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Politics / Re: Timipre Sylva: Nigerians Should Be Proud Of Fuel Imports From Niger Republic by 9gerian: 12:04pm
Did they tell the people that they were going to be even worse than the previous Governments?

Else I do not see any reason for the @bold statement.


You must have bewitched yourself.

We should wait till the refineries are fixed before importing from Niger? Or it would have been better if it was Europe,abi?

The refineries that previous governments could not fix in over 16years,you want the present govt to fix in 5 years,abi?

As usual,the jungle punch newspaper did not mention the fact that in the said interview ,the minister mentioned the revitalisation of the refineries soon.
Politics / Re: Timipre Sylva: Nigerians Should Be Proud Of Fuel Imports From Niger Republic by 9gerian: 12:01pm
These politicians have resorted to mockery.

They know Nigerians are pained by the high level of incompetence, corruption and mismanagement, but they don’t care and even mock the people with silly statements just to rub it in the more.
Crime / Re: 2 Suspects Arrested For Eating Roasted Police Officers’ Flesh In Oyo by 9gerian: 4:40pm On Nov 21

They should be severely dealt with. We desist cannibal in our midst.

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Family / Re: Paul Okoye Blasts Davido For Calling Those Who Attended His Birthday Party Pussy by 9gerian: 8:05am On Nov 21
Please explain your view.

How can Peter’s choice of a wife be the problem with another family member who could simply have moved on and allowed his brother to enjoy his marital choice in peace? Should Peter also be involved in Paul’s choice of a wife, and begrudge him a result?

It just doesn’t make sense.

Yes, sometimes families do not approve the choice of their child in choosing a spouse, but the usual practice is to let love and peace reign once they are married. There have even been cases where the detested choice becomes the family’s favorite over time. So what’s with the family unending feud?

Peter is married, loves his wife and would not stand for ridicule of his family. On the other hand, the brothers cannot do without antagonizing and ridiculing Peters’s wife.

Genesis 2:24, KJV: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."


Lola was the problem don't you get it

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Politics / Re: APC Governors Swoop On Jonathan Ahead Of 2023 Elections by 9gerian: 7:47am On Nov 21
The politicians are united in holding the reign over the fortunes of Nigeria.

But the people are much too divided for their own good.

Outcome: These politicians would continue to hold sway regardless of political party, while the people continue to wallow in poverty!
Family / Re: Paul Okoye Blasts Davido For Calling Those Who Attended His Birthday Party Pussy by 9gerian: 7:38am On Nov 21
So who is or has been acting crazy?

The one that refuses to roll over while they ridiculed his wife, or the one that takes pleasure in doing the actual ridicule of his twins’ wife?


Paul is the cool one Rudeboy he replied Davido in a cool way. Peter Mr P is the crazy one

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Family / Re: Paul Okoye Blasts Davido For Calling Those Who Attended His Birthday Party Pussy by 9gerian: 7:34am On Nov 21
Not true.

Paul lambasted and ridiculed Peter’s wife. Has Peter ever ridiculed Paul or Jude’s wife?

Peter has been complaining that the duo were constantly disrespecting his wife, hence his discomfort to continue with the team.

Paul has confirmed Peter’s accusations previously by action (through the video that Peter released back then) and now through the ridicule that he subjected his brothers wife to calling her age (50) out.

If for nothing, this same woman that is being ridiculed helped to bring them all the fame that has now made them arrogant. What a family of vipers.

Quick question, as a woman, would you prefer that your husband does nothing when his family ridicule you openly and regularly?


I don't want them to come back together again, Peter blocked me the last time i wrote that on his wall but paul didn't, so I think Paul is the reasonable one,he will be fine with Jude


Politics / Re: Adaka Boro: Vindicating The Hausas And Yorubas by 9gerian: 10:15pm On Nov 20
Emmanuel Ifeajuna was reported as the main mastermind and leader of the coup plotters.

Nzeogu was was reported as a valiant and reassuring force that boosted the morale of the coup plotters, hence his prominence since the coup.

There were no saints during the civil war... it was a freaking war, and niceties are never a feature when trying to survive and possibly win the war.

