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Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by aljharem3: 10:15pm On Jan 17, 2013
Ola one:
Ban him forever! grin

LOL hw bodi na
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by aljharem3: 10:15pm On Jan 17, 2013
Mods also Alj-harem
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints, Suggestions & Enquiries Here by aljharem3: 11:21pm On Oct 28, 2012
why was i banned ? for laughing ?
Politics / Re: why do igbos want to pick yoruba leader Chyz Andre Uweh, Ikeyman00,ndu_chucks by aljharem3: 11:51pm On Apr 06, 2012

Have you ever wondered what happened to "sjeezy"/"sbeezy"? He metamorphosed into "Alj_harem" and he is still a Yorubaman.

I am not sbeezy !!!Na wa o !!!
Politics / Re: Worst Case Scenario: Southeast Loses 2015: Ndi Igbo What Next? by aljharem3: 11:50pm On Apr 06, 2012
all these people giving one excuse or the other why igbo cannot produce president will wake up one day to pick up the pieces of a disintegrated nigeria.

those saying Igbos cannot produce the president are just pulling your legs. If Igbos want to go for it they should. Today GEJ is the president so why can't Igbo ?
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints Here by aljharem3: 11:49pm On Apr 06, 2012
Mods, why have I been banned ?
Politics / Re: Seun Can We Have A Protest Section? We Still Need Some News! by aljharem3: 8:13pm On Jan 05, 2012

Stop acting like you'r clever!, 60% to 80% of NDs do not live on oil, go to Warri, Asaba, P/H, Benin City etc vast majority of the residents are petty traders, civil servants! It is the FG that lives on Oil, and uses that revenue to fuel her lavish life style and corruption. The only direct benefit of Nigeria being an oil producing national is the lower price of Fuel for the citizen and the FG can not derive a workable means to get this in place at sustainable cost.

All Nigerians have been asking for is 'light' 'hospital' 'Security' 'Water' and Eduaction' and then see how we will turn the country around, but the FG have refused to provide and guarantee these,

thank you
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 8:12pm On Jan 05, 2012

Al harem

any comments about boko haram or are you employed by them.

I hope you are not being sarcastic here.

smh do I look like a boko haram employee ? You see, don't try to make it boko this haram that.

Evil prevail when good people fail to act on it

The evil here is the accountability of the government on the amount of fuel and the money they collect and give back.

we have been looking at this evil for too long too many

I don't know why people are not seeing this.
Politics / Re: Fuel Price Vs. Minimum Wage In Opec Countries Inc. Nigeria by aljharem3: 7:59pm On Jan 05, 2012

why should I ignore it and what decorum . why are you surprise that the prices and minimum wages of countries ? I though you preferred to listen to Beaf and his other IDs ?

Well I am glad you can see for yourself now.
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 7:56pm On Jan 05, 2012

How many of you Nairaland protesters have gone out to join people on the street,  It is easy to make noise on the pages of a public forum.

It is not everyone that would protest. Some have to organise and spread the word. By making people aware why they are protesting and how to make it non-violent.
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 7:53pm On Jan 05, 2012

@ alj_harem, reporting rumour isn't professional and it isn't good for your reputation. News should be pure fact and should be confirmed .

Ok sir. cool
Politics / Fuel Subsidy: Protesters Ground Abeokuta by aljharem3: 7:49pm On Jan 05, 2012
ABEOKUTA – The ancient city of Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, Thursday, was grounded, following, the protest by youths under the aegis of coalition of concerned professionals and students of tertiary institutions against fuel subsidy removal, vowing to resist any move to add to the burden of the masses.

The protest which began at the early hours of Thursday, paralysed commercial activities in the city as the youths marched to the Governor’s office, Oke-Mosan, where state governor, Ibikunle Amosun was presented with a letter, to be delivered to the Presidency.

The protest took off from the OPIC roundabout , through Isale- Igbein, Sapon, Ake Palace, Ijaye before ending at the Governor’s office at Oke mosan.

