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Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by bibigirl07: 11:39pm On Sep 01, 2013
This affliction shall NEVER repeat itself again! Take heart Mr Odusami.

I greet u all ttc members. Pregnancy section awaits you.Ameen

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Politics / Re: Custom Officers & Smugglers Fighting At Seme Border? by bibigirl07: 7:03am On Aug 30, 2013
This is indeed gruesome. The deceased officer's wife is a friend and I mourn with her. Everyone knows Seme is not safe, security wise, but this so called "reprisal killing" is uncalled for. Custom officers on that route work tirelessly day and night in a bid to prevent this demonic agents and smugglers from importing all sorts into our country. Yet some NLs here are so ignorant. Do u know how many trailer-loads of contaminated rice and infected turkey this officers impound daily and burn Do u know how many families would have died by eating such poisonous food? Smugglers are ready to bring in weapons, bombs and other unsafe instruments thru this same seme border yet, all sorts of people are busy name calling this our Officers. My dear Sister/friend...I mourn with you, the last time I saw you and now late husband, he was dropping you off @d roundabout. May His Soul rest in perfect peace...Amen. To his now Fatherless children..Take heart, Vengeance is of the Lord. He will keep you and make sure you succeed in life. Amen. *sobs*


Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan's Office Is Inseparable From The Presidency by bibigirl07: 5:24pm On Jun 25, 2013
Patience Jonathan is my First Lady. I love her. I pray for her and I wish her well.
She should be accorded that respect. Many of you spewing your guts here would run over yourselves to curry favour from her if you have the opportunity. Stop hiding behind internet. Take your case to Aso-Rock.
Entertainment / Re: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Wants Prostitution To Be Legalized In Nigeria by bibigirl07: 7:05pm On Jun 21, 2013
Hey! Ebuka, how's the fame after ur big brother nigeria? Not as catching as u dreamt ehn? No worries buh me thinks legalising prostitution and the attendant crusade won't place you on that podium u crave for so desperately. While Maupe &Co are news worthy isn't far-fetched. They ask the hard-hitting questions though unprofessionally sometimes, thus the "oga@d top" saga.

Now u guys went to town recently on Omojuwa said alledgedly that he underated Gani's (of blessed memory) Activism. The hulabaloo was something else....

Today! You are making noise over legalising a.shewoism...dude, get a life. Maybe a job in one of those parastatals in Abuja so that u can actually continue patronising them since that's their national headquaters in Nigeria. TV isn't for you. If it was you would have made it loooooog time ago.
Fashion / Re: Helen Paul & Uti Nwachukwu On The Cover Of Redsheet by bibigirl07: 3:36pm On Jun 21, 2013
Hey! Helen Paul abi na tatafo, pls cut down on the carbs and commence a fitness regime biko. This one that Uti has started carrying you, we cannot afford a broken waisted-Uti. Biko nu. Thank you.
Politics / Re: 200 Nigerian Girls Trafficked To Russia Monthly – Ambassador by bibigirl07: 9:19am On Jun 21, 2013


Till the point you started insulting black men. I hope you don't think all are like that.

Excuse me, mister. There is no insult in this perfectly stated home and abroad truths written here. This is just IT. The bane of the issue. Women should be protected from dis-basement and mis-use. Who should do this better than our "MEN"? Where are they? The best of them are the agbada wearing, corruption foul-mouthed politicians. The worst of them are the paraga drinking, HIV infested, agberos worming the streets. The average ones? Well, look around u: what do u see? Tie-wearing, file carrying willy-nillies looking for a rich girl to bail them out of their miserable lives.

Now, I have written the insults.