Those who committed the original sins their people are suffering from since 1966:

1. Azikiwe

2. Nzeogu

3. Ironsi

4. Ojukwu

Kanu is just a noise maker.

Politics / Re: Nigerians Surprised As Labour Keeps Mum On Fuel Price Increase by 9gerian: 6:48am On Nov 16
Chop I chop NLC!!!
Crime / Re: Pastor Jonah Gangers Abducts Muslim Girl In Kaduna, Converts Her To Christianity by 9gerian: 1:18pm On Nov 14
Honestly, this account of events is more plausible (believable).

Seeing MURIC jump on the case already created a red flag of a likely misrepresentation of the facts...

The same girl that ran away from her family, to a Unknown state, where she was found by the pastor...He trained her in school and she willingly converted, A girl of 18yrs above... The question is, why did she ran away from home?? Don't put the blame on the pastor, he gave her life,when the family rejected her...
Next time post the real story,not the lies you fabricated. ...

If we are to count the number of Christians converted by force, this country will divided..come to kaduna, Kano,and other nothern states and see the way, Christian girls are force to convert...
Crime / Re: Pastor Jonah Gangers Abducts Muslim Girl In Kaduna, Converts Her To Christianity by 9gerian: 12:44pm On Nov 14
The usual story is that the child sees the light in Jesus and then converts.

Next, the parents find out and threaten her with bodily harm and even death (normal levels in the North). The child senses imminent danger and runs away. The pastor accommodates her naively ie without legal complaints and filing for protection for the child, which may not even be effective considering the environment and its nature for persecuting Christians as a well known state policy (MURIC and other enablers alike will not like to discuss this particular matter that is well known and understood by all and sundry).

The child is traced, and the pastor is deliberately scapegoated / implicated with a court case initiated to serve as a deterrent for other runaway converts getting help.

Well, for fairness, I hope this case is proven to be what has been portrayed here (ABDUCTION) and the culprit brought to book. This is in spite of MURIC’s involvement that suggests a deliberate set up already. Especially judging by MURIC’s penchant for crying wolf usually where there is non.

I Can Put my life on this that Pastor Jonah did not ABDUCT nor FORCE the lady in Question to Accept JESUS...

It's not Done anywhere in the World!!

The Lady must have seen the Light and Decided to Accept JESUS..

That Muric Man needs JESUS! I need to Pray for his Deliverance..

Politics / Re: Buhari, NNPC Are The 'Market Forces' Manipulating Fuel Price Increase– Afenifere by 9gerian: 7:20pm On Nov 13
Act? How?

NLC & TUC are now contractors that organize “protest threats“ in order to hit it big each time the government initiates an unpopular policy.

There’s no viable opposition in Nigeria again!

Where are those NLC and TUC of APC when you need them to act? AYUBA WABA and OYELEYE are a disgrace to themselves and the entire Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Why Anambra Economy Will Surpass Lagos - Melie Onyejepu by 9gerian: 7:14pm On Nov 13
Do you mean the list of largest imports (including refined petroleum, ships, wheat, cars, packaged medicaments etc) are mostly headed for Onitsha?

Why are you guys like this?


Lagos derives more than 60% of it's economy from imports and exports, and 60% of the goods imported come to Onitsha.

Politics / Re: This Is For Those Who Actually Think That The US Presidential Election Is Over. by 9gerian: 5:35am On Nov 10
Where are the links to your story?

This is for those who actually thought that Joe Biden won a free and fair elections. He may have won the war but the battle is far from over.
If you have about 5mb, you can click on the video link and see for your self the evidences that show that the election was massively rigged in Biden's favor. The recent silence on the part of Trump is highly ominous.

