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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by ashatoda: 7:06am On Feb 04
Blake asking after Taylor would have been forgivable but Blake becoming the desire of Victoria the long time crush of Oscar a thug and her bodyguard that will be war. Blake and death are siblings grin grin grin grin
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Sliss(m): 7:52am On Feb 04
I was expecting that blow from the start ��
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by enm(m): 9:43am On Feb 04
This tory dey sweet me die. Abeg wetin you take cook am?
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:47am On Feb 04
Episode 38.

Blake bounced up and looked at Oskar who was staring at him , a bold smirk on his face.

" Hey guys , please play it nice and cool " The bartender said.

Blake ignored him and turned to Oskar.

" Hey mister , what was that for ? " he asked in a deadly tone as he rubbed the side of his face.

Oskar was not frightened . He gave Blake a wicked smile .

" Victoria seems so interested in you. I don't appreciate that , pretty boy ."

Blake stared at Oskar in utter disbelief. So , he had been right all along. The hatred he had noticed on the men's face earlier had stem from nothing but pure jealousy. The man had punch him because he liked the woman and was jealous of the way the woman had looked at him . Without warning and in a blind rage of anger , Blake moved towards Oskar and kicked him hard on the stomach , Oskar let out a loud yell and doubled over . Before he could land on the floor , Blake grabbed him and gave him a karate chop on the neck. Oskar thudded flat on the floor as if pole axed .

Suddenly , Victoria who was watching the whole show , flung her arms around Blake's neck . It happened so sudden that Blake was not prepared for it. She pressed her body against him , her mouth so soft and trembling against and she held on to him as if he was a life buoy.

Blake got carried away by this display of emotions and kissed her hard on the lips , but his senses returned and he gently pulled away from her .

" Lady what's wrong with you ? " Blake asked bewildered as he looked into her startling dark blue eyes . He had never met anyone like her .

" I love you . You are just like Errol Flynn. So handsome ! . So dashing ! " Victoria said , the words rushing out of her mouth .

" Is that the name of your friend ? " Blake asked , wondering if it was the heady feeling of the kiss that was affecting his ears or something .

Oskar who had finally managed to push himself up from the floor saw the way Victoria clung to Blake and gritted his teeth in anger .

" That's enough ! . That's enough ! " Oskar said as he moved towards them and grabbed Victoria 's hand. He shoved Blake away and pulled Victoria away from Blake .

" Leave me alone Oskar . Leave me alone ! " Victoria screamed , flailing her hands , wriggling in Oskar arms , as he dragged her away from the surprised Blake .

" You are coming with me. As your bodyguard I have the right to say your action this night is bad and your father will hear of it " Oskar said as dragged the wailing Victoria towards the entrance of the club.

Blake stood , frozen on the spot , staring at Oskar as he dragged the girl away. The girl was a total mind blower. She did not even know my name , Blake thought. Never in his life , as he seen anyone displays such amount of affections or emotions especially towards him. Without no doubt , Blake knew he would never forget that moment when she had kissed him for the rest of his life . I wonder who she is , Blake thought. Her action had surprised him . He believed it was almost impossible for any woman to admit her love for a man on the very first day that they met. Yet , this beautiful woman had done exactly that . Why ? Blake asked himself. The only explanation he could come off with was that she was fooling around . Yeah that was it , the woman is just fooling around , Blake thought .

But something nagged at his mind. A word . What was the word ? He asked himself. Innocence ! Yeah ! The innocence ! It was so raw in her eyes before she had kissed him and after . The way she had hugged and kissed him was pure innocence. She did not hold anything back . It was as if it was the normal thing to do . Denying that fact would be a waste of time . He had felt it in every bones of his body while she had clung to him. Blake shook his head to clear the memories of her crisp cologne from his senses. It worked but not her face . Her face was stuck in his mind . Blake looked around the room . Most of the patrons still shoots an occasional glances at him while they ate their meals . Even the barman was staring at him , a kind of bemused look on his face . Feeling kind of heady, Blake sauntered out of the club ignoring the glances the patrons shot in his way . He would have been astonished if he had known that that Victoria was the daughter of Taylor Ice Walter , the man he was actually looking for.

                                      •   •    •

They sat in stone silence inside the black Cadillac and when the car drew up in front of the Rock Da Ice Club , the door flung open and Victoria hurried out of the car as if in haste. Her face was contorted with anger as she walked briskly inside the club with Oskar at her heels.

