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Science/Technology / Re: Snakes That Bit Off More Than They Could Chew. by 19naia(m): 2:08am On May 26, 2016
What? I was misled by the topic headline. I assumed i would open the thread and see stories of the Nigerian politicians who looted large sums and got caught and required to regurgitate all of it. shocked And there are always other snakes waiting in line to swallow the same loot again. Their entire body is just one long throat designed to do nothing but swallow anthing in reach. shocked


Investment / Re: How I Was Cheated By Mutual Benefits Life Assurance Ltd by 19naia(m): 1:33am On May 26, 2016
Next time use the money to buy goats and plant tomatoes. After 6 years of multiplying goats and tomatoes in your compound, you will see profit enough to allay the torment the goats caused over the course of 6 years. grin


Food / Re: #SpainTomatoFestival Sparks Online Outrage In Nigeria by 19naia(m): 12:09am On May 26, 2016
Nigerians just sitting there gawking at Spain and their tomatos, gawking at USA and their $, the rest of the world and their petrol flowing.
And they have the idea to look at Buhari and curse.
Tomato! If you cannot grow tomato for yourself and have to cry to your president to do that for you, then you have reached a terrible state of uselessness and antiproductivity.
Chai! Tomato! shocked ~If you cannot grow that for yourself in the amount of time you spend cursing Buhari and whoever else, you will never do well enough in life to see nigeria with all of it's crudeoil to provide enough petrol to all, nor electricity.

When it was just petrol, people of the world were staring at Nigeria like Nigeria is staring at Spain and their tomato excesses, and the world were wondering how Nigeria can be swimming in so much crude oil as if they are spaniards swimming in tomatoes, but nigeria cannot provide petrol to fuel vehicles. Same with common electricity.

The world now knows how useless the people of Nigeria are when they can fumble the easiest crop in the world to grow. Tomato will grow in the *gutter* with no assistance sef. Yet, Nigerians can't find enough tomatos to sell affordably.

No tomato because you won't grow/produce it yourself, no petrol because you won't refine your crudeoil yourself ,no electricity because you won't make the power plant and grid network yourself and no value in the Naira because you won't produce anything of value, even simple Tomato production sef to back the strength of the Naira.
It doesnt matter what president there is, This was Nigerias destiny because of the lack of productivity of Nigerian people.
No one was stopping you from growing tomatos in your compound or even in the gutter sef. If you are waiting for politicians to grow tomatoes for you, you will find better luck going "Yaba Left".

I found a tomato plant growing in a fracture in a cement floor outside where people had washed kitchen wares used in preparing tomatoes.
I pulled it up and seriously damaged the roots and planted it in basic soil with no fertilizer or special care other than some water for a few days. I returned weeks later from travels and the thing was big ,healthy and flowering before fruiting. Even one was geowing in the gutter and growing well.
Food / Re: N1000 Tomatoes That I Saw Today In Lagos by 19naia(m): 11:05pm On May 25, 2016
Take the seeds from your tomatos and plant them around you compound. Thats is Nigerias problem, nobody has anything in abundance because nobody is productive enough to produce it themselves. They only demand it from others at a set price and shout bloody hell when instability comes because all your tomatoes, petrol and electricity were sourced from one basket.
It speaks for the lack of productivity in the south when tomato diseases ravage the north and now tomatos on the south are triple priced.
Something as simple as tomato, you cannot grow it at home to feed yourself and you cry to Buhari? Chai, that is a sign of a useless person. There is no easier crop to grow than tomatoes. I found one tomato plant growing out of a crack in the concrete in the hot sun. I pulled it and damaged the root system and replanted in proper dirt with almost no root remaining. The thing was growing strong and quadrupled in size when i returned to see it a month later. No special care or fertilizer used.

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Crime / Re: Elderly Man Hangs Himself In Gombe State Today (Photos) by 19naia(m): 1:32am On May 24, 2016
That is a suspicious hanging. That is not a deadly hanging knot. The way it looks is like someone put him in that position after he was dead.
A real hanging would be so tight around the neck that it would be sqeezed into the muscle mass and also would slide up to the topmost extent of the neck and do so evenly around the full circumfrence of the topmost part of the neck. Also, why wouod that blood like stain be on his clothes? If it is blood, then there is serious reason to suspect murder.

