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Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Killed During Toronto Shooting In Canada by Briller: 9:23am On Aug 24
My brother, you owe no one these explanations. A brother is murdered in a foreign land and someone conscientiously alleges it's drug deal gone wrong. Another person blamed him for leaving Nigeria. Interesting!!

Maybe they have forgotten people are murdered everyday in their numbers in this same Nigeria.

I don't know this Tobi but I was moved to tears seeing his picture alone. I pray God heals and comforts the family he left behind.


Because wifi is free does not mean you should spew trash online to display your ignorance in painting every tragedy with the same brush.

He was a very close friend of mine for over 15 years .
Tobi will not get into a random argument with random strangers at 4AM in the morning.
We've lived in Toronto since 2007 and Tobi was the one who originally introduced me to Drake and Chris Bosh. Back around 2009 he was the one who could make a party come alive and everyone was drawn to him.

I spoke to Tobi last week and he was home with his family. He stopped going out to parties and such since probably 2015. All he did these days was chill, make money and spend time with his family and friends who by the way we're mostly top professionals widely regarded in all their fields of profession.

I'm trying to figure out what he was doing out that late. Again because Tobi had been fully focused on family and work not partying and such. We are still trying to figure out again why he was out that late. Nevertheless, he wasn't anywhere dangerous. College and Spadina intersection is at the heart of downtown Toronto. It's not a dangerous place but everywhere downtown Toronto theses days lots of shootings have been taking place.

Tobi was an extremely talented graphic artist and had been focused on day trading securities and crypto for 5 years.
He has a son and was making bank. Tobi is exceptionally smart and talented. He designed bending for a lot of successful fashion houses and startups. I learned so much from him.

He comes from a family of extraordinarily smart people. His older brother is Benny Bing Major art designer who has collaboratiins with global brands like IKEA and Google, and his sister is Bunni nee Ajala
Recently married and exceptionally successful..

Please be respectful, someone certainly who has had a positive impact in this world has been senselessly murdered. If you don't know anything extend your condolences but please shut the Bleep up if you know nothing and want to say rubbish because of cheap data you have access to.

It's really heartbreaking and I'm hitting really bad losing my friend.

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Politics / Re: Court Orders DSS To Grant Emefiele Access To His Lawyers, Family by Briller: 11:02pm On Jun 17
My own be say, with all the amount of money he has and looted. Why he no dey ever change suit and tie ? He is always on the same black suit and green tie in the news or media.

The thing just dey be like say dem drop am inside the suit sef. No finesse at all.
Politics / Re: Court Orders DSS To Grant Emefiele Access To His Lawyers, Family by Briller: 10:56pm On Jun 17

The horrors he put Nigeria through? Didnt he have a boss who authorised everything he did?

Who sold the idea to the boss in the first instance? He should face what he ordered for abeg. He didnt undertake the redesign for national interest but personal vendetta and revenge mission against the only person who he considered had more money than himself to buy off other politicians to the extent he was dropped at the primaries.

Unfortunately for him, he was too power drunk to listen to the voice of reason, cause like they say, when the gods want to destroy a man, they first make him mad. The madness led him to dance at the market square and into the hands of people who are more powerful than himself.
Crime / Re: Singer R.kelly Moved To North Carolina Prison To Serve 30-year Sentence by Briller: 7:48pm On Apr 25
Make them pity am small and big lesson to our black celebraties all over the globe. Don't fool yourself thinking you can do whatever you like because you are a giant in the industry .
Omo the law will come when you should be resting with your oldies, kids and grand kids.
#wake up

That's in the developed nations. That definitely cannot happen in Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Abasiesebanga Ikoiwak Accused Of Killing Her Husband, Godwin Ikoiwak by Briller: 1:22pm On Apr 23
Who killed who? Lawyer kills husband. Wife was a househelp to a rev father. Na husband be lawyer or Abi na wife be lawyer?

My understanding is that the wife is also a lawyer, who probably served as a house help many years ago and got pregnant. To make the family not take up the matter, the Rev Fr. probably took up the responsibility of seeing her through school, and she is now a lawyer. Just my own reasoning

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Politics / Re: Buhari: "I Am Eager To Leave Office, I Want To Focus On My Farms" by Briller: 6:10pm On Mar 23
You lack leadership qualities and was a big mistake in the first place. Please go back to where you truly belong and jeep looking after your cows.
Crime / Re: Chimpanzees Killed, Meat Used To Make Pepper Soup In Bayelsa Community (Pix) by Briller: 9:56pm On Jan 25
Well, everything from whale to Chimp na meat for that corner, no wonder dem dey resemble wetin dem chop.

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Romance / Re: Man Narrates How He Slept With Married women Even The Pregnant Ones (Video) by Briller: 9:31pm On Jan 10
How on earth can a woman, whether single or married, be attracted to this smallish hungry and ugly looking thing? SMH The attraction should be there before the affection. Some women sha be disgracing my gender

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Family / Re: Your Experience As A Rich Or Only Rich Relative.. by Briller: 1:46pm On Jan 08
Hmm, whether you are the richest relative or not, God help all who are in the middle class. Everybody wants something from you, even those who are better than you.

I personally feel angered when people who are young and strong go around begging. I can understand if the person is asking for capital to start off a business to support his/her self but not when they keep asking in the name of being Smart.

Many people feel entitled and come with the expectations that you would take up their responsibilities and woe betide you if you turn them down. The good news is, you need not give in to the threat of being harmed whether physically or spiritually. Know where your strength/ protection comes from and be still.

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Crime / Re: I Came Back From Work To Meet My Son Tied And Already Dead- Man by Briller: 10:36am On Oct 21, 2022
Not any funny

Poor news undecided

Why isn't the site opening

You went ahead to click. Keep clicking at your risk. Lol

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Crime / Re: Kenyan Soldier Murd£rs His Girlfriend And Commits Su!cide by Briller: 2:14pm On Oct 09, 2022
The only reason on my mind right now is that she probably gave him HIV
Crime / Re: ...... by Briller: 8:57am On Mar 25, 2022

One of the guys that drove escape and is now taking treatment

Two policemen also escaped, one lost his gun the other was shot at the back...

It is very unfortunate. It's more complicated if he had security operatives with him cause those boys in that region hate anything Security and Government. Probably why they even picked on them in the first place. I read where you wrote two policemen were wounded. Maybe as soon as they entered that axis, the guys signalled others alerting them with details of the vehicle, and these boys are in every border town.

I pray he returns in one piece.

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Romance / Re: Why Did Your Last Relationship End?? by Briller: 5:24pm On Mar 20, 2022
He was very charming and extremely reckless sexually and financially. Such a great liar. Told me all the things he felt I needed to hear and I could read in between the lines that he was a chronic liar cause he kept forgetting things he said and giving different versions every time.

Promises heaven and earth but would never fulfil one. Was only talking big, dressing to impress, want all the good things in life, but ever broke.

I could not cope cause he was disgustingly fake.


Politics / Re: Senator Oduah Blasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Attacking & Calling Bianca Ashawo by Briller: 6:52am On Mar 19, 2022

Ashawo? ...nd Obiano is d lady's choice man here? Mtcheeeeew!!

Well dats normal abuse widows suffer... People easily shame dem of husband snatching even wen in most cases it's neva true.

I still feel gud wit d slap. She should have behaved herself in da ceremony at least. Saint Ebere Obiano. (Make I hear say she Neva straff anoda man oda Dan Obiano d drunkard. U don't even need to b told da such women keep sugar boy).

That Ashawo she called Bianca is her stock in trade. How she even came into Obiano's life tells it all - from typist to Secretary and eventually wife even while the man was still married to his late wife.
Politics / Re: Senator Oduah Blasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Attacking & Calling Bianca Ashawo by Briller: 6:47am On Mar 19, 2022
Oga I am from Anambra that man did well, stop hating people because of what you heard, there was security in Anambra he reduce crime. My only problem with him is those agbolo that full onitsha

I could tell your judgement was based on surface information. If you are close to people in his government, then you would judge differently.

Don't even complain about his emboldening touts as his tax collectors. It's his RoI.

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Politics / Re: EFCC Detectives Quiz Obiano Over ₦5b Sure-P, ₦37b Security Votes Spending by Briller: 6:41am On Mar 19, 2022
May God help him through.
I won't abandon a friend in times of trouble.
Obiano was my benefactor.

He has eyes for merits.
After submitting a proposal, Obiano invited me (my company) to the State Executive Council in Agu Oka, ask questions on our proposals, later invited us to Governors Lodge, Amawbia, ask further questions with a team of 5. Assured me that my company will get a contract, that was in March.

In June, I was surprised to see a text inviting me to Awka to begin the process. The rest they said it's history. I ended up spending 18 months on project execution in Awka. I gave progress report every fortnight, and Obiano will always ask if we are comfortable with the Anambra environment.

Such a detribalised man, I pray God sees him through.

Nemesis has caught up with him. The evil that men do live with them so don't ask for God's mercy for him in this matter.

Well, you said it all. You are not an Anambrarian so you only base your judgement on what you were shown or what you heard. On that premise, I won't be hard on you.

You didn't tell us who was fronting for you and how much percentage went back to his wife the collector. By the way, the quality of his projects are almost like Rochas, with the only difference being that he did not concentrate in erecting monuments but in terms of standard, they are poor. The roads Obiano constructed during his first tenure are dilapidated already. He should take a cue from Ebonyi state governor and not give us rubbish. Ndi Anambra are smarter to acknowledge anyhow project in the name of project.

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Politics / Re: Senator Oduah Blasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Attacking & Calling Bianca Ashawo by Briller: 11:54pm On Mar 17, 2022
The worst mistake a man can make is marrying a bad wife, omo if a woman dominate you from Relationship to marriage, you are finished. Obiano is a good man he did wonderful things for ndi Anambra and we are proud of you sir only to end the handover with a humiliation caused by the useless and stupid wife who lacks manners. If she can do such a disgraceful act in public, imagine what she will do at home.
Oluwa may I never marry a jazebeel as a wife in Jesus name Amen.

Pls sir, if you get your information from any source kindly verify it properly before taking it up. Willie is the worst Governor Anambra ever had from the days of Mbadinuju. He is a rogue almost like Rochas. The only difference is that he didn't build monuments but his structures are also substandard. And he ran the state like his home from usurping to interference. He ruined his career


Politics / Re: Senator Oduah Blasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Attacking & Calling Bianca Ashawo by Briller: 11:48pm On Mar 17, 2022
Obiano's wife is eyeing the seat Stella odua is occupying that is why she is brutal in attacking ebere unfortunately ebere does not know that her husband's tenure has expired

I know our mandates don't count but whoever feels this psychopath is good for that seat should be examined properly
Politics / Re: Senator Oduah Blasts Ebelechukwu Obiano For Attacking & Calling Bianca Ashawo by Briller: 11:46pm On Mar 17, 2022

There's nothing like bias here, she said the complete truth. We all saw the video and it was Obiano's drunkard wife that went to where Bianca was seated to start the trouble and she is clearly heard in the video calling Bianca Ashawo. She deserved the slap she got and even more, she's a disgrace and has always being a disgrace. I don't know where obiano picked that mannerless, uncultured lunatic from.

You need not ask further. Of course, she was picked from being a low life typist and secretary because the drunkard chose to use his thinking legs instead of his brain.

I was particularly happy seeing the shameful look on his face today. That's what happens when you loose control of your home cause this maniac have been going around slapping even commissioners, security details, etc and insulting the people upandan. The drunken master overlooks it and only tells them to go and apologise to her. Tueh!!


Romance / Re: Plus-Sized Lady With Huge Backside Causes A Stir At An Event (Photos) by Briller: 11:10am On Mar 06, 2022
Grrrrhhhh! Gosh! Wharis this! Disgusting

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Family / Re: Nigerian-Born U.S. Soldier Shocks Family With Visit After 6 Years Of Being Away by Briller: 9:48pm On Feb 28, 2022
From his dad's outfit, I could tell that he's from the south east. Nwoke m, fear those Israelites aka UGM. Dem no wan see or hear about anything in camouflage uniform whether Naija or Ghana. Na one bullet be the response.
Politics / Re: Fuel Price Hike Looms As Marketers Kick Against ₦0.5m Shipment Charge by Briller: 10:45am On Feb 26, 2022

Basically, NNPC does not have enough money to subsidize petrol at the current rate, which is what this report is saying.

I'm opposed to subsidies because when someone works in business, you have to make a profit selling stuff, so that you can pay everyone down the supply chain.

Subsidy in Nigerian terms, involves us importing something at N300 and selling it at N163 naira...forgetting that what we pay for at the pump goes to paying the people who bring out the crude, those who transport it abroad, those who refine it, those who bring it back, and those who transport it to us.

And the thing is...all that COSTS money. Even if we refine petrol at home....AS WE SHOULD....we still have to pay refining costs, transport costs, etc...plus the cost of expanding refineries, maintaining them, and building new ones. AND paying for things like worker salaries, and welfare......all part of the price we pay at the pump.

At the end of the day, we have to face reality.

Government has two options here

1.Pay more money for the subsidy...ie raise the subsidy cost by another one or two trillion or more...meaning we have to spend more oil revenue on subsidy, and go into debt.

2.Remove subsides partially, or completely. Partially is just pushing the evil day away. Remvong it completely, while causing high prices for everything...would long term be the better solution

Oil subsidy has to go.

Until you get to understand that the overhead cost to pay NNPC staff alone is like 4times what you pay as the so-called subsidy. The average Nigerian is just being squeezed and pushed to the walls. The day of reckoning is already here, sooner than we ever expected. Whoever supported and installed this clueless man ruling us has ended up destroying us and may HE that rules in the affairs of men visit him.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Kingsley Moghalu Supporters In Northern Nigeria by Briller: 7:54am On Feb 05, 2022

No, he hasn't made any covenant to be an idiot! The truth hurts and saying it the way it gnaws at the liver of hateful people. The Igbo cannot have it both ways. How can a people who VOWED never to have anything to do with a ZOO now turn round to vie for the leadership of animals? Very ludicrous. Who would hand over power to them if one of them wins the presidency? The same Jubril of Sudan or the cloned Zombie presently resident in Aso Rock? There's always comeuppance for all actions and utterances. Payday has come, and we shall dish it out without discrimination and favour.

@Who would hand over power to them if one of them win...

If that's the plan you guys have to extend the enslavement, then be rest assured that there's no monopoly to the madness you claim to have.

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Crime / Re: Police Nab Cultist Who Beheaded Retired CSP In Imo by Briller: 8:05pm On Feb 04, 2022
Ghen ghen!!

E don red for am be dat. Hand him over to the hangmaster.
Family / Re: Finally!! I Moved Out Of My Parents House!! by Briller: 7:58pm On Feb 04, 2022
Congratulations!! You tried with the food sha but I hope you washed the eggs before boiling them inside that rice.

Was it the way you were taught or you were just creating your own shortcut? It's your food and your life jor.

All the same, congratulations.


Politics / Re: Buhari: I’ll Prioritise Poor, Vulnerable Nigerians’ Welfare Till 2023 by Briller: 7:52pm On Feb 04, 2022
Lies from the out of hell!
Politics / Re: You Saw Your Mum's Beating - Precious Chikwendu To Her Son On His Birthday by Briller: 4:54pm On Feb 04, 2022
I thought she had multiple sons of the same age. Which one is the first son out of quadruplets?

She had a son first before the triplets.

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Politics / Re: You Saw Your Mum's Beating - Precious Chikwendu To Her Son On His Birthday by Briller: 4:53pm On Feb 04, 2022
How Fani-Kayode Caught Estranged Wife, Precious Chikwendu, In Bed With Naval Officer —Family Source

My dear believe that at your own peril. The allegations that FFK caught Precious in bed with a man is laughable. It's just an excuse to nail her and justify his sending her away from home.

How many wives did he send away before Precious, and even thereafter. Did he catch all of them in bed with some man? One thing I know is that that man is psychologically imbalanced and needs help. It's very unfortunate this is happening here in Nigeria. He naturally should be in jail in developed climes
Politics / Re: You Saw Your Mum's Beating - Precious Chikwendu To Her Son On His Birthday by Briller: 8:55am On Feb 02, 2022
You all blaming her don't know she was a victim of mind game. She went into that marriage out of pity for the beast, not knowing that a leopard never changes it's spots.

It's just very unfortunate.
I wish FFK gets convicted for the numerous crimes he has committed.
I wish she gets justice.
Crime / Re: Daughter Accuses Father Of Sexual Assault At NAPTIP by Briller: 10:45pm On Jan 28, 2022
I doubt if what she is alleging is true. I'm sure she was advised by her maternal home to raise such allegations especially since the couple were separated/divorced

It's difficult to adapt since they never lived with the dad, until their mother passed and given that it was a case of separation/divorce which most times are bitter if not handled well.
Education / Re: Kano Revokes Licences Of All Private Schools Over Hanifa Abubakar Kidnap, Murder by Briller: 8:12am On Jan 25, 2022
Clueless government surrounded by empty dogs. Nonsense. What has the government schools have to offer that you are revoking the license of private schools.

Instead of conducting verification exercise for the existing schools, they are creating more illiterates and Street urchins who will eventually turn to become terrorists.

Anyways, I'm sure Gandollar's disciples await more bribes from this senseless step they have taken.
Romance / Re: Should I Accept My Sister's Husbands Marriage Proposal? by Briller: 9:30am On Jan 22, 2022
Well, I forgive you because you admitted you were confused, if not how can you ever ever give such a thought. He just wants to spite your sister and establish an eternal rift between blood relatives. SMH

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