" Victoria ! wait up it's was a joke. I won't tell your father " Oskar said in a loud voice as he tried to keep in pace with Victoria whose feet swept across the hall of the club .

This night , Garcia stood behind the glistening counter top , furtively counting minted new notes when he saw Victoria come in through the entrance of the club and walked towards him. He quickly stowed the money away inside an ebony paneled drawer and pretended to be searching for something underneath the counter top .

" Garcia ! Garcia ! " Victoria yelled , screaming the bartender name's before she neared the counter top.

Like a scared rabbit , Garcia popped his head up.

" What's up with you this night mi precious " ? His voice sounding like hot fudge .

" It's this beast of a man ! Oskar ! he ruined my night " Victoria said looking back as Oskar came up behind her, heaving heavily.

Garcia eyed Oskar up and down angrily . He had been looking for the opportunity to pick a fight with the bodyguard and in doing so earn the trusts of Victoria . Now , without him doing anything , the opportunity had presents itself .

" Hey bully man , what's your problem , you loco ? Why trouble my Victoria ? " Garcia said pointing an accusing finger at Oskar .

" Your Victoria ? Are you crazy ? " Oskar asked his eyes alighted with anger as he moved towards the counter top , hand outstretched to grab the front of Garcia shirt .

Garcia cowered back , frightened by the deadly look that had settled on Oskar's face .

" Just leave Oskar ! I don't want to see you this night . Go on ! get out ! " Victoria yelled , her eyes shone with hatred as she looked at Oskar .

Oskar face was harshened. How he loved this woman so much and now she hated him all because he could not stand her kissing another man. One day ! One day ! He will make her pay for all this. He promised himself. He turned his head slightly to look at Garcia . The bartender had a sly smile on his face. Oskar was livid. The bartender was enjoying the whole scenario .

More updates coming !!!!!

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Deleman234: 3:06pm On Feb 04
All this commotion because of one woman.Blake was thinking about the kiss and Mr Oskar is planning on taking revenge because his crush kissed Blake. Thanks for the update bro
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:49pm On Feb 04
Episode 39.

" Look at you ! " Oskar said his face glaring at Garcia angrily , " she kissed a man. Victoria kissed a man , you happy fool . She kissed a man right under my nose and yours too , cause she had given you no kiss . " he said in an hoarse voice as if he wanted to cry .

Garcia face which had been pleasant before twisted with hatred as he turned to look at Victoria's face .

" Is this true ? , Garcia whispered his voice barely audible . He felt betrayed as he looked into her eyes. Though , Garcia knew her father was sleeping with her , him on the other hand had harbored what he called genuine love for her since the day he had known her and now , she had kissed a total stranger.

Victoria was about to talk , when the telephone on the countertop rang . Garcia , his cold eyes never left the face of Victoria as he slowly lifted the phone to his ear . He listened to the caller for few seconds and replaced the receiver.

" Victoria ! your Papa would like to see you in his office ". Garcia said his eyes cold and unfeeling. Then he turned to Oskar . " Boss wants you too " .

Oskar frowned. That's strange , he wondered. He had been to the office of the boss just once and that was the day he was been assigned to be Victoria's bodyguard. So why today ? Why this night ? He wondered .

Oskar followed behind Victoria who ignored him and was sashaying towards the hidden archway which was set on the stone wall.

Garcia lifted a wine bottle on the shelf behind him and the hidden archway slid opened . He then watched , boiling with anger as Victoria and the Oskar disappeared through the hidden opening.

Taylor was engrossed in his discussion with two men in dark suits , when his office door flung open. He looked up to see Victoria and Oskar walk in.

Victoria on entering the office noticed the evil scowl on her father's face as their eyes met . Instinctively , she knew something was wrong.

She ignored the two strangers who sat opposite her father.

" papa you sent for me , is something wrong ? "

Taylor stared at his daughter for a long time , a look of distaste plastered on his face . It was evident that something was bothering him . Slowly , he got to his feet and moved around the desk to face his daughter.

Victoria stared at her father , visibly shaken now . Something was definitely wrong , she could feel it . Her father had never looked at her with such resentment written all over his face. Even when she had said profane words to him , he had never looked at her this way . What did I do wrong ? She wondered.

Taylor eyed his daughter and looked over her shoulders to look at her bodyguard . He eyed Oskar who was staring at his hands and Taylor seems to make a decision within himself .

Oskar on the other hand was frightened . He could not look up so as not to reveal his inner fears. His mind was in turmoil and he felt his body shivered as he stood rooted to the spot , cold sensation spreading across his body .