That is a sloppy attempt to make it look like a suicide. Either the story is a lie or a staged scene to misdirect from murder. shocked
Politics / Re: Benedicta Daudu In Examination Malpractice Scandal by 19naia(m): 5:53pm On May 21, 2016
Fantastically corrupt, Spectacularly corrupt, thoroughly and despicably corupt. shocked
Career / Re: SNAP A Picture Of Your Workspace And Upload Here. Simple!! by 19naia(m): 4:34pm On May 21, 2016
My work station.


Career / Re: SNAP A Picture Of Your Workspace And Upload Here. Simple!! by 19naia(m): 3:58pm On May 21, 2016
Laboratory at the back of d house.
Please do not report me to d authorities.

Experimenting with home made electrolysis cells to make hydrogen to add to fuel for cleaner emissions.
Also an experiment with Vaporizing regular petrol so that only the fumes are burned in the engine. Makes cleaner emissions and uses less fuel.
So i succeeded at creating and burning hydrogen in the engine as well as vaporized petrol. Also learned how to make my own carburetor so that i can run any fuel like Cooking gas, methane, petrol vapors and hydrogen.
Now i am able to convert my generator to run on cooking gas, methane, petrol fumes or Hydrogen . Or a dynamic mix of them for very clean emmissions and fuel savings.
Also found that petrol can be used as refridgerant as it gets very cold when agitated under a state of vacuum. The engine produces the vacuum and agitation while consuming the fuel to run the genrator to make electricity ,and creates a refrigeration effect that can keep ice water or be harnessed as air conditioning. Its a way of having refrigerator and AC without drawing electricity from the generator or wasting extra fuel. Fuel savings and tapping into hidden efficiencies. The hydrogen part is not very efficient to produce and is very volatile, but it is worth the extra cost for those who value clean air after the fuel is burned and released into the air we must breathe.
All of this is possible for made in Nigeria, but the electrical control systems for the electrolysis hydrogen-producing cell is not something i know how to make but I buy the components made in china. I made the hydrogen producing cells myself though.

The Machine in the photo is a mini tractor for cutting grass, it was my test engine and it uses the same engine that some 10Kv generators use.
These can be worked into cars but my budget does not allow me a sacrificial car to experiment with, so i stay with generator type engines. I would be able to work out a system for an old fashioned carbureted car petrol-engine without a doubt, but those are rare beasts these days. Maybe i will find old VW beetle to experiment on, one day.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Generate 12,000 MW Of Electricity — Fashola by 19naia(m): 3:48pm On May 21, 2016
Nigeria can do a great many things without a doubt.

Why Nigeria does not do any of those things, that is the real issue at hand.

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Politics / Re: Fuel Price Hike: Nigerians Dump Personal Cars For Public Transport, Car-Sharing by 19naia(m): 3:41pm On May 21, 2016
Thank God for this blessing in disguise of good health,
Good health is fresh air free from toxic fumes of petrol burning engines.
Less engines burning petrol is equal to more fresh air.

Good health is the greatest asset and i would ride a cart pulled by Goats if it would allow fresh air to prosper around us all so that we can have our good health return.
Asthma, cancer and headaches will all find a difficult time in fresh air. Abeg, no make Nigeria be like china with thick smoke always in the air and people dying by the millions from toxic smoke filled air.

Progress now that better thing has reached.

Nairaland / General / Re: Wow! Look At What I Saw In My Backyard by 19naia(m): 5:31am On May 21, 2016
Leave it to occupy your backyard.. The thing will eventually move on. It can help with clearing out cockroaches and other insects.
They are harmless.
But i am curious what that white coloring is on the head? I have never seen that before. shocked
I have Chameleons in my Yard in Hawaii. I have seen up to 4 in one day and they only come out at certain times of the year to look for mates. The rest of the year they remain distant and under cover.
May and June is the time of year they come out in Hawaii and it seems the same time of year in your location.
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Uses Magic To Control His Car Without Driving It - Watch by 19naia(m): 2:11am On May 20, 2016
Chai! That is sharia land, He is at risk of execution for sorcery under Muslim laws. shocked
Science/Technology / Re: Manatee Caught By Fishermen At Obuamu River In Rivers State (Photos) by 19naia(m): 10:25pm On May 19, 2016
Its listed as endangered species and protected by law. This post has just presented incriminating evidence.