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Celebrities / Re: Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced To Prison For Tax Evasion by bibigirl07: 7:31pm On Jun 19, 2013
Me love me some D&G any day.....its suspended jail term pple! They aint going 2 jail,@least not yet. Hopefully....
Health / Re: 2013 Fit And Trim Weight Loss Challenge by bibigirl07: 2:14am On Jan 12, 2013
I'm interested in the group. I used 2 be so slim and cute but @just 28 I feel 50. Tired all d time and trying to be beat the bulge. So I'm cutring out driving for d next 3mths. I'l walk to my mini-mart, market, saloon, site, everywhere. I discovered squeezing lime juice into my drinking water relieves d fatigue. Portion control? Will try it. Fruits/veggies, here I come. I have 2 lose at least 40kg. Want to be hot/sexy/ happy again!
Family / Re: Brag About Your Spouse! by bibigirl07: 11:02am On Jan 10, 2013
Men are crap. So deceptive. All the sorry lot of them.

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Family / Re: If Your Husband Asks You To Dress More Sexily At Home by bibigirl07: 9:58am On Jan 09, 2013
If your right hand causes u to sin, pluck it out. Need I say more
Romance / Re: Why Do Men Refuse To Eat During Misunderstanding With Women? by bibigirl07: 11:07am On Dec 27, 2012
And if the wife is not the cooking type? He will deny her of se.x, abi? With al dis boys lurking around to savour married women? Smh.
Romance / Re: Friends With Benefit, Does It Ever Lead To Something Serious? by bibigirl07: 4:58pm On Nov 29, 2012
Friends with benefits is a morally wrong concept. But, if u are willing to share ur body with ur "friend", be prepared for the worst case scenario eg unrequited L♥√ع, jealousy, anger and possible decapitation, from an obsessed "friend". Even well defined relationships grow sour nt to mention FWB. So, be extremely careful with the cookie jar
Religion / Re: Churches, Mosques To Report Their Financial Transactions From January by bibigirl07: 4:23pm On Nov 26, 2012
Flamboyant lifestyles by Pastors and clergymen has given a rise to this affront. Churches and mosques shouldn't be profit making outfits. Over priced tuition and flying jets propagators shld be taxed. Orthodox churches should be left out of this insult cos O.L.A primary schools and ansaurdeen are still free tuition schools.
Crime / Re: Lagos: Woman Drags Hubby To Court For Inserting Pepper Into Her Private Part by bibigirl07: 4:38pm On Nov 21, 2012
the_ripper: Yoruba go kill person o. Hahahahahaahahahahaha. This tribe get comedy die. 3 gbosa for una.

Tribal bashing is sooo 2010. Anyways, this woman should ave left asap. What in the world was she waiting for
Romance / Re: Fulani Chief Calls For Inter-tribal Marriages Among NYSC Members by bibigirl07: 3:42pm On Nov 15, 2012
Inter-tribal marriages should be encouraged. Though we have diverse cultures in Nigeria, integration will go a long way in fostering unity and love. My Dad is Ekiti, my mum is Delta. My hubby is an Idoma from Benue state and we all live in abundant joy and unity. My Children too will be encouraged to marry whichever tribe as long as love is the binding force.

My 2 cents.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: November Born? Hop In And Let's Meet. by bibigirl07: 3:31pm On Nov 11, 2012
Today is my day, Nov 11 happy bday to al my date mates out there!
Romance / Re: A Statement You Made To Your Partner That You Regretted? by bibigirl07: 3:45pm On Nov 09, 2012
Suljosh: My case is different, my babe jst broke up wit me b cuz she met some 1. Its killing me, am crying my self out, n i need help

Awwww...just take in it ur strides, nothing lasts forever. send me ur email so we can talk, ok?
Romance / Re: A Statement You Made To Your Partner That You Regretted? by bibigirl07: 3:33pm On Nov 09, 2012
crackhaus: I said to her during our chat after I saw a recent photo, "Babe, you are getting wide oo!"
She said, "what does dat mean?"
I said, "oh its not what you think, I mean bigger"
She said, "so I'm fat"
I said, "not what I mean, just that you are chubby now"
She asked, "what's the difference?"
I became blank cause I realized I just made her get up to check herself in front of the mirror. I don Bleep up big time.. I'm still apologizing to this day.
ADVICE: please never tell ur girl/wife she's fat, don't even use nicer words like chubby, big or full. They all mean the same thing to women

And if she actually is big nko? U keep lying to her?

