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Family / Re: Woman Rejects Keke As Push Gift Not Knowing That A Car Gift Was Coming by 9gerian: 5:14pm On Jan 27
The keke will give that woman daily income. So there was really no testing, but just the unraveling of an entitled woman who lacks comportment and understanding.

The man would never respect her again. The neighbors too. She will be a reference of what not to be as a wife.

Must he tempt her? Why not give your wife the car and stop tempting her with a Keke. He knows his wife deserves better, he just wanted to tempt her and disgrace her in public. The unfaithful*faggottt* can't try that with his side chick, he knows his side chick would give him a sound slapp. Nonsense' undecided

34 mentions? cool . Unfortunately I don't have the time or interest to waste on fooools, so pls keep on wailing. I only read two mentions and I'm done.
Family / Re: Woman Rejects Keke As Push Gift Not Knowing That A Car Gift Was Coming by 9gerian: 5:09pm On Jan 27
All these badly behaved women of this generation, the type the Bible warned sons and princes against. And they usually think they are smart when in fact they a source of disgrace to their husbands and family.

Very rude and ungrateful woman, feeling so entitled.😠

The man finally realized he married a bad wife, love how he took back both the tricycle and the car.
Politics / Re: Why Tribunal Sacked Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke by 9gerian: 4:21pm On Jan 27
Another angle. This is going to get everybody thinking before rushing to approve any initiative lest they fall victim eventually.


Lol. I thought we are all celebrating BVAS.

There was over voting and BVAS was able to help detect that which led to the judgement.

Are you saying they should bypass BVAS because APC people are not at the receiving end?

Politics / Re: Non PVC Holders Blocked From Entering EDAN, Alaba Market by 9gerian: 9:17pm On Jan 26
Very bold statements you made there. I bet it made you feel good. Some of your ancestors (including Azikiwe) expressed stronger sentiments and felt good about it not too long ago.

Good thing you guys are deliberate and loud about your utmost aspirations.

Let no one cry victimization if and when your disdain for your hosts backfires like all other inordinate pursuits by some of your people.

All the major Nigerian problems being nursed till date- civil war (Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna), no referendum (Nnamdi Azikiwe), no resource control/restructuring (General Aguiyi Ironsi), were all orchestrated by your people (Igbos) for self serving reasons up until the tides eventually turned and the hunter became the hunted. We are all witnesses to how that panned out and how it is currently going today.

Continue to have inordinate ambitions because that’s obviously what makes you feel good as a people. History has this noted for posterity.


No wahala
I’m not talking about all over the world
Igbos are doing what is call a modern colonization to Yorubas
We are gradually taking over your streets and changing it to our names or I should show you evidence tomorrow
We will own all your streets, buy your ancestral lands and give you conditions on how to be living in your own lands and you people can’t do more than a dead rat

Focus more on Aso rock
We are more interested in buying your region
Phoolish tribe be forming educated and wise

Igbos will play film for all of you in few years to come
Be fooling around

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Sex With Someone & Started Having Nightmares? by 9gerian: 4:21pm On Jan 26
Stop please! cheesy grin 😂😂


You go chew Queen of the coast kpomo,you come nairaland dey confess.this place be like church for ya eye abi...just ready this night o
Politics / Re: Pics: Man Married His New WIFE With Tinubu Signature Logo by 9gerian: 10:04am On Jan 24
The funny thing is most yorubas would not have even supported Tinubu because of his sickness. But because of the way people are being attacked for supporting a different candidate, it has become a matter of ethnic interests.

Even the peasants are now aware that the only reason Tinubu is rejected by most igbos is first because he is Yoruba, which has always been a trend for any known achievements of the yorubas. And conversely the support of Obi by igbos is because he is Igbo. I mean the same Igbo people who condemned him as a governor have done a 180 degrees to chant he is the best thing since slice bread. This has become too obvious, and will likely play a significant role in the elections.

For me Tinubu’s health is his biggest challenge and much cause for worry in this election, except that I don’t even see a better choice outside the not too well known contestants like the SDP candidate. The rest are mostly hype with no concrete antecedents orfgroundbreaking achievements to demonstrate their capacity and knowledge to manage a state or complex system progressively, how much more Nigeria. No out of the box ideas, just the usual I will do- I will do, as if mere aspirations can beat the actual experience of know how.

Reality will dawn on the president-elect the moment he wins and starts getting briefs about the state of affairs. Deviations will start from appointments and the backlash that usually visits such, and from there on, more deviations into a state of helplessness.