Some of the placards carried by the protesters were with various inscriptions such as “ Jonathan please listen to us, we are your children“, no to subsidy removal, avert nationwide strike, suspend removal now“.

Men of the Ogun state police command were on ground to ensure there was no breakdown of law and order.

Politics / Re: 6 Oil Marketers In Trouble For Funding Fuel Riots by aljharem3: 7:43pm On Jan 05, 2012

Coming from Harem . .that's rich  cheesy . . .

Yes coming from me. You see I am not into any party that does not favour Nigerians including me

I don't want to know if it is ACN, PDP etc they can all f off

I have said it APGA for Lagos state 2015 INSHA ALLAH.
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 7:40pm On Jan 05, 2012

Your so agitated , you throw anything in the fray  . . . bros . . .people are not happy with current events and no be only you the thing dey pain . .

Your volume of rumor peddling over a 24 hours period is toxic . . . bros  . . . easy abeg cos you appear desperate to cause unnecessary stir . . .

why are you talking like Beaf ? well that is not the case, It is not compository to read the topic you know ?

I bet you can just ignore the thread and move forward. thanks
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 7:38pm On Jan 05, 2012

@alj harem

You too is not listening to our argument the president do not want to start building refineries before removal of subsidy because the fifth column will frustrate that projects, billions will be wasted like OBJ 16 billion power sector project. In a nutshell the president is doing what he can control. He is prepared to take insults because he not coming in 2015 to beg for votes. He is the one that can do that right now. Have you seen the vice president lately he will be begging for vote 2015 so he doesn't want to be seen making the hard choices which is although good for the country not vote wining idea.

I see your point, Now listen to my points

1. 90 % of the protesters are pro-GEJ thus this is not about OUR president but the policies

2. To stop benefit smugglers of fuel, do you think the best thing to do is to either  a) close the borders   or   b) remove subsidy ? Please answer.

3. The government since 2010 has not showed any improvement of production in any sector of our economy, is it the same government that would all of a sudden us the money from subsidy right ?

4. Why is the government giving us wrong values ? Based on what Iweala said, we spend 1.3 trillion on subsidy but based on the figures given to us by her and sanusi, we spend 900 billion on subsidy. Also 2010 figures should 400 billion was on subsidy thus why are this numbers not consistent ?

5. Why are they comparing us to other countries ? It is an insult on our intelligence by doing so. We collect different minimum wage etc

and many more ,.,.,.,.,.,.
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 7:30pm On Jan 05, 2012

Them say . .them say again . . . desperate times . . .

desperate time for what or does this relate to GEJ or fuel subsidy ?
Politics / Re: 6 Oil Marketers In Trouble For Funding Fuel Riots by aljharem3: 7:27pm On Jan 05, 2012

Dude your absolutely rambling here, what do you mean by the government closing down business for the oil marketers . .guess the government is also closing down business in the telecom sector as usual . .damn hilarious . .the part in red should be addressed to yourself . . .my post below still stands
. . .

Ok but this was what you said

"any fuel marketer funding protest is a saboteur and leaves much room for suspicion . . . If caught should be dealt with . . ."

thus it made my reaction a bit harsh, if it is funded, then they are within their rights, Moreover the funding part is very very unnecessary since they cannot pay millions of people to sleep out side just for one or 6 companies. No sir it is not possible.

I am not ruling the fact that yes they might have been some funding from them but it is insignificant compare to the reaction of the people.

I apologise for the harsh response from me earlier.
Politics / Re: Reuben Abati Has NOT Resigned. It's A Rumor by aljharem3: 7:16pm On Jan 05, 2012

maybe he wants to die there.