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Romance / Re: What Are Your Guilty Pleasures? by bibigirl07: 1:43pm On Nov 09, 2012
Family / Re: Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 10:38pm On Nov 06, 2012
lillyveezy: Why are u ppl hitting hard at the poster?
I believe in mindimg one's business,but the observation she raised is very real. Its becoming a trend that our men are comfortable with being lazy. Open ur eyes and u will notice alot of what she is saying is a fast emerging trend in our society. Let us not encourage docility covertly or otherwise.

Thank you. Citing my neighbour as an example obviously fretted their collars. Infact I'm going to start a support group for women who are the sole breadwinners of their home. A forum where they can talk, share their experiences, good or bad, be encouraged to take their health and psychological state serious and know they are not alone. you can eat ur hearts out. once again, thanks lilyveezy.
Family / Re: Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 8:06pm On Nov 06, 2012
Mr @dayo whatever. Its so obvious ur understanding of the English language is limited. No one mentioned working around the clock. I'm not refering to the hardworking and caring husbands out there. U sure seem so agitated on this issue? Are u not man enough to take care of ur home? Are u out of work? Thus ur apparent grabbing at straws in a bid to make no sense at all? The other contributor that called me jobless, well can't be bothered about u. Its also clear that u are an air-head seeking attention. Ur points are so off point and irrelevant to this thread. This is an abuse that will surely come to an end the sooner the better. I will keep saying this. Lazy a.s.s men, dnt keep looking for excuses, be the man and step up. For those who support and endorse laziness, the floor is yours. But, I sincerely hope smart, diligent, resourceful contributors will have their say.

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Family / Re: Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 12:31pm On Nov 06, 2012
Ur various contributions here has shown that this issue is not an isolated one. I am not here to pontificate on who is right or wrong. I guess we all know why the "man" is referred to as the "Head" of the home, using our own African setting and culture as a case study. Barreness or inability to bear a child is not the sole responsibility of the woman. Besides, this thread is not discussing such issues so that guy who mentioned such should zip it. Yes, the Economy is getting more favourable for women, thus better jobs and pay for the womenfolk. A man cld be in the lurch and his wife rises to the occasion, but for how long Especially when He isn't making any moves to get something lucrative and worthwhile to do. As a graduate of Economics, I'm gainfully employed and currently doing my masters programme in Regional Economics. My hubby is Federal civil servant and we'r doing just fine. That's for you, Mr@dk. So my aim here isn't to talk down on men, rather to remind the slackers amongst them to wake and smell the coffee.

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Family / Re: Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 11:23pm On Nov 05, 2012
Ok. Listen. @dayokanu. Marriage is a union between a MAN and a WOMAN. The man has his own distinct responsibilities whilst the woman has hers too. For marriage to be termed "equal" each party has to perform his/her duties effectively. Of course, one can pitch in to assist the other whenever the need arises. No right thinking mAN would Take undue advantage of the woman because she's hardworking and resilient. Do you understand?

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Family / Re: Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 10:35pm On Nov 05, 2012
victorian: @op, although am single but welcome to Nija , as it is...Its either most of men wander around town with their frnds /neighbours or strolls off.. Its so sickening, because the men doing such are even proud of themselves..no shame...what a pity ... and the wives cant see their children starve or landlord disgrace them, out of the house.. the wives have to work, and i mean double shifts work and doing runs by the side , just to make end meet..some married women do confide in me, due to frustration...i reject such lifestyle, amen.