CIA Homeland Security launched the largest election sting operation 6 hours ago.
Over 500 elite units moved into all ballot counting depots nationwide to stand guard over all the printed ballots.
They were ALL printed with QFS-BLOCKCHAIN (unbreakable code) Watermarks.
So far 14 million ballots have been put through a laser scanner in 5 different states and 78% have failed [NO watermarks] and 100% of these failed ballots all had Biden on them. Interesting next few days ahead.
This is the brilliance of Donald Trump and his team. They placed an ‘invisible watermark’ on ballots and told no one. Now the National Guard are going in with ‘infra red’ equipment and can easily read which ballots are real and which are fake, and they are doing a recount.
The Full Story !

from James Sheets:
THE WATERMARK on the official election ballots !! The original ballots are also registered on a “QFS blockchain” to prevent fraud.
12 states were “targeted !”
The National Guard has been deployed to 12 states :-) Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois and Kentucky and they are now counting the official ballots!!!!
The DEMS fell right into the trap of this sting operation and TRUMP has it all !! This FRAUD will be exposed for the whole world to see !�
And isn't it fancy how the amazing � new Supreme Court Justice ‘Amy’ was appointed / confirmed by right before this election ...so that she can rightfully take care of the business of ... election fraud....
Oh and this is only the beginning of the EPIC times that lie ahead !!
So, did Trump win by a landslide !?! You will soon SEE � that he did !

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Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: It's Not Trump That They Hate, It's You, The Christians by 9gerian: 7:23pm On Nov 07
This sums it all up!

Now the globalist can resume their nwo agenda full throttle without hindrance.

Trump had been an unprecedented disruption...

During Christmas

Obama: Happy Holidays.
Trump: Merry Christmas. Remember Jesus Christ died for us.

If you are a christian and you support gay-loving democrats, you better stop going to church and become an atheist.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Michigan County Flips Back To Trump, Following Repair Of Voting Software Glitch by 9gerian: 7:02am On Nov 07
Surprisingly true shocked



If your news had any semblance of truth, fox New would have carried it. This is fake new.

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Politics / Re: CBN: Rising Debt Servicing Cost Can Impede Growth by 9gerian: 5:41am On Nov 06
But most Nigerians know and have been emphasizing this, except of course PMB and his retinue of ministers and politicians that are running the government angry

We are seeing the results everywhere...


Politics / Re: Two IPOB Kingpins Arrested In Oyigbo - Governor Wike by 9gerian: 4:18am On Nov 04
But how do they differentiate Igbos from others?


I'm in Oyigbo bro. And I cant go out because am an Igbo man as majority of the soldiers are Hausas and are provoked against Igbos in general

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Presidential Election 2020 (Live Updates) by 9gerian: 4:39pm On Nov 03
Where’s your balanced analysis on if Trump wins, or is the election skewed to go in a particular direction?

I will be updating everyone live as the election goes on. It is a major battle between President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden....

1. As we speak, more than 94millon early votes has been cast by Americans. This is over 68% of total votes cast in the 2016 general elections. History will be made today..

2. Also with rumours of a possible post election riots break out, the White House has been fenced to protect the heavily guarded abode of the president from possible unforeseen attacks.

3. So many business owners and stores were seen fortifying their stores from possible post elections looting and riots attacks on their stocks. This is really looking like a danger looming and everyone is taking precautions

4. Part of the tension in the USA now is that even if former vice president Joe Biden wins and is declared the winner of the election, there are chances of President Trump challenging that in court and mind you, a larger number of the supreme court judges tilts towards president Trump's side. This is one of the reasons why the democrats are looking at flipping the Senate during this election by having more senators than republicans thereby deciding the fate of democracy in both legislative houses. With Nancy Pelosi a Democrat as the speaker, a win for the Democrats in the Senate will be the end of any post election surprises from president Trump should Biden win.


Politics / Re: Nine Nigerians Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections by 9gerian: 1:25am On Nov 03
@bold. The Yorubas are far much more in the US and UK than other Nigerian tribes because opportunities abound, but are not much in the SE because there are not much opportunities in the SE like there are in their own SW domain. This is why Yorubas do not troop to SE as much.

If there are professional opportunities anywhere, you can rest, assured that Yorubas would be the majority in such climes!


We all know how voters in Igbo dominated areas in Lagos were harrassed and beaten up for daring to exercise their franchise.

Who says other tribes can't contest in the east?

Have we seen any such incidents like the one I referred to above in the east?

Abeg carry yourself out of my mention, you that probably haven't ever left Lagos and Ibadan you're here telling me about how the Easterners are.