Let this election just come and go. It won’t make much difference who wins because the problems are waiting, and any drastic changes will cause more pains, and perhaps some gains if the president knows what he is doing as he administers the nation. A healthy Tinubu would have been the best choice though looking at where the nation is today but hey this is just my opinion.

God bless your union..

I love the way yorubas rally round their own ..

All the olori pelebe are supporting obituary ..

We can't neglect ours..

Omo eni o ni shey idi bebere....

Ka fi ileke si idi omo elomi....

Business / Re: Aliko Dangote’s Refinery Might Exploit Nigerians – Oil Marketers Express Fear by 9gerian: 9:33am On Jan 24
Why not come together to have your own refinery with all the free subsidies collected over the years? And why are the nation’s refineries not working, and why didn’t they have an issue with that but now have an issue with Dangote Refinery?

These oil marketers seem to prefer the old order that continues to allow them to fleece the nation with their mostly fraudulent subsidies. We remember how they were bringing ships and taking them back with the same shipments they brought back then.

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) has stated that Aliko Dangote’s oil refinery might exploit oil producers and Nigerians.

According to the oil marketers, Nigerians will be at the mercy of Dangote due to its refinery’s monopoly, as it will be the only refinery refining oil within the country, hence, dictating prices of the commodity.

Also, they ruled Dangote Refinery out as a perfect solution to the high cost of fuel in Nigeria, stating that the company will operate like https://www.primebusiness.africa/aliko-dangotes-refinery-might-still-exploit-nigerians-oil-marketers-express-fear/
Politics / Re: Petrol May Hit N800/litre On Subsidy Removal – Marketers by 9gerian: 7:49am On Jan 23
The price will go up significantly no doubt but later stabilize due to competition.

However, when the direct beneficiaries of subsidy by the government talk like this it is because they don’t want the subsidy to end.


Source: https://punchng.com/Petrol-may-hit-N800/litre-on-subsidy-removal-Marketers

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Politics / Re: First Commercial Vessel Berths At Lekki Port Ahead Of Buhari’s Commissioning by 9gerian: 7:15am On Jan 23
Because it is Lagos State initiative. Other states can do likewise and work with FG to bring it to life.

Why building another Seaport in Lagos. Why not extend it to Onitsha and Calabar.

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Politics / Re: First Commercial Vessel Berths At Lekki Port Ahead Of Buhari’s Commissioning by 9gerian: 7:11am On Jan 23
Because it is Lagos State initiative. Other states can do likewise.

Why building another Seaport in Lagos. Why not extend it to Onitsha and Calabar.


Sports / Re: See The Ex-nfl Player Who Kill Huge Lion Terrorizing Community by 9gerian: 5:22pm On Jan 21
That would have been stupid, a waste of effort and with the outcome highly unpredictable.

Sticking to the goal, and keeping it simple is far better.

He killed it from afar with a poisoned bow and arrow then carrying it like he is related to Samson.

If he was so brave he should have fought the lion one on one like a real man.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom Become The First State To Get Approval To Distribute Electricity.. Pho by 9gerian: 5:41am On Jan 21
The generated power can’t be transmitted story is the narratives the discos created to deceive the gullible while they reject supply from the generating companies.

The discos make more money from estimated billing, hence their refusal to support any metering of customers initiatives. Estimated billing is easy and sweet money- period.

Takeaway estimated billing and watch them become efficient with the transmission of the generated capacity.


If this is the case, why does the FG keep harping on generating more MW, when all generated power can't be transmitted.

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Politics / Re: Soludo: Obi Didn’t Allow LP To Campaign Freely In Anambra As Governor by 9gerian: 5:20am On Jan 21

The big question is why some supporters attack whoever exposes the past of their favorites. S it not better we know what all aspirants are capable of than to find out later after they win?

If truly we aim for Nigeria to be better and we’ll governed, we shouldn’t be scared of any aspirants being scrutinized and exposed.

Very true..

Nah Ghana must Go Pandora carry along when he was going to beg for the ticket..
Politics / Re: PDP Suspends Chimaroke Nnamani, Fayose Oluwajomiloju, Ayeni Funso, Others by 9gerian: 10:36pm On Jan 20
Warning to others who may be having anti party ideas it looks like.
Career / Re: Should I Quit My Job To Pursue More Education ? by 9gerian: 7:25pm On Jan 19
Well said.

This is because when he finishes the education, he will hunt for a job and would be asked for an ongoing experience.