I say a big AMEN to that prayer. Women can and should assist. But a situation whereby she's carrying all the responsibilities I feel that sis who mentioned, that the men stroll around, yea. They do, shamelessly. Claiming that a "big" job is coming their way soon. Yet, its all wash. I will never settle for such and no right thinking woman should. The man IS the Provider. The woman can only pitch in when need be. @dayoKanu, pray u r able to provide for your wife/home. Lest, u'l keep playing second fiddle to ur wife and your kids will not respect you for that. No wonder their so many Lonely, sad old men. The kids aint blind, they'l surely reward you.
Family / Re: Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 11:37pm On Nov 02, 2012
Pple talk in d neighbourhood and the lady has confided in her next-door neighbour who happens to be my stylist. Every one knows stylists are not necessarily pple u should confide in. They end up telling their other customers. These things are happening. The foolish man even descends so low as to keep youngsters in d neighbourhood as his pals, giving them jist of how he can never work for anyone and how his wife is capable and hard working. You dnt have to comment if u have nothing significant to say, pls.

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Family / Re: Things A Man Should Do For His Wife All The Time (Part 1) by bibigirl07: 4:20pm On Nov 01, 2012
3kay945: men should do some of these if only the wife is contributing financially to the house and not those sit tight wife...I will love to see the man doing all those stuff stated above.

See your mouth! Financially ko? Barawo! Lazy man like u waiting on ur wifey's pay check. Shameless, utterly shameless. As if devouring her body isn't enough for u. She cooks, cleans, grocery shopping, laundry, diaper duty and all, yet, u want her money. Men like u are the scum of the earth. Go get a good job and stop spewing yuck on NL


Family / Re: Things A Man Should Do For His Wife All The Time (Part 1) by bibigirl07: 3:49pm On Nov 01, 2012
seedord247: 11. Give her head. If you can do that.. she'd forget the rest. tongue

God bless you
Family / Men! What's Happening To Your Birthright? by bibigirl07: 8:57am On Nov 01, 2012
It has come to my notice that more and more MEn are beginning to neglect their Responsibilities and pushing it to their wives. Every morning, whilst I do my road-walk, I keep seeing this thirty-something year old woman packaging her 4 kids to schl as early as five am in a bid to avoid the traffic, the husband sleeps at home all day, doing nothing. He keeps spinning yarn that he is a contractor bla, bla, bla, yet for the past five years he hasn't done any job. His wife pays the bills, house rent, school fees, car maintenance and purchase, clothings and all. How do u expect such a woman to retain the respect for her man? A man is respected and adored for his ability to be the breadwinner, to be the protector, the head while the wife supports. Woman are wired to nurture, not to manufacture. Your wife becomes the breadwinner and u are surprised when she starts acting like a man? What are ur constructive opinions on this pressing issue...

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Romance / Re: Pot Belly vs. 6-pack Abs - Which Do Our Babes Prefer? [IMAGES] by bibigirl07: 2:25pm On Oct 29, 2012
No contest. Six packs any given day or night. The contours, the eye-candy feasting, the steel texture as I run my finger along the valley in between the packs! Omg! Besides, all that, it sends a message that He values his body enough to work out and look good for me. As per his attitude and all other wishy washy stuff, who cares?! Serzly, wit his six packs, he's a demi-god, a sexual being, as long as he keeps being sexy and makes me giddy with those scintillating mid-section, am good.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Am Tired Of Life by bibigirl07: 3:00pm On Oct 08, 2012
HmmMmmmmmmmm, having read all and even @acidtalks's link. The issue is this: God knows all and sees all. We humans can only try, the finishing belongs to Him alone. As a wife, and mother to be, I've seen a lot. Pick up ur bible, or Quran or whatever ur belief system makes use of. Have ur OWN quiet time and listen. Be ready to listen to the Higher power. Your head is your glory, you are a Spiritual being, be in sync wit ur spirituality. You will see and receive divine directions to r physical problems. Be ready. Accept your own revelations, open up your mind and opportunities will reveal themselves to you.

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