Taylor trembling with rage , turned to Victoria .

" where were you this night ? "

Victoria drew in a long breath. She now understood why her father was angry with her .

" I was ........... I was at ......" Victoria stuttered , something had lodged in her throat and she could barely get the words out her mouth.

" These two gentlemen here , informed me about your filthy behaviour with that useless cop "

Victoria was bewildered as she stared at her father as if in shock . He got the whole thing mixed up.

" Cop ? What cop papa ?

" What cop ? You ungrateful slut ! " Taylor roared as he drew his hand back and hit her hard across the face. Victoria fell to the floor with a thud. Dazed , she raised her bruised face and saw the white pale face of her father staring at her .

More updates coming !!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 6:22pm On Feb 04
Blake has not only implicated himself by monitoring Taylor, he has opened the gate of hell by kissing his favorite woman...

What's the fate of Blake now!?
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:02pm On Feb 04
Episode 40. .

" Why ? Why !!! Why did you kiss him ? , I gave you everything ! I gave you everything you ever wanted ! I hate you ! " Taylor was sobbing now and his body heaved and jerked as he stared at his daughter who was still laying sprawled out of the floor.

Victoria was shocked by what happened as she lay on the cold floor and she lapsed into one of her spell thoughts : She was an actress in a motion picture and the actor who had punched her was pleading with her for mistakenly punching her on the face . She could see her father's face now , smiling broadly at her from a distance where he was also directing the rest of the cast . He was the movie director . She promise herself to report to her father if the actor punches her next time.

She became dimly aware of a hand pulling her up and shaking her vigorously . Then something hard hit her across the face again and this time it was the ringing in her ears that jolted her back to reality. She opened her eyes , clearing the filmy haze from her face , only to see her father , the veins in his neck standing out as he screamed at her ,

" What has come over you ? What were you thinking about ? " Taylor yelled into the white stricken face of his daughter , trying to clear the lucid dreamy expression on her face. He was scared that maybe he had hit her too hard. His face contorted with anger , he pulled her towards the bedroom door , kicked the door open and shoved her inside .

All this while , the men in the room stared at Taylor's face in shock . None of them had seen Taylor in a fitful rage like this , especially towards his daughter. The most affected was Oskar who was seriously sweating now. Like Victoria , the whole scenario had played out in his eyes like a movie . He watched curiously as Taylor slowly made his way back to his desk and lowered himself into the armchair.

Taylor ignored his men curious eyes. With unsteady hands, he took a platinum case from his desk , fingered out a cigar and lit it. He inhaled deeply, as he rested his head on the armchair. All this while , his men eyes were fixed on him.

Taylor turned his attention to Oskar .

" Why didn't you kill the man that kissed my daughter ?

" Sir ! I never expected that Victoria will go that far . I was on the floor when the man kissed her , but I was quick enough to separate them " Oksar said in a shaky voice. His words sounded stupid to his own ears.

Taylor who had been pretending to be listening , turn his attention to the two men sited across him .

" I pay this man to watch my daughter rather he prefers to stick to the floor . What's he doing on the floor ? when he should be up on his feet protecting my daughter from that rogue . What if I make him stay to the floor and never stand up again huh ? " Taylor yelled.

Oskar was trembling now , despite himself . The way Taylor had said those words alarmed him . Without no doubt , Oskar knew something grave was going to happen to him , unless he did something about it . He knew Taylor would never forgive him for what happened this night even though it was not his fault entirely. He had a feeling Taylor would waste him. It was as simple as that . Oskar had worked long enough for Taylor to know what kind of dangerous man he was . There was only one thing to do. He knew he was a good marksman . If he could shoot all three in the room , he might managed to bluff his way out of the club . Yes ! That was the only thing that can make him see the living daylight of another day.

Slowly , Oskar groped behind him for the butt of his gun . But the next words of Taylor freezes his hand.

" Oskar ! am giving you a second chance . Next time , you behave this way , I’ll blow your brains out " Taylor said giving him a cold look before turning his attention to the two men.

Oskar's face was clammy with sweats as he removed his hand from his back . He had nearly shot his own boss. If not because of what Victoria had caused , he would not have thought of killing his own boss and to make matter worse , Victoria had shamed him in front of the all the men in the room. Making him look like an incompetent fool. If Victoria had listened to him , all this would not have happened. Don't worry ! You will make her pay for all this , he thought as he made his way out of the room.

Taylor turned to the two men who had been tailing Blake for couple of days now and he told them to update him about their findings. Briefly , the men explained every information they had on Blake.