Are you minding him, It is amazing how people change. Reuben is a disgrace
Politics / Re: Occupy Nigeria: Updates From Across The Nation by aljharem3: 7:13pm On Jan 05, 2012

Hey guys, dnt get we ibos wrong. Our fathers gave deir blood den, we d present generation av learnt 4rm dat struggle, dere is notin 4 us in NIGERIA, we scrapd n sweated 2 b where we ar nw wit jst a token of 20pounds given 2 us afta d civil war, dnt blame us pls, no one likes makin a mistake twice. Any where d wind blows us we ar content even if pms sells for 1000per litre, we've seen worse. If ibos dare protest, u'll see army down here immediately. Abeg free us, make una protest tire, we ar chillin wit our beer n hapy 2 survive a new year. Happy survival ndi igbo

My brother, well understood. We are not pressurising Igbos but the only favour Igbos or SE can do for us is to not bring a font that they support the FG in the removal of the subsidy. If all goes well and they are not with the FG then good. We are one people. Next protest would be for Niger-delta people and then boko haram.

Although please I would like you to advice your brothers anyway you see them to stop making fun of the people protesting because we are not stu.pid.
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 7:08pm On Jan 05, 2012

So people are still protesting subsidy ? What a waste,


What is removal of subsidy when there are no refineries ?
Politics / Re: The Police That Killed Muyideen Mustafa Has Been Stoned To Death In Illorin by aljharem3: 6:57pm On Jan 05, 2012

Anoda big fat lie, so ani police killed now was mustapha's killer, get your facts ryt man!

@op. Why do u like posting unconfirmed news? U did same yesterday with d story that Dr. Ngozi threatened to resign.
Its not good for your reputation.

source pls.

no wahala,    we are waiting

>2hrs later, yet we are still waiting

I wonder o.

There is no limit to Alj_harem's idiocy?

It seems like we have way too many clowns in Nigeria or may be you missed the rumour part ?

abeg go siddon
Politics / Ex Niger Delta Militant Warn The Fg On Protest Against Fuel Subsidy Removal by aljharem3: 5:43pm On Jan 05, 2012
As tension continues to build over the removal of subsidy on fuel by the Federal Government, some ex-militants in the Niger Delta have threatened to regroup if there is excessive use of force on protesters.

The group also urged the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, commence the arrest and trial of all those listed by the senate as having been beneficiaries of the fuel subsidy or prepare for a full-blown battle.

The Niger Delta Revolution Force, one of the prominent groups in the region, called on President Goodluck Jonathan to direct the security forces to stop the killing and maiming of demonstrators all over the country or face reprisal.

According to the leader of the group, Babatunde Omatseye, who spoke in Sapele on Wednesday, the ex-militants would no longer fold their arms and watch innocent Nigerians being felled by bullets bought with taxpayers’ money.

He said, “We want to advice the law enforcement agencies to shun the use of force, capable of maiming or killing unarmed members of the civil society who were protesting across the nation.

“If the harassment of protesters over the recent removal of fuel subsidy and its concomitant hike in transportation fares do not stop, then the Federal Government risks a reprisal attack from this group.”

He vowed that that the ex-militants would reorganise to launch attacks on oil facilities across the Niger Delta as well as go after those who unjustly benefited from fuel subsidy, should government fail to direct the relevant law enforcement agencies to prosecute them.

Omatseye said the group, comprising over 1,400 former combatants, would no longer fold its hands and watch the nation being plunged into “irrecoverable abysmal economic quagmire,” and called on the Federal Government to restore to status-quo, the price of fuel across the nation.

“We are considering the possibility of regrouping for an onslaught on oil facilities across the Niger Delta should President Jonathan fail to prosecute the beneficiaries of the fuel subsidy and revert the present hike in price of fuel to N65 per litre’’ the ex-militant said.

He asserted that the removal of subsidy by the Federal Government had no positive impact on the lives of the people of the Niger Delta, saying it would only add to their suffering.

Politics / Re: Pictures Of Protest In Benin City South-south by aljharem3: 5:41pm On Jan 05, 2012
More from edo

Politics / Re: Covered Number Plates Banned In Lagos. No More Chief Of Your Village On Plates. by aljharem3: 5:37pm On Jan 05, 2012

we are not arguing na,I'm just asking simple questions bros,abi I can't comment on a thread again cos of tribal differences?hah!

Oga no one is offended(yet)atleast not me.