Don't try it.

Continue working and part time. You will be building experience and education at the same time..
Health / Re: Man Mauled By Tiger On The Loose In Johannesburg (Pictures) by 9gerian: 1:40pm On Jan 19
I’m with you on this!

There was one reported here years ago where the tigers housed in a big premises were climbing props and peeping over the fence into the kindergarten school next door. shocked

Yes the man should sue the big cat owner.

They are called wild animals for a reason. Why should anyone try to tame and keep such wild beast in residential area?

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Celebrities / Re: Korra Obidi's Ex-Husband Takes Her Children Away From Her by 9gerian: 10:48am On Jan 19
Lawyers should kindly clarify whether Korra will have to pay alimony to the ex-husband if he wins custody of the children. That is if she is the breadwinner.

That may be the eventual bottom line here because women do not like to play that role, even if they are the breadwinners. It is seen as a manly thing and much too excruciating for women. Maybe the feminists movement should take this up to ensure equality.

Korra Obidi Goes To Court Again, Accuses Her Ex-Husband Of Abusing Her

- she says her husband is a narcissist


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Crime / Re: Nigerian Woman Mourns Husband Killed By Kidnappers Despite Ransom Payment (Pix) by 9gerian: 6:12pm On Jan 18
What I was thinking…

immediately they kill anyone after collecting ransom

its purely an insider job
Sports / Re: Pele Leaves Millions In Will For Out Of Wedlock Daughter He Denied by 9gerian: 5:39pm On Jan 18
Very heartbreaking. Maybe she would be alive if the father had shown her love.

Daughter of a cleaner, probably one night stand

Pele should have acknowledged her and swallowed some pride
Sports / Re: Pele Leaves Millions In Will For Out Of Wedlock Daughter He Denied by 9gerian: 5:37pm On Jan 18
While dead?

Chai the girl done win lottery grin
Family / Re: Tunde Ayeni & Adaobi Alagwu In Paternity Tussle by 9gerian: 5:35pm On Jan 18
The friend will call her mummy grin

She wants to be step mother to her friend.
Politics / Re: Court Sentences Vulcaniser To Death By Hanging For Stealing ₦‎57,000 by 9gerian: 8:41pm On Jan 17
There may have been violence capable of leading to death.

Tough but if the judge senses that the culprit is menace to the society, then she may be trying to protect the society. However, sometimes the law is not just rational especially when applied without a human face. Tough call either way.

WTF? Death for stealing? Was it armed robbery that involved the victim's death? I don't get it! But Nigeria is a banana republic so........
Celebrities / Re: Content Creator, Aproko Doctor Reveals Battle With Brain Tumor In 2022. by 9gerian: 4:39pm On Jan 16
Congratulations to the doctor. May your healing be permanent!

Thank you to Dr Tayo Ojo for being part of those that have not abandoned the Nigerian health sector.

Popular Nigeria health influencer, Dr. Chinonso Egemba better known as Aproko Doctor, has revealed why he had his brain tumour surgery in Nigeria and declined suggestions by friends and well wishers to have the surgery overseas.

Egemba on Monday morning via his social media platforms, opened up about his health issue with Craniopharyngioma, which simply means brain tumour.

In a series of tweets, however, Egemba further revealed that he believed in the Nigeria health-sector and is dedicating his life to see the country’s health-sector succeed.

Posting a picture of the doctor who operated on him, Egemba wrote, “It was Dr. Tayo Ojo, a neurosurgeon here in Nigeria that did the surgery. So many people begged me to leave the country to get the surgery done, but something kept me back here because I still had trust in us. We just need more investment in our health sector.

“Education, health. For me… those are the two systems any nation needs to succeed. I’m dedicating my life to seeing that they succeed in our country Nigeria. I hope you see it too.”

Captioning the video, as seen on his Twitter page, Egemba wrote, “Throughout December of 2022, I was fighting for my life. I went blind in one eye on the 3rd of December 2022 and on the 5th, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“Today, I stand here before you to share my story. It has been a long road to recovery but each day is better than the last.”

While speaking in the video, he said, “One thing to understand is that health issues can happen to you regardless of who you are, including me.

“For the past three weeks or two weeks, I have been fighting for my life. Some of you have no idea. It happened that I was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma which is a brain tumour and I had no idea I would be sharing my story.