" What do you think can be done about him ? I mean this guy who seems so interested in my affairs . " Taylor asked.

" Should we waste him ? That is very easy to arrange Mr Taylor. " One of the men whose name was Marcus said .

" No.! let's play with him." The other man whose name was Clint said.

" What do you mean ? " Taylor leaned forward interested.

" Since he wants the girl . I say we should give him the girl and we will use her to get him " Clint said simply .

More updates coming !!!!!!

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Sliss(m): 10:21pm On Feb 04
Taylor just made a big mistake by hitting his daughter
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 10:41pm On Feb 04
Both Blake nd Oska may soon go under world
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ayanfe29(f): 10:51pm On Feb 04
Ghen ghen! Clint has stepped on the cobra's tail. Suggesting that Victoria should be used as a bait is your greatest mistake Mr man
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:58am On Feb 05
Episode 41.

Taylor almost spurted out in anger . But he controlled himself. These were his two best henchman and he must at least give them some respect. Taylor closed his eyes and thought about what the man had said. His daughter in another man's hand, the thought makes his skin crawl with revulsion. He imagined his daughter bedding another man , their skin writhing like animals while they make wild love to each other . No ! No ! He seems to make a decision and opened his eyes.

" No " Taylor said vehemently .

" Think of this as a game sir. Blake Rango is one of the best cop Miami city as ever had. The guy's record is fire . Sir , our findings about him shows that he is one of those die hard cops who always shoot out like a rocket when it's comes to solving a murder case . You don't want that kind of person tailing you Mr Taylor. Killing him sooner might prove to be a bad idea. Who knows ? He might be prepared for things like this and we can't risk the police finding out about you . " Clint said .

Taylor shook his head vigorously . What Clint was asking him to do was like him pulling out all his teeth.

" is there no any other way ? " Taylor asked wishing the men could stop talking about his daughter .

" I'm very much interested in this detective. As we know he has an inquisitive mind . why don't we let him work things out ? Let us amuse ourselves with him finding out about the mysterious Taylor. If he gets too close , we corner him and waste him. But that is if he gets too close , because we are going to lure your daughter to him . She will make him irrational and unfocused and when we are ready we waste him " Clint said again.

" Clint ! what are you talking about ? can't we use another girl ? You sounded so sure as if he really wants my daughter . I dare say what happened this night between my daughter and Blake was totally coincidental " Taylor said .

" Its coincidental but it happened. Am sure of one thing , what happened this night will be stuck to the mind of that detective like a tattoo to the body . Erasing it from his mind would be very difficult. Marcus and I watched the whole thing . Your daughter is a stunner . No man could easily forgets what happened this night. Not with the way they had kissed . I can bet it with you sir , he would be at that same club tomorrow and even the day after. He will try to convince himself that he is still working on the case and that's why he had come there whereas he only drops in at the club to check if your daughter would be there " Clint said his eyes glittering with intelligence which surprised Taylor.

Taylor stared at the Clint as if he was crazy .

" How can you be so sure of all this ? for all I know , you might be spewing rubbish from your mouth ?

" its not rubbish . It's basic instinct. That's how the mind works. When it all comes down to a situation which involves a beautiful woman and man , you never know " Clint said.

" I can see that you are bent on this Clint " Marcus who had kept quite all this while said .

" Definitely Marcus . Definitely " Clint said .

Taylor ignored the men. This was a topic he was not interested in. How can he allow his daughter to be involved with any man when she rightfully belonged to him.

" What do you say sir ? Clint asked.

" er.....er ......can I suggest an idea ? " Taylor answered reluctantly .

" Sure thing boss " both men answered.

" How about we make a deal. If Blake which you claim to know can be at that club tomorrow and the day after. I will go ahead with your plan . But if not , then I would find a way to fix that detective my self " Taylor said .

The men stared at Taylor for a few seconds , then they smiled as understanding crept up to their faces.

" But watch him closely and never let him out of your sight." Taylor said . He was very certain Blake would never return to the nightclub Clint was talking about .

The two men nodded and rose to their feet. They shook hands with Taylor and walked out of the office.

Taylor watched them go and smiled. He opened his drawer and brought out a telephone diary . He flipped it open and scan the numbers inside of it . He saw the number he was looking for and smiled wickedly as he dialed it. Taylor waited for few seconds than he heard a voice .

" Don't you ever sleep ? " a sleepy voice said .

" This is Mr Taylor " Taylor said dryly .