~~ "Conservation
From November 2004 until December 2007, the West African Manatee Conservation Project completed Phase I. During this phase, residents of six African countries (Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone) put together a database of previously unknown information about the species (such as population, economic value, and habitat range) by conducting surveys in their countries. Other African countries also contributed reports that broadened knowledge of the African manatee. Because of the work done during this phase, the general public, young children, and experienced scientists alike are receiving better information than ever before as to how to protect the African manatees. Phase I also allowed for up-close examination of the African manatee's way of life through field work.

Due to the large-scale success of Phase I, a Phase II is to be enacted by Wetlands International. During Phase II, the information collected in Phase I will be even more widely distributed around the areas in which the African manatee lives, and the second phase will focus on "improving legislation and developing research, communication, and education." [14]

"The African manatee is listed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)", which states that trade in any species on the list is to be very carefully watched out for and terminated. Laws protect the African manatee in every country in which it lives. However, laws will do nothing if they are not enforced, which is unfortunately the case with the African manatee. Due to mass lack of enforcement and education, the African manatee population is still being steadily depleted.[5]

References "~~

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Romance / Re: How To Spot Sex Starved Guys In Public Places by 19naia(m): 10:14pm On May 19, 2016
They ride dis type of Okada jamming brakes all along the way like he don craze.


Nairaland / General / Re: See These Photos Of A Witch Abi Wizard Caught In Ghana by 19naia(m): 5:09am On May 19, 2016
That is a man who used to be very Fat/Obese and Africa did what it does so well and deprived him of the excess food he once enjoyed.
He lost all the weight but the stretched skin never recovered and makes the appearance of sagging breast and a ruffled and scarred lower abdomen.
The isane people are the ones whose groundnut size brain is assuming Witchcraft/Wizardry with animal tranformation and all other kinds of delusional thinking.
A trully dysfunctional society ravaged with mass insanity running amuck in the image of people so self righteous that they will kill others in the name of what they beleieve about others.
When Jesus died on the cross, that was what he was trying to prove, that people are so pathetic that they will kill god himself in attempt to reinforce their own delusional beliefs. But forgive them sha, because they know not what they do ,yet they are so eager to do it. shocked
Romance / Re: How Can I Make A Guy Who Just Wants To Use Me Fall In Love? by 19naia(m): 1:48am On May 19, 2016
You sleep with him and work his mind, body and spirit in that bed so skillfully that he will never recover when you release him and make sure he is spent so thoroughly that he will never imagine it possible for him to have anything remaining for anyone else.
And then from there, nurse him back to strength(use agbo if necessary) and let him know you are always there for him.
As soon as he is fully recovered, you must sleep with him like that again, several times over and nurse him back to strength again each time.
Soon he will become like a broken horse who will follow the reigns of your hands for the rest of his days.

But of course, if you are not superior to him in love and strength in the bedroom, then don't waste your time. Only the strongest women can tame wild men into faithful loves.
Car Talk / Why Are Ford E Series Passenger Vans Not Common? by 19naia(m): 5:38am On May 17, 2016
The Ford E-150, 250 and 350 series are good strong vans with lots of power and passenger/cargo room. Also the equivalent in Chevrolet and Dodge is part of the question.

I rode in The ford E series van in Ghana and also saw Chevrolet and Dodge versions. They are very fast and powerful and carry enough passengers to be cost effective on commercial duty. They are in fact the fastest buses on the road there and able to ply a route 2 times a day where a Toyota Hiace would ply 1 time a day with less passengers per Toyota Hiace.
Yes the fuel consumption of the Ford E series is higher, but it seems that the extra passenger and cargo capacity would cover the extra fuel cost.

Anyway, they are working well in Ghana and was wondering why they are not common in Nigeria. I saw a few broken down abandoned by the road side and a few still plying the roads in Nigeria, but only a few...
Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy: 1 Million Nigerians To Receive N5,000 Monthly by 19naia(m): 11:39pm On May 16, 2016
If that money is properly disbursed without looters siphoning it along the way, it means that the farmers who grow the food that will feed the children will see more income. That also means jobs for cooks to cook the food.
The loans for entrepreneurs will also be money that will create jobs and stimulate economy as it is used to purchase more in the economy.
Same goes for the N5000 monthly for the poor. These poor people will now become customers who bring income to the people who sell them whatever they buy.
The more people to have money in an economy, the more that money will circulate and drive the economy. If few people have money and money only accumulates in the hands of the rich who do not circuoate it well, economy will be very vulnerable. If rich people circulated money as well as poor people, they would not become billionaires but economy would be better for the average person.