“Here I am sitting on this seat sharing my own story about how I had a tumour in my brain. It was so bad that I couldn’t read out of my phone anymore to the point where this eye, I couldn’t read with it and it was also closing. They said it is a Craniopharyngioma and we need to do surgery to remove it.”

Over the years, Egemba has used his videos to enlighten people via his social media platforms, about health related matters and life changes that can improve and maintain good health.

He is also the executive director of the 100kClub, a non-profit organisation that lends medical support to Nigerians who need health assistance

He has also won numerous awards for his health advocacy in the country’s social media space.

Egemba got married to fellow influencer, Chiamaka Nwakalor better known as Chef Amaka, in June of 2020

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Politics / Re: Statue Of Nzeogwu Erected In His Home Town Of Okpanam - Picture by 9gerian: 1:10pm On Jan 16
These should help.



I have read Decree 34 many times and no where does it abolish the 4 Regions we had, nor does it remove resource control

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Politics / Re: Statue Of Nzeogwu Erected In His Home Town Of Okpanam - Picture by 9gerian: 12:34pm On Jan 16
Google decree 34 of 1966.

You are welcome!


How could Ironsi have abolished the 4 Regions Nigeris had if the 4 Regions were still existing the day Ironsi was killed? Did Ironsi come back from the dead to abolish the Regions?

Ironsi never tampered with resource control, not even for one day. All 4 Regions controlled their resources throughout the 6 months Ironsi was in charge

It was Gowon that came after Ironsi and used Decree 14 to abolish the 4 Regions we had, and created 12 new states to replace them

Gowon immediately followed this up with Decree 15 where he abolished resource control and placed it in the hands of the federal government
Politics / Re: Statue Of Nzeogwu Erected In His Home Town Of Okpanam - Picture by 9gerian: 12:33pm On Jan 16
Here we go again…


I guess you are a kid!

But let's face the TRUTH

Look I was born and breed in Kaduna.
All my life, I have never seen an igboman trespassing on any tribe.

Igbo businessmen are 80% responsible for the development of almost all Nigerian states including Lagos (100%)

Stop the hate and always go for the Truth
Politics / Re: Statue Of Nzeogwu Erected In His Home Town Of Okpanam - Picture by 9gerian: 7:45am On Jan 16
Emmanuel Ifeajuna Coup rather.

Research it.


It is those who say that his coup truncated the Nigeria of their dreams that have been ruling Nigeria since then, and brought us to where we are today
Politics / Re: Fake Muslim: Sheikh Aliyu Tells Members Not To Vote Tinubu (Video) by 9gerian: 6:22pm On Jan 15
Stop attacking people for having an opinion. It’s unnecessary and casts you in bad light.

State yours and move on.

Muric have made their position clear to you haters, it is a Yoruba Muslim that is entering there.

Abubakar Atiku’s clerics are entitled to their own opinion.
Politics / Re: Fake Muslim: Sheikh Aliyu Tells Members Not To Vote Tinubu (Video) by 9gerian: 6:08pm On Jan 15
So what does MURIC have to say about this development?
Culture / Re: The Bombardment Of Lagos In 1851 By British Naval Forces by 9gerian: 9:07pm On Jan 13
No wonder some Streets in Lagos Island bear Tom Jones street, Beecroft street.

Interesting read.

History: 1851 Bombardment of Lagos By The British Naval Forces

How the British government took over Lagos
“Lagos must be invaded by force” was allegedly the command Consol John Beecroft got from London.

A few years ago when HBO premiered the what would later become one of the most sensational series films of all time, only a few really understood the Game of Thrones was based on almost seemly historical incidents that happened in Britain a while ago. Unknown to most people, similar incidents happened in Lagos in 1851: a bitter rivalry between two contestants (Akitoye and Kosoko) to the throne of Eko that would later tear the soul of Lagos apart. After Oba Oluwole died in 1841 in an explosion triggered by lighting at the Palace, the throne of Lagos was left vacant. The battle for the soul of West Africa’s most powerful and busiest slave port was between the vigorous Prince Kosoko, the seemly rightful heir to the throne and Prince Akitoye, his uncle. One was a man of the people (Kosoko) while the other was a man for the people also, but a “friend” to the British (Akitoye). Meanwhile, the order had been given to Beecroft to invade Lagos by all means necessary. Kosoko, having tried to take the throne for himself and failed, went on exile at Port Novo and was asked to return to Lagos, 4 years later. In July 1845, Kosoko seized the throne in a coup. Akitoye was ejected out of Lagos and he went on exile in Badagry. As the seemly rightful heir to the throne, Kosoko wanted the throne at all cost and was having a field day as one of the biggest slave traders in the West Africa region and he was not going to give up the throne with a fight.