" Oh my God ! Pardon me sir . I mistook you for one of my friend " The voice at the other end babbled in fright .

" Find out about Blake movements. Psyche him . Find out what is going on in his head and report back to me ".

" Yes sir . I will do that sir "

" Jack , if you carry out this assignment very well you will be highly rewarded. " Taylor said as he hung up. What he did not tell Jack was that if anything goes wrong , it would be death .

Taylor thought of his daughter and grimaced. He knew she would be sleeping now . It had been long since he had beaten her that way. " You knew it was for the best so why blame yourself ? A voice said to him. Taylor smiled wickedly as he leaned comfortably in his chair . Yeah , everything he had done for her was for the best.

More updates coming !!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 3:46pm On Feb 05
Episode 42.

The following day , the telephone rang at exactly eleven- thirty that night .

Hunter picked the receiver but did not say a word.

After a while , the caller impatiently said . " Hello ! are you there ? "

Hunter recognized the voice .

" What do you want ? "

" Its deadly quiet. Have not heard a thing for the past few days , when will it be done ? The caller asked anxiously .

" It's going down tonight ! " Hunter said in thick French before slamming the receiver to its place .

He entered his bedroom . Fifteen minutes later , he came out of the his bedroom fully dressed in a tailored suit and tie. he moved towards the front door and strode out of his bungalow apartment. In his hand was a Nike duffel bag which contained every necessary things he needed . He opened his car and slid behind the wheels. Hunter fired the engine , and deftly swung the car out of the premises. The ride to Mr John Russell house was took just only thirty minutes. His Aston Martin Porsche crawled to a stop behind two parked cars on the side walk. Hunter carried the duffel bag and stepped out of the car . Silently , he closed the door of the car but he did not lock it. It was very dark now , and only the hard lights of the moonlight bathed the grounds of the estate. Hunter walked for a few minutes and stopped in front of a high fence. He dropped the backpack on the ground and studied the fence. He nodded faintly and went to work. First , he bought out the Night Vision google which he wore on his face .

Next , he brought out three high velocity canisters of tear gas and shoved it inside his suit pocket . Then , he brought out a rope which had a scaling hook attached to it. Hunter strapped the backpack to his back and spin the rope before tossing it upward. The hook caught the far edge of the wall and Hunter smiled his satisfaction . He listened , to be sure if there was no passerby. Satisfied , he began to climb. Hunter reached the top of the wall , and scanned the inside of the villa. It was like a large courtyard , studded with huge tall palm trees and its ground were of soft mowed grass . Hunter unhooked the rope from the wall . He reversed it , so that the hook was inside of the wall and he used it to slid to the ground . Hunter landed onto the ground softly. Then he waited , breathlessly , trying to get accustomed to his new environment.

Bishop who had been smoking , had heard a faint sound some few yards away from the roof top were he had lay crouched for the past two hours. Instinctively , He grabbed his sniper rifle and looked through the telescope of his gun . That was when he saw a black figure slid easily to the ground at the far end wall of the villa . Let see what you've got , Bishop thought . He felt a kind of great surge of excitement as he positioned the sniper rifle. Then looking through the telescope of the sniper, he aimed his gun on the figure. Bishop could not forget the words of Tutti. Shoot on sight ! I repeat shoot on sight ! That was exactly what he was going to do.

More updates coming !!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Zotty: 4:16pm On Feb 05
Ade go on
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by sammyLuvin(m): 4:34pm On Feb 05
Looks like I'm watching a movie right now. Chop knuckle co-author.

Sammyhoe is back...
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Alberttahir: 5:27pm On Feb 05
Nice update
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 6:26pm On Feb 05
Action filled

Thanks for the update
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by FantasticJ: 6:50pm On Feb 05
OP Supper. Thanks for the updates bomper-2-bomper.

Ann baby was here grin grin
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dbeautyy(m): 8:39pm On Feb 05
Big-shop, please shoot on sight. Thanks Ade, I just have to deactivate ghost reading mode so as to compliment your effort. Nagode
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 9:03pm On Feb 05
Episode 41.

Bishop gloved finger slightly touched the trigger and as he was about to pull , something caught in the corner of his eyes and his finger paused. Out of nowhere , he saw the dogs moving towards the direction of the figure. Bishop grinned . He could see that all their trainings on the four security dogs was not wasted. This is exactly why they were been fed and trained. And at that crucial moment when he was to supposed to shoot , Bishop took his finger off the trigger . Let's see how the intruder would be able to overpower four highly trained dogs , he said to himself .