This move is very good for Nigerias economy, lets just hope long throat vultures dont fly in to loot the money before it reaches those in need.
Nairaland / General / Re: Creating Energy/electricity by 19naia(m): 4:32am On May 15, 2016
How it works at the most basic level. There are a few design types and also multiple cylinder engines


And just to prove how easy it is to make, here is an example of a design made using only waste materials that can all be found in Nigeria, including the N50 kerosene candle used to power it. Imagine getting a welder, panel beater and vulcanizer together to make a serious large scale model and using old discarded parts from extinct automobiles.

Nairaland / General / Creating Energy/electricity by 19naia(m): 4:24am On May 15, 2016
Nigeria has so much petroleum and gas and there are quite a number of engine types that can run easily off of raw unprocessed flare gases in the crude oil fields.
Stirling engines are very simple and simply need a flame to heat it. Oil fields in Nigeria flare/burn in flames the gas emmissions from the oil tapping sites. It is just burned into the air with no use at all.
Imagine each flare site having a stirling engine attached? Some regular engines will also run on those flare fumes. All enough to drive electricity producing turbines.
Everything is there to make it happen easily. But no application is made. Stirling engines may not be very efficient but they are easy to power and are a great way to harness raw burning of resources already being wasted. They are simple and easy to maintain and possible to manufacture in Nigeria with ease. They can use heat from your cooking stove as you cook, or heat from another petrol burning engine or even from the sun. They are extremely versatile.
Here is an example of a small scale sterling engine.


They are not powerful enough to make a competitive car engines but they are sufficient for turning small turbines to make electricity with the most simple application of fuel combustion or collected heat from any source such as the sun or geo thermal. Very simple engines that can easily be made and maintained by Nigerians in Nigeria.
Here is a video of a stirling engine being used in a small vehicle.

Politics / Re: Increase In Fuel Price: Osinbajo Explains Reasons Behind It by 19naia(m): 5:57am On May 14, 2016
Nigerian Productivity is the answer to all. If Nigeria makes its own petrol, diesel and Kerosene, then fuel prices can drop and so can the cost of buying dollars. In fact, not so many dollars will be required by then but the crude oil production will still be there to earn those petrol dollars if desired.
The government should have been subsidizing local refinery expansion all these years. In the future, the only subsidizing of fuel should be for the growth of crude oil production and refineries. Produce, produce and produce. Subsidize only productivity and programs to foster peoples potential to be productive. Make excess refined petrol and the price will go down, and then export it to neighbour countries at those low prices and the neigbor countries will demand it regularly. Benin republic is so fuel deficient that they sell fuel out of glass kegs by the road side on tables and that is during normal times rather than periods of fuel crisis.

The only way to bring prices down is productivity. As long as production is being grown,there is no escaping the drop of price. Also the privatization of the refineries and depot sourcing will allow the competition needed to bring prices down when supply is grown to excess. But for now, supply is so low that it will only drive prices up.

But.... this is Nigeria we are talking about, It is very likely that in all of Nigeria's "Fantastic corruption", certain people or groups in the business will ignorantly commit selfish acts of viscious sabotage to depots and refineries when supply is so high & making prices drop.
They will likely go blindly into sabotaging productivity to keep prices high for their own excessive wealth while it will suffer the wealth of the nation by depriving the nation of excess refined petrol to export for new revenues. Some Nigerians hold the nation ,as a whole , back so as to preserve their own personal isolated progress in wealth within the nation. Its like decorating your bedroom and refurbishing it with all the best things while the entire house around your room is deteriorating and falling apart. Is this good sense? The pitfalls of selfish greed.

Dangote is leaps ahead of every one because he is exporting Nigerian productivity and not interested in sabotaging internal production to keep high prices for his products. He gets much richer by dropping prices of cement and selling much more of it outside of the nation's borders.
This is what must be done with refined petrol in Nigeria. The number of Dangote cement trucks taking cement outside of Nigeria is high. The same can be so for the number of Nigeria refined petrol tankers.

