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Sports / Re: Haters Of John Mikel Obi, Hear This! by babyboy3(m): 12:43pm On Dec 24, 2014

Eerm.........but he has started the last 3 games with every midfielder including matic available.

Oscar is injured, just coming back, Cesc has moved to the #10 role, Mourinho is not too keen about Ramires anymore. If Mikel / Matic prove to be a solid partnership then Jose will stick to it.
Sports / Re: Haters Of John Mikel Obi, Hear This! by babyboy3(m): 10:11am On Dec 24, 2014
Mikel was actually the best player on the pitch for Chelsea against Newcastle. That tells a lot. Especially, after not having a steady run of games and not playing in his favored position.

He played because Matic was suspended and they still lost. and what is his favoured position you were refering to?
Sports / Re: The Ten Most Beautiful Stadium In Nigeria by babyboy3(m): 9:55am On Dec 24, 2014
Akwa ibom Stadium is the best of all stadiums in Africa, rated # 1

Tell me your joking?

Have you seen all the 2010 WC? the smallest is 38k + which is bigger than Uyo Stadium,
Then Algeria have a 76k olympic size stadium
Egypt have an 86k and 74k capacity stadium
Zambia's new stadium

Am sorry but the Uyo stadium may look beautiful but a 30k stadium is not something a country of a 170m should be boasting about, and $96m for what?


Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 8:47am On Oct 11, 2014
u are wrong. u can increase it.. anfield is an example

Anfield is a 4 stand stadium, so easy to expand or easy to knock down a stand and build a 2 tier stand, but Anfield is bang in the middle of a residential area and which they havent gone down this route the same with Goodison Park across the park, compared to Old Trafford thats also a 4 stand stadium and bit by bit from 1990 Old Trafford went from 58k to 75k because its easy to expand, the only reason they cant take it further is the railway line that goes behind one of the stands. Uyo is a 2 stand stadium...

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Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 8:38am On Oct 11, 2014

Guy you are wrong, the space of future expansion is already there ok. When expanding a stadium you don't have to destroy it and rebuild it again. That's why engineer are involve not just ordinary builder . It can be expanded to 50 to 60k capacity

Look If the stadium's original capacity was around 40k-45K theirs a strong possibility hitting the 60k mark, Just like Chelsea's stamford Bridge which currently holds 42500 and the highest it could go when expanding is around 55k-58k Thats why they are looking at other options. UYo stadium has 2 different stands, the main stand and the ohe that goes round which makes it a bit tricky to expand.
Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 11:32pm On Oct 10, 2014

Julius Berger says otherwise. I'm guessing the base of the roof was made wide enough to support the addition of an extra tier of seating. Of course, the roof would have to be taken down during expansion.

Look I have worked on building projects, to take that stadium to 60k they will have to put 2 tiers on top of the original stadium, and looking at the structure I dont think thats possible, One tier (30k) will be very be big and too heavy to handle by the original structure, the other option which Man City did with the Etihad stadium was to remove the running track and dig deep and turn it into a football only stadium but that will take it up around 45-50k max will be pushing their luck
Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 11:23pm On Oct 10, 2014

Guy abeg leave that one...

Yes they did move the games around the Eng vs Turkey was at the Stadium of Light, but thats a 45k Stadium, Anfield is also 45k
Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 11:14pm On Oct 10, 2014

The Uyo stadium is expandable to 60,000

You Cant double the size of that very stadium unless you knock it down and build it again.

No chance
Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 9:25pm On Oct 10, 2014

Top 10 cool

Beauty yes because its new, but as a world class football stadium, not even close because its a 30k multi purpose stadium, whereas we have well over 50 stadiums in Africa that holds between 40k - 95k capacity. Its a beautiful piece of work, They could have pushed the boat and built a 50k Stadium. Because its not big enough to host the All African games
Sports / Re: Uyo Stadium To Host Nigeria Vs South Africa 2015 Afcon Qualifier by babyboy3(m): 6:49pm On Oct 10, 2014
This stadium has to be amongst the most beautiful in Africa! I'm also glad that the AKSG signed a 10-yr maintenance agreement with JB; that is good thinking on the part of the Governor.