Unaware that he was been watched , Hunter switched the night Vision google on and pressed the X-ray button on it. Hunter snarled wickedly as every hidden object around the villa was revealed right in front of him. He looked down and saw the red lights of the alarm detectors which had been buried around the villa . There was so many of them scattered around the villa and it would be dangerous to step on any one of them . The X-ray scope had done it work. It had revealed all the hidden alarm detectors around him . All he had to do was to side stepped them and get inside the mansion.

Hunter began to move forward then he stopped abruptly. What was that sound ? He wondered. The sound was like that of a wild hungry animal. Hunter heard it again , closer this time. It was a low growl and yet there was something dangerous about it. Then Hunter remembered . The dogs have picked his scent . Quickly , Hunter brought out his gun and waited . He knew the dogs were sniffing around now. Trying to locate him . So as to tear him into pieces. Little did they know that he had a little surprise for them. Suddenly , Hunter heard a rushing sounds and smiled wickedly. The dogs have picked his scent . They were rushing towards him now. He could see them through the goggles. The dogs came , leaping out of the darkness towards Hunter . There came the first one. Hunter aimed his gun and fired an head shot . The dog yelped out in pain and tossed to the ground. Next , two other dogs came flying out of the darkness , their deadly paws outstretched . Hunter aimed carefully and shot the one on his left first through the eyes , then he shot the other one on his right on the head . They whimpered loudly and lay still on the ground . Hunter moved away from where he lay crouched and waited for the last dog. When it came , Hunter fired rapidly at it and watched it drop dead to the ground. At that very moment , Hunter heard a swish sound and something whizzed past his face scorching his cheeks . Hunter spun around , stunned . He knew that sound. It was the sound of a sniper gun no doubt about it .

Another shot came , few yards from were Hunter stood almost hitting him on his right shoulder. The sound of the sniper gun was so silent that it would have wasted him without anybody suspecting. Instinctively ,Hunter jerked back and dodged behind one of the palm trees . He listened as he scanned the surroundings and grimaced. Hunter knew whoever had shot him was watching him , waiting for him to move away from the tree so as to have a better clean shot.
That was what all snipers do. They always want to have a clear view of the target before they take the shot . And for Hunter , no way was he ready to satisfy the sniper .

Bishop moistened his lips with tongue and gripped his rifle tightly. His body trembled with a frightening fear. The intruder was too good. He had wasted the dogs within a blink of an eye. Who is he ? Bishop wondered. His mind told him to alert Tutti . All he had to do was talk into the walkie-talkie that an intruder was on the grounds off the villa . Bishop kicked against the idea. He wanted to kill the intruder all by himself. Mr Russell will reward him that's for sure . Who knows ? Mr Russell might even make him the new head of security and kicked Tutti out. Bishop snarled . He would love that . He knew the intruder was lurking behind one of the trees and would soon get tired of waiting . If he does , Bishop was ready for him. He had always wanted to test his night eye vision when he comes to shooting . This was the perfect time. All he had to do was to fire immediately the intruder stepped out from behind the tree.

Hunter at this moment stood still behind the tree , gripping his gun tightly .His brain was busy , wondering were the sniper had fired his gun . Then an idea occurred to him. Most Snipers are always somewhere above ground level . Somewhere high so as to get a better clean shot. With this thought , Hunter scanned the roof top of the mansion and within few seconds , he saw the silhouette of the figure outlined by the X-ray scope . It was not a difficult shot . Hunter had shot better than this when he was in the U.S Navy. Yes , he could take the shot. He aimed his gun at the roof top and pulled the trigger twice. A loud scream of terror pierced the night , and through the lens of his goggles , he saw a figure plummet from the roof top to bottom of the villa grounds. Hunter smiled wickedly. His bullet had hit home. The sniper was dead. Swiftly , he moved away from behind the trees and since the x-ray scope had illuminated the alarm detectors , He skirted them easily and glided through the grounds of the villa . Few seconds later , he was at the front door of the villa. He wondered why the security cameras had not caught him.May be , it's the Hunter's luck , he thought smugly.

Swiftly , he bent down and took off his backpack , frantically looking around for any sign of trouble . The first phase of the obstacle had been overcome now. This is the second phase. The phase he loved the most . He took out a facemask from the back pack and removed the night vision goggles. Swiftly , he wore the face mask on his face and put the night goggles back into backpack . Next , he reloaded his pistol and zipped the backpack . He got up from the ground and dipped his hand into his suit pockets.

