, i do more of my chat on facebook and Ymessenger and gtalk, because BBM can be a real trouble when you have like over 300 peeps on. On Android, you can do skype and enjoy a world of free phone calls.

But my advice to you is, because of the Naija factor, you might still need a BB since many of your peeps will have one. But BB is certainly not the future. I knew that RIM would not catch up as soon as I saw the playbook. It was a real joke of a tab. The guy who supervised that project should be sacked.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Judges Are Corrupt. Will GEJ Probe Them? by dmainboss: 9:50pm On Mar 02, 2012

Are you alleging that he is?
Do you have evidence anything to back up your claim?
Nigerians know that he is a thorn in the flesh of these corrupt Judicial officers, hence the reason for the numerous committees set up to review committees that were set up to further review decisions reached by various comittees. Trying to work to a known answer. A bit like the scandalous way that appeal judges have recently being delivering judgement and giving reasons later (after the statutory time frame). Ridiculous!!!

Why are you contradicting yourself?
Ok, in your own words, do you have evidence to back up the claim that OBJ, IBB, Aitku or Tinubu are corrupt?
Have they been convicted by any court?
You are displaying hypocrisy at the highest level. You castigate others who have not been convibted and exonerate Salami who has had several charges brought against him and is still in court. This is why things are so bad in Nigeria. We have too many hypocrites and insincere folks claiming they love the country and are fighting for the masses. No wonder the likes of El Rufai, Tam David West and Femi Falana claim they are fighting for the masses. It is very sad.

Justice Salami is at the heart of everything Judiciary and is the chief corrupt officer (CCO) himself. If he had any shame, he would have resigned for long. No wonder it is only the ACN and their allies that are calling for his reinstatement. Birds of the same feather indeed!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Judges Are Corrupt. Will GEJ Probe Them? by dmainboss: 9:11pm On Mar 02, 2012

We all know Nigerian Judges are Corrupt. Why else is Justice Ayo Salami being persecuted? All Nigerians expect him to have being reinstated as the President of Court of Appeal except the corrupt NJC members.

So Justice Salami is not corrupt? Hmmm! You people have started again. Why cant you just be honest for once and stop this partisanship nonsense!

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