You don dey first cuss me now o,anyways,I'm not disputing that the allafin's license is or wasn't issued from somewhere not lagos,all I'm saying is,I thought they article meant they won't allow any plate number without a proper reg no regardless of anything. Where's the crime in what I said na? Okay maybe I didn't quite get the picture,you for just explain na,na wa for you o.

Btw "Allafin and Oba" was just to tease you,It doesn't mean I don't know what's up with those.

freecocoa, just ignore this thread abeg sister. Please just ignore eko ile

If you notice people have ignored this thread since it was opened.

Fashola and tinubu too would soon get their own doze of Occupy Lagos. you watch

Biko nu nywanne kiss kiss
Politics / Re: Occupy Nigeria: Updates From Across The Nation by aljharem3: 5:35pm On Jan 05, 2012

@zeddicus>>> Why do the FG have to import diesel buses while we have local manufacturers. T[b]he last time i check, Innoson is still functioning/manufacturing and his buses are doing pretty well.[/b]

good question.

Why and Why do we keep importing vehicles when Innoson motors are manufacturing in Nigeria ?

And so would say a revolution is not needed
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Protest In Benin City South-south by aljharem3: 5:27pm On Jan 05, 2012

Mr.  I-Want-To-Split-The-Country-But-Amnesty-Dollars-No-Go-Gree-Me-Act  grin

You better just log out and go spend your amnesty dollars jejely grin grin grin

LOL grin grin grin grin grin but on a serious note, after this Protest become sucessful, we nigerians have to come together again to fight for Niger-delta precisely baleysa, rivers and delta states from the Oil companies.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Protest In Benin City South-south by aljharem3: 5:25pm On Jan 05, 2012

@dmainboss imagine d rubbish word dat is coming 4rm your mouth. U grew up in benin and so wat? Dere was serious protest in Benin 2day up til 4pm d protest was stil on. Confirm b4 u say anytin.

Abi oooo. We have funny people on nairaland at times grin grin
Politics / Re: Beaf! How Much Was Really Spent On Subsidy Last Year? by aljharem3: 5:20pm On Jan 05, 2012

1 and 2. Under deregulation, even you can apply for a licence to import fuel from anywhere in the world and sell directly in Nigeria.
3. Diesel is not a sector, it is a product. subsidy was removed for diesel and there has DEFINITELY been an improvement in the availability abd pricing of diesel.
4. Where is the fertilizer company now? I would tell you. It DIED, LIQUIDATED and sold to PRIVATE investors. I'm sure you are not suggesting that we should continue to make the same mistake.
5. Whether 400, 900 or 1 trillion, money is being wasted. In any event, the fact that in Yaradua'v regime, it was 400, does not mean that it cannot increase or decrease. The amount varies according to the price of oil in the international market. Last year was exceptionally bad because of the high price caused by the Arab spring.

My brother to be honest my phone is very warm now and I am tired of repeating the same thing over and over and over again. I don tire

Please No one is against subsidy, We are against the timing and the non-infrastructure of the country before the removal

Ogini me rigi ?
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Protest In Benin City South-south by aljharem3: 5:16pm On Jan 05, 2012

Benin is rily burning.

abeg till that bros above you o grin grin
Politics / Re: Let's Have Your Complaints Here by aljharem3: 5:07pm On Jan 05, 2012
Mods can you please delete dmainboss's aka ezeuche or beaf comments

it is very inaccurate , treasonable, anti-Nigerian and worst of all false propaganda


Politics / Re: Pictures Of Protest In Benin City South-south by aljharem3: 5:06pm On Jan 05, 2012

[size=16pt]south south is not protesting. Who cares about anything? Who cares what happens to you and Nigeria. We are not interested. get it in your thick skull. We want the country split. Are you too daft to understand that? What concerns us concern you? Why would we want to subsidize your lazy unproductive behind.es? Go back to your state and start producing something instead of asking for free beer? Ewu!!![/size]

Who is talking about spiting the country ?

Now what part of benin-city are you in now ?

BTW EDO protested today

Tomorrow it would be Rivers and cross river. cool

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