More updates coming !!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 9:12pm On Feb 05
Hunter is really good
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Nostradamus: 9:37pm On Feb 05
Hunter is really good
that bishop is a dunce and a big disgrace to snipers worldwide. Even those dogs seem better than him!

Who would have thought bishop been a trained sniper could miss two shots on target? He was even so dumb he got killed by the same target.

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Christie171(f): 9:39pm On Feb 05
Guess I've found a way to enjoy this blockbuster....read all 3 episodes by 9:10pm.
AdeSpades, You'll write for the Oscars.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Damibiz(m): 9:52pm On Feb 05
Feed us more mr spade
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dholyboy: 11:07pm On Feb 05
So finally, Mr Russell is gonna die
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Dbeautyy(m): 11:14pm On Feb 05
If there is anything of such, that big-shop of a thing was supposed to be 'Rekilled'. He knows his night vision wasn't perfect why trying to test it. He died all because of greed. He should have alerted others, typical example of our politicians chop alone die alone.

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Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Oroolorun(m): 12:35am On Feb 06
Here you go again Oga AdeShades. Keep the updates rolling.
(Please keep note of little little details. It sound somehow that one of the richest man in a state is murdered and a police officer in the state do not hear of it for 3 days until his boss informed him)
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:29am On Feb 06
Here you go again Oga AdeShades. Keep the updates rolling.
(Please keep note of little little details. It sound somehow that one of the richest man in a state is murdered and a police officer in the state do not hear of it for 3 days until his boss informed him)

Thanks boss. Actually it was not three days ! If you follow the sequence of the story , Hunter killed Danny Ross , I introduced Taylor , then Hunter. Then Blake and his boss. If you look at it very well , its just a space of one and half days.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by AdeSpades(m): 8:34am On Feb 06
Episode 42.

He brought out the three tear gas canister from inside his suits , and popped open the canisters . He watched as white thick fumes began to billow out of the three canisters . Quickly , he did a little run back , and with all his will power , he lobbed the three canister at the French windows of the mansion one at a time . There was an ear piercing sound of shattering glasses as the canister crashed the French windows . This was followed instantly by loud gushing sounds of the canisters from inside the house. Suddenly , the front door jerked opened and Hunter saw one of the bodyguards his two hands covering his face as he stumbled out of the house . Seeing that his plan had worked , Hunter shot the man in the head and ran inside the mansion . Then he began to shoot .


At the moment , while Hunter had fired at Bishop , Tutti the head security of John Russell bodyguards was patrolling the house when he heard the terrifying cry of a wounded man. What was that ? He wondered. Without wasting time , He rushed inside the Security monitor room and met Yusuff snoring loudly , his head laid on the desk. The man had been sleeping for who knew how long .

" Yusuff ! Yusuff ! " Tutti shouted in anger as he rushed forward and slammed the butt of his gun against the unprotected face of Yusuff. As the butt of the gun connected with the face of Yusuff , he screamed out in pain and doubled over . With two strongs hands , Tutti dragged Yusuff up with the front of his khaki shirts and screamed into the face of Yusuff .

" I warned you man. I warned you . " Tutti shouted, his face contorted with lines of anger . He shoved the helpless Yusuff away and spoke into his walkie-talkies .

" Bishop do you copy ? Bishop ! Bishop ! Do you bloody copy ? " Tutti shouted into the walkie-talkie but he was rewarded with a deafening silence. That was when he realized that the terrifying cry that he had heard belonged to no other person than Bishop. The security cameras must have captured whoever had shot Bishop. But Yusuff who should have seen this on the security monitor screen and alert the rest of the bodyguards had been sleeping the whole time.

Tutti turned to Yusuff who was still touching his bloody face .

" You fool , you were supposed to the monitor the Security feeds . . See what you have done now . " Tutti gritted the words out of his mouth .

" Am .........so......sorry boss .... I did not ...." Yusuff could not finish his words , because just at that very moment , Tutti calmly aimed his rifle at Yussuff head and shot him three times . The bullet smashed into Yussuff head's and splashed his brain particles all over the wall behind him. Tutti at this very moment heard the shattering sounds of one of the windows. Spooked despite himself , Tutti dashed out of the room and almost collided with two of the other bodyguards who were at the hallway.

" Calm down ! " Tutti shouted . " What is hell is going on ? where the hell are you rushing to ? "

" An intruder has bridged our security sir " one of the bodyguards said breathing heavily , his sweaty hands gripping the AK-47 rifle.