Later on, the British government moved in to have Akitoye restored back to Lagos as the Oba.

Akitoye, who had been the Oba of Lagos from 1841-1845, made several attempts to stop the slave trade in Old Lagos, but sadly, this made him lose popularity amongst his Chiefs. Powerful slave trade merchants and traders wanted him out of the picture, at all costs. They would later aid the ascension of Kosoko to the throne from 1845-1851. While Kosoko was the Oba of the powerful city of Lagos, with its major slave ports situated all around the coast of the city, slave trade in Lagos rose like never before making him lose favour with the British government who wanted to put an end to the slave trade business by all means necessary.

On January 1851, Consul Beecroft, who was the British consul for the Blights of Benin and Biafra, met with Akitoye in Badagry and promised to help facilitate his return to the throne of Eko in return for a treaty banning all slave trade activities, human rituals and other similar activities.

14th of November 1851- the HMS Bloodhound berthed at Badagry with its cargo. This act was to counter the reign and trade policy of Oba Kosoko who was co-operating with the slave traders in Lagos – the likes of the well-known slave trader Domingo Martinez was having a field day in Eko with the backing of Oba Kosoko.

Beecroft proceeded to the shore of Lagos which was heavily guarded by the Brazilians and 100 soldiers of Kosoko. His meeting ended with a “NO” from the Oba who rejected his parley. He would not leave the throne of Lagos without a fight – especially not after the fight that broke out in June 1851 between his supporters and that of Akitoye. After the refusal from Kosoko, Beecroft wasted no time in telling Commander Forbes of the HMS Bloodhound to get ready for battle as he had used up all his options in persuading Kosoko to give up the throne peacefully.

November 23rd of 1851- Beecroft showed Commander Forbes a dispatch from London and it was agreed that they enter the Lagos waters with as large a force as could be gathered. By this time the H.M.S Bloodhound with 23 ships of soldiers and marines were already approaching the east side of Marina, Lagos. The shore of Lagos at this time was heavily guarded by the Lagos soldiers under the Command of none other than General Oshodi Tapa. The general was not going to allow any white man to take the soul of Lagos, not under his watch. He knew the terrain of Lagos better and he was ready to protect the city that had been his home with his life.

It is important to note here that two battles were fought for the soul of Lagos in 1851. The first one was in November; it saw the Kosoko army defeating the British army, killing scores of its men. The second one happened a month after, and this involved the introduction of the Canon guns that gave birth to the “Agidingbi” sound.

The gunfire was so loud that it was heard as far away as Badagry. 23 boats with gunners formed a circle around the HMS Bloodhound Naval ship which had docked on the shores of Lagos. Receiving fire from the Lagos army, they proceeded on the attack with caution. The British were ready to engage and so were Kosoko’s5000 armed men who were ready to take back Lagos, bloodthirsty and battle ready.

26th of December 1851-the full slaughter commenced and the big guns of the Teazer and the Bloodhound made Kosoko’s men’s guns look like toy guns. The slaughter was awful. The battle raged for 5 days and finally, Lagos fell into the hands of the British. An Italian consul and trader, Giambattista Scala who visited Lagos after the invasion noted in his journals that the city was in ruins and its population has been reduced from 22,000 to 5000, leaving mostly children and the aged.

28th December 1851- Kosoko was forced to flee to Epe with some of his high-ranking Chiefs who went with him. Leaving his beloved Eko, with most of the city on fire, for Beecroft, Captain Jones and the British forces it was a well-deserved victory, for the people of Lagos, it was tragedy, sorrow, tears and blood.

On New Year’s Day 1852, the now fully-restored Oba of Lagos, Akitoye, signed a treaty with the British in which he banned all slave trade activities in Lagos. Oba Akitoye was on the throne till 1853 when he died (some historians actually would say and believe that he was poisoned). His son, Dosunmu became Oba after Akitoye’s death in 1853. 10 years after the 1851 Invasion of Lagos, Lagos became a British crown colony.

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Politics / Re: Budget Deficits Not Necessarily Bad – Tinubu Reacts To 2023 Appropriation by 9gerian: 8:56pm On Jan 13
For a healthy Tinubu, Nigeria would be lucky to have him.


For all his flaws, He is the most qualified of all the Nigerian presidents to date on finance, budgeting and accounting.

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