Any way, there is hope so long as people know what to focus on and prepare for the possible issues to be faced.

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Health / Re: Onitsha Ranked As The Most Polluted City In The World By WHO by 19naia(m): 7:10pm On May 13, 2016

The first and second pix are Onitsha while the 3rd and 4th are Asaba. Just so you know the difference in the pictures.

Thanks. I was there and took the pictures myself and I know the Asaba side from the Onitsha side.
Yes the Asaba side is also bad where the traffic gathers around the bridge, and i did not start feeling well until we moved well beyond the bridge area in Asaba heading towards Lagos. Its not so much Onitsha city but the Niger river bridge area and the heavy industrial traffic it brings. Low quality diesel is a terrible thing and those large lorries burn it in large messy quantities.
Thats why its best to have several bridges spread over several areas rather than have all of the cross regional traffic converge at one city to spoil the city in this way. Nigeria has out grown the existing Niger River infrastructure and that second Niger bridge is not enough. There needs to be at least one more bridge closer to Owerri and portharcourt. Looks like Abo and Ndoni towns (see the photos) would be a good location if a good expressway is installed to handle the traffic. If portharcourt and owerri Traffic could take a more southern route, it would save time, fuel burn/$ and divert overwhelming traffic away from Onitsha/Asaba
The city I live in is just finishing a 5th bridge in a city of almost 1.5 million people, but it uses so many bridges to serve the interstate corridor passing through the city. People cross the river in my city here from many states and once they cross, they divert into directions going to several states, just like Onitsha. People converge at Onitsha from Lagos, Benin city, Ibadan, Akure and so on, and when they cross at Onitsha, they divert onward towards Owerri, portharcourt, calabar, anambra and so on. But all using one bridge and waiting for a second to erect. We have our 5th bridge finishing up in my city here and its not even a major city. Niger river need to increase the number of bridges and spread them out to cover crossing close to Owerri and Portharcourt.

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Politics / Re: Subsidy Removal: PPPRA Pegs Naira At N298/$ For Fuel Imports by 19naia(m): 6:37pm On May 13, 2016
So much foriegn exchange goes towards the fuel imports that the exchange price of dollar here will most likely define the CBN pegged rate as things progress.
i have always stood b the need for the Naira to devalued but i was more on the side of a devaluation that would rest between 300 and 199. So that would be around 240-250 as a fair exchange rate.
N298 to a $ seems a bit high but Nigerias economy has taken a tumble, but the trade and commercial vitality it will attract is only going to do well for the ecnomy and in turn for the value of the Naira. I doubt the Naira will gain value on average over the long term, as Nigeria's market practices drive a rate of infoation that is not well balanced with international equity.

The graph charts of Nigerias Currency value change over the past decade is not an over all terrible slope. It averages out to a moderate rising slope. But its a rough continuum with a mix of very good stability and little change and abrupt steep climbs in the cost to buy $.

Health / Re: Onitsha Ranked As The Most Polluted City In The World By WHO by 19naia(m): 6:16pm On May 13, 2016
Thanks for this post, It explains a lot about what happened to me when passing through onitsha.

I was riding in a van and started to feel light headed, dazed and like my breath was not carrying enough strength. It lasted only through the areas on both sides of the Niger river bridge. I never experienced that level of distress any where else in Nigeria. I could see the color of the air change as we left the area. So much heavy traffic converging at the bridge point with so much smoke pollution from the city fires and generators.
It didnt look as bad as some of the pictures i have seem of China, but i was feeling it strong and was worried i would go unconscious from lack of good air.

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Nairaland / General / Re: This Is Getting Better And Better Itel Has Come Again With This New Smart Phone by 19naia(m): 4:41pm On May 12, 2016

Sorry about the issues. Since your itel phone is still less than 1 year old, please take it to carlcare office. They would repair it for free. You do not have to throw it away. Beside, errors like these are common in many android phones inclusing the Samsungs and Sonys, not just itel

Its ok, no need because i have since left Nigeria and have reverted back to my LG phone locked to a phone service provider here. I will give the Itel phone to somebody next time i am in nigeria and let them repair it if they like.
Nairaland / General / Re: This Is Getting Better And Better Itel Has Come Again With This New Smart Phone by 19naia(m): 6:50pm On May 11, 2016

Ehh. What happened with itel?