Just then Tutti perceived an acrid hot smell and he felt a burning sensation in his nose and eyes . He recognized the smell.

" Oh my God ! It's gas. The house has been gassed . Move out . Move the hell out . " Tutti shouted as more of the bodyguards tumbled out from their hidden rooms. The thick vapor of the tear gas had filled the hallway now and was spreading swiftly across every parts of the room. It was like a comedy freak show as the bodyguards , blindingly raced around the living room bumping against one another in the process of escaping the deadly vapor . Above all this rowdy noise , Tutti was yelling at the men , telling them to stay alert .

Mr Russell who had heard the noise , had rushed downstairs to see what the noise was all about . At his heels were his two best hitmen. He was so shocked at the sight that greeted him .
" Tutti ! Tutti ! Where the hell are you ? " Russell screamed momentarily blinded by the vapor of the teargas.

" Go back upstairs . Go back upstairs Mr Russell " Tutti yelled in the blinding smothering vapor that made it impossible to see . It was at this moment that Tutti , through the corner of his eyes saw a man in suit wearing a face mask on his face . Instantly , he knew this was the intruder . Tutti jerked his rifle around and aimed at him.

Hunter who had dashed inside the house now , could see and breath easily all thanks to the face mask that he wore. He saw one of the man , a heavily built man aim his gun at him and he rushed forward and kicked the rifle out of the man's hand . Next , Hunter dived to a corner of the room and began to open fire on all the bodyguards . There were dozens of them , scattered around the room and they screamed out in pain as the bullet scorched and pierced their unprotected bodies and Hunter grinned wickedly as their bodies drop dead to the grounds. The vapor was still thick , and Hunter could hear few disembodied bodies calling out to each other in the thick fume that engulfed the room. Then he saw two men in suit assisting a short man up the stairs. It was Mr Russell and his two trusted hitmen.

Out of nowhere , a man kicked Hunter's gun out of his hand . It happened so swiftly that Hunter was caught off guard.

" I see you " Tutti said as he stretched a fisted hand and smashed it against Hunter's face . The blow connected with Hunter's jaw and he winced in pain. Hunter sprang up and kicked Tutti in the stomach . Tutti staggered back , his senses reeling . Hunter gun in hand , shot two of the bodyguards who had managed to see him in the white fumes of the room and was in time to parry a punch from Tutti . Hunter dropped to the floor and did an air swipes like a break-dancer. His foot lurched into the face of Tutti and the man doubled over . Tutti dazed by the kick , managed to stand up and blocked another kick from Hunter. Like a bull , he rushed towards Hunter and charged him against the wall. Hunter's gun clatter to the floor involuntary.

" I will kill fool ! " Hunter snarled as he shoved Tutti heavy body off him. Hunter , his face contracted with anger , raised his right leg and did a forked lightening kick. The kick hit Tutti on his face and he was flung to the ground. Tutti used the momentum to bounce up but he was a shade too slow . Hunter gave him a shin kick on his ribs and Tutti screamed out as he felt his ribs crushed under the kick . But Hunter was not done with him . He moved towards Tutti , thrusts out his right leg and landed a leaping tiger kick on Tutti's face . The pain was too much . The room swim in Tutti's eyes as he felled to the floor. Then he heard a violent explosion and felt something violently hit him on his chest. He had been shot. Tutti , seeing myraids of colour and mouth, tasting like copper , raised one hand weakly as he tried to look at the face of man who had shot him. Another bullet hit Tutti under the chin and his neck snapped to an unusual angle and then yet another to his face . Tutti was dead within seconds .

More updates coming !!!!!!


Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Oroolorun(m): 9:38am On Feb 06

Its just a space of one and half days.

Thanks Boss. The mention of 'two days ago' by the captain is what got to me, that such a crime (termination of souls) should not have got pass 24 hours before gotten to the ear of a cop of Blake prestige. Let the update roll on.
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Ann2012(f): 9:47am On Feb 06
that bishop is a dunce and a big disgrace to snipers worldwide. Even those dogs seem better than him!

Who would have thought bishop been a trained sniper could miss two shots on target? He was even so dumb he got killed by the same target.

Just imagine
Re: Hit Them Dead ! (Extreme Violence+Adult Content ) By Ade Spades by Nostradamus: 9:54am On Feb 06
Tutti is dead!

That guy is good.what a waste of talent. But tutti should have controlled his temper when he saw Yusuf sleeping,afterall body no be firewood.

Hunter could have met his doom in Russell's house if not for that silly bishop.

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