Finally, Enyeama will get to play in front of his kinsmen in his home state cheesy

When you say among the most beautiful in africa! are you saying in Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 or Top 20?
Sports / Re: Falconets Caught In Fifa’s Web by babyboy3(m): 6:19am On Jul 10, 2014
Like Nigeria didnt know about this rule before,this is not the first or the second time they have banned us or warned the govt not to get involved,Maigari was voted in and has to be voted out. Am sorry this is not an extension of Nigeria politics rules are rules

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Sports / Re: John Mikel Obi Is An Hidden Tressure by babyboy3(m): 6:18am On Jul 09, 2014
I must have missed that very Mikel your talking about..... May be the one i have been watch was the twin of the one you are talking about
Sports / Re: Yaya Toure Is BBC African Footballer For 2013 by babyboy3(m): 11:59pm On Jan 10, 2014
thegoodjoehunt: This is on goal dot com.

it is important for CAF to clarify the conditions of the voting. If the award is to recognise the most successful or most influential performer of the year, then Mikel should feel disappointed to have missed out and Nigerians can rightly cultivate the sense of injustice that they inevitably will.

The fact is that even Nigerians don't know they were robbed of their rights. THAT IS THE FACT OF LIFE.

Probably written by a Nigerian

They should give it a rest, it seems like when its Nigerians turn to loose out, people want to move the Goal post Emmanuel Amunike played ONE GAME in 1994 AFCON he won the Award, Kanu won sweat FA in 1999.... No one asked for criteria this criteria that. Didnt Sammy Kuffor win the double at Munich
Sports / Re: Paul Put Explains Why Mikel Obi Did Not Win African Player Of The Year by babyboy3(m): 10:26pm On Jan 10, 2014
Spot on
Sports / Re: Yaya Toure Is BBC African Footballer For 2013 by babyboy3(m): 10:21pm On Jan 10, 2014
thegoodjoehunt: Please clarify, hate who? I am pro Mikel. The point I was making was that the Ivorians couldn't win the so called easy tournament

Teams win tournaments not one man, its either they were not good enough or they were unlucky that's a fact of life.
Sports / Re: Nigerian Fans Betrayed Mikel? by babyboy3(m): 8:37pm On Jan 10, 2014
PurpleHouse: Looking at the events that unfold during the debate for the AFOTY, i begin to wonder why We, Nigerians let one of us down. I realized why we've been backward for so long as a Nation: We Hate Ourselves!
The Award has come and gone, but the pain and feelings remains, the pain to see my fellow brethren turn their back on a man who has recently turned a new leaf, giving his All to Nigeria whenever he was wearing the National Colours! They called him Average. Mediocre. Useless. Sidepass/Backpass and lots of funny names.
But my question is this: Is this not the same Mikel many of you promised to give your mother to, as a wife after the Afcon?
Is this not the same Mikel that you couldn't stop singing his praise after the Afcon and Confedrations Cup in Brazil?
Is this not the same Mikel ALL of you called the Midfield General?
How then did he become so average all of a sudden?

I visit lots of forums of different Nations online, but only in Nigeria did i see how unpatriotic people could be to a fellow brother. No other country will talk down their Best Player currently, just so they could favour another, from a Rival Nation!

Mikel was Outstanding the past Year in Review, won two Trophies, outshined Yaya and co during the Afcon. What else do you all want? I got so angry this period, angry not with Caf anymore, but with my Clueless Empty Headed Fake Naija Fans. One moment a player is your Best, then the next day he's Average.
Throughout today, on facebook, sportsNews, online medias, everyone's been asking what Criteria Caf used to award the POTY to Yaya. Scoring goals? What then Happens to Afcon?
Should i call it betrayal?
Or backstabing? Or lack of patriotism?
Many Nigerians are just Fakes!
The World Cup i coming up, and i pray Mikel stays fit. Oooooh, thats when you'll realize how Special and important Mikel is in that team. We play cluelessly without him, (and recently Victor Moses).
I will be here, waiting to hear from you guys during our friendlies and the World Cup Proper. I'll be waiting for the Next Name you have for Mikel.
Nairaland!!!!! I Hail