After 1 month of owning a new one, the Android system stopped functining and became worse as time progressed. I still have the phone here by my side and simply getting the touch screen to respond to any input is a waste of time. The battery drains fast and the touch screen response takes so long that the battery will drain before the phone ever opens to the next screen selection after the screen was tapped to open it.
The message saying that Android system is having problems shows on the screen mostly. And the resetting of the phone is not helping.
My cousin and I both went to buy new Itel touch screen and mine had problems first and then hers soon followed until every last Itel touch screen in the house was not responding in less than 3 months time. Three out of three Itel in 3 months time, failed us.
Three time is a fool. Any sensible person will not fall for it a fourth time.

I have a simple old fashioned Itel similar to the legendary Nokia most basic phone. That one works. No touch screen and not much at all on that simple phone. The touch screen Itel that has a much higher price is a problem right from the very first month of buying it new.

See pictures of the two Itels i have. The small simple one is workng well and it is old, simple and cheap. The touch screen, even to make a simple call shows "Android not responding" message always. Zero function on the phone.
If i had 11k naira, i would rather buy used phone by samsung or orther brands. Even buying 3k cheap phone with no touch screen will serve me better.

Crime / Re: Civil Servant Commits Suicide In Abia Over Unpaid Salaries by 19naia(m): 5:44pm On May 10, 2016
What more does a man have than to work hard daily for his survival? To work hard and receive no portion of the fruits of labour is a lost cause for the case of human rights.
Its an actual violation of human rights to work a person and not pay them enough to survive.
Its a lost cause for the country when people are treated like slaves sent to work with no payment to be recieved. Slavery is a humn rights violation and Nigeria does not rank well with human rights ratings.
His employers will have to carry his unpaid wages to him in the afterlife and they may even be told to carry the money go as it is not valued there.
Religion / Re: Should I Pay My Tithe Or Pay My Brother's School Fees? by 19naia(m): 12:43pm On May 10, 2016
Any charity to make yourself a brother's keeper or a service to your fellow man in need, that is as good as a tithe or even better than a tithe that could go to make another pastor drive a second or third car to park it in a third house while he uses additional tithes to pay his own children's and brother's school fees.
Do what ever charity calls to you and consider it God's work. The money never reaches God anyway, its to be spent on God's earthly children here and its not always a guarantee of good charity with churches these days ~pastors flying private jets shocked.
Agriculture / Re: A Leopard-Like Creature Killed In A Public School In Lagos (Photos) by 19naia(m): 12:20pm On May 10, 2016
Sorry for bringing you back to an old topic. But how did you know that much about the animal.

I went to google it, but i knew about civets and ocelots already, so i typed in those and was able to get pictures and write ups and even details about genets or other animals similar that can easily be mistaken as such. I think it turns out to be a genet and not a civet or ocelot as i first suspected.

If i could go to the bush and ask it, i would but they always run away. So google is the next best option. Internet connect always dey for my side na, no need enter bush.

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Science/Technology / Re: The Snake I Killed This Morning In My Home by 19naia(m): 10:56pm On May 09, 2016
Its a tree snake. Tree snakes are adapted for tree life with very thin long bodies and their tails are unusually long in their tapering off. The long thin tapering of the tail gives them the same advantage of a tree climbing vine.
See this photo of a tree snake also climbing a banana.

Nairaland has a lot of snake stories and this corresponds well to the research claims that Nigeria has the highest concentrations of snakes in the world. Snake population researchers at one time, found it easiest to locate snakes in Nigeria compared to anywhere on earth. Some areas of Nigeria were so dense with snakes that it was like living with more than one snake in every house in a village.
But maybe the snake population is changing in place of Nigerias human population and people's eagerness to kill all snakes.

Nairaland / General / Re: This Is Getting Better And Better Itel Has Come Again With This New Smart Phone by 19naia(m): 12:22am On May 09, 2016
Itel, the worst phone i ever owned. Never to own an Itel again unless given to me for free.
Nairaland / General / Re: Please Is It An Offence To Drive Naked, I Mean Without Any Clothes On In 9JA? by 19naia(m): 12:16am On May 09, 2016
Anybody contributing answers to this question is liable to be questioned by the police for aiding and abetting criminal acts of Adultery. grin
Its best to use your wisdom wisely for questions such as how to get police to arrest corrupt police officers and politicians.

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