Music/Radio / Re: Sinach's 'Way Maker' Is The Song Of The Year At The 51st Dove Awards 2020 by 9gerian: 1:11pm On Oct 31
Very well deserved!!!
Politics / Re: Osun State Approves New Minimum Wage, Lifts Embargo On Promotion by 9gerian: 10:26am On Oct 31
Yes! Governance in Nigeria has changed!

Things are beginning to change. The fear of the youth is the beginning of governors wisdom
Politics / Re: FG Begins Nationwide Distribution Of 1m Free Meters In Kano, Kaduna, Lagos by 9gerian: 7:42am On Oct 30
Well said!


Metering is better. Throughout the lockdown and after ie 6 months I used just 80 units in my office just to pump water etc. I would have being paying 45k every month if I did not have the meter. Other businesses in the complex got that bill.
Now my advarage useaage a month is less than 7k. Imagine that my estimated Nepa bill before I got my meter in February was 40-45k monthly.

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Romance / Re: What Tribe Would You Not Marry From,no Matter What ? by 9gerian: 2:47pm On Oct 29
Well said!

I can marry from anywhere in this world thanks to my family and background. First time I told my dad my babe is Igbo, without any ado he asked "is she's human?" I just burst laugh. I wonder if her people will be as open minded as mine though.

Though in it's merit speaking the same language can aid communication but is COMMUNICATION all about speaking the same language?

Yorubas are cowards but Fela, Obasanjo are from Europe cheesy grin

Igbos are chestbeaters but I read about Charles Soludo and he doesn't come across as a proud man. grin grin

Hausas are fools but Dangote is the Richest man in Africa... And the list go on! grin grin
Open your heart, get to know people for who they are before passing judgement.

Ese, daalu, Nagode

Trust nobody, even Brutus betrayed Julius Caesar.

Politics / Re: Governor Ayade's CSO Kneels Down, Begs Youths Not To Burn FGGC, Calabar by 9gerian: 5:56am On Oct 25
Well said!

I hope the gals are safe... Leave Akpabios house begin go female hostel, na konji revolution dey worry u so?
Politics / Re: Sandra Eze Sanzye: 'Bourdillon’ Ordered My Removal From TVC, Says Journalist by 9gerian: 10:05am On Oct 17


If she was professional, she would have turned to Morayo and asked her to give her opinion on the issue raised by the caller. That way, she won’t have to respond herself. She was totally unprofessional by working off the set. Why take the comments of a faceless caller personally? Doctors are insulted constantly. They don’t make it personal. A patient can even say she does not want an Igbo doctor. A man may say he does not want a male doctor to treat his wife. Teachers are constantly insulted. The presidents of countries are constantly insulted; Trump is one of the most insulted presidents. Do you see them working off in a puff? That shows arrogance an a lack of self control.
Politics / Re: Sandra Eze Sanzye: 'Bourdillon’ Ordered My Removal From TVC, Says Journalist by 9gerian: 10:01am On Oct 17
But didn’t she know that walking out on a televised live show would result in her sack almost without remedy?

Airing her views would have been better.

I mean which producer would want to work with a presenter that walks out on shows based on raw emotions?

There’s nothing here but an entitlement mindset.

Igbos need to caution theirselves and be careful with the tendency to always and easily play the victim card at every turn of events. This is because their quest becomes watery as no one will take them seriously even when the need eventually arise.

This is more like crying wolf where there is non!


Politics / Re: Anambra 2021 Governorship Election: Soludo Gets APGA Ticket by 9gerian: 11:18am On Oct 14
Awesome development!!!

• State Chairman Obi faults claim

Politics / Re: Shameful As Biafran Wrestler Representing Biafra Looses To Opponent In Cambodia by 9gerian: 11:33am On Oct 13

Another Nigerian champion underway...


Politics / Re: FG Okays $3.02bn For Reconstruction Of Port Harcourt-maiduguri Rail Line by 9gerian: 11:58am On Oct 08
Makes sense.

However, I’m sure there are other towns and states that need opening up and access to rail for their economic and other developments etc


Abuja to port Harcourt is good, Abuja to Lagos is okay, Abuja to the east is fine cause Abuja is the Centre of Nigeria but Maiduguri?

I don't get the rationale behind it.

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