I dont know why your making so much noise when only 2 people could vote out of 150,000,000 people! Those we could control, what happen to the rest is out of our hands!! On Brila FM this morning 95% of the callers said Yaya Toure deserves the award!
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:46pm On Jan 09, 2014
solomon111: What kind of morønic question is this?
The APOTY award was started by CAF 21 years ago.

The award started in 1970
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:40pm On Jan 09, 2014
solomon111: Are you an european?
Why should you care about what europeans think?
The award is not meant to be subject to the dictates of europe.
I hope you know that europeans don't care about what africans think about their awards.

Tell me who started the Award? Africans or Europeans
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:35pm On Jan 09, 2014
Zhangkum: Useless CAF and their Rubbish awards.

What's the criteria sef ?

And for those fools using goals scored ! Must a player score goals in order to be World Footballer ? Haven't you seen GoalKeeper and Defender winning the trophy before ?

Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:32pm On Jan 09, 2014
Can you imagine the Name Mikel goes out as APOTY all over Europe?

Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:19pm On Jan 09, 2014
safarigirl: so you wan tell me say you no see my former post?

We thank God ooooo

are you sitting down? You don drink water
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:17pm On Jan 09, 2014
solomon111: Most of the people insulting mikel were among the same people singing his name to the heavens when he completly outplayed yaya toure at the last nation's cup.

Thats one game in Feb

Man City v Chelsea in March or April.... Yaya made a mockery of Mikel

Chelsea v Man City in May at Wembley the same

Chelsea v Man City last month City lost they dominated Chelsea
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:11pm On Jan 09, 2014
Mr. Aladin:


Really, so why he burn fuel go Africa
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:09pm On Jan 09, 2014
Abeg where is Safarigirl?

abi she don go chop rat poison
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 11:00pm On Jan 09, 2014
Kesmakveli: Breaking News!!!

Ibromovic orders John Mikel Obi To Fuel Chelsea's Private jet Back To London As Yaya Toure Wins African Footballer Of The Year....

Anticipate For Open Letter To CAF by tomorrow.

cheesy =D


Yaya too go collect lift unless Mikel ask pilot make him branch for Igbo land go pose
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 10:56pm On Jan 09, 2014
CFCfan: Well, congrats to Yaya Toure; but CAF has just made it known to the world that its AFCON tournament holds no value in their award shows.

Who won the Ballon D'Or when Spain won EURO 08 and 12
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 10:54pm On Jan 09, 2014
I said it, but the set of sentimental blind bats failed to reason that is an award that covers 12 months not 1 month in Johannesburg. And the way Yaya Toure is playing he is going to win 2014. Unless Mikel pulls out his finger and be more assertive and not play safe
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 9:41pm On Jan 09, 2014
This must be the longest African single
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 9:12pm On Jan 09, 2014
Poor sound quality
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by babyboy3(m): 7:01pm On Jan 09, 2014
Sports / Re: Opinion: Women Know Nothing About Football by babyboy3(m): 11:41pm On Jan 08, 2014
the problem is you wont reason before you type.. do i sound yoruba or igbo to you?? all your posts either have racial slurs or tribal intonations. you better get a life..

She sound like one of those Genevieve Nnaji fans (On the celebrity section) who claims that Genevieve should be the next James Bond babe and they are ready to draw their sword if you disagree with them.


Sports / Re: Opinion: Women Know Nothing About Football by babyboy3(m): 9:48pm On Jan 08, 2014
safarigirl: I dey laugh @OP, women aren't good football analysts, we don hear you.

Oya take one bottle of stout for your troubles, we get CHAN on Saturday, abeg watch our match well because we go break am down together. Make I bookmark this your topic...I go gist you if school gree me watch the match

Disagree with